The Allentown Leader from Allentown, Pennsylvania on March 18, 1905 · Page 6
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The Allentown Leader from Allentown, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Allentown, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 18, 1905
Page 6
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6 THE ALLENTOWN LEADEIt. SATURDAY, MAKCII, 18, 1005. K HAM KH'S MUSIC HOUSE, STELLA Music Boxes T'h.e best disc Music Box 'In he world . Prices from $35 to $200. Including 12 tune Sheets. ' M1RA Music Boxes A medium priced) Music Box Jfliat Is unequalled) for the price. Prices $12 to $55. Including 12 tune sheets. W are ol agents for- fne CteillA and Mdra. ORGANS ! W reprtsent the famous Eb tey, All Burdetts, the Putnam, and ottoer reliable m'akes. W han-e a targe line of Chapel Oran ulbab1 for churches-, Sunday Sdhoole and Lodges, on twhloh we quote special discounts. KRAMER'S Music House 511 Hamilton St. My Plan Of Selling Pianos i met iwitfoi sue ess. Any one "&' wn a. (piano, as y easy-ipajimenit plto of selling piano has beni the means of putting pianos to hundred o f homes . It wtil pay any one Intending (to puxtibast a piano, ito come and fee what I can do for them. ; . Stop to any time.. "Aschbach" The House of Experience, 639 Hamilton St. A SPRING COLOR though fresh is not always Green. Several beautiful shades appear in our SPRING HATS Brighten your appearance by wearing one of them. You won't be scared at the prices. A. A. KLINE, HATTER 605 Hamilton St. ORGANIZED 1855. Capital $1,000,000 Surplus $600,000, Undivided Profits $158,000. AllentownHatiDnal Bank Offers to all Patrons whither tbelr business be large or small the best laellltles of modern banking. The tirst duty of safe banking is to Insure absolute security to tiie depositors. This security is found in the excess of a bank's resources over its liabilities. This Bnks "excess of resources over liabilities" Is found in the ' following statement: Capital paid in $1,000,000 i Surplus fund 600,000 'Cj Undivided profits oa hand 158,000 i $1,758,000 ' We hare at all times on hand for sale to Bur patrons first class investment securities. at. E. Wright. C. M. W. Keck, 1'resldent. Cashier. lHKrJL'TOKS. . K. E. "Wright, Chas. H. Johnson, Sam'l J. Kistler, Frank J. Meyers, C. D. Schaeffer, Thomas Steckel, John Taylor, George O. Albright, . William Herbst, James F. Hunsicker, Wilton Jordan, Cdwin Keller, Thoe. Johnston. WATCHING YOUR WATCH to see how far wrong it is might be a confidence losing sort of pastime, but if your watch has ever kept accurate time we are pretty . sure we can make it keep- accurate time again. Of course the needed repairs will largely depend upon how much you have neglected your watch, but the cost shall not be too high. E. I FAUST, JEWELER AND OPTICAL SPECIALIST, 723 Hamilton Street. PEMZCOSTAL SERVICE. ' TYlOay afternoon eiuw the largest' attendance yet at the Conference J'ente-cosital service, I't wa iheld in Y. M. C. A. 'Hull, which was packed to the door. Ueslde the regular dinging, in which the 4orge ministerial choir joined, there :wa a wilo 'by Mrs, Hudwon of Philadelphia, a solo "by Mr, Thomas ot ltm Argyl, and a selection-' by a quartet tit' mllnisterfi. . Dr, 'Bosiwell 'read from II K I nigs, taking as hla text "la t'h'lne heart right with God?" It whs a heart talk, In which the value of a clean' heart wan shown. Dr. Boswell said: "You can go head lirst Into philosophy, but you must go heart first into religion. 'Religion of the head Is a good thilng, but it you want Joy, you must have the heart right," The nreetlnsr was characterized by a spirit of enthusiasm, occasionally subsiding into deep solemnity. Several hands were raised Cor prayer, and the meeting closed at "high tide. Dr. Boswell expects even, greater meetings d-unlng the rest of conference. All the meetings wilT be held in Y. M. C. A. Hall. PREACHERS IN REUNION. ALTJMNI OF DICKINSON DINK AT TUB ALIjEN. The sons1 of 'Diekinso'n College In attendance alt the IM. E1. Conference, iheld a reunion last evening at 'the Allen, ifoHow'in'g the nn,iversiry -of the Tract Society, A banquet, carefully prepared toy th Allen chefs, wa enjoyed at 10 o'clock, Rev. Dr. A. OS. Piper