The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 9, 1954 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 9, 1954
Page 3
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FRIDAY, APRIL 9, 1954 BLYTHEVILLB (ARK.) COURIER NEWS The McCarthy Story-5 Sen. McCarthy Tells Political Plans; Denies Seeking Power EDITOR'S NOTE — In an exclusive interview, two veteran AP reporters asked Sen. Joseph McCarthy about his political plans. In this second article of two, here are his answers. By JACK BELL And REDMAN MORIN WASHINGTON (AP) — Is Sen. McCarthy running for president? Is he trying to capture control of the Republican party? The Wisconsin senator answers "no" to both questions in this recorded interview with The Associated Press. Participating also •was Boy M. Conn, chief counsel of McCarthy's investigating committee. Here are the questions, and McCarthy's answers: Q—Senator, there has been a great deal of speculation on the question of whether you are running for the Republican presidential nomination in 1956 or a later year. McCarthy — The answer is definitely no. Q—Along that line, are you trying to capture the Republican party in any way? A—Definitely not. Any such attempt on the part of any one senator would be ridiculous. Q—You said you are not trying to capture the Republican party. Do you want to be the power behind the throne and have a powerful voice in naming the next Republican presidential nominee? Is that one of your objectives? A—Would I like to have something to say about naming the next— Q—More than just something. * * »A — I generally campaign for a man who I think would be the best candidate. I assume I will campaign for the man who I think could be the best Republican president again. Q—At this point you have said, I think recently, that Eisenhower's batting average is so high that you would campaign for him in 1956. I assume that batting average is maintained. A—I think his batting average is good. I would campaign for him if he were running today. Q — In a televised speech, Nov. 24, 1953, you said, "Let us glance at a few cases where our batting average is zero, where we struck out in our efforts to rid the government of Reds and pro-Reds." Do you believe that the average is higher now or lower? A—At that time I said I thought the average was high. I discussed the John Paton Davies case. I thought our batting average was zero in that case. (John Paton Davies is a career diplomat whose loyalty has been challenged by McCarthy. He has been cleared seven times by State Department loyalty-security boards and once by the government's top loyalty review board in the Truman administration. Secretary of State Dulles announced March 23 that Davies will go before a special security board to clear up "conflicting points" raised in a new investigation of his record. Davies currently is counselor to the U.S. Embassy at Lima, Peru.) I think President Eisenhower's batting average was good then. I still think it is good. I don't expect we will ever have a president, no matter how good he is, who will be perfect all the time. That is one of the reasons why you have a Congress. * » • If you could elect a president who was a perfect individual, he wouldn't need the checks of the Congress. Q—It has been frequently asserted that you are deliberately provoking a fight with the President. Is that true in any way? A—I think if you just examine who does the shouting you might get the answer to that. Whenever I dig out a Communist who was brought in by the old administration. I find someone like the Alsops. Edward R. Murrow or RETREAD TODAY... THE McCAUL WAY! • Retreading • Repairing • Vulcanizing -Service Our Specialty- You Are Invited to See Our Large Tulip Bed . . , McCAUL TIRE STORE S. Hiway 61 Blytheviile, Ark. SUNDAY & MONDAY APRIL 11 & 12 Wl screen THE STORY OF A PASSIONATE LOVE THAT BECAME THE STRANGEST ADVENTURE EVER TOLD! ... of tfie Yankee who once ruled forbidden Morocco and the love he stole from the hidden harems of that fabulous land! Drew Pearson shouting that McCarthy is starting a fight with the President. It is so ridiculous that you can't hardly answer it. I am doing the job that the President promised that our administration would go, dig out the Communists. I may say the President has never indicated to me that he was unhappy about digging Com- mimists out. Q—Has he ever indicated to you that he was unhappy about the methods that you have used in digging out Communists? A—No. Let's have this qualification. He may have said things in press conferences that you might interpret to mean he