Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on January 13, 1947 · Page 5
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 5

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Monday, January 13, 1947
Page 5
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Dilettante of the Piano JACK CAMPBELL Your Favorite Selections with .Lou Master jiiui His Orchestra (Sundays Exceptcd) DAN'CIXG and UftMEMBER the finest luncheon In town v/ith Chef Amato'3 Dally Special. It's Melody Lune For Choice Food •23 HARRISON AVE. "\Viiierbury Just Oft Lcnvcnworth YOUR PLANS NOW IC.STIMATKS SUBMITTED NEW CONSTRUCTION AND REMODELING Matty J. Karbowicz Office: 1!)3 Rubber Avo Tel. 3803 ELITE Unknrv 18 CHURCH ST. NAtG. 2507 GAS — OIL LUBRICATION FARTS A. & K. SERVICE STATION 170 Maple Street Entire Stock of MJSSK.S' AND WOMEN'S HOUSECOATS Soiling this week at 20% REDUCTION All S1/.C.H — Silk — Cotton — Clicnlllo, und Quilted KENNEDY DRY GOODS STORE 180 Church St. — Tel. 3401 Naugatuck WALTER BONCAL Masonry of nil kinds SO Full-child St. Tel, G11>2 Lord's Servicenter 'Service for Everyone" LUBRICATION - TIRES RANGE and FURNACE OIL 1IG N. Main St. Tel. 4893 EGGS FLORA'S POULTRY RANCH KHtabltahcd 1930 FLORA E. I'lNKIIAM rincn Bridge - Benuon 1'nll* Duren Roofing Co. Koorliifc - Siding ' Inhibition 4» KAMONA AVENUK Waterbury — Tel. 3-71VI3 RODMAN Convalescent Home 159 Meadow St. TEL. 3351 New Stock TABLE CLOTHS $1.39 x up BOSTON STORE Ilrv Goods 70 CHURCH ST. TKI, 58M Call for Our PROMPT PICKUP and \ DELIVERY SERVICE D. LIEBERMAN D. Thurston's Sons Ice Company OIL BURNERS FUEL OIL AVENUE NnilKiituck U2<>9 SHAKER'S AUTO Maintenance Complete Auto Service Body Work Day and Night Koud Service 1333 SOUTH MAIN STREET Wutcrbiiry Phone 5-1338 Nijjht Calls - Phono 3-0708 Vic's Smoke Shop (JiKur.i. (Jijcurcttc.t, Nrw»papor» Ciind.v. Ice Crciim, Soft Drink* M»RuzlncM, Toy* < CHURCH ST. Niuiffiituck KAT IN CORtFOBT In Our Dining Room TEDDY'¥blNER South Main St. Tel. 4899 FRANKIE'S ROADSIDE INN Feutiirlnc Jloosjtlpr's Frnnkfiirters • Soda, 0 Biir-H-Q • t'onr* 0 Sllcx C'offcn Srultf*t Iff Crrnm Roud Joe's Restaurant FINK FOOD and LIQUOR Speclnl Attentllon for WiHldltin l-iirtlivi 1311 MAIN ST., SEYMOUR Tel. 2»:« DiNAPOLI'S RESTAURANT 013 BANK ST. FREE PARKING • • TMK BKST IN FOOD • THE BEST IN MUSIC • THE BUST IN SERVICE DANCING THUKS., FHI. AND SAT. WITH THE KEN THOMPSON HAMMOND ORGAN TRIO FLOOR SHOW SAT. NIGHT Ciiln-ln* In HuniiurlK unit I'uf- lirn—l-'«r rrsfrviitidim Cull 3-DH74 George J. Demers HOOFING OF ALL TYPES Chimneys Cleaned, Repaired 147 CITY HILL ST. Tel. 3963 Fred's Grocery Finest Fruits nnd Vegetables 37 HIGH ST, Tel. 4008 V. E. GUSTAFSON — r»tent Medicine* — Luncheonette - Ici» Cronm Groccrlr* - Muitu'/lneii :» Kiihhcr Avr. Phono 4006 P Ttl RADIO SERVICE r • 1TJ.. 20 Yearn Experience 1'lckup and Delivery 1750 EAST MAIN ST. Hamilton Theater Bulldlnc Waterbury — Tel 3-8407 HUBBELL'S SERVICE STATION Lubricating Specialist* GAS - OIL - REPAIRING 195 Rubber Ave. Tel. 4M7 LOG'S BAR and GRILL 86 BRIDGE STREET Tel. 4897 Winter Months No Hindrance To Roofer Geo. Demers You mi£ht think that roofers •ould take a vacation in the wln- m- "'on"is. staylnfi indoois nnd relaxing. But, it Isn't true, for daily hey may be seen climbing up tall iciders and jilacing materials on '•- 'or-o of holies. It's cold some days, but as long as the snowe and rains aren't fall'. i'v »rc up there and seem- 'ngly quite happy going abou-t their 'justness. So, don't think just because It's January that George J. Corners. H7 Jity Hill street, won't be only too ;!ad to repair or place an entire- y new roof upon your home. Highly iccojnended by all who '.lave employed him, Mr. Demers has an extensive record of successful jobs in Waterbury, New Haven, virtTcport, Danbury and other locales- , un special work done at the U. 3 Rubber Co., arid Eastern Mal- aable Iron Co., it was Mr. Demers /ho was culled in, and on such jobs s the renovation of St