Bangor Daily Whig and Courier from Bangor, Maine on October 14, 1879 · Page 1
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Bangor Daily Whig and Courier from Bangor, Maine · Page 1

Bangor, Maine
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 14, 1879
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AND MM, BY BOUTELLE B I BANGOR ME., TUESDAY JMORNING, OCTOBER 14. 1879. B A N GO K Sltftog and (Btouwr. FCBLISnbD MORNWGH , ,, g Eaet End K*Blu*h«aff BLNJ A. BURR. ix --- mi |tr j t a r , *4 00 for six monlbe, T-iE BAHGOR WEEKLY COURIER is I I ' J I M S I I L D I A M I T F R T D A \ , , i 1 1 n"i c 01 ihc IAILT WHIO AVD COITKIKB, i iv i n . l i f - , i " \ c »r, tnmnabfy in advance · i* r r n s i . i i t (. , lu ^tt-c St., Dofton,' i u 1 . I tow NoO ork. ire uiih^nru! \ponte i M i u u . : A t U e r j u c n c n u ami bubscrlplions \ ' i t *-. Y -on \0 (· T i r n n ut *·_, loatoo. p K u u b L L X C o , MCCDU. J l 1* fallow. ) ,, l ( \ T i s. ACL*H It I'ai*. Uiv7, New Yo-fe - - i r ^ c n i i i ma mu-.: iij all cases bo paiJ ir aJ I h i (Into ftHi\C'l t) .ho colorcil sllus filiowa tho in ' ID ft t i n 'i itv aiil^rnption i a pa nl A l l paper* i ( .titmucU irhcn the aubocripUuti txpirce Li/i, HENRY McLAUCHLI AGhAT KOB Uprsoll M Drill Co., LAFLINRND POWDER CO. MI k rcl 1 ! of auppl c- for m l m r g 2nJ IcclKc^rork ID JD quantities ua UesircU. Front Street, Bangor. lker Furnaces. Portable and Brick. They are very durable, economical, great) beat- era, free from dust, easily taken care of. Two Hundred IB use in this city. i Wo soil the With all tbo new improvements, warranted perfect satisfaction, or money refunded. r give CITY RANE IB manufactured by Banger Foundry A Mi chine Co , within W3 feet of our 1 store, and is ih -- ' eat Range manufactured in Maine. Bepairs to all Stoves and Furnaces that COB9tan Jy on bctl at lowest prices. A, FRANK D. PULLEN icavl sell NOYES C( Ever shown in this city, lie baa pot in a copplclo line of toys' Underwear, Boys' Overcoats. Boys' Ulst rs, " I l o a n stylos and sizes. I n i . FAIsliandWINTER. OVEb.COi.TS Mien's Ulsters ar»4 XZJeefers. Jems' Business and Dress Suits of Ihe flnostgrades, if en's Drees Pauls; Men's Working Pan I Uerwcar, Neck Wear, Gluvcs and Ulttene, ibo bast line of Hosiery, and everything that and nice, cjn bo fobnd in *-'"J --'- l il (Kear E. N :pt20 SHOES, HATS AND CAPS, TRUNKS AND VALISESJ UMBRELLAS, RU COATS, RUBBER BOOTS, RUBBER CAPS. 1 7XL1TS D. 8ER A. G. n. Depot If oaf. X7 cfe 19 XTzoluuiso St. Jftw AND WINTER SEASON, 1879-80, Fashionable Clothing Retailing at Wholesale Prices. Odr Slock |E IheXftrgcet, our Clotlilug tbe Beet, and our PTICCB Idle Lowest, by Ailly 25tj)er c ioL All the latest etyles of Men's 3olte, ofjuaJ to Custom made. AD immense vaiieiy of Fall and Winter I I Overcoats and Ulitcre, from lixo cbctipest td tho Tery btBU - 1 Our Youths' Boys* and Children's Department is the Best Assorted 1 , . in the State. I 1 Call and bo convinced that we can sav«yoo money oniovcry Garment bought at Plain and Sage Cheese; - AT THOMPSON KELLOGO'S, oci3 cmrraB srxtssr. GUNS REPAIRED. GALVANIZED ' JJJON fiUTTEBS, TENTILATOBS, CHIMNEY CAPS, K,7olvcre, Wucht-a, Clocks, i r \ . d .i,o-tan;:'iing else rc- * v Wai. he", (. ^cki, Icwclrj, Silver and 1 Ware, At . N ) 1 K L N m 3KF \C. BR1DOE. DR. BLAISDELL'S --. R e ' i k - i c c 122 French SU * u i l n f on M i r su in B^ock occupied U j S. C. l » ) » n i n g otlire noura irom 8 to 9 A. M., and IV i .' to t ami 7 tn 9 P SI. U W i l l HOUSE, Lewiston, ie Proprietors, formerly of tbe Franklin House, Bangor. having leased thin comniodloae Holel fofl m of years, are now prepared to eniertain tbeJr old frienda and the traveling public gcnfenillyi be'iloicl 13 piL3santl BituaitJ on ihe Corner of Pine and Park Street*, nearly opposite City Building - p o e t OQice, overlooking the Park: and lormingono of the moel beauUTal location P ID tbe Stale. Jl leo convenient to the principal iilaces of business. It nas al) tbe modern convenience* o! 'Steam b Rooms, Sample lioome, EiUmrd Hall Also a Sret claei Livery 1 Stable. Carrmpce are always ia DR. J. K. LINCOft, SURO-EOTS DENTIST, OBfce. No. 2, WlUelwright 4 Clark's Block, REMOVAL WHITING S. CLARK, Counsellor and Attorney at Law, hue removed lo Office of James 3. Rowo, E=q., at he heud of/frsx ih^htof Ptnlra.Jefl hand. Larra- jtt s Block, Weal Market. Sqnardl Bangor, MJ.IDS- JAMES DUNNING, BANKER ADD BROKER, K i l l receive deposit and*lo a Backing buBineas it be old J^AKALEU'3 BAK. Banpor. J City A. T. BARER, Cashier tf july2 Oysters 1 Oysters I [CRACKEKS ASD PICKXES, CHAS. YORK CO.'S, Nos. 17 and 18 East Market 8q. Tma AUTOMATIC COPTiNQ PENCIL. AMD I Black Lend Pencil. Al«o a full line or Lead Pencils of all grades a manufacturers prices. CHAS. HIGHT. ' Ju'rs 1 3 Smith'! Block Just Received CHARLES DWINEL'S. ' male ff Jaatmt. 