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Evening Vanguard from Venice, California • Page 8

Evening Vanguard from Venice, California • Page 8

Evening Vanguardi
Venice, California
Issue Date:
Extracted Article Text (OCR)

(ITT Pages Friday, Feb. 23, 1968 Evsnlng Star-Nowi, Cufvsr Gty Venic Evening Vanguard bidder for easbpMtU At tha time of aala In lawful money ot tba United State) all right, titla and Interest, convoyed to and now hold by It undersold deed In tba property situate In aald County and Btato deacribed aa follOWlS Lot HI, Tract I1II7, aa par map recorded In book Ml, pages II to 41 Inelualvo of Mapa In tho offica of tha County Recorder of aid County. AKA: 4104 Pnrkgltn Avsnua Loa Angalaa Said aala will mada but without covenant or -warranty, express or Implied, regarding title, possession or encumbraneoa to satisfy tho Indebtedness secured by aald Dead, including lha faa and expenses of tha trustee and of tho trusts created by said deed, advanoea thereunder, with Interest aa provided therein, and th unpaid principal of tha note soured by aald to-wlt I5I.ISI.7I with interest thereon from May 5, 1117, aa provided In Mild BOtl Dated: February 111. WE8TBIDB TITLE COMPART aa auch Trustee BY WESTERN DEED CORPORATION By Wayna H. Mathews Authorised Officer Publlah Feb.

II, Mar. 1, llll VACANT termined that tiie general prevafl-ing rates of wages in the City of Culver Gty (the locality in which the work or improvement above referred to is to be performed) nr each craft or type of workman or mechanic needed to execute, the contract for said work or improvement, and which will le awarded to ft successful Udder hereunder. The rate of compensation for any classification not listed in the schedule, but which may be required to execute the proposed contract, shall be commensurate and in accord wife the rates specified for similar and comparable classification or for those perorating similar or comparable duties. Pursuant to State and Federal regulations, the Gty Council of the Gty of Culver Gty hss the general prevailing rate per diem wages for epch craft or type of workman heeded to execute any construction contracts) and schedule is on file at the Gty Uerks office and may be read by any interested bidder. BY ORDER OP THE GTY COUNCIL AGNES V.

CHRISTENSEN GTY CLERK (Published in the Evening Star-News, February 23 and March' 1, 1968) VA-C'AM-T. S7 A A KI'-tF .1 spa 1S4BS NOTICE OF TRUSTEE! SALE xa. fcl sr-asa On March 1, 1(11, at A.M., CALIFORNIA LAND TITLE COMPANY, a Califernla corporation, aa duly appointed Truatea under and pursuant to Deed of Truat dated December II, HIS, executed by Julius L. Wlllaon and Paula a. Wllleon, huaband and wlfa and recorded December I.

11151 aa Inatr. Ka In book T475C, page 411, of Official Records In tba offlo of tbo County Recorder of Loa An-slea County, California. WILL ELL AT PUBLIC AUCTION TO HIGHEST BIDDER FOR CASH (payable at timo of aala In lawful money of the United States) at the lobby of California Land Titla Company, 101 Soutb Klnga-ley Drive, Loe Angelee, California IM05, all right, titla and Interest conveyed to and now held by it under said Deed of Truat In tha property situated In the City of Loa Angalaa In wild County and Stato described aa! Lot 15. Tract HIM, In the City of Loa Angelea Book 111. Page 14 of Mapa In tko office of the County Recorder.