was toastnmste and President George Edward Beed of Dickinson College, itev. Dr. John Goucher of the Women's College a Baltimore and Hev. Drs. Khaiiklin Martin; 'Hoover, Wilson, Kynett and Bickent responded1 to college themes The committee in charge consisted of 'Revs. Thomas Davtis and iSamuel MeWilliams. CONFERENCE SUNDAY. . AUL , SERVICES IN" Y. SI. C. A BISHOP M'CABB TO PREACH. - Tlie Methodiwt clergy and laity Jn at tendance tipon conference and the other eervioes to connection with It, wilt ob serve the Sabbath with these services ell in the Y. M. C. A. building: Con terence love-feast, 9 a. an., lin charge of Rev. J. F. Crouch; sermon by Rev Dr. C. C MoOaibe, 10.30; blood-cove nant, led toy Miss' 'Florence Ben Ollel, 2 ip im., ord'inatiion service, 2.30, followed toy evangelistic service; preaching by Rev. C. (M., Boswell, D. D., at 7.30. WE ARE PROUD Of the man; wonderful cures that have been effected by the use of Hostetter's Stomach Bitters during the past 50 years. Thousands of grateful letters have been received testifying to its goodness. What it has done for other sick folks it will certainly do for you. Try a Dottle, it cures Poor Appetite, Chills,, Colds, La urippe, I orpld Liver, Con stipated Bowels, Indigestion, Dyspep. sla or flalaria, Fever and Ague. HOSTETTER'S STOMACH BITTERS. and the only way to have your clothes fit perfectly, is to have t'hem made to order. It costs no more, if you trade ihere and you can feel sure, we will make you look "your best." .Have you seen our -new patterns? If not, come in. Bastian Bros., CUSTOM TAILORS. 629 Hamilton St. Allentown, Pa. The Range To Buy t COAL SAVER A GOOD BAKER I Wears Well Call at the Stove Store. Hersh & Bro.f Established 1875. 829 HAMILTON ST., THE STOVE STORE. Of National Reputation. Bundhar Wilton Carpets and Rugs are celebrated throughout the United States for durability, colors and -superior decorative advantages. The principal Railroads, leading Hotels, Banks & Public Buildings, the United States Government have adopted and approved Bundhar Wilton as possessing all the qualifications needed for sever wear. They are especially recommended for home use where service, style & economy are considered. . - An exclusive line, of pattern.? are handled by us. READ ALL TILS. YOU NEVER KNOW TH'E MOMENT WHEN THIS INFORMATION MAY PROVE OF INFINITE VALUE. It Is worth considerable to any citizen of Allentown to know how to be cured of painful, annoying and Itching piles, Know then that Doun's Ointment is a positive remedy of all Itchiness of the skin, for piles, eczema, etc. One appll cation relieves and soothes. Read this testimony of Us merit: George Orner, coal dealer, of 135 Vine yard St., West Bethlehem, Pa., suys: "I have not had Itching hemorrhoids for a number of years, and the eczema which I was tortured with for a long time entirely disappeared, thanks to Doan's Ointment. It la the most won derful remedy in the world. I suffered from an affliction or a skin eruption all over my limbs. I was also tortured with itching hemorrhoids, and between the two I suffered agony. The burning and itching was awful and there was no let up to it. I could not resist scratch ine but this Irritated the trouble. After trying every remedy I knew about without relief I obtained a box of Doan's Ointment and used It. The effect was magical. The burning and itching stopped and there has been no return of the eczema or the hemorrhoids for the past seven years. I cheerfully endorse the statement I made to this effect in 1S97." Plenty more proof like this from Allentown people. Call at Peters drug store and ask what their customers report. For sale by all dealers. Price 50 cents. Foster-Milburn Co., Buffalo, N. Y., sole agents for the United States. Remember the name Doan's and take no other. THE APPOINTMENTS. LOOKING AHEAD TO PLACING THE MINISTERS. Many influential laymen from all parts of the conference are already in Allentown, and from now on the absorbing topic will be the appointments of the M. E. ministers. Many combinations will be arranged and disarranged and worked out anew before the final list is agreed upon and given to the public. One of the more important of the pulpit changes now engrossing