The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 7, 1955 · Page 26
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 26

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 7, 1955
Page 26
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(in.) Uppftr 5*> Main** thursday, July ?, 19SS PHONE 1100 -> YOUR NEWSPAPER SHOE SALE AIR-STEPS Colors: White, Black-White, Blue-White, Black, and Brown. All sizes, all widths, AAAA's to E's, $10.95 and $11.95 values. 5.95 - 6.95 - 7.95 AIR-STEP CASUALS Colors: White, Beige, Tan 4 ft C and Black. $7.95 and $8.95 4. / J Values. ^SUMMER FLATS Colors: White, Black, Tan and Red. $4.95 to $7.95 Values. 2.98-398-4.95 CASUALS &KEDETTES Colors: Wheat, Tan, White, Black and I White and Beige. $4.95 and $7.95 values, now at these low prices. 1.98 - 2.98 - 3.98 BUSTER BROWN GLAMOUR DEBS Loafers, straps and oxfords—that will be perfect for school next fall. Formerly $6.95 and $7.95. 3.98 - 4.95 - 5.95 Women s & Children's ROBIN HOODS Choice of loafers, straps or ties. Formerly sold for $5.95 and $&95. 1.98 - 2.98 • 3.98 ROBLEES--PEDWINS Big buys for the men and boys. These shoes are $10.95 and $12.95 values. Terrific reductions! 5.95 - 7.95 - 8.95 Large Group At Thirtieth Jensen Reunion Seneca—The 30th annual Jenson reunion was held Sunday. June 26, at Ringsted park. There were 87 persons present. A pot luck dinner was enjoyed at noon after which the group enjoyed the following program: Audience song, Onward Christian Soldiers and Silver Threads Among the Gold; Solo. Debbie Jensen: Solo, Paul Thoreson: Piano Solo. Patricia Reid; Solo. Raymond Wilberg -.Reading, Mrs Ralph Jensen: Vocal Duct, Luella and Cecil Thoreson; Saw .Solo, Mrs Ted Jensen. The business meeting was called to order by the president, Ralph Jensen. The family history was read by Ted Jensen The births included a son to Mr and Mrs Charles Long, a daughter to Mr and Mrs Lowell Haukom. a daughter to Mr and Mr Mervin Hokenstad, twin boys to Mr and Mrs Dick Jensen, daughter to Mr and Mrs Bill Reidel, a daughter to Mr and Mrs Palmer Jensen and a boy to Mr and Mrs Wallace Hansen. Marriages included those of Marvin Wilberg and Mary Clare; Lloyd Helgason and Thelma Godfredsen: Oliver Thoreson Algona Vacations here and Washington so it will ake them a little time to rc t ach the place they plan to spend most of their vacation. They vent via train. Mr and Mrs Phil Kohlhaas had heir vacation a little ahead of he usual summer time holiday. Two months ago they went to Washington, D. C.. to visit their ons and daughter-in-law, Mr mil Mrs Vernon Kohlhaas and Dean and Bob Kohlhaas. Vernon s fin attorney there and his wife s the former Gertrude Zender, laughter of the late Mrs Zendet ind Frank Zender. They plan o come here in August for their aeation. Bob and Dean Kohl- uias have rooms together. The jarents have been home but a nnd Dorothy McKean and Sandra Lampc and Florence tljmscn. There were no deaths in th6 fam- ly during Ihe year. Election of the officer's tot the coming year was as follows: President, Cecil Thoreson, Swea City; vice president, Norman Wilberg, Ringsted; secretary, Lorenzo Helgason, Armstrong: program committee, Mrs Virgil Jensen, Mrs Ralph Jensen ar.d Mrs Erie Reid; Food Committee, Mrs Wendell Jensen, Mrs M;iy- nard Jensen and Mrs Ed Jensen. In attendance from this area were Mr and Mrs J. O. Helgason. Mr and Mrs Wendel Jensen, Janice and Paul, Mr and Mrs Dick Jensen, Sally, James and John, Mr and Mrs Lorenzo Helgason, Harry, Howard and David, also a guest, LaDonna Porter, all of Armstrong; Mr and Mrs Virgil Jensen, .Marcia, Aleta and Lowell ,Mr and Mrs Cecil Thoreson. Janet and Paul, Mr and Mrs Maynard Jensen, Dwane and La- vorine and Mr Otto A. Jensen, all of Swea City. Mr and H. E. Jensen, Algona; Minnie and Lila Hansen, Bode; Mr and Mrs Martin Wilberg, Robert, Jerry, Raymond and Don- aid, from Fenlon; Mr and Mrs P. H .Jensen, Mr and Mrs Ted Jensen ,Jill and Becky and J. H. Jensen, all from Fenton. Mr and Mrs H. N. Wilberg and Dick, Mr and Mrs Nonnan Wilburg, Mark, Paul and David, Mr and Mrs George Jensen and Donald. Mr and Mrs J. N. Jensen, and Dennis from Ringsted. Mr and Mrs Lyle Newell were Sunday evening callers at the Ted Jensen home. Mr and Mrs Henry Rasmussen of Kansas City, Mo..visited from Sunday until Tuesday morning at the'O. R. Patterson home. The Rasmussens were enroute home from a fishing trip in northern Minnesota. Mrs William Gilchrist and son Billy of St. Joseph, Mo., spent from Wednesday until Saturday at the parental O. R. Patterson home. The Pattersons took them to Carroll Saturday night where they were met by Mr Gilchrist. 6. R. Patterson observed his birthday anniversary Sunday. In honor of the occasion many friends and relatives called at the Patterson home during the afternoon and evening. Mr and Mrs Peter Helmers of Waterloo spent from Friday ol last week until Sunday night at (he parental Everett Witham home. Sunday, Mrs Helmers rode with the Seneca Saddle club to the Riverdale Rodeo held at Emmetsburg. Mr and Mrs Millen Jensen and Mark, of Waltham, Minn. FrHGSE WOMEN! 