Hedwig's hurch, the siding at Log's restaur- nt and on Individual homes, he •gain showed his vast experience. Accomplished in the art of shingle work, he also is qualified to do ooL'inp, siding, pointing and clcan- .ng of chimneys, erecting gutters .nd hot built-up roofs. The competent roofer of long cx- jcricnce was pronrieior 01 i u American Roofing Co. prior to the var. and has a background of 23 years. Pais Liquor Store Peerless Laundry Efficient Company In Community Being a community where n. vast number of residents do not tie themselves down to home launder- 115, it is important that an efficient laundry company is estab- ished here. And that is exactly what has icon done by .George R.. Burns of Waterbury, who for the past three /cars has been operating the Pccr- 'CBS Laundry, 150 North Main street. Servicing the borough, Waterbury, Watertown, Woodbury, Oxford, Beacon Falls, Southbury, Mid- llebury, Hotcljkissvillo, Oakville lid Prospect by a pick up nnd delivery system, the company also .!!i.iiitnins a large cash and carry 'juainess at the plant, Said -to be one of the best equipped laundries in Naugatuck Valley. Peerless in recent months added several new dry tumblers to its 'loot, and also is equipped with a shirt pressing unit,-which is a modern piece of apparatus. Besides its laundry business, the iomcany .also excels in the dry :leaning and dyeinr; field. Being 'ocatnd on one of the most highly .raveled thoroughfares in the area, .he volume of business each week exceeds nny other similar enterprise In the section. Rancher Swallows False Teeth Burns Lake. B- C. (UP)—A local •.•anchor la ftbout ready to fflvc up false teeth nnd sum it from here out. Scvoral months a,70 Joe Borbctt missed his chopper». Ho found 'hem in a r-at hole where they had been taken by paclt rnU. Recently ho landed In a hospital bccaan of his dentures. He swallowed them whon a team of horses ic was driving bolted and threw him against a tree- FAMILY HAS TO CHECK IN Mt. Vernon, 111. (UPj—School doesn't start in the mornings at nejrby Drivers until the Bodinc family arrives. The four children of the family, ranging from seven to 14 years, arc the entire student body of the one-room schoolhousc. Hanging 1 Problem In the throes of IndecUlon, Sen. Joseph C. O'Mntioney tries. to find a spot on hl.i office wall In WuflMnffton where lie can hanj* his certificate of election for hU third full term. Sen. O'Mahoney has represented the State oil Wyoming in the Senate since 1B34. (International) Fine wlnns und liquors, whluli only a short'while ago were at u. premium, now inny lie purchased without trouble at the I'ais Liquor Store, 72 Church KtresC Ope rut oil hy Mury C. Puin, tile store Is one of most efficiently ustiihlishcd in thn horouRh, nnd is Ideally located in the heart of the Imslnoss district. The clioicc quality hnvcrnpes ohtuined nt the store arc sure to appeal to the most discriminating*. Both imported iiiul domestic wines und liquors arc avii'liihle. Valley Welding Great Asset To Individual Home Owners In yesteryears the business of welding was not uncommon, but lie art had not bo.en revolution- :xd. Ill fact, wnldinf; really came nt.o its o\vn durin.c: the' war years, particularly when women became fillers in defense plants and shipyards. Many humorous incidents arc recalled concerning: the v.'oman welder, but the public became aw.are of what welding really meant und 'low it can be a .urreat asset to the '.ndividual. Those men in the armed forces, v>m saw woldin.'T function, became intent upon its useagcs, and many upon discharge determined to make t operate not only for industry, but also for the homeowner. One local Army Air Force veteran. Bdv.'ard J. Alexander of Gar- Icn street, N\'ho was vitally inter- ested in metals and machinery prior to entering the service, opened the Valley W-Idinsr and Fabrication Works, ;ind at present has an ex- l.romoly.large business. Most of the fsbrication work is done for industry, but