El Paso Herald-Post from El Paso, Texas on July 17, 1965 · Page 30
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El Paso Herald-Post from El Paso, Texas · Page 30

El Paso, Texas
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 17, 1965
Page 30
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EL PASO HERALD-POST Page Ten iimiiiitimiiMHiiimMMuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimiiiimnmnimimiiiNJ iiiiHiinuiMiniHi;iiiiiiiiiiiimifiiiimiimijiitfflJIIMiiiiiilillltiilj n gin It i 1 I Blood (In Color) Worries Dr. Kildare I W ITMfl5 HOLLYWOOD Dick Chamberlain says he recalls the plots tJ Dr. Kiiciare scpmeni.s by remembering the tjuest stars. Dr. William Swansur, laughs that he reea!i-; the plots ' by the diseases." The diseases arc- l"i i & business. Dr, William Swan.-On is a tall. i.tcw ciJi, bfspcci.icled young intL-rnisr who lojc ally coulii siani up as ,i gucl on To Tell The Truth in answer to. "ttUL THE REAL Dr. Kil-dare stand ip." For his second season, 31-year-old Dr. 5wa.iiii0.ri i;; the medical stiow's tcclinical adviser, he combines the job And it is a demanding one he's d 15 c n vc r e3 wi ( b ; ca c h i :i . rc -search arid private practice at the University of California at Los Angeles. .He won an assistant professorship in internal medicine there at the ot 29. "Unpredictably tune consuming, Dr. Swanson explains aboni h.:s chores for tiic series, "been use of emergency felt:-pl-,:ine tails from the set with questions like, 'We just Dr. Swnnson and Richard Chamberlain charged Scene 27 and we nned a fine or" dialog to get Dr. Gillespie from the X-ray machine Hi the duor." IT TST ;he new season's schedule of twice weekly shows that has Dr. Swaion worried. It's :he blood. The r m w s eason f o r Dr. K : la a re will also be in color. "I've seen some '.he film," Dr. Sanson savs "nnd in cv'or blond is a very vivid red with a much bigger audience impact. The problem wjil be to keep 'gory' scenes from becoming offensive,' The sight of blood, h'5 laughs, was a problem of his own med:eal career. ' J tiad to u-orJc in a slaughter house one summer to m-iirc-Dmi: a whoiHy feeling every time I saw blood." THE ANSWER to crimes first the story or the disease is answered by Dr. Swanson in explaining the background workings of his U-Chnicu.1 advice. "The snic," hr says, "Sends me the stories and it'.- my iib to fit a suitable disease to them.'1 He works n'iih the studio on six tf j 12 stories ar a tinu, "keeping trick of ihem," he say-, 'by he diwiase, no: fne plot -i.'1 HIS LXLA coworkers havft chided nirn about "too much romance" in :he series and. aL times, about mjsprrjriounced medical words. But overall, he says, the medical profession likes the show to the point where doctors ani ziurses are forever asking fi'- m , " Why don't ycu do a story about su :h and such?" "Mi- 1 answer is, 'We have,' "' AMA pressured "More help than pressure," hs claims, "If the American Medical Assn.. objects to something they se the scripis. too, I've usually already objected or L'm reacy to object." J. MacDonald's Sis Plays Granny Addams NEW YORK. "HovVd you like to meet Granny or The Addams Family?'' asked Blossom Ruck to the bored little boy next to her rin the jet flying east. "All right," said the 6-year-olS. ''I'm Granny," .said Blossom, smiling brightly. "Prove ir." snapped the disappointed youngster, who went back to watching the clouds. SHE COULDN'T. Without her fright wig (which takes mure than an hour to put in) and her pound of make-up, Blossom looks like any fcindly woman in her early CDs, with champagne-colored hair, and large baby blue eyes. A former vaudeville star (she once toured the country with her iate husband, Clarence W. Rock as "Rock and Blossom"), tiie. comedienne has found a new lease on life, although she is .seldom rerop.nir.ed for her efiorts on ABC-TV's highly popular phonJ series, The Ad-danis Family. "IT DOESN'T bather mo a bit that people dent know mo as a TV" star," says Blossom. "I guess I would be insulted iT tticv did. Granny is a screw-hail." The older sister of the lae Jeanelti: MacDonald, Blossom long r.gu resigned herself to the fact that her sister got ail the "beauty and voice' in the iam- iiy. Miciualtv, r wasn't too iad looking until I broke my nose by running into a baby grand By ER5KIN1- JOHNSON HOLLYWOOD. Now about John Fcrsythe and Liie fadftis. It's really quite amazing. For five years, as: you all know, Forsythe romanced practically all of tnc prettiest yirls in Hollywood da the stur of the TV scries, Bachelor Father, Now he's starring in a new series nbout a bachelor who inherits a srlicx)! for g'rls J .""O exuberant young ladies eighL to 18 vtars of ae. Bt'T BEFORE the show debuts on NBC this faN, Juhn will be the master of ceremonies for the 1M5 international Beauty Paseant on thu same nt't work, Aug, lh Beauties from -t foreign lnds, 50 states and John Far sy the. For a