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Belvidere Daily Republican from Belvidere, Illinois • Page 8

Belvidere, Illinois
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THE DAILY REPUBLICAN, BELVIDERE, ILLINOIS FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 10, 1937 Page Eight UUR WEATHER MAN H.ILBEflH WELL KNOWN WaMhingtun'a Birthday TflulTE A BARGAIN NIGHT 15c! TEXAS MARSH Grape Fruit 11 FILE FOR OFFICES Oil CITY TICKET Meat for Your Sunday Dinner X'UT FROM CERTIFIED STAMPED STEER BEEF ROLLED RIB ROAST ROLLED RUMP ROAST FANCY CHUCK ROAST LEG O' LAMB ROAST FANCY VEAL ROAST A GRAND STAND SEAT TO A STORY OF THRILLS BAKER, DIES ROMANCE. AND WHIRLWIND ACTION! If you like thrills here's your picture! with PATRICIA FILIS DENNIS MOORE ADDED! FITZPATRICK TRAVELTALK "Crime Doesn't Pay" SATURDAY Cherry Cake YOU ou HOULD Veil v'Wf SH TRY 7c Armour's Star Pork and Beans IN 16-OUNCE CANS 23c 15c Marchino Qft for salad, big bottle1 3 10c Philadelphia Cream 4 En Cheese, 2 packages I wv 20c Velveeta Cheese, ft spreads, for ltinches, 1 Rf Per package HILLSDALE BUTTER FRESH i FROM THE ELGIN CREAMERY POUND .7 344 10c Powder Sugar XXXX, the Best 1 Per 7c Jell-O, genuine Six Delicious Flavors I 7 Four boxes I 29c Swansdown -Cake OOg Flour, large size box MC 25c Calumet Baking IQ Powder, can I vC SUNNY HOME FLOUR BIG SALES Sunny. Home has nrnupn tn be one of the best; 48 lb. sk SPILLS, -sTf BARGAIN MATINES AT 2:30 SAT 15c! Comedy Betty Boop Cartoon Act Hand Bag HOME DRESSED FANCY CAPONS DOMESTICATED RABBITS YEAR-OLD HENS KERRER'S BREAKFAST Sausage small pure pork link; Pound KERBER'S Kountry Kured Bacon Squares, mild, smoked, not sliced, pound, Oranges Sunkist Navel Sweet as sugar Oranges 43c Tangerin Easy to peel, for the kiddies, per dozen 10c Largest Selection of Fresh Vegetables Green Beans, Beans, Brussell Sprouts, Broccali, Celery, Radish, Green Onions, Cauliflower, Fresh Mushrooms, Fany Head Lettuce, Jew Carrots, New Cabbage, Fresh Spinach, Fresh Beets, Fresh Limes, Fresh 'Strawberries, Fresh Pie Plant. Full line of Vegetables mm WJBUMd Highland Hospital Bakery Sale A Western Wild Cat on Horsebacl' He Tamed the Terrors of the Pla'ns! A ridin', two-gun 'Westerner who saw red when he was double-crossed and blasted his way to revenge with smoking guns! I EXTRA! Joe and Asbestos jmxriiiiiirtxxniixxxxxxiiziixiixxxr tixllllixxv Closing Sale STARTS SEEDLESS THIN SKIN FULL -OF JUICE 'V'i 10 Grapefruit 25c Sawyer's Chocolate 1 Cm Cookies, assorted, lb.

I Uw 23cRITZ 20c ALL PURPOSE WAFER, BOX 22c Soda Crackers, fresh from the ovens-two-pound box. 15c 10c Coffee Cakes, frost- 1 edNut Tops, EACH 2 MONARCH COFFEE ONE DAY SALE OF THE FINEST 241 Peaches or Pears in syrup, three big No. 2i 49c Dole's Pineapple Sliced, in syrup, two- OQf big No. 2 cans! 0C 5c Sunbright Cleanser large can. wC 5c Fels Naptha Laun- OQ dry Soap, 10 057C ISc KELLOGG'S Corn Flakes LARGEST SIZE BOX Cereal Bowl Free Blue Beacon COAL 8 TONS EQUALS 10 TONS OF Ordinary Coal BLUE BEACON is free from slate No Clinkers Low in Ash Holds Fire.