Bala aala will, be made, but without- covenant or warranty, express or Implied, regarding titla poaseuion, or oneumbraneea to pay tho remaining principal um of th note secured by said Deed of Trust, to-wlt: with 1M7, Interest from August 1, as in aald note provided, advancea if any, under tne terms of aald Deed of Trust, feea charges and expenses of tho Trustee and or tha trnata created by aald Dead of Trust. The beneflelary under said Deed of Trust, by reason of a branch or default In tha obligations secured thereby, heretofore executed and delivered to tha undersigned a written Declaration of Default and Demand for Bala and written notice of breach and of election to cans tha undersigned to sell said property to satisfy aald obligatlona and thereafter, on Novombar 1. 1117, the undersigned caused aald notice of breach and ef oloc-tion to ba- recorded in book M1II5, page 715, of aald 'Official Records. Date: February llll. CALIFORNIA LAND TITLE COMPANY aa aald Truatea By Patsy R.

Holland, Foreclosure Officer -Publlah Fab. I. It, 1MI Calver City Evening Star-News NOTICE TO CREDITORS Na SSM1B Superior Court of the Btato nf California for the County of Los AnNelea In the Matter of the Eatato of David Weiss, Daeaaaad. Notice Is hereby given to creditor having etafma against tha aald decedent to file aald elalma la tha offica of th clerk of the aforesaid oourt or 'to present them to tho -underalgned at tho office of Security Firat National Bank, 4(1 N. Canon Drlva in tho City of Beverly Hilla In the aforesaid County, which latter office is th place of Malnoaa of tho undersigned In all matters pertaining to aald estate.

Buch elalma with th neceasary vouch--ora must ba filed or presented aa aforesaid within alx months after tha firat publication of this no- ti6o Dated Feb. llll. SECURITY FIRST NATIONAL BANK By Marie Haig Assistant Truat. Offleer Executor of the will of aald decedent Coombs and Comstock Attereere-at-Lnw 111M Washington Blvd. Calver City, Cnllf.


'will -receive sealed lids in a place Ind manner, and it the time, hereinafter described, or furnishing all materials, labor and equipment required to complete the work and construction of the Community Center Building to be located at 4117 Overland Avenue, Culver City, California. Each bid shall be in accordance with drawing and specification! on file and open to inspection in the office of die City Clerk the Gty of Culver City in the Gty Hall. 9770 Culver Boulevard, Culver City, on or after February 37, I960. Copies cl lans and specifications' may be obtained at the Department of Works in said Gty Hall in Culver Gty, or at the offices of Marion J. Varner and Associates, 924 South Rosemead Boulevard, California, upon payment of a deposit in the sum of twenty-five (925.00) dollars, subject to refund upon return of the drawings and specifications in good condition, within forty-five (45) days after die bid opening -date.

Each proposal shall be accompanied by a'certified or cashiers check deposit, or hid bond, for1 an amount not leas than ten per cen (10) of the total amount named in die Proposal. Said check, bond, or cash deposit' shall be 'made payable to die Gty Clerk, Gty of Culver Gty, and shall be given as a guarantee that die bidder, i awarded die work, will enter into satisfactory contract and furnish a good and sufficient bond for the faithful performance thereof, and kr the payment of labor and cost in accordance with die requirements of die contract documents. Bidden and their subcontractors agree that the shall have thirty (30) from die date of the opening of die bids to award the contract, during which period the bids ahd bid bonds shall remain in foil force and effect. Each bid shall be Trade out on a form bound within the specifications and shall be sealed and filed with the (Sty Clerk of die Gty of Culver Gty, 9770 Culver Boulevard, Culver Gty, California unti 2:00 oclock p.m., on Monday March 18, 1968, and will then be opened, examined, read publicly, and filed by die Gty Clerk of thi Gty of Culver Gty in die Counci Chambers of the Gty Hall, 9770 Culver Boulevard, Culver Gty, California, at the hour of 2:00 oclock p.m., March 18, 1968. Ineligible Bidders: A certifies' tion by the party to whom the contract or subcontract is being awarded that he is not listed a die Comptroller Generals fist ineligible Udders must be condition of the contract and all subcontracts thereunder.

