The Fresno Bee from Fresno, California on August 19, 1969 · 5
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The Fresno Bee from Fresno, California · 5

Fresno, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 19, 1969
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US Agents Seize 20 In Dope Raid ViCUTMrTAM ' I WASHINGTON AP) - Federal agents arrested 20 persons Including two once identified at Senate bearings as members of the Mafia and seized about 200000 worth of heroin and cocaine in a raid on what agents called a major narcotics wholesale ring Atty Gen John N Mitchell aid the arrests last night came after a four-month drive by a special task force from the Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs the US attorney’s office here and District of Columbia police Use Wiretaps John Ingersoll director of the BNDD and US Atty Thomas A Flannery said the arrests and seizures were made possible by Information obtained through a telephone wiretapping device approved by the attorney general Those arrested included Enrico “Harry” Tantillo alias James DeBellis 53 of Port Washington NY and Carmine “Chow Mein” Paladino 53 of Elmhurst Queens NY both identified in a 1963 Senate hearing by Mafia informer Joseph Valachi as members of die Genovese family of the Cosa Nostra Also arrested were Robert Verderosa of the Bronx NY Lawrence “Slippery” Jackson of Washington and Carl W Brooks 34 of Columbia Md a plainclothesman for the Washington narcotics squad Arrest affidavits described Tantillo Paladino Verderosa and Jackson as “members of an interstate narcotics network which arranges to receive narcotics smuggled into the United States and thereafter to transport the narcotics to regional suppliers who serve as central Ex-Actress Mildred Davis Harold Lloyd's Wife Dies IP)- distributors to wholesalers and retailers of narcotics' The affidavits identified Verderosa as a narcotics delivery man for Paladino and identified Jackson as a major wholesaler Brooks was accused of aiding the narcotics ring by supplying information about police narcotics enforcement activities Affidavits also said Paladino and Tantillo already face charges in New Jersey of possessing cocaine The other 15 persons are accused of being narcotics retailers in the Washington area Ingersol said the wiretapping device was installed on a telephone used by Jackson Ingersol said Mitchell approved the wiretap last April 1 and the surveillance was authorized by the US district court under the 1968 Safe Streets Act In one month Jackson had more than 4000 telephone conversations the affidavits said almost half of them in connection with narcotics transactions SANTA MONICA (AP-A heart attack has claimed the life of former actress Mildred Davis-better known as the wife of Harold Lloyd the man whose zany antics charmed moviegoers in the 1920s and 1930s Mrs Lloyd who had been the bespectacled comedian’s leading lady prior to their marriage in 1923 died Monday in SL John's Hospital Friends said she had been in poor health for some time Her age was not disclosed but a family spokesman said she was about 10 years younger than Lloyd now 76 Mrs Lloyd retired from films shortly after their marriage and in 1929 the Lloyds moved into a huge mansion still regarded as me of the movie colony’s show-place homes It is in Benedict Canyon a district that has since become a picturesque haven for movie greats of several genera tlona A daughter Marjorie “Peggy” Patten said her mother appeared in all of Lloyd's early two-reelers She recalled some of - them as "Safety Last” “Grandma’s Boy” “Dr Jack” and “Sailor Made Man” “Safety Last” had one scene in which the talented and inventive Lloyd— always in some kind of predicament— held on perilously to the moving hands of a huge clock Harold Lloyd fans AP W! rotate Mildred Davis— Comedian’s leading lady seldom fail to mention it when his pictures— regarded as all-time Hollywood classics— are discussed In addition to Lloyd and Mrs Patten Mrs Lloyd is survived by another daughter Gloria Guasti a son Harold Jr and three grandchildren Last rites are set for Thursday at Forest Lawn Memorial Park Cooper Enters Innocent Plea In Contempt Case LOS ANGELES (AP)-Grant B Cooper one of the nation's most prominent criminal lawyers has pleaded innocent to two counts of contempt of court in the Friars Club card cheating case Cooper was accused in a grand jury indictment of illegally obtaining grand jury transcripts and lying to a judge about how he got them Eight