Holdrege Daily Citizen from Holdrege, Nebraska on October 2, 1948 · 1
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Holdrege Daily Citizen from Holdrege, Nebraska · 1

Holdrege, Nebraska
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 2, 1948
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' f I r it -- t ' -: ' r '- ' rt‘:-- j r 1 ' :' ?:- - ''’ y f - v - ' - "I' ' ' 1'"-'- - vV ' " § :' ty vv I®’ " NEBRASKA FORECAST: Considerable cloudiness and continued cool today clearing and slightly ( cooler with scattered light frosts tonight Sunday fair and a little ? warmer high today 67-7Q low to night 33-39 i V t - U t w J God cannot be tempted with evil neither tempteth he any man —James 1:13 1 -k!r-: h f VOLUME SIXTY-FOUR Iranian Already Plans New Sallies i in Wound Up West Campaign at -' Charleston W Va WASHINGTON UJ) President Truman arrives back in Washing ton today ending his 8000-mile campaign swing across the nation ' Already the President was planning new sallies in search of votes He was scheduled next to head north into New York ' state the stronghold of his chief opponent GOP candidate Thomas E Dewey The President’s long campaign train was scheduled to reach Washington at 9 A M (CST) A large accumulation of desk work awaited him at the White House even though he has kept radio and mail contact with government officials since he left the capital September 1B: In Washington District of Co-lumbia Democrats planned a huge “welcome home Harry" celebration with a 250-car motorcade and '-six musical organizations Democratic leaders said more than 10-000 persons would be on hand at union station to cheer Mr-Truman when the Presidential special rolls in v A reception committee was to escort Mr Truman to the head of the automobile parade to the White House Democratic leaders promised it would be the biggest political demonstration the “voteless" nation’s capital has seen since 1932 ! Even on the last day of his trip the President was taking advantage of every opportunity to lam-bast his opposition wherever a crowd gathered to watch his train ‘glide toward Washington ' He planned to talk briefly from the train platform before 7 A M this morning at Charlottesville Va Even though he had made ‘ almost 150 speeches during his long trip out west the President” was itching for more campaignlngTHe said he intended to clean up his work here in a hurry and so some “maneuvering in the foreign situa-' tion Then he will set off Oct 6 for his four-day whirl through upstate New York Pennsylvania New Jersey and Delaware r Mr Truman made his last major speech of the western' trip last night in the Municipal Auditorium at Charleston W Va He warned that a Dewey victory in November would pitch the nation 1 into headlong dash toward another de pression" Paul Burgeson Is ' Board Chairman Paul Burgeson was appointee chairman of the ‘Phelps County Selective Service board Thursday a Bryce Philips and Hans Kokjer 'were the other two members present at the meeting The board classified 125 regis- - trants from the questionnaires that have been returned There are five classification groups Class 1—1 -A available for military service 1-A-O conscientious objector: available for- non-com-bantant service only 1-C member of the aimed forces of the United States the Coast Guard the Coast and Geodetic Survey or the Public Health Service 1-D member of ‘ Rcscvre Component 'or student ' taking military training Class II — II-A deferral because of civilian employment (except agriculture) II-C deferred because of employment in agriculture Class III — III-A deferred because of dependents Class IV — IY-A registrant who has completed service sole sur viving son IV-B official deferred by law IV-D Minister of religi- - ous or divinity student IV-E conscientious objector opposed to both combantant and non-combantant military service IV-F physically mentally' or morally unfit Class V — V-A registrant over 1 the age of liability for military service Six Counties to Send CROP Representatives Representatives from district eight of the Christian Rural Ovcr-' seas Program will meet Tuesday evening October 5 in the Auditor--' ium of the Holdrege high school Rev E K Nelson director of the district said that six counties --will be? represented £ An organization will be created - S to collect gifts "for the Nebraska Goodwill Train Counties in the district arc Gosper Phelps Kearney Furnas Harlan and Franklin' marriage license Judge Carl Peterson1 issued a marriage license to Raymond Dean Enquist and Winifred Pauline Bell both of Holdrege Friday ' - ' "J While Elephant Auction J Scheduled This Evening : J : The i Sodbuster Saddle Club White Elephant Auction! will tai hjeld this1 evening at 9:30 o'clock ‘ax the Warren Huss used