1'ENOUaCOT. 88 COUrt Of PtObftW, tCptoD Term. A D 1870. Upon ibe peUlion of MjU7 Dob«rty v widow o 'ahn Doherty, jatc of bangor, Injaaid County o fUDObcot, deceased, that Ibo lufeininitratlon o the eatate or said deceased may be granted Uj Joshua l. Warroo, Esq , of eld Bangor, OToqtiKu. That auld petitioner give public no Ucc 'A j ii tMTfcnne Interested, by caiuiDfC a copy o this order Uiercoi. to 'it pnbUstied three weer 6ji-cc-.»i!cly ·« rbe BuDKOr Daily WbJx al courier, a oew Rpaper puullflbed In Baiiicor. said Cotinty. citing them f) appear at» Court o r-obate forea d c.uutj, lo be ht-ld at the Probate OQlce in eai-J ISaiiXor. on tbe last Tue4ay In October next, at ten ol Uid clock la the forenoon* and snow canee, ir any they tuive. wny the nrayero Falil pe itloner phoum not be granted. JOH.T K. aouynrr. jndae. . »~-- JoiOf r. JUB»0, lfa«l«er. PKXOJMCOT sa. Court of Probate. September Term, A. f). 1679. Upon Iho petition of Abigail E. Taylor, widow of Alphonfto C. Taylor, lale of Bradiord, la aal Connty of PenobKot. deceased, tht the adntliU- tratlon of the oitace of aald deoeaacd may IH granted lo William M. Darlj of aald Bradford Btep aon of deceased. UKDEEED, That uld petllionar live pnblle __ lice to all penosa iutenated, br caoaiDf » copy o mis order thereon, to l» ^ibliibm tarn WMka ID tbe Bufcnr D»Uy Whig * Courier a Mw0pap«T pn jtlibed iniBaBgor, 1» Mid Couty ciunirUiem lo appear a( a Court of Pi0b»t« tor Mid CooBly r to M keld at tbe Fjrobal* Ome01n aald Baofor, on ih» bwt To*»day ia October MX M t«. of ,ta« clock i«,ln»»-tor«noom, and «bow lupighton, Da vendor t Co. I ^ DEALERS W [ itiniHutlK, ail ffater PIPE Materials, AND UANUV^CTUBEUS Ot" AC. . Id wootlen Gutters lined with Galvanized Iron aa usual. Also dealers in Drain and Sewer]Pipe. " J -ml attention g vcn to digging and lamg drains. aprlo COKNEK EXCHANGE AND YORK STREETS, bog to lake guests to tod from tbo trulno. BOTAJL JQUIMBT,1 faemtl For Sftccttw* Copy, (*V* r b \ L U V O X f c blluULP KB\1 IT HE KfNING R E C O R ' I OJTf-V 93.0 ^^. H ! U 93.0O ~1 4 f3 PAGE C R \ N D OCTAVO Wi-hlCLY TAPER ig Mining News Irom tbo Gold and ^ t l v c r llncq uf America, Market Value, Dividends, t eseamcntB, Ae. Agents wanted for Ihi* town 1 A. K. CHI3OLM, 1'ropricuir, 01 VraaJ^ay, ,-r t * 1'orjt. niount Hope Cemetery. 1 rbe Executive bommitteo by the Snpcrintcn dc nt, MR. THOUA3 J. COLE, are prepared lo do ar y, work fhich tho proprietors ol lota in the a-r xmdB desire tojiave done m a prompt and eaU "factory nianoer 1 . iDl work wdt be well ezecnu-d and at the jbeapeit rates practicable, aud if parriea ebould e ;l agrfneved at the price charged or manner in w ucti iJie work la done, they may refer tbe qnee ui n to Lhc Executive ComraitJeo, io person will be allowed to do work In. tbe ·miila unless it IB promptly completed, and ihe mnds-leit lo emtable order and Condition, 4!ny one deairona of employing ibe Supermtcn lntlo do wort, can leave a, retjoest for him in a tor tnax pqrpoaAat tbe drag store of Mr JOHN FATTEN, Granite uioct. Per order. GEO. STETSON, Prob'U yjpnl 10, 1870. if Com. copy. ·HOMAS W. BALDWIN, Successor to F. H. COOMBS, ROOM 1, nOHAKOB DtOCT, Corner Exchange and State Streets. J] T. ,RINES CO., INDIA RUBBER For Infants and Invalids; ! llot Water Bags. Ice-TJaRs, Cuehtone, Jiedjl^iiB, Shroung, Tobtog, bringcs Itandagc?, Teething Binge, Kuraijic Appliances.I GtJrT.