others including three other lawyers also pleaded innocent yesterday to charges involving transcripts in the 1967- I case Judge Charles H Carr set Sept 2 for 'a hearing on requests by defense attorneys for separate trials for the defendants One defendant Raymond Bernard Cohen manager of a court reporting service said he wanted to plead guilty But Carr said he could not let Cohen do so without first consulting a lawyer His plea wu continued to Sept 2 Cohen is accused of delivering transcripts to a defense agent in the Friars case The 12 men were indicted Aug 6 after a year-long investigation by two grand juries Winnie Judd's Attorneys Will Seek Freedom PHOENIX Ariz (AP)-Mur-deress Winnie Ruth Judd has returned to Arizona after seven years of freedom since her escape from the Arizona State Hospital When Mrs Judd 64 stepped off the plane yesterday with Maricopa County Sheriff's Capt Ralph McMillen the officer was immediately handed a writ of habeas corpus by Larry Debus one of Mrs Judd’s lawyers “We’re going to ask the judge to set her free” Debus said Mrs Judd will be held in the Maricopa County Jail until tomorrow the date scheduled for a hearing on the writ Debus said Melvin Belli would represent Mrs Judd but he was not expected to attend tomorrow's hearing Sobs Objections ' Before departing from Martinez Calif yesterday Mrs Judd sobbed her objections to the trip to Municipal Judge Sam W Hall Hall ordered her to return to Arizona after he noted Gov Ronald Reagan had signed the extradition papers The flame-haired Mrs Judd was convicted of the 1931 slaying of two girl friends whose bodies were shipped in trunks via rail to Los Angeles She was sentenced to hang but was declared Insane hours before the execution and remanded to the Arizona State Hospital She escaped from the Institution seven times in the following 29 years the last time in October 1961 She had been living as a housekeeper in Danville Calif until she was discovered by authorities last June and arrested 'Debb Ie' Taming: A Big Success THE FRESNO BEE 5-A Tuesday August 19 1969 ROOSEVELT ROADS Puerto Rico (AP) — The first massive attempt in history to tame a hurricane has been called a huge success by the project director Weary but elated from 14 hours of flying through Tropical Storm Debbie Dr Cecil R 'Gentry touched down late Monday night and pronounced his mis- Wilson Urges Reform To End Ulster Crisis A ‘HIDDEN’ MESSAGE BRASILIA (AP)— The Voice of America is No 1 on the radio hit parade of the Indians of Brasil's vast Interior wilderness say missionaries— but because of the noise it makes not its message The missionaries aid Indians have their radios on about 18 hours a week “because they like to listen to the noise” but seldom pay attention to the programs LONDON (UPI) — Prime Minister Harold Wilson conferred today on the Northern Ireland crisis with Prime Minister James ChichesterClark Government sources said Wilson demanded swift reforms to end the threat of civil war there Wilson met first in emergency session with his cabinet while police and troops guarded the government area against possible outbreaks or disturbances by London’s 500000 Irish residents The situation was heightened by a statement in Dublin by the outlawed Irish Republican Army (IRA) that it had sent “full equipped detachments” to North Ireland to join the Catholic-Protest ant fighting and try to overthrow the government The Dublin government ordered security police to step up their surveillance and Dublin Premier Jack Lynch denounced the IRA statement The situation was quiet but tense in Northern Ireland as ChichesterClark and his aides arrived at 10 Downing Street escorted by police There was some booing by Irish Republic demonstrators from the for side of the street but no trouble Rights Issues Informed sources said Wilson sought reforms to meet the demands of civil rights workers who complain that Catholics are discriminated against in voting housing and other rights It was this charge which helped touch off last week's violence But the British agreed that ChichesterClark was in no position to make major conces sions without running into trouble from his own extreme Protestant supporters Wilson broke off his vacation in the Scilly Isles off the southwest of England and flew to London for today's meeting Wilson was under heavy pressure to demand another joint review with the Northern Ireland government of grievances of the Catholic minority there The Northern Ireland Civil Rights Association threatened