ho also has individual clients and that work he does with his portable equipment. His apparatus includes a generator of -100 ampere welding current, which operates a large capacity machine to do heavy or lipht work. Enabling' him to operate power tools in any cnvionmcnt, he manufactures his own auxiliary current. Evidence that he has 'the 1 most excellent qualifications is in the fact that he w,is an instructor of mechanism, armament and machinery dealing; with metals while in the service. HITLER'S EVA WAS ATHLETIC Hornbecker's An Incentive To Dinner Guests When you are Invited nut for dinnnr on some or these cold winter nights there often must be a •nil incentive pucli as a steak »t Hornbecltcr's before _ you'll move . u;/i me warm fireside. Hornbeckar's on Buck's Hili, vValorbury, is famous for its won- Jurtul steaks and other delicious jods, and it'a a treat to dine there. T.-.c Hoi-nbeckcrs moved to Wa- lerbury more thjn two years ago LLom Mcridcn. where they operated _i l.irgo restaurant, and purchasing ...10 more 100-year-old house ji-oalccl one of the moat beautiful ining spots in tiic area, T.-.c large sprawling hause has .ic appearance of a home instead jf a business establishment, and in :he intimate candlelighted dining ic'o.-n wi'ch bcautil'ui.interior Uccora- ;ion, the most choice foods arc served from expertly organized kitchens. T.-iC home-cooked meal? are known far and wide, with the teaks noted for their size and tenderness, A staff of three pre. ire dishes of al! types. Numerous dinners, parties and other events take place at Horn- occkei-'s regularly. The tempting i'ull-coursc meals are efficiently served by trained personnel in a most courteous manner. When next you are planning an event, for a large organization or maybe just a family dinner,, contact Hornbecker's first, for you'll be completely satisfied with the results and will be able to -term the affair successful. Al! Around Service Found At Shaker's There 'are any number of auto maintenance stations, but there is only one "one stop station" in thd area, and that is Shak-er's Service Station, 1355 South Main street, Waterbury. Service of all descriptions is Kivcn at (.he super establishment owned by Joseph Shaker. One of the facst equipped stations in the vicinity, besides the regular filling station services, it maintains R age and mechanic facilities. A 24-hour general repair service is maintained, and among its spe- .' ciolties is metal and body work, painting and all types of mcchini- cal and electrical work. Among the modern apparatus is an electrical diagnosis mar.hine to detect short circuits and test lights. It is the same type of equipment used by the state in.checking motor vehicles. Steering corrective equipment, a wheel balancer and a ignition testing machine is also included in the apparatus maintained at all times Because of the complicated system of use and a.ccur&cy which must be kept, a crew at 12 fully trained men including a number of veterans, are available to work upon your automobile. In business for I,! yx'ar?:, Mr. Shaker has employed men who hav-c even a greater amount of experience years behind them. The huge flat-iron shaped building is on the state highway driving south from Waterbury, and the attendants on duty at all times will be pleased to give you capable, courteous and eflicicnt service. THESE PHOTOGRAPHS WERE TAKEN from a recently discovered scries . of color films made between 1938 and 1941 in Austria. Eva Bratin, the girl who is reported to have married the Fuehrer and later died with him, Is shown (top, right) at the Wolf-Gangscc in Austria. Top, loft, Eva stands with unidentified friends at the Austrian resort. Bottom, she exercises on the beach, doinf. /• difficult back bend. (International) WORLD WAR II PENSION ROLL DOUBLES IN YEAR CIGARS USED TO BE GOOD Luvcrnc, Minn. (U P)—Workmen found several boxes o£ cigars in the old Central Hotel building when it was razed. After smoking them they agreed they were "better than ninny we smoked during the war." They had been hidden for several years and were believed to be part of a burglar's cache. Gets U.N. Post RELIABLE GRAIN and FUEL CO. IMMEDIATE DELIVERY ON IIAZLETON LEHIOH PREMIUM COAI. and KOI'PEBS CONN. COKIE I'liOXE VOU« ORDER 5 Church St., Naugatuck , PhoM 3076 !