Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on August 14, 1896 · Page 6
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 6

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, August 14, 1896
Page 6
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Your will be turned upside down more of the time if you use Santa Claus [•/Soap. If you do your own washing thw.means-rcst for you. If you 'hire it done'! it means -money for you.' If'• time is ever elaborately thrown away, it is over a wash tub with a poor soap. is made to wash clothes as they should be washed. It distinguishes, fricud from foe—your clothes from the dirt—aud spares one while it strikes the other. You uiust use sonp ; why not the best? Suppose yo:i arc now suited,—-you will feel no worse when you arc better suited. Try Santa Claus. Simla Claus Soap has long been made and has friends cvoryv/hcrc. Sold everywhere. Made ouly by THE N. K. FAIRBANK COMPANY, CHICAGO. KMCdGQQQQOewUQQC The Best £ SmoklngTobacco Made To Be Given Away this year in valuable articles to smokers of Blackwell's Genuine Durham 'Tobacco You will find bne'coupon inside eaclrz-ounce bag, and two coupons inside each 4-ouncc bag. Buy a bag, read the coupon and • sec how to get your share. •HE THAT WORKS EASILY, WORKS SUCCESSFULLY." CLEAN fiOUSJ? WITH SAPOLIO FOOT Arijniimnt for Tree Silver. [ The. free coinage agitators aslv the people to vote, for the sixteen. to one icheme on the prouiid that the bnnkers, maunfucturRrs and merchants are a-H Jn favor of a sound curremcy. "If th* . banking and business interests arc op- po»ed to free silver," say the cheap dollar .advocates,..'.'the farmers und work- •rs'shoulcl'support it. There niiist be ateflething 1 good for the poor in this free coinage scheme just because,the rich people clOiDOt.want it." Of nil un- rwiiKonable ajid demagogic plena for 50 cent dollars this is the 'worst. An. exactly similar argument would-be a, tie- mand on the part-of: the millions who ilo not .own homes orbulldi-nfiTsof any klcd that all houses should bie bum«d'dt>wn because it would hurt property owners; There-Is no doubt buit-that evary.rann fn Amejica who-owns.a building-wpuW •ay. If asked, thot he is.opposed to hav- tog ibis property destroyed. But thn.t ... iwould be no reason why the people who have no homes should favor arson. The (Lttenipf'to create a'p'rcjudlce lii^favor e-f ,-dcb»- repudiat-'on because .business men and bnnkcrB believe ..in. ;honesty MH -never sncoced with-fair-minded, hop.onible clt;/en«. They ivill decide .the silver queetion .oa r Its merit's and Will, not be led sstrny by appeals to one class' to vote for cheap and trashy money merely because it is favored by another class. - Broom Corn Kxport*. , .Onr broomcorn went abroad last yew to the value of $169,503. OBOOD1M VESTMENT ,PCTE.1.1KE CERTIFICATES. >. ,. Issued In dcncn&lm>tloii< ot 160., 9100., 9250., $500., 91,000. The Interest is guaranteed for a years. • They net thopnTchn«er8pcTCt. por annum, -• - 1 - -• ' .. p»y»blo»oml-»nnn»liy. They lire Bimilm (o Colloteral Trust Bonds. Thepr'nclP*' '» rapidly enhancing in valna. The are a i»fe inveitment. SYSTEM. ; Manhattan Building, Chlcugo, Ilia., After Thirty Years, Rnbrlenoe j J ' ' g I havo the boat ; • ' •"* ' ft Brain and Nerve Tonic | on earth foi all we»kentd conditions r«mrd- •) ]ci» u( C.IUM. . Medicine sent for Oue Dollar •« Lintpald, or address for piutlculort, / - ,11 S.Johnion, W,D., Batllt Creek. Mich. • !i STRUCK BY A'METEOR. Cll(t« Carried A'way and a Hole 70O Fa«* • , Deep Dug In the Earth. - A remarknblc- phenomenon ,wns ob- •Bcrved dt.the.mine of ^Soiitos Reyes, In • the state of Chihunhuh, Mexico, nt three' : o'clock'the other afternoon. " A tremendbus explosion was heard nnd an'cn'ormous mass of turning matter ;wo8 -seen to fall from .the hearens, striking the side of ainpiintain, bring-; Ing 1 down with it. in its course entire clifls, an-d finajily plnng-inff Tpo'feetlnfe the ground, rnaWrij* a hole, from 1 wlilch boiling; wu-teip still Issues: ; One of ; the most sitpgular features of the'eplsbd8 : was' the 1 ' hen vy rairi' • f all i n g; from the »ky Immediately'«fter the-'descput of the meteor. " . . '• The people are. very, superstitious, re- gording.this os one of the many, realizations of .tho.propbccieu of the.yiaion- •eelnfjg-irlpflTobnscb. ' .The mete'or destroyed tbe'hocse of •.miner, killing his twochildren. SANGUINE OF SUCCESS. . An ladlana Repabliean Bldi High on McKluleJ't Election. 'Washington, 'Augi 13.—The republican congressional campaign'-committee has received notlce.of the first offer to wager on the reEUlta of the election. The would-be .bettop—John Egan, of Indianapolis—is a sanguine person. His propositions, which'are open until September 1, include the following: Twenty thousand to ten thosuand dollars, that McKinley will carry every northern and western state; $10,000 to $5,000 thot ; McKinley gets Indiana by 60,000 plurality; • $500-to.$500 that Mc- Kinlcy carries seven of the southern states; $20,000 to $10,000,that McEinley will -be elected; ! . $5,000 to 82,500. that Bryan will not receive as large a vote as did Horace Greeley in 1873. : Milwaukee, Aug. 13.—The "sound money" ,demoorats,,.'of Wisconsin, who favor a second national convention, will assemble In state '-convention in this city on Wednesday', August 20, nt 12 o'clock noon. The convention will be he-Jd at the Pabst-theater, and itis«s- pected'thafc.Chele ^vlll be over 1,000 prominent"gold 'democrats present. Ellis B. Usher, who has charge of the affairs of the gold democrats in Wisconsin, officially.-' announced- »t.he * facts above. . \?' ;~ •• , '• ' . • News'Briefly Told from Various Towns in Indiana. .. -^ 'Glrl'i Long \Vnllc to Miitrltuoaj. Ligduier, 'Ind'.-, Aug. 13;—Miss Lizzie Eeasor, living in Cnss county, has started, to walk to St. Louis, where she is to meet B. A. Stensell, of.Denver. The long overland journey'is to have its sequel in the marriage- of- the uouple. Miss Eeasor IK 35'years of ngp, and .unusually pretty. .Stensell advertised for G Wife arid Miss lleasor was the : suceess- ful applicant for his affection. He gives his age as 31. The -novel"• agreement ; that they should meet in St. Louis was fixed upon in lieu-of Miss Eeasor's in- nbilHy to go to'Denver. She'expects to. -be assisted-.on her, journey by persons en fo'iite, ' *••••—• Rank C»il>l«r CoiumltK Salelde. South Bend, Ind., Aug. 13.—Josiah K. Kelley, for 27 year's asslsfai'nt.'cnshier.of the First national banli, killed himself Wednesday afternoon by shooting 'fhVpngh, the heart" in the bn"sempnt;of his'-residence in the. rear of the b'niilf.' The deed.wns done'-"through n iir'obii bility thnt Xntionnl Bank TC.vaminei Vanco, who is now here, wonlil cVscovor n shortage. Kelley li-ft Severn I letters, in- one "of ' wh'icli he acknowledged n shortnc-e of over $24.nOO. '"--^-''' '''''.. ; : ' '•;:.••.-• Y ' and Kcsfl.'ttm-ily lie j--! icinc i'n tlic-\Vorld! ' - f ie il> Rml linn Ilolil i» POWH-OW. M'urtinsvillo, Ind.