The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 14, 1955 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 14, 1955
Page 5
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WANt ACS BRING RESULTS Women Only If you're an extra special housewife who really manages to stretch her budget wisely, then you'll surely want to read the little bit of interesting Fowler news on page 8 of the second sec- lion, because here al Fowlers we're also interested in helping you spend wisely and economically. Fowlers .M.JBM..N..E •&... ocvc Burl Girl Weds Mr and Mrs Earl Shipler, Hurt, announce the marriage of their daughter. Mary Lou. above, to Donald Mankle. son of Mr and Mrs Charles Manklp. Havolock. The marriage was in the Little Brown Church ut Nashua, Saturday. Julv 2. for Ottumwa to attend a family reunion and will return Tuesday. She will be accompanied by her sister and brother-in-law. Mr and Mrs Nathan Banwart and daughter Lucille, of West Bend. The picnic will be held al Bloomfield but they will visit relatives at Otlurnwa also. Dinner Hondrs .Visitors Mr and Mrs E. M. Richardson had as dinner guests Sunday the latter's father, Oi fie Hurlburl, of Fenton, Eldon Hurlburt and Kathy, of Dolliver, Mr and Mrs Walter Jacobson of Fort Dodge, Ralph Hurlburt, of Swea City, and W. A. Richardson, father of E. M., who has come here to make his home. Other guests Monday were Mr and Mrs Albert Richardson, of Denver, Colo., who also visited Mrs Richardson's parents, Mr and Mrs Paul Parkyis. Johnson Gives Story of Events, Chase By Police Mr and Mrs Floyd Salsbury uf i Lone Rock ;.;ir.oiii'.ce the engage- j merit and approaching marriage i of their daughter. Donna Jean, j pictured above, to David Tni-'l- i s<?n of Live: n-.orf. son of Mr and |M:.- James Truelsen of West Beiui. Jennings Reunion The Jennings family reunion was-held Sunday. July 3. at Call StaU 1 park in honor of Mrs Rose J- nnmgs. h< r fc.'.n daiigh' and one son ,.i:d tlu-'.r families biin.2 in ,itd r.damv They v.viv Mi ; .;.V]!a McKi f Rowan. M:s Mae Tii'i'. p 11 . Carnation. W.i-h . Mrs My: t'l..' B-.ii; ick of M,< higan. Mr and Mrs Donald Palmer and Mr arm Mi s Lawreivt {"'ft ffer, of Cli.a: Lake. Mr and M:.- Bernard Sne;;.v.. 01 Minneapolis, Mr and Mrs W. L. Sehuh/e and Mary Ai.n Mi-ie:. of Swaledale. Mr and •Mi •- Cecil Lowman. ..if Albert Lea. Minn.. Mr and Mrs Don Prew of Si-\ton. Mr and Mrs Cornelius 'i-tiniru's. Mr and Mrs Fred Allen and Keith Seagcr. of Fair- n.o.-it. Minn.. Tom Dilswoith, of M'imboldt. Philhs Faith. ,,f Des, Mr and Mrs Harry Dits- •AMiili. Mi and Mrs Y. G. Friders, and Mi and Mis Cecil Snydcr. Mr and Mrs Perry Lowman. Mrs . Hi l--i '-c.i Lou man and the re- ,-pic'. .ve families. There were 19 i!i;.r-:dc!ii!dien and 20 great-grand- i hiidi i n ;n the group. Golden Wedding , M: .:iui MK-, Cla: k Gi.dd.-n. (V.3 { S llhihin .-tree!. Algmia. cele- (Continued From P. 1.) which I know was fired from the Police car. I do not know whether it hit the car or not. Up until the time that I was soutn of SI. Joe, Pifcr and I had talked and he had lit two cigarettes for me. When we were south of St. Joe, I saw blood on Pifer's right arm and I figured he had gotten hit by a bullet that came from I he police car. From that time on. Pifer did not talk to me. After I saw the blood on Pifcr s arm. I heard more gun shot. which was fired by a policeman