Attention of bidders is called to die provisions of General Conditions 'of the Specifications am Form of Proposal concerning bit contract bonds and insurance requirements; also, quirements for appropriate cense classification issued by the Contractors State License Boan All bids submitted and all contracts awarded hereunder must be submitted, filed, made and executed in accordance with all applicable laws of the State of California, and of the United States of America which relate, to bids and contracts of the nature referred herein, whether such laws are expressly referred to herein Mr not, and clauses to that effect mil be inserted in any contract awarded under this notice. All of the above mentioned work must be performed, and all of the materials to be furnished in connection therewith, must be so performed and furnished in full and strict accordance with the plans and specifications for said work or improvement, heretofore approved by said Gty Council and hereinabove mentioned or referred to, and copies of which may be obtained as hereinabove stated. Any bidder placing a bid under this notice, unless otherwise expressly set forth and stated in such bid, -shall, by the placing of such bid, thereby automatically agree to each and all of the terms, conditions, provisions and requirements set forth, contemplated and referred to in tins notice, and to foil compliance therewith in the event of an award of any contract, agreement, purchase or order hereunder to such bidder. Reference ig hereby made to California Government Code, Sections 4300 to 4305, both inclusive, relating to preference of American-made materials, and Sections 4330 to 4334, both inclusive, of said Code, relating to preference of California-made materials. All of said sections ire hereby incorporated in this notice and made a part hereof.

The City Council, in awarding any contract hereunder, will make the preferences for American-made and California-made materials and supplies, as contemplated in said -Code sections and clauses to that effect will be included in such contract Reference is hereby made to California Labor Code, Sections 1810 to 1817, both inclusive, relating to working bmps, and to Sections 1850 to 1154, both1 inclusive, of said Code, relating to employment of aliens upon public works. AH of said sections ire hereby incofporated in this notice, end made part hereof. Causes will be inserted in a ay -contract awarded hereunder requiring compliance with the requirements of said Code sections. -The Gty Council of the Gty of Culver Gty, California, has de i RIVETS I DREW 1MB SHADDEAR VOUU66T FRESH Ala BUT NO ORAF NOTICE OF BULK TIAKIraR -(Sece. 1111 1117 U.C.C.) NoiIn la hereby (Ivan to tha Cradltora of Kay Herbsklan.

(dba) Kay Carpets Transferor, whoaa bualnaaa addraaa la 10101 Weat Pico Boulavard, Loa An-relaa, County of Loa Angelea State of California, that a bulk tranafer la about to bo mada to John B. Hawkaworth and John A. Da Marco, Tranafaraaa whoaa bualnaaa addraaa la HIM Weat Pico Boulavard, Angalaa County of Loa Angalaa Btata of California The property la located at Boulevard, Loa Angalaa of Loa Angalaa, Btata of Callfor nia Bald property la deacribed In general aa: All atock In trada fixture. equipment and good will of that carpet and floor covering bualnaaa known an Kay Carpata and located at HIM Weat Pico Boulevard, Loa An- Seles, County of Lea Angalaa, tate of California -Tha bulk tranafer will ba oon-aum mated on or after tha lat day March, llll, at Bank of America NTASA, 1011 Waatwood Boulevard, Loa Angalaa of Loa Angalaa- Btata nia 80 far aa known to the Trana-fereea all bualnaaa namea and addreaaea uaed by Tranaferor for the three yeara laat past. if different from tha above, are: nona Dated: February 10, llll.

BifcAT HERBEKLAN Tranaferor JOHN B. HAWKSWORTH JOHN A. DB MARCO -Tranafaraaa Eaeeow Department Waatwood Village Branch Bonk ef Amrrleo lOaa Waatwood Boulevard Loo Angalaa, Collfernln BOOM Publlah Feb. II. llll Tea lea Evcatag Voagaard NOTICE OP BULK TBAKIPER Notice la hereby- given to the Cradltora of Marjorie J.

