The Fresno Bee from Fresno, California on January 2, 1972 · 79
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The Fresno Bee from Fresno, California · 79

Fresno, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, January 2, 1972
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- 1 Boning Device Makes Rough Fish Palatable WINNIPEG Man (AP) — Fish varieties spurned in the past because of their boni-ncss are being turned into food with a deboning machine from Germany Behind this project is the Freshwater Fish Marketing Corp a government corporation Its general manager DF Comey says new techniques turn species like mullet and maria also known as freshwater cod into edible products For years Canada’s Inland : fishing industry has concentrated on marketing whole f game fish like pickerel and ignored what are known as rough fish The German deboner costs $6000 It uses a squeezing 'Neither Snow Nor Deters - Aspiring Driver SHEBOYGAN Wis (AP) - The storm virtually closed down the city as bus service halted and factories w-and stores stayed closed un-S&'der an onslaught of eight to 10 inches of snow a£ I ‘But that didn’t deter one aspiring future motorist who showed up at the driver li-gg censing office promptly at 0 am to take his road test JJp- When no one arrived to jmv test him he left word on an 25 answering service tape re-wycorder that he had been there for his appointment v and would be back - liable trawberry freeze Homemade pastries from our fabulous dessert tray Coffee tea or milk ittn Tea or mini HYATT 3 RADEWI3VDS COFFEE SHOP 266-9769 2141 N Parkway Drive 264-5977 (Clinton Ava at Hwy 99) Banquet Facilitias MONDAY 4 CONVENIENT IIESN0 LOCATIONS 2345 N BIACKST0NE ATCUNT0H CLINTON A WEBER 497 LSHAWAVEi WHY ft AT CLINTON OVHVASS klA FMSkO ST MADERA li Eethard Cintir No One Sells Hammond Organs For Less Tban We Do vi ESTABLISHED MB Pryor music TVO STORES TO SERVE TOO VISALIA HANFORD 125 E MAIN ST 314 N IRWIN ST eOe ‘e operation through steel drums and belt mechanisms Cleaned headless fish are fed into the machine Skin bones and bits of fin emerge in one direction while shredded fish comes out the other This can be reconstituted into such things as fish sticks The corporation is to operate a $4-millien processing plant near Winnipeg with full marketing of rough-fish products expected be under way next summer It also will turn out fresh and frozen fillets of highgrade fish "We’re aiming at producing 20 million pounds of fish a year” Corney said "The biggest portion of this could be rough fish” He expects more money for fishermen and a better balance in the fish world Movie Audience GUIDE brlMUl pommel R 17aol FBSONSUNDHia - - NOT ADMITTEDl TM 1 age rodricSaa may bo higher In certain area ' TRADEWINDS ORIGINAL FRIED CHICKEN DINNER Th Che Pi Soup Tomato Juice or Fruit Cocktail Salad of chilled crisp lettuce with choice of dressing glass of wine vege-potato rolls and 035 4244 E KINGS CANTON RO AT CID4S 0n The Mh The French Connection “Tht Franch Conntctlen" at Ifw Untied Arth Cinema 4 produced by Philip D'Antonl ecreenpiay by Emett Tldyman from the book by Robin Moore directed by William Frtedkln photographed by Ben Kaiaikow mulc composed and conducted by Don Elite ipeclal effect Saee Bedlgi stunt coordinator Bill Hickman cast: Jimmy Doyle Gene Jack-man Alain Chemler Fernando Key Buddy Russo Roy Schelder Sal Boca Tony LoBlanco Pierre N leal I Marcel Bezzuffl Deveroaux Frederic de Pae-quaie Marie Clwmler Ann Itebbat Angle Boca Arlene Farter Welmteck Harold Gary Sitnomn Eddie and Klein Sentry Grosso Ilomeseekers your fine new home could be in most of them fall Into a sort whose