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The Lusk Herald from Lusk, Wyoming • 11

The Lusk Heraldi
Lusk, Wyoming
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fr vjgreWsifl Atffyfr -n- i rn rJuniY nijiajis u'M Vft 1 -A I Vx -V m- i 1 ijp-i k': nf iicritar -V- jji i i (- '-V 5 -rr SMfe5rSi 5f PAGE 13 visited in the Rex Frye home Sun- 'dsy Fobiew School coin to resume bis studiw at the college i- Mr sad Mrs August Mmfert went to town Tuesday- Mm Ceil Orecn did some bouse work for Mm Scott Glenn August Meifert made a trip to bit ranch ooe day this week -1 Carl Green ww an-eariy Saturday morning caller at Buckley's THB HERALD Link Wyoming April 19 1962 "o's What did for foe conductor waa incradibiei --V Swope Wednesday The men help- Nw Natural History Films to Ba Shown At Ft Robinson -Tourists1 who visit Nebraska's historic Fort Robinson near Grew-ford this summer will have the opportunity' to aw a aciiw of now natural history fibna I The movies ranging In subject matter from the primitive earth aad early animal life to modem will ba shown at tha University of Nebraska TraiUde Mn- Mr andSMii- Bob ud JCeny were callers Pearson's Sunday- UR at Earl- Health For All An bitoniatioufor famous ehestra conductor has recently had experience that may bring music to the can of many sick people- Several yean ago he had a stroke It left his whole right side paralyzed end took away hia ability to' speak Treatment in fores hospitals and a rehabilitation institute left him unimproved UNTIL be waa seat to a hospital where is experiment was going a new kind of treatment for patients who have been- sick -a long time but are not getting betferln the hospital Patients are intensively helped to get back to soma kina of activity Not in foe hospital but in their own homes under hospital supervision This new home care prodram is under foe aupervirion of a payefais-trist a physical therapist a mine and a social worker It include or- FOR aient Company delivered a 1 Crawler tractor complete 't bulldozer and aoil mover' to tha John Waaaerburger': and Sm ranch which they recently pur- Mr awl Mm Bill Wasaeifeurg-er were Sunday visitors at the Dale Miller homo near- Hot SjpringL Charlie and Frances Wssser-burger were Sunday guest at the home of their daughter Mm Leona Ostermeyer hi Crawford Mr and Mm Jack Carnahan aad family of Whitney were Sunday Visitor at the John Cams- hlft fcftHIf Mm Albert Meng visited at the John Carnahan homo one day -last Mm Kenneth Carnahan family were recent visitor John Carnahan honm Sarah Hartman county was down at District give achievement testa Mm Art Bruce of Hot were rock hunting end tha John Wasserbuiger TALK- Mm Everett Panndy afternoon visitors cc Mm George Leeling Smith and eon Loren spent the past week Smith's mother Mm EUicott at her ranch home Hartman was a week at home of her daughter John Morgan and family i therapist and doctor to hia care were music lovers They understood him So: they arranged to have a conduct- ing stand art min hia honm With'-' a short leg braces ha practiced climbing Theta hia physical' therapist helped hua to warn to lead orchiestra again Witt his left arm! Some months ago ha returned to the concert stage To a snccwa-All career both here aad abroad The doctor ia charge of foe hospital's program says The impact of work and otter rehabilitation services on some bomeboundpo-tients out be IBs program and those of other rehabilitation centers are making life worth living for many people who once were doomed as crippiee Column by The Wyoming