A Lump Coal That Will Save You Money! CAR ON TRACK! CITY FUEL CO Phones 414- 413 YOUTHS' with the Pan-Cord Sole $1.98 They're practically Just let him try to wear them out. 5 Clyde Helligas 408 SOITH STATE ST. I a appro BLACK OXFORDS have placed in our stock a lae and varied assortment of Hand Bags priced at $1.00 each. The New Spring: Shades: Black, Navy Blue, and Paisley. Bieg-e, Gray, Green, Red, Brown.

Your choice of these charming bags, $1.00 CORNELL REAM JEWELERS OPTICIANS 4 Fine Wtch Repairing. 405 South State Stnet i Chicago, Feb. lJForecasts for period ending Saturday evening at 7 o'clock, issued by U. S. weather bureau: Illinois: Cloudy, rain south and central portions, rain or snow extreme north portion, somewhat warmer extreme south tonight; tomorrow generally fair except possibly rain extreme northeast portion, somewhat colder and west-central portions.

-yev, Chicago and vicinity: Cloudy, rain or snow probable tonight and Saturday; not much change in temperature, lowest tonight near 32; moderate easterly winds. Outlook for Sunday: Generally fair. 1 Lake Michigan: Moderate south and southeast winds; mostly cloudy; possibly "rain or snow on extreme south portion tonight and Saturday, Wisconsin: Mostly cloudy-tonight: Saturday partly, cloudy; not much chang? in temperature. Iowa: Mostly cloudy, rain in extreme southeast, colder in extreme west tonight; Saturday generally fair and, somewhat colder. Mild Temperature Still with Us; Rain or Snow Indicated Mild winter weather was still the rule in this section today.

During the night last night the local teihperautre did not move below the 32-degree mark. At 7 o'clock this morning the mercury had moved upward to 34 degrees and at 11 o'clock there had been a further' rise to 36 degrees. The early afternoon reading, was 42 degrees. The weather bureau this morning reported a disturbance of moderate intensity has developed over the southern great plains and southern, Rocky mountain It is attended by widespread cloudiness. Rain has been reported from the lower Mississippi valley and the west Gulf states.

General Forecast cloudy weather is indicated for the southeastern portion of the north-central states with rain or snow tonight and Saturday. Generally fair weather will prevail elsewhere, in. the district tonight and Saturday, and throughout most of the district Sunday. Rain or Snow Indicated The forecast for Illinois indicates rain or snow in the extreme north portion while the forecast for Wisconsin predicts mostly cloudy and not much change in temperature. 16 Below Year Ago Last winter's record-breaking cold spell was still on the job one year ago today with a morning reading of 16 below zero and 7 above during the day.

TRIO DIES AS CAR PIUNGES INTO CREEK DEATH OF THREE YOUTHS AT DAVENPORT FOLLOWS PARTY AUTO CRASHES THROUGH OUARD RAIL AND TOPPLES 40 FEET INTO CREEK BED. -f- Davenport, Feb. 19-Three youths were killed today after a party when the automobile in which they were riding crashed through a jjuard rail and plunged 40 feet Into1 a creek bed. TJie dead: Pearl McGrew, 23, Rock Island, Mary Wickland, 18, Davenport; Ruben Swanson, Muscatine, la. Albert Gosma, 23, Davenport, driver of car, said he lost control of the machine.

Gosma, slightly lacerated and suffering from shock, said Ihey were taking Swanson home when the crash occurred, LOCAL OPTI A local option vote at the DeKalb city election on Apr. 20, has been assured with the filing of petitions Waring 1,270 signatures at the office of the city clerk. The petitions had been in circulation for the past two weeks. The local option question also voted on at the DeKalb township election Apr. 20, the necessary petitions having been filed with Town Clerk Roy Duncan.