car lot riot ml at this Bast Avenue Ah attempt will be made me Ho ralse funds foe the con4 sjtruction of a' horse bam by the club and for other improvements! The public is invited j to attend the auction! Local merchants have ibntributedla number of items that wlllbe rsolp at the auction: Marvin Bpitznogfe will conduct tie auction! which will be clerked by Warner Lundeen j - Publish Auditor? s Report of Finances Tlidstate Association KEARNEjY Neb UJ9 jAn audit-or’s report Of finances of the Mid-State! Association land affiliates today showed receipts of $16882950 and : disbursements of $16729553 fromjMay 26 194$ to June 30 1948 According to the audit jniUishetj ip the Kearney Hub the receipts camp from! the! arCa encompassed ih the Nebraska Mid-State Recla- Association y j- The audit- was madej by T F Sundermeier Company Grand Island ( j i ' iA list of contributions listed in e audit show Hall Coufity givings 43771 73 of which $1377173 was-(from I popular subscription derrick ' County’s' contributions totaim $16797 jofwhich $5765 was through popular subscription I Buffalo county contributed $31-73939' jof which $4693j was from popidar' subscription ! ’ Grand Island and Kearney: both contributed heavily froth city water department'funds -Couptar organizations alo contributed "heavily f tax funds he audit showed HjR LippincQtt Gibbon drew a total salary of$13750jas general solicitor during fhe period of the audit E b Ryan Grand Island drew $14000 as j executive secretary for approximately two years! worlj in 1946 1947 and 1948 ! Tne largest single amount paid to an individual or salary ’was $1569767 jto Harry Gf imminger Grand Island counsel for theasso elation I i:- h - - -jr The audit did! not break down expenses of individuals Other major items or expense included $ 1 5707 46 for publication of the I Mi-State farmer promotional newspaper $2626 for engineering Jwork! $1771 for expenses of I individuals J telephone bills hotels transportation $nd $! printing supplies J Kendall Kearney president District s incurred approximately one-half of one per cent of tle total eventual cost of the 'project He said' the auditor explained ! that Expenditures com- pared favorably J with those incurred by federal authorities in promoting similar projects The Huh announced in an edit’s note that Lippincott member the Reclamation District Board paicj for publication in the news-apjcr ' of j the Consolidated Audit Sodbuster Club to ’arade! at Kearney The Sodbusjer : Saddle Club members ! will gravel to Kearney lunday a ternoon where they will take part in a 10 o’clock parade at tfie fair grounds In the afternoon an amateur rodeo will be held with younger members jpf thej club participating Go fishing in the Citizen want ad polumns A catch1 with every cast !-:: j 1 Pm Had Sharpltaste No -I ' I ’ -- ' "i- 1 0-MONTH-OLD Eugene Franks seems unconcerned as fmrsc Shirley Anhalt shows him the safety pin he swallowed— open— and discharged later while' under care at a New' York hospitaL The pin went down his throat point downward turned over In his esophagus passed through his stomach without causing harm (International) HOLDREGE PHELPS COUNTY NEBRASKA ft 7 I - 4- Sweeps Through Kansas at Key Communities with Only! Brief Stops i 1 EN ROUTE WITH DEWEY (UJ9 Gov Thomas E Dewey swept across safely-Republican Kansais today for a try at President Truman’s- home state of Missouri at the wind up of an 8822-mile campaign crusade preaching “unity for peace and progress1 The Republican Presidential nominee scheduled nine talks from the rear platform of his special train on the last day of his two-week “meet the people” tour The brief addresses were to be delivered in Ellis' Salina Junction City apd Topeka in Kansas and at Warrensbujrg Sedalia Jefferson City Hermanh and Washington in Missouri j Along the way through Kansas Dewey was expected simply to pat national j committeeman ' Harry Darby since tjhe Sunflower State’s id-electoral votes are unquestionably in the Republican bag 1 Darby asked Dewey to show himself in the state even if he made no major addresses The 8Tew York governor was glad 'to oblige since it ledyiim directly along the trail into Mr Truman’s home territory Dewey definitely was out to Shatch Missouri from the President if at 'ell possible Missouri went Democratic b r 46000 votes in 1944 when Dewey was the GOP Presi dential nominee and Mr Truman was the late president Roosevelt’s Vice-Presideijtial running mate The Kansax-Missouri show climaxed a 14-sjtate tour in which Dewey delivered 13 major addresses and made 38 whistle stop appearances not counting his talks today from ttys rear platform He let himself be seen by folks along the way from the campaign opener - at-: Rock Island!! JU rto sparsely- settled