the attention of Bishop McCabe and his cabinet, and one that is said to have been practically decided upon, is the transfer of( Rev. Dr.. Charles Wesley Burns from the Coatesvill'e Church to the Spring Garden Street Church, Philadelphia. The Spring' Garden Churoh is one of tho largest and most influential charges in the city, and the appointment of Dr. Burns will be received witn general approval, especially by the younger men in the conference, who will regard it as a. recognition of their ctaim to consideration .in the.ftlring of the more important appointments. Dr. Burns was asked for by the peo ple of Spring uarc.en ireex iam yrai, but wasrsent f Coatesville in steaa. This year, however, the Spring Garden Ifc-Ople have become so insistent that the bishop and his cabinet are said, to have conchided to yield and to make the appointment. Naturally the people of Coatewliae are loath to lose Dr. Burns. They have fur two years past, had the services ol young men, kcv. nr. uewrge n. bicb.- y, .now of, the Arch Street Church, having preceded Dr. Burns-, and the charge has thriven gloriously under their ministry, the efforts of Dr. Burns during the conference year just closed having been particularly successful, as his record of 208 conversions witnesses. In an effort to peTSuade Dr. Burns to remain with tliem ttie uoatesviiie Church recentfly agreed to increase the salary to $2500 if he returned to that charge. Learning within the past few weeks, however, that Or. Burns would most likely leave them, the congregation decided to fix the salary at $1800, and, just preceding the opening or the conference, presented Dr. Burns a purse containing $ir as a mark of their affection and the esteem in which they hold him. No place has yet been picked out for Rev. Dr. J. M. Boyle, the present pas tor of the Spring Garden Church, and his appointment, as well as the ap pointment for Calvary Church, is causing some concern. Rev. Dr. A. E. Piper, pastor of Calvary, has been called by the First Church, Wilkes-Barre, one of the richest churches in the Wyoming Conference, and if the present program is carried out he will o there, out before this can be dell-itely settled some equally desirable place must be found for Rev. Dr. Blck- ford, the pastor of the Wilken-Barre Church. M'CABE ADDRESSES LAYMEN. THEY GIVE THANKS FOR MANI FESTATIONS OF REVIVAL. At the Laymen Conference yesterday afternoon a stirring address was made by Bishop McCabe. The reception he got was most cordial. The laymen's concern for the wider affairs of religion was made the hearty adoption, of the following resolution upon evangelism, presented by Clarence D. Antrim: ''We recognize with sincerest grati tude the glorious manifestations of tNe Holy Spirit in Wales, and in many- parts of our own country, -"nd frreatly ejoice at the large number of souls saved and the great religious uplift experienced by the church in general. Our hearts were also greatly rejoiced when our brilliant leader and beloved Brother, Bishop McCabe, lifted his voice in trumpet sounds for a million aouls for Christ this year. At present this " :;o'.e community is in a serious mood; the public press is generously giving a Innre amount of its -valuable space in furthering the movement; hopeful feeling is daily growing that a season of revival of puro and" undefiled reli-gicn is upon us; therefore, he it "Resolved, Tint' we ofier special praise and thanksgiving- ;, Almighty God for the victorifs already wor.'and those that are sure to follow, and we here and now, in convention assembled, pledge our united prayers an 3 service to our brothers, the .members of the Phil-Hdelphia Conference, in their efforts now making for what we believe will be the greatest revival ever known in tlje annals of American Methodism." ' Many of the laymen were in consultation in the course of the day with Fisliop McCabe about the appointment? f nd transfers of pastors It is gener-aliy'recognized lhat the laymen of the chuiches have the Influence in this matter, and not the pastors, and committees representing churches desiring ctaTiges and those wishing to retain their, present pastors were heard. Lay-ires ?present!njc some of the churches whose congregations are