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The Lusk Herald from Lusk, Wyoming • 4

The Lusk Heraldi
Lusk, Wyoming
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I mu ire IWT 1 1 1 mm iAfrw i vy Ui iJglS 1 aad Mr aad Mra Hater Rob'- 4- 1 LHS Pangs Carol Mariegard family Saeas Niemaa Joy Randal and and little eon wen boating at Retha BuUer and Eileen Dam 8uaJay yfua vweekend gucrt of Linda w--Hm Bible School Programwas 4'f Mr-' end held Fridayaflernooa aad Debby Mrand Mrafe Mr Harlan Zeibe Va-M Bmy Ccoo Je and Stew Wert- aad Davie attended the Sidewalk wwfcg- vv Amends day Ibo Mble Oamea will meet et Mn Joaa Hmfc'mtf LnekMr thnj Bazaac taScottsbluff Wadnrei: rins'dayi rR and Mm Rld' Flciren' rt Wefro end May Conn wen FORTY YEARS AGO Mat Ik 1923 Monday afternoon at married at (fathoms of the peotMr and I Mm FM Coon Chadron5S? Last Tuesday Orvill Johns and RodeeivRandy Luettn: Kurds! Kea drove te South Dakota and Cwul Mm JUte Mariegard Amdmr Cunningham stayed at the nneh while they Wednesday the guest cf Mrs Lee 'fWNUvi ''sep i 'CtXi -v -iv''-v''V jj-VfoA Tkk easy-aloWiWito -Si Ootiow donH it taka sr we cu well heedthite Knfcydifckto dniorilawcookinfbutdoon You wiH get the be mutt by mean Uaty eating wing broikn cut in half Break 18 Rcbekah Lodge Na 2tf last Tore South Dakota The ForeUs return nighrttie folkwing officere ekaobUnmiad Sadie1 Roflnid-ShoulU ind KmioU IM Seemeiu TicHhmda Cjlidyt Kochi ma- have bees? playing '-baili in v-' Devin truasurer -Lusk Their team ha been doini quite welL prindpal streets of this city otied when the Associated (El Company shut down last spring they had considerable fuel oil stored in their tank ham- which they doomed to tba Village -to be uaed -on the atreetaThe streets from the square a block -each way hare been oiled otha reeeonn there wds na Sun day School oo Sunday Thepre-' vious Sunday Mra van Sanfs daughter Mra Joha Totta of Athena Ga wae a walcome visi-tor jy w-- Mra Lester LeWls and Unda and Alberta Buckley aecompauied Mre Jerry Lewie and childraa to oA Monday Lusk on Monday Try cooking' chicken on the charcoal broiler or open but take go alow For jew fire you don't need a lot of charcoal Yon can place briquets one deep aad about 1 inch apart This will give plenty of even heat Tbo mum charcoal makes too hot a fire and burns the chicken Allow abocl lb of charcoal per chicken half for cooking a email up to of halves The more halves you cook the leas charcoal needed Use only about lb per half when cooking eight or mom You met need to start ail the charcoal at perhaps two-thirds will be enough Then about 30 minutes before the chicken is done all the net of the briquets You will have a slow even fire for the entire time of cooking PUBLIC NOTICE 0mm-m ha COUNCIL PROCEEDINGS The Lusk Town Council met in regular session June the Town 'office with tee Mayor and all councilmen present The minutes of the previous meeting were read the motion made by Blackmore the second Lyon that the -minutes be approved as read All voted approval In older to eliminate a special meeting the motion was made by Lyon the second by Blackmore that the liquet license of Roger and gars Perciva! be approved as applied for if no proteats are ffled AM voted approval The motion was made by Lyon the second by Frenau that a resolution be made which will meet the approval of the Chicago and North Western Railway Co for license to construct elcctnc transmission tines on railway property The second to the morion was made by Femau all approved Lea- Schnorenberg representing the Fetrolane Southeast Wyo Gas Service