Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on June 6, 1973 · Page 28
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 28

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 6, 1973
Page 28
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ister-Mai III. Wednes June 6, 1973 In ft ming (Continued From Page .17) ernment asks its people to spy on each other? Hitler did it. Now Nixon does it!" The inherent potential for disaster, add others, is high. The tragic Illinois raid of last month, for example, was the result of an erroneous tip to DALE'S regional office. FOR HIS PART, DALE'S Ambrose minimizes the philosophic aspects of his hotline. A stocky Irishman from New York, with P.S. 109 bravado, he says he was weaned on the classic Victor McLaglcn movie "The Informer" (in Which an Irish rebel turns a pal in to police only to have pangs of conscience), but suffers no such systems, are not so confident as Ambrose about the moral- of their doines. The tn- ity lernal fink-hating scruples himself. He says "drug people are the very vermin of humanity," thus suggests that it takes low tactics to catch low life. We think, he adds, hotline tipsters are "the least odius" method of catching criminals. Others in government, operating similar informant doings. Revenue Service, for one, has long had a "bounty- informant" system for which there is precious little official liking. Says an official IRS statement on the Tax Informant policy: "The Revenue Service is fully aware of the distasteful implications to Americans of any actions which involve the spying of one individual on another." For this reason the policy is seldom publicized and never encouraged. "The law says we have to use it," adds one official, "otherwise . . THE IRS hesitation is understandable. Though not publicized, the Tax Informant law encourages more than 130,000 tips from the public every year (up 10,000 since 1970) — most of them useless, some of them motivated by low emotions. Of the 133,452 tips received at IRS offices last vear, says Service year, spokesman says Terry only ?,354 resulted in investigations. As for the rest? Well, says Gastelle, "We get a lot of spite mail here." Indeed. Laments IRS Intelligence Director John Olszewski; "A lot of the information received is from ex- v/lves complaining about alimony problems or child support." Other mail is from citizens protesting that "my neighbor John Jones is living too high off the hog." And some of the mail, it's suspected, is sent not for spite or envy but for greed: IRS rewards informants up to 10 per cent (a maximum of $50,000) of any- money recovered. DESPITE OFFICIAL displeasure with the Tax Informant police — "It almost seems un-American!" — the law remains and IRS agents must obey it, But at least, says Gastelle, 'the tips are accepted with some contempt and therefore suspicion. This attitude helps fashion safe- of private citizens. Gastelle says a tip must contain "substantial information" before it's" accepted. And even when an investigation is warranted, it often begins and ends with a check of a tax return. We down on "The Gastelle, guards against informer abuse don't swoop anybody," says Gastelle. most we do is ask a citizen to cottie in for an audit. After that the courts may have to decide. We're not in the business of harassment." Unfortunately, harassment is too often the result of informant systems, regardless of what protections are used. A careless tip to a cop, like hearsay evidence in a jury, can be officially disregarded but never truly forgotten. Like the story about the disgruntled sailor who wrote in the ship's log, "The captain was sober today," a seed once planted tends to grow. Says one candid Washington detective: "If I hear something about • a guy I'll always remember it. He may be totally innocent but I'll air ways femember what I heard. Evfirytime I see him I'll always remember what I heard. Any good cop's the same. SO ft IS WITH the endless tips from the informant system in America. Joe Gora of the American Civil Liberties Union says they are an unfortunate combination of necessity and finkism: "There can be ho objection to people giving legitimate information to authorities, but what we're concerned with is that such things as 'hotlines' can create an atmosphere for rumor and abuse and, therefore citizen harassment." Gora says all informant Systems should have ironclad safeguards against abuse, but few do. Mostly, says a narcotics <5op who's critical of America's Heroin Hotline, "Mostly,, the thinking is that anything's fair in catching crooks." And the thinking, sometimes, goes ibeyond just catching crooks. The U, S. service academies have long had "honor systems" whereby ca- Re-Joyce Lb. Bag 3 y. Korn-Top EVERY DAY JUNE SLICED 79c RE-JOYCE Grapefruit Segment 303 Cans $|00 Lb. GRAPEFRUIT or ORANGE oz. Can Lb. reen Beans RE-JOYCE 303 Cans 4/ $ l White Potatoes RE-JOYCE Kraft Grape Jelly Hunt's Tomato Sauce Charmin Tissue Hunt's Manwich 303 Cans 2 Lb. 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Euro- ipeans participate extensively in bountydnformant systems of their own nations. Yet there is something particularly distressing about this nation, of Benedict Arnold experience, going the way of all flesh. Sad to see the blurring of the line between good citizen and snitch. But perhaps there is hope. The story at IRS headquarters is about an informant who once turned in a tax cheater but couldn't collect the bounty. Why not? "During the course of investigation it was found that the fink too had filed a padded return." Bingo. And hallelujah. If there's no neighborliness left among us, then there's at least poetic justice. j j Bishop Sees Methodists As 'Scattered 9 JACKSONVILLE — Bishop Lance Webb of Springfield depicted the United Methodist Church as a "scattered" church in the face of universal moral, political and religious disintegration at Monday's opening session of the 5-day Central Illinois annual conference. Bishop Webb told members that in the last five years since the union of the former Methodist and Evangelical United Brethren churches, membership has fallen 664,526. "At this rate, there would be no United Mthodist Church in 10 years," he said. The bishop cited three reasons for decay — refusal to accept as essential segments of the Christian faith commitment of stewardship of the whole of life, sacrifice as a response to the Lord, and* discipline that keeps faith vital and growing. He told delegates conference, however, hopeful signs number of to the there are nopetui signs in the growing number of clergymen who are committing themselves to a new spiritual discipline; seminary graduates are asking for service in the local church; laymen are rediscovering their commitment, and there are indications of renewed youthful spiritual soul-searching. 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