Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on June 6, 1973 · Page 13
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 13

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 6, 1973
Page 13
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Photographs, Sketches Supplement Narration .».»^ t1 A° m J h \ lor freedom for Women" by no»a ^remain! pub., B^lljntlne Books, . . - . •"HlDe .eght for Fmdm. for Wometv' by Rose Ttoamatai rptfctea the vigorous struggle to grant mxtm toe iHgWfc ito vote. Begtaintag with .John Start Mill's, iaflfWUs speech to *he wotiisfe of Ctanotiis In 1867 in England and itlhe Sc«iwa Falls Omrntixm of J&48 in HJhe Unfed SlaDcs, tihk iluafrriatorj history culminates in the Electoral Re"' Ga lesbu r§ Reg i ste r*Ma 11 , Galesburg, Ill^Wedns^Jay, June 6, 1,973 13 form Bill of 1918 in England and the Women's Suffrage Amend* mcnt ratified in 1920 in the United States. Rose Tremaln narrates those 70 years of struggle, bringing to life such famous people as Mary Wollstonecraft, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Susan Anthony and such lesser known people as Emily Wilding Davison, Carrie Chapman Catt and Mrs. Emme- Une Pankhurst. This is the first history of the movement to parallel the struggle between England and the United States, £ struggle being carried on slmul taneously by the educated, mid die and upper class women of both countries. The authors narration Is accompanied by 140 photographs, sketches, reprints of documents, and cartoons, selected from the archives of libraries, museums and leading newspapers. These photographs, which visualize leading suffragettes, male supporters, oppressed women, mocking cartoons, famous women's rights meetings — all the memorabilia necessary to recreate the experience of worn an's struggle to be free. The large format of the paperback (5&"x8") gives an added dimension to the photographs "The Fight for Freedom for Women" discusses the politics involved in the struggle, the in temal factors that delayed stle cess, the external events that diverted interest from the movement, and the techniques women used to achieve their goal. Disappointed with the results of peaceful means, women finally resorted to more violent and visible means: smashing windows in government offices, disrupting political meetings, carrying on hunger strikes while in prison, and even bombing arid martyrdom for the cause. These techniques were forerunners of the methods used in demonstrations today Girls 10 to 18 Vacation Sewing Classes 8-2V 4 hr. lessons, 17.50 (only 980 hr.) Make a dress in class Enter Stylemaker Sewing Contest Prizes $15,000, 72 sewing machines and 2,400 pendant watches Call your local Singer Sewing Center now! Ill E. MAIN ST. GALESBURG 343-5019 pub,, Hnrpet and Row Ine Janey it's lowdy alt day long since you moved away ... As a little girl walks home from school on a soft autumn day, she recalls all the special things about her friend Janey and the things they enjoyed together. Once they even gave each other tine same book for Christmas. With simplicity, and peroeptiveness, Charlotte Zolo* tow evokes the special feeling of loss when a fdond moves away, and Ronald Htmmler's warm three-color illustrations tenderly interpret the text. Charlotte Zolotow is the well- known author of over fifty picture books, Including "William's Doll," which was set to music for the record "Free To Be ... You and Me." She lives in Hastings-on-Hudson, New York. Ronald Him/mler illustrated "Bunk Beds" by Elizabeth Winthrop and "Baby" by Fran Manuislhkin, among others. A native of Cleveland, he lives in New York City. "Pip Squeaks Through," by Robert Kraus and Richard Old- den; pub., Springfellow Books, Tnc. and E. P. Dutton & Co,; ages, 3-7. "Pip Squeaks Through" tells the tale of a Mouse In Shining Armor