IV bemilosis and Health Aaaocmion i i -1 12 Mary Jo David and Jerry Wee- serburger both came back to chool Monday after being absent several days Gerald and Evelyn Sheamaa went to Denver over foe week end with Delbert Outhouse Evriyn will tell about her trip for Citizenship Club Friday Wa Hatted taUng six weeks tetts Monday The third aad fourth grade decorated the windows with tulips Friday Brad Jonca Robrtt M3Ier Dixie Graham Jessie Boner Gail Graham Evelyn Sheaman Mika Was-erhuifer and Jamas Mug had perfect spelling acoraa for me dx weeks In the lower room foe following nude perfect acoree fat spelling: Charlene Boner Thence David Kerry Shuman Jofeu Waaaer-i burger Nancy Miller Cynthia Do-Genng mined one word Cynthia DeGning got 100 in tha arithmetic teat Miller Cynthia DeGcring Cbaneu Boner and Jo-leu Wasserhurger had perfect scores in rri1' studies The David girls brought a coeo-aut to school for a treat for their room Tha tomato plant' is now 33 inches t-u and has a tomato on The first grade hss new reading hooka Up and Awiy" The children on foe Pearson bus saw a young bobcat on foe way to school one morning Cynthia DeGerins'i dog was run into by a car and killed However she still has a mother dog with four new puppies Mr and Mrs Whitfield of Turlington visited in the home of Mr ana Mm' Dick David and family from Thursday until Sunday Mr and Mrs Roy Scfautt and Ellen visited foe- Pearson family Sunday Mm Audrey Sable and ion Freddie of Lander Waited in the Woodson Graham home over the week end Mm Horace Graham went to Newcastle with Mm Glen Langley Monday- John Wasserbuiger cams home from foe University of Wyoming it Laramie Friday night and returned Sunday Mm Wickmaa and Mr aad Mm Bob Sullivan of Cheyenne JmBBSlm -W v- -v iaw-s "l' 0 A I Van Tdsscllac Ms Rees Lawk) No' Nam 'Chang f-'? For Van Tamil WUeon of Douglas mao tioned Van Tassell la bar article la (ha Vur Readers' columa la com meeting oa Luak'a contemplated bum change Vaa Tassell never wants iu bum chanced Tha dti-aaw fed sight proud of its aaaM aad would raise quits a ruckus it anyoM suggested such a thing A few years ago sane magazine nfenad to Vu Tuaell a gbost town A few tourists that year woo probably a bit disappointed when (hey routed their vacation trip this way to sees town But Vu Tasseil is allhough spcrsdy populated a very much alive town And it will keep he name and not low its identity Linda Lewie apent Friday night with Dabby French so the gjrb could see me show Mr and Mrs Ray Brpwn of Casper ware overnight guests in tha Harve Zero home Saturday Mr and Mrs Zerbe drove to Lout after them Mia Brown ia Mia Zerbe's sister Mr and Mrs Jerry Lewie and children and Mr and Mrs Lester Lewie Melvin and Linda drove to Torrington Sunday to aw Lester Lewi father who is quite ill The Lester Lewises had dinner with Gladys McKdvey and her eon Garland The NEA installed sa irrigation pump for Harlan Zerbe Moo- Sfr and Mia Bob Bancroft drove to Casper Saturday to visit with their daughters Mrs Kenneth Riley and Mrs A Owens and families They returned home Sunday Mrs Hariap Zerbe took Mr and Mrs Ray Brown to Lusk Sunday and visited with her sisteHn-law Mm Ruth Pearce of Casper who ww visiting in Lusk Mary French gave Linda Lewis aad Debby French a sewing lesson Saturday Mast and David Bruegger and Mm Lester Lewie and Melvin attended the show in Toy-had" in Lusk Saturday Mm Darrell Smith and son Loren of Casper spent the pest week with her mother Mm Loreaa EllicotL Mr Smith came for them Saturday and stayed overnight Sunday