was unhappy. I would let you interpret those because they are all matters of public record. As far as communication to. me, directly or through anybody on his staff, or anyone else, he has never indicated .any unhappiness. Q—You don't interpret these press conference remarks as indicating unhappiness. as you call it. with the method you have used? A—You will have to tell me what method you have in mind. By "method" do you have in mind the method of calling a witness in, examining him and getting the truth? I don't imagine he would be unhappy with that. * * * Q — The method of calling them in and examining— A—I can't conceive why he would be unhappy with that. You have to name some method that is objectionable. The record is available for anyone to see. We call a man in. We give hira every right to counsel. Give him every right to rebut the testimony against him. I can't think of anything we can do in addition to that. If anyone has any further suggestions, I would be glad to hear them. You find people screaming about methods, but they never tell what methods they have in mind. Q—Just what are your personal relations with the President? You meet him once in awhile, at least socially. You have been to the White House. A—I personally like him. Whenever I have met him, it has been a friendly meeting'. Q—You think his reaction to you is the same as your reaction to him? A—He would have to answer that. Q—In view or the statements that have been made recently by some Republican senators in the leadership and Leonard Hall, the national chairman, do you think there is rising opposition to you within the party, within the Republican party? A—I think you would be just as good a judge of that as I am. There were times in the early days of this fight when it was not too popular in the eyes of some for a senator to be seen talking to me on the floor of the Senate. Then there are times when a great number of congressmen and senators were clamoring for me to come into the-ir states to speak. I have seen times when some of them definitely didn't want me in their state. If I were to be concerned about my own personal popularity, with the ebb and flow of personal popularity, I couldn't do a job down here. I just have to go ahead and do this job—it is unpleasant—and not worry much about what effect it has on personal popularity. Q—Do you ever regard yourself as an issue in the coming elections? A—Well, I think the issue of communism is an all-important issue. The question of whether or not we have been doing a good job of digging them out I believe will Baseball Suits i Price Hubbard Hardware MOX -Theatre- On West Main St. In Blytheville Show Starts Weekdays 7:00 Sat.. Sun. 1:00 On Our Wide-Vision Metallic Screen mmmmmmmmmmmmmm»»immmmmm LAST TIMES TONIGHT Double Feature oi«k, TECHNICOLOR RICHARD TO DO—JOAN net —AND— PLUS CARTOON SATURDAY Double Feature .;* SUSAN CABOT-WCTMXWT A UNIVERSAL-INTERNATIONAL PICTURE —AND— AKFUHJCItClUK Plus Cartoon & "Jungle Drums" Serial Sat. OWL SHOW 11:30 A LIPPERT PICTURES PRESENTATION Cartoon & New Serial "Lost Planet Airmen'* No. 1 oe an issue. l u view of the fuel that 1 h,,ve been active in that work, my , l!Uno is ( doiUi fi Pcl wlln the it-M'o oi communism—I am not sure whether (hat is answering your oucMlon or not— Q-\V!:at tj )0 Democrats call "McCarihyism." A-~MrCarthyism. I assume, is digging out the Communists that they allowed to come hi over the past L\i years. That is a phrase cointM by the Communist Daily Worker, i didn't coin it. Apparently that nuMiiLs digging out their pet Communists. Q Are you ^oing into any what might be called private ' lights amo:iK Kepublicuns for senatorial nominnui>ns? A--I'tider no circumstances will I take any purl In any Republican primary. Q -Will you actively support or in n,-:v way support Margaret Chase Smith's opponent in Maine? A--I win take no part m any primary That, includes Maine. Q—Mipht you speak in Maine under uny circumstances during the primary, even though you were not inking pari in it? A—I certainly wouldn't blacklist Maine. I don't have any present definite engagement to speak In Maine. I 1401 about 25 or 30 invitations a day to speak in states from coast to coast. I received u |number of invitations from Maine. 