who wanted to feed all the poor mice. His plan was to find.the great Gorgonzola Cheese which grew larger as it was eaten. Only one problem, this cheese was on the moon Legend has it that the cheese gon, whose magic powers and biindJng raya had reduced men to mice and mice to nothing. After a series of tests, Pip Squeak managed to see the Great Gorgon. What haf>pencd next is surprising. But Sir Pip Squeak lived up to his title, Knight of the Kitchen Table. This is an enchanting tale which should delight any youngster. Not only that, it does have a (moral, that people should help others. A. L. B day book for children; since they could act out the story. A. L. B. The Junior Shelf "Sweetwater" by Laurence Yep, pictures by Julia Noonan; pub., Harper and Row Inc.; ages 10 up. ,. On the faraway planet Harmony, a colony of Earth, the descendents of early starship pilots chose to live in the crumbling, water-logged city of Old Sion. Rejecting the materialism and technology of" the affluent Mainlanders, they patiently wrested survival from the terrible and wonderful sea. The boy Tyree, son of the Captain of the community, loved music as much as he loved his city. Secretly he visited forbidden Sheol, inhabited only by the alien Argans, and persuaded their leader, Amadeus, a great songmaster, to teach him. But Amadeus also gave an awesome treasure, to Tyree's blind sister -f a gift which kindled the fears of Tyree's people. And it was fear — of the enormous Seadragon, invading hydras and flooding waters — as well as a mainland tycoon's attempts to make Old Sion a tourist attraction, which finally tore Tyree's community apart. About this haunting story of a boy and his people and their valiant attempt to save their way of life, science fiction writer Andre Norton says: "Extremely competent handling of alien background plus, excellent characterization. I recommend this highly." Laurence Yep is working on his doctorate in English at the State University of New York at. Buffalo. He is author of science fiction stories which have appeared in If magazine and in numerous anthologies, including "The World's Best Science Fiction, 1969." Born in San Francisco and a graduate of the University of California at Santa Cruz, he now divides his time between Buffalo and his home in Sunnyvale, Calif. Julia Noonan, who was graduated with honors from New York's Pratt Institute, is author- artist of the- picture book "The Best Thing To Be." "I'm Doing on a Bear Hunt," by Sandra stroner Slvullch, pub., D. P. Dutton; ages 4-8. "I'm Going on a Bear Hunt' is the imaginative taiiie of a little boy who starts a big adventure — 'looking for a bear — which really tests his bravery. The author, a Ubrairian storyteller, has told the story to hundreds of people, and she de cided it might be welcomed as a book. She is a lecturer in children's literature at Mercy- hurst College, Erie, Penn. The book was illustrated by Gl^en Rounds, an artist and author who lives in Southern Pines, N. C. "I'm. Going on a Bear Hunt' should be fascinating to youngsters, since directions are included iar appropriate sound effects, ( which heightens the in terest in the action. This would be a good rainy "Girl* Can Be Anything," by Norma Klein, illustrated by Roy Doty; pub., E. P. Dutton, ages, 4-fl. "Girls are always nurses and boys are always doctors," little Atiam Sobel told his friend, Marina. But Marina wanted to be the doctor. And the airline pilot, not the stewardess. And lots of other things girls were not supposed to be, according to Adam. Hciw he learned) differently makes a very good story, with droll pictures that add to the fun. The idea behind the book, of course, is that girls should not be sterotyped iat an early age into thinking they can be only nurses, stewardesses or housewives. While this is an excelta concept, it would seam, that this book was written more for parents than children ages four through six. A. L. B. mry iSecdiMd /few The following books have been ^p^rm^jm A^ue ^An„tjn.