Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on June 6, 1973 · Page 21
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 21

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 6, 1973
Page 21
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Look comes what your outlook 3s, according to the stars, THURSDAY L \ JUNE % tm March 21 to April 20 (Aries Control emotions now. there will be tendencies to exagg ale, to lose temper, fie especi ly tactful in dealings with marriage or business partners April 21 to May 21 (Taurus) A lively outlook. Advancement indicated in several areas. If you have felt some restraint recently, you may step more freely now — but not recklessly, of course. May 22 to June 21 (Gemini) Procrastination is everyone's temptation at times. Don't le this or other "tricksters" be siege YOU during this somewhat mixed period. Stress foresight and common sense. June 22 to July 23 (Cancer)— This day may be described as a duel between promise and performance. The effort expended and the direction taken will be the deciding factors. Think before acting! July 24 to Aug. 23 (Leo) — You may run into some opposition. But you need not Jet it disturb your equilibrium or your sense of humor. You usually en- ioy outwitting opposing forces. Aug. 21 to Sept. 23 (Virgo)Avoid any tendency toward vagueness. Set sights calculatingly on your target, and aim for it unerringly. Stellar influences helpful. Sept, 24 to Oct. 23 (Libra) - Dcn't jump to hasty conclusions. And, even where long- postponed changes are due, do not make them impulsively. Best efforts could be offset by premature action. Oct. 24 to Nov. 22 (Scorpio)Careful analysis, good judgment and understanding of the temperaments of associates will be required to make this a smooth-running day. Nov. 23 to Dec. 21 (Sagittarius) _ You'should win top-grade returns for your efforts now. Adhere to welktested procedure. Emphasize your individualism, charm and perceptiveness. Dec. 22 to Jan. 20 (Capricorn) — Splendid prospects! But others may also have such fine opportunities to achieve that you may find it difficult to put over YOUR ideas. Don't worry! This makes for healthy competition. Jan. 21 to Feb. 19 (Aquarius) —Many small matters may conspire to try to keep you from accomplishing what you set out to do — and must. Be firm! Di- rect'energies only to worthwhile areas. Feb. 20 to March 20 (Pisces) — How you accept vicissitudes AND advantages will make the difference between just getting by and doing well. This day has the makings of a big success story. YOU BORN TODAY are endowed with a brilliant intellect, an insatiable love of knowledge and a warm, outgoing personality. Like most Geminians, however, you tend to scatter energies, thus often defeating your own purposes. Your goals are usually loft ones, but you MUST acquire the stick-to-it- ive ness required to attain them. You work better alone than with ethers and your happiest occupation would be one which permits your imagination to stretch its lively wings. You are gifted along many lines, but could especially succeed at writing, art, the theater, music, science, the law or education — depending, of course, on your leanings and education. Birthdate of; Paul Gauguin, renowned Freud Dean Martin, singer painter; I film actor. Chemist, Former Alpha Resident, Finds Technique ALPHA — Dr. James Ne^on, research chemist at Amoco Laboratories, Naperville, has developed a new technique for reducing the flammability of polyesters. He spoke at Dallas, Tex., recently on the new method, and the development was the topic of an article in "Chemist and Engineering Magazine." The article termed