Cascade and Wolf Creek MonL - ' Mis major talks were delivered aDes Moines Denver Albuquerque Phoenbi Los Angeles San Francisco Portland Seattle Spokane Missoula Mont Great Falls Mont Salt' lLake City and Cheyenne Many j were broadcast over national hookups In his last! big speech at Cheyenne last night the GOP candidate threw a veiled charge that the VFW Will Meetl Tuesday Evening Veterans of Foreign Wars will meet Tuesday evening October 5 at eight o'clock' in the 'Odd Fellow Hall f Members are urged to attend this important meeting LOW MERCURY 43 ! County residents bundled into warmer clothes this morning as the temperature dropped with the appearance of cloudy weather and light rain I j Yesterday's high was 77 with low of 43 There was no pfrecipi-tation j i BOARD OF EDUCATION The Board of Education of the Holdrege public schools will meet Monday evening inj the' Holdrege high school Sessioii will commence' at eight o'clock Doubt : - -f Unknown Assailftnt Opens Fire on ChHdreii on Hayride : j- i " -1 ' DAYTON O UJD Eight Middle-town O school children on a hayride were wounded when fired upon by a mysterious gunmah near Farmersville 12 miles west of here last night ‘ None was' seriously injured They were treated at a Middle-town hospital and released Teh other children and the chaperone were uninjured The children were in the viciri- v of J? rv’rotchingtop level debate is under- ity of a farm known at “the Bottle administration Farm" when the unknown assailant opened fire with a shotgun! Marilyn Witherspoon 12 who was shot ' in the face and legs said a group of the childrengot off a truck to “explore around" “We went into an old empty house" she said “We heard a shot but just thought that one of the boys had shot off a firecracker Then vJk heard another shot It hit a couple of us” j '“Some of the children were in the door and some were outside tVe started screaming and hollering We started out and! a third shot hit six other children We were hit all over in our faces legs chests — all over “Someone tapped Barbara Hackney on her back and said ‘boo She turned and s£w the barrel of a gun and threw herself down She didn’t get hit by any shots” The children fled to the truck and were driven to a doctor- in 'armersville who notified the Montgomery county sheriff Four persons were shot at “the Bottle Farm" a year ago Identity of the assailant was never learned The “Bottle Farm” is owned by Winter Zero Swartzel who ‘has decorated his house fences : and trees with thousands of various-sliaped bottles larkley Says GOP arm Program Would Lead to Disaster I ROCHESTER Minn JR Sen Vlben Barklfy Democratic Vice-residential nominee charged today that the Republican farm program is -patterned tdfa v6?nf sp-al lnteTasts and leads to “diast4t” “And that same dedication to he service of ' special interests is the pattern of the Republican approach to all the problems of -American life" the Kentucky senator said in a' speech in civic park Barkley invaded this rich agricultural state pleading the cause of the administration’s farm program and giving a boost to the senatorial candidacy of Mayor Humphrey of Minneapolis He said that Humphrey opposed by 'incumbent Sen Joseph Ball would fight for a “wise and liberal" farm program against the “catch-as-catch-can" farm policies of the Republicans Questionnaires Must Be Filled in Complete The Phelps County Selective Service draft board requests all registrants receiving questionnaires to completely fill in all blanks pertaining to himself Registrants are reminded to attach any paper affidavit or certification to the questionnaire at time of mailing If a registrant has a physical defect or defects an affidavit from his physician should be attached All blanks must be properly i If they are draft board will return the material to the sender American Legion Meeting Monday The regular monthly meeting of the American Legion Martin -Horn Post No66 will be held Monday evening October 4 ' Members will convene at eight o’clock in the lounge of the Legion Club ' August Buechler 79 Dies1 at Grand Island GRANDS ISLAND Neb UJ9 — -August F Buechler 79 pioneer Grand Island newspapermen died here (yesterday of a heart condi-V tion j - The former manager end editor was associated with Grand Island newspapers for 48 years He joined the staff hf the Grand Island Times in 1890 and transferred ! to the Independent a year i later He became president and editor of the Independent Publishing cohipany at the turn of the century and acted In that capacity until his retirement ih 1939 : ! COUNTY BOARD L ' Th Phelps' County Board jof Supervisors will meet j Tuesday October 5 jin the supervisors room of the courthouse according jto Orval jHarjms' County Clerk j city COUNCIL ! -j