-. Atiff. li— On nc- count of the heavy rains only 2.300. visitors attended. -the pmvwnw of tiic Improverl Order' of "R'-d Men here Wrrlnesrlnv. Slielbyville w:is rhospii for hoklinsr thf powwow next yftnr. The following ofRcors'wnrr i»l"oterl: • pre'slfli->"t. Tf. M. ("•"-<!. Ph-'l'byvlllc; '."o- rctftry, Chnrles Bi-cfdi'i).. "UtllnVmrcr: C'OID- mltte'e on by-laws nrrl oonslltntlon for nf xt powwow, Henry Plc-irnn. Mart.'nsvll'.e, chairman:- C. n. .Hicks, ^ebanon; Clint Cox, West Incllnnapolls. Sons of Amur ca. Crawfordsville. Ind., Aug. ,^3.— The stnte canip'of Iliu' Patriotic "Orrfcr of Sons of 'Ainorira elected otTlcers here Wednesday -morning nnd udjcrarnt-d. The officers elected arc: . . • , Prosident. W. A. Eshhaoh: vice prpsl- dnnt J, -0. GrppR. Rushv.ille: secretary, W R. Miller, Crawforilsvllle:- treasuwr, H- H. Griffith. Crawfordsvlllo: condudor, W. T/ Spalir. Brook: Inspector, Jnapor Bray, Glenwoort:- trustees, J. S. Knllh, 7n- - , dlanapolla: 1. W. , . lo; Richmond: W. Vi . AN EFFECTUAL SPECIFIC, for all diseases of the Liver, Stomach and Spleen, 'Retflllnto the Liver «nd prevent CHILLS AND FEVER, MALARI- OUS FEVERS, BOWEL COMPLAINTS, KEST- LESS.NKSS, JAUNDICK AKD NAUSEA, . BAD BREATH I Nothing Is »o unpleasant, nothing so common «s bad breath, nnd in nearly every case it come* .from the stomach, nnd can bo so easily corrected If you will take SiMMON3-LivEn REGULATOR.. -Do not neelcct to secure a remedy Cor thi» repulsive disorder. It will also-improve your appetite, complenion and geucr'' health. PILES I - How ronnysufTcr torture dny nftcr day, mak- ins Uf* a burden and robbing existence of all leasure, owintf to the secret suffering from " . yctrclictisrcady,totlie.hand of olmost any one vho will'use systematically the remedy that has permanently cured thousands. SIM- HO.N'S LIVER REGULATOR is no drastic, violent purge, but a gentle assistant to nature. i "••' 'CONSTIPATION ~ SHOULD not.be regarded »• * trilling ailment— in tact, nature demands the utmost ree'-^rity of the bow.els, and any deviation from this demand piives- the way often to serious danger. ]t - is quite ns necessary to remove • impure accumulations from the bowels as.it is to tat or sleep, and no health can be expected where * costive habit fit body prevail*. SICK HEADACHE! . This distressing nfflictlon occurs most frequently. The disturbance of the stomach, arising from thp imperfectly digested contents. causes a severe pain in the head, accompanied with disagreeable nausea, and this consu'lules what is popularly known as Sick Headache; for tl;u relief of which TAKE SIMMON* REGULATOR. MANUFACTURED ONLY BY J. H. ZEILIN & CO.. Phil»delphl», Pa. Will Be Tiro Hundred feet Hlrher Th*D Elffol'i Structure. ' In its vaulting 1 ambition the great West side of Chicago essays to pierce 'the clouds. On the block Abounded by Congress, Harrison, Loomis and Throop streets D. It. Proctor is going to rear his "Chicago Tower," and from a point 1,150 feel from the ground West aiders will actually look down on the rest of the city. . • . For some time Mr. Proctor has been trying to secure a site on the lake front, but without, success. West side Goltrn, Cruwfordsyllli;. Uoleimetl from the Penitentiary. Kokomo; Ind., Aug. 13.—Cnlvin-Arm- slrong, the Tipton county deputy troas- Hirer, hns served his. three-year, sentence for cmbexzlin^ $43,000 of the public funds. On being- released he .mme- diatcly disappeared, n friend assisting him to iret'away. The feeling''is still strong against him, owing to »n impression that he. has yet n good pnrt of the missing $43.0(10. His brother. Mont Armstrong, is ; still in Mexico. . '. D»m«(t» b,r a Storm. Valparaiso. .Ind., Aug.-, 13.