Nelson's discovery "promising" A former Alpha resident, he is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Nelson. He is married to the former Carol Jean Carlson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harold W. Carlson, 46 ft. Losey St., Galesburg. JifiAD THE WANT APS I STORES Mej tail Main tSS W. Main St. Fremont and Seminary Ol^c.our i T F r K t f. VAN CAMP fVffiYflAV LOW 0/SCO If iff f*Bf(fs XL * i- Hi-UK BEANS M oi TOTINO PIZZA 15 On. TOP BUY fawn NESfEA [i re * NESTEA INSTANT TEA fVfPVOAV LOW Oncovin ppim TOP BUY ( tit, 3 02. COCA COLA 16 0z. 6 pack Returnable Plus Deposit mi ™ QUALITY BLADE CUT GIAMT QUAUTY MEAT A GIANT THE SUPERBURGER SLICED BEEF LIVER LB 99° I COUNTRY STYLE SPARER IBS......... LB 99* I FRESH LINK SAUSAGE ENRICHED WITH VEG. PROTEIN & VITAMINS Certified Quality Arm Cut SWISS STEAK iMMllftlMH IIJHMIHHIIIIH* LB. OSCAR MAYER DELI MEATS 1.19 BONELESS CHUCK ROAST LB. GRADE A FRYER BREASTS ...... LB .79 C I FLOUNDER FILLETS. Peeled & Deveinod . "| Qf| SALAD SHRIMP LB .l.j" OSCAR MAYER SH0K1E LINKS. 12 Or. FLASH FROZEN BEEF STEAKS 10 oz. ALL MEAT BOLOGNA...'... imttutittttimtitttimiimtt 12 ou 91 •m LARGE FUhh EAR FARM FRESH PRODUCE Sweet FiavorM ALL BEEF B0LC0NA 12 oz. 1.10 BRAUNSCHWEIG ER, 8 oz. 82* SANDWICH SPREAD „.8 ozjffi FRESH BAKED PASTRY LtV FLORIDA SWEET CORN GOLDEN TENDER FULL OF JUICE CALIFORNIA LEMONS EACH DOZEN CALIFORNIA BIJNG CHERRIES 13 EGG KEOIPE Angel Food Cake GUARANTEED Sweet Ripe WATERMELON 20 Lb. Sweet Ripe CALIFORNIA STRAWBERRIES £k U.S. NO. 1 NEW LONG WHITE POTATOES ONLY GIANT GUARANTEES 5 LOWEST PRICES HONEY CRUNCH S W EET ROLLS FOR WE GLADLY SHORT CAKE SHELLS Fresh Baked WHEAT BREAD i LB. LOAF EVEKYOAY LOW PRICED EVH.KYDAY LOW PRICL'S 4 "J EVEHVQAY LOW PRICES EVERYDAY LOW PRICES Muntlmon Applesauce 16 01 . ....... 20c Cherry Pit Thank You 21 «... ........43< Hunt Spfcfd Peaches 30 oi 38< CW Sugar 10 lb LIB Hawaiian Fruit Punch 46 ox. TOP BOY Robin Hood Flour 25 lb. 2.53 C&H Powd«r.d Sugar 2 lb.............39< TO 80) Maxim From Mod S ox. L Htrihfl r Inif. Cocoa 32 oi 2.20 ,78( 51< Mandarin Orangts Karavan 11 of...28e ( r | |(0 shorltning 3 lb. 93< Hl-C Orangt 46 oz. 27( rem Cool Whip 9 oi < Birds Eyi Awaki Orango 12 oi ..311 26< Dol Monlo Plnoapplo 15 oz, CANNED VEGETABLES 1 27 c Jiffy Corn Muffin 8 oi ...1 f < Wajnor Orango Drink 54 « Noiffe Chocolate Morsoh 12 OK. 47c Bfsqulck 40 oi ..65( TO BU) 48c lipton Poko Toa 8 oi....,....„..„.......86t; V-8 Vogotoblo Julco 46 oi »M *....39( Snow Crop Orango 6 oi Vanilla Ico Croam C.I. Cal 1.25 « 19c Banquet Meat Pies 8 oi Ore Ida Hash Browns 32 oi Suporrnkf French Fries 9 ox, Nlblets WK Corn 7 oi 19< Mrs. Bufferworfh Sfrup 24 of, 76t Wylor lemonade Mix 3 ox. 10( TV BO) i TOP BOY Contadlna Tomato Paste 12 ox........30< Croon Beans Cascade Inn Cut 16 ox. 17< „„».25« TOP BOY lawry Season Salt 8 oi ••• .624 Sure Jell for Canning 21 % TOP BOY F TOP BOY Croon Ciant Fancy Peas 17 OX* •#»*.*! Del Monte Spinach 15 ox................25* Bush Bod Boons 16 ox 16c Tomato Sauce Contadlna 15 ox.......22< Carnation Slender 2 ox.....««..«....«.< 86c Butternut Coffee 2# 1.69 PET SUPPLIES BABY FOOD & CANNED MILK Similac Concentrate 13 ox.. .....34c Twin Pet Dog Food 15 ox 12( 35C ..I* Minute Maid Orange 16 ox. ...M ......i.»*...*...»«..i <fi 65c Torino Pixxa 15 ox. i. 79c N.M. Orange Sherbet 1/2 gal. „«„.«69t Crn. Cat. Corn-On-Tht-Cob 4 pk« .«.61< ».»»....69( TOP BOY A TOP Boy Cood Humor Ico Pops 10 ct........... Sea Pak Perch Steaks 10 ox 62< CAMPBELL'S £ V£f?YDA V LOW DISCOUNT PBI C£S TOP BUT, Carnation Choc \nrtnn\ 3 ql. «.,.«.«..83t Cerber Strained Baby Food 4 ox. teoo* in TOP BOY F Frisky Cat Food 6 OX.».