«ji|.^ received at the GalesbUrg PUb- Van De Gohm, The Story Of Ruth, »cem o. Woman, by Elaine Morgan, Hf» Uhtarv ntvnrttono in Mr«t by Isaac Aslrhov. Natural Wonders Bulbs; A Complete, JHtafidbaok, lie uiDrary, accoramg to wirs. of Amerl(ia , Modern Black Poets: by Ray Genders, LlrfOTlng, by Warren Morris, librarian. - A Collection Ctf.CrMcalJE «Miy8 ..«d. Elizabeth Hazard. The, Worfd Of rieftow by Donald Gibson. Touch The Rubens, by c. V. Wedgwood. The Pandemic bv Tom Ardies l? r,h - camp, by T. C. McLuhan. Master Of Go., by Yasunatl Kawa- Colonel Buyer's Wolfbv Anthony 7110 B "£_ kley «- Jl y Charles Mark- bn'n. Color Treasury Of Crystals. uoionei_Huuers wait, py Aninony mRni1i ^ Rlght p| nC 6R, by Ste- How To Restore Atttl Decorate Peter HafninT The Hleh' Va'llev E hen Birmingham. Bride's Book Of Chairs, by Roberta BlaWef)[nrd. Pie bv JessicaNorth HeYe Lies o^r fe,ic ' ueUe - 1973 ed - bv Bricle R Ma « fl - oM Mfstorv Of Thl*%nerlcnn Sovereign Kinkbv Jean Plaidv * lne - Blimey & Another Book Revolution, by Rupert; tfurneaux. Ross Williamson. Slow Wlntf In The fe r l\.u£ 0 i? n i* ,l H ^/rVuPhv T«& n i?,? S TA ^^?.!r& h * vi a I« Wont hv cinnraa nat -ianri Tho Furnishings And TTieir Gardens, oy! Trade, by John Spears) 1 The Years TeAul't bv torn? tt»ii*hu#' Th£ Frances Phipps, Potwofks: A First Of The Forest, by Helen Hoover. Information Is Abundant "The Great Lakes Regional Edition of the Naturalist's Almanac," by John F. Gardner; pub., Hash-Marc/Ballantine. This very useful book is subtitled "An Environmenitalist's Companion," which is an apt description because it does contain a wealth of information about astonoimy, weath'er, gardening tips, facts on plants, wildlife peculiar to the Great Lakes Region, heirloom recipes from "Grammie's County Kitchen," information about herbs, and feeding birds, all prepared for the four seasons of 1973 and 1974. This data is peppered with poetry, pen and ink drawings, and chock full of month-by- month information about every kind of natural happening. It's the perfect companion for field trips and home use, and even has pages for personal nclSe taking. Concerned environmentalists and conservationists will find much practical information in this ataaniac. A. L. B. Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service (RACES) provides communications when floods, hurricanes, explosions and other disasters knock out regular systems. The Dumb Shoe FwrzEn Pattable suede, Faithfully cushy foam underfoot. Crepe soles that bend with you. How can something so lovable not be dumb? Hush Puppfes* 214 I. Main St. Ph. 3420313 Back to Backs Backless fashions can be attractive but it takes a certain kind of presence (not to mention a certain kind of back) to wear them. Popular singer Fran Jeffries is a prime example of a woman who knows how to put up a good back. Great American Novel, by Philip Roth, A Simple Act Of Kindness, by Winston Eagles. Hiding Place, by Colin Wilcox. Return To The Innocent Earth, by Wllma Dykeman. Furloso, by Voldemar Lestlenne. Goodbye, Bobby Thomson! Goodbye, John Wayne, by Alan Foster. The Cottage, by Gretchen Travis. The Muehroom Cave, by Robert RosenblUm. The Matlock Paper, by Robert Ludlum. The Woman From The Glen, by Chloe Gartner. Marion's Wall, by Jack Finney. Postscript To A Dead Letter, by Donald MacKenzle. A Palm For Mrs. Polifax, by Dorothy Gllman. The Legend Of The Green Man, Sara Hely. The Dark island, by Robert Barr. Three Trumps, by Rex Stout. Devil To Pay, by C. Northcote Parkinson. The Shadow In The Sea, by Owen John. The Year Of The Rats, by Barbara Riccl. The Dear Colleague, by Frances Murray. The Informant, by