Meiain ger, Tranaferor, that a bulk tranafer la about to be made by Tranaferor, whoaa bualnaaa ad dreaa la 1411 Perahlnr Drive. In the City of Playa dal Ray, County of Loe Angela, Btate of California, and all of whoaa bualneaa namea and addreaaea uaed within three yeara laat past, ao far aa known to Transferee. are Poly-nealan Village Colffeura, 1411 Perahlng Drive, Playa del Rey, California, to David Sharpe, Tranaferee, whote bualneaa ad-dreaa la SOS So. Stanley Drive, In the City of Beverly Hills, County of Loa Angelea State of California, of tha following de-arrlbad paraonal property of Tranaferor. to-wlt: All atock In trada, fixtures equipment and good will of a certain Beauty Shbp bualneaa known aa Polyneaian Village Colffeura, and located at 1411 Perahlng Drive, In the City of Playa del Rey, County of Loa Angelea, State of California and that the foregoing bulk tranafer will ba consummated on or after Friday, the firat day of March, llll, through Eaerow No.

1M-I7-8, at tha eaerow department of the Century City. 151, Branch of Security Firat National Bank at 101 Avenue of the Stare, In the City of Loa Angelea, County of Loa Angelea, Btate of -California. Dated February Lf, lilt. DAVID SHARPE, Tranaferee Reearlty Pleat National Bank 101 Avenue ef the- Store lea Angeles, Collfernln BOOST Escrow-Ka BSB-ST-N Publlah Feb. SI.

llll Venice Burning Vangnnrd aioee NOTICE OF INTENTION TO BXBC1TE SECURITY' AGREEMENT (Sect. 1101 1107 U.C.C.) Notice la hereby given to the Credltora Of John B. Hawke-worth and John A. De Marro. Debtor, whoaa bualneaa addreaa la 1010 Weat Pico Boulevard, Iw Angelea, County of Lo Angelea State of California, that a security Interest la about to be granted Secured to Kay Herbeklan.

the Party, whose business addreaa Is 1411 Brinkley Avenue, Loa Angelas, County Loa An gelea, But of property located. California. In at HIM Weat Pico Boulevard Los Angelea County of LSI Angelea Btate of California. Bald property la deacribed In general as: All fixtures and equipment and atock In trade of that cai buelneaa and located Boulevard, Loa Angalaa County of Los Angalaa Btate of California. An exeruted security agreement of the same will be deli, ered and the consideration therefor paid on or after the 1st day of March, llll, at Bank of America NT ABA, ,1011 Westwood Boulevard, Loa Angelea County of Loa Angelea Btate of California Bo far aa known to the Secured Party, all bualneaa names and addresses uaed by th Debtors for tba.

three yeara last' past. If different troth the above are: nona Dated February II, llll. Secured Party KAT HERBSKLAN Escrow Depart west Westwood Village Branch Rank of -Amerfea 1SBB Westwood Boulevard Loo Angelea, CaUforaia SBBM Publlah Feb. II. llll SSSat ini oeriuV iMnowSxIr ragbag Vanguard CORRECTED NOTICE CHANGE OP BONB -cm PLAN CASE NO.

S1SBI VENICE A public hearing will be eon- Dwelling Zone on approximately tor -of generally bqunded by Dell Avenue. I-" Angelea City -County Boundary LIhsl line approximately ft. aoutberly of Top Ball 8treL a Uaa parallel with and varytag HOW MANY DOLLARS A VACANCY CAN COST YOU EACH DAY OR WEEK LOOK- YOU ARE LOSINGs NOTICE NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the following persons have been nominated for the offices hereinafter mentioned to be filled at the General Municipal Election to be held in the Gty of Culver Gty on Tuesday, the 9th day of April, 1968: NOMINEES FOR GTY COUNCILMAN (3 vacancies, full term of 4 years) G. William Boris Gloria Amorelli Cari Berry Erwin H. Cooper Paul D.

Flowers Bill Gillam Harold Hanshnair Myrl T. Linthacum Martin A. Loti Elsie J. Mohler Richard E. Pachtman Jamet R.