„.»M ...„»..«..17< Ken L Ration 16 ox.. 18( TO BO) Pampers Toddlers 12 ct 1.08 Enfomil Beady to Feed 32 ox 66< TOP BOY ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Tomato TOMATO SOUP 10 02. Dandy Dag Food 25# Kal Kan Slow 14 oz 28< lVKAr 1 O VELVEETA Cafs Prida Hilar I0# 52( 3.89 €V€BYOAf LOW 0ISCWM7 PMCiS SpudfJakes 2.5 ox. 8t TOP BOY Bice-A-Roni Beef 8 ox. 34< Cascade Dishwasher 50 ox 98< CAN SOUP-FISH-MEAT Campbell Crm. Mushroom 10 ox....... 16< TOP BOY TOP BOY El Paso Taco Shells 12 ct. „»„*»„m ,41 < Chicken of the Sea Tuna 6 oy 42( ¥ Del Monte Largo Prunes 16 ox »»»».t 56c Jeno Cheese Pixxa Mix 29 ox 79( Brown Best Northern Beans 16 ox.. x 25c Kraft Noodle Cheese Dinner 6 27< Noodles Cascade Inn 12 ox 33< • Macaroni Dinner Kraft 6 ox. 18( TOP BOY Sanl Fluth 20 as 25< Com.! R.gular 24 oz 46( 2 LB. 09 i TOP BOY Lysol Toilet Bowl Clnr. 16 ox 41< Dreft Detergent 49 ox O" Salvo 46 oi ....82( Plllsbury llicuili 8 oz. Humply Dumply Salman la oz. .1.08 Hormtl Spam 12 oz. ...»......... M.».....................M 64< Dlnty Moor. Stow 24 oz 711 SI. Muihroom Crn Cnt 2.5 oz 33( F Chtf Mini Ravioli 15 oz 3«< A TOP 90Y 9 Woolit. Rug Cl.on.r 22 oz .....1,19 TOP Tide Ciant 49 ox.„ 79« TOP BOY TOP BOY K-\ Sloak Sauc. 5 oz. 40( Kitchen Bouqu.t Cravy 4 oz.. 49< 44< jtam* Wiihbon. Italian 8 oz 35< Cffir Stufl.d Oflv.s Thr. Manz. 7 oz 77( Kraff Cro.n Onion Ong. 8 oz. ,..,.....36< F Mlracl. Whip 32 oz Charmln 4 roll , 41 < Holly Ploi. lag Cal. Slzo 25 ct........39t TOP BOY TOP BOY TOP BOY TOP BOY F Port Facial TI HU. 200 ct. R.ynoldi Alumlnu Foil 25 ft ..20C ,.25< Soft Porkay 1 # Tub 42( Kraft Jar Chi. Pimento 5 oz. 34< Kraft SquMZ. Ch..s. Snacki 6 45c Moadow Cold lutt.r \U Solid Amtrlcan D.lux. Kraft 8 oz 57t Jimmy Sauiago \# •••..•••.99( 1.95 Jimmy Soman. 2# •j Milky Way Fun Sise 16 ox.,.. MtlMMM* 76( Catsup Cascade Inn 12 ox, Nabisco Choddar Cheese Chips 8 ox,.53( Nabisco Peanut Crime Sand, 10 ox«,55t Nfrshiy Choc, Kisses 16 0*%,., .M »81t Blue Star Potato Chips 9 oi ,nm.H .„55< Pringles Potato Chips 9 oit t,fi„M«MMM«Mi9Ht,«nf«Mf ,67( Bicheiteu Wet fern Dressing 8 ox., .MM,.,,,. M,f,,,«f,«»i 21c 34c DESSERTS & TOPPINGS Glad Sandwich Bagi 80 ct 31 ( St. R.gli Pop.r Plat.i 100 ct 5*< Che.rlos 15 OX. Ill «tl)MM,"ff ........I 1 , Captain Crunch - Vanllly 10 oz...>....48( t5F K.llogg Rlc.** 13 oz '5<- J58c Kot.x Tampont 40 ct, „„.„„»„.,....,, 1.3S HEALTH & BEAUTY AIDS Wh.atl.t 18 oi A TOP BOY tur, tfttlflltllflllllllt Kraft Caramili 14 oi. VlUa Pak Safflnos I lb *r 4 S 27c /OP Thank You Butterscotch Pd 18 oi....25< Royal Pudding 3 OI.M»,M»»M„MMM <«13< Htrshty Fudgo Topping 16 oit t .»»»4H Jollo Gelatin 3 OI.MM...MM...MMM#MM .10< GARDEN CENTER CLOSEOUT Pepsodent 7 ox ,.»»Hi »m .M .»»73< Bayer Children* Aspirin 36 ct 33t MSjt^ 'fa' Antl'persplrant 9 OI..«M..M ...., M 7 + mm ~ Dial Shampoo 7 ox 79< Aika Soltitr 25 ctn »»nt Mt,H,«i ,„«53t TRU-PRICE CAN SAVE YOU 10% TOP BOY Symbol. P0INTINC RiDUCf D PRICf Saving! WAY GOLF tupplltr'S Tf MP0RARY PRICf nductien TRIPLE TONIC IRONAOQfcT? Northrup King TRIPLE TONIC GOLF Northrup King LAWN FOOD V3 OFF 9-*< f t KJ I i | , , ! $10.95 IAWNF0O0 HOM mum (RON AD0UI NOW mmm Was $9.95 Flowering Shrubs • Fruit Trees * Rose Bushes Evergreens • Bedding Plants * Grass Seeds Fremont A WEEK Seminary MIDNIGHT DAYS A WiEK MONEY RACK GUARANTEES Buy your week'f grocQ^U* al Glfjit. II you can byy th9 tarns ord«i- ior I«*R «i any other IU pa ma rift) brine Giant ih« pric?« you paid and ft* your J»©aay (Excluding parUhablaa dua to dllfereace la fU »Ju *Y end crtda). *Txad»mtiU U Service Mail* oi l.T.C. Inc. {Copyright 1I7Q by BTC lac.) \

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