—This locality was vis.ited by a/severe storm •Tuesday ' night!'' The-'rain fell'in torrents and was acconipaniecl by terrific lightning. .Five houses and .barns, in, this city were struck'and slightly damaged. Throughout the county 30-tmrns were struck and .several were burned with their consents. The total loss in. the county is estimated fit $150,000. with : only slip-lit insurance. Thrown 'on » IBaifb Wire Fence, Shelbyville, Ind., Aug. 13.—The horse, driven by Elmer White, In company with .Bertha Parker and "Emma \Vhite, took fright at a young woiuan riding a bicycle nnd ran away; upsetting the vehicle and''' i'lirowing them-upon a barbed wire fence. The young women •were horribly,. disfigured, and Miss Piirker. received injuries from which she cannot, recover.. I -Lightning; Dei troy" Froperty. Crown Point, Ind., Aug. 13,—At a low figure $30,000 worth of property was destroyed, by-.lightning .in the southern portion of lake county. At midnight nine, large flues were counted in n circle 6J eight miles. A dozen horses were cremated and hundreds'of tons of hay and grain went up in smoke. A.hundred other .buildings were struck and dam- Aged greatly; . . • .. >>tned » .Receiver. •••'-. Indianapolis, Ind., Aug. J3.—The proceedings for the'appointment of a,.receiver for the Union National Savings nnd Loan association, of which Charles J?. Griffin; of Hammond, is president, terminated abruptly, Special, Judge ITanimoutl'ruling 1 against the defend- hilts and : appoin'ting Preston C. Trusler as receiver. .'•••• A RAILWAY WRECK. >Vathont Cat»oi a Ulnnrtter Nenr Otlfe Irid. Cleveland, 0., Aug. 13.—A passenger ; train on the Lake Shore railway wan wrecked near Otis, Ind., at four '/clock Thursday morning by the wishing owiay of a culvert. The engineer and fireman were killed, but the passenger* almost miraculously escaped fatal injuries! The train consisted of three passenger coaches and two mail cars. An ' hour and-ten minutes before a freight train bad safely passed over thrt point where the accident occurred. The theory of the Mtilroad officials i< that a cloudburst washed outthe.culvert. Their idea seems to be verified by thu fact'thot trie Louisville, New Albany .& Chicago railway, which has its tracks only a mile distant from the point»of 'the accident, hod trouble in the opera- jtion of its trains during the-morning. There was noth ing to warn the engineer 'of danger. The supports of the culvert hhd been weakened, but the rails : were in place. t When the train reached the fatal pit* • fall the engine plunged : downward with terrific' force. ' The engineer, James Griffin, of Elkhart, and Fireman Michael Eonch went down with the engine, and were crushed to death in tha wreckage, .There was no opportunity to jump or make the slightest attempt to escape the danger. The wreck occurred, so quickly that they could'not realize how it came about. Just before lie' died Engineer Griffin asked feebly what was the trouble.. AH the cars were derailed.. Passengers were , thrown from their-berths and Mats and a number of them in jiire<l, At the offices of the company, however, it was atnwd that none of the passengers were killed. Their'escape was considered marvelous. • • •• ? " - MllNiiPE: : A WOMAN SEES THE LIGHT. ] She Best Untentutds a Woman's lib. . CHICAGO CITY- TOWER. property owners urged him to put- his skyscraper in the center of the city, nnd he has yielded to the inducements offered. The location is well suited (o such a purpose. The Metropolitan Elevated Hailwuy companj- will build a jrtation at the entrance of the to»ver .park, and it is expected to have the tower finished by next summer. The lower will be 200 feet higher than the famous Eiffel tower in Paris, and will cost in the neighborhood of ?SOO,000. Mr. Proctor said: "We expect to put 35 elevators in our tow.