real bachelor the occupational hazards of btin John Forsythe would be staggering. Bu; far happily married John, "it's just like home," he laughs. -'I kve with a houseful of women, too." THEY ARE his pretty wite Julie, two dauhl-rs Brook and Page. H and 14, "not to ovet-kiok.'' he nrJds, "two female dogs and two female para- Kr-etv ' The John Forsythe Snow will be hi5 first series outing since Dyche!nr Father, which he recalls as a "charming hhir, five mirth-filled years. I was beginning lo feel Jike Ozzie Nelson." Co-stariiDS with him will be Lnnchester and Ann 13. Davis, the one-rime Schultzv in Bot Cumm:"ngs' TV Me. Ge.e Sheldon, playing a BS-ycar-ofd bjiJrr. chauffeur and handy JOHN FOB SY THE man, w-ill lie the only other rti-ile :n the new series, .bout that Jjfin Jayhs; "HE'S THE e.ic r can turn to when I want to hear a MALE voice." Afier completing the Bache-Icr Father series. Forsythe tovk a long vacation, then wotked in a pair of movies, one of which was "Kitten With a Wun" opposite Ann-Marrei. lie remits making a mistake on that oi,e, ' I wouJcn't let my daughters sec it. I wouldn't even lt my wife ses it. I'm lad to lie bad; in TV. f I ever make another movie, I'll select a producer with good judgment." AT ONE TIME his new series was titled The Mr. and M:sse but NBC, worried about whehter it would te confusing, cirurtcd his name into the title. He admits u trepid-itioji about this. SAND GRAVEL Screened Sand for Ajty Required Specif iiition Ready Mr.-vcd ConCrele Fill Dirt Roofing Gravel EL FASO SAND PRODUCTS CO. PR Blossom Rock as Granny and as herself, piano during my vaudeville days." said the comedienne. "After th.Tt, nothing could help. The only thing I nigrut is that 1 can t sing a note. On the show, we were to ing eight bars of "Home Sweet Home' and they had to keep shooting it over and over again becatirf 1 w;is always off key." Return of Buckskin Shocks Show's Star ALL VOITR IXSUKANCE NECDS LANG INSURANCE AGENCY 11 N. Loop. M, PR Far .VU Xour (cwrJnc. Nndi 13th YKAR COLOR-TV NITE-W1NTER TV KADrOS-STEKEOS S-l W AY COMBOS rosiorr Dirta Pr.tt SUPERIOR TV 30I N. PIEDRAS HOLLTWOOD A "shocking" thing happened recently to Sallic Brophy, Her te 's- plionL'd the actress inid si id, "SalJ;e, are you flitting down?" Sallie saici she was, Tliun !hu agi-nt said. "Sallie, NTiC is bringing Buckskin back July H a:; a fleven-weck ?-jm-mtfr rcp:.-iccmcm for the Cl'.utk Connors' sJichv, Branded." IT WAS A GOOO tiling SalJie v.-as s.ttii;;! down. Fur a iicond 1 didn't know what the aci'nt was talking ajujt," says Sallie. "Then I screamed, "Ifs shocina. How in the world did they eier rc-member iSackskin?' " T:ie a,ent ci.dn't :-:rc.w the answer and Salne Bropliy ?tll (Icesn t know-. BLckcki!- tva.s a series of 3D half hour shows ir. which she starred six years ago as a woman with a 12'yen"r-od son (Ten-. S'o'an, now a student at TJCLA) who managed a small own hotel in Montana of the 'ids. THI SHOW was sort of 5 13"i ,lother Knows Best Out Wrst. "We had ioma taiiier good stories," recalls Sallic. "and a number o! excellent guest stars James Cohurn Is one I rc mcmDcr but the series ended after only one seizor. Until my aeenl phoned me the other day I had almost forgniicn I had ever lieen j;i a scries.'' In six years a lot has hap pened to Sallie Brcphy, a yoi.'rte, Katharine Hepburn type actress with Jus; as many f-eckles and, at one time, unth the same dramatic jnte-isity. We say "at one time" be-caasc ii'acksAin w-a.-; a riiie-stonc- in ra-r career of sonic rather outstanding roles in ihs early Mefiic and other TV shows. WITH Tfir end of trie s-iries. obviously a d.'sappoifilnienl !o her, Saliic says, "I '.tent :o Pjris for ;ix months fen tlie liberation bit." The liberanon bit? "Yes," she says, "I lived by myself in a tiny apartment near Notre Dame and J liberated myself. I learned I didn't have tn be an actress, that 1 didn't have to do anything important, n'r.i that 1 didn'; have to be loved! as a bi .tar to make a living. mjL JUAREZ ToDiiny Nolan U iA Snllio Brophy "With t.'it discovery about rnysiiif, ailing f:n n:c suddenly bctamc 1 in." SHE ATO CLi1 ac?i!V! the tiin?, slit says, '"bteausc I didn't Wiin to marry an actor" In-;ted vhc nurr:rd a writer (George Goodman) in l'JBl a;id thuy now havtj twri children. Sallie acts "only when the; role p(?."L:;L'5 nr " Tn rcient TV appearances she has created rules to reineniijer fur ien Casey. The fugitive and SiattL'ry s Peuph Tnc daughter of Frank Cu'-Ien Urjphy u! Phoenix, Arii., Sallit; lauiis aboat "haong a reputation for bein an heirc-; it's not true my father just looks Jike he'j rich." Pay only 10 down on the NEW Air Credit-Worldwide Travel Plan . . AERO HAVES DE MEXICO AIRLINES, Meiico'j largest airline AH-eipensa ttwn also available through the Air Credit Pl3nJ AERONAVES E MEXICO let fuvf Trvl i(nt w . . uK ft Jtur:fer Olicf

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