dinner guests of the Alien EUicotta were Mr and Mm Jew Locker and girls aad Mm EUicotfs parents Mr aad Mm Emery Zimmerman and Mike Little Kim EUicott went home with her grandparents to vend aotne Fort Bobinaon is the center of one of the richest fomil bearing areas ia the world aad tbs film -aeries has particular appropriate-new for tha early western fort according to Dr Bertrand Schultz director of the University of Nebraska Slat Museums The films will be shown twice each week at 7:30 pjn Wednesdays aad Sundays (tatting June 17 Panhandle (fiyMmJhnrUpml 14 Bryan Larsens Back Out to Homestead For Calving Season Mr end Mm Bryan Larsen have moved oat to the ranch for the calving season Bryan along with his parents two brothers and a sister (namely Chris Raymond and Bertha) were among the very fint residents of the Panhandle community having established residence on their homestead on March 24 1908 The family moved here from Charles Mix County (Lake Andes) South Dakota An older brother Car) and sister Hannah remained in So Dak Before moving to So Dak the Larsen family lived in Cuming County Nebr whenBrggpjgas Two bachelore Adolph Reading end George Rutherford dong deceased) were the very first to nave a comfortable dwelling mi their homesteada end they offered ibci-ter to many new comers until bouses could bo built The Lar- CSS cm were among thorn who bene- (Mdaporaw filed from their hospitality Bryan and hia wife Mary still occupy the original homestead houw to which additions haw been made in later yearn Bryan attended school at Diet 68 at a time when aa many pupils were enrolled and has seen homesteaders coma and go until now two pupSa are enrolled MRS HINCHLEY HONORED ON BIRTHDAY Mr and Mm Bill Sykors honored bar mother Mm Kiltie Hinckley on her birthday with a dinner Guests included Mr and Mm KnoUe Belknap and Debbie Mm KnoHe Belknap and uetmie week Mr and and in the Mm superintendent 16 to Friday Mr aad Springs vwting at home Monday TOWN Mr and were Sunday Mr end Mm Darrell of Casper with Mm Lome Mm Rudy end visitor Mm at Denver CATHOUC PV Mw-M am Cm! a- esora Mmo-U HaroM llsWH South 12Q0 choke Angu 2-year old brifen with calm 73 fancy Aagtu 2nd calf kelfers tone calves on At ground 100 food Ilereford cows with calves 190 food Angus cows calving now 50 registered Angba cows calving now 80 Angus cows partly registered calving now 100 big Angus cows some calving now 3000 good and choke calves 350-Hm and np 50 choke light white face heifer calves some open heifers 850 choke 2-year old white face steers Delivered 6-1-62 THIS IS ONLY A PARTIAL LISTING MOST CATTLE IN BUNCHES TO SUIT BUYER DAYLE HEWETT Bonded Cattle Dealer Telephone 195 Box 533 Nehr I Story SCHOOLS AT FXST1VAL Tha County Music Festival held at tha County High School Friday was well represented from this community bom Districts 31 nod 16 A very nice program ww rendered ana congratulate teachers and pupils for their parts Thow from this community present were the Lloyd Storys Bob Geisers Wallaces Mrs Lyle Anderson Jess Lockers Albert and Eldon Morgan MRS SNYDER OUT OF HOSPITAL Wa an happy to know Mm Georgia Snyder who hss been a patient at the Spencer Hospital in Link tha past 1 weeks due to a broken kg ww dismissed last Thursday and ia now at tha Nellie Jordan home convalescing CHURCH SERVICE HELD Pastor Whitbeck held a church service at the Hooper home Friday night Theme Power of The Matthew 27:51 to 55 Mr and Mm Clair Andcnon and Sandra were Chadian visitors Friday Mr and Mm Paul Hopper were Saturday evening supper