previous efforts were today’s Bee Want Ads of “Yes-But" category The The Night Raided (adv) problem is one of writing Minsky’s” and “The Boys in something provocative about the Band” proves expert at a film that only strikes one keeping the customers on as being a pleasant altema- the edge of their seats by al-tive to the record player jr temating charming or TV set It is not bad but comedic moments with moments of violence Adding to the quasi-documentary realism is the authenticity of detail: The language is profane but in character with the a real life confrontation be- tween the New York police narcotics squad and an international smuggling ring Not since the French-made Bleeper “The Sleep-ingcar Murders” of several years ago can this reviewer recall a movie which kept him so rooted to his chair with Its sustained Interest and excitement For nail-biting tension it would be difficult to beat two brilliantly staged chase sequences between cops and smugglers One is on foot depicting a phalanx of New York’s finest in a dogged but vain attempt to keep a “tail”- on the mastermind of the smuggling operation through crowded streets and federal agent whose hate subways Doyle has earned is Salva- The quarry as played by tore “Sonny” Grosso Egan’s Fernando Rey is the ar- partner In the real life ad-chtype of the crafty ever venture poised and smooth continen- all the real-life actors S true-to-life too Hack- man VetCTan NeW York character actor has a role to a bulldog— a cop who Is not MVOr M tte geck Pop just tough but cocky but and he simpiy who makes up in courage pb Roy Scheider’s capabil-and perserverance what he 9a the nartner Russo lacks in wit and personal appeal The other episode — PACIFIC DRIVE-INS SHOWS START AT A30 CHIIDRIN UHDTR H FRTl 9 3 I m Olwl CMbAsr ninn m ITU iM IN-CAR HfLTEJU MUTIUCtUICE SEAN CONNERY -DUMONDI ARI fORIVnr m -t“WHArS TNI MATTIR WITH HE1IN“GP ML COLOR 3177745 DUSTIN HOFFMAN ’ -STRAW DOGS” (R) - -CRT RLOOS APACHi” R) AU COLOR CUNI LAkiWUOO "DIRTY HARRT” (R “BILTA FACTOR” (R) AU COLOR She didn’t cross the 4 color line she walked right down the middle! IJiraEROOlif LEE usn CLEE aancma m PATRICK (Tim By David Hale Hackman commandeers a passerby’s car and speeds crashing and careening through congested streets in pursuit of an assassin on an elevated train — may be taken as an illustration of how police may endanger the rights of the innocent while ostensibly protecting society Director William Friedkin gieazy surroundings the drudgery of so much police work is dramatized amusingly in the picture of Doyle fighting off numbing cold on stakeout while the affluent crooks luxuriate in a posh restaurant with cuisine The grainy film of course adds to the feeling of immediacy The impression of being right there Is greater too if one is aware that the role of Lt Simonson the head of narcotics detail is filled (and very effectively too) by Eddie Egan the very cop who 10 years ago led in the investigation which resulted in the confiscation of $32 million worth of heroin Also surprisingly adept as the ities as the partner Russo are no less notable for his resemblance to a young George C Scott Others whose characters fit right In man are Tony LoBianco as the hood and Pierre Nicoli as the hard-eyed assassin and Frederic DePasquale as the matinee idol ugly-handsome in the style of Yves Montand THEATRE 1924 W SHIELDS TODAY ONLY AT 2 A PM VANESSA REDGRAVS -THE DEVILS" SANDY DENNIS — KICK OULLEA "THE FOX” GRAND OPENING WEEK! Special Double First Run Featnres FOR THE MATURE APULT AUDIENCE LADIES WELCOME DISCOUNT TO STUDENTS and MILITARr NEW SHOW ADULTS EVEEY THURSDAY ONLY! 9 AM