-r. It will have seven landings; The lowest landing will be 225 'feet above the ground. This is about on ajevel with the top of a 12-story building. This landing will be .225 feet square a:id should accommodate 22,500 people. The other six landings will hold almost us many more. The total capacity of.the city tower will probablj- range in. the neighborhood of 40,000 people. •An Improvised Tandem. The youngsters, .one 12 and the other 14, attract a good deal of attention, on the bicycle path at Jackson park every Sunday by their performance on'' their "wheel. 1 Although it is only an. ordinary wheel with a {jingle .set of pedals they convert it into :a tandem, one occupying the beat and the other standing astride of the frajne. Both have their fee.t on (he pedaJs and fairly make the machine hum. THE MARKETS. POPULISTS OF ILLINOIS. New Belt Line. Hammond, Ind., Aug. 13.— The G. H. .Hammond, Packing company of this city sent its first train over the Chicago, Hammond &. Western railway Wednesday; afternoon. .The .-line, which will form a belt around .Chicago. 'and connecting with, all trunk roads, is now complete ' between Whiting and Blue" Island, Col. Thorn pion Uai Becbvjeed. Terre ..Haute; Irid;, Aug. 13.— Col. B. W. Thompson has /entirely recovered from the eft ecta of the heat.' He says tnat his experience illustrates how eas-: ily a person may die. from oppressive- heat because of lack of knowledge of the. seriousness of the .'attack, and failure to use remedies. They. Fn»e with' the Demoerati— Will S np port Bryan and.£ewali. Springfield, 111., Aug. 13. —At the' Wednesday night's session the populist'' state convention adopted its platform,' indorsing the St. Tjouis'plat- form,- especially its currency . plank, favoring local option inr.taxation, the amendment of the constitution so as to -allow,- three amendments, to be voted one session of the legislature, Grain, ProTfHlnnM, Etc. 1 :.-••: •-"•-- Chlcagio. Auf?. J3. • FLOUR — Quiet and, steady. Prices ranged as'. follows':' Winter, Patents, J?. 10 £i3.60; seconds. J!.90@>2.00: low (trades, Jl-'5@ 2.00. •• Spring— Patents, |3. 25@3.75;i>tmlRhtH, J2.6003.20; bokcre 1 , f2.10©2.20; low grades, |1.50(g'1.75; Red Dog, -H.20©! 1 :*): Rye, IfcOO® tZO. -:' -.'• -.; r; ,:. ' :•• • . •'.-; , WHEAT— Fairly active -and unsettled. September, 53%iS>55c: December, E7%@58'.tc. CORN— Easier. No. 2, 21%@22%o: -No.i 2 Yellow. 22J4@22%c; September, 22%@2 December, _23Ji<S>Mc;. May, 26%(527Hc. OATS-^-Falr trading and low*r. Xo. 2 cash, 16c: September. 15@15%cr,May, ]«%c. r Sample*- steady. . No Grade, No. 3, '15@20c; No. 3 White; ISCHS^c; No. " ' [SPECIAL TO bra How gladly -n^ould men fly to woman's aid, did they-but understand .a woman's ' feelings,.- trials,' sensibilities, .and .peculiar organic disturbances! •• •','Those things are known only to women, and the aid a man. wouM-glve Is not . at bin command. 