and evening guests at the Ray York home in Harrison the occasion being Mm Hopper's birthday Miss Carroll Wallace was 'an overnight guest at the Ranch home of her parents Friday night Mm Opel Patterson end son David of Hot Springs were visitors at the Wallace home Thurs- -day afternoon Mm Mabel Morgan and nieces Vi and Barbara Boone were visitors Wednesday night at the Virgil Hugh son home From there they went by Bus to Denver where the Boone sisters will get acquainted with their infant buy brother who arrived at tha Boone home during their visit at the Morgan Those attending church far Harrison Sunday from here were lew Lockers Clair and Lyle Andersens and George Kruegeir The Paul Hopper's were Sunday guest at tha Loaner homo in Igloo They also attended Sunday School and church there North Sioux (fry Mm John Wwaashwgwj IS SIXTEEN PINOCHLE CLUB MEETS AT WAS5ERBURGER9 Mr and Mm John Waseeibur-ger were hosts to the Sixteen Pinochle Club 'Tuesday evening Alice Wasserhurger won high Jew Locker andClair Anderson tied for second High ia the tournament is Myn Anderson with Lyle Anderson second and Wilma Gdier third Mr and Mrs Elmos Lee Corbin and Mike were Sunday dinner and supper guesfa-at tha Norbert Was-Beitiimer home AD the schools in this area took part in tha Muaie festival Harrison Friday Mrs Jack Gciser and children aad Mm Ray Semrpska aad girls were in Crawford Saturday Sens had to quit working for Norbert Wassamrger due to the illoew of his brother at home Mm Bob Jordan and children were overnight guests Thursday in the Jordan home in Harrison Mr nod Mm Jim Carnahan and Tanuni Mm John Carnahan aad Mm Joe Wawciburger spent Wednesday visiting and shopping in Chadron Mr and Mm Ike Turnbull and boys were visiting bis sister Nadine in Odrichs Friday Whitman fBr lfm tU Whitman) 16 MRS CHARD HOSTESS TO INDIAN CREEK CLUB Indian Creek Club met at Aa juaaof Mrand Mm Bunny Mm Whitman Mr and Mm- A Van Bantam Mr ud Mm Fay Swom Mr and Mm Jim FetereML Mm Dan Jordan and Br-V nett Halefcr 'vVi'''r Olenjh and Bobbes Jean Gciser spent the week end with their tea- uMm Ollie Seaman Mm Irene Roth spent foe week- and Mrs Everett Whh Mr Ri Seaman Mr A 12:00 Reel Estate Livestock Machinery Fe CLARA DODD ESTATE TUESDAY APRIL 24th 1962 SALE north on Highway 2 are fa of Geochae 32 Cattie Sale will be held at the Home Place 5 miles and 3 miles west of Crawford CHURCHES iMnwIl liMMI CHtmCHBS RM lift sm SETHIS matii TiJO ml Bwtf 7-JO mi ML MM-MO ummAN MnSMIAL I Ml MYP-Srtl PM of Von (yMm dt April 16 MrC end Mm Eldon Laawfon of Van Nuys Calif arrived Sunday afternoon and will spend a few weeks visiting in foe home of their daughter Mm Clyde Vernon Mr Vernon end children They were accompanied by Mr mother Mm Vida Langdw who has apent the winter months with tire fondly ia California Mm Lloyd Adams and daughters Angela and Audrey have bom house guest in foe Lawrence Adams home for tha pari week Mr and Mm Ivoi Buckley entertained at a family dinner Tuesday evening honoring the birthday of their eons Scotty and Doughs Gueria were Mr and Mm Dale Miller and sons Mm Lloyd Adams and daughter and Mr aad Mm Lawrence Adame Roger See grist accompanied Clyde Vernon end eon David on a business trip to Doughs Saturday Mm Sarah Barnes whohm been visiting her liner Mm Pearl Long la Boiaek Ida for the pert three month returned by amine Thursday to Seottsbhiff She waa met by Mr Adame aad Mr MUire aad was an overnight guest hi the Adams home Thursday She re-tamed to her boms fat Lusk Friday- ft 3500 clc of mammals la th enimaTSom