Potter NOMINEES FOR GTY CLERK (1 vacancy, foil term of 4 years) Agnes V. Christensen Richard A. Cronin NOMINEES FOR GTY TREASURER (1 Vacancy, full term of 4 years) Lu Herrera Harold E. Macbeth Dated this 10th day of February, 1968. AGNES V.

CHRISTENSEN Gty Clerk of the Gty of Culver Gty, California (Published in the Evening Star News, February 23 and March 1, 1968) Tenlee Evening Van Beard SOSOS NOTICE OF STREET LIGHTING MAINTENANCE Oxferd Avenee and Princeton Drive Na 1 Lighting District Notion is hereby given that on January IS, lilt, tho Los Angalaa City Council duly passed Ordl nance Na llMtl, which state the -Intention of tne City to levy an assessment for tho coats of furnishing electrical currant and maintaining tha lighting system In tha above district against-tha benefiting property owners; for tha period of thirty-three months ending June 10, 1170; for tho lighting of street lights located OXFORD AVENUE, between 100 fact weat of Burrell Street and 100 feet west of Dlckr on Street, and between lta terminus east of Prlneeton Drive and Princeton Drive, and PRINCETON DRIVE, BURRELL STREET, AND VIOLA PLACE, between Oxford Avonuo and Its termini aouth of Oxford Avenue. Reference la hereby made: To tho report of the Board of Public Worka on file In tho office 6f tbo City Clerk; to said Ordinance of Intention; and to Ordinance Na .75,000,, for further parties lara. Tba aaioasmont will bo In eluded In tho benefiting property owners County Tax Statements That Thursday; March IS. IMS, at tba hour of 18:00 A.M. Is tha time and the Council Chamber In tha City Hall of aald City la tha place for tho hearing of protests relative to tha proposed Improvement or of ippeila against tha proposed assessment.

Any person objecting to tho aald Improvement or to the extent of the assessment district, or to any assessment therefor, may file written protest or appeal with the City Clerk at any time PRI OR TO -THE DAT aet for tuoh hearing. 8uch protests ahall specify the ground or grounds upon which tne protest la baaed and contain a description of th property in which cash algnar thereof la Interested, sufficient to Identify tha aamo and ba delivered to tho City. Clark, and no other pro teats than those presented' In tha form and within tho time specified will be considered. NOTE: THIS IMPROVEMENT PROPOSES ONLY THE OPERATION AND MAINTENANCE OF THE EXISTING LIGHT INO SYSTEM. NOTICE IS ALSO GIVEN THAT necessary maintenance and current for tha atreat light! FOR SUCCEEDING MAINTENANCE PERIODS may be ordered by the Council after the iroteat nearing.

Notice of eueh tearing will be publlahed at least 10 days prior to the date of hearing: and that for any. or all of auch succeeding periods tha aald system or 'district may ba maintained eeparately or may ba Incorporated with other eye tame or dletrlcte. BOARD OF PUBLIC WORKS OF THE CITY OF LOB ANGELES i Publlah Feb. It, II. llll ti Culver City Evening Stnr-Nnwn lean NOTICE OF TRUSTEE! BALE UNDER DEED OF TRUST TF 15188 Loan Na IS-MTS Notion le hereby Niven WE8TSIDE TITLE COMPANY, A Limited partnirahip aa trsitaa, or eueceaaer trustee, or uiati tu)ed trustee pursuant IBB WILEY, husband and wlfa sad recorded October II, HM.

In book Till, page 15 of Official Records In the office of tM County Recorder of Loa Angelea County, California, end pursuant to tho Notloo of Default and Election to Bell thereunder recorded August in book' MM4L. pare 111 of aald Official Recorfta NlU ael( on March IMS, at at tha south front entrance to the Wllshlre Retford Building located at MU Wllshlre Boulevaid, the City of Beverly Hills, County of Loo Angohsa of California, at pubiio pkcuoa, to too hifkiit from 111 fL to III ft. eouthweat-orly of tho Loe Angelea City -County Boundary Line on the north: Thle hearing baa been eat by the City Planning Cemmlaalon for tho. presentation of oral taa-tlmOny or evidence concerning thle matter. Tha application.