'I.spoke up there twice, one Saturday and one Sunday several months :IL;O. to veterans groups. I have had requests from other veterans groups lo speak. Whether I will accept any or not. I don't know, if i do, I will be accepting them without any record to the primary fiuht in Maine. In other words. I am not going to go in or stay out because of any primary fight in t\ny state. Q — That ROCS for any sttae, of course? A—That is right. Very definitely. I am not taking part in any of these primaries. Q—I have a general question: your critics accuse you of dividing the nation and creating fear and confusion in America. Do you think there hns been any such result from your work? Box Office Opens 6:45 Show Starts 7:00 p. m. Admission 15c & 35c At All Times FRI. & SAT. Double Feature RANDOLPH SCOTT THE STRANGER WORE A GUN **• WOK* -a£0*GE WCCADT- ^L' * S'^-' mm • M«M t, urn tan —AND- COLUMBIA PICTUttS *""•••*. WDSSMULLER 1UHGI£ JM VALLEY OF , HEADHUNTIRS «ttt CWISTINE WPSM tnt TMIBAfrh* Wtnltd Chimp)- Sown flfT bj SWua KWMAN - B««J upon ttu IJTMIB W <"> *«f I Mm SyndMU wnpiptr (wturc • Praiuud br SAM IUTZMM MNcM If WUJMI KME Serial "Jungle Raiders" No. 2 Cartoon "Pandy Goes Fishing" SUN., & MON. Double Feature ptchrat pmiM> The Fanciest Danciest Showboat Ever! DicfcHAYMES TOTTER My MHOS -AND— Mr* RICHARD COHTE • IMM CHRISTIAN • ICWMUTZ- * MM MTZNM • METRO NEWS A--In other words, do you think t am creating fear by digging; out Communists? Q—I am not saying Unit; I say your critics have said that . A—I think we are creating con- sideraoie tear on tho part of Communists. There is no one else who should be afraid of our digging out Communists. I think this present tempest m a teapot about a few Fiith Amendment Communists we dug out of the Army is a good example. There are a lot of people who are screaming that we are hurting the morale of the Army. If you will drop over to my office and glance through a few of the thousands of letters I receive daily, you will find that. 99 out of 100 military men who write are extremely happy about the fact, that at long last the few Communists who are a disgrace to the Army are being exposed. They don't want Communists in the Army. In fact* they are as interested in getting them as I am. I may be petting away from your question. "Do you think you are creating fear and confusion?" I think fear on the part of the Communists, yes. Q — To some of your critics your recent statements seem to have indicated that you are trying to disassociate yourself more or less with this last controversy which is largely between Mr. Colui and Mr. Adams and you and Mr. Stevens, that you are deprecating the amount of importance of this thing. Is that your attitude on it? A —I have said that I think the people are getting awfully sick oi seeing the work of a committee held up pending the settlement of a dispute between my chief counsel and the Army's chief civilian counsel. I don't mean that that dispute should not. be settled. I think the senators and the public are entitled to get the information on it. I thnik it Is ridiculous, however, in view of the fact that the staff on our committee has nothing to do with this investigation of Adams and Roy <Cohn> that they should be forced to sit. around doing nothing. We have a tremendous back- load of work, for example, we have the names of 130 peope in defense plants, plants handling secret and ON OUR METALLIC CURVED SCREEN Listen to KLCN at 10:10 a.m. and 4 p.m. for Bits & Roxy Program Announcements LAST TIMES TODAY The hilarious comedy of a honeymoon In a house-on-wheels? ^LUCILLEBALL DESIARNAL fWLONG, ''«5~- | U8>^ggpHlMBi PARAMOUNT NEWS & CARTOON SATURDAY ONLY Double Feature Program MfflfJM . fftn/ne of the Sahara's Most Amazing Adventure! BiACKWW A Columbia Htpr'ml —PLUS- TWO CARTOONS SUNDAY & MONDAY ton BRAILLE-MARILYN ERSKINE ^rasm,*..... I] PAR. NEWS & CARTOON "RUGGID BIAR' other classified work, who have backgrounds of Communist activities. They nil must be culled in and put under oath and questioned about tins, i mink that is of vital importance. Some of those witnesses, if they act like those in the past, will even take the Fifth Amendment or whether or not they would sabotage the plant if to do so by the Communist in case of war with Communia* Russia. They must be dug out. We have ready for hearing » case in which there IB alleged attempted bribery and fraud in A!MK ka. It is extremely important to See MCCARTHY on Pa«e It Watch Repair on ALL MAKES! * Factory Methods * Manufacturers' Parts * Fast Service * Lowest Prices Why accept less than the best quality and workmanship. Just Say "Charge It". Crystals Fitted while you wait.' flGM GRUM HAMILTON BENRUS WALTHAM HELBROS LONGINES and ALL OTHERS DREIFUS Meel Dreifus .W. Wear Diamonds 31G WEST MA1X ST. OPENS 6:30 EACH NIGHT SHOW STARTS 7:00 2 SHOWS EVERY NITE! RAIN or SHINE! 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