DA WELL KNOWN AND HIGHLY ESTEEMED RESIDENT SUCCUMBS FOLLOWING ILLNESS OF A MONTH HAD LONG OPERATED BAKERY HERE LAST RITES TO BE ON MONDAY. Hubert Bender, head of the Bender bakery located on Buchanan street, died at his home, 125 West Hurlbut avenue, at 9 o'clock last night, death resulting from hardening of the arteries and heart trouble. He had been ill for a month and only recently had returned home from Highland The son of Mr. and Mrs. John O.

Bender, he was born at Fayette ville, N. on May 28, "1870, and was therefore 66 years old. He attended school in his native town and was married there in 1893 to Miss Florence E. Pease. The home had been made in Bel ividere for the last 34 years.

Mr. Bender was a member of the First Baptist church and the Masonic lodge. His passing brings sorrow to a large circle of friends by whom he was held in highest esteem. There survive the widow, three sons, Hairy of Limona, and George II. and Roy both of this city; two daughters, Mrs.

T-Ipllifns nnH Mrs T.Vfvrl amun, Doin oi tseiviuere, ana six grandchildren. His parents and a brother preceded him in death. Funeral services will be held at the home on Monday afternoon at 2 o'clock, Rev. J. Whiten officiating, and interment will be in Belvidere cemetery.

Word is received here of the death of Mrs. Georgia Kliyla Nei-bergall, former Belvidere resident, which occurred in Chicago on Friday, Feb. 12. She was the daughter, of the late Mr. and Mrs, Georgia Kliyla, of Union avenue, and after the death of her parents, she made her home in that of an uncle and aunt, Mr.

and Mrs. Al Swearin-gen, and her grandmother, Mrs. Fetzer, at Mendota. On Mar. 11, 1920, she was mart ried to Floyd Neibergall, of Paw Paw, 111.

Sheleaves a son, Robert, who is about 14 years old. Mrs. Neibergall was 37 years old. Burial was made at Mendota on Feb. 15.

Howard Peterson has returned from a business trip to Capron, Genoa, and other points. Peter Gilchrist has returned from business trip of a few days to Harvard and Woodstock. Gerald Houston is back from a business trip of a few days down-state. Miss Betty Whalen, who underwent an appendix operation a week ago, left St. Joseph's hospital for her home today.

Don Hawk was at Rockford last evening. Kenneth Strawn was a visitor in Rockford last evening. James Cunningham had an errand in Rockford last Mrs. Calvin Arnold and Mrs. James Walsh, of Rockford, were visitors in the city yesterday af ternoon.

Miss Charlotte Taylor has rol turned to her home today aftevi month's visit in Rockford. Conductor Ralph Mackey is home from Chicago for the day. Nick Fichter is out from Chicago for a short stay at his home here. Fred Armstrong is here from Chicago for the day, John Alexander alighted from the morning train from Chicago. Jerry Weeks, Janesvillc, spent part of the day in town." Mr.

and Mrs. Jerome Paepke were in Rockford last evening. Lawrence Jensen, of West Chicago, is in town for the day. M. J.

Fayram was at Freeport today on a business mission. Clyde Bcckington, of Garden Prairie, was a Visitor here yesterday afternoon. Mrs. Clyde Norris, of West Chicago, is a guest in the home of Mr. and Mrs.

E. O. Andrews, John Alexander came out from Chicago on the morning train. Mrs. Jack Bridson, of May-wood, is a guest in the homo of Mr.

and Mrs. Fred Stone. Amos Gohlke will be home from DeKalb to spend Sunday, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Berg were visitors in Rockford yesterday.

Misses Louise and Mildred Menge will be over from Rockford to remain over the weekend. The Misses Edith and Marie Fossler of Rockford will spend Sunday with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Fossler. MIS CHICAGO NO SURPRISES SPRUNG ON FIRST DAY FOR RECEIVING NOMINATING PETITIONS ONLY CONTESTS THUS FAR FOR COUNCIL SEATS IN FOURTH, AND FIFTH WARDS.

