Press-Telegram from Long Beach, California on June 28, 1929 · 17
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Press-Telegram from Long Beach, California · 17

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, June 28, 1929
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f-J- 'y - y- 1 - J! v LONG BEACH PRESS-TELEGRAM FRIDAY JUNE 281929 602-11- I ear SONGS REALISTIC INDOWLINGFILME' nAlUtl talk tag (Mum M m astatsary U tvpiAi tha latovpelatlaa W mnsln H Man M "The Maw"-ta a fins — mplo at boWrfhlg hag bcroevercowte Ja btoN ial how gangs kt Ma —la a aaiiual part's! tha pM aad action ” i? I low Ihla la Imm la ikm I? ' In' which vapar aad": etory of a mlnetrol I ran par k seeks Broadway fama aa4 fnr-tuna but who" discovers la Uia r lacing aeaua that that la a Million dollars worth f happlnaaa at tha and of tha rainbow which coomo altar tha otorm jr utrugrlss U1 w Haw York street' a quartet la with adversity Eddie Dowling famous Broad- drsaatng reoin mimM of tha minstrel aiaa an panda During tha Introductory aranaa af Etldla Dowling and tha -hjrWriirlimir Wllng sings -"Mary Mary Quito Contrary" la tha minstrel ahaw -Eddla Dowling - aa "ftalnbow Ryan” aldga "Sleepy Valley" and "Rainbow Man" Other numbers (aw turod prom In ant ly by tha min-I atrel company on tha ataga ara - -“V the-Curtain" and ""Tambourine Tone1 There la a hurdy-gurdy In a nalabmw JtoaariS4flf A-cniqUa lima minkirti iroapOmd- tosruiF lima ihlribfrdi iwnpc Nixon favorite actraaa pf the silent screen makcq her - talking debut aa tha girt be lovaa and win The aong "Smile LHtle Pal" Is - i theater introduced In a vaudeville I 114-116 ARGONNE Belmont Shore Two Extra Fine 5-Room 2-Bedroom Homes To Be Completed Tomorrow mC? Open to ProtpeetiOe y'Buyenpnly WX?fp'kWfct H5PfWerftT'pwP h ' If YnttJnlendJprBuy Be-Sure and- See These" Bargains ' -l-v mJ v 1 ' 1 "- 1 CE Phone 333446 ' -s s ' 4 d 23i' Roswell Opening of ‘ We Coiigratiilate WOODWORTH BROS beumoottheatre ‘ Saturday June 29tk 'JENKINSTNDIAN’SHOP Nsvaje Rug— Indian Art-Sandwich e 4925 East Second St W" 338-267 tha cl ‘ - jUtdAevnwmHWBpiiH conga "Rainbow' Man” t'twr-‘ "Sleepy Valley" and "Smile Little rrltU Pal" ware written by Eddie Dowling and James Hanley and were arranged In the complete musical aeora by Louis F Oottachalk the noted eompoaar aad conductor f It la a Paramount picture produced by Bono-Art and directed -by Fred Nswmsyor-fl -lo- Eddlo-DowIJng'c flret appearance la raaayfUaa- and Marina JUms’JL flret appearance In tha "Mlklea" It cotnea to the Belmcot Theater tomorrow June f In the apenlag of tWr new aad ftrt-tbo-alar at Belmont FILMSTARS MAKES HIT IN TALKIES Marian Nixon t Advantage in Heard to "Tha Rainbow Man" Sinoa her appearance In tha Hew Terk pnsantatloa of the neurlhx hBttfriEadWBwWyihIMnlhriifcJ aU-ringtng picture "The Rainbow bUa" MaHlxogTWerWTT thsiUrttr tcfMafor fire years has bean heralded aa nbeifajx PKkford of the talkies" CrIUea hare variouifly "dtadflMd Marian's speaking votes and acting aa "great1 gaoua" aad "jueaaiagly tetaWgaaL" STIIERE’S ‘THAT BOY OOllNE larki-Eilm 'Derfeet pound yeeocdlag-le eae of the many pleeelng faaturua of Eddie Dovrllngk