The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 7, 1955 · Page 18
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 18

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 7, 1955
Page 18
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6*Afflana.(ia.) Upp ftr Q M Moines Thursday, July 7, 195$ CHHIg REBIB A lliil* 01 Witt. « Ltiil* 61 Ttuit Hot Muck at Anything. The two holidays, Sunday arid July 4th, were sure really ho' ones, in'the 90s, and that's too hot for comfort. And I sure woulc be in favor of a law which pro vided for gents wearing just so- called shorts, no socks, no underwear, just an uncovered frame so the heat upon the frame would be lessened, so to speak. It sure is no fun to suffer in the days of 90 heat. Why even coffee gulping suffered during the heated days, most of the gulpers taking on a glass of soft drink IOWA'S WONDER SHOWPLACI The SURF CLEAR LAKE , IOWA FRIDAY, JULY 81h KENNY HOFER SATURDAY, JULY 9th LYNN KERNS And His Orchestra SUNDAY, JULY 10th EDDIE ALLEN And His Orchestra TUESDAY, JULY 12ih Rural Youth and Young Married Couples Sack Social WEDNESDAY, JULY 13th Teenage Dance SUNDAY, JULY 17th BUDDY MORENO .vhich contained hunks of ice -'hey were nice to take on bu hey are more expensive than .•up of Java, perhaps because on iccount of ice runs into monej h a glass. Tasked one clanclj .offee gulper, Bob James, wh> lidn't he lake on the coffee anc mve the ice put in the cup with t and he said that the trouble .vith ice in the coffee was tha he ice thinned the flavor of the ;offee and that was something he jouldn't take. I asked Bill Folh .vhy wouldn't it be a good idea .0 make the coffee and then store t and cool it and lake it on when .t wasn't so hot. But Bill saic, le had tried that several time.' .and after the boiling coffee had be'en refrigerated an hour it jusl didn't taste like coffee because on account of the coffee flavoi has a hot black-ground and the minute you ice it or freeze it there goes your coffee, no good. . —o— And Roy Chrisiensen says thai the heat of coffee is as important as the flavor, that coffee is not coffee unless it is hot.' Relieve of aeat and you relieve of flavor and what good is coffee if it loses coffee flavor. And Bob Williams o.'d me that taking on a hot cup if coffee on a hot day had not the east effect on the temperature n a gent's body. He said that a lot cup of coffee on a hot day vould serve the purpose of cool- hnd .means Which Would ,airl i keeping a gent more comfortabl during the heat suffering. P. R Irons suggested that small boxes pocket size, could be fixed t hold ice and so a gent coulc carry two or three of them in hi oockels and thus reduce the hea temperature considerable. Am Ted Chrischilles suggested tha i small fan could be arranged .o fit into a shirt collar and thus .•ooling effects would be enjoyed he motor being of a size to fi into your cigaret case in youi hirl pocket. Don Smith, Jr nsisls that keeping one's feet ;ool helps holding lower tempera* uros over a gent's frame, and so le thought it smart if a gent would soak his feet in ice water \ couple of times a day and the 80 leat would have less effect on him, and maybe he's got something there. Ralph Miller told me ihaf a lot of heat suffering by the gents was caused through mental attitudes toward hot weather. He if a gent would get up on a lot morning and make up his mind it wasn't so doggoned hot le would find less suffering in "" heat. And I believe Ralph's fot something there, too. Al Missal