Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on March 27, 1889 · Page 4
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 4

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 27, 1889
Page 4
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3a&toi (jtoittg ffirito , . - a ima . J . IRIBtTKE POBUBHHCQIOO HK. B. DABOUft. MaBae. j glUTUU T CUMtl , 1 at mrmxn ckkti mr wik nut xt start roa m BiutjiJ OH TKAB....M BO-aiX atOWTHB-SS 00 nr-Orders for delivery of Ths .Oailt Tkibckb, to either residence or place of ; usioeM may be made by prttal card or through telephone No 46. Any Irregularity in delivery snould be immediately report- ; ed to the office of pnbllcatoa. . i Tk Otklu Dally Trlbmae U the City aad County official paper. i The Tribune la Ban Fraselaoo. Parties in 8an Francisco desiring The Tribdks can find the same on sale at the Palace Hotel news stand. w . , PICNICS. ' BKXU HOCTf D Park Sunday, March 81, Austrian Military and Benevolent Asso- elation, Bamu'i Pawk Sunday, lfarch SI; Independent BiflM. AHDIIHENTt TBI" ISO. 04KIAHD Concert for Sheltering Home, i CiBCCS-Correr Seventh and Market streets, Bafcuwui tiU'e Lord Fauntleroy, a.loab The Duke's alotlo. Buoo wtrtcken Blind. Ittou- The Masaot. PAjroaAMA Battles of Vickabora. TTODNESDAYTTTTMARCH 2771889 Snperlntemdemt of Schools- ; The firet duty of the njw Board of Education will be the election of a Superintendent of Schools. It is not necessary to dwell on the importance of the office, because this is obvious, but it teems fitting to say a word in explanation of the strong claim which Fred M. Campbell has on the consideration of the board. It will not be denied thai Mr. Campbell is the most efficient officer the city has ever had in that place. He has devoted his life and great' abilities to the study of educational methods, and his eminent sac-cess in this regard is fully recognized all over the United States. His mastery of the science of teaching in all its details is known wherever educators are found, and he is now returning home after presiding over a session of the most important body of professional teachers in the country. The present high efficiency of the Oakland School Department is lagely due to Lis labors, and examination shows that it will compare favorably with any other such institution .in the United States. It is acknowledged to be easily first in California, and people come from all over the State to live in Oakland in order to obtain the benefits of onr schools for their children. It would be ridiculous of course to claim that all this is due to any one man, but we do maintain that Mr. Campbell has had a larger share in the good work than any other man. Mr. Campbell is absent. He has used no personal influence to induce the members of the new board to make him their choice. He has simply relied on his paramount claims and the sense of justice which we are certain will be th iir guide. He has only served one half of the term for which he was elected by the people a year ago, and we believe that, apart from other reasons, the board will s he propriety of not cutting short that term. It was mainly through Mr. Campbell's efforts that the Board of Freeholders was induced to include in the charter .the provision placing tllA elation nf the KnnerinfanHont in the hands of the board with the object of taking the office, as much as possible, out of politics. An attempt is now made in his absence to make the choice of the Superintendent a matter of partisan politics, but we are convinced that it will fail, as it should. It is the wise policy of the charter to continue in office as much as possible men whose efficiency has been demonstrated, and we have no doubt the board will be largely governed by that idea. Appointive Powers of the Cons-oil. The impression seems to have gone abroad pretty generally that the Common Council retains under the new charter enough of its executive -powers to control a number of ap- , pointments. Among these are mentioned the Wharfinger, License Inspector, and Poundmaster. The im- . pression is evidently entirely erroneous. The scheme of municipal government provided for in the charter is an exceedingly simple one. It divides the powers of the city into three departments the legislative, executive, and judicial. The Legislative Department of the government is the Common Council. The framers of the charter stripped that body entirely of ail executive authority. ": It elects no officer in the service of the city outside of its own President and its Secretary the City Clerkexcepting in the case of the Mayor, when the Council elects the decedent's successor. The Council . may create an office and define the duties that shall be performed by the incumbent, but it will not enjoy the right of appointing any one to fill th office. Executive authority is verted in the Mayor, the Board of Public Works, and the ' department officers, and with that authority the power of appointment is conveyed, excepting where a particular appointment may be otherwise provided for, such as the appointment of the Clerk - cvf th PfJir fVtnrt