Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on January 13, 1947 · Page 4
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 4

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Monday, January 13, 1947
Page 4
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AIIOATKCK NEWS (CONN,). MONOAV. JAN. 13. 1047 BEfte Published Bvory Evening (Except Sunday) by THK NAUGATUCK NEWS CORPORATION NAfJQATUCK. CONN. HUPOLPH M, HBNNICK. President uncT Vuollih«i Telephone* MM Mid J2W—All ueoartmenta M ••oond oUM matter at th* poat office Naugatuck, Conn, month WUBSCKIPTION RATED Payable In Advance *I.OO 1 Year Member: The Am«r>can Newspaper Publishers ASI'I •Hie N. B. Dally Newspaper Pub. Ass'i ThaConn. Newspaper Publshers Ass'i MONDAY. JANUARY 13, 1IM7 Mary Freeman Caine High position and honor held by American wonie-ii totltiy in tlio ridels' ut' politics and public arYaiis did not comi- alioiit as a natural eonsecjiiuiico of the clovatod niclio wliidi tlic so-called "weaker s*ux" IMIJOVS uiitier our standard of living. Tn thU day and ago of tfroatur enli^litcnniont, woman's position in matters and office political is taken I'oi* granted; it was not always so. Women in public office today are liaskin^: in a sunlit-Ill won for tliem by a few of their yonder, who. through a,^- ^•ressive. ccnrag-eous and fore.siglited action overcame many handicaps and oppositions to briii!;' about conditions a* they exist. Their li-jlit was \\-im, and in iiwilliiT sense it only started, with the adoption in 1!>'JO, of the 10th Amendment, providing nationwide suffrage t'oi women. Mrs. Mary ( Kreeman) Caine was or.o of the few who helped bring about nn improved situation for the many. Her active participation in cummmfity find civic affairs pre-dates suffrage and since .l!)'Jl) her every effort was directed toward the goal of community and national improvement through the. process of supporting for public office the individual best qualitied for the responsibilities and duties involved. Locally and in the slate she contributed materially to the indoctrination in women the realisation of their rights itiicl responsibilities as participants in public affairs; rights and responsibilities that accompanied . the granting ol' full franchise. She also impressed upon men (lie fact that wonifii would use their rights to advantage. Aside from her active part in civic and political affairs, Mrs. Caine was a loving, devoted and capable mother and wife, a home-maker, whose first thought always was of home and family, l>(:oply religious, she fulfilled her Church obligations as only one of strong convictions could. Neighborly and kind of heart, she was ever ready to assist her many friends and associates in the many problems they brought to her for advice and counsel. Although associated throughout her life with the Democratic party, Mrs. Caine numbered amonfc 1 her closest friends people, who, like herself, disregarded political and other affiliations in the evcry-day effort toward gaining .for the community at large a bettor \v>.iy <>!' living. The death of Mrs, Caine takes from -Vangatuck a leader whose interest in and attention to matters of public importance won her a place of respect among other women and men of position throughout the slate. We extend our deepest, sympathies to the members of her family. Their loss is also ours, for the death of Mrs. Caine creates a void Ihat will be hard \<, fill. There was only one " Minnie'' ('nine. Tho Now Deal may IIJIVL- hft'ii Jill riylil. in its time, l>nt us .Jiime.s Russell Lowell (il)s(M'VO(f long; aj<o: " \uw occasions toat'li IH-W duties: Tinif makes Hiu-icnt #onil uncouth. They tnnst upward still, nnd onwjinl, Wlio would keep ahroast of truth." The ancient Knrnans. for lack of jyood artificial lijjlit, used to -et up at day- ln-eak and i*o to hod at dark. On this protfivun they conquered the then known, world, (ml Americans would not take kindly to it. And why should they? Sometimes we can't help thinking that .horsy sense vanished with the horse. Especially in tlie realm of statesmanship, A rijrht to strike seems to involve also « ri-jht not to strike. "How long will this nation hist:'" somebody asks. Well, off-hand, we'd say as long as the American people play checkers. Do You Remember? One Year Ago Horatio W, Russell was elected sachem of the local tribe of Red Men, o—o—o Miss Jane Baldwin and Miss Shirley Kerner resumed their studies at Mount Holyokc college. 