anxious to ob-ta'n the services of certain pastors v ill remain here until Monday or Tuesday, when the appointments are announced, in order to bring greater pressure to bear, if necesj-ary, to get what they want. Some of the laymen are accompanied by their wives, and the hotel headquarters ara crowded.' Tho company in. i-lulCB such well-known l.'iymtm us Director Frederick J. Shoyer, Clarence D. Antrim, J. Baker Tutt-l'e, president of the Philadelphia Christian Endeavor Union; Dr. John E. Jamas, .Tamos G. Francis, B. F. Koller, William H. Maxwell, J. McGregor GJbb, WMlluim II. Sutton, Avery D.. Harrington and Joseph A. Hudson, JEFFORDS VS. BUTLER. FINEST BOXING CONTEST OF THE SEASON NEXT TUESDAY NTG1IT. 1 A great double-windup boxing contort wHl take place at the rooms of the Keystone Athletic Asso. next Tuesday evening when an uniaralleled program will be presented. The best feature will be the wind-up between Jim JoTords of Philadelphia, and Jack Butler of Brooklyn. Jeffords has been seen here on several previous occasions. Butler has a fine reputation and for a long time hud been trying to get a go with Jeffords. The opening event will bring togeth er two of the gamcr-t boxers in Ameri ca, Jack Durane of Savannah, Ga. and Jack Lansing of Philadelphia. Itch cured in 30 minutes by Wool- ford's Sanitary Lotion. Never fails. Sold by Henry E. Peters, Druggist, Allentown, Pa. ' w3s THEY MET IN JAIL. PECULIAR GETTING TOGETHER OF TWO SMITHS. Two brothers met quite unexpectedly n the Allentowii Jail yesterday. When Arthur Smith 'W-asr sent below by Alderman Mertz on a charge of defrauding a boarding 'house keeper, he was put alone 'in the last empty cell. About noon Warden Wieand got an other boarder, John A. Smith, sent down by General Fry for fighting. The warden-, not thinking of what "was com ing, led him to the cell of 'the other Smith. When the brothers-- paw each other the greetings 'were quite unique. They were glad' to meet, even though it was in- ja'il and proceeded to make the best of it. 'HANDSOME CARPETS AND RUGS J1OHN N. LAWFER'S, 709 HAMILTON STREET. Rich display of the best representa tive patterns- -of new carpets and rugs, curtaiins and -draperies. - We make, Tine and lay carpet's free. DEATH OF A YOUNG MOTHER. ' SAD END OF A LITTLE GIRL ONLY 14 YEARS OLD. There was a sad ending of the Vli of an erring girl Thursday at Jazareth. The unfortunate child wa Verra. Cor- reli, only 14 years Old. .She had re sided with 'hcjr grandparents near Mwrestown un til a couple of years ago, when she went to Nazaireth to Hive with an aunt ajid to work in one of the knit ting" mills there. Without the restraints of a mother to w-atoh oyer and -direct her, she fell n'to comparX! with those -who caused her ru-in and death. A -week ago a son- rwas born to her. On Wedneday the child died. Crushed by exposure and suffering from the effects of ailments that re sulted from- her misfortune the little mother died. The 'physician iwho attended her .tateg that there -was no evience of a crime that wa reported to have been com'mitted. , IMPORTANT TO TEACHERS. . Next Saturday, March 25, the animal Reading' Union examination will be held in the Court House at 10 a. m. All members of the union who make 75 per cent, or over in this examination w:!1 oe excused irom the examination in method of teaching at the regular teachers' examination, and in addition will be grantd a Reading Union certi ficate. The quftstions wilt be taken from "Common - Sense Dictates," the book selected by the committee for the cur rent year. ' ' ''" ALVIN RUPP, Supt. Now take Peters & Jacoby' ice cream soda. Purify your system. NO MURDER THIS TIME. ONLY ' A SHOT AT SUPPOSED . CHICKEN THIEF. About 11 o'clock last -night, while the streets 'were still crowded, those lin the nieiigh'borhood of Six,-th and Hamilton were startled by the scmnd of a revolver Shot followed toy a shriek. Officers' investigated and following t'he sound of the shot, searched all the rear yards, in the -neighborhood. They learned' that a man named' Ritter, in the rear of 612 iHaimtlton, thought that some one TV-as trying to steal his chick ens ad fired a 6hot. The crciwd eager for a tragedy, left In disgust. THE VALUE OF CHARCOAL. Few