The' City Council will meet in regular session Tuesday eveqing October Sj ln the Council Cham- of the Municipal jauilding will convene at 7:30 o’ - v SATURDAY OCTOBER 2948 Top Love! Officials Can’t Agree Upon i Europe Aid Proposal I WASHINGTON UPD A far- over proposed lend-Iease of military equipment to bolster a western European' military alliance informed quarters said today If advocates of the lenc! -lease program win 'out 'the proposal probably will be presented to congress - pext spring But several things tnust come first They are: I The western European military alliance must complete its Organization The alliance is composed of Frapce Belgium the Netherlands and Luxembourg It is meeting howjin London British Field "Marshal Lord! Montgomery has been proposed to head it 2 The alliance must decide what it needs what! it can make itself In the! way of arms and what it must ask the United States to produce 3 The President and the National Council must decide whether the military aid is-for the best security interests ol thej United States Informed - quarters are certain that the new alliance will ask the ite&States for lend-lease miliary' asd IButj how much will be forthcoming -will depend on the administration and pongress A'-high ranking state department official? is reported to be the chief proponent of the proposal to sup-lort the European Military Alliance with lend-lease It also has considerable support within the national military establishment — with some ! reservations Some military leaders reportedly concerned over several jangles: Impact on the American civ- onotny President Truman baa ordered the defense ' 3dke$ii85P helMd"$13-000ll00bpeflt li feared that more spending tor arms production might seriously disrupt the civilian economy and bring aftout more inflation j -i ‘ - 2 The armed forces don’t want to give up to Europe arms they may need for their own 18-division “M” day force without being sure of newer type arms to replace them j ‘ 3 Military leaders want to be sure that the arms Actually will be used for bolstering democratic forces in Western Europe J 4 What tthej European countries can contribute in return to support the Americari defense program such as scarcq materials Hog Support Prices at $1525 to $1750 i i WASHINGTON 0JR) -r- Support prices fori hogs at Chicago for the next six months will range from $1525 to $1750 per 100 pounds according-jto the Agriculture department : However department spokesmen announced j yesterday no sharp drop in hog prices is expected during the period between now and March 15 The new support prices are 18 cents pfr 100 pounds above those in effect -for jthe past six months Support levels at livestock markets other than Chicago will vary because of differences in transportation costs Frank Moj Banquet a LINCOLN! will' hold a nr Lincoln Neb (UR)Democrats banquet here Oct 14 with the candidate scheduled to deliver the mpin address They rally will be sponsored by the party’s Lancaster County Central committee and the county Democratic -Women’s club Other candidates and party officials are expected to attend ' Two Hospitalized as Result of Accident Eugene Harms and Roger Johnson were both hospitalized last night as the result of injuries sustained in anj auto accident 'north of Loomis t ' f s The young men were involvp in the accident when their car hi loose gravel on the highway and overturned Extent of ‘ the injuries suffered by the two have'not yet been ascertained fully den helping 1 fruits of the New Low In Thievery 1 PORTLAND Me 0JJ9 £ gian hubbard squash was the pride of the youngsters at - the Children’s Hospital whoj teiided their garden all summer from cots wheel chairs and crutches Just before the harvest thieves went through the gar- themselves to the summer’s labor in- Franumt Explosion at Burlington Depot Kilti! Night Clerk: FREMONT Neb LR) One man was ‘ killed and the Burlington freight depot and two loaded box cars weire destroyed 'by a terrific explosioii and fire here last night Wayne J Baker 28 night clerk in th depot was killed by explosion which blfcw off the top and sides of the one-story structure He wjas identified through personal papers found in his pocket His lomel was at Lincoln Sam Fee Burlington general manager at Omdhla said he believed the explosion resulted from an accumulation of gas He sajd were no explosives stored in the depo and that a check of bills of lading failed toj show any explosives in the box cars State Police! Search Iin for Parts of Murdered Woman’s Body WLES CENTER N Y UR) — Weary state police today searched rainsoaked terrain nekr this village for dismembered! parts of a murdered woman's body Milwaukee police have requested a pathological report pn the human parts in the belief! the