20 Years Ago Miss Doris Weaver of Cherry street accepted a position in the office of the Beacon Falls Rubber Shoe company. o—O—o The Rev. Edward V. Grlkis, former Naugntuck boy. pastor of St. Andrew's church, New Britain, read his annual report, o—o—o 30 Years. Ago Thomas F. Olynn took oiith of office .as justice of the peace. » o—O—o John Stockton purchased a lot on North Hoad- Icy street from Joseph Darneider. Cznowthc sleek brown (ox jumps over the lazy dog Around The Clock THE ARTIST One doesn't have to study art in France to be an artist; The man who mow.s my grass, a dour, silent old Scotchman, Is an artist; One doesn't have to remind him to cut the grass close to the borders; No. that would be nn Insult to his art; He never leaves the lawn Until each spear and truculent weed Is mowed close to the ground, And until the whole la smooth and velvety. The colored boy who washes my windows. Is an artist: Though the fact may never have occurred to him He polishes each pnnc until it is so clear, That it reflects back the glory of the sun; Not once, but all the time, And then he takes pride in returning the tools to their proper places. And the woman who washes my clothes, Singing a song while she makes merry with the suds, 'And then hangs the clothes in order, Pure arvl fragrant on the line— That wormn is an artist . . . One doesn't have to study art in France to be nn artist. • —FLORA E. WALKER, In Starbeams. Fire Chief John J. Sheridan said recently that Bristol Terrace residents wisiiing to report a (ire by asking the telephone operator for the fire department should tell the operator that the Xaugatuck department is the one wanted. If this is not done, according- l<> Fire Chief Sheridan, the operator will notify the Walerliury department, : 4 the Naugatuck Fire Department, a* t. . • telephone switchboard for the Bristol Terrace section is in Waterlmry. However, if the Naugatuck department's phone number (2233) is dialed, the calf will go directly to the local fire department, Chief Sheridan points out. F«w Changes Sting Forecast In U. S. Agriculture Program Termination »f Hoiti|fti«i May Hatlcn C*al Agr«* m «M Senator Capper WALTER WINCHELL Coast-To-Coast (Copyright, 1946. by Th« Hear«t Corporation) MAN AOOl'T TOWN Iturhi and ' Jill former Copacabeaut MorediliV arc the new- eat : Cbhcerto. .Lady: Eunice Oakcs and dgliti-.. Nancy'Do Marigny (aC- t'cr 1 years cf. frigid . glares) .'have reconciled.'. . ...-.They say Leonora Corbett's new heart-thumper is one of the. nation's top political'figures, a fancy.way'.of saying that hu's not vet divorced? .Wazizz about.'Mutha O'DrlscoH and Greg BauUer, who'was. in so many, ; colyums F. D. K,, 'Jr., will l)low the lid oft' the housing scumlal with names and figures ca. Jan. 23rO in a New- York blast. . Ten U. S. attorney.' will -be dropped 'from . the N. Y. Dls't payroll "on ' the 10th". .... A CBSundav-'higrhter will not be renewed, say Radio Rowgues. Tlioy amaze you by saying- that 'Scrpe -Rubenstein stands • ,:i chance ' of beating the draft-dojrer case Oue the 20th. You can • expect at. . . . contly with Joan Whatz-hcr-namc. - , cast thvce divorcas lo follow the Model Dorian Leigh- tells chums, .f ool b a ll-ftxing scandul testimony: It ' • she'll "become Mrs. Buddy Rich. Is he melted yet from Jean Suther,in?'". . Voguedltor .Muriel. Maxwell Tapped .s talur.,7 Renovocaine... . V, Sardi, ft-., vand Pat Neal of the Hellman hit are ahem. His recent ex-frau remarried-a. week after their Ron- Gazettes muffed the hush couldn't be published in the newspapers—that's how vile. It was. ph-onc conversations between a doll and Alvin Paris..... Candy Jones says the H. Conoyers have never been happier, you rumorons . .B'klyn stores' report ed-up affair of a Broadway choru- ] a - wavo of thc f t cd March of Dimes jlren'who attempted suicide (via sleeping: pills) because ti muchly front-raged jockey allegedly re- Wednesday's papers)' had more ic-ed on marriage. . ' , public relations experts workinfi on boxes. 