The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 14, 1955 · Page 12
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 12

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 14, 1955
Page 12
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4-A!gona (la.) Upper Des Moinfts Thursday, July 14, 1955 Lone Rock Families Hold Reunions In Past Week Lone Rock—The annual Radig reunion was held Sunday at the Gerald Radig home at Lone Rock. Those attending were Helen Radig of Pasadena, Calif.; Mr and Mrs Glenn Bernston and family of Paullinn; Mr and Mrs Clarence Loase of Fairmont: Dr. and Mrs Leroy Hendrickson and Glenn of Armstrong; Karin Stock of Austin. Minn.; Mr and Mrs Paul Voigt and family, Mr and Mrs Alex Radig, all of Fenton, Mr and Mrs Donald Radig and family, Mr and Mrs Wilfred Rndig and family, Mr and Mri Robert Saurstcnau and family, Mr and Mrs Roy Bierle and family. Mr and Mrs Raymond Laabs and family, Mr and Mrs Harold Gross and family of Lone Rock Smith Family Reunion A Smith reunion was held Sunday at the Tom Trenary home near Hurt. Attending from Lone Rock were Mr and Mrs Emi! Person. Patty and John and their guests. Mrs Erma Leek of Aurora. Oregon: Mr and Mrs Chris Chnstenson of Osakis, Minn.: Mrs Donald Nelson and family of West Union; Mr and Mrs Tom Trenary and Kenneth, Mr & Mrs Henry Smity and family, Mr and Mrs Harold Becker, all of Burt Mr and Mrs Floyd Duncan, Mi and Mrs Eldon Duncan and boy*. of Fenton. Mr and Mrs Roy Smith and Walter of Wesley; Mr and Mrs Ralph Dugan of Algona: Mr and Mrs Glenn Smith and family, Mr and Mrs Hcynei Miller of GraeUinger. Mr 'anc Mrs Herbert Wallace of Livermore: Mr and Mrs Calose Engei- by and Cheryl of Lcdyard. AJ Halh Reunion A Rath reunion was held Sunday at Lincoln Park in Fairmont. Those from Lone Rock attending were Mr and Mrs Clinton Rath and family, Mr and Mrs Maurice Weisbrod and family. Mr and Mrs Dale Wagner and Connie. Mr and Mrs Albert Shaser, Mrs Jim Long, Mr and Mrs Dale Schroeder and Susan, Mrs Emma Hurlburt, Mary and Rachel, Mr and Mrs Lawrence Rath, John, Mrs Martha Rath. Mr and Mrs Harvey Rath and Doris of Algona; Mr and Mrs Sylvester Brace and Kevin, i\u Wm. Rath. There were 92 pro sent. Mrs Leon Larson was honored at a coffee party Wednesday afternoon at the Art Priebe home. Guests were Mrs E. A. Lee, Mrs Erich SeesU'barlh, Mrs Dennis Prit be. MTS Angus Cotton, Mrs Kenneth Jackson, Mrs Roger .lenson, Mrs Jim Larson, Mrs Joss Blancluird Jr., Mrs Ronald Christenson, Mrs Morton Larson and Mrs Rav Priebe of Fenton. Mr and Mrs Charles Householder of Algona; Mrs Wm. Schrader and Wanda called Sunday afternoon at the C. E. Householder home. , Mrs Donald Nelson and Rosemary of West Union accompanied the I. W. Nelson home and visited here from Wednesday tin Monday at the Nelson and Emil Person homes. Billy returned home with them after visiting here for three weeks. Rev. and Mrs Arthur Doege and sons, Arthur and Carl, of Mineola, Long Island, sister of Mrs Angus Cotton and Angus Cotton Jr, of Chicago, 111. spent last week visiting at the Cotton home. Mr and Mrs Donald Blanchard and family were guests Sunday for dinner in Plymouth at the Harry Anderson home. Donald Meyer of Algona called Sunday at the Gene Blanchard home. Guests Sunday at the W. J Cotton home were Mrs H. E. Morgan, Mr and Mrs R. E. Morgan and Mi* and Mrs Henry Douglas all of Algona. Monday, Mrs M. H. Schloeman and daughter Mar earct, of Estherville, and their niece of Fort Worth, Texas spent the day at the Cotton home. Miss Schloeman was a former teacher here and is now on the teaching staff at South Bend. Ind. Mr and Mrs Maurice Weisbrod, Cheryl and Terry called Friday- evening at the Clarence Kraft home. . Mr and Mrs Lawrence Geitzetv auer and family of Lone Rock; Mr and Mrs Delbert Geitzenauer and family, Mr and Mrs John Geitzenauer of Fenton; Mr and Mrs Milton Geitzenauer of Corwith; and Frit?. Huencholdt were guests Sunday at the Norman Finncstad home in Fenton to a picnic dinner and supper. UDM Classifieds Pay Dividends Mr and Mrs Chris Christenson of Osakis. Minn.; Mrs Erma Leek of Aurora, Oregon left Monday after visiting the Emil Person's and other friends and relatives here. Mrs Leek has been visiting here for two months. Mr and Mrs Howard Hicrstcclt and girls were dinner and supper guests Monday at the Ferdin- anci Bicrstedt home in Fenton. Sunday evening the Bierstcdts called at the Mcrwm Bauman home hi Livermore. Mr and Mrs Fred Schmidt and family called Sunday evening a: the Ralph Hammerstrom's. A surprise birthday party was held Tuesday at the Clarence Kraft home in honor of Judy's seventh birthday. Supper was served to seven little guests. Mollie Blanchard, Marlene Nordme, Dawn Schultx, Cheryl Weisbrod, Janet Hamnierstrom and Linda Ramus. After which they all enjoyed a movie at Fenton. Thi.' honored guest received many nice gifts. Garry] and Joe Householder spent Sunday and Monday a'.'