* PBRCHs* FOR SFI^WOCVS, Elastic Knee-Caps, Stockings, c* AU sorts of Rubber Good] lor the Sick [Boom and Nurnery. : [ 3V. S. HAR.L.OW, INTO. 4 tcptglj FiLL STOCK 1 ' j - OF - CARPETINGS, We lanie porcbaacra to examine Oiir Large and Varied Assonment In all tbe NEW DESIGNS AND 8HAD1NG8 of tbe leamm. VERY FINE STOCK- i i \\m mm, hi i.i IIMMINGi GOODS TO MITCH. HOLLOW WARE. as In the largest Markets. No. 7 Main Street. New Operas. Jalea. PEARL WEBB, Real Estate Brokers, Auctioneers AMD Insurance _A.gents. JOHNS.ZIMBALL^SON, AUCTIONEERS, 128 Exchange Street. I Julyia lyr ' GO TO BOOTS SHOES. ETorty "Variety, Tor I^adiee, Wleece . , Boye and You Lba, at lowest price*. HI D R . O A D A V A Y Kul Button, DoBtln tlio market WidLba tram A lo I f ) 00. Tho bet" tVeoch Kid Button and Side Lac* Boots lor (100. Latest Styles in Stiff Soft Hats. timbrel I u e, Hood abborloenl. Itcintmbir th it it i^ no l roub K to cliow jioo'if*, v uud oudtomorB ehai) ' bj bulled ot : A. CURTIS', 2 Kenduskeag Bridge. peptlU I For Sale at a Bargain. A convenient house, pleasantly located. Also, S6\eral farms and a Shiogto iliJl. Enquire of M28 H. L. MITCHELL. FRESH CAPRERA CHEESE NEUFCHATEl,, BAY RUM. New lot juBt landed ex brig "Gco. From St. Croix. This is tbe fianie as pr^vioDB lob frorn same poit ,nd VERY SUPERIOR o that usually found in iho mniket. ID' lots to mil at Bangor Edge Tool Co., iro now getting out a largo lot of'tbo wcll-knowr I PEAVEY HAND-HADE 'AXES, irtil arc selling at very low prl-ca, ami all per- one in want of Axes arc invited to uilli ftl oor liop before purcliaaing elsewhere. | BANGOB EDGE TOOL CO., i 57 EXCHANGE STItEET, C. A. J. n.IE,\VEY . · - Proprietors. 6etU6 1m WM. E. MANN, CITY DRUG STORE. seprcs "pr nn TIP IT in » FLOR DE ALIi. A New Brand of Cigars. Belter than any heretofore sold in th* range of 5 ceot goods. I Received, tnd offered at maker's price. A SPECIALLY good hing. WM. E. MANN, CITY DRUG STORE. sopra GREAT REDUCTION \ atnte is on every bottle of the Worcestershire Sauce. It imparte tho most doltcious taste and zeat to SOfff*S t EXTRACT of» LBTTEafrom » MED1OAL GEN TLBUAN at Mad ra.6 to his brotke at WOKCE3THB Ult y- 185L "Telli-EAAPEB, a i N S that Ibeii Snuce la fflffhly ce teemed In India, ft lfl in my opinion, tbo mOAl P^lutablc a6 welt as tbe mosi wholesome Sauce * *c. ^B^^F thftt ift made." Sold and need thioughoot tho world. TRAVELKRS AND TOIJBISTS FIND GREAT BENEFIT IS HAVING A BOTTLE WITH Til CM AOEtrrs FOB L E A PERRINS, 90 Cfllcft flace a~* 1 CT»«» ifitart, VKW TORK. 24 MAIN STREET, have JDBt received a full assortment of goode adapted to the wanta of (be season, conelfltlny !· pan of a , 'A UK AN Til'.W T I I I N t i . lo Mur- T:o.ible Witli Hu;y Kelllei. ij» ; m U-«|. uthly vitol m ·! !· ft lly w-irmiib. 1 I^HIIPI frailhiiF T r iiiUlniDg · For viile at a Hllglit Ailvance )r tlm r.inmnnl] !»ll*w Warp. For u hf W. H.JPRITCHARD, . 13O f;.xchfin(u;t Strcul. C qtl Icura In ointB Forms. RHUBARB WINE-SIX YEARS-OLD. · ITAULIC' f RHU .B . - . nr .; »· n ILi wty Ui a urrs: |mir.: .il-y. *) Shi. nit UNI 1 -ink .- \Tjtn.l ii :a'Liiliil --u- -iiiylil r.-. 1 1. -fkiiir ·!·· 1 .1 · · « . " 1 IN i:m i, in i -ptn-.; rl*|i'. W||;i . 1 1 - . i | :hA» -I i . KliX l-!i .11 ·' l-~rjll.f.1-|: - Fatinitza* ·,-r»i.v -, n - . ^m., .'·|-. lil il ww l'|»_rl* ····l ..i u i|i« H|.M| mi.- .-4- , A ..ii:». A i r li-i -i. w h Rnxi Ii «· I furi V- H»r !·. ii- ·! Uiin|vi.i ri i-\^r» WM. i ,iii|i:r. fur a l.-u prnr Doctor of Alcantara. i:-- Kiriun-rr ............... ..... *f* ^ '»· i i.* 1 1 1 ra, niiw l-r'-'-f il, \iy LI.I- p-j-'iliir i l-:i-s with. i. llir «a*- 1 i-f al . I'rrJmiif.l 1 . i-artit Bells of Corneville. ^ I'^-i ·.«U*. ii fvtv rna-ly) ......... ft| hi · nn\ piinwsii This. «!3i Uu- "I ··- UT" r-l UIK "Hur^JTIir" 1 1 in airwrll wiirtl. «.|.i|4lcii liv ··' iw wlio hiTe rnlsiiM l*iiar'm^ C"lll k-|:ni wi-:i, fi- M. iviiWuiil m:.j aro -j'kiliK u IL fur u waii '. nspj Merling Silver Ware, .h ik. ii .--i.l". '-r-lr^ . 'i.r. · iil r.nii- ::i · -4 HJIK n -in ra.-:nn .. A NICK VARIMTY (IV JKWKI.RY I'lori-iil Inv mill ItmuitliH, Mowalr, TiinpioiHO innl Jtoiniui nr rr.n::as .- »··!· *r HVrifes ac I T« , f.'M- |irr I.-J ..... r II M turn. T for o-|ilrf. Alan a'wajs muoiBbri Uip miUml JlM*r4, pDbl!M.Nl wwilf. K kurpi you we!l naMal as In musical malMi. (irna r ur 7 IWIM or DiliiUTtrVMk anJ oosu bill |l in- ]«_- OLIVBK DIT80N t CO.. BoLlon. ·eyiu Anow Zuol. Mtlllm, RldgM »d Olhir l.firt Cotdi. JtXTBACTB OF BOBF, milrlft ffmrl ft Iff I'mllr* ··'»· flllrtcl ft Jliflmt. In Uir DIUJII i.r WIIJ.IAM II. JIUAInillli. NulkV :i l.»niy xn»m UM m r-niUi Jf if ml wUlw «r .·TP-ilkTe «C uw aulr "'.""v. "j l «! l:aimr. iDTliuknipu-?, « » uic'llaiikninl 1.0011 li«on In Uniior, !-|.