The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 14, 1955 · Page 19
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 19

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 14, 1955
Page 19
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aw.iy gels you :ry routine. Y •'•'ash in ,m aui d y.u don't h;. A vacation f "OID t he 01 i i inatie w,-'.,h>-r '•' run 'he f.-me-o! t-, «.-.]:.• i| l( . eube,.- 01.11 uf ,ni auitimanc re! e."riilor. Inslea-J. y< u rub t /iores>;ii y launorv otii on ;>. \',-;, and wait vainly hopi man \e;ii bring v i' 1 -. But meisllv v l>l - verylhini' is pretty well geared " 'he angling sport. People iake their hvm« from fisher- ion - they ceilainly couldn't do •'loin i'n.<. type of farms you see '•ouiid hen-. It's marvelous in ,ie -uniiner. but I'm wondering •'hat in the world they do when h" Ion;.:, cold winter sets in. t : .' i ' ad t imnl (io ' '•' ' tr In' lial n t' '!o\v I (MM'! i l'-;ive her<-. >im; and lo ( s '".;ve the ir •v. I am c'T- f.M-l. I'm >n civ get up write thi? am charmed "i- eoiir, : ee'.'i. the tl.IV ! . I! Riqhl now Ihe fishing is migh- poor. Father is complaining ' r 'ii! it but that doesn't keep n", from sitting long hours in a at. aiiohoied out in the Mis-is>i~>i iiver. wai'ing fir the wal- v«-- !o get hungry. We've had i meal of f:--h and there's foj- anoihe-r, but at the bait minnows, we'rl be hi.-,id fin.mcicdly to buy cartons of Iro/eri fish Or gel cleaned up and • a fi.-ii dinner in a fancy K" THESE WOMEN! fey d'AlesSiO "1 wonder if they'll let me p»rk. I'm making a withdrawal!" ofhors. hut for (ho bnlnnrp which makes them agreeable Regardless of what people mny do to you or for you, tho potential of tln-ir goodness usually far outweighs their shortcomings. 10. Recogni/.c 1 that your problem.- are fundamentally the same as everybody else's. Live your •>wn life with courage and grace, nnd you will be rewarded richly in mental peace. In :i e i, these : ;<l--i' IV parts, Davy Crockett d a ni'-re upstai t. He's in o-!,.t( |y compared Bunyan. Paul has d iii-i-e -inc" time '• didn't have to wait r;!; o n of • e 1' v i .> i o n to to v.; it'', s:ng and hi.- exploit.-. Davy "-hot him a hear MS only three", but MI a B!ue Ox whose ,nl- carved out the v. ith the Wi.-consin ••a puddles thrown in Davy was Large Stock of REPLACEMENT PARTS On Hand Prompt Service All Times ,- p an Indian fighler •a!ps to his cn-'iit. ,1 light with .;u.-t i they .ne .-till talk- e .pc< iaily ar->und i N.i-Na-Bu-h-Shu I am %'.:!':• name and his and in >u-t a- well known time • ' the Chippewa's ,-.!:••-nu '!H loggers. names was Davy Crockett. There is a movement afoot in the more learned circles to discredit Davy Crockett. Some- egghead in Time magazine says all that Indian fighting, pioneer guiding and b«'ar shooting we rnoie credulous people admire in Davy, simply isn't true. Now after we've stocked up on coonskin caps and Davy's favorite breakfast food, this guy goes and tells us Davy wasn't King Of The Wild Frontier at all but an ordinal y mortal and a pretty sniveling one at that! I imagine that before this learned professor started digging the skeletons out of the Crockett closet he spent his time pulling beards off of department store Santas nnd doing re-earch into the night life ol Whistle;-'.- Mother. searcnv Service Motors Available For Emergency Use PRATT ELKTRIC CO. Phone 170 Algona, la Finally. Paul grabbed up a • : v. •.-,- Pine .'U-t like you • :-Shu over the i.- c.-.nked out. hut ',v ver. tiie moral vic- ik'ed to the Indian. He for forest conservation r,e v\ oke up a couple i.i'.ei to >;gn the truce he made Paul promise utting down th.e trees : the heck "U? of these ••.-f r Paul lit out for . .. '-.'•• lived unde: ,-ev- . .ite.i a-.- urned names. t! ,,: ;.'• met !.!