victim might be Mrs Cecelia M LeMay iticil who' vanished from that city June I The searchers were stalled in the ay of their hunt yesterday by ting wind-driven rjain Five troopers concentrated their efforts on a desolate! two-mile heavily wooded area not far distant Erom where a right forearm and a knee joint were discovered last week end Since then another knee joint was unearthed nearby Police believed the killer drove an automobile through the -areal hurling remnants of the woman body into the dense under- irusji which lines area roads j toys with Guns Are lonnd to Get into T rouble Even Popguns fAlls city — of cowboys Neb UR) — A took an exciting mje of sut painftil turn for two Falls City youpgsterj when they stirred up a ‘ bees with their giant swarm of gu They were Gene Hansen 5 and Ron: lie Sanders 3 R innie was armed with a pop gun and Gene’s weapon for the cow oy game ftas a cap pistol They discovered a hole tir'the groined and Ronnie bravely stuck lis popgun into it A big swarm of bees angered by he attack emerged from the lole and swarmed over the boys’ lodies Orden Richmond a member of he ! Fire Department pulled off ton lie’s clothing jto rid him Qf the eei and then i called the fire truck With the aid of a fog noz: le the bees finally were subdue 1 ) T te two' young cowboys after getting medical attention decided against challenging such form id-foes in the future - Stagger System Solves School Overcrowding PAXTON Pa j(UR Lower Pax-on township school solved its lousing problem with the school-lour shift O Faced with the problem of cramming all students of the school’s one to 12 grades juitp simultaneous sessions R R Baugher principal put1 the “shift” plan into operation Under the system 'high school pupils report for plasses from eight to 12 in the morning and elementary graders come jn one until five in the afternoon The shift approved by the state provides pupils with four hours instruction Instead of the previous 4 hours Life Begins Agcdn oi 91 LIFE BEGINS at 91 foi George Sears whoj swept Mrs Martha Wiliams 80rjrar-old widow right off her feet in a whirlwind courUhip 1 of caie week at Monterey Park CaL which ends with their marriage Octi S The happy couple met through a pen pal club She has out lived her fivq children Five of -his six ore aliTe (Interaatijonil) ‘-tf '- 5 — —— a— -V -'jr'i T - - ‘'I Russia in Atomic Russia Announces Her Planes Will Hold Firing Practice BERLIN UR) Russia announced today that Soviet warplanes will 'engage in aerial'-combat firing practice during the day near the western air corridors to Berlin! ! : The aerial combat maneuvers will be held west of Berlin over the Soviet zone crossed by airlift planes on their run to the German capital the Russians informed the four-power air safety center: 1 The Soviet announcement said the firing practice would continue throughout the day ending at 6 P M It did not specifically state that the Soviet planes would be using live ammunition but it was clearly implied that bullets would be flying in the air corridors ! This is the first time the Russians have announced aerial combat firing practice in the vicinity of the western air corridors j Previously they have announced ground anti-aircraft firing practice and air-to-ground strafing practice but no aerial combat maneuvers American airlift pilots flying the Fassberg corridor to Berlin late yesterday reported they saw Soviet planes engaged in air-to-ground strafing in the corridor j Atomic Commissioner Won’t Reconsider Blacklisting CIO WASHINGTON (UR) A spokesman today said chances are slim that the Atomic Energy Commission will reconsider its blackllist-ing of two CIO deft wing unions CIO President Philip Murray last night urged Commission Chairman David E Lilienthal to take another look at thejeommission’s ban on the United Electrical Workers as bargaining agents for employ esin atomic planis Meantime ' Murray also urj Chairman W W Smith of the U S Maritime Commission to intervene in an effort to settle the West Coast shipping strike Buffett Is Isolationist of All Isolationists OMAHA Neb (UR) Rep Howard Buffett R Neb was called “the isolationist of all isolationists’? last night by Eugene O’Sullivan Democratic candidate for congress O’Sullivan seeks to unseat Buffett in the second district O’Sullivan in a radio address accused Buffett of “playing info the hands of the Communists" byj vot- ing against the Marshall plan “Stalin Molotov and other henchmen of Russia squealed and ranted against the Marshall plan" O'Sullivan said “They sought to destroy it They accused America of interferring in the affairs of other governments Vito Marcan-tonio New York C itycongre$sman and every congressman i'q the United States shouted against it) “We find our present