|. wl, URII.M JO A. H.. l«l..r Mr. l-Mlaui: llanl'i. JOIlfc fAiHIIlY, FRESH CAPRERA CHEESE; - - . j- sTUn BBOBITBD Al? · feat For Rent. A convenient tenoment, centrally located Enquire at 252 PAEK STEE15T. If . . House and lot OD corner of West Broad £A way and Cedar Street. If desired will tako B^hoard for rent, E. U. NASH. leeptao u* Kent. Iwogood etoree on Main etrcet Apply IK ISAIAH " " r septl? I For JRent. Several fmall tenements ;ln good condition. Bent low. Apply to i scptl9 / I A. L. SIMPSON. Kent. . A gooil tenement, pleasantly eitnaled. In. | qnlre at 55 Lime St. , tf acpJO For Rent. j Tenement No. 1^5 Union Slrcol. newly k pnpcred and painted. u,ilied «ith fur. fcnace, gajj and Holly water. Kniiuiro of K2i tf W P. i House for Sale. ^j This property is dcsljablc, in a good lo- |M© cality and will le sold at a very low lljrurc. tiiaL CIIAHLES N. II ERSEY, Jonc2l tf No, 4 Mam Street. FVxr- Re lit. flQjnll tenement in pitl repair onJef- , A Iferson atreet. Enquire of W. F Will TON, Henduekeag Avenue. F'or* Ptent. J f c The property on Washington Street form if^j crly known as the "Wall IMnce " Jlooso In tULfitUioroagb repair with Iloliy Wiiter. (ioorl table anil la-go garden. About one acre of land on tbe i.rams*.s. Will be let on reasonable terms applied for boon. Knqniraqf . i D.F JtKLLinE?. * octO if w Mam atreet. BREWER BRICK CO. i bavo Removed tbeir office to ! S3 Exchange St. tpnis f are still in B ingor and arc B'lll Dry Goods at Low Prices. 33 M A I N STREET, B t'ic placo to find them and they me giv ng BOtnc ' (.\i%l ent u viice in Fall and Winter Goods. G o t o 4 3 Main Street if you mil (o Lu your :oofle right und Uic.ip. ! SAMUEL B. STONE CO. ocl6 3m IP OF mmm m. JLUCTU8 H, HOBBAKU, IOK SALE Bl efts OO. Eddy's Refrigerators arc the best, *»nd we hare th* wile of them for Bangor. Albo, ' Coo Oron,x*x f*xreoszEOK*ei Cull and eeo thcoi at . P. DICKEY CO.'S, ij!6 HAltDW^EE STORE- jNotice of Assignee of His Appointment. At Danger, ID tbe County of ronobficot and SLito of Mai DO, ihe secjiiJ day ol Scomber, A. D 1S70 The undcreignod hereby givee notl«o of his ap- ointment a ASblgoce or Hiram carbelo o( Ban ;or, Lneuid County ot Penobscot. an insolvent lebtor. who has been decJejred an inBOlvont upon bmowD petiiion by ibo Court of Ineolrenc) lor laid County of Pcnoberot I BcpM ALL wiAhlng to make money in Wall St., ehonld .deal with the undersigned. 'Wrjto for explanfttory Cir| I culare. sent Irco by uirKiiNP £ rn Ban " reaDi ? rofcerB n lSRHg!fcCo.^O^Md 0 ^SS^ confidence- of their patrons. Kvemng Pott. ^ A A BENSON'S CAPCINE POROUS PLASTERS naye recelrcd tbeigEeateatnqmbeFbf nnqnos. Uonably reliable cndoreementa that any ox- utnial remedy ever received from physicians, druggists, the press and the pabljo. ^.11 praise ibem aa a great Improvement on the ordinary porous plasters and all other external rome i i;i. Ki-r *r Jflfd'fl, Hi*mf9 Dinatr. JTfglrftf* f'mmg^t ..mi i. i ····; .v i r.n--.:i-f ..»·!! S.i-i ki."Wi -i-uir-ilv. ,',-fc i HV mruliiil.i n M i '.IHIIII. · r .. - t · -I |-li "i !·· i Jin. ..i ·! l ·· h l Ir-i il'.i- ill-"'-'- i;..ii-iiiriii-. . U "H : u THE FACTS FULLY SUSTAINED. One Unbroken Cbatn of Evidence and Testimony. Convicting and Convincing Facts SET FORTH IN PLAIN WORDS WITH NAMES. I wmihl not far $500 bo luck where I was two weekaago, when I commenced the use of DB. C. W". BfcNSON'8 CtLEBY A-ND ClIAMOMILE TILLS. My sufferings, which were intense, flrom Neuralgia and Headache, had completely broken me low n, but ihcee piUs have entirely cored mo. In Oecd, I feel like another man. For ftirlher mfor mrttlon call at my rcsldanco, 113 Warrenton street, cornet of Eliot C. C. FISK. j, Indeed your CELEUV AND CHAMOMILE PILLS arc worth their weight In t-olJ, as some 01 your customers have said. I have been a great sufferer ith headache for over "0 \cnru, and nothing ever ul me any permanent good until I got hold of LLEET AND 4.KAMOMILL VlLLS, und they have acted like a ohatm, and I tako great pleasure ifa recommending thcm-lo my frenda. O \V. IlCAjrn, 7 Ot.e 8/rcct. I also reftr to Uio fJllovving well known pcrtiins ho h.i\e uaed my pills ihcmsolvcc or in (heir f imihes b. M. PnTTENUILI, CO., 10 State street, W. VAN WAGENEN, 117 Summer street, UNITED STATES 1'AYMASTER at Navy Yard, A KESNEDY, rrackcr manufacturer, Cam- t j and miny otbere n r Int. d'. W. BENSON, Dnar Sir-- Enclosed flml ; SO, for which plcaee send me six bosce of your CI.LEUI A N D CHASIOBIILE PILLS Befort I began Ukmgyour pi)le I couU not get a decent night'b alco,» lor wtcka together, Lint now I Bleep splcn lully. They arc the betftmcJicince in iho world "or Ncn-ouenc 6. / Itcbpcctfully yoitra, ** A. B. CKAGILL, Aneoma, Conn. Ttn. BENSON, who adTcrueefl hia CBLEHY AND CIIAMOMILI; PILLS in thid paper, for