'It that you, Dr. Burnt? Hei'e I am amidst the chlorophyll! * WitU all be sitting inside the cottage, shivering and lighting, watching it rain. 4 , , \ Before we can lake off, Ihete's lots remaining' to be done. The clothes have to be washed and ironed at the last minute for our wardrobes aren't extensive enough to cover more than a few days. There's shopping to be done and equipment to be lined up. The list grows longer each year —right now we plan to take, a motor for the boat, a pressure cooker, Mamma's typewriter, Bill's skin diving outfit, the ice chest for fish, a half ham destined to end up as bean soup,,a stack of books and magazines, the girls' dolls, and a collection of games for rainy days. I hope we have room for the kids. * » * I'm rtol planning on doing any extra cooking this week, but I do have a recipe for you. Lorraine Guzowski phoned recently to ask if I had a recipe for pickled beans. I didn't have one then, but I do now. It's for Dilly Beans and they are crisp, easy and need no cooking. 4 pints whole green beans . l k tsp. red pepper, 1 clove garlic, 1 head dill for each jar. 2 cups cider vinegar 2 cups water "4 cup salt Pack the washed, stemmed green beans in hot sterilized jars. Add the pepper, garlic and dill to each jar. Heat the vinegar, water and salt to boiling. Pour over bc;ms. Seal. Grace hurt time and in spite of a vonderful visit, "Ethel" says there's no place like home." Carl Hutchins said he was too jusy to play around vacationing out he didn't mind letting the vife Ella and daughter Katherine ;o to Miles City, Mont, to visit din's brother and sister-in-law, vTr and Mrs Rufus Ashelford. i'he giils really got around, for Ella told me'they added 1700 niles just fining places near Miles City. They went to Virginia "lily, the oldest in Montana, saw the Cuslcr battlefield, saw a •odeo, watched the branding ol 200 calves, and returned home via Yellowstone park. A wonderful AVO weeks preceded by one week 7 or Carol at her brother and s:ser-in-law's home at Minneapolis, Minn. Katherine came home to sellle down to work in the Shum- Kelly & Fristedt law office. Two I questioned have winter vacations in the backs of the'r minds — Mr and Mrs Henry Johannsn and Mr and Mrs Glenn Hancy. It wasn't a full established thins — Just toying with the -.„ - --. ... idea—And by that time I'll bj struck by the shuttlecock. Doc- wishing I were on the road again lors feared the sight in the eye It's the "gypsy" in us all! may be destroyed. son visited Monday afternoon at the Everett Witham home. The Jensen are former Seneca residents who were also members of the Seneca Saddle club. Weekend guests at the Martin Wiltaerg home included Mrs Ida Eisenschmidt and son-in-law Bill Riedel of Dubuque, who came to attend the 30th reunion of the Jensen family. Mr Ricciel returned to Dubuque Monday while Mrs Eisenschmidt remained until Tuesday. Monday evening the Wilbergs entertained at dinner in her honor. Guests included Mr and Mrs H. N. Wilberg and Mr and Mrs Norman Wilberg and family of Ringsted. INJURED Kenneth Twit, of Slater, received a serious eye injury during a badminton game. He was THE SHOE STORE THAT TAKES CARE OF YOUR FEET Phone 240-W Alg'onu CONVERT YOUR GRAINS TO SOLID MEATY GAINS "As Much As $9.00 Savings Per 100 Lbs. Gain" MINERAL MEAL Corn savings now pay off more than ever! And you can lie t first class RESULTS with your hogs on Sargent Minrul Meal. Results on corn savings are greatest with proper supplementing. Tests prove that you can save up to 6 bushels of corn per 100 pounds gain, compared to ordinary eom feuding. Thai cuts normal corn costs in half. If corn is $1.50, you can save up to $9 cash per 100 pounds of gains. On u 200 pound hog, that adds up to $18. Sargent Minral Meal gels such big corn savings RESULTS, because il has the genuine pork building m- giedicnls. Blends these into a great money-saving hog supplement. Sargent Minral Meal lias vitamins, proteins and niiurals plus extra factors. On Minral Meal, hogs just naturally make a healthy, profitable finish. 4 Big Meat-Building Supplements All In One Bag — All At One Low Price On Sale Also At Algona Flour & Feed Co. Sargent & Co "Makers of Famous Sargent Feeds" This week there arrived in the mail, a letter from Betty Vinson of Rock Rapids. I was doubly pleased to receive it—first, because I had been wondering What ever had become of Betty and second, because the letter con- lained, as her missives usually do, some helpful suggestions for the column. * * « "Why don't you re-run some of your columns by popular demand", writes Betty. "Like rerun television shows—'The Best of Grace', of, 'The Summer Days (Daze) of Grace'." Then Betty enclosed, and I still don't know if she did it on purpose, a clipping entitled, "Loafing To Stay Healthy Is One Fascinating Idea." • • • Now, I don't have to be hit over