'Magin! Thc ad that NAM bought (In Air. and Mrs. Frank Brill and infant son, Frank III, of Philadelphia, Pa,, are paying an extended visit to Mrs. Brill's mother. Mrs, Bridget Owen, 70 .Cliff street. Mrs. Brill is the former Peggy Owens. A borough official and union man,were seen conferring for an hour in a parked car on South Main street the other day. .... A Waterhuvy resident is sent a 20- eent properly tax bill each year by the borough for owning: a tiny piece of land which borders into Naugatuck. A local mortician went visiting the other night and wants it noted in the social columns that when coffee-time arrived he "poured". Too bad we don't know whether it was silver service and candlelighted. • "\VVvc read some very peculiar ads by people seeking apartments, but this one from the Fresno (Calif.).- Bee takes top honors, . . "Half-wit vet, three dogs, four cat*, a chronic alcoholic, wife and small, .monster on the way de-sires a .small, apartment to practice his home work. Major in FSC house wrecking, intends to take up drums." Veterans who would like souvenir booklets concerning divisions they served with during the war may get application blanks, for them at the Service for Veterans Center administered by Mrs. Ford Wnlfeek. The souvenir booklets are published by the Connecticut Veterans Advisory Commission in Hartford. The demand for Greyhound-Leavenworth tickets reached such a pitch that some Naugatuck residents heard from longJost "friends." All wanting, of coarse, tickets. The Larry Finle.vs (uctrens Vcn- ise Grove) were too busy to take a i it and took more preparation than most Congressional bills. There's No Busjncss Like Big Business! .vedding trip last July. They will go I Thc new Vaiity Fail , nieht spot - o ' n to Florida in March for their R> - B 'way reports' that owner J. How- ncy-moon. .Giant footballer Hapo? ; a ,. d haf sc i 3SO rc'd the routine of its (mixed up in the gaming scandal) I opcnjng comic, which Ventures dia- :s from Mudsissippi. .Despite the j cctcsscn ..They were discussing Jlump everyu-hcre, gambling nous- a vomio a[ Armando . s . .. He never os across-the river report a 15 per ;tc , a ,. s d . OWn the hous0i » said Ma , v ..And Lum Font's word- offers this slogan in the campaign to poison' the vomics: "loot's have the Accept On Comedy not Thc Comedy On Accepts:" (Don't miss, tomorrow's!)- • .Sonora will market twenty million now black label p:-altei-f: at 39 cents--retail. That's 20 to 40'p. c. under . current" murket-and! is the first price break, in. this-field '-since Dec. ~th, "1941. . • .Th c: lavender trade (whoopssss!) is".jroing'to»cci <i humMe -. hamburger . joint . (or; Kar.fSidc of-the "40s) into'trouble Danny Rogers, an affable csm- ic, is Kitty Davis's new hcadliner . .Jack Smith says as-far as Dewey is concerned G. O. P. means Gov. or Pros... Police Commish Wai- lender has his own neat;.little list of bookic.5, 'hangouts, etc '.Earl Wilson' beat' us to-the campaiRn against the. vomics months afiro. We j were busy with -Important foes, and now we're fretting-' some .time. . You ain't read or hoard auitin' yet. If you know of any vomiq or comic who uses comedy offensive to Irish, ,. Specif I to Centra/ Press • WASHINGTON—C*p!U' experts predict that the new Congreti will make few changes In the administration'* agriculture program. They point out that form legislation IB.largely bipartisan In nature, written by the "fcrm bloc" which Is composed of senators and representatives from both side* of the al«le. .- They also cite the fact that many existing farm acts had Republican support when they w«ra enacted.. Agriculture commute* leaderships, howev«r, will switch from" southern Democratic control to the hands of GOP midwcsterncn. • Senators Arthur Capper of Kansas and Afktn of Vermont will guide the Senate agriculture committee, and in the House Reps. Clifford R. Hope of Kansas and August H. Andrcsen of .Minnesota are the new farm leaders. Hope I* credited by his colleagues with being a genuine expert on farm affairs. He has worked closely with Rep. J. W. Plannagan, Jr.. (D) of Virginia, who headed the house agriculture com. mittee in the 78th Congress. * • » •. • • PRESIDENT TRUMAN'S termination of hostilities may stimulate the making of a new wage agreement between John L. Lewi* end the soft coal operators. The government must get out of the coal business not later than next June 30. Federal authority to operate the mines seized last May will end at that time. Both sides new know that the days of government operation tr« limited.