The Fresno Bee from Fresno, California on November 26, 1972 · 28
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The Fresno Bee from Fresno, California · 28

Fresno, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 26, 1972
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dP r- m i p I Tf L' Page B4 Sunday Nov 20 1972 THE FRESNO BEE Air pollution is eating away at one of the Acropolis1 most-revered monuments the Parthenon Sulphurism emitted by nearby industrial plants is eating away the marble and at upper left iron bars used in earlier restoration have eroded the marble UPI Telephoto Author Says Kissinger Blocked Connally Post BOSTON (UPI) — Presidential advisor Henry Kissinger has “effectively blocked” appointment of John Connally as secretary of stale because of a feud between the men it was reported Friday In an interview appearing in the Boston Herald Traveler Record American author-professor Charles Ashman said the feud began when Connally became treasury secretary and “invaded Kissinger’s sphere” and adviser to President Nixon Prof Ashman is preparing a book on Connally He said his information is based on sources in Washington and the “Connally people” Ashman founding director of the Public Affairs Institute of University of Pacific at Stockton Calif said Costliest Rural Freeway— $100 An Inch LITTLEFIELD Ariz (AP) — At a cost of $100 an inch the nation's most expensive piece of rural freeway is nearing completion across the northwestern tip of Arizona When completed in about a year the freeway will slice through the Virgin River Mountains and trim 12 miles The nation's most expensive stretch of rural freeway is under construction in the Vircin River Gorge in northwestern the relationship was strained socially as well as at the government level “It’s reached the point where it's a soda game in Washington” he said “to see which one comes to what parties You're watched to see if you have Kissinger or Connally” The feud was kept quiet so it would not inhibit Con-nally’s efforts to influence Democrats to vole for Nixon “bccauss Kissinger has been insulated from domestic political involvement until the end of the negotiations with Hanoi" Connally was reported the No 1 Nixon choice for secretary of state Ashman said “Kissinger and Connally are poles apart personally and politically” said Ashman off the Interstate 15 route from Las Vegas Nev to Salt Lake City But a more important reason for spending $50 million on the 29-mile stretch highway officials say is to eliminate a 4000-foot climb which vehicles must now negotiate through the sometimes icy 64100-foot Shivwits Pass The federal government is Industrial By John Rigos ATHENS (UIT) — Air pollution an ailment of modern environment is eating away at the 2400-year-old Parthenon the most revered monument on the Acropoiis Today’s traffic and factory fumes are pitting yesterday’s marble Iron bars used in restoration but which themselves damaged the structure- are rusting In short the Parthenon a monument to the gods of ancient Greece is falling apart “When I was director of the Acropolis I used to collect three large buckets of fragments a year which had fallen mostly from the Parthenon Now it is far worse” archaeologist Yannis Miliad-is said The 77Tyear-old director of the Acropolis said the problem has reached the proportions of a “catastrophe” Lists Causes - “The marbles are suffering from sulphurism caused by the sulphur in the air from industrial plants only a stone’s throw from the sacred rock and from traffic exhaust fumes as well as the corrosion of iron bars used by past restorers to connect columns and other marble parts” he said Prof Spyros Marinatos the 70-year old head of the Greek Archaeological Service and responsible for the preservation of ancient monuments said the rescue of the Acropolis required “contributions from all who have ideas for solution of the problems it is facing” “I search for a solution even with the eyes of - my heart Without love and responsibility the problems will lead to disaster" Marinatos said “The Acropolis as a whole is not threatened But the surface of the monuments is wearing off The Parthenon is suffering more than other monuments because of the poor quality of its marble” Miliadis said the peeling surface of the Parthenon had already caused the destruction of priceless masterpieces “Part of the freeze which had been effaced through peeling portrayed a man leading a wild horse Many archaeologists believe that sculptor Pheidias who decorated the temple portrayed himself in that man But the face now is gone” Miliadis - said Pheidias one of ancient Greece’s greatest sculptors picking up more than 90 per cent of the tab The Virgin River Gorge project is completely inaccessible from Arizona guarded on the east by the Grand Canyon and on the south by an unbridged stretch of the Colorado Riv-er “It’s the most expensive section of rural freeway in Arizona Highway officials said it is costing 8100 an inch to build Al W irepholo Auto Fumes Eat Away At Greece’s Parthenon liked to portray himself in his works lie was finally banished from Athens for sacrilege when his fellow citizens discovered he had portrayed himself in a figure on a shield in the statue of the Goddess Athena The Parthenon completed in 454 BC survived almost intact until 1687 Then during a siege by the Venetians of Turkish-occupied Athens a shell landed in the temple while it was being used by the garrison as a powder magazine Poland Builds A Royal Castle With $100 Nixon Fiscal Boost By Nicholas Lillilos WARSAW (AP) — Once upon a time Poland's Communist party rulers decided to build a beautiful king's castle in their capital and the President of the United States donated $100 to help tilings along It’s’ no fairy tale Right now in the heart of Warsaw’s old town workmen are building a replica of their capital’s famous 17th Century royal castle — blown to bits by the Nazis in World War 1L