- end :.:•!,o ..Mi oi'.e of the all for Truth in History modern life, but ?ome- .1 person can get too re- and sophisticated for hi? i own good. Some people, and 1 writ'.en HI the guess I'm one of them, are hap- -uid tangle and j pier when they still believe what •••• fight wa.- a It hey leally know i.-n't true. If v- and f..rty you throw away your i ose- •d and t!'.e turf .'/oloi ed glasses you Jo.-e yijui ,-d with water j illu-ions about lots of tilings like .'",i--. Leech and \ !he magic of fairies, the goodness of ail humans, the ht-roism of Davy Crockett, the power of knocking on wood, the prowes.- ] | of Paul Bunyon and the idea he j that the blonde ha:r on Father's coat really came from, a Cockei Spaniel. If we get too worldly wise, firs' thing we know, we'll be doubting that Betty Crocker's mixes make a perfect cake, "cake after cake, after cake!" Scanlan Gives Ten Rules For Mental Health Atlantic City, N.J. (Special)— Ten rules of mental health. which will help people enjoy a better life, were given lie-re today by Dr. Fran< is C Svanlun of Algona. Dr. Scar.lan, a foimcr vice presiden! of the lo'.va Chiropractors' Ass'n.. was the annual convention tional Chiropractic A Hotel Claridge. Here are the 10 rule health wh it'll Dr. Scanl tr.ended to patients to help themselves: 1. Remember that shall pass away. your problem-. sions and iears seem very real to you at the moment: but they are of passing significance. 2. Never permit yourself to tew and fret about attending of the Na- 'n. at the of mental 1 an :ecom- help them "This too Your worries. iir apprehen- LEDYARD NEWS Honalcl Schroeder of Fort Sill, Okla., spent Saturday and Sunday visiting his mother and sisters. Sunday, Mr and Mrs Wayne Gade of Whittemore and Barbara Winters of Lakota were also guests at the Schroeder home. J'-iry Gordon, who is stationed in St. Louis, came home for the Julv 4th weekend with his par- en!-. A friend from camp accompanied him and was a guest at the Gordon home. Kathryn and Sharon Smith. daughters of Mr and Mrs J. D. Smith of Elrnore, spent last week with their grandparents. Mr and Mr- Tim Doocv. N'ataile Hardt. who is attending summer school at Mankato Teach- ei s College, was horn" •' for the weekend with her mother, Mrs Zik-hy Hardt. Mr and Mrs J. F. Sullivan r.nd Jeremiah and Madonna spent sev- i'ia! days the oast week visiting at ;he J. T. Whitcomb home at Moiris. Minn. Mr and Mrs Leonard Chapman DaVL-nport. Mrs Mareella An- serj and Wayne and Darlene ! Perry Lindgren of St. Paul -' weekend visitors at the -nn Burrow home. Mrs Chap- r : and Mrs Burrow are sisters. Mr and Mrs \V. E. Wiemer and nna went to Minneapolis and her north, fishing this week. r? Marie Halvorson and Mar- v.'ent to Minneapolis for the 4th weekend with Mrs Es- Haivn-on. Dr. and Mrs Paul son and boys of Waterloo d them .'i-liam V.'illiams of Clinton ; his father. E. E. Williams, e on Sur.dav. r and Mrs' Alvin Busch. Mrs u'i! Loucks. and Mrs Albert st v.'ent to Des Moines Sunday isit Mr West in the veteran's pital there. Mr and Mrs Max Nitz returned Friday nmht from a ten day vacation t:ip. They went through t).' Black Hills. Yellowstone Pnrk, find then wont to Monlnnn where they visited relatives. Mrs Tim Doocy was in Swea City the past week helping care for Mrs Margaret Baker. Mr and Mrs Carlyle Engelby. Mr and Mrs Carlos Engelby, and Mrs Ida Engelby went to Dexter, Minn., Saturday, July 2. to attend the wedding of Orville Engelby. son of Mr and Mrs Cliften Engelby now of Austin, formerly of Ledyarcl. He was united in marriage to Anette Evelyn Haseth, daughter of Mr and Mrs Adolph Haseth of Dexter, Minn., in a beautiful ceremony in the Zion Lutheran church of Dexter. A reception was held at the bride's home following the ceremony. Since his return from service. Orville has been attending the University of Minnesota and will continue his work there. Mr and Mrs Dennis Doocy of Rock Valley spent the weekend Thursclny, July 14, 1955 Algona (lo.) Upper D« Meinei-3 at the parental Tim Hooey home. Dennis is a ulief agent at Hock Valley. The couple recently moved to Wh;!temnre. Mr and Mrs Duane Thompson and children of Sioux City spent the July 4th weekend at the parental George Thompson home. Mrs Alice Garry, who has been ill the past four mont«is, first in the Blue. Earth hospital, and since at the home of her daughler and famiiv, the Carl Schaubergers near Swea City, was able to come | home on Saturday and her many j friends aie happy to know she is improving and able to be home. Mr and Mrs Maynard Warner and three daughfer.