Including tho mapa and li on file In Room City Hall, Loe Angelea. A copy of the map le also on file In Room Hi, Wait Loe Angelea City Hall, llll Purdue Avenua Loa Angelea, California. TIME: MONDAY, MARCH 4, llll at 1:11 a.m. PLACE: Plfth Floor, Room 511-A, City Hall, Los Angela. California SMIL Edith 8.

Jameson floopof PW Publish Fab. II, llll Culver City Evening ltar-New NOTICE OF TRUSTEE'! BALE NO. 1STT On March 10, llll at 11 oclock at tho areado entrance to Gibraltar Tower, Gibraltar Square, Wllshlre at Doheny, located at Beverly Hills, California. SECURITY ALLIED SERVICES. as Trustee under the Deed of Trust made by THADI8 HEATH and RUTH JOAN HEATH, husband and wife, aa Trustor, and recorded February llll In Book T4IIS, Page Til of Official Records of Loa Angelea California, given to eecure an' Indebtedneea In favor of GIBRALTAR SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION, a California corporation, by reason of tho breach ef certain obligations secured thereby, notice of which breach waa recorded November 117 In Book MI7V4, Page 141 of Official Records, will sail, at public auction to the hISheat bidder, for cash payable In lawful money of the United States, at the time of sale, without warranty na to title: possession or encumbrance, the Interest conveyed to, and now held by said Trnatee, under said Deed of Trust, In the property situate In Loe Angelea County, California, deacribed aa: Lot 11, Tract Na MC4, as per map recorded In Book HI of Mapa pages 11-41 Indnaiva In the office of the county recorder of said county, for tho purpose of paying obligations secured by ala Deed of Trust, including fees, charges and expense of the Trustee and of aala Doted: February 'll, llll.

SECURITY ALLIED SERVICES, as Trusts Chris Theodoroff Assistant Secretary Publish Feb. 2L Mar. 1, llll Calver City Evening Star-New JO It NOTICE OF TRUSTEE'S SALE NO. mi On March II. 1IM at 11 o'clock am- at tha arcade entrance to Gibraltar Tower, Gibraltar Square, Wllshlre at Doheny, located at Beverly Hills, SECURITY ALLIED SERVICES.

aa Trustee under the Deed of Truat made by MARTIN J. NELAON and EDITH M. NELSON, husband and wifa as Trustor, and recorded December II. llll In Book TI417, Page 411 of Official Records of Loa Angelea, California, given to secure an Indebtedness in favor of GIBRALTAR SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION, a California corporation, by reason of tho broach of certain obligations secured thereby, notice of which breach was recorded November I. HI7 In Book MI7II, Page 4M of Official Records, will cell at public auction to the hlgheat bidder, for rash payable in lawful money of the United State, at the time of sale, wlthodt as to title, possession or encumbrances the Interest conveyed to, and now hold by said Truetee, under said Deed of Trust, In the property situate In Loa Angelea County.

California, described aa: Lot 41 of Nolan Park Traet aa per map recorded In book 13. page 41 of mapa. In the office of tho county recorder of said county. for tne purpose of paying obligations a soured by said Dead of Trust, Ineludina fra, charges and expenses of tba Trustee and of aalo. SECU RIT ALLI fe ill VICES, as Trust Christina Thaodoroff Assistant Secretary Publlah Fab.

II, Mar. 1. I. llll Culver City Evening Itar-News Mill NOTICE OP TRIIBTBEB SALE A llil' of the building located at HI west Manchester Avenue," City of Loe Angelea, California, LAND TRUSTEE CORPORATION, aa Trusts under tha deed of trust mads by CORA K. HOLT, a married woman, who acquired title aa CORA TOBIAS, a married woman se her separate property, and PAUL G.