u»o cure ol HeadHehc, Neuralgia, Ncrvouencsa anil Indigos lion, la n reliable gentlemen and an eminent prac Cittoner of lon^ ttumhng, and any moneys sent urn "bj mail or otlienviee, will be lioocsU; ap licd, and all orders promptly tilled, 13 Dr. Ben eon pcn-onally superintends Dm cnt re business The entire press throughout tbe land ore mdora- ig his medicine --[Toledo Weekly Blade Dn. C. W. BENSON'S CELEB* AXU CIIAMOMII PILLS are prepared ^xprca6l to cure Headaches, Neuralgia, Nervousness anil IndigOBtiou, and will cure aoy case, no n/altpr how obatinate it may be, or either 5k U, Ncryous or D j t p c p i l c lleudachc, or Ncin ilgt.i, Nervou-nesa or Slocitleasnces Priced) cents a box, o r u b*\C3 f^r 2.50, sent posUlroe toany addrcbs. Sold by all wholesale and retail druggists. Depot No 100 North Eutaw et , Baltimore. Md Boston office, No U Hamilton, pi,, opp Park bl OfTice, No. 6, Hamilton Place, Boston. J u n e 10--lawlr. If "STo-u. axe Troubled illi DECATEl* or J,C VKY GUTTERS, try tho They arc put on in l IIIA cily and vicmitv by the lavcniur n n a n r c \ \ a r r a n t t d to give eailt-facliOD Add.-cea, A. W. Ofe-OROW, Falcntc*', 1 Nw 19 George btroet. octs Iw b ingor, ile Jersey SfBBt.Polaloes. Wo are ret GIVIHR dai'y from C. C. Butler, extra ii? sicftt t'tttatoft, pai I td direct from iht, ficlilt where K^OWD, % h i h aijda greatJy to t'io keeping inn- tie-- Wurrcntcd the bc^t in the m«rkrL F 1'. HALL CO. ocM PROVERBS. "Sour Btomach, lunlbrcutli, tndic^stion and headache cos).y cured by Hop Bitters. "Study Hop Bittcisboolvs.usc tho medicine, be irVi^c, healthy and happy. ' "When life isadnit; and you hive loet all hope, try Hop Bitten " " KidoCy and v\ '.ary tro.iWc is univer- flal, and the o-ily pjfe and suro remedy is tlop Bittcts--rely on it." ' "Hop Bitte"; do s uotcxhatrtand destroy, but iX'slo-ca and iiinkcs nev/ " Apic, TSilinusnf-s'", clrov*sinc*iq, jaundice, Hop Bitu^ra rtmovea cosily." 'Boils, Piirpicfl.Fn cklcs, Rough Skin, crnptioiis,impure Moud ? llo f Bitters cure. "Innrtivc Kidneys and Urinary Orrane cause tbo wotst of diseases, and HopTBit- tcrs cures them ell " Mo-o Iirilth, cvns'.vmc and joy in Hop Bitters than ia all other rcmccucs." Hop Cough Cure and Pain Relief is the best, pon BALE nr A LI, PRICICIVTS. prontson 20 days invcBtmcnt l m t, t Paul, August 1 oportional reiuriie every week on Stock Op U O D B O f 9HO, - 830, - 9100. - ·000. Official Renortfl nod Circulars free. Addrcse, r. rOTTEB W I O I I T A CO. Baoherp. eepti ly «IA* S5 Wall St.. N. T. Harper's I 1879. 1LLC8T11ATED. Th NOTICES OF THE PKES8. O Weekly remain L welly at tho head * Ulna orary quality, tbo leau- . -- Spriogfleld Eepubli- XDO W e e l y reman w e y a trated papers by ite flne Utorary quality, tbo leau- ty ofiu lypeand wooOcuta. -- Sprio . 1. 1 CHWCS' PATEN1 . I1AN;OK. P'USHAW.' Aiuiikl :· 1 1. 'In " OK I1IK I.AKK l-it 1 1. 'In "b-ffciiirr I.AI»Y -rli.i.iMl . :-rvi- . L .L u il. · i - r : i* · . u -I · h;i i..i,: r i ; ·1-n V - . . - I N I.IH r I-. J i i- -i · ·!. -il-. r u i .. .. - I.- L. i v v . - i k l v l-vn v.:.i L.I 3.-n: .-· . ..-:· : .1 w - i. -. . i .1 .l I. · i.iln it * · .Ii 1 1 1 1" Hi. · · HM iili- Mriil 1 1 'I MM.I'l II · MMi\'/:Mi. -*hf\ i . liMHTI: 1 'AH IL'.I. \i.y "1 wii. ,.«-. . * ·*1X "ill IH ri! U»ii . -in- i . . ,.- '' · J ·'.HI- · i ..r^i i-h !··· !· i' n i-n ' · J pll 1 "** n riiFJ^tf.' rioK Ui B.I I I · ··T.lM-li IB Lid 1 III U- 1 1 n Aim M Vc; ··: llA-|»r'« W ~ t.v. in m nl - - - · . w.-|l»«..'ill.jiriii»". t-ri -I L^m±Zt-W fllELAKK i-u-^l ri* ·· i-i'iiMi'.;|-n»vrtl«l Liein-mi.. ·!«·* r.-il nn i»-i · ·- ·WftlHkl] -n liv tl ·· f-:u- lin'i'i-cl'ir' »r.-i |n| ..r ]· ·: vi.linn:, f-r C. L-I n.-li. A romp ··!·· u .If*-arfKl u inNNl f-o it mr IH*BI| MITVI ·-. an-L i n^ CArtii| Tvrnty l»-» V.r:::::.M. ml ··'· i/i* boiler^i.. l-f^.rrum-i Isr-f Uicwrft- «iuiuf ^nMiw-Tjiicuf |5 tf|-«rv»li.-i.--.ft» hM (. lii'ili I:«MI lo* rnrli vi!-n:ir. iniuMn ··* '-In-l l.ig.will bmrn by lEMM^mi*!' 1 . · n t«i^M MISS CLARA F.JOY, . : Ninil|«;vni tin- ml m --VI III LTjuncrpnpll i,!ll ; J. tASIi. n.i'bm. i.rrt (tir wlOntl Ibeelpresi urinal JI . ur Muiln, liwnu-;. bll i i T i HKl III mil* IA imvlrr ]u|il!«. i (him Eunit* 'HptU . JLuwiltir liLock. iltir i o c . l**ntur. U0. "Wanted. HAKI-EH · BIU1TIIBIL'-. New Y-rk. Nollet of Anigneo of Mil Appolntmfiit, ^fiKM^-WS^" 1 " J£S«wJ l ffl 1 .