. Hacktn-aek. Minn, visiting the ' Glenn Householders. Mr and Mrs Dale Erinq and Kenneth of Shell Beach, ' Calif, have been visiting since last Friday at the Amanda Pcttits Mr and Mrs A. A. Krueger, Kermet and Janet, Mr and Mrs E. A. Lee, Michael, Susan, Miami Mr.- Ronald Chrislenson and family spent from Saturday til: Tuesday at Okoboji. Mi and Mrs Dale Earing, Bcr- naid Pettit. and Evelyn Earing went tu Rochester, Friday. Susan BonMead of Gi aettingcr veiled several days last week at Mail/n Bailsman-. M| and Mr.-, Jim Kelly of Rieh- luiid, Calif, spoilt Satur.iay ami Sunday a! !!,.• Clan nee Martin home. Mi ; KeMv and M:.- Mar- t.ii were .11 nu:-e- naming together Sunday afteinoon tlifi Martin family left tor Onaw(i where they v,-ited friend- and relative:- :i-iurnmg home Thurs- dav Mi and Mr.-- Glenn Miller and iamiiy •••! Tula Vi.-ta, Calif, visited fr,,m Sunday till Tuesday w:':, Jmi La:-on and family. On Sun-lay Mr and Mi., Ca'rl Ro.-burg. Sioux Fall.-, S. 13., Mr. aivt Mr- Rav Ro-burg ..i Graett- jr,J'T V.-Hi-d their- r ,.-' 1 ' 1 ' Eiieh Sr.-uebarth spent' T.-.u: .--:iav aiti-Hioon with her j n..jthi r, ML- Ciara Mai'low oil Bu:' I Mi - An Pi iei>i- rir.e: tained a : C' 'Me,- p;.: !y ']'..;, -aav ;,n,-; i,,,,,!, ' GU.I.-I- •:•-., :,- M.- M.,r.Mn Mar- ' 1 '•,'.. M: - Liei.i.:, p : ,, i,,.. Mrs Mer- ' Mi- Art 1"': .. i),-. J,,, . J{.,rlnev i 'a'..a Da-.'.n M,r ,e La:.-on aieom- 1 pained Mi ann Mi- De!,n:.- Pru-be to Decoiah ol, SatU;d.iV where ti.fV \'i-:ted !ill M.UI..UIV Mr-1 Lf-oh I.;.,i son of aceom-i pan «.-d thi'in l:ome v. I.I.-IL- .-lie! vi.-ited v.nh friend.- and i elatives.. Mr ana ML- Doiiald Marluw. j MJ and Mis Jim Ivlailow spent dVL-r ti.i- v.ieker.d and the fouith °'ML- Nel'lie WiLun of Lamb-. :•- t'jii. Minn. Mtuirit i h:j:nu \\Yd- ii' -da\ a Her a v.. it at C E. H-.u-i-noidu -. ML- FiC'i (ji-l.riei, Mr a Ol \:: Jt - (Jarcu.e.- ,,! L, :. ( R,,ek: Mr' Giej-.r. C,A.n r .. M..- D.,n MeCJe. o! Bai.e.i.!! atU-i^K ii li.e luliei ,.i of UK ii'iianl duu^iuei <jl Mr ai.i.i M: M -•. • TI-.,,..•, .,,, ,,. \',', ! An OPEN LETTER to The Voters Of The Sentral School District Next Monday, the 18th of July, is another election day in our district. First of all, we urge you all to exercise your privilege, and vote. Vote your convictions, which we feel sure will be negative, when the facts of the case are known. That is the purpose of this story. We are presenting the facts as they actually happened, in chronological order, and true in every detail. On May 5, 1952 there was adopted by the Kossuth County Board of Education, a Study Plan for Kossuth County School Districts. This had, perhaps, more to do with some concrete thinking on what the future of our schools actually was, than any other single incident. This original study plan had a tentative district set up which included Seneca, Fenton, Lone Rock and Burt and the areas each served. Some meetings were held between the school boards of each of the four named schools, but the consensus was that such a district was too large, unwieldy and impractical. Eventually, Burt decided to go it alone, and this left perhaps the most ideal set-up of all, it left the Sentral Community District. It followed, that many meetings were held, attended by school board members of these three districts, and also many meetings attended by representatives of the thirteen areas affected, namely:.Swea Twp., Seneca Cons., Greenwood Twp., Seneca No. 7, Senca No. 9, Fenton Twp., Fenton Ind., Independence Twp., Fairfield Twp., Letts Creek Twp., Union Twp., Lone Rock Ind., and Burt Twp. After careful consideration, certain facts were quite well established, and nearly everyone attending these meetings felt that the formation of a new district would be advantageous to all. This