who was in the car following us and trying to stop us. When those shots from a gun were fired. I know that the Algona Police wanted me to stop. I did not stop but kept traveling south on 169 with the foot feed clear to the floor and car going us fast as ii would or about 100 miles per hour. When I got to the north edge of Humboldt. Iowa, 1 noticed « car across part of the highway and I thought it was a road block but I didn't sec any red light. I way looking to thu right for the corner that went west on highway 3. When I got to the junction of 169 & 3, I attempted to turn west on highway 3 but went into thr ditch on the north side of the road. When I stopped in the ditch, I wanted to see how Pifcr was. The Algona Police told me to get out of the car. Also the highwav patrol, two members. were there and I suppose that Humboldt City Police were there. The reason that I didn't make the carve, was because Pifer fell on top of me. but 1 imagine I was going about 50 or 60 miles per hour when I went ai ound the curve. "This Is It" When I got into Pifer's car in Algona. I figured on taking him home. 1 do not know where he lives but I kn'.w that he lives continued to sit up straight. I didn't think he wa;; hurt too bad but he would not talk to me . I do not know how many .shots were fired but I know that sonic shots were fired after I saw tin blood on Pifer's arm. I think that Pifer was hit twice. The last shot that was fired was just north of the viaduct at the north edge of Humboldt. Iowa. When Pifer got hit. I thought it was my fault. I didn't give a damn whether I got caught in De. c Moincs or Algona. I thought about driving through Humboldt at full speed but there wasn't any use of getting anyone else messed up. Disliked Boekelman I '-lo not like Al Boekelman. He arrested m° once for vagrancy and I served five days. Another time lie arrested a friend of mine, who I was getting into a truck to take home, and I didn't think he should have arrested him. Another time I reported to Officer Boekciman that my wife. Brenda. had tried to stab me ana he made fun of it. I didn't wan' Brenda ' . serve any time in jail but I thought she should be examined. Pifer has been in jai! for intoxication and he hns been drunk numerous times. Pifer and I were both drunk Friday night. On Thursday nisiht. July 7. Ph'.r got drunk .'*nd I drove his ca; to the parking lot in Algon;where he slaved in the car. I do not have a driver'.- . . AROUND ALGONA . . Thursday, July 14, 1955 Algonet (la.) Upper Des Moln«S-5 Mr and Mrs G. F. Towne weni (o (.'ass Lake-. Minn., Sunday where lhe\ are vacationing in the Algonu Outing Club cottiigo. Mrs William McKim gave a birthday party Thur.suay evening foi" In-i daiightci. Grace who was thiito;n. A picnic dinner \va. ; sfj ved al Ilif (.'all Staff Pai i;. Giles's wr iv Patty Cowan. Zul-i- helle Anki-nljain.T. Evelyn Cheryl I.-im.erfall. Pa in Ha Waller. .Jcam Ur- Bjustiom, Joyce Reib- hoff. Linda Clark and Ann Smith. Joan M;:io was unable t o attend. R. J. Nealy arrived here Sunday iii,ni lus homo in Roger-:. Arkan-a:. to attend to business mat!eis. He is the house gin s| >f Mr ard Mrs W. A. Haidv. The Algona .;Mcl Burl. Mr and Mrs K. S. Cowan and Pattv. M,iry and David are vaea- tionir.u at Lake Okoboji. Mrs W. A. Hardy gave a birthday pa:lv Tue-'day for her daugh- !.'