Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on June 6, 1973 · Page 6
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 6

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 6, 1973
Page 6
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6 MMbufg^^ Gglesbura, III. Wednesday, June 6, 1973 LureofHa wa iiFive*OIs Pren By VERNON SCOTT HOLLYWOOD (UPI) - Five years ago "Hawaii FiveO" was $1.2 million in the hole with ratings that weren't half as high as shows that were being tattcelled, but the lure of the islands has prevailed. This year the detective series, based in Honolulu, begins its sixth year on the air only $60,000 in the red. 'One of the reasons we keep assets of the series, It's not just TAVERN NIGHT DRAWING Thursday, June 7 $125.00 The Corral If No Winner at 9 P.M. there will be a 2nd Drawing at 10 p.m. going over budget is that we have the longest communications lines in television," said producer Leonard Freeman. "My headquarters are here in Hollywood, but the entire show is filmed in Hawaii. "We have to fly all our guest stars 2,500 miles and put them up at a hotel while they're working." Why doesn't Freeman shoot the show in Southern California, focusing on the palm trees and faking the rest? "We developed the pilot film three years before we went on the air. The big discussion was whether to make the show in Los Angeles or in the islands. | "We held out for the cinema verite feeling of Hawaii and the extras and bit players who have never seen a movie camera before. "Hawaii is one of the great THURSDAY NIGHT SPECIALS BAR B QUE RIBS $175 Baked potatoe, tossed salad KNOTTY PINE TAP WATAGA, ILL — 375-9918 ounne E PERFECT SPOT BUSINESSMEN'S LUNCH NOW OPEN . . . 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. COCKTAIL HOUR 3 to 6 p.m. Chip-n-Dip, Fresh Popcorn, Salted Nuts DINNER MENU SANDWICH MENU 5 p.m. to 12 midnight 11 a.m. to 12 midnight the georgraphy and setting but a special mood of a romantic and beautiful way of life. "Oahu is only about 46 by 30 miles, but we could shoot there for 100 years and never use up all the backgrounds." Another healthy element of the show is that Hawaiians, unlike Hollywoodians, are wild ly fanatic about the show. It's rating in the islands is an audience share of 88 per cent. No other show on the tube enjoys a similar zeal among viewers. "We have a stock company of 2,000 Hawaiians to call on for acting jobs over there," Freeman said. "Not all of them are professionals. Even their inexperience is an added quality for the show. "In the beginning the Hawaiians were hostile to us because other television companies had made promises and not kept them. "But we built a studio over there and have invested $400,000 in equipment. Much of it is mobile facilities for shooting on locations all over 'the islands." •Biggest hitch in the show is putting it together after the scenes have been photographed. The day's film is rushed to the Honolulu airport and put aboard a jet heading for Los Angeles. On its arrival the negative is taken to a laboratory and developed. By 2 p.m. the next day Freeman sees the rushes. We have never lost a can of film," the producer said, "but it's been misplaced more than once. It happens often enough to turn us to jelly. "I watch the rushes and if we have a problem I call by direct line to Hawaii and we iron out the difficulty. If necessary we re-shoot a scene, but that's expensive. "We're trying to keep costs down and get into the black side of the ledger for the first time this year." 4 Btig' Hearings On TV Receive Feminine Touch By RICK DU BROW HOLLYWOOD (UPI) - The televised' Senate Watergate hearings that resumed Tuesday, got the feminine touch when Sally Harmony, former secretary of Gordon Liddy, answered questions from the Television In Review NORTHGATE LOUNGE Route 150 North — Galesburg FAMILY DAY AT "DO" Wednesday Special Tue.