- of Hockford, 111., came Saturday to visit, last week at the home of his mother. Mrs Lena Warner, anrl with his brothers and their families. Mrs Warner accompanied them later last week into northern Minnesota on a fishing trip and ther came back to Rockford with them fur a. visit. INSECTICIDE APPLICATOR Guarantees of we; Gl'- tr.;. situations wh.H'h are Oh. well, so far as I know, the guy who discredited Davy Crockett may be discredited himself by ihi.-. time. We're so much from it all up here that I haven't j 5 Don't live in regret of the see-n a new-paper nor h.-tened I pa s; or fear of the future. Every- . away neur problems 01 nut your af- VOLI have no control and about w'niih. you can tin nothing anyway. 3. Avoid the common tendency to fall into a dither of frenzied hurry and anxiety because of the culmination of responsibilities. Your efficiency diminishes in proportion to your exciten<ent and worry. Settle one thing at a tunt>. 4. Avoid the tendency to fight sham battles. Too many people exhaust themselves in battles of imagination, and indulge in the ticism of "ovei-readiness." i. fu WEDDING ANNOUNCEMENTS INVITATIONS Our years of experience assure you of the best workmanship and quality in printing and engraving. See us first ! 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Custom designed lor Ihe WIK APPLICATOR and other mechanical livestock oilers. A. W. BEHRENDS - ALGONA CLARENCE A. SMITH - ST. JOE HERB ZUMACH - WHITTEMORE BERNARD LOOFT - SWEA CITY (A/o Center I to a rani !h;s week's is>ue Uppv; Des Moine-- haven't even seen ' the Algona NOW - IN OUR SHOWROOM See The Latest In Gas Built-in Kitchens BUILT-IN COOKING UNITS bring a new look to the modern kitchen , . • Install at any he;j-ht. Place them close together or at opposite ends of the kiUl.u-n ... in a peninsula, in an island. Specify lour, six or any nunibei of top burners you need. Install in wood, metal, tn.< k plastic or any other material A ,\ide variety of colors ar.j (inches. Save mile* of steps. Eye-level controls . . . easy to see without stooping. Th« Very ultimate in fast moue'n cool-ing equipment. "America's easieit raiuv-^ to ^ ee P clean." YOU'LL BE "YEARS AHE.AD" WITH CALORIC BUILT-IN3 • Whether you're building a new home or remodeling you'll < \ want to see this built-in unit before you make any decisions. ; ; Available for both bottle and natural gas and with automatic ! " or manual controls. ; I PRICES ARE NO HIGHER THAN A REGULAR GAS ^ANGE^; SEE TODAY AT RAPID THERNIOGAS CO. Phone 16-Algona $9. Philip» St. I have been out in the lake praiticing up on my puffing old -i'ii --troke and th.e kids haven't heell competely dried i-Ut cxcept- g when -ieeping since we ar- i:ved here. W i an': get Father to go for a swim hut there's n juvenile plot cooking to push him into the lake in his uncler- .