Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on June 6, 1973 · Page 25
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 25

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 6, 1973
Page 25
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or the Bir LOWS(tJPi)-?tesi*tenu tm. ttAurtaui commuftltlM dom wender km whom tho >lls, it toils ttm m mk have been duMxxl _ fl4Ine" o ««Mftc«e strictly the blfido, the city councils Overland urn. Otentlale have 'defied cats on the must have bells dangling r the CJfcy fathers said the ordl- ittcea are aimed at protecting tds from the daws of cats, iwever, thdy M the burden r attaching &c bells to the ty -Attorney' Notmiao A. Spel- of Ovwlaiid, wk> dr<yft up € law, aidmiits many cats it resist taking to the bell. telfler said he has had trouble his own cat; douldn't get it to wear a ir»" he said. "It would kill t faying to get it off." tew cat owners complained (hey collar or harness If pet?, the animals will hang *on ft fence or two Ilrrib. Mayor Noman A, Myers of vferland, howevw, play«l down number of compftainfcs since ordinances have been in et> tect the last two months. In ct, hre said, no one opposed e bell bill while it was up for onsideration in the City Coun- il. lite effectiveness of the ring- &arly warning system was lueationed by Ftfank Erb, a ngtime meimlber of the blrd- otecting Audubon Society. Cats stalk vtory slowly, *' he id. "If a oat wants to get a he will, despite the bell." etired Teachers In District 120 uests at Dinner STRONG-HURST Mrs. Lil ian Pogue and S. F. In gold ^ ho taught in the Media-Strong- iiurst area for several years, were hononed at a retirement [dinner May 26 at Mding's ^Restaunant, Monmouth. John Spears, a former mem* ber of School District 120 Board of Education, was also honored. S^B^B^HB^B^BBT Southern School District 12d's Board of Education, at a recent meeting, auitho ^i2 ?ed tihe super-; dnbehdehit' to begin work dri -the budget for. the coining year. Mrs. Betty Stevenson was authorized to attend a vocational workshop June 13-15. Handy Pulse, Danny Lebeck, [Dayid Sickels,; Billy Williams, Janet Brent, Judy Phillips and Resa Billups were hired to work If or: (tlhe district during the sum- [mer. Contracts wefe approved for iortai and non-certified (personnel for the conning year, [and reedgwations of Danny Wil- Wrth and Oaai VanOrder were cepted. ewDirector Is ght by State •School District 205 officials may have to appoint a new director for the Knox-Warren Education Cooperative in order to meet state requirements. iBariiey Parker, superintendent of schools, said Clifford Yoder, the present director, lacks a few credits of being eligible for tho position, 1 The office of the state superintendent of public instruction temporarily approved Voder's appointment earlier this school year after tho death of F; Paul Johnson, who had been tho director. Parker said that state officials reluctantly agreed to allow Yoder to continue in a temporary capacity until he receives the necessary credits if a new director cannot bo secured. Yoder, Parker said, it as qualified for the job as anybody the district could get. Yoder is also principal of Qhurchlll Junior High School brth Henderson Barbecue Is Set NOHTH HENDERSON orth Henderson Lions Club will je its third annual pork chop jbajrbeeuo June 10. Serving will ho'from 5 -8 p.m. - 3 * ^fr, and Mrs. George Miller hoited a graduation party May 29- honoring their niece, Miss Suian Miller, who was graduated from Alexis High School. Alexia High School seniors left Miy U for a senior trip to Den- ve| and Colorado Springs, Colo. SiAan Miller, Michael Jones and I.injq(» fihlke, North Henderson, wore among the 18 students on the trip. *niey were scheduled to '7arrtve home June 5. READ THE WANT ADS! COPYRIGHT 1§tt By ffigft flfflfii. 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