thought it would be smart f booths were built along the treet, something like the public elephone booths, anfJ which vould contain a 10 below zero ejriperature, and so a gent suffering from the 90 heat could Gordy Thompson Weds Nebraska Girl, June 12 Swea & Eagle—Baskets of blue carnations and frosted fern decorated the First Baptist church of Fairbury, Neb., for the wedding Sunday, June 12, of Helen Shelburne Fletcher of Tecumseh and Gordon A. Sheldon. The Thompson of Rev. William Bingham of Tecumseh officiated -it the double ring ceremony at p.m. The bride's parents are Mr and Mrs C. B. Shelburne of Fairbury and Mr and Mrs William Thomp-on are the bridegroom's parents The bride was given in mar- lage by her father. Mrs John Huttenmeyer of Tecumseh was matron of honor, Vicky Fletcher was flower girl and Terry Flether was ring bearer. Wayne Thompson of Swea ownship served his brother as est man. Ushers were brothers f the bride, Kenneth and Har- Id Shelburne. Following the ceremony, a re- eption was held in the church arlors, with a three-'t'iered wed- do hereby certify that this report Is a true arts correct Inez Wolfe, FtNAMClAL „ , _ Sch<j61h6u»e Fund Balance from Previous Quarter ' < in Mti an Total Hecelpls for Quarter .. ~* * IS'nnnnn Total to Account for . ——- 16,000.00 total of Warrants Drawn During"~Qtfi)~Mef " Balance at End of Quarter .-?_.? _ " """ Balance from Previous Quarter / Total Receipts for Quarter __ ------- -—. -i Transferred from Special fund "". '"" Total to Account for -_ """" $ 28.620.86 11,968.75 14.032.11 IDt ,300.23 84,070.71 the EnfpSuWSC' SF™ tSi.t~t.ndZ ,«.S a sssrsptu sxt. ^ baasS&ffl-S Yep, it's a cinch *** «« ««—>,. I ture ? T [SM off the reel. And rep, it s a cinch that the weaJh-1— T if" icci. mm SiS SS^Iif^^i^il WIK INSECTICIDE APPLICATOR Guarantees: Bigger Profits BEATS SPRAYING COSTS BY 80% INCREASES QAINS UP TO 50 POUNDS J«™J° UR CATILE Fn ° M COST1Y ,„. SECT PESTS by using Ihli ,l u ,dy » P j>llMlor... eoitt ont-lllth u much to u», yel li a> effective •• ipraylhg. Proven In t««U made by an authoritative ln«UluHon.« CATTLE TREAT THEMSELVES WHEN NEEDED P 'j V i11S? V» u ' r « u nd protection iron HIES and.lICE. Eliminates coilly (arm labor. THE WHC APPLICATOR PAYS FOB ITSELF OVER AND OVER becau.e ln,.ct (roe call!. «aln up la SO Ibi. more. Com barely 4> p« month per head. •Copies oi Ihli irudr made* available upon request. ' Place your order today with the Wlk Dealer In your area or clip ad. mall wllh name and ad- dreta to something could be done to con trol those heat waves and save them for use during the wintei months. Nobody likes the above 90 temps, and I admit they're a nuisance. And it just seems that a gent can't get used to them anil [ so always dislikes them. But they sure are peaches so far as corn and crops are concerned and so we just should forget our heal inconveniences because on account of they are grand toward growing the corn almost a a day, so to speak. fool POWERFUL NEW INSECTICIDE TOX-O.WIK li compounded wllh the newetl Intecllcldea dlicoverlei. Including CRAG fly re- pollen). Higher grade aolvonts keep the Inaec- llcldes suspended In mixture and prevent quick evaporation. Cuitom designed lor the WIK APPLICATOR and other me- chanlcal llveiloc A. W, BEHRENDS - ALGONA CLARENCE A. SMITH - ST. JOE HERB ZUMACH - WHITTEMORE BERNARD LOOFT - SWEA CITY 154-HClub Leaders Meet Kossuth County 4-H boy's club leaders selected the special activity of tractor maintenance for a special study by 4-H'ers next