•!. C'livly who was t|-nrteen. Fol• owm« :he supper at the Hardv home •, i,e group atlended tin* movie. (luesls were Marijane \Vil- lianiv Sharon DeGrolie. Sn i Norton, Jo Ann Muckev. Zulabolk Ank'-niiaiif-r. Kvi'lvn James and Pam. i;, Wallo, . Pall;.- Cowan \vas unaiji<- io attend. at Lake Okoboji. Mr and Mrs Beecher Lane and Gary left Wednesday for a few days vacation in the Earl Miller cottage i't Woman's Lake in Minnesota. They were joined by their dat'ght' r. Gloria and husband who live in Minneapolis. Mr and Mrs A. R. Willrett have i 1 ' turned fi-um a trip to Oklahoma vvh'-ro they visited friends. They returned bv \vav of Wichita anri relatives and friends. They were aecompanietl here by Vir.iean and Lop-n Hauman who are now visiting their sister at Esthei villo. Mr and Mrs Dean Taylor were in Des Moinos on Tuesday where Mr Tay!oi c.inducled business. Mr and Mrs Lloyd Pratt had as i Mr and Mrs Clayton Percival !l '-'/'' • ..-J'-.-'s over the Fourth of. and family went to Lake Okobo- Ji.iv -.'. ,.eki r,d. Mr arid Mis Dar- | Ji Saturday fur a vacat'on of .-••%•i eli .-Vkims ./nd two children of ! '-ral days. They \vi i e accompanied V\ale:.i,i, Guests frt.nn Tut-sdav I ''y Di.nny Walk-r who with the until !-'. :day i,f last w.-t-k wer'f '• P'.-rc'.val son. Rol-x.-rt enten-d BK-: Mi- Piatl's parents. Mr and Mi- : S--. o;it camp on S;mda\-. The cunip traii': McG<ih> y of Victor and v -'iil \,< in session one week. the b: - -!!,, r-in-l'aw and si.-ter. Mr -- anrl M.- Jam*-, Atkins of \Va>h- i The Dr. M. G. Bourne family 'V^.';- ' } '-- T'- : '^' "i Die Atki:,- ; ; is v;,e;it;,.nin K at Lake Oknbon. '•'•/l^- '' '•'•''•"• - llM! jy-' 1 '- 1 - Hie _si.n. : The D-.cti ; has been joining them '' '•'-'• -' "..aininu I-".- tne rest i.f tiir- f,j,- v.-crkt nd<. si.:::-:.-:'ii Mr and Mrs Piatt. ; _ ,. ..., -- i Mr and Mrs Orville Wicks had Mrs Milton Dahl was visited : as then •.•.•cokerul gii< -t.-. Mr and •;' : , "• ; '•••'.•'''•: by her g: ..r.d-on. : Mr> Vem Lo-.-elv and son. M;k-:':'••-' l ' ; 1<; f ' f F,-.::m.,n;. Mirn .'of LeMais. Til, ' (ia;ig!,ter. Car.ii ." •' '•'•" s<i:i '-' f Mr ''f.d Mis. was Lovelv was' D- ui; sloiv ; Mr and Mrs Roger Phillips ex!" 1( ; '" -' t" Otturr.v. :; this v.-ei-k- \ 'nd t, arteiid the Cmkiev. \V,d- ' license. I not work Satur- noith Algona. The nr,. :•:,!>• by huvir.g upen house at ihei: li'iir.e Sunday al'lernoon, J.ily lii. limn 2 lo j th'- «" gi.est.s u ho i i-gi.-tercd were then eight childn-n. Mabel (M;-s | Keiiiu-!h Si: .!>•<.•: i. Bui I; Helm | iMi» Piiiil RichaidMini Algona: Op.,1 (Mis Lister< i K Km- Mii-tsburL: H'-.--t!!a Goddon. M^d- i.-iin. \Vis . Ha/i-1 (Mis Ray Sch:h/ . Hancii'ft. Ai Icne I Mi s t^uiMi y Troup). Clown Point. In- it:ana. Ciau'iice, Corvdon: and Li-sli'i. Clear Lake. All lit giand- cliikircr. ami lour greal-gi and- childrcn Wi-re ,dso |iri'M.'nl for the nlj.-i'i vance. Mr and Mrs God- (irn wei e niniiii-d July 1U. 19U5 at Fcnton. They (armed near Burl until HI41 wlu-n they moved to that 1 wanted to take Pifer home was because he was drunk. I ftn; a buddy of Pifer's and 1 believe I can handle him whtyi he is drunk better than anyone else Usually Pifer is go >d natured •Ahtn he is drunk but on occasions he has been quarrelsome. When we were driving south Algona, Pifer said "This is :!." Piffi laughed and when I asked h;:i: what \vc should do. Pifer told n,e to keep <>n going that the car was full of das. Pifer also said "Let's go", when. the polkv car was following us and living to stop us. The first time that a shot was fired, I bt: - heve the p. 