-Wed.Thur. CHICKEN INCLUDES: 3 Pieces Chicken French Fries — Cole Slaw Hot Roll and Coffee - Tea or Milk (Good 5 to 8 PM in the Coffee Shop & Sirloin Room) 5 small braziers 1 Wait 'til you taste how good charbroiled beef is broiled the Brazier way! Hearty fare! Dairi| Queen 5 brazier Lett's all goto DAlfcY QUEEN* GRAND AT FARNHAM Senate committee in the telecast carried by NBC. She had a summery look and a poised manner. A light-haired woman, wearing an outfit of dark blue with white polka dots, and a thin necklace, Mrs. Harmony, sitting at a table next to her lawyer, retained her aplomb throughout the session. For the most part, she; smce seemed to be treated in a courtly manner by the questioners. Her attitude reminded one at times of a schoolmarm who had efficiency as well as looks. The questioning of Mrs. Harmony was, in effect, part of the Senate committee's careful, nondramatic investigatory process, and at times, even apparently while the proceedings were continuing, video inserted some commercials. But, despite the low-key nature of the exchanges between the committee and Mrs. Harmony, the feminine touch did alter the tone of the goings-on to a degree. Bobby Riggs Carol Channing Bobby Ri$iB[8 Challenged To Goat Tie PUEBLO WEST, Colo. (UPI) — The president of the Girl's Rodeo Association is offering Bobby Riggs, a 55-year-old hustler wiho beat women's tennis star Margaret Court last month, a shot at getting a woman's goat—Jiterally. She also gave him a five second handicap. Margaret demons said what she has in mind is a goat-tying contest—where a contestant rides up to a tethered goat and binds three of the animal's legs together—with a $5,000, winner- take-all purse. "He won't have to ride the horse," Mrs. Clemons said. "He can start on foot, next to the goat. I'll spot him the time it takes me to ride up and dismount. That should be five seconds or more." COLUMBUS, Ohio (UPI) The Ohio Senate honored actress Carol Channing Tuesday with a resolution congratulating her for "continuing acting success." White House Says Less Bugs Used WASHINGTON (UPI) - The Nixon administration says it used wiretaps for national security purposes less extensively than any administration World War II with the exception of the time when attorney Space begins where the earth's atmosphere ('air) is too thin to affect objects moving through it. It is usually said to begin about 100 miles above the earth. Ramsey Clark was general. Senate Republican Leader Hugh Scott Tuesday issued the figures—provided to him by the White House—because he said President Nixon was being subjected to a "double standard" on the wiretap issue. Scott said he wanted to "lift the debate out of its present Democrats Ask Governors To Condemn Phase III Now Playing thru Weds. Concert For Bangladesh Bob Dylan Billy Preston Ringo Starr & Many More A HISTORIC ROCK CONCERT One Show Each Night at 7:30 CHILDREN 60c — ADULTS S1.00 STARTS THURS. Fist Full Of Dollars CLINT EASTWOOD 1487 N. Henderson St. 0/ n WEDNESDAY NIGHT IS WEEKDAY SPECIALS WEDNESDAY Spaghetti MEAT SAUCE - SALAD - GARLIC BREAD THURSDAY LASAGNA SALAD — GARLIC BREAD LADIES NIGHT Cocktails Vi Price FOR THE LADIES ONLY PLUS — Be Entertained By The tttty Earl Duo MARTIES 57 S. Cherry St — Ph. 343-5181 ff NO CARRYOUTS • ANGELO'S • ITALIAN I RESTAURANT | Hours 11 A.M. - 1 A.M. "Place To Go For Family Fun" I |^824 N. Henderson St. Ph. 343-0213j SHERATON MAKES IT HAPPEN Thirsty Thursday Men's Highballs 35c 5-7 P.M. THURSDAY NIGHT AT THE Sheratnn MotorhS "THE INN PLACE" 1-74 At East Main 343-7151 STATELINE, Nev. (UPI) Obviously willing to trade defeat today for campaign fodder later, Democrats asked the National Governors Conference to condemn President Nixon's Phase III economic plan and the heart of his new federalism program. Resolutions demanding that Nixon restore strict wage, price and rent controls and rejecting his revenue sharing proposals were among a stack of propositions to be disposed of by the governors at the closing session of their 65th national conference. Vice President Spiro T. Agnew showed up at the meeting Tuesday but restricted his activities to socializing and private chats with governors and tennis on the grounds of the luxury Lake Tahoe gambling resort where the conference was being held. The governors ware expected to adept a lengthy policy statement proposing means to deal with the energy crisis. But the Democratic state mails on revenue sharing and the economy, like all resolutions before the conference, required three-fourths majorities for adoption. With the Democrats holding 31 statehouses and the Republicans 19, the GOP had the' votes to kill any measure they regarded as designed to politically embarrass their President and party. The Democrats would prefer to have the conference adopt their resolutions, but they could see political gain however the vote went. By submitting the measures, they were placing their views before a national forum. In losing, they forced the Republicans to accept the Democratic choice of political Jersey Election Bug