attended the meeting end presented for approval an ordinance granting to Fetrolane a franchise to install and operate a ns distribution system within the City of Lusk The ordinance was discussed at length and then tabled until the next regular meeting in order to give the proposition further study following bills were presented for approval: The I Lyed Dan Diektnaa attended the Vrifpiiris fo at tie Mr and MralFrova fitchb-mendy and girls were recent callers at the NutCall ranch'- Debbie Maiming edebnted her 7th birthday at the home of ha grandparents-Mr and Mrs Hank' Amend on May 26 Mr and Mrs- Wilbur Wright motored to Wheqtlnad Thuraday where they were guests' in the home of Mr and Mia Leo Miller aad family -Mrs Ted Pennington and daughter Diane accompanied bar parents Mr and Mrs Bea Wolfs of Casper to Oiathet Kaa- wham they visited Mrs Pennington's grandmother ud aunt for several days Mr and Mra Bill Nuttall ao-compankd Mr and Mri Dean OlandL aad Mr aad Mrs Jeny Waasbrawga to Crawford Saturday night They danced to Jeny Loudon aad Bob Fairish of Sim dair 1 Mr aad Jin Kenneth Wright and Keith Mr and Mre Aum Heins and family Ed Martin Jesse York Ed Hegge Mrs Evelyn Nett and Joey helped with the branding at (he Waaek ranch Monday Maiy Amend attended services at the Congregational Church in Lusk Sunday morning and the band concert in Chadrao in the afternoon Sunday Mr and Mrs Saflmajm attended Sunday School and were dinner guests at tha home of Mr and Mre Dan Lahcr of Orin Mrs Kate Mariegard Chrol called on Mre Oeae Harris Monday afternoon Chuck Knight of Lusk spent last week with Dana and Deank Harris and attended Bible School at Lost Springs Marvin Amend aad MisUXana Ashmead attended aervicerat the Methodist Church in Douglas Sunday Mr and Mrs Freddie Bruegger and John Bruch were Thursday evening dinmr guests of Mr and Mrs Gene Hams Mrs Dan Laher Russel and Ronald were Monday ova night guests of the Mrs Myrtte Perry and daughter Faye and Jeff Clair of Lusk were Sunday boating gueite of tha Gene Harris family at Glcndo dam Marvin Amend arrived home Thursday morning from Fteeno Calif whom he attended Fresno College the past year Mr and Mrs Charlie Reea and Charles wesv Sunday dinna guests of Mr and Mrs Leonard Gilbert Mia Mary and Lor- utia Bute wuguieiidi' Sunday Mooday and Tuesday of Mra KMrine Msriegaid oL They were Wedneeday and Thuraday overnight greets of the Mr and Mrs Earl Yak family of Shawnee were Saturday owning greats in the Gene Harris home Cards provided Debby and Alvie spent several days with grandparents Mri and MimHaak Amend while their mothsri Mra Bob Mowing attended the Homs taken Convention at Sharidn MraMaaning is OonmarCoanty Moating rkhthnr French had Linda Lewis a Saturday afternoon la her home Alberti BdefclejHUg Rme Learie were visitors Sunday suppa guests of Mr end Mra Hsrve Zertw Included Mr end Mrs' Clair Smith and son of Idaho Mr mother Mra Ham Harnem of Lusk and Mr and Mra Ray Do Oaring of Lusk Mra Marie Martin and Joaaa drove to Douglas ova the weekend to visit Mra Martinis brotha Wayne Heckert sad family The Tom Lewises entertained at a branding'paity Monday Out of the Past SEVENTY YEARS AGO Jure 16 1192 A family reunion occurred a few days ago at tha home of Mra Elisabeth Sutton at Pleasant Ridge Wyo nt which hathrea-soreud two daughters were present The first of tile week a pair of twin bey arrived at the home of Mr and Mrs Simmons The bridge acroa Sowbelly at Knott's place had to be taken but and piled up on the bank and the one et Montrose had to be fixed up to save it from rain FIFTY