«••* f**K Fine Wines and Liquors Imported and DonwxUo v» A YC UQ UOR if A 19 STORE 72 CHURCH ST. PHONE 51*4 IfH Worth a Trip to VAJ Market For Finest Foodn 51 Spring St Union City Phono Naugatuck 407O THE INC. Telephone 2226 Bob's Garage DODGE and PLYMOUTH Service and ParU Factory-Trained Mechanic* •«7 N. Main St. Naugatuck PRINTERS SINCE INI LEYNARD'S GIRLS' nnd BOYS' WINTER OUTFITS UNC Our Lay-Away Plan 170 CHURCH ST. Quality DYERS •nd Our Modern Cleaning Plant Awiurea You Better Cleaning 5 No. Main St., Naugatuck JACK'S AUTO BODY 1106 So. Main St. TeL «U» PUONK DERBY 3488 Walsh's Green Acres Catering to Wedding*, Banquet*. Parties, Choice Food* and Liquor* Derby Avenue Seymour •••*•>» jfftftfrf-ffftff rr ••••••• SAVE As You Buy WE GIVE Green Stamps With Every Purclia** ISAACSON'S INC. QUALITY DRY GOODS SEYMOUR "Now that the winter *ca*on approached, The tlarne*« Shop can supply your every want In glove* and mitten* for drew, driving or work In wool. Imported and domestic cape, plf- nkln, horuehlde and the old reliable Saranac Bucknkln t ttJB- lined and lined In fleece, wool and fur. Visit the Harne** Shop when In need of glove* and mil- JOHNJ.CONNOLE 70 Grand St Wtbry. Tel. 4-7MS HOME COOKED FOODS Beer — Wine — Liquor* Valley~~Gvill 158 No. Main TeL STATION 109 So. Main St. Ph. Naur. 49081 MOVING and TRUCKING Moving to All Conn. Point* Peter Moruska NAUGATUCK. CONN. PHONE 2588 or 5112 Steven Moved Refrlg-eratom Moved Clyne Glass Shop Table Lamp* $7.W »p Bed. Boudoir f&»5 up Gift* of AH Description* B«all*tic Artificial Flower* MMUCO, Prop. 20 HARBISON AVE. Waterbury TM.| THE White Meat Market and GROCERY FRUITS — VEGETABLES John Ga«par, Prop. 157 RUBBER AVE. DIAL 3550 AIRPORT DINER At Bethany Airport Operated, by Ex-G.I. MAURICE .1. JOM/V Amity Roiid, Bethany • Radiator* FlmlMd 0 Oil - Greasing • Tire Repair • Wanhln*- MIKE'S SERVICE 1UAIVU 0 STAT10N 15 BRIDGE ST. UNION CITY Nauiratuck «ot« ^" • r^^~*~-~-~-r — — — — — — — HORNBECKER'S Buck's Hill Tel. «-*420 Wtby. HOME COOKED FOOD We Ctttcr to Family .Dinner* Office Parties, B*nqueU, Showers, lite. J rrrrt-t-t-t*- PARSONS SCREW PRODUCTS CO. Quality Headed and Automatic Screw Machine Product* RUBBER AVE - NAUGATUCK SELRITE Juvenile Furniture Co. TOYS - GIFTS 470-472 South Main Street Waterbury, Conn. Tel. 4-4714 VALLEY WELDING und Fabrication Works The Portable Wcldlnc Service Tel. 5492 BANQUETS WEDDING? Phone MM PARADISE INK Win. Pottltccker, Prop. FINEST FOODS Choice Wine - Liquor* Wukctec Terrace, Annoala, Conn. Prospect St. Garage At Proxpe<-t St. and I_ocurt Darra»JamM Corp. MILL SUPPLIES POWER TOCtS 22 Savings St Waterbury Tel. 8-2241 Tht number of World War II v«»cran§ drawins lotion ha» doubled during rh« pcsf year, itotistjcs rKintty by the Veterani Adminiifrafion r«vacl. W!:it* the World War I roll, remained stationary, and deaths cut i-era 1 Item rriof wars by 8,000, th« list from pensionable disabiliiies ir.e«rs*d cJwin^th* lost war climbed from 859,762 to ^682,916 be^w*5» Dectmbtr. 1, 1945 and the same date this year. Each fi;u« rn above drawing repreicrrti 100,000 active cases. FORMER High Commissioner to the Philippines, Francis B. Sayre (above), 61, has been nominated by President Truman as American representative to the United Nations -Trusteeship Council. The Council will meet at Lake Success, N. Y,, in March. (International) The V & H Trucking Company Excavating — Trucking — Drivewmyii — Road Construction The Seymour Sand & Stone Company Washed Screened Sand — Wanhed Cnuhcd Grave* Quarried Granite Building Stone 482 NO. MAIN ST. — TEL. SEYMOUR 2631

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