Proof? TRENTON, N.J. (UPI) Rep. Charles W. Sandman Jr. defeated Gov. William T. Cahill in Tuesday's Republican primary, and called his solid victory the nation's first proof that the voters are concerned about Watergate-type scandals. A mushrooming scandal over the funding of Cahill's 1989 campaign—won largely on the promise that he would sweep out corruption that tainted the administration of his Democratic predecessor—denied a New Jersey governor a renomination for the first time in state history. With 4,306 of the state's 5,372 districts reporting, Sandman had 159,120 votes, or 59 per cent, to Cahill's 110,543. In the November general election, Sandman will meet Brendan T. Byrne, a former judge who defeated a woman and three other candidates in Democratic balloting. Sandman, a four-term congressman with a conservative voting record who lost to Cahill in the 1969 primary, said corruption in government "has got to be eradicated." "The peopJe are expecting this," Sandman said in his victory statement. "This is the first major test in the country, and this, I believe, is the reason for the outcome being as overwhelming as it is, and based upon all of this the people have asked for reform. They're demanding changes, for whatever happened as a result of bad judgment shall never happen again." | battlegrounds for the 1974 and 1976 campaigns. Agnew acknowledged revenue sharing was one of the topics he would discuss privately with the governors. The. White House . clearly would like to recruit, the governors to back its plan to substitute a multibillion dollar system of "special revenue sharing" funds for the many federal aid programs now in use. The governors' staunch support of Nixon's "general revenue sharing" proposal in the last session of Congress was an important factor in its passage, and the partisan division among them this year contributes to the dim pros- peals for approval of the second phase. The Democrats' revenue sharing statement said the program "would retard progress toward a state-local partnership by fostering unnecessary conflict between the states and their large cities," restrict the authority of governors iand legislaures and undermine good management practices. Their economy resolution declared the administration's efforts to control inflation and reduce unemployment to be failures, and urged "vigorous and immediate steps" to [control rents, prices, wages, profits and interest rates. The energy crisis policy statement called on states to promote conservation of fuels through a series of actions, which could include lowering auto speed limits to stretch out gasoline supplies. It also called for early construction of a trans-Alaskan oil and natural gas pipeline and easing of federal regulation of natural gas prices at the well head. READ THE WANT ADS! COUNTRY MUSIC SHANGRI-LA INN 421 EVERY THURS., East Main FRI. & SAT. NIGHTS Thurs. 8 -12 Fri. 8:30-12:30 Sat. 8:30-12:30 The The The Mississippi Rhythmaires Mississippi Travelers l csiurlna ARTIE WINGO Travelers TONIGHT Is Couples Night At CINIMA I & II NfcXT TO AHLANSM, HfcNOfcHSON ST. GALt ^uuHo 342-6224 All Couples Admitted At A Single Adult Admission or $2.00 SAVi $2,00 Tonight NOW SHOWING! 7;30 & 9:45 " THE POWERFUL ANO TRUE STORY OF SHERIFF BUFORD PUSSER WHO COULDN'T BE BOUGHT... 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"Wiretaps for national secure ty purposes, including newsmen:; and government e m p 1 o y e sf were not initiatives without! precedent in previous adminis* trations," .Scott said. "Political" and civil rights leaders werer also among those subjected to;, wiretapping and other forms o£ clandestine investigation during prior administrations." Scott refused to name the" political or civil rights leaders, to whom he referred. Scott said the figures he was given included only I legal wiretaps. He said he had no, figures on any wiretapping that might have been done-by the White House "plumbers" because that group had no legal authority to engage in electronic surveillance. The plumbers were established by Nixon to trace leaks of information to the press. Open 7:15 Show 7:30-9:05 Hurry . . Ends Wed.! Adults Only. ID's Required You name it , . . they're ready for itl PFFICE GIRLS a ADULTS ONLY —(SOS) Open 6:45. Shows 7-9 PM Now thru Wed.! The Famili) TECHNICOLOR [|tj<9> Open 8 - Shows at Dusk Ends Wednesday! If you cin't come- 8TAY HOMEI In color m<m» PLUS THE SECRETARY 4

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