'This: "is why so many-.women suffer, ; - - -I Twenty years ago Lydia E. Pinkham gave to the women of the world the result of her years of study in the form of her -Vegetable Compound,—a universal remedy for all female complaints. She well deserves the •title,-"Saviour, of her,. Sex." She saw the light of reason, and gave it to-her suffering slsteb. . AH female diseases put forth their symptoms,-such as nervousness, lassitude, paleness, dizziness, faintness, leucor- , f.iltsring-steps, sleeplessness, bearing-down pains, backache, and consequent melancholy and the blues. Lydia E. Pinkhanl's Vegetable Compound has for twenty years saved women from all this. Hear this woman speak: — •'Five years ago at childbirth I did not have proper attention. I became very weak; <fould lift nothing without bleeding from the womb, which was ulcerated badly. I was examined by a •physician, aiid treated for a time l but was compelled to leave the city before I received benefit from the treatment. I decided than to give your medicine a trial. I improved rapidly on the first bottle of'Compound, and, now feel like a new woman. I Ulcers have ceased to form | on the womb as they did. il I^dvise all women in. any jt way afflicted with female:: troubles to take your remedies, and trust thatm'y tes- , timonial will be seen by; friends who knewmewhena I was so sick, and tliat they' may know I am now -well, and that I owe it all to your Vegetable Compound. 1 * MRS. Jon.v OSTBANDER, 340 East Fifty fifth Street, r Xew York City, N.Y. legislation to prevent convict labor from competing with free labor, and the hritiatiTe ' and referendum'. Gov. Altgeld's administration was '-strongly indorsed. The nominees of the'demo-, cratic:, state -convention were indorsed with, the .exception of auditor and six electors,, which, .according to agree-! ment, were filled 'by populists. The electors are pledged to vote for Bryan B.nd'SeWa'11'.'' 1 ," ' : ' ' ' "; ' '" '' ' ! .CROP CONDITION. con- : OTerllowed the Country. . Bourbon, ;Ind., Aug. 13. — Uptown river has overflowed all. the country, currying awny barns o-nd houses. Wheat -nndr crops: on • the. Jow lands-jhave. beea- rWtroycd. One steamer" 'was" lost 'by the dam at Miner bursting, and ten persons were drowned. The entire loss.of .life;.is 25..during.the^flood. _, Boycott oh Cigarette!.. j ; ;;SbelbyviHev Ind;;? Aug.. is; — /There, have'been several deaths in this city tthp Jnst" lew: : mquths : -attributedF,to..cigar- ettes; arid the result has been the "boycotting? -,of all • stores -which' sell:, them.; The city, council has passedan ordinance" placing,'a license .of" r ,$ : l,000;.upon those. .•who band!* them. .'•.'•'•. ; •"• .-'••- Com Still M»lntaln> 11« Own—Unfavorable Ontlook for Oats. . : Cincinnati, 0:, .Aug. 13.—The Price! Current summarizes the crop condition! 'for the pojst week as follows: Corn is mostly maintaining- a favorable condition. ' Considerable apprehension and drawback is felt in Kansas und to some extent elesewhere, : . , . ! The oat crop is even more unfavorably reported,.than previously. . • The . wheat 'situation is without notable change. The movement !s rather ' light-• ' : Thew.cek's packing of hogs amounted to; 170,000- against 123,000 for.the corresponding week lust year. -...,.-. ; Prematnro KzploKlon of'Flrevor]».' ' j Paris; Aug. 13.—During a display of fireworks given in honor: and in the presence of-President Faure,'in the der partment of" Ille-Kt-.Vilaine,, Wednesday evening, a bomb was prematurely exploded,' .killing a : girl nnd.seriously.i'n. jnrin'g'five other persons; "."''. , Ab«ent-Ml»ded. , ' " The •tory ia told of a famous mathematician that he waia' frequently guilty and .weak at lower prices.: No. 2 cash, 2Sc: No. 3, 22c; September de-1 livery, -29c. • | •-'--.-'-._•• BARLEY—OM Barley moderate.sale and utearty, bijt- r new. at the same time ruled 'dull. New Barley, 20i?P24c for No. 3. accord- Ing- to ^uB-'lty: No-3-o'd Barley, 2&g>35c. MESS PORK—Market moderately »ctlva and prices, higher, it J6.30@6.35 (or ca*h; J6.20JMUO for September:- |fi.00@6.05 for Cc-, tober, and'-J6.S7%®r7,00. .for. January. -LAUD—Trading, -moderate and prices: steady at'JS.lSigiS.lTWfor'cash;'J3.33ig:3.20for; a&ntAmVtai" tl •I'W.lfll'l 97U. /QT OCtObCr, ftP<^! POZZONi'S been the tl.inrtir: for fnrty ffan .!