'lice car was about 1 ">0 feet back of the car I was dr-vim: I don't believe the first shot r.-it anything. I know from reading in the newspapers that Boekohnan was a very good pistol I thought he was trying to scare us. When I saw blood on Pifer's right arm, I did not get scared and thought about stopping but m.-trad I kept '4oin c ! at full speed. When the police car was about to try to pass me or ^e! close to rue 1 would drive :.> the center if the road, so they could not pass. At least half of the time, I would drive on the other side of my half of the road unless I was meeting another car When Pifer had blood 0:1 his arm. he day IT)'..mine. I have b"cn convicted of a felony. I have read the ab.'ve state- j rr.ents nnd lh n =ame is '.rue :-.I verily believe. I sign this [ -tatmcnt voluntarily without nny :hrea' c or promises mudo to ":• bv any peace officer or anyoni I'l-e. I r-iiinocl this slate;nen' with the knowledge thi same can be used agains! me. i Signed this 10th <iay ..f July,i 1955. j —Doyle Johnson \ Rites, Irvington, For Girl, Three Funeral ,-ervices for Nar. Ann N'orris. 3-year old daugri of Mr and Mrs Lawrence No: r formrr residents ..f living! > will be hald Fnday in the P: •. bytcrian church at Irving' Rev. M. H. Brower will olfic:.- and buri-)l will be in the Ir in.gton Cc-metery. McCul'.'U^; Funeral Chapel is in charge arrangements. Nancy Ann died at D'_•>:!. Minn. Tuesday of cancel- She was born in, J;i; 13, 1952. Her parent.- we farming at the time in the 1: ing'.on area where they ':'.•• six years before m ivinu '. tcr lust March. It was lii-v-. recently the little girl h . curable cancer. Besides the parents N..r; sin \ived by two brothe:-. and Wayne, and a si-'.e:. s n.'iie over five years ..: Grandparent- of trie little u Mrs Ethel Chamberlain ar. and Mrs Stanley Nurri.-. .... this area. The annual family picnic of ihc Mi -i-e Lodgv.- will b t held S;ii.- d;o ,,:tci m.-Mii .it the li.d,_v h.ili. A pot-luck dinner w;Jl be serveo at one o'clock and enterUunnu r.t ha.- bet.n pl.uined for the children. Mr and Mrs Rex Taylor and family. M: and Mrs John Hopk.r,.- and family and Mr and Mis Mitch. Taylor and family spent Sunday Notice:--Tlu- BUDGET PUBLICATION NOTICE •ininnl ,.! Ki-.v.i'l-. Ccnintv. 1 .'1 no I'M • .<i».iinr.t I1-. .I.ii-.n.iry 1. H.d Al(,u.r..i /iiii^^ n it: N;.; t / .%• K\'.en;-;t>!. (."r { Kiwanis To Manson SrViial nii-mlieis of the Kiwanis club and their "Queens" attended charter night Tuesday ul MaiiMin and the seven o'clock dinner served in the Legion hall. Manson 1ms been assisted in the obtaining of the charter by Kurt Dodge and Algona organi/alions. Those in allendance from here weie Mr and Mrs Roy Bju.-tiom, Mr and Mis Glen Graham, Mr and Mrs Eugene Mvitchms, Mr and Mr.- Beecher Lane. D. . and Mi.- C C. Shierk. Mi and Mrs Ed Sindelar, Mr and Mrs Lawrence Wmkil. Lloyd Muckey. \Vi-sley BiiilltU and his father. Dr. G. E. Baitleit, of New Sharon and Lawrence lhil.'.<-ll. Banwari Family Picnic A Buiiwart family picnic war- held Sunday at the Ambiose Call park in honor ol Mr and Mrs. Floyd Bunwait, ui Phuenix, Ariz. Sarah Kropf was among llu-ise present. She is hoiise-keeper i-iiiii|iiii4inii I" Mis J. F. Schoby. Mi.