People Know How Useful It Is la Preserving; Health and Beauty. Nearly everybody knows -that char coal is the safest and most efficient dls1-inifectant and purifier in nature, but few realize its value when taken into the human system for tihe earn cleansing purpose. Charcoal is a remedy that the more you take of it the better; lit 10 not a drug at all, but simply absorbs the gaseg and impurities always present m the stomach and intestines- and carries them out of the system. Charcoal sweetens! the breath after smoking', drinking or after eating oni ons and other odor-bus vegetables. Charcoal effectually clears and improves the complexion, it whitens the teeth and further acts- as a natural and eminently safe cathartic. It absorbs the -injurious gasesf which collect in the stomach and ixiivels; it disinfects the mouth and throat from tlbe poison of catarrh. All- druggists sejl charcoal in one form or another, but probably the best charcoal and the most for the money is in Stuart's Charcoal Lozenges; they are composed of the nnest powdered WiHow charcoal and other harmless antiseptics in tablet tform or rather in the form- of large, pleasant tasting lozenges, -the charcoal - being mixed with honey. The daily use of these lozenges will goon tell in a much improved condition of the general health, better complex-ten, sweeter breath and purer biooi, and the beauty of it is, that no possible harm can -result from their continued use, but on the contrary, great benefit. A Buffalo physician in speaking of tihe benefits of charcoal, says: "I advise Stuart's Charcoal Lozenges to all patients suffering from gas in stomach and bowels, and to clear the complexion and purify the breath, mouth and throat; I also believe the liver is greatly benefited by the daily use of them; they cost but twenty-five cents a box at drug stores, and although in some sense a patent preparation, yet I believe I get more and better charcoal in Stuart's Charcoal Lozenges than in any of the ordinary charcoal tablets." I IE MEANS SCOTT'S Your doctor says 'you must take cod liver oil. Probably he means Scott's Emulsion because you cannot take the clear oil; no one can take the clear oil who needs cod liver oil. The doctor understands that and doubtless means Scott's Emulsion of cod liver oil which everybody can take because it is emulsified and prepared so that it can be. very easily digested by the most sensitive stomach. Most everybody likes it. We'll send you i sample free. .-SCOTT & BOWNE, 409 Pearl Street, New York. CATASAUQUi Mrs. Sarah George, an inmate of the State hospital at Dan-vlUe, died at that institution in her 51t year. She waa a daughter of the late Ellas George of Ashfielid. The remains were brought to Ca-tas-auqua and taken in charge by Undertaker Erclman. Funeral services will be held to-morrow afternoon in Fairview Cemetery Chapel, followed by Interment in the family plot there. Rev. A. P. Frantz will officiate. She is survived by five sisters and one brother: Mrs. Rosa Peters and Mrs. Lizzie Everett of Allentown, Mr3. Reuben M. Rchrig and Lewis George of this place. Mrs-. John Bardhold if Phi'lade'phia and Mrs. James Andreas of Ashfield. The Thursday Afternoon Euchre Club was pleasantly entertained by Mrs. J. G. Williams- at her home. On Friday evening a number of the parishioners of St. John's United Evangelical Church gathered at th-3 parsonage of Rev. D. P. Longsdorf. Later the party proceeded in a body to the home of Mr, and Mrs. P. J. Heilman on Fourth Street, tendering him a surprise in honor of his birthday anniversary. Mr. Heilman was completely overtaken, and was overjoyed at the appearance of his friends so unexpectedly. The .evening was spent in a very delightful manner. The pastor delivered a very appropriate address. Prayer and. song, and social conversation were indulged in. A very elegant luncheon was1 prepared for the occasion by Mrs. Heilman. Mrs. John Reid of Tamaqua, form- ; erlv of this twace, who underwent an operation at the Allentown Hospita several weeks ago. is convalescing and will be able to return home in a few weeks. Matthias Heiser and family moved from Walnut Street to Lehighten where Mr. Heifer is employed as : fireman by the Lshigh- Valley