TO MIDNITWAILTj FINALLY AN X RATED MOVIE YOUR WIFE OR GIRLFRIEND CAN ENJOY! FIND OUT YOURSELF WHY EVERYONE’S TALKING ABOUT- Movie Times (Id Norm Time am uppltd by rho theater II Ihoator lo riot itd ichodulo war not available at pm CmoJ AZTECA — "Ml Mowro” 11:44 3:10 4:45 10:10 pm “Lo Nocho Dol Ho Icon" 1:10 5:05 and tomorrow 0:40 pjn CINEMA — “Willy Wonfct" 1:30 and 1:30 pjn “Harold and Mauds' 1 5:45 7:45 and 0:45 m COUNTRY SQUIRE — “Straw Dob" 1:00 1:30 7:00 and 1:X pm CREST — "Diamond art FOrovor" 1 4:55 0:50 pm “Support Your Gunflqhtcr" 1:10 7:10 and 1045 pm MOTOR IN — “34 Horn Do vlda" 4:10 and 10:45 pjn “Vlcnto Negro" 4:10 SUNNYSIDE — “Wharf tho Matter With Helen" 4:10 and 10:45 pun Diamond aro Forever" 0:30 pm SUNSET — “Tick Tick Tick" 4:10 pm “High Yellow" 1:30 pm “El Condor" 10:1S Bm TOWNE CINEMA — "Toot! her" 2 1:40 5:30 7 1:10 end 10 pun WILSON — "Low Story" 1:01 and 7:04 pm "Point Your Wagon" 2:57 and 1:57 pm 9HrHurm rnumi r asMm a nm m774 traw Dogs) is"a brilliant Jeat MrniQviemakinq?Br Hoffman’s performance ®is"suDerblv realized? SAT a SUN 450‘i'iepjk I CHnaem so NOW Adults 99c Children “u49c AliMac6rawRynimeaI p lus "PAINT YOUR WAGON" I Theatre "(X)ratED FILMS BELMONT S- NVAN NESS-266-3574 OPEN NOON HOME of the TAN FRANCISCO SPECIALS! TIL MIDNITE NOW SHOWING ‘SOUTHERN COMFORT- LADIES with ESCORTS ADMITTED S150 $250 STRAIGHT-FORWARD HflRD-HnTING DOCUmENTARY PERfDISSIVENESS inHOLLYUJOOD floors cm m color the story right from the people who live it T ot fnvm art SI B BCJLPXjE: AT HT ITT 1TH S IONITE It IJildl:ll NOW! 2ND RECORD BREAKING WEEK! TODAY-a:00-3!40-S:307t00-a:30-lt:a0 MONDAY AT 7M-S:30-1 MOO TOKYO HOT IJNE TOKYO (AP) — Prime Minister Eisaku Sato will propose the establishment of a telephone hot line between Tokyo and Washington when he confers with President Nixon Jan 6-7 in San Clemente Calif Japanese news reports said Saturday AZTECAr 131 F Street Fh AD 3-6644 JmKw Atomm MI MESEIA” David EtynBM "UKKHEiaiUltWr -fltYfunJ ” pejjfflySp" my AAaaw Aloud Tl NtSTEDI K LOS KtNSK UKBUNTET ftmAp Mirtl IUuWi "MnUELVEUM" OmtoHe Diked nmiBIESUEICM" 105 AMOKS DtCHUOfORkOW MATINEES I 2 COMPLETE SHOWS LOVE STORY AT1:05 A 7:05 WAGON AT 2:55 & 8:55 SAT & SUN MATINEES AIL SEATS nwir 49c 16 MM Sound Film "FATHER'S GIRL" All Color Show NO ONE UNDER 18 CAN BE ADMITTED PERSONS 0N0EK II N8TUMITTEI A DIFFERENT KIND OF LOVE STORY UNDER 18 ADMITTED THE FRESNO BEE Sunday Jan 2 1972 Page Wll GRAND OPENING OF FRESNO'S NEWEST TWIN-CINEMA it ROCKING CHAIR SEATS it PLENTY OF PR EE'P ASKING A patriotic chaotic comedy 4 HOWAIwTrOCH Prcductan "STAR SPANGLED GIRl" w i STARRING SANDY DUNCAN n in G& COLOR METROCOLOR NOV OPEN mk i ii i ii i -Mi w1! DelaetlviHertjrCiSjkm Clint Eastwood - w var Ykikw Dirty Hany1 ' n 91 fcinieeeG - SSSSUSSSi camiaiitmrturmstmuv “Somethins Bis” is a Swinging Western DEAN MARTIN BRIAN KEITH 'something i big CO-flATUH mwLE MANS" BIGAT1:345£Q3S UMANS’SJOAT’JO Fmanchestermau? SLACKSTONI rl !f I ikiti KKfcpgjBSi Death 1 tfOSHfiiiG'kSSKB: ORPOSITES'ATTRACT! anaiKKimiHRt JTKTTT71VTlFnTrfllTKYinT5l ongi composed ond pertprme CALSTEYENS CHCHtfldUiDBUpiS CF IKE WKP: THE MAGICAL IS ExCKBYPGFUIflR DEMAND WSIINKSFOPJH KrjEAYS! 1:30 i-3:30 TM All Seats $10B STARTS JANUARY 12TH pauLnEUiman-HEnRV Fonoa lee REimac-nucHaasaRRazin t Sujifetimes a Great Notion STARTS VEDXESDXt “One Tin Soldier Walked Away” BILLY JACK EE Al l:3G 3:34 K3fc 7:14 A KB GANG 1U0 CMUNT SHOOT SfRAPftHr Ok BladctfMM I ArHMr4 Toys aai IMBirt iwii uim iBRist otaii at man: vww !OCINEMASI1i2?31 iai‘i u i v iini in :iiimdi at DAKOTA 'agaiHueiaggia saapaaaTtM 1 i I 6

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