-;; Ki"Pl plans tu leave Friday f i: NI >s ->.-• >T^'"'il^^7^ ~, — — -. Cnunly A KM t-nsior. iPul>h.-lnd July 14. M- ir. l! 1 * 1 Ateona -.louj 1 l'|ini-i BUDGET ESTIMATE SCHOOL DISTRICT Notice:—Thr I'tinrd (il Dirorturs 01 Alg»n:i C'oinni.init> : KosMith Counu. hiw.i. u ill uu-i-t Augu.-t 3. 1055. ;it 7 30 P.M.. at . uflK-c at high M'huol T:i\n,i\ t-i .-. \> ill br lu-.iid i i-xponditures for the year beginning Jul> 1. l:i5S. A cU-t.iilccl statement of ri-ceipts and oi»biii»cmen; will bi- av:nl;ibli* .it I he hearing Ir.i-,- Wolf !)i>: not Sc i ap.ur. .nu1 ciidins Dolii i»ubt . FUNDS •o.- „- i — r" ~ x ; 3 . x : U. -; ^ i U3 U. "^ , CSene $:W4.801 rul . . . . Text F.ook.- &; Supplies. S.liDO TOTAL _CiENERAI. FUND! Old 'AgiTSu'rv"' Ins iF.-cl.l 2.S37 Public Eiiips. Kft (Statci !).i;42 SCHOOI.HOIISK FUND Suhuol Jjilt- lOnc mill levy lor SchiKil House (Voledi ti.^uT Bonds und Inteie.-l ^'7.7^5 Special Courses Fund lii.Tijj TOTAL ALL PUHPOSES 370.^37 Set.') et Ji \ 'h balance Jul> 1. I'.l.jS. 1 GENERAL FL'ND 3. Less Balance KcstTVLd Net unencumbered b.ilaiu-c SCHOOL HOt'SK FUND SpEflAI. COURSES FUND $354. iHO 12.000 3.1101.1 S.U16 Si. 126 •c — t -7. "5 € £ : — '*• "•/. '— i iTdTTaT.'!"" 3.35H 3.500 10.501) undci 01 .Se. 2!'." 13.0UO 1211.3S8 F.I 2U.71IO ^3.Olio 000 ,;IM i N u IK' r:»un.*i i "1 PUBLIC AUCTION Farm The undersigned will offer ior sale at public auction the following described property on the premises, on Sat, July 30 at 2 p.m. The Southwest Quarter (SW'j) and the Northwest Quarter (NWU) of the Southeast Quarter (SEU) Section 17, Township (95) North Range 29, Kossuth County, Iowa, Located 4'2 miles southwest of Algona, Iowa, 3 4 mile south and ': mile west Kossuth County Home. IMPROVEMENTS: House, new barn, cribs 32x20 and 24x26, hog house 40x24, granary 20x10, chicken house 32x16, pump house 8x10. TERMS: 20" on date of sale, balance Feb. 15, 1956 Puichaser to execute ordinary contract of purchase calling for merchantible title. POSSESSION: March 1, 1956. THIS FARM IS WELL LOCATED AND IN GOOD STATE OF PRODUCTION Mrs. Francis Pfeffer OWNER Colwell Bros., Auctioneers Monday. The daughter, Mrs K. H. Ball also came from Cedar Rapid.s. Mrs Lloyd Gerber gave a birthday paily Wodne.-day aflc-i noon i for hr-r i-.lanuhlf-r. Lana who vva • nine. Tho jL'roup wi.-nt lo Call State Park f.,r a picnic supper. Harriet Simons has returned to hi-r h.h al the telephone- office j after a '.vc-ek's vacation part of which '.'.'as /.pent at Lake Okobo- Mr and Mrs Leonard Meissner •lid fani:l\- spent the weekend a 1 j Sioiiv Cn>- whi-ri' they visited rel- ] at: ve^. Harry Hargreaves went to Veteran's Hospital in Des Moines a week ago Tuesday where he is still a paiient undergoing chocks and x.-rays for a stomach ai linen I from which he has been suffering for some time. Mrs Hargreave 1 ;' inothoi, Mrs Tom Carmody of Whitternore is a Cataract patient at Mercy hospital in Mason City and Mr Hargreaves mother. Mr.