YEARS AGO Jam 14 1912 Pete Peterson of Harrisburg Colo- and Lillian A Warring of Harrison were married by Fad county judge at Ft Morgan Coio on the 4th day of June Pontius returned home from Hot Springs IX Sunday morning where be had spent several weeks in a hnspitsl having undergone a various surgical operation Mra Kina who has hern tbs winter with ha ar Harrison Saturday and will spend tils sunsna win ha daughters Mollis aad Sus on their nadi south of tom la a dosdy eoatestsd-gams oa tha Harrison grounds on Sunday tiw Harrison baseball team defeat- 'jT ei'-fJTr-'- fOnnCrKeSldCnt m'iSi'TSs lerRer Recognized for Art Teochincjin CaWK? Mrs Robert Beesiey of Atherton Calif wu recently featured in' an article In the Redwood Cite Tribune for her won in teaching creative arts in Atherton and Sequoia Mis Beesiey is the daughter of the late Mr aad Mm Jeaaea who lived on a farm north of pie article featurce hef work in the almost-forgotten art of china painting It sayv "Mrs Beesiey hu gained national recognition for her china Minting but is proficient in other Jidda of art a Mrs Beaky now has a darn of 70 tht programs tit Smalt aad Atherton Hu Sdioois She teaches china painting home decorative art Japaaae brain painting and She wu One of 13 Jensen children and grew up on her parents farm Upon graduating from high n-twwi aha frrinft col lege in Denver She married Robert Beaky in 1939 and they moved to California where he it a data-proceoing icpreicatative for IBM Her raativa hem include one-sbter Mia Anna Jensen of Keeline and two brothers Bari Jensen of Lusk aad Marvin Jensen of Hat Creek In the May 23 iwue of the Tribune Mr aad Mre Beealeyt ion Jama Brace Beesiey was featured in front page artfck u-oae of three picked from his Congressional district' out of 190 applicants to attend the UA Naval Academy Beesiey is aa II year oU student of Sea Mateo Couege Two Sell lambs at Junior Market Day Two Niabian 4-fi members sold fat lambs from their sheep projects at the Wyobraska Junior Lamb Marketing Day in Scotts-Muff last wraLFour-H and FFA members from several Wyoming and Nebraska counties sold 344 lambs in the sale Bobby Bair of Jay Em consigned eight head of Coniedales Seven graded prime and one graded choice Judy Tschacher of Mao-vilk consigned one duke Ram- booillct Prices were: Under $2325 per hundred for prime and $2273 for choke Between 106' and 116 $22 JO for prime and $2223 for choke Over 116 $22 for prune and $2225 for choke Lambs graded good went for $20 Mngs (By Mrs I JL 12 -AMENDS-HONORED-ON ANNIVERSARY Mr and lfraBU HuttaO entertained a a fried chicken dinner May 31 in honor of Mr and Mrs Hank Amend's 32nd wedding ahrenaiy Unique table dm tione were mnskal -candles and place cards Guests were Mr aad UnT Amend aad Maty Mr aad Mre Bob Manning Alvie and Dima It wae also Mrs NuttalTk 8MITI1S-DIELEMANS BOMI FROM VACATION Mr aad Jkn SMth of Kee-Hue and Mr and Mra Dan Dials-of-Lost' Sunday after a tea day tion spnt ja tbs- Padfk nortb-wert They draw through Montana visited ths Onwd Coulee Daw the WMdli Fair art Cama -home bf wit of (Wrqr LSoIiol aad llSk 1Wi itiSStbli took the terry to Victoria Chaada POBIMASTERSATTEND RAWLINS CONVENING Georgs Mundschenk of Man-vflle Lao Thomas of Kaeliaa and Mr and Mra Sanrnaim at tended the PMtmasters Cbnven- tion held hi Ranting Sunday Monday and Tuesday of last week "-i" BIBLE SCHOOL CLOSES WITH PROGRAM FRIDAY 7Av Saftzman of Omaha 4 4 Uire IrewMa ftarefrre jJ wank tebti Mia Loretta Burks of Lusk bteght Kbit Schrel to Panhandle (by MrS Jks PMpprt hM-Juna 9t PICNIC FOR PANHANDLE LADIES AID SUNDAY