WATCH REPAIRING If All Work GuaranfMd FREE ESTIMATES Mail Olden Welcjoine MARK'S JEWELRY -'20ISMghSL--Torrinctott YTjv r' V- 1 DESCRIPTION OF IIOMR PLACE NEM ef Section If NWM end WVi cf NEUiNtt nf 8WM NWU of SKV4 in Scrtfon 17 rti la 52 R- 52 Dewas Canntyfteto af Nshsreha Cnatorhig of 520 Aston AHartnrtiy 200 Acne is caMvatiam 63 Acres teJUMbi the balance la Hay Gmrt and pretare 43 Acre Wkwt tfefresnt with fok unit Tha hay land and pastors are la sxciBcnt witldia Tha cuttiiatsd bred a vwy MuJIaii fomreOmmJ mmM aaj Km Mndwaad hb ILa Kaad bb BDomn vnnni rm ymma wm ww cbwd wmi innB on hi rw oral yaan Located an all waaflnr rood i ntike are oiled sdu ef greraL 1 retie to real hub nifle to ilirewtery echeol REA Tilrehous 5 wrth 2 wtodeiUk ReraleX 20 cattle shed 16 79 chidmheeee brooder hoeae fog Ganga AH hoHdhp mi feacea re to good Shape 5 Bodrooa reliiMdeni freere home with half hescareut aew Baton forced Air Fhrsece Dkka Gas Steve Rsfrignrrtar Hot Water Heater 350 Cation Bataas Trek and Tekpheee-gbl wkh foe land There Is a mrell Orchard aad hanrtlM toads tnm Soare prenp htlgrtiau with wtetur storage injhble an Rills tuawood Qeak TERMSi liamadtato peressriim ILMLN down ou day of mh Rrtaneo Angnrt UL 1961 or on during af Wa which ever Is foe later A marrhertsMe tide freultosi 1962 Tame pro rated aad paid by aatisr to May 1st 1962 faunae an to halldtags paid la fafl and wB ha framfwred to tha buyer The attire raceme Oti mi Mhssrri Ttsyaky only for a parted ef IS yearn Al lame naouke aad swface damages go to the pairirer 51 Acne of growing Wheat V6 of foe wheat and pays Vi i Dan Hebaer of Harrison had with the Lester Lewises "WliSSJi and Jerry Lewia-urch in Harriaon church Sunday EUicotta had Karen baptised aad Lewises had Wayne bap- George Sicbkea has plowed up quite a plot on hie iirigMkm project south of Vu Tasaen Miss Mary Nichols sister of Mm Lorens EiUoatL came from Ceeper for the baptnog of her grandniece Karen EUicott 1 Sheep Creek (Mm Gear IwMsyl -April 14 Mr end Mm Bud Parsons aad Mr and Mm Art Dow and Russell Lto from Fort Goiline Colo spent Saturday night with Mr and Mm Guy Buckley Sunday morning they went to Seotubluff and Muatare to visit more relativw before returning to their home Mm Leo Lucan and Lds and Mr aad Mm Gay Buckley went to Seottsbhiff Monday Jim Baote left Tuesday for Lin- 51 GRAIN sroiGf tev na gaJu amIbaamJ ing vvwvw prenvuiuq TRIM-STEEL MMbim kcMIftfl MnI far oraki ag aMalnn aaJaaa In aaM owivr srtitci hi otbio rvnf JJn kto reVi WIRV Ry li TRIM-STEEL Srihfeps er heller ffi ihwp Yi aaa Ryaa JaaM aad TTw Bw mmUb 7 diIb TRIM l- STEEL' a a 4r- 'h1 1 I r1- 1 if I 1 IS- '1 fv from Hay Springs Mr and Mm Hank HuKfiley and Harriett of Manland and Mr and Mrs La Veres Hanley and Penny of Her- RAYMOND RILEY HONORED AT CARD PARTY Mm Raymond Riley entertained at a card party at foe school home Set night honoring her hut-bend on hia birthday Pitch was enjoyed and lunch served to foe sixteen friends and neighbors who attended Mm Lyle Lewis accompanied Mm Data Coleman and Mr and Mm Tom McKaighl to Yuma Colo on' Sat to attend a funeral of Miles Ward a great uncle of Mm Lewis Mm Coleman and Mr McKnighL Mr and Mm BUI Sykora and Bryan Larsen were supper guests in foe Jim Phippe home Mon eve Mr and Mm MeudenhaU were Harrison shopper on Tuea Mm Lyle Lewis and Mm Jim FMpm attended a chib meeting in foe Corbin home on Tbea afternoon Mr and Mm Raymond RUey drove to the Platte Valley for a load of feed on Thur Mm George Fioard vu aa afternoon nest of Mm Raymond RUey oo Ffi Mr and Mm