• more, popular W-uii?thttti-ever before.., r s bo Ideal complo::!'..: ; -owdo tig, cleanly". Ii->n1ll]fiil otid bormtCM. ie, Jnviiiuio prou^ctlon.io.Llio CiLCd.\ :WIJI«everv nlllc«ni vrr-vflfV «<>M> PCFF 1 "- BOXI^'v *»n, FAJJfCY STORES.-' •Septembe'r; ;J3.65®3.6Ji4-for January. ...BUTTER— The ..market 'is' ruling quiet.) With quotations ; at -JO^lSe for creameries: '.and £Kg'12c;for dairies. ..... ' -i '•.--"; LIVK POULTRY— Fair demand. Tur-. keys. S@10c; Chickens, S@8Ho; Ducks. 8 ©9140 per : pound;' Geese, per dozen, J?-.<0 -«».«>• :,• •_-,.,..._ ..... . .' j' New York, Aug. 13. : FLOURr-Stcady, unchanged. ; WHEAT— No, 2 Red 'fairly active, unset-; tied. ' September, :61^i®G2%c; December,! IVIanhooo Restored. -------- -- TITAS, thB l ;Uoni«n with* . .. .,CORNr-No. ,2 moderately, active, weak,- H@%c lower. August! 29y t (giSOHc; Septe-n-: ber,''28Kei29c; October,; jgy^ZSTic; DCCEIH-: b«r, ; May, . OATS— No. 2 dull, weaker. Western, 21 CMci '-Sept'emtier',) '8Wic .' asked. ' ) BEEF— Quiet. -Extra -mcif, *J.OC®7.0C. '• PORK— Quiet and steady. Steam rendered, »3.S5. " '•'• BUTTER-^uict; and firm. -Western dairy, -9@12c; do. creamery, U%@15Hc; El- glns, 1514c. ' CHEESE— Quiet -and 2@r>c; •'••-.'•.••••• ,,EaaS— Steady, , quiet Part skims, ••-••' • '. ' Western, ;.,-;•, Live Stock. . , . : '. , , . .- ...... Chicago, Aug. 13. : CATTLE— Market 10c' lower. Fair to best beeves,)>3.2B®4'.«5: stockers and te<.d- ors,J2.60@3.W;mIJte(]. Cows and Bulls,: Jl.L'5 QI4.00; Texas, t2;*)®3.00. • • HOQS-^-Marfcet' i &S ) 10c-lower. Light; f2:»5 S-30; rough packing, $2,CO@2.70; mixed and butcher*', R.8fi(Si3.20: heavy packing and - »2.60®8.SO. : . H. i., . . 8. r. K -iling. LOGAN?POPT. INO The COAST LINE to MACKINAC THE- ''greater', part' of "a" mile" with" the" young 1 lady-of'his choice without speakingj One'evening she took, advantage of his: absent-mindedness to play.him o trick! c8he' slipped 1 her"han<3 frbmJilBlarin and hurried home a nearer way. He contln- ;ued'to/hold.ils arm In the'same-posltldn. w.alked up.the etepa of her . father 1 ! house' andljfimgVthe bell, r wHen;i^.hi« astonisbmenti she herself .opened th», door.C'He s-tiiredflnaii'incrc'diilbua'inan; n«r and exclaimed: ";Vhy, S ... , how th.ed«>r?". BRIGHT'S DISEASE v -..: iv..,--: ir/v- tf "f-- «.'•••.< t '«> '-"••' can be cured bj; using ', Dr.J.H.McLEirS LIVER IND KIDNEY . ., . „., The Peerless RemcJy ' hr bU U BmjiiiH. . hlx, |LOO hi MUi TH« On. i, H. MoLtAH MMieimco. *•*-,•• f^, F>Wf>.*°™ •>>• MACKINAC DETROIT PETOSKEY CHICAGO 2 New Steel Passenger Steamers yetltWo»d la-BMt - Bqalnnat, • ArtlnM d E«W.nt StrvlM, ehigheit degree of - -^V.' COflFORT, SPEED AND SAFETY. , . . tov* Tinro p^n WIK BCTWIEM Toledo, Detroit /Mackinac Tbcararttftt PtrfMtioo » - UmrftNU- LOW RATES to P1rtore»qiw MackJiMK mat Reum, lndndlnf,n«^» and Berthi. From CkveUud, f i8;froaiTolr*). *lf i (NIB Dttrait, ' ' ' '"' . ••• .EVERY EVENINQ Between Detroit «od Cleveland Conncrtln? «t CI«veI»nd Wth K«rHt«t Train* for «11 eolnti Bast, South and Sonthweit-and at Detroit for til poinU North and Northvrett. Cuirfir Tri»» 4m*, faiTr *•!«« • "B; **»i*»tar. om*. •v- ll- — ---.EVERY DAy-lBtlWEEK ./'•", „ Cleveland, Put-in-Bay / Toledo Send for Illuitnted Pimphlet. Addmt - A.T»OHANTZ, »^K. ».. DBTMOIT, MIOH. Bruili«n ':Brt«i taken rare l»»e:i>»c^ia » day " '

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