- Lewis probably will want to get a private contract, solidity- ing the gains he already has made, before the government steps out. The operators are expected to be equally anxious to reach an agreement with the United Mine Workers that will assure a period of Industrial peace in the coal field?. The mine owners have received their regular profits under federal operation, but the government soon 'will be unable to end strike* through seizure action. Labor observers believe that Lewis will take the initiative to re. quest a bargaining session with the operators. • NUMEROUS CRITICS SCOFFED at th« anti-Communist wo. lution adopted by the recent CIO convention as being meaningleu. They are now discovering that it is being converted into a Vehicle for drastic action among CIO affiliates to curb left wing elements. The resolution merely said that the CIO-resents and rejects Communist influences in the organization. Local leaders are now putting teeth into it. Wisconsin CIO leaders' recently ousted left-wingers from control of the State Industrial Union Council. Similar action was taken In New Jersey and Massachusetts. The Professional and Office Workers union also has started putting- its house in order. Latest move was Joseph Curran't resignation as co-chairman of the Committee for Maritime 'Unity, which has been assailed a* a left wing group. Cur ran, president of the National Maritime Union, now Is in for a stiff fight against Communists in his own union. The same battle It shaping up in the Greater New York CIO Council, another organiai- tion headed by Curran. * * * • • THE STAID LIBRARY OF CONGRESS has gone In for autograph collecting as avidly as bobby soxors—but with .a difference. • The bobby soxers want Sinatra's and Haymes' autographs, whltt the 'library goes for the long-haired stuff, collecting autographed copies of original scores by such musicians as Wagner, Mozart, Schubert and Beethoven. Latest find are the autographed originals of Brahms' Third Symphony and his quintet for piano and strings, feared lost in Vienna during the war. They were oV tained, however, by the American collector, Jerome Stonborough, and are now in possession of the library. Experts say Brahms made corrections by pasting new parts of the score ovcr-thc original, and the library is planning to study UN music written under the Wtsted-ovcr chances. Uncl* fain Collvctint Jews or please. Eskimos, lemme know, cent uptake ...Art Wirtz's daugh- Jynuthia (pop's, Sonja Hcnle'i ice show-partner) becomes. ;he bride :>f A. McArthui 1 . in the Spring.... Bookies 'are blowing their tops bemuse- to many fcmmcs are horning nto their racket. .. .Since the Trib ifted its fee to a jitney its circ lumped tremendously, they say. .'People is the cwazicst people!. .... Jen. .Marshall comes highly recommended. Churchill no like. .lerkld.s to You: Secy, of Interior •."rug is to be Fail Guy. at the. Saints & Sinners shindig "on the :8th,;. Betty Forslin'g:; ' who wish- is she had never 'brought up- the jubject of "fire details." Such a :cd face! . ..The member ..of .the •Toplltzky" cast, who said tho jhow steenx during: a radio interview..: The colyumist who item'd: •The Novelist Colette is bedridden ind receives his apart- nent." Colette is a. woman. . .Eddy Duchln and Paul Douglas, who iren't speaking. .. .Harriet Van' lornc, who reported: "Truman had :i Hooper of 20.4 without using quest stars". All he ha3, gal, was jvery front page in the land, every radio colyum, commentator and vVhite House reporter advertising t and still he couldn't attract aa many listeners as other comedians. ion Colby. "He just tears down the people." She refers, of course, to the -humorous, jokcasses, . etc.... Wiyel owner Jorpensen says the line-up seems to be hyphenated- "The New World" (by Stefan Lorant) will pret the Carey-Thomas award Cor 19-16. The best part of the first edition (31.000 copies) -was sold out—at $20 per. .. .Jean Meegan, of the AP Staff is its new drama critic- for p. m. paper .Nick Kenny's new hack on song wrtilnj*. "How to Write, Sing and Sell Popular Songs," is A click. His new song publishing partner is Bob Hope. One of the most terrifying radio personalities Is a swish. .If you're a. free lance writer in Los AngelcsC and work in your own home), you'd better keep the shades down and use a noiseless. It's against the law "in residential zones" Those stratosphere salaries paid H'wood