congressman voting with MarcantoniO and calling the Marshall plan ’operation rathole’” ’ojiera One Way to Escape Cold BOSTON UR) It won’t be d cold winter for five Massachusetts youths Sailing a 50-foot auxiliary schooner on a 12000-mile voyage to Cham they plan to celebrate Christmas at Honolulu jcn perhaps bn Wake Island Their jtripL expected to last four months j will take them down the Atlantic coast through the Panama Canal and across the Pacific to Hawaii and 80 NUMBER 235 Drop Demands Thjit Atomic Wezponi Be s Scrapped Inimediately PARIS' OJ JO Russia in a major change of her' atomic Energy policy offered today to abandon her previous -demand that' all -atomic weapons be scrapped andjfyhib-ited before international' control machinery can be eetablished The offer -was voiced by Soviet Chief Delegate -Andrei Vishinsky who called Jpr a ‘ “simultaneous" prohibition of atomic weapons and creation of an international atomic energy control organization ' VISHINSKY introduced a two- part resolution before thepolitical committee of the United' Nations general assembly which would: ' 1 Order the Security ' Council and Atomic Energy Commission to ' continue negotiations -on' atomic energy and- 2 Prepare to draft conventions on banning atomic bomb weapons and creating an international con- -trol agency Both parties would be “signed and put into force sim- -ultaneously” j j Even though the offer marked a break in the unchanging two-year Soviet demand tor scrapping all-1 American atomic bombs ' as tftd prime condition for establishing -international control it did not ap- pear to increase greatly 1 the chances of ah east-west actard on the problem Vishinsky announcement of Russia’s willingness to postpone the banning of atomic weapons until agreement oh international' control is reached was $ major change in Soviet policy - ! But it still left the east and west as far apart as ever on what con- -stitutes “effective international control” The United States insists that international control must be developed byftages The U S is willing to turn over Its atomic energy information aiul destroy Jtr bombs j foraninterhstlonal authority only - -after the various stages hayeybe-' “ come effective 'and security safe guards are assured ' Vishinsky s resolution was introduced after another long tirade answering western speakers and again attacking 'the American atomjc energy control plan ' Western delegates immediately interpreted Vishihsky's proposal as another Soviet propaganda move designed to place the blame' ‘for ' breaking off atomic negotiations on the western powers Vishinsky’s proposal was made after a ‘trade against French Defense Minister Paul Ramadier who -had called upon'Russia to support the American atomic energy con- trol plan Ramadier reminded the Russians that “everybody else" has as much fear of the atomic bomb as the Soviets -“The atomic bomb is as horrible for those who use it as for those who receive it? Ramadicr'said ? Ramadier warned that failure to reach agreement on atomic (energy control would mean the death of the United Nations i ' He warned thait- international control and inspection of atomic ' -energy -was made mandatory by -Soviet hints that Russia has the atomic bomb These hints were repeated -in to- day’s session by Yugoslavia’s Ales -Bebler who mentioned the atomic bomb monopoly in the same cryptic fashion as Vishinsky did yesterday Vishinsky accused Ramadier of following the same atonic policy as his “American inspirers" whom the Russian identified as President Truman Gov Thomas E Dewey and David E Lilienthal chairman of the United States atomic energy-commission : Bebler in his speech supporting' Russia accused the western powJ era of “rattling an atomic saber as ah arm of diplomacy"' He charge ' ed that the American plan was deliberately drawn so it would be unacceptable to the Soviet union j: San Diego Reports Jump in Marijuana Smokkg SAN DIEGO CaL UJ9 Mari-juanasmoking is increasing in the San Diego area and many of the plants are being grown right in town police Qfficials report Detective Robert Ritchie of the' narcotics detail said that “In certain sets in San Diego the smoking jof marijuana has practically beeone a fad” Inj one month ' of ' this year ' Ritchie said the local department made ten arreste of persons connected with marijuana — - “In all of 1947 we Bad only ten cases 1 involving marijuana" he added'! j Aj recent $urvey found that 63 perjeent of all co-operative frozen food locker were : in the north central 'spates j ‘ ) 0'' ilj 4 i-i ' I'--r- :4K- j iv -i : 'i‘ i i 4 1 s ) T ' - A A i I -f- r V' : Ji 4 ‘ i: v 1 f b I - : V mi t ' j f t i ) t j j j - IU v t i si - j- i ' -I 1 - 1 4 ia iff ' 1

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