«ia i s YOLUME XEYI--NCMBEB 244. lady, In a neighboring towi, fiftee For one tl For ono For one For ono EJC For )ml For hal For hal Eac For one Eac i, two iuaertione i, three times In tbo Daily .r i, one week rf 'a continuance iqoai o,one time ; qnai o, throe timoB iquaj C.ODO week weel'B continuance mar t, m ^Vcetly, three times - ' 's continuance qu qai wed »ceJf ·2.50 pi DOUBL ordi ,ran( Is not ep tciall otbcrwi ---'' «-A Advc: tlCCB,"! matter, vu n d l G c A t t l ipal Co has be wns fo and co S.I, keeper erance sprmj? as In Erne re Oa \i it fcrcd f don't The OQ the rapidly in»a ruins.,.-,^ a civil term «f the Lewlbton Munic- rt, Friday, a suit between sisters n tlig feature of the day. The suit monjcy loaned. The truJ was long whojengaged one of his teams last and went ofl-vvith it. The doctor t h( ard frotn June 2Jd, a,nd Mr. n lliipks that, he has gone to Cana- the earn. A reward has been of- apprehension. Mr. Emerson ardl^ expect to see his team again Aroontook. inicd says the work of rebuilding urnl district ID Houlton is going forward. New stores and dwell- e 't king the place of unsightly nlly h 3 6: giil . Procur examn been d man t over. lying wagon horse attemp steppe certair eiable Som barqu-, .haw) board ent U seache the »h: .o bun A mo state o lowing ' Lo. Butler, Bradat the Ho torncy bee, county Frid, hired a on a t nessed er, an the clc he ma 1 knock been i drove :oln : limpet wero c onedr Th creed ; Mau of the of eev fast ac- H. V ton me ·IS iw 2 00 75 1 OJ Ifl ^ SPECIAL HOTICE8. e for first week--81.00 per square for continuance. COLfatuf ABVEUTiSBKENTa inserted al tbc i ato ol "Special Notices." 'crtli iments oontinnod three t\rntx a week irda price, two tiroes a week, one ball Inn aweek,OQQ third price. ·ertlE ;mente, where the Unie of Insertion designated,will be continuccf red. out advertising muat be paid (or in eom4nto under the head of "BuBincne No per line, each insertion,lor eohd :eiita per line lor leaded. ITATE NEWS. tlDU Emi bus d all d.'y- rson, an Auburn liver heard nothing from a f ssib, De ros: lay D g a tlOD vcn rowi flic ji: tbe seat as e d t c tnblo r. Sev- Canb«rland. At it e ijortland Packing Company's sbop at Cum erland Mills, 390,000 cans of corn llave b( JD packet! llie present season. The. tews ays Mr. and Mrs. Cyru* Me- scrve o LOT ell Centre, recently celebrated tlieir g Iden weddiug, with tbeir children, and bother i, sisters .mtl friends, to tbe numbe of 6 xty-two. The Seba ;o Lake route steamers have ceased *unu ig lor the seasou. Croo :ed '. liver Grange have a fair in Stuart, 1 Hal , Bolster's Mills, next Wednesday together with a baby show, foot and tu k ra es, etc. Frid y ev( nmg, Mr. C. J. Robinson, v, bo iivcs Ip De :nng, waa walking out, and ig the foot bridge over the a horse a u. Deling in the ditch, aisiancc he returned, w h e n on it was found the lea in had in there m the darkness, the out and tbe wagon tipped an, wbo was dead dximk, was Bottom of tlio ditch, with tbe resting across his neck. Tbe finding quietly, hot if he had leave the ditch, he must have n and crushed the man. It a narrow c c capc iraua a mis- deall time ago an Italian sailor on board Ocein Ft u l . stole a camel',, hair ie at 600, Iroui Sirs. Coombs' l n ' U = e a c 1'ortl.iud. The vessel "Callinioie. where ih-j city marshal the tello.v's t i u n k and recovered wl. lie smila seiv-iut girl gave it ,_, l le successful cand.dates for cerd ut the List election aie the /ol- iowjlomColiegcgraduates Joseph e, i(i5 ID the henate; Moses Al 4Ci, 1'rof, S. J. Young, '50, \. O. pet, |74,Cbar]ts C. bpnugcr,'74. in ;e; H. M,. Heath, "72, County At- ttuhebcc c o u n t y . Sctli S. Larra- Kdgiater of Deeds, tuinbtrl ind y al crnoon, d r u n k e n sailofrs at Portland ar,d started out On Green Mrtct incy uuhar- liorso, and one uf them, en- gro :er store, i n f i l l e d a custom promptly k n o c k e d d o w n by .lung a matr to his assistance ne cheap ttilk, jnd was igau down. A try oi police ha\ ing eed, they harnessed i h e i r tc^m and rcuk-neck pace through Lm- reotJ All but one of the fellows fron^ the carriage. Two ot them turfed by the police, as well as tbe ing (the team. i Fr»r,!^lo. ,* c ajsh've uivotces w e r e de- the last teiui ot coint. ' , Son, at work on the upper part and;' River R u l i o t - d , have a |Ciew ntyt- ive men lit vvork. They arc mp!ishing their contract. Lo've}!, one of the West Farming- char tsi has erected the past season buiildihg for preserving eggs, and me ia* in stock over 5000 dozen oi buying all be can get and pay- eggs, i od is m g g o i d p r i c ' s . i I K.