Mr and Mra Lyk Lewis and boys eatetlaincd mo Panhandle Ladim Aid at a picnic aad ball game last Sunday aftoraoon Four members were present No formal butinem meeting was held Those who enjoyed the ball gams and pienk supper included Mr and Mrs Raymond Riley and grandsons Mr and Mre Dak Coleman -aad daughters Mrxand Mra Douglas low is and family Mr -and Mrs Russell Lewie and Steve Junior and Jack Buckley Mr and Mil Jim Phipps and Jimmy Mr and Mrs Howard Well Comw and the Mendem eXr The Jim Pfaippa fiunily will be boats to the society and gnats on Jute There will be a ball game at 2:00 pm followed by a pienk at 3 pm Everyone wel- DAUCHTER BCHIN TO DOYLE GOBBLES Mr and Mrs Doyle Gobbk are parents of a baby girl born May 31 at Torrington The little lady hat been named Kathy Mae and weighed in at 61b 3 ox The haw another daughter Diana Mrs Gobble end baby came home Sunday aad ahn Ja being assisted by ha sister Unda Hubbaid a a The Chuck Lees and Bob Fin aid branded calves on Sat They were assisted by the Junior Mur- family the Frank Parsons nily Tom Charles and Flank Lewis Jim Hatch Julian and Bob Phipps Jim and Jimmy Phipps Lyk end Duane Lewis Georgs Oberg and Bob Sjtna Mr and Mrs Earl Hatch were Sat evening guests in the Meadeq-hall home Mr and Mrs Howard Weils and Connie were guests in the Mendenhall home on Sunday Both families enjoyed the ball gone in the afternoon Larry and Bryan Lay of Hyan-nis are visiting their grandparents Mr mid Mrs Raymond Riley Jim and Jimmy Phipps branded calves on Mon Among thorn who helped and enjoyed writing were Mr and Mra-Julian Phipps Mr and Mra Bob Phipps and boys Mr and Mra Ronald Grots and boys Ed Smith Mr aad Mrs John Broderick Mr and Mra Lyle Loris and bop Mr Clyde MowaMihaH Bob Piaard JenLeb FnnkPareoos BobSib na Bob end Johnny Menu Mr end Mra Joe Numv Con nie and Tommy returned Then evening from a trip to the Fair aad a visit with relatives in Washington and Idahw Bob ifaan branded oa Wednesday assisted by Pat Corbin Ken neth Watson Efanus Lee Cabin Bill Sykore Chuck Bouneb Jim ud Jauny Phipps and Bob Pin unL Mra rat Corbia helped Mra Mann with tha dUntr 1 Mr aad Mra Jim Phipps caB-ed in4bs Pau Hoppa home Friday afternoon Georgia Christian married at tha horn of the JRear'? ir now Hie Newest of the New 1962' MAGNOLIA Mobil Homo 3 Bedroom Baths now on display at WARREN MOBILE HOMES West of ths oa Highway 26 $334126 fa Free a Willie Almaan Police Bill Anderson Gaibage Norman BriUhart Meters Robert Casacl Lines Christian Clerk Isabel' Coleman Deputy Robert CresweiC Garbage Robert Crow Plant Elmer Fleming Water Joseph Kinrella Cemetery Thomas Mitchell Sunt Barney McBirney Police Ralph McKrivey Sewer Keith Neifert Streets Pearl Peterson Lounge John Rainey Streets James Roberts Streets Larry Roberts Cemetery Evmett Smith Police VfcSnodKlSe Frank Ray Taykr Meten Wayne Wright Lina Alfred Taykr Duplicate check Graybar Inc- Elect drat Hospital-Medical Blue Chatline Medical Blue Cross Election derk Bette Schnorenberg Election derk Ruth Fleming Election Judge Donald Austin Election Judge Robert Masaie Election Judge the wing and thigh Joints so the chicken will stay flat while cooking Keep the maximum distance your broiler allows between the fire and the chicken Turn the chicken often to avoid wer-browhing the outside If you see blisters on the skin if warning that the chicken is getting too hot Baste with butter or margarine or your favorite barbecue sauce immediately after turning Yon then allow the tauce to cook on and ifs not wasted After basting sprinkle with salt on each side You will Mod