•ar. There's only one tabu for me- up here. Nobody will Set me sleep on the ofttside of a double bunk bed. • • * Seems like they're airaid I'll i leaping through the air and wrench my knee like I did last year. It's not rny well-being that gives them so much concern. It's that if Mamma is injured there'll be nobody to sweep out the sand from the cottage and nobody to cook the meals for all the ravenous appctilies around here. • • • ' I have a recipe for you this week but I'm not even going to pretend that I have taste-tested it. However, it does sound got»j to me. but then anything would when it's six hours since breakfast and no lunch can be served till I finish this column. I found the recipe in a leaflet here in th.e cottage and it's for Chicken Salad Supreme: 1'v cups diced cooked chick', n French dressing 1 cup diced celery 1 2 teasp. scraped onion 1 cup pineapple chunks 4 cup shredded blanched almonds, toasted Mayonnaise or salad dressing Marinate the diced chicken in French dressing for an hour or more before mixing salad. Drain if necessary. Then add all the remaining ingredients, using enough salad dressing or mayonnaise to make the mixture moist. Reserve a few of the toasted almonds for the top of each serving. Serve in lettuce cups. Be sure all ingredients are thoroughly chilled. Serves 8. —GRACE. FALL FATAL At Primghar, I. R. Isenberg died as a result of a skull fracture, suffered in a fall down the basement steps of his new home He had been the auditor of O'Brien county for 33 years. TO BUILD Clark county supervisors have decided to build the new county courthouse just west of the present courthouse. That way, they'll be able to use the old one until the new one is completed some two yeait hence. one makes mistake.-. The past is dead and buried and th.e future I.-T.'t here Vet. ti. Never lend yourself to hate, er.vy, or hypercnticism They arc the "dry rot" ol personal hap- p:ne--. 7. Agno.-tic:sm. cynicism, fata- ii-,M-.. and pe-simi--!ii are mahgn- uncies uf th.e mind which brir.u MO peace. Cultivate optimiMi: and a pi sitivc philosophy. 8. Forget the Yictoi ian conception of useless old age w;'h its fears and bogeys. Hang on'' the spirit of lomance and adventure. Live courageously; meet the challenge of new ideas an.i quests. 9. Retain your faith in people. Don't look for perfection in ]S£-hp B.'C'K 5=:c,.-L i-Pciser.ger, -4- Door R,Y;£?A, Model 43 the Newest Hit in Hardtops Remember To Get Your CARNATION Cottage Cheese THIS WEEK-END t • t At Your Grocer's •^K/"OU certainly ought to come in and see _|_ for yourself why this new kind of hardtop is headed for the best-seller list. It's a Buick Riviera, of course. Which means the low and rakish look of a Convertible — a solid steel roof overhead — and no center posts in the side window areas to obstruct your view. iJiit that's only the beginning Here you get two extra doors. They open to the rear compartment. So no one in the front has to move when someone gets into or out of the rear. Here you get massive /^///-pillars on either side on which the front doors latch and the rear doors hinge. (That's why you see no center posts above the door line.) Here, too, you get wholly new principles in body design and strength that give the extra safety of rock-firm solidity at the top, sides and bottom. And here—bless those Buick engineers!—you get a lot more room in the rear compartment. Thrill of the year is Buick For the 4-Door Riviera gives you over 9 inches more hiproom and 5 inches more legroom—yet with no increase in wheelbase or over-all car length. So we repeat— you certainly ought to come in and see this stunning new kind of hardtop. It's the very last word in beauty, comfort, convenience. It's available in Buiek's two lowest-priced Scries — the SPECIAL and the CI:MTKY. And it's till Buick — with Buick power, Buick ride, Buick handling— and the spectacular performance of Buiek's Variable Pitch i)ynaflow. ::: Drop in today— tomorrow at the latest— and learn what Buiek's all time record sales year can mean to you in the way of a whopping- big traded n deal. \jiijb!t I'nJ} P-,™^.;; L the only -.-, nj'i.;jrj (,.'. KOADMA^Tl.K. v ; Buit builJi toJjy. K^Jeii e.\trj .'ui! on JVOW- .*.•»..- ever 0/9 t/re Come ,n antf see , / / , /> < / /•/ '<*? I///, •WHEN BETTER AUTOMOBILES ARE BUILT BUICK WILL BUILD THEM' 105 N. Hall BRANDT BUICK Algona, Iowa

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