«Ua»*I»ec. Frar c Hupsev of Albion, in this State, a yonng man »f 20, was hilled Wednesday by tho premlilure discharge of a gun which he wai loading, the ramrod entering tb£ base c f tbelnoac and coming out ac the back p irt oil the heaJ, killing him Instant* i I" VanDavia found an English cent of the time of George III., dated 1773, while digging potatoes m bis field in Sidney. I It BOX. Capt. E. T. Amebury, of, Rockport, bas rare piece* of gold com, which he found - - Island. Westla- ilil n 1 ··!. .. u... n it ·III-- l'i Wu ·i ·.. i -in ;-i-il :rnl : i v n!i- :i -1,1. !i- · i · . w.'li .1 ;I B .n..I ' -ju.i · 'hi i · h:r i- 'i r I - i.ur' 'I ·· i -i-l- :.i i Irli i ! · · * »li ·· i I'- I:H!.T li« I-. Th-i- :·'" '" ' . |r i i in- · - · · .. I'i · · ' · l...irm :il-'ln:»- ·*«· ·!· in \ If: I ·-· Hi- i 'I »· '"'·' ip'i'.i ·: l n-n. 'ii-l * . l,'.. Mr w i - iiiiH :-i 'li v Si'H- Mr. M. llwfiT.i-i ..- M" i ·· : · ·" rf.i-Hlk-11 i - J · !:". . . I - ! . * ! M" I t I HI i I ' IH..I-A. ···Jii-.-h.i- · ."I :·::· ! · ! · « · · , Mr.J.iiHr I i..'i '·'" i: :·.!..· il. l- · "·"" h · -irr .ij.- I . . M i l l I ' l l I-I.-M-! ··;· ·' K Vt. l'ij-i iii-l l-rm-i-l It'll i|..V A" W:-.-HHH I. Tl 111 lay. -. ji « x« ii nru in JU.I n tin- sh i] Al 11 r. S. ·. (I«lUrifi:i'h rniiy IT "' en «!i'^' J- · wcra wilrnLly niit lain po*iUun P.LI- y |ikeo'brhr.nd. ThA owner fe.fl Un oili-retl |26iai*-l*i» n ?pi-c:lvc)y 1.? iwu r U. arRl runld illh| nf it, IT IK for U. arRl runld illh|wvr , for f IW u ihe city A lady '·'·Upper WM on czblb'.Uon ID w-tir« ago Uut Jtriwllp a - i it IB only five Inches. | :D years A. daughter of the late Vfm. Miller of Wesley, aged about S years, was so severely burned about the head and shoulders last Tuesday evening, b'ythebreakin" of a kerosene lamp, that itt is doubtful u she recovers. Xork. j The Union and Journal gays several in- stabces of a second crop di roses on the same bushes have been reported in Biddc- lord. Mrs. Joseph Gooch Clucked second growth roses in her garden on Monday, At a .meeting of the Birfdcfora Cadets hfld on 'lucsday evening-. Itbe following ofllcers were elected. Copt» L. II. Kendall; First Lieut., C. S. Hamilton; Second Lieut*, George L. Strout. I The Times says Mrs. Mary A. Marston ol liicldeford, aged 70 years and 5 month" died Thursday. That mormug she arose is usual, but after dinner (complained ( f beicg unwclf and i\.is assisted .to bed, when elic soon passed intoj a deep sleep from winch she never awoh.e. gr A WOBDERFUL EsdAPE. l O L T i - E I G H T U O L n S UMLll OROUNU. Last Friday, at noon, a well at ibe l i r ^rounds caved in the bottoln after it had reached a deplb of one hun'dred and sixteen leet bur}ing William pelves, a work- an, under about thirteen] feet of sand Ins weh had leached thc'IdqHh ot one andred feet when a stratuuJof loose white ind was reached, wh ch inadt* curbing ^cessary. An upright curbing m sections ur feet long was u^ed. \Vjhilc Cutting i i ie fouith section the ca\itrg- took plac., _ i 8 t c i u s h i n g in the lower section not \(.i finished, and pinniug Selves ih solid ?.u d and nearly to hi^ armp.ts. dt was instantly followed by the lliree =ecliions above, " bich were crushed in to the centre, leav- i g u vacuum there On feeing it start Selves had instinctively raised a section ot the curbing over his lipad, bending back- ·ard, face up, with Ins arm lupportmg tin ,/iece of curbing stretched over his heat) lu ibis position the sand setdcd about him, completely binding him, except h.s head ind ode arm, w Incti he co ild move ac that imc. The section ot curbing which ho . b id raised above his head created an open space, which lor a short time communicated with open spice thioughl the centre of tho \vjL-H made bj^jhe com ug together ol tho \vjL-H made bj^jhc tbe barrel-like cupbir. 0 . . As soon as possible a Bagpipe, for the purpose of pumping u r t o j h m i . was in- "erted through ttie openiug-j-btlveb, who hen had one arm ac libcriyl placir.g it ab i c a r h i s mouth as (he board-, ove/ h i m ^ould pcnrit. Soon ufcerl this was ac- coinpl|Rhcd tho «and c ettlcJJsOii(3 1 \ a')0\c 'nro, the space under the loard, which soou filled bo'close as to .m- prison fie arm hat had b^en at hborij tn this sitution, plan ly derjicted by hiiii- seii in sepurchral tones turough the air iubc and perl*.