Rail road. -4 The Fullerton Athletic Association will aive an athletic exhibition in the Town Hall Tuesday evening, March 23. A strong card has been prepared and fine contests may bo looked for. Ad mission 25, 85 and 50 eenilst The Lehigh Vaftey Railroad Co. hais replaced the Crane Iron C'o.'s engine on its shuttle train with L. V. engine No. 596. Mr. and Mrs. David Snyder of Ful lerton are the proud parents ol s bahy toy. Prof. H. J. Reinhard, principal of the Catasauqua school, will preach in the Bridge Street Presbyterian Churoh to-morrow morning. Rev. .Mr. Kerr of the M. E. Conference, will occupy the pulpit in the evening. Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Thomas are spending- .several weeks' at Mechltrii- berg Springs, Va. A key for a ahest or trunk was found on Socond Street below Church Owner can have same by calling at 135 Second Street. Mme. Ethel de Nemeth, the celebrated contralto soloist of Budapest will sins a selection from Gounod in the First Tresbyterian Church to-morrow morning. Get your aloChss olaaned, scoured, dyed, repaired and altered by M. Wolf, 424 Second Street. Avoid spring rush. A pleasant surprise party was hell Thursday evening at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Howard Belilis, Lower Second Street,' in honor of h!s birthday anniversary. A number of guests were present and all had a very enjoyable time. Fine refreshments- were served. Catasauqua Tribe, I. O. R. M., is ne gotiating with Rev. D. P. Longsdorf to preach a sermon to the order Sunday evening, March 6, in St. John's V. E. Church. . Mr. and- Mrs. A. D. Alderfer of Pottstown are the guests of their son-in-law and daughter, Rev. and Mrs. A. P. Frantz. Services in- Salem Reformed Church Sunday morning . and evening. The evening sermon will be preached by Rev. W. H. Ford, pastor of the First M. B. Church, Pottstown. Miss Estella Hopkins of Steubon- ville. Ohio, is visiting Mr. and Mrs. WaMer Wilkinson, Upper Front Street, The services to-morrow in Im-manuel Evangelical Crmrch, J. W. Byer pas tor, will be of special interest. Tiie class meeting at 9.30 a. m. wiM be led by H. H. Buck, 10 a. m., German ser mon by the pastor; 2 p. m., Sunday School; 6.30 p. m., Y. P. A.; 7 p. m., evangelistic meeting and reception of new members. Evangelist W. F. Klein Pianos Happiness and Contentment. Pleasure and Cheerfulness, is Pound where the Hartman & Lanshe Piano has made its home, and at FACTORY PRICE. Gash or easy Monthly Payments. Hartman & Lanshe, 527 HAMILTON STREET Pianos will address- the Sunday School In the ufttrnoon and preach in the evening. Misses Elizabeth Loughrldge, Sophie Matchttte and Edna O. Madtes of tha West Chester Normal fiohool, are unending their spring vacations at their respective homes here. The Guard Association of No Sur render Council, J. O. U. A. M.. will hold a package party and cake walk In the I. O. O. F. half this evening, Great preparations have been made for tho event and a pleasant time Is promised to ail who attend. The services In St. John's) United Evangelical Churoh to-morrow should attract a iarge audience. The pulpit wlK bo supplied by the members of tvie Piuila-dtilphJa. Methodist Conference. At 10 a. m. Rev. Dr. Chas. Rhoads, nil preach Dr. Rhoads, the well-known Sunday School worker. At 3.15 p. m. In" the same church he will address parents, children and all Sunday School workers on "Sunday School Work." Pastors, with their congregations are asked to be present, as a courtesy to Dr. Rhoads. At 7 p. m. the local congrogajlcn will have another treat, when Rev. Samuel McWil-laims, a gifted divine, who has received a very urgent invitation to become pas-tor in one of the churches- in Philadelphia, will preach. FIRST CLASS UPHOLSTERY. J. J. Hfedfrleh & Co., 713 Linden, Street make and -repair Parlor Suits, Couches, Chairs, etc. Have their own factory and turn out first-class work. The latest coverings to select from. DEATH OF MRS. CYRUS NAG I.E. Amanda T., wife of Cyrus Nagle of Quakertown, died in Gynecean Hospital, Philadelphia, where an operation had been performed upon her for internal cancer. Eight, years ago she had been suffering from the same disease and had been in the hospital for treatment. For