The building looking more like an elegant palace than a fortress is going up on the orders of Edward Gi-erek first secretary of Poland's ruling Communist party Housing Shortage ’ Costing 600 million Zlotys — $273 million at the official exchange rate — the castle might strike foreigners ideology aside as a strange investment considering the nation's critical housing shortage Tens of thousands are still waiting for homes of their own But for most Poles this isn’t just any old castle It symbolizes thehistorica 1 continuity of this tragic country which has always known more of foreign oppression than independence Over the centuries it served as the seat of Polish kings parliament government and until the war the office of Poland’s president Nearly all the funds for its reconstruction are pouring in from voluntary contributions including donations from abroad It was just officially reported that Presi- the country” says Ernie Nay of the Arizona Highway Department “We used to say it would cost $1000 a foot to build but now we find it’s running closer to $100 an inch” The figures he says represent the cost of paving all four lanes of the freeway A $5 million contract which will nearly complete the freeway was given last week to Corn Construction Co of Grand Junction Colo While highway planners have been studying for 25 years the possibility of building a highway through the gorge it wasn't until the early 1960s that they decided to tackle the project ' A decade later the last few miles of the gorge route is under construction with seven major bridges crossing and recrossing the river The remote gorge is the shortest route between here and St George Utah For 11 miles the highway is a canyon so narrow that the divided freeway has to be brought together separated only by a four-foot concrete embankment Even then most of the freeway is suspended above the river bed by bridges pH THE FINEST CHINESE FOOD-FOR TAKE OUT CALL m KITCHEN MAROAASHAW 227-2979 Cidar t Fountain Way 222-7761 thins DiCkca’i Rest din-ttg rttni availably 780 1 SHAW 227-0906 30 The ensuing explosion destroyed most of the monument Having served as an ancient’ temple a Christian church and Moslem mosque the ruined building was subsequently used as a source of marble by Turkish dignitaries who lived on the Acropolis Long after Athens became the capital of liberated Greece in the 19th Century these buildings were taken down the pieces of marble belonging to the Parthenon dent Nixon personally dropped a 100-dollar bill into the gift box when he visited Warsaw earlier this year Under the slogan “every Pole one zloty” — the equivalent of 45 cents — the biggest campaign in Poland’s postwar history has been launched to bring in the inon-moncy Gift boxes in factories throughout the nation and lotteries have already put the equivalent of $9 million in the fund in just 20 months It’s enough to cover the expenditure of the castle’s actual shell but nearly twice that amount is still needed to pay for the specialist work in outfitting the building Every week as though to keep a “watch” over their investment thousands of War-sovians make regular Sunday outings to “Stare Mias-tro” or “Old Town” Dressed in mufflers and fur hats to keep out the biting Polish cold they stand around the site's fenced off area observing the castle’s progress — its red-bricked walls presently overshadowed by towering cranes Poland’s Roman Catholic Church also is collecting money to reconstruct one of the chapels a further sign of improving church-state relations since Gierek came to power nearly two years ago Abroad Polonia societies have lent a helping hand mainly in the form of cash 8 f 5' IN CONCERT r 'ry-' separated and many of the temple's fallen columns restored But corrosion of the iron bars used by restorers early in this century as joints between the slabs of marbles — to keep them in their original positions — caused more damage to the temple “I was the only man to prolest the use of iron” said Prof Marinatos who then was a young but distinguished member of the ar-chaeological service “Now we have a group of gifts from America Britain and France One Polish-horn pensioner Mrs Kamilla Kassc living in Kulse rest home Great Meadows NJ regularly sends a small donation to the editor of Slolica a Warsaw weekly “She’s been at it for more’ than a year now” said an official SPEND SUNDAY CLIP OUT AND WIN ALL BEATLES ALBUMS MAIL TO KFIG FRESNO 93721 NAME ADDRESS CITY RUBIEST specialists permanently occupied with the replacement of iron bars in the marbles of the Acropolis -Many cures for the diseases of the marble have been suggested Some called for the washing of the Parthenon with warm water or covering it with chemicals or removing all the art work and replacing it with copies Another suggestion was to ban the public from the temple COUPON1 FRAMED 35 OFF LARGE SELECTION GIVE HER A VERY MIRROR CHRISTMAS —the place — Merzon Industries Inc 4385 W Shaw Avenue PHONE 485-8410 OPEN MON thru FRI 8-5 - TIL NOON SAT EVENING WITH MAIltN ZIP THURSDAY NOVEMBER 30 - 8:00 PM CONVENTION CENTER THEATER Tickets: $1 000 SS00 $600 $330 Convention Center Box Office 700 M St 233-S36S Mail order promptly filled Areompaiiy your order with a stamped self-addressed envelope Presented by the Tresno Musical Club Sponsored by The Fresno Bee KM J & KMJ-TV For the benefit of the Scholarship and rducjtion Fund of The Fresno Musieal Uub “We are still open to suggestions We have formed a wide committee which will examine all proposals" Miliadis said authorities are wasting their time by not acting immediately ‘The rescue of the Acropolis requires a long-range silent effort and considerable funds The authorities do not seek such strenuous efforts They prefer sensational results” he said MIRRORS An Udifinal 5 OFF IF YOU RRIN6 THIS AD WITH YOUI psol mccarfnetj pingo sfopp STARTING 5 O'CLOCK SUNDAY RBGK liCtSy 4

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