fact was born out at the election on October 21, 1953, at which time the formation of the new district carried by a vote of 601 yes against 95 no, or over 86 per cent in favor of Sentral Community. However, before this election could be called, a proposal had to be drawn up and presented to the County Board of Education. This was called an "Application to the Kossuth County Board of Education for Approval of a Proposal to Establish a new School District lying partially or entirely within the boundaries of Kossuth County". This proposal was drawn up by the then Sup't of the Lone Rock schools, Leonard Gustafson, by Lawrence Newbrough, now president of the Sentral Board, by Otto Borchardt, now a member of the Citizen's Committee, and by O. R. Patterson, also a member of the Citizen's Committee. These last three men were Presidents of the three old school boards involved in this venture. When the proposal was completed, it was signed by thirteen people, one from each of the affected areas mentioned above. These people were: Donald Gross from Fenton Twp., Lawrence Newbrough from Lone Rock Ind.,tRoger Jensen from Seneca No. 7, Eugene Huskamp from Independence Twp. in Palo Alto county, Otto Borchardt from Fenton Ind., Ray Zwiefel from Fairfield Twp. also in Palo Alto county, Mrs Arden Hovey from Union Twp., Leo Guerdet from Swea Twp., Milton Marlow from Burt Twp., Lawrence Johannesen from Greenwood Twp., O. R. Patterson from Seneca Cons., W. H. Elmers from Seneca No. 9, and William Zumach from Lotts Creek Twp. Now in this proposal, Article 10 to be exact, is the Transportation Plan for the new district. The agreement, as seen by those who helped set up the Sentral District. At this time, the thinking of the people was that our school busses would probably run pretty much as they had in the past, and when they arrived at Seneca, Fenton and Lone Rock in the morning, the high school students would then load into one or two busses and be transported to the centrally located high school. In Article 10 of the proposal, section b, it says that no elementary child shall ever ride over 23 miles to school. In section c, it says that no high school pupil shall ever ride over 27 miles to school. Should they be brothers, or sisters, it is quite clear that the two schools should be 4 miles apart. That was the agreement at that time. However, strange things seem to happen with the passing of time. One of our Sentral Board members just can't remember signing this proposal. A member of the Citizens' Committee signed it, but didn't read it. It is also interesting to note how comments regarding the'"agreement" crop up in varied places from many sources. A Greenwood Twp. farmer was visiting in an Algona garage with a couple of men, strangers to him, and the conversation turned to schools. The strangers turned out to be from Union Twp. When asked their understanding as to where the new building should be, both men said, "Why on Jentz's corner. That was the agreement!" Or, the prominent Lone Rock business man who said in effect, "You'll have to admit, that as you look at a map, the North site is the fairest site." On the basis of this line of thinking, the proposal for formation of the new district was approved in all thirteen districts. There followed, the election of a new Sentral School Board, the hiring of a Sentral Superintendent, the hiring of Architects, and eventually the calling of an election for bonds. This first bond election was called for a building to be located on a North site, on the half mile, between C. W. Priebe's farm and that of William Jentz. This site was 4'/i miles from Seneca, 3 miles from Fenton and 4 miles from Lone Rock, or quite close to the center of the area bounded by the three grade schools. However, one small item was abused and neglected. Our school board, and our citizen's committee failed to support the issue solidly, with some work done against the issue, and the bond issue failed to carry, by a few votes. Now we have arrived at a new point in our program. Another election has been called, and another location has been selected. This location, as advertised, is in the southeast corner of Section 16, Fenton Township. This site is 6 miles from Seneca, 2'/j miles from Fenton and 3'/2 miles from Lone Rock. This is a direct violation of previous agreements. We talk