some time past, her condition had become mora serious and the second operation became necessary. She was the daughter of Phaon and Sarah Merksl and was 38 years of age. Sh? was married in 1882 to Cyrus Naglo. Their union was blessed with three children, Mrs. Charlotte Hahn Florence and Benjamin Nagle. At the start in a lone; race, the advant age often "appears to be with an outsider. But the race is won not in starting but in staying. The quality which wins is staying power. It is so 111 the race of life. Staying power wins, and as a rule the best stayer is the man with the best stomach. All physical strength is derived from food which is properly digested and assimilated. When the food eaten is only partly digested and assimilated there is a loss of nutrition which means a loss of strength and the general result is physical break-down. Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery gives strength and staying power, because it cures diseases of the stomach and other organs of digestion and nutrition. It enables the perfect digestion and assimilation of the food eaten, and so strengthens the body naturally by the nutrition derived from food. "I was troubled with indigestion for about two years." writes Win. Bowker. Esq., of Julia-etta,J,atah Co., Idabo. "I tried different doctors and remedies but to so avail, until I wrote to you and you Uld me what to do. I suffered with a paiu in niy stomach and left side aud thought that it would kill me. Now I am glad to write this and let you know that I am all right. I can do my work new without pain and I don't have that tired iealing that I used to have. Five bottles of Dr. Pierce's Golden Med-ieal Discovery and two rials of his ' Pleasant Pellets ' cured me." Accept no substitute for Golden Medical Discovery. There is nothing "just as good" for diseases of the stomach, blood aud lungs. Dr. Pierce's Pellets are easy and pleasant to take. A most effective laxative. S. B. Anewalt & Co. 8th and Hamilton Sts, Every Hat Has Its Day In March. Opera 'Hats for 'the theatre, Silk Hats for dress occasions. Soft Hats for pleasant days. Derbies when- the aired blows and our specials for this week, at 75 cents, in both soft and stiff -hats', are worn each and every day. S. B. Anewalt & Co. 8th and Hamilton Sts. Pianos 1 Pianos A 1 The 1 I Best Broke Your Glasses.7 Bring the pieces, the frame If there Is one and your prescription number t and we'll replace them In short order 1 Even If you have only the piecev" without the prescription "we'll do the rest." Examination free. Artificial Eyes Inserted. Prof. W. a. Weidner, Scientific Optician. 528 HAMILTON STREET, Artificial Eyes Inserted. Our" Exclusive Perfumes Exclusive perfumes unusual perfumes perfumes that other stores haven't got and can't get those perfumes are our specialty. As soon as we hear of a new perfume we find out all about it. If it proves to be a fine article we get the agency for it. That is why we invite you here when you desire the latest and choicest of perfumes . H. L KEIPER, Prescription Druqg st, 41 North Seventh St. Nothing quite conies , nip to the Bright Burning Hard Anthracite COAL We've been selling all Winter. It's the Ideal Fuel for all Purposes, Cooking or Heating. TRY IT! ALLENTOWN ICE CO., Ten-Six Hamilton 5 gi r TELEPHONES. Will Move on or Be fore April 1st, 1905 T0- No. 3 N. Seventh St. Across the street. iKur,z & HenninN 34 North Seventh St. FOR SALE. Street. Phice. SntEEr Pprcs. Maple JltxW Cedar f.'lw North4th.... 2IU) Chow 33M North Law.. 21iK) Korth 6th 50UW Liberty mi North Law 19tK) Korth 6th 3W Farm ! Acres. liUO An elecraut home on South Madison Street. well built. 10 foot side lot. hot water heat. All improvements; will be sold cheap. Also Brick House and Lot in Catasauqua. Corner lot () by 183. House has 11 rooms. All improvements, all Kinds ot fruit trees, suitable to cut up in building lots. Capitalists here is your chance. Price reasonable. Vacant lot on Allan Street, between 5th and Law Streets, 1)0 by 110 will be sold cheap. Apply to GEO. W. HHRTZEL, ) ALDERMAN, j- - REAL ESTATE, INSURANCE, ETC No. 523 N. LAW STREET; Foley's Kidney Cure wakek. kidneys mn4 bladder right.

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