a mass civil disobedience campaign if reforms are not forthcoming Secrecy ChichesterClark was accompanied by Deputy Premier John Andrews Minister for Home Affairs Robert Prater and Minister for Development Brian Faulkner They slipped out of Belfast for London under conditions of great secrecy to avoid possible demonstrations at the airport Nine persons were killed and more than 300 injured in nearly one week of fighting in Northern Ireland Eight did in Belfast The Catholic minority in Northern Ireland long has contended it is systematically discriminated against by the predominantly Protestant government particularly in voting housing and jobs British troops enforced a tight calm over Belfast and Londonderry today $278000 Burglary PARIS (UPI) — Cat burglars moving across rooftops stole $273000 worth of paintings furs and silver during the weekend from the Paris apartment of wealthy businessman Jules Braunschweig police reported Missing paintings included works by Claude Monet and Georges Sisley police said sion a "huge operational success” But scientifically he cautioned: "We might still have to work for months” Gentry did not go into details on the claims of success and Debbie probably will be attacked again Wednesday Hurricane Debbie gave no signs that she would follow her vicious sister Camille to U S shpres as she howled along northwest track today in the Atlantic Ocean Debbie a 109-mile an hour twister plowed into a fairly high latitude for tropic storms and approached a weak westerly trough that could turn her away from the mainland The season’s fourth storm showed no obvious effect from Monday’s massive barrage of silver iodide crystals fired into her eye wall “Today was meteorology’s man on the moon” said the alternate project director Harry Hawkins “The difference is we wont know for six months whether we’ve landed or not” Hawkins explained that months of scientific data analysis will be needed before any conclusions can be made He emphasized that taming' the hurricane was only one goal The all-day hurricane seeding and reconnaissance mission which was begun Monday from Roosevelt Roads was a joint effort of the US Commerce Department and the Navy to tame and study the destructive storms It was the first hurricane seeding operation in five years An agreement between the Commerce Department's Environmental Science Services Administration and the Defense Department stipulates that any storm within 700 miles off the US coast is ineligible for seeding Two other hurricanes have been seeded— Esther in 1961 and (tahurtlwimHl Revolutionizes Denture Wearing Tta arnwt thins to having your own tooth ii poaaibte now with n plutie erom diaeovory Uut actually holda both "uppsrs’’ and “lowara” oa twwr teora pan'Mi It'a a ravolutionary diacovary eallad Fixopint (or daily mo (UA Pat fS00SM8) Fixodbnt many dantura may aat apaah laugh with tlttla worry of denturaa coining looaa Fixodbnt forma an alaatio membra na that helpa ahaorb tha ahock at biting and chawing— hal pa pro- tact guma from bruHng You may blta hardar oat faatar— anjoy applaa eorn-oa-the-eob Fixodbnt may help you apaah more dearly ha more at ecaa Tha apacial pencil-point dlapanaar lata you apot Fixodbnt with pro-eiaina tchtrt needed One application may bat round tha dork Denturaa that flt art aaeential to health Sea your dontiot regularly Got eaay-to-uae Fixodbnt Donturo Adhaaivo Cream at all drug eountan Beulah in 1963 but never In an all-out attack as the one on Debbie Results then were considered encouraging but inconclusive In the Debbie operation Navy A6A jets made five separate ' penetrations into the eye of the storm 600 miles off the coast of Puerto Rico in what Gentry called the "first multiple seed- -tag operation in history” Meanwhile above and below them Air Force and Commerce Department observer planes carrying large crews of weather experts charted and collected data zig zagging in and out of the hurricane for meteorological research Jubilation was the prevailing mood in debriefing headquar- ters as seeders and observers returned The fliers and meteorologists had received intensive practice flying into hurricanes and are kept on 72-hour call Seldom however do they get the big chance they got Monday It Debbie continues to cooperate the men will be back in probing attacking and studying her again Wednesday Today is a day for rest debriefing and aircraft checks laDwrUmmnf) How You May Never Take a Laxative Again! 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