Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on June 6, 1973 · Page 36
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 36

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 6, 1973
Page 36
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M ^Qfrtesburg RigigtextMdil, GQlesburg, III* Wednesday, June 6, |973 o *taH Sears 3 DAYS ONLY Some Cait't Digest Alt Sugars 95 Dr. Lamb By LAWRENCE E. LAMB, M.D. Dear Dr. Lamb—In a column you state -that people can be sensitive to sugar if it is a disaccharide, but not a monosac­ charide. And you recommend using honey. I assure you that some people are sensitive to honey, and to all sugars except glucose. I don't know why-JE. only know it is. so-as (the farmer said when he saw the giraffe. Dear Reader—There are indi vidual responses to foods. No doubt some individuals are sensitive to honey. Whether this is a type of food allergy or some other peculiarity I can't state for certain. Perhaps one explanation was offered by anoitlher reader who wrote to complain to me that not all honey was pure honey but the honey manufacturers were permitted to add syrup in limited amounts to honey and still label it pure. If this is true, the adding of a disaccharide (double sugar) to honey would make it less tolerable to individuals who can't split double sugars and absorb them. Glucose is a single sugar. Ordinary table sugar is a double sugar. It's split in half by an enzyme in the intestinal wall and then absorbed as a single sugar. You are correct, if a person were exceptionally serir sitive to disaccharideis, limiting sugar intake to glucose would eliminate the problem. The double sugar sucrose is com mon in natural fruits. Fortunately most individuals do not have an absolute intolerance to double sugars and can use small amounts but there are •individuals who can't even tolerate this. Individuals who are truly, absolutely intolerant of table sugar or sucrose are relatively rare—almost .as rare as a giraffe in a barnyard. Dear Dr. Lamb—I would like for you to answer a few questions for me about artificial insemination. I understand that one must have a donor match up with her husband. But, couldn't the husband be that donor? Under what condition can a woman have artificial insenv itiation? Does this have to be j done with the husband's consent? Does this have to be done in a hospital? Answer soon for I am thinking about having this done. Dear Reader — Artificial in- seminaitlion has long been practiced in animal husbandry. In J this way, for example, a quality or .prizehwinning bull may father many more calves than would be otherwise possible. It.has had less extensive use in. people — usually only when the man is sterile. Rarely, it might have some value when normal relations are impossible for anatomical or other reasons but the husband is not sterile. This would be the only possible reason for using artificial insemination with the husband being the donor. Most couples want the offspring to have as many of the characteristics of the parents as possible. For that reason they choose a donor who has personal characteristics similar to the husband but this isn't an| absolute requirement. Any woman who contemplates pregnancy through any means should do so with the full consent, and cooperation of her J husband. Artificial insemination is no exception. A woman who achieved pregnancy by this means without her husband's consent would likely have serious marital problems afterwards. It's not possible to have this procedure done everywhere. Anyone desiring this procedure should contact (the obstetrics and gynecology department of J •the nearest university medical center for information. (Newspaper Enterprise Assn.) Alaskan Range Lions, camels, elephants and I 12-foot-high mammoths roamed Alaska 12,000 years ago. They lived on interior grasslands sheltered by mountains from the ice that blanketed much of the I Northern Hemisphere. BffAD THE WANT ADS! Nexttimeyousee someone polluting, point it out. It's a burning dump. It's a smoking car. It's litter in our parks. You know what pollution is. But not everyone does. So the next time you see pollution, don't close your eyes to it. Write a letter. Make a call. Point it out to someone who can do something- about it. People start pollution. People can stop it. Keep America Beautiful Advertislnf contributed for the public good in cooperation with Hie Adverting Qoyncil »nd the International Newspaper Advertising E«cutive* SAVE S 5 42-Mo, Guaranteed Sears Battery i Regular $26.99 With Trade With Trade-In Excellent replacement battery for cars that need reserve power for accessories or easy starting. Battery Guarantee Free replacement within 90 days of purchase if battery proves defective. After 90 days we will replace it with a new battery if defective, charging only for the period of ownership. 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