-. P. H. Hargroaves, a fracture patient at Park Hospital, also in Mason City. Mr and Mrs Stanley Muckey had as their guests from Friday to Monday. Mrs Muekey's parents. Mr and Mrs J. A. Blinkman of Shakop'-e. Minn. The Muckev daughtei;:. Nancy and Patti le- (uined to Shakopee with their grandparents and are visiting there- for two weeks. The fifth birthday of Patfi Mnckey. daughter of Mr and Mrs Stanley Muckev was celebrated with a party on Fi iday. Guests were Cindy Heeran. Carol Bode of Omaha. Randy Plait. Timmy Clark, Cheryl Egl'i. Ditinno Dunn. Mike Hutchins. Brett Bartlett. Mike and Kafhv Devme. Man- Asa and Jeffrey pjckelt. The uroup went to tin- park to play following which lunch was sei ved by Mrs Muckey. Henry Xeime! received woicl Sunday of the dpath of his brother-in-law. Mikr Wagner, at Algona. Mr and Mrs /.eimet attended the Wake at Algona. Monday evening. Mary. Helen, Francis, and Michael Kenne, children of Mr and Mrs Ralph Kenne. arc spending a few days visiting their aunt, Mary Duffy, in Emmolsburg. While there they attended the circus. Mr and Mrs Bernard Bode and three children have r>-turned to their home in Omaha alter spending two weeks here with Mrs Bode's parents. Mr and Mrs Jess Lashbroi.k. During then visit. Mrs Bode t'ave a party li>r the children. Caiol. David' and Larry all of whom have June and July birthdays. Guests wen.- former neighbor? •wh'jn they lived lien- Nancy and Patti Mucki y. Debb.y and DOUP. C'raft. Cindy I-i'i-eran. Sanely and Randy Plait. Denny and D. an Buscher. Mike and Richaid Diver and Dale and Donnie MeBiiri. and the mutheis of the childi en. The Algon-'i Upper Des Moirr-r ; ias tiie largest circulation in Kos- -uth count:-.- of any publication. Six Star WORK SHOES -K Molded Back -K Storm Welt -K Double Cork Sole (for EXTRA WEAR) •fr Nailess Construction •* Triple Stitched Seams •fc Full Retan Upper (that resists acid) SIZES 6 TO 12 ALL THIS FOR 95 Compare 'em for S8.00 DIAMOND'S SURPLUS Mrs P. H. Kargroaves had the ' i:-fort'.ir." of falling and bre;..'-;- ' Ming i ' i.-l.iralion of soir.e long- ing he: |-,:p S:.,t;:rciay evMiitig al ! ti:rie l:!erd.-. M' and Mis ; h--r lioine here. She is a patient *•>'.!'<"•• V'". the :ev.ii- n uijj tiu- ' at Park Hospital :n Mason Citv. w:!i -!;-;• :;; D. s M'.'im-s to Ir. iri:;;Al l!, • ti:rn n;' l:;e aci :d'-:H -hi: •fif.'ir ':a-jL'r-ter. Mrs C'i'en Fr<. :i- , :\ as in :ng visited by her youngi si • : ' K ~ ' : : - I::i rv '''' c>.i!i-iren ; da.^hler. Maxin. 'anil Ku.-biind. '• v - ; -'. '-•'-• :i. f- i a v.-'.-ek's vi.--:'.. . M: and Mrs Andv Anciers.m of • On.aha who :ema!ii..-d here until Mr and Mrs Leonard DC Meul- '• ; "- ; "- : ' ..:•.:: t!-.rei child: en • >( F >••'. D-.i-i- ,p. :-.i Thi;;sdc,v c-vc-nn^- he:e v.-:th Mr and .Mrs Liov'i '• Pra'.t. The Wu;:,en ,.:e cousin-, i Mr DeMeulenaeie :.- a furnK. ;• Al- | C-i;ian .having been emploved l.iy : li\e Htur.iH'.n Fr.r.e:;,! Ik,me sev-j • ral years ago. ! "" Mr" and Mrs Mihon WiJT and , children spent Sunday al Ames j where they vi.-:ted '.Mrs \V-ill's | b: :-ther-in-l;,w and sister. Mr and ' tMffMAVT I AMIS I M:, Bob Se;.:e: The Will son. i lUlUlttlSr LOOK ! paV«'nts t after L vi.i';ulg ! for'a'weck We , are P uiiin 9 on sal e »his in the Sel/er lionu- ' ! wee « one of the sharpest j farm trucks we've had in a blue moon. It's a 1946 Chevrolet I 1 2 ton truck with slock and grain box. It's ready to go. and go right now. A "steal" now at— KOSSUTH MOTOR CO. On Graham's Balcony Further Reductions On Price Tags of Dresses For All Occasions, Styles For All Women ! Mj&ii£^££&^^ . Late Spring & Early Summer Values Up To $14.98 I I SUUEEPinC REDUITIOnS Thursday - Friday - Saturday rail 41 ii is AIR-CONDITIONcO FOR YOUR SHOPPING COMFORT

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