flret mot Ion picture "The Rainbow Man” an alb talking production rick with aoagh -rThi parfeatlam-eC-aouad la alone eonflaad to tha studio hate -Hbut la partlcularty hoiablo la the anterior aoenea as wall paradeaf n-mloetral Uoupa "‘rgnvrtteifc Ftaaklkj i rtarro the child actor and Sa Hardy the character actor lead the marcher -ta a a clear and audibly aomprehcnalve aa tha eame thing in real Ufa Marias Hlaon makes bar "talkla debut la - this picture aa tha romantic femlnlna lead appoalle iMwlinn "Tha Ralnkow Han" opens at the Balmont-Theater Tomorrow - HOT ABLE FEATCRETd OTEN HEW THKRTER Above b Shawn' Eddla nHagrMarisaHliea"aad' FMUhNr Barra hr tha Saao-Art rredacdlen Tha Batnhew Mbr Which OpCSa at Uia Retment TkeaMr’ Tamarraw Eecalag due W Yana-' Rdw '"v'v e "' HOHEr ‘EEFTSEIX: WASKTNOTOIf Jana 9E— Haw Ing fafueed lucrative offers to alng dnnea or go Into tha mevlaa "Mlae Hraall" af Uik 'recaat tkNMW geant ta going home ta ompfor talaato solely for her friends A P particularly treaeured poaaaaaloo la nutogmphad good wtohaa af Praal dent H never ' ' Through-QuiLServices thig new beautiful ' BeIrnont''Thealer was7 brought” to BELIONT SHORE snd we are pleased to hays this opportunity to congratulate Woodworth Brothers and Mr CL-T- Csyton Builder or their succecs - lit- oresti nrone -of - thf-moet-moderiwuid AUrsctivs "pfetorg "theaters- t-br-foMBd-anywhere — Through bur Services MrtMtnftnh'btwK: ZBWJWMlWj Wa ara ana af the vary eldest now active real aetale firms' aperaUne In East Long Bosch and spaclallM In Balmont Shornt Balmont Heights and- Naples pro parties At this tlma wa have a6mo sepac tally attriMtlvn home ' bargains aad would bo pleased ta have yon glvo h a call - EASTSIDE REALTORS vMirrinhiEdlirAlbertQn Ct R HTP 5126 Eu Second Street Phono' 33MS7 ' k DIAL" 662-1 1 for W®at vAid RADIO GLENN Desmutrstios Open -trohu - Liberal ADowance On Your Old Radio v t r — w c A— Ip-' jtn 1 Phone 243-230 v Two rhon9 811232 5201 E Second St Store 3404 & Bf0tdwJr WOODWORTH BROS of the Belmont Theatre wi’ -R F INWOJQD Architet T pwwygsi SUBCONTRACTORS ' r- ' ' andV' BOflJjiNG MATERIAL SUPPLY FIRMS -- t -dgf 0 me to be CONGRATULATED re ! n-a oriihe'marinerinw theyco-operated ip - the construction of -the isBfclntGnfcThe&trciBlcg' WVA Tha- vava aotleec all seam ta agree that Marlas ta a “aaturaT tor tha taiklsa "Tha Rainbow Han" deals with the struggles of a young minstrel trouper to rise to Broodway fama Ha moats tha girt while otoppiag at bar father’s hotel In the prer-Ineca They fan la leva but ha to rad from tha hotel sad from ahow whan ha to found In tore aceae with tha girl after her father had fort “ pony of actors Later ha la allowed to Join hto bid trot! pa and lt to -while they are1 flaying la a email city near the girl's tow a year laUr that ha aeaa bar la the andlcaea while be to ringing hto coug "Sleepy Valley" Ha breaks tba sons aad wnh---hariass-ratumjot toiaHiigif irtrbiwiFchiiBiSt But It ta wary real to Eddla Marian and ton andtonen doaa net realise thrift to gannlna making until Bam Hardy producer af tha minstrel ahaw stops forward and telle them the truth aa ReentolM fall about tha romantic pair — M XThe Theatre Beautiful” EAST SECOND STREET BELMONT SHORfc FrinkieDarroHas Prize Cinema Role in Dowling Pictore One of the prtoo Juvenile price af all tlmo ta pkturuc to that af Billy orphaned aoa of n veodeviUe acrobat played by little Frankie Darro premier mueical remai maaMdt "The Rainbow Haa" Xnthto human Intareat story In which tears art ffMylmliiRM wltlr Um rnlnhows of ouccccci Frankie la adopted by Eddie Dowllag after Ike lad's fat bar dim In sa accident In tha than ter 'There to much lib fieult emotional acting snd a bab ones of sure-flra comedy fob the lb- yaawoid youngater to do aad he does It an with charming eclat Yetuig Frankie has some nf tha prise Mte of action aad snappy dialogue of the ptatnm Aa oaempio to when ‘ - - - - bo aad Rainbow Ryan played by Dowling aru out of work InNew York and kd to soon la the rooming houao oaytng kto jnvuroro wttk Beane tko dog at tha In another eequeoca the girt Marian Ntxon Urn boy's Intel g gent handling of the highly drama tio- episode la nothing short nf unaring It to perhaps the greatest Juvenile acting bit of all Una GAME CENBtFI BY AIRPLANE tMwi if Mg gams of Alaska fag mada from tim biriy tMw leaks Oama Oommtorien On ona fllsM over tha Big Delta region oeuthghit-ef JMrtenka - i° ert-ben and aloe moose wore Near tba Tehlat River 10 were righted Tbs arise of tko meehlnae frightened tha caribou which ran to eke Iter but the undisturbed TAfJUEB MAY BE BROADCAST Talkies may be M part Of the programs at the Government broadcasting system af Britain Tbs apparatus to said to ebnaiet of an' last rum ant for oyn-ehmntriag a-hewa prejurtar-' n radio otattao la aneh a way to oeoompooy a ptetnro over a howto protester 1 : BUILDER : No 9 MIRA MAR AVENUE -0 V' T V yAfler Ike Theater DropTnl “ PATtV’S broiler: ’ 5288 E Second St YOU’LL LOVE IT! A Grcat Human Heart-Throb Every body V homaiiiig “Sleepy ' Vifley" "Rainbow Mu and “Smile Little FaTl Hear Eddie Dowling happiness singer an-prrme ging theM tantalizing wielodiesl 6h thin greatest singing-talking romance! 1'Uled with deta Jiqmor-rpathon love aad comedy Yoall lore "The Rainbow Man” See It in Long Beaches Newest - and Finest Theatre Starting Tomorrow Saturday at 8 PM - TAo Star of " v '“‘AlXt’TlRf AND r : ' HfARY ' "klDEWALU OY HEW -" YORE" -HOXEYJfOOH - "in hit PM' Tsmtog4Miiftoril MARIAN NIXpN FRANKIE DARRO r SAM HARDyill j A SONO-ART PlwbuCTibN:' --i-we-r i CLQaramouvl AU-TAIKING-Qlctiai " ' Aim 'After Opening Saturdny and Sunday : i to ll r K XATWEB DAILY 1 I f:SS F M ' - TWO SIIOR t'r- AU-Slar j Comedy—Kinogram PiclvM LEN YOST and His Recording Orchestra paramountstArs in- person t The Ace of Good Fellows - K-JC f f kf - I VT: ilSPARK'ANTNFR- Join the Crowd at the Opening VThiaVbnderfuIPicture-T'PIcntyofSurpriforYou SUNDaV WITH v The Ncw Belmont Is tho First Theatre in Long Beach Scientific-POPULAR PRICES Conitructed for Perfect Sound Reproduction ' m r to 5L1 ai M M I 6 6 I ‘ I y i¥ :i 1 1 M :-:ji M 9 i sn 6 O It 9 C A 6 f ' ' 1 f ::f c - t r I I t t 1 H I i i ’oh i3 f 6 I 'M fe ’ I 1 t- t r 1 9 A 9 -7 $ '"dP3 - i i 6 ' 4 -f d s u Phone 313-448 e "

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