of a central building, the word is constantly in our conversation, the very name of our district implies as much; how can we go south of all three grade schools and consider it a central school? This proposed South site is as close to the center of Fenton Township as is possible to get, nothing else. Our district is larger than one 36 section township, let's not be selfish. There are" two ways of doing business in our minds. One way is the honest and fair way, and making good on your commitments; the other is the dis-honest and unfair way, and welshing on your commitments. What'll we have in Sentral Community? What course will those 7 or 8 men who are presently running our district follow? Vote NO on Monday and let's get our district back on the solid ground it stood at the time of the formation of the district. Incidentally, we are solidly in favor of a central school. The above map, drawn to scale, shows the location of the three grade schools, which are located in Fenton, Seneca and Lorie Rock. Lines have been drawn connecting the grade schools, which makes the triangle as you see it. Also located on the map are two sites. Number 1 is inside the triangle, on what is known as Bill Jentz'-corner. This is the original agreed upon location for our high school. Number 2 is the site upon which we vote next Monday. You will notice that this location is not even in the triangle, yet some people would have you believe that this could be a central school. According to Webster's dictionary, the word central means Equidistant or equally accessible from certain fixed points. The only points which are fixed in this entire Sentral district are our three communities and grade schools, Lone Rock, Fenton and Seneca. Hence, a site outside the triangle hardly can be ct central location. The only thing that site Number 2 is the center of, is Fenton township. Let's be fair and decent about this thing, and have some consideration for the other 90 sections of land involved too. Furthermore, there appeared a news story in the Algona Newspaper, and . also on the radio, regarding the forthcoming election. Let's reprint the second paragraph from that release, quote: "If approved the new school will be built on 10 acres of land, centrally located between the three towns. All three towns now have high schools." Remembering the definition of central, this story shows one of two things. Either, someone it guilty of gross misrepresentation in calling the site of this proposed bond a central building, or someone is entirely ignorant of the facts We find it hard to believe that the latter can be the case, as all those with authority in this district must be conscious of the facts by now, or should be. It is our opinion that statements of this nature are conceived in sin and born in iniquity. Common courtesy, honesty and decency call for us to vote this bond down so that another election might be called at a later date, at which time the building might be located somewhere near the Center of the triangle. UNANSWERED QUESTIONS 1. Why did the Sentral Board hire, and pay, a Superintendent two years, or more, before we have a a Sentral school? 2. Why did the Sentral Board give this man a three (3) year contract, at a high salary, plus house, plus mileage, when the economic trend definitely points downward? 3. Why have some members of the Citizen's Committee suddenly "changed colors", after qn original gentlemen's agreement? 4. Why was a poll taken to determine schoolhouse location, in the light of the previous agreement? 5. Why did the Sentral Board send the Architect and Superintendent out to pick the schoolhouse sites? You as a farmer, or business man, seldom have your hired man make your major decisions, do you ? 6. Why doesn't the Sentral Board take a stand on location, as per the agreement, since four of the Board members attended most of the planning meetings, when the ground work for the whole thing was laid? 7. Why are some people accusing Seneca of being troublesome and uncooperative in this issue, since all that Seneca people want is the original agreement? 8. Can you sleep with your conscience, and still go along with this definite breach of trust and word? This Ad Paid for. and Sponsored by Citizens in a Central Location of Ihe Senlral School

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