to salt about three time during cooking Out-door cooking time means taking time if you want delicious taatyfood PUBLIC NOTICE 3316 31275 323JO 3750 37903 393A3 39932 33796 29000 35000 32610 33742 j-33 3000 310- 40220 13 34S 42306 -rizrzzzz SIS 42132 35464 73AO 12144 14120 1600 1600 16JOO 16B0 16J10 414493 3S1JI toooo 7300 73jOO 9173 1U 3U0 73A2 394A9 419AL 2453 33913 1 17A2 7910 4931 21A63 phono i uswibeai i(ih sasi 170 530016 v3' 1736V 933 3633 iztbzi Js 47743 2437 1230 4I7A0I 42033 S6J2 6940 3t-'- 4 vffj 4 Ella Rogen Election derk UA0 Ebna Mordock Election dot UOO Crinklaw Election Judge 55 Etbd Taykr Election Judge UBO mt tVnokif Flfctftm Jodis 2200 NkbwTDertric Ahportfidtis 3A96 UAupplyCoPsrte -Alfred cTBaca Water kaa Bureau of Reclamation Aj Roecoe Unwr JaB A firs bourn heat 2417 30E76 3344 J)0 130j00 R- Oieat Plains Const Gravel crashing C-C Wholesale Supply Tractor parts Wy State Treas Firemen's comp mm Erwia June rent jii i i Wolfe and George Drake helped Tad and Jim Pare uington txmil cattk to Rocky Top MoAdsy'Boraittc Mr aad Mra Horace Nelson were Friday everting callers at tha hare of Mra Margaret Ball and Mr aad Mil Wilbur Wrkhb Mia Mary Salttman MreLor etta Burke and Vcraoa Knre of Wheatland were Friday cveaiag suppa guests of Mr aad Mra ISMkmawL Mr aad Mrs Bauds' Com 1 branded their calua at the Nuttall UinlMf Hum iMhlM were Mr aad Mra BereVraff '-nIure ll-A ton' Mr aad Mra-Jim McAHista Among1 tiioa attending tha Na Bats Prtenoa Mr and Mra Bid tiooal Guards Visitors Day at iNwtalLlM Ml Store w--' i Kf 1 Sf Ed Smith waa overnight guest of Jimmy Phipps Friday nighb Moat everyone in the common- Kj IQJOJfM Ml Or muff TOOOO pofomiMNs Mr and Mra A Mendenhall draw in Ha Springs Sunday Mr and Mra Jim Phipps were' guests of the Agats 4-H Sub at a pienk suppa la thoNuu home Sunday f- Alfred Taykr May Judge Watson May attorney Uada Laieou May wages Petty Cuh Depoeite refunds A supp Const to CoasL Supp Worthaa Machinery Caw Repairs Gifford A Johnsteuy Elect supp Cuha A Son Sum A repaint Mb States TeL A Phmt eftice Sioux Sendee Gasoline Waason Chevrolet Parta A rair OK Supa Service -Tire repair -Headris A Boitbofll Farts Southsida Thick Stop Parti Mobi Oil Cob Street oil Fixh Service Mowa repair Hiway Supa Service Ctr were Budget Food Mob Cleaning np Norfinide rm Jig meak a- w- SiSprwaOis past week Attending and Dreeie Harris Tbit woaIc featuring1 Maglcian'i --l i4iMawhg- i-vo i -S remv Kti rere -jj- Back by: Popular Requestl Burroughs Corpaitkni Sexvks A supplia Krix-Davis Electric meta parts Stsda Tractor A Equips nuts Thrifty Latmdry Toweis VoUma Lsbir A airftr Refining LUSK DiUVE-iN FUD AY4ATURDAY Quick Coaaot General Electric Co'Ttansfarma A meter repair yi Western Repair Shop Tractor A parts Rockwell Manfg po Water meter repair Standard Oil Co Kerosene i -iThe Dina lstkkrey- naifnsa Cw yi-The DinervElMdibn meals CcntinentsToll Co-Cr Scientific Supply Fluags aupp card gw taajassisgjar'' y-D Wilson Fittings ZrW'J Herald Adv Ai li fYCJi Lnak Herald Adv A supp Dure TesbCorn Lamps Casper Supply to Parte SK" Foster Lumba to Paint A suppC LrdbottcPi Iftgp Supp Graybar Electric Elect dept Stats Bosid of VjmI Mav sake tan IpJ Ths preeentedbiUe werefamd to bs In ada so die motion was nude bv Tmd ths srcond by Feraau that they be paid AU voted approval Mrv being no further busmem to eom before the Coundl the' motion Mbe bvFenuui the second by Blackmow that they adjourw All approved and the meeting was duly dosed 4-'-' It t- Attest ISABEL COLEMAN Sft Lusk' Hbrald June 141962.

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