year at their regular bi-monthly meeting held June 30 in AJgona. Dean Barnes, county extension director, explained the corn borer situation in the county and suggested appropriate control measures. County fair premium changes were discussed. The county 4- H asvards program was explained and record books discussed by Robert Johnson, county extension youth assistant. Leaders attending were — Paul Trenary, Lakota club; Soren Pedersen and Sidney Payne, Grant; Screal DeGeeter and Leander vaske, Ramsey; Kenneth Strayr, Union; Ray Johnson, Lincoln' James Coady, Jr., Burt; Gerald Soderberg, Greenwood; Edward Kam, Plum Creek; Lloyd Thorson, Eagle; Cecil Thoreson, Swea-Harnson; Joseph Skow, Wesley- Maurice Bilsborough, Buffalo- Earl Zwiefel, Portland; Dean Barnes, county extension director and Robert Johnson, youth assistant. WANT ADS BRING RESULTS ANNOUNCEMENT eoners WILL BE ON ding cake encircled with blue pom-poms centering the 'bridal table. Among the friends and relatives, who assisted with the reception, were Mrs Wayne Thompson who had charge of the euesi book. The bride was graduated from Fairbury high school and Lincol Beauty Academy and has bee operating her own beauty sho in Tecumseh. The bridegroom was graduates from Swea City high school and Iowa State College, Ames. He s employed as an engineer with .owa Public Utililies Co. Sheldon. Announcement has been made of the marriage of Marjorie Kennedy Chandler and John James urday afternoon at Winnebago Minn. The bride is a daughter of Mr and Mrs Mike Kennedy and the bridegroom, a son of Mrs Charles Duhigg of Emmetsburg. He is Palo Alto county attorney. Mr and Mrs Duhigg will live at Emmetsburg. Mr and Mrs Bob Jacobson became parents of a son, born Tuesday, June 21, at the Estherville hospital. The baby weighed 7 jounds and one ounce, and has been named Thomas Charles. Mr and Mrs Jacobson live in a tenant louse on the Howard Preston arm. They plan to move later o Ayrshire where they both will each school at Ayrshire public ichool this fall. Mr and Mrs Roger Linde and >ons, Ronnie and Arnie, Mr and VIrs Harold Fischer, Captain iarold Fischer and son, Harold, vere Tuesday evening dinnei guests at the home of Mr and Mrs Rudy Hcrdt. Mr and Mrs Rudy Peterson haa as Sunday dinner guests, June 26. Mr and Mrs David Andcr- -on, Mr and Mrs George Nyman Mr and Mrs John Nyman and Rev. and Mrs Raymond Swanson and daughters, Janice and Luray 3f Monmouth, 111., who are visif- ing friends here. Regular Salaries Paid for Quarter {Teachers. Janitors, Officers, etc.VgVoTipVd")" Oilier Warrants Issued - amount ."..."...[ « 19 ,,, Total Expenditures ... . 33,123.23 Balance at End of Quarter "II SUm M«.!lt!! ^y^'nS^PVrVainlng'' Mailers and Expend, el Thli Balance at end of quarter _ P _ e6M C ° U " et fuM Receipts for quarter " " ' $ Total to accounl for * . Transfer to General Fund ~.~.~.~.~J~~~~~~"_~~ ' — 13,031.30 18,000.00 117,703.34 73.774.29 2,531.30 10,500.00 Rowe, Clalf _____ ..... ............ 177.33 Huss & Kys ... ________ ...... 1,372.37 St. Johri, Beverly ____ ....... ... 54,80 Schaap, Don '^_ 2480 Schultz Brothers' ____ ....... .. .. io.5o Science Research Ass'n. ... . 37.00 Security State Bank ____ ... 8.930 CB Sefrlt, George __________ ...... 101.92 Sharps Jewelry ............. ... 5.25 Sheeley, Marilyn ........... .. . 7.50 Singer Sewing Machine Co. ____ 119.80 Sorenscn Grocery ........ ________ 954 State Agency for Surplus Prop..* 1,35 Slephcnson, Robert ... ........ .15000 Steven. Walter __ ...... ______ . ___ 25.00 Stomac Motor Express _ ...... Ill s'.oc Strayer & O'Brien _____ _____ 30 50 Swart?. Algona Hardware ____ 19 50 Thorpe Woodworking ._ .. 200 Tracy Office Equip. --------- ........ 28.00 Upper Des Moines Pub. Co. ___ 23 00 Vivian's Floral Shop ..... . ..... lo'oo Waffle, O. G. Book Co. ______ 245 10 Balance at end of quarter Usl of"WaMinTi"lVxMi»"V."iMu:V ? ' 4 ' ! Security State Bank Schoolhouse Fund 4,968.70 General Fund Activity Fund .... $13305 Advance Publishing Co. 11"... 64 AlKona Flour & Feed Co. "" B'S Alsona Implement Co. IIIII"230£ Algona Insurance! Agency "" "" 5\ r Alsona Laundry & Dry Cleaners 3.5 Algona Municipal Utilities 1,1050 Alt?ona Plbg. & Heating .. 4l'o All. Lumina " SB';] Association Films ~~ 8"6 Athletic Journal __ II I"" 20 Solsford Lumber Co. I7HO 1 Bradley Brothers ' 2!)'S{ Brayton. K. L __ " 97'ft Etrodhead Garrett Co. " I'QI Brower. Rev. M. H. " lo'oi Business Eel. Films _ '" 12.1; Bureau Audio Visual InstT"IIIIIIlOB2: 3ureau Ed Research & Service 205 B' Carleton Stewart Music I 8.5; Carver, Del __ .. 15001 Ontral Motors " 105! Chrischilles Store Clark Sanding Machine Co " 15 4< Condon. Alice " 24'15 Consumers _ __ USS Cook's Radiator Repair 5250 Cook's Welders Supply 3^5 Cowan Building Supply njg Coivan H. J., contractor .. 50"<(2 Culllgan Softwater Service 4800 Dale Publishing Company . 713 Dean's Watch Repair 275 Deines. Joe .. _ 1200 Denison. T. S. Co. IIII "" 2'04 Diamond Point Saw Shop B'IO Druggist Mutual Co. -"".JUToM Fareway Stores 7 76 Field Enterprise . I'teft Fisher. A. L. I $00 Flalg. Pauline IIIIIIIIIIII 1300 Foster Furniture Store 3042 Gene's Radio & T. V. II « 14 Golla, Jack 111111111" loilS Haldemann Homme Inc. " 8960 Hampton Public Schools "" 24's3 Hanson. Don ' 90^0 Hardgrove, Jerome 13.50 Hedrick Brothers 50 33 Hiltons Super Service .... 10220 Ffolcomb, J. I. MCg. Co. "12255 Hopkins Super Service 907 Hot Lunclt Program .. _ )(j 45 Huntington Lab.. Ine "633'co Hutzells Office Supplies 10063 . S. E. A. Library Service 20554 a. Pub. Emp. Ret. Sys. 5 251 28 a. Emp. Ret. Sys. 3,049.06 owa State College ^ 7990 :deal Pictures " s'gn rons. P. R. j'jn Jacks O. ,K. Tire Service "l48'58 Cenefick. Dr. John N. 1600 Cent Motor Company Isoo 33 Ung. Robert 0400 Oipto Loose Leaf Co II lo'l3 ohlhaas Hardware 24^79 <ossuth Motor Company 12724 Cossuth Radio & Electric I"""" 4'is Lnezevich, Dr. S. J gs'oO <ram Music Company I"" 3181 Laing. Otto B ZOO .QO Lavigne, Betty Jo 5000 artin. Leon 150 00 toBride, Marjory 690 .feBrlde, Waiter I """""""8330, ifbOowell. Dale ... 30 QO -$ 11,908.78 Mcpraw Hill Pub. Co. isnn Metropolitan Supply Co. — """Il2486 Midwest Visual Ed. Service -."5728 Moore Business Forms ___ ' Muokey, L. S. . ------ Mnt'l Ass'n of Mfg. "" .......... Nan Ed. Ass'n .fl.IIIIIII""!" Naylor, Margaret _ II Newsome. Paul _____ " ....... ' Nichols Shoe Shop ........ " Nissen Trampoline Co. . IM to Norton. F. S. & Son ____ """ gi I'M Morton Machine Works . 2126 Olson. Albert .. Olson, Mrs Albert II i "" •osts Transfer""! "" isn? Potter. Ben ..... """ """14000 Pratt Electric ... ............ "g-,° , . . . ______ Welch W. M. Mfg. Co ......... ..11962 West Bend Baking Co. ..... 768 West Disinfecting Co. """" 4'n'so Wilson, Hattle -— ..IIIIIIIIIIloo.oo Vale & Towne Mfg. Co ...... . 