HOLT, her husband, and recorded August It, 114, In Book Page 711. of Official Becorde of Loa Angela County, California by reason of tho breach of certain obligation secured thereby, notice of which waa recorded November I. HIT, in Book M1M7, Page III. of said Official will aall at nubile auction to the highest bidder for cash, payable In, lawful money of the United Sums at tha time of tale, without warranty a to title, pea-station or the Internet convoyed to dnd Now bold by aald Truetee under aald Dead ef Trust. In and to the following doocrib proporty, tlt: Lot 7 In Block of Traet Na.

11174. la tho County of Loe Angolas, Btato of California, at Kr map recorded In Book til, gea 0 to tl Inelualte of Mapa In tho office of tho County IU-cordef of aald county, for tho purpoeo of paylngobllgatlona eo-enred by aald Dead including fooa charge and cxpee of tba Trustee and of eals. Dated: INI CALIFORNIA LAND TRUSTEE CORPORATION, Trustee By Frances Brlgantl Aaaieti PablUh Fab. I Calver City' Evening Btar-Rawn SOM CERTIFICATE OF BUIINEII, FICTITIOUS NAME The undersigned do certify they are conducting a bualneaa at 10751 Stephen Terrace, Culver City, IMI0, California under the fiotltlous firm name of WEST-E ELECTRONICS I- NEERING, PRODUCTS, AND SERVICES and that aald' firm is eompoaad of the following persona whose nemos In full and plaosa of residence are as follows: Don Totha 10751 Stophon Terraco, Culver City, Calif. I01M: Michael K.

Scholnlck, J13VI Avengor Place, Palos Vardaa Paul Herrera HM Weat Loa Angalaa Calif. Dated January II, llll. (Signatures) DON- TOTH MICHAEL K. 8CHQLNICK PAUL HERRERA -State of California Loa Angalaa County i On Jan. 1, llll, before ma Notary Public In and for sold Btata personally appeared Don Totbe, Michael K.

Bcholnlok and Paul Herrera known me to be th persons whose names are subscribed to tho within Instrument and acknowledged they executed th oama stn DONA METER, Notary Public My Commission Expire! Doa H. Orlftpal Filed Fob. HM OTWl 1918 Culver City Evening Star-Newt ON STlt CERTIFICATE OF BUHNEII, FICTITIOUS NAEE -The undersigned do. certify they are conducting a bualneaa at llll Venice Culver City, 0111, California Under the fletl-tioua firm name of TRUE ANGLE PRECISION ENGINEER-1 1NG and that aald firm la eompoaad of the following persona, whose names In full and places of residence are aa follows! Romeo H. Charron, llll McKinley Avenue, Venice.

Calif. 0111; Earl D. Myers, llltl Dale-joaa Calif. IM04; renue, Venice. D.

Mvere. 111M wood. Calif. STIP THAT 1 Fill that Vacancy Now ONLY PER DAY For lino id 7 tlmea (one week) In the StarNewt MirNBW8 VANGUARD flssiffiedl Mi -or. all today 030-5271 070-0265 Shackelford S14M North Markot Street, Inglewood, Calif lOIOI.

Dated February 15, llll. omeTchaRROn HN MSHACKtrOftD JR. stato of California Lot Angalaa County: On Fob. li, mi, before ma Notary Pubiio In an 4- for pM State, personally appeared Re-meo H. Charron.

Earl' D. Myth, nnd John H. Shaokelford Jr, known to ma to- be the panena whose names are aubaoribed-to tha within Instrument nnd -no-. knowladgad they assented tha ana (EK)I(A METER, Notary Puhlif My Commlsaten Bxptreo Dec. llll Original Filed Feb.

1MI i.

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