* Uy a a d i b l c f a t cop ot t'ie well, Selves, then ait hou-sj witl out food, ind cramped and chilicd by (the cold sa-u} said he would hold on to liie i l thorc were brave hearts enough above lum to u n d c i take his!, k n o w i n g lull well tlie danger of those who might atte'mpl it hasiih . The task was to remo;c froba thirteen to eighteen feet of saud irom tlie bottom ot a well one hundred and ten feel deep, by put- 'ing in new curbing while dakin^ out tbe oand and debris oi ihc old curbing, and to do it all so carefully as not tjo fill the little space above b s Ince. Coupled w i t h tb ^ ti c k \vus the app ill ng 0-i)^ r er f o tln"work- tiicn of a fiesli c u i n g ol the \\t~ll, now more i m m i n e n t tl -in the iir^d lor ibove '.fie omiro«« =pacc made hy the]caving ol t h e sand hung the Inndied Jccoof el'iy wall, with no'suppnir hut .t** own .nJhe-ion, us loundaliou I vauJ Uciiig ^one. 1 In the ta e of ibe^f diecour ippincnls tbin 1 w c i e brave hearts etiou? i toand to work n i / h i and tU}, ncv q "-licking. o\- cc'[}t foi a tin n l ae on £ iturdav mornn-r, when foi a Lime lurt'icr a t t e m p t s seem* tl suicide by re uon ot iho d vir.g in of u small p ire ot llie tl-iv w n l l . [HL -^on ne.\ precaiit.ors wcie auvised, aiicl the almost hopeless w o r k w e n t on to il^ pricticil con- cliiMon at O'ieo j c.ock ' I s ( ^ u n d i \ ) nwrn- mt;, w h e n a Ir tncl'y hai'U ',ii-cd the p'airk a-id brusl'C'l tho sand Iroui ihe ftice of tl.i' nearly uncor.K ous man. lie had retained bi- mind peifeclly up to w i i h m a lew tno- uieniis bt.loic, w h e n the t t t i d e i l y cauiioii-^ hands iibove Intn. in spucjitf iheir tan- h id ao oiaturbed the pand as to cover nis face anJ to nuerrupt l) e t u p p l y of ^ir from luc lube, lie reti mod] to to'isuuus- i.css in a few n.ometit 1 ;, ai d] bis h n n d a released, the work w e n t lapidly on, he hirc- 11 helping inatLr ally. I At ^ . i O u d O L A . n c a i l y .oBty h o u i p a i t t r Ins UK a ut rat ion, bclvcs pepped n n n l v Iroui the uiouih of die l A i n ^ jrravt 1 , :u 1 was received 11 die a i i i ^ l o l lus }oun^ wife amid tlic ^latl shofh.- jot the throng who hid so Jon/ jtmrcd' h|^ suspense -- "·"*"'" ^ J;i " A!c i'"^"^ llO\v JO Di TLCT roisos f \ ^ The au- no\ mjr casualty w inch cammed J-ud^e U ivib to a siek-roori the other day un^tit have been avoided if the eminent jurist hau paid as m u c h a'tcndon to tbc tmall as to t,bc large things of life. TliC poison i v y and the mnouious kind differ in one pa:- uctilar \vbicb is too easy ofjremembntnte to be ovci looked by any onojwlio 1= eriough interested m the brilliant-uncd leaves of a u t u m n to care for gatherft.g them the leaves ol the former grow j in clusters of three and those of the lattei] in hve*u ^* somebody has'su^gestetl in a. juvenile story-book, every child should be taught to associate the five leaves nil a cluster w i t h the flrtgers on the human hutid, and givcu to uoilersland that when tihcse numbers agree they can be brought into co tit act with perfect safety. It may spare our rfad- ers no little suffering to beaV tins point in mind during their October rambles m|thu delds.--f.^vracuse Jlcrald. ' I ' Capt. Oilman F. Hodgdon's house 1.1 Boothbay waa burned Saturday night. Loss $3,000, insured. | Harper's Magazine NOTICES OK THE 1'ttKSS. Harper's Magazine IB Iho Am ricnn Magazine ·ilikon Literature ind in xrt--Bbelon Tr tvfl 1 '"- Tbo moat ^pillar Monthly in I ie world --1 i Observer. n foi ! loi ihc roui'g, a d II in an excellent comp* light to Uic routine, a BO LouUvltle Courier Journal. No oihur Mo n tiily m ibe world can show so bril- t a n i a lietof contxibulors, nor does any iXimiBh .la rcaucre with eo c real a varictjj and 6O aoperior aqnallt of literature -- Watchman, Boston. Tbe volumes of tbo Magazine Numbers for June and Decernb When no timo is specified, it wi begin wlthl the r of eacb year. ihattbe Bnbscnbcr wiflhea to be|in wit rcnt Number. f HARCER'S 1 PERIOD! ILVBPKK'S ^AQAZINE, One T BABPEE'3 WEEKLY, " HARPER'S K » 7 » ^ t " rbe THREE pnblicationB, one Any TWO, ona year, SIX enbecrlptlonB, one yer, TeimB for lArg^ clnbe Pttt lo alt »*JCrt6«f« State* or Canada. A Complete Set or Hwptrt 1 Jf«*Jf l °,«' ""JJ,ffP; W Volomel. In neatotolh binding, -mil be erpnSS ftiW» ·' - CALS. tar, »4 W ·· 4 LO ·· ion IT, 10 W 3 00 » 00 I on application (n Ou r/ntted I ^1 '^P?' -* «Afi *ft ' NEWSPAPER!

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