Raymond RUey were supper guests ia the Jim Phipps home on Fit evening Mr Phipps borne on FH evening Mr OTBiU SykoncaUeT hfe ciuldren to foe county-music fee- tfoi Friday a Chuckle Lewis celebrated his 10th birthday with a amaU party achool'oo Thum since Us bkthday feU on music festival day no' lkL (I Aftll Sf AIIY Jack Geiaer went to Seottsbhiff Friday after a new truck which John Gciser and Sou purchased recently" deen'Jordan second hip Fat Scm- roska waa aa out-of-dub guest i The sdiool children and forir: mother of district 23 bad a suv' prise birthday party for their teacher Mm John wssscrburger Friday afternoon It- wa a big surprise and lovely party Thanka Saturday As Auiance Jmpie- DESCRIPTION OF NORTH PLACE This place hae been need resrily for srereure range for the horee alacta Deornbed as the SEW of Sadlou 32 and the iWM of Section 3 Tenatola 33 of 320 Acrre lcre 17 Acne ef RiAmb ud hhwvy in few and cnlllvation 1 Weti with end hrtgrthre There are no ha Nahr fa for Tern dotore af fit! 962 Wkh net twu and a $366J down on day af asle Rehrere Aagart 1st 1962 or an 1962 Taaan prorated and wH he paM by satire to May IL However fob is been 56 write ef Govrerensnt matore places there hae aatijsrtto foe 8 Forestry Ssrrtca appravm magiInery if 1954 Chav 44 he Pkfap with grain box ft stock reck Care 14 3 bottom plow Drill 11 flL John ren Spring Tooth ft IX a Rod Weodsr 12 flL Retrey Hee IX Elevator casa halca or grain 7 ft rTONta 5 DMwre a 8 f't IF -rrMr'and Mm Chat um Mr and Mm Whitman Gleoda and Bobbea Geiaer were dinner guests of Mr end Mm Bob Hhd- iy and family It was to ceiebntri MmLyl Andavon entertained Snerfk and Tracy's birthday They bridge dub Thursday evening wiUbiT BreteIl won hlfo and Et yttr Mm- Lyle Anderson entertained A'f- LIVESTOCK 'A' By 9 Gy im ratif gran now 9 ft ApriL Harry Eari wa also there Mr and Mm Ralph Ben and: eon Oka Berg Imogeu fifoto- son Mm Jake RoUuon Mr and Mm Bumw Chard Ernest Hald Mr and Mm George Walker Mr and Mm A Van Blareum Mr and Mm Whitman were dinnre guest of Mr and Mm Fay ROBERTSON a Mm Phaaa 456-2274 Gariag Nebr a a arm mBwivinnw SraX CORPORATION Boot Seathihdf Nfor 1 --WTwXv flfEITI SAFII 1 2 Dox Laying ITrae 19 head 3 year eld Hereford Hdfsre wlfo calvee at aid 4 25 nixed aged Hsreford Cows with cafreaat rids Cattie OBre 5 CaL field regmarei ft Stack Water Tufts 'V 100 Ba Batter Gralacries 4 Rolli Can Crthhfag Bke -'3 all UTSTOCK MACHIOTR "AND FEED ARE CASII LUNCT-WILL BE SERVED ON THE GROUNDS For more lnfonutioa eee Audlonecn Christenson ud Steggi of ADhuMO NtibrTIowwd Dodd or Jim Forbeo of Grawford or any of the finwford Uvcstodk Andhto PonouacL 1 Reg 4 yr-ote Hsnftod yr aid weti Infte reddBa horw vssy good hone -r Pm wwwvew mremw nurem "iff sr ff YOU 7Me The MONEY Rfttail Business" Chin apsreltd dry riraalng washing and fe Qnartsre do fha wusfc c( doDare and Rs Are Yo Flatodaf Leog Distaoco MoreT You can rely on for experience and for foe latest ia scientific packing aad handling of your holier hold gHfif j'- HAMILTON TRANSFER ond STORAGE Ageota for Aero Mayflower Transit Ca -a V-i Tofringten Wyo Vi 5 CaR CoOocMlrifeioo42Sll Day-Jeffsnoo-25111 NlgM whuff iWhlT' x-'J-1 1 What You PMco Cerp A Fd Motor Cu toewu your ewnstera Ilhtral A 5SrSnni WaTV AO needed genrleea pvrtded tk MARCHEK EQUIPMENT 00 4000 HoDy Vewnt 16 nlam 399-1060 IliifCLARA- DODDIESTATE Christensen A Steggs i Crawford Livestock Auction Auctioneer Management "V1" V- '-v-V' i 1 1L 1 iS 1 11 Trr rf i 1 'MUse(rtwienrT 1.

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