the head to recognize a good idea when I see one, and in my case a "popular demand" can consist of just one reader. At our house we are frantically packing lo go on our vacation, so re-running a column is a most welcome idea. And, '.'traveling with children" should be a most appropriate subject for that's just what we'll be doing. « •* The saying, "He travels fastest who travels alone", must have been thought up by some parents who had just returned from a summer vacation ttrip accompanied by their offspring. * * * Traveling with the children is a major underlaking, whether it's a hundred mile jaunt to a lake cottage or an extended tour of the United States. Either trip has few dull moments and the equipment to be taken along is just 'about the same, too. * • • The first problem is getting all thai gear stowed in the car. Those firm resolutions about traveling light have a way of wobbling when Sister can't bear to leave her doll at home and Junior tearfully demands his dump trucks. Then the uncertain laundry facilities necessitate packing almost the entire family wardrobe. Father must have his fishing equipment and Mother can't cook without her favorite frying pan. Sometimes it would be simpler to phone a moving crew and take the whole house along on the vacation. * * * "Take Along Plenty of Food" is a major rule when traveling with youngsters. No matter how many meals you eat in restaurants, some little voice is always piping up, "I'm hungry!" A few dox.en sandwiches, certain less juicy fruits and a box of cookies will help stave off starvation. Potato chips are nice too, but they make you mighty thirsty. & v * This brings us to another family touring problem — maintaining the bodily liquid balance. Crossing the Sahara on a camel could not bring any more thirst to a young throat than passing a root beer stand in an automobile. Street corners have water fountains on them and ioad signs advertise pop. If any child forgets about wanting a drink for a moment or two, he is easily reminded. * C « When you finally get all throats watered down, you find you have trouble at the other end of the line. All lamily trips :>tarl with a whispered suggestion to each member. When you stop for gas there, are mure suggestions with the invariable leply, "I don't hafta now." But when you gel fifly miles from nowhere oul on the highway, they all "hafta" and they can't wait for the ncxl rest room! V * * Smart parents have a few tricks up their sleeves to amuse the kids while traveling. There are ull sorts of jolly games like Five Guesses and Who .Sees the Highway PaUolmnnV 'I'm) nlu-n lite diversionary methods don't work and parents just give up and let the kids fight. Or they can read comics. Bui this has a way of robbing travel of its broadening influences and Beetle Bailey often holds more fascination for the youngsters lhan Ihe sights of the trip. « * * Traveling with children may net be the most relaxing way lo tour, but I'm convinced that .it is worth all the headaches. When you return, you find you have a whole new compartmenl filled in your storehouse of memories. Those can be taken out and fondly looked at long after the children are grown and they'll furnish all sorts of material for "ic- member when" sessions. If we tend to polish up the good parts and make our family look lots more adventuresome, who's to care? And, taking the children along on a trip is usually less complicated than finding a com- petant baby-sitter. V * * By the time you read this, I plan to be on the beach in front of the Algona Outing Club cottage on beautiful Cass Lake, Father and Bill will be out in '.he boat catching w;.ll-oyes as fast as they can pull them in. The girls will be making mud pies and sand castles in between swims and Wienie will be under the porch chasing chipmunks. Or. and this is a very horrible idea, we'll DRAGGED After he parked his car at Neola recently ,Rev. Stephen Jones noticed the car was beginning to move. He rushed back and opened the door to apply the emergency brake but his feet slipped and he was dragged across the highway. The car stopped when il struck a gasolim pump. L. S. BOHANNON My brand new hal — there it goes floating down the riverl It blew off while I was crossing the bridge. Now what! How about the fire and 'extended coverage' insurance on my home and belongings — it covers wind damage. Will it buy me a new hat? For the answers to your insurance questions, feel free to call me at the Bohannon Insurance Agency, Phone 103. "HOME FEDERAL" Home Loan WILL DO IT! We are specialists in the handling of home loans , . . and specialists in advising you concerning this important step. Home loans to buy, remodel or build. Stop in and have a friendly chat with us. HOME FEDERAL SAVINGS & LOAN ASSOCIATION ALGONA, IOWA The Algona Upper Des Moines PRESENTS: New f Homes of 1955 in Algona New Homes Recently Completed and Homes Under Construction t 9 f

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