stars are comjn£.jdown fast. Drop in box office receipts, curtailed production. etc., have studios prunning costly Station's Return over, are willing to take a shave. Supply and demand, you know .. Reviving "Street Scene" was a., headache. Elmer Rice (the stormy I,f* II W JLu 1 petrel authar) kept aspirin sales |\6CdllS JdD AtlBCK rtigrh. .All the scoopers claim 'having the Byrnes herflth resignation first. It was WWd last Oct. If you! on Pearl Harbor five years ago was had it in September, then you win ! foreshadowed by a frenzied report tho So-What Sweepstakes. . Frisco and Charles Foy •sweethearts" again—after a longJKTK at Mussel Rock, Globe Wire- Ssn Francisco (UP) — Thc attack Joe I from the Matson liner LuHinc re- arc I ceived by shortwave marine station seige of Drop-Dciditus. Tilted Floor Saves Lives Of Piglets Washington (UP)—Because sows prefer to lie with their backs higher than their bellies and because of a Kentucky farmer's bad luck, thousands of little pigs which otherwise might havc died fl-rc growing up into prize porkers. The Department of Agriculture said the farmer's bad luck was the Americans vs. Hyphem..Hating Am-| player rosters. Many stars, how-' fact that the foundation of his pig farrowing house slipped, throwing less reports. The Lurlinc's radio operator received an SSSS mcaeage from the freighter SS Cynthia Olson: "Am being attacked by submiirinc!" The Olson was torpedoed and sunk. A few minutes after the message was relayed to the Mussel Rock station, bombs dropped on Pearl Harbor, Now after five years of •Hence. »tat ion KTK is back on the air, giving 24-hour service to ships at sea. 13 COME BACK Ex Libris ...By William Sharp World War II, they hung up their civilian hats in George Vitctt'j Klght projectetl imiNlcals were ibandoncd last, week alonfr Broad- ,vay as costs hit a new peak .In Body & Soul" (the Enterprise licker) John Garfleld takes- a wal- op at the crooked sports'clement . Sono Osato and groom expect their mage any moment now. . lTh« I hortstop Phil Rizzutos expect .heirs soon .Mitz Green and husband will get a new baby in Feb. ,. t's a boy at the Zero Mostels. ... !'he Clive Howards (he's the auth) 'lad a girl at St. Francis Hosp, 'ort .Jems, N. Y It's a dghtr or the Colin Millers at Cedars of rfbanon, L. A. .Timothy is the lame of the first. Russcl Crousc eir at LeRoy..The Alfred- ("Beg- •ar's'Holiday") Drakes arc.>expect- ng, too ..Sherman Fuirchild, the irplane instrument tycoon, is opf- f dizzy lately because of Carol tjorkman, who is Swede and lover, • A raE-KEWLUnONARy OUNTftX WOWC - TROUBLES MC COJW - WORST OKMOUMCfO VANDALISM . BUILDS HIS DREAM HOUSE pigs was born. Not one was crushed by its mother, as EomeUnnc s happens. Succeeding litters likewise reached maturity without accident and the farmer chocked more carefully. He found that the mother sow preferred to lie with her back to the hig,h side of the floor while th« clumsy little pigs tended to tumble to the low side. The result was that when the sow decided to lie down, the pigs usually were out of harm's way. Other farmers began to slant tnc floors of their farrowing houses deliberately. One reported to the department that he snved an average of 9.2 pi'gs per Jitter compared with only 7.2 on nn even floor. The department now i s recommending that farmers slant the floors of all farrowing houses. It said that a slope of only «n inch- and-a-half to th« .foot works very well. entertained at a chicken dinner ts guests of Vitett, SISTKRS TN DEAD HKAT Harrisburp, Pa. .(UP)—The first- horn of two sisters, the former Misses Virginia and Jane Powdcn, arrived on the same day at the same hospital. Virginia became the mother of a son, and Jane, a daughter. Special dclivcy of mail in the United Statce has been in effect since 1865. The postal money order system was ctsablished in 1864.. . RADIO EXPERTS Since 1925 SWAN'S IS Church St, — TeL »H SHOP HERE AND SAVE: • CUIBS • CARKIAGIiS • HIGH CHAIRS • ROCKKRS • PI.AV YARDS • TAYLOR TOTS BENSON'S ft KIDDIE: ISO SOUTH MAIN 8T. Wftterburjr Sturdy, Collupiilblc BABY CARRIAGES JUVENILE FURNITURE BEACON KIDDIE CENTER 73 GRAND STREET Waterburr FOR RKNT BY THE DAY FLOOR SANDING MACHINE FLOOR WAXER Reamnablc Rate* Union City Hardware SM N, MAIN ST. Union City M. Hutklewlch, Prop. W. J. Stoke*, Mffr.

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