2 59 Youngdnhl, Dr. Reuben .... loo'oO Educator's Book Club .. " 3-36 Edwin Morris & Co. ..II i 50 Egel. Gwen .......... "•" o 'm, Encyclopedia Britannica "II" 4:93 I, Inez Wolfe, Secretary Of the above named School District, do hereby (ier- tlfy that this report Is a true and correct statement of the proceedings pertaining to financial matters of tho Board of said District for the quarter ending June 30, 1955. Inez Wolfe, Secretary. Subscribed and sworn to before me this 1st day of July A.D., 1955. Mary LytlCi Notary (Published July 7, 1955, In the Al- goiia (town) Upper Des Moines). BURSTS PIPE The Groat Lakes gasoline pipeline near Osceola was torn open recently by a tractor-drawn scraper which was being used on a county road. Gasoline poured out under 280 Ibs .pressure, drowning out the engine of a crawler tractor although no fire resulted. Three thousand gallons of gasoline were recovered from pools on the ground' after the incident. PLANTATION BALLROOM WHITTEMOHE, IOWA Friday, July 8 ANDY DOLL 1 Sunday, July 10 DON SHAW Friday, July 15 VIKINGS Sunday, July 17 BOBBY LINDEMAN Friday, July 22 BABE WAGNER Sunday, July 24 JACK COLE No Advance Booth Reservations Doors Open at 8:30 COVERED mi PAN and FOOD CARRIER • Bake pie in lower half—put on self- locking lid, carry right with you. • Bottom is deluxe 9-inch pie pan with juice-retaining rim. • Heavy gauge aluminum. Keeps pies fresh because moisture is sealed >.n. • Ideal for Baking, Storing, Freezing or carrying out pies or other foods. REGULAR *1.49 VALUE Get yours today Offer good while supply lasli KOHLHAAS HARDWARE Ed and Pat Cullen OUR OWN HARDWARE Local Soldier Finishes Course FORT KNOX. KY.-Cpl. John f. Albright, whose wife, Elaine lives at 420 W. McGregor St., Algona, recently was graduated irom the armored school's advanced non-commissioned office: course here. Albright, a graduate of Algona high school, is a veteran of service In the Far Ea;t. The first official American flag wus displayed on Prospect Hill Jan. 1, 1776 Next Week-July 11 thru 16 We are taking our annual summer vacation at Elk Cleaners next week All of our folks will have a 9 ood rest and some vacation fun-and will be back to serve you on Monday, July 18. ELK CLEANERS Across From Post Office Algona, Iowa RYVrVHER THoy stand out ANYWHERE 1 Art Metal Executive Posture Chair • Posture supporting back relaxes when you want to f i T ' J| -* c ''°n" »«». 1m >ou lean back with your feet comfortably on the floor. Frame of welded tubular con- itruct.on, htat-treaied for strength— anodized for nent finish. See it and try it today I f»r the Fintil In Buslntu Iqulp. Upper Des Moines Publishing Phon. 1100 Svptt "18" Holiday Coupt rdinary IOCAI DEllVEfitD PRICE Oldsmobile "88" 2-Door Sedan as low a* $2388.62 Stale and local loxti «iira. Your prlc. d,p.nd, upon cholct of mo d.l and body i»yl», oplional tqglpmcnl and acctlio- t out of «:H . get: into You never have to look twice to know . ; . ,V S Oldsmobik! That "flying color" flair is unmistakahlc anywhere! And you don't Lave to touch that gas pedal more than once to know* there', a "Rocket" under the hood! Everybody knows what that means . . . smooth, surging action, split-second response! These are the reasons Oldsmolnle W,, different . . .f ee!s diff frent : . . <J different! See us for a ride in the most popular OU,moLito ever built! H«ueml»r-<W, a "Rocket" /„ ever FOB COO4 DRIVING COMFORT ..« Get on AIR-CONDITIONED "IQCKIT" OlDSMOIIlfl $•• vt Itf iHdt-gHi o <fMMM(r<rto«l IVI O S I • VI.II IHI ••<>«„ „,„»... .. „ ,„„, ,„,,„„„ ,,„„.„ DAD'S GARAGE -125 So. Dodge St. BU li* ^* PH. 165 99 AHIAD i i i 9IIY| I! YOUIIIIP) THI QOINO'f OIIAT IN A "IOCKIT |"| •'•^•<&* - Jt|fa*<&

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