Mildred Gordon, The Alpha List, by James Anderson. The Glass Cage, by Georges Slmenon. The Florentine Woman, by Hugh Ross Williamson. A Grave Affair by Shelley Smith. The Killer Of Horesman's Flate, by Rosemary Slsson. Ransom For A Nude, by Lionel Black. Expressway, by Howard North. The Beggar, by A. H Schulz. The Covenant, by Paige Mitchell. NOM-FICTIOM Ten Cents On Dollar, by Sidney Rutberg. Animal Doctor, by Leon Whitney. Raising Children With Love And Limits, by Psyche Cattell. Matthew Arnold: A Collection Of Critical Essays, by David DeLaura. Freedom Of The Press For BookJDf Cla^by Billle Lulsi. How;The Great American To Buy Major Appliances, by! Turbulent .Life Charles Klamkin. Bobst; The Auto- 1 by Philip Vail biography Of A Pioneer, by Elmerl Holmes Bobst. The Invincible Chain, by Elizabeth Jolly. The Great Movie Stars: The International Years by David Shipman. Fly Without Fear, by Nate Cott. How To Start And Operate A Day Care Home, by Al Griffin. Mark Twain's Fables Of Man, by Samuel L. Clemens. The Man Who Invented Baseball, by • Hafr'.d Peterson. Edgar Cayce's Story Of The Origin And Destiny Of Man, by Lytle Robinson. The Retreat Of American Power, by Henry bv : Brandon.The Sign Of The Flying • 31 Goose, by George Laycock. The Lusltanla, by Colin Simpson. How To Manage Your Money, by Elizabeth Fowler. The Cooking Of China, by Emily Hahn. Passing Brave, by William Polk. The Missionaries, by Geoffrey Moorhouse. Enemy At The Gates: The Battle For Stalingrad, by William Craig. Freezing & Canning Cookbook, ed. by Nell Nichols. Truth Stranger Than Fiction: Father Henson's Story Of His Own Life, by Josiah Henson. A Century Of Dishonor, by Helen Hunt Jackson. W. Somerset MaUgham & The Quest For Freedom, by Robert Lorin Caldcr. The Cholesterol Controversy, by Edward Pinckney. Moshe Dayan: The Soldier, The Man, The Legend, by Shab- tal Teveth. Ventriloquism For Beginners, by Douglas Houlden. Life In America One Hundred Years Ago, by Galllard Hunt. The End Of The Road, by John Allegro, Trolley To The Moon: An Auto biography, by Eric Hodgins. The ibal: The Mi Burr. _ _ (tings Of Pharmaceutical;Nietzsche. The 8earch,FQr Mora*, by Elizabeth CampbellnvTBie Myth Of The Middle cfasS, »by Richard Parker. Color TreasuryOf Model Soldiers. Best Mystery And Suspense Plays. Color Treasury Of Herbs & Other MedlMftfll Plants. Following The Color Lifli, by Ray Stannard Baker. .. REFERENCE• , Dictionary Of Spiritualism, by Harry Wedeck. The New Home Medical Encyclopedia, 4'Vdl. Serendipity City. A SupplerrtWt To The Oxford English Dietlorfftiy. ed. by R. W. Burchfleld. The^Vlklng, by Tre Tryckare. Who's Who Amontf American High. Sehool Students, 1071-1972. Dictionary Of American Philosophy, by St. Elmo Nauman. Contemporary Literary Criticism, v.l America Votes 0. IlHnoIjL]Weekend- er 1073. State Elective Qnloals And The Legislatures. Book«*Of The States, 1073. •**f< JUVENILE •-*•»"'> Are You There Goa ? ! »Tt's Me, Margaret, by Judy BJtime. The ~ '; KHL On The Toughest And Meanest._ Block, by Ben Shecke^JSul And Etta, by Richard Parkec^The Home Run Trick, by Scott Oorbett. No Ducks In Our Bathtub(<*byi Martha Alexander. The Tales Of>'Clga Da Polga, by Michael Bond."'Nancy , s Backyard, by Eros K^ttffi* Wizard Crystal, by Manus Plflkwater. A Dav Off, by Tobl ToWfil. When Willy Went To The W.eddlnp. by Judith Kerr, Walter WM*A Frog, bv Diane Redfield Massie. The Crystal Nights, by Michele Mur- Illlnois Weekender, 1973. Drew ray. Tomfoolery. O.T. Johnson Co., Galesburg's Greatest Store Since 1862! SHOP O.T .'s 10 to 9 MONDAY & FRIDAY. OTHER DAYS 10 tp5. USE YOUR CONVENIENT O.T .'s CHARGE PLATE O.TYs is Proud to Present the 'Stylish Season Spander 1 Takes You All Thru The Summer Into Early Fall See Theie Sunny Winners. 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