Eleven petitions for offices to be filled at the city election in April were filed in rapid order with City Clerk E. Geick this morning, this being the-1 first filing day. The last day for filing is Mar. 16. Three candidates for" alder-manic seats in the Fifth ward had watchers on hard throughout the night in order to secure choice spots on the ballot with the result that the names will appear in this order: Clarence Dif-ford, Fred Bowley, Clarence Dar-mon, and Fred Slater.

Frank Murphy, who will contest for a seat in the. Fourth ward, was the only one who had filed in thatward up to noon today. Aldermen Axel Stenman and M. Tilton have announced, however, that they will seek to retain their seats. The petition of Mayor Perry Crafty was the only one filed for that office as was that of City Clerk E.

J. Geick, who is also seeking reelection. Other filings made during the morning included: Ralph Ninemire for alderman in the First ward. Roy Weaver for alderman in the Second ward. Leslie Porter and i Herman L.

Klein for aldermen in 1he Third ward. So far the only contests to develop are in the Fourth and Fifth wards. DAILY RECEIVES IN RELIEF 51,127 The Red Cross flood relief fund, received through The Daily Republican, climbed to $1,127.62 this noon when Frank Clark, chief of the fire department, turned in $25 derived from the recent firemen's, ball and Charles W. $mith added another dollar. The coun-j ty total has passed the $3,500 according to Attorney A.

I J. Strom, county Red Cross' chairman. The business office of Thei Daily Republican has been one of the authorized receiving agencies for funds since the emergency started. Those having donations to make should turn them over in the future to authorized persons at the Boone county banks or to officers of the Red Cross. While the flood that swept the Mississippi and Ohio river valleys is out of the headlines, contributions are being received and, are still greatly needed to care for those still in concentration camps and the destitute persons who have returned to their water-soaked dwellings.

Still No Clue in Death of Luhrsen Last Friday at 8:45 o'clock at night, Herman Luhrsen, 50, was shot down by an unidentified assailant at his filling station near the north limits of Rockton. Mortally wounded, Luhrsen gasped out the story of the shooting as he lay on an operating table at the Beloit Municipal hos pital- He said a masked bandit shot him and robbed him of $23. Early Sunday morning he died. During the seven days that have elaosed since- the shooting, authorities admit they have failed to uncover a single worthwhile clue which might lead to the ar rest of the murderer. Further, after a conference of authorities yesterday, it was said 1 there is little likelihood of an early "break" in the case.

County ffices to Be Closed Monday Announcement is made that all countv offices will be closed all day on Monday, Feb. 22, in ob servance of Washington birth day anniversary. STOCKTON WILL MARK ITS 50TH ANNIVERSARY Stockton citizens have launched plans to celebrate the 50th "anniversary of the founding of the city some time this summer, A definite date for the celebration has not been set, but the event is expected to be a three-day affair. REPUBLICAN MONDAY February 22nd Uxxxxxmxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxnij WlTBECK JOHNSON "YOUR BUSINESS FRIEND" The undercurrent of real co-operative helpfulness of this friendly bank is a sincere desire to mold our service to meet the individual need of every patron regardless of, the size of their bank accounts reflected from Farmers State Bank Member of the, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. Member Federal Reserve System -community helpers of community planners.

is based on UNDERSTAND INQ rxxtxzxzxiHzxiiixiiizxxiixxuxuxxxxxxuxixxixa Fashfen-Flow BORROWERS, whether firms or individuals, discuss with us the details of their business. This helps them check up on the wisdom of their loans and, in addition, safeguards our depositors, 'whose bank accounts furnish most of the money which we lend. Only wen we reach complete understandings do we feel that we have the right to make loans. When we are convinced that a loan is good for the borrower, the depositor and the bank, then we are happy to go ahead. If you feel that you can use a bank loan profitably in your business, do not hesitate to talk it over with us in the strictest confidence, of course.

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