W. (ho Pnlioo Judge,' and' the Clerk : of the Board of Health by that oly. The Council will "fix, regulate, and collect tolls, wharfage, and dockage," but the charter does not say that the Council shall appoint the Wharfinger to collect the tolls; but it does say that the Board of Public Works shall have ''charge, superintendence, and control, subject - to such ordinances as the Council may from time to time dop,w of all - wharves, etc' It ? further' provides that "the; .board may: appoint such employes as are vhere-provided tor,, or as may be authorised by tb$ Council' The Council shall therefore direct the collection of certain tolls, and the Board of. PnblicWork shall' put the ordinance into execution through its appointee. In like manner the Council shall "establish a pound" and authorize "the destruction or impounding ofj any animal running at large' but the work must be carried into effect through the executive body. In like manner the Council is. required to "provide and maintain a mjorgue," but it is not authorized to appoint a Coroner. It may create an office of that character, but the appointment will be vested in the Board of Public Works. All salaries are fixed by the Council, excepting such as are specifically mentioned in the charter. The office of License Inspector is one created by ordinance, and under the provision already quoted the appointment of that officer will rest with the Board of Public Works. If the foregoing views are sound, it is evident that all candidates for the offices named will have to approach the Boifttl of Public Works, and not the Council, for under section 203, article 11, the Council has no power even to declare a vacancy, as witness: "Unless otherwise provided by lw or this charter, any officer, board or department authorized to a ppoint any deputy, clerk, assistant, or employe, shall have the right to remove any person so appointed." The death of John Bright will make little change in English politics, because he has taken no active part for several years. It was known that in opinions he no longer sided with his old associate, Gladstone, but his influence was passive. Americans must always have a arm place in jtheir hearts for the dead man, because of the strong stand in favor of the Union which he took in England in (the early days of our civil war. To his powerful voice more than any circumstance, perhaps, wa due the check to the plans of the English aristocracy to recognize the Confederacy as a separate nation, and soN asaast in the disruption of the Union. The Record- Union, under the heading! "No Place to Live," says that Governor Waterman purposes to remove with his family to Oakland or Sari Francisco on May 1st. By all means let him come to Oakland. The Record' Union is quite right in saying that Sacramento is "no place to live" if you can get away. A San Bernardino Social Note. San Bernardino Timet-Index. Ontario society amuses itself with "epitaph" socials, where each one Is called upon to recite the worst specimen of epitaph they can discover or invent. What a Question ! I San Andrea Protpeet. We would ask our constables if they are aware that there is a party of men in this place that make night hideous with carousing-; The Editor's Ae. Point Arena Record. We are a year old to-day. OF THE PEOPLE. The literary, remains of the Emperor Frederick, which his widow has now begun to edit,, will fill four large volumes. Mrs. Humphry Ward has forwarded toJPresident Harrison a copy of f 'Robert Elsmere" bearing her signature. "A Whisper in the Dark," a short story by the late Louisa M. Alcott, which has not heretofore been made public, will be published soon bv Roberts Brothers. A copy of the Guttenberg Bible wad sold in London a fortnight ago for $10,000. It was knocked down to MrQuaritch.and was from the library of the Earl of Hopetoun. Tennyson is said to be keeping wonderfully well. He is too energetic to be idle. He reads his daily paper and preserves full freshness of interest in the events of his time. The new novel by Amelie Rives, whijeh is to appear simultaneously in Lippincott's Magazine and in book form from the press of J. B. Lippin-cott; Company, is entitled "The Witness of the Sun." Justin H. McCarty, Member of Parliament, who is about to publish a novel with the terse title of "Dolly" expects to make over f 10,000 by the salej of the book to American and Australian syndicates. Charles Francis Adama, President of the Union Pacific, has contributed a railroad article to the April Scribner on the "Prevention of Strikes." He proposes a plan to revolutionize the relations of railroad employers and employes. Mr. Gladstone holds that in considering the value of novels the proper test to apply is the querv : "Which novel will bear reading and re-reading ?" He agrees with Wilkie Collins in considering Scott the first novelist of the century. Henry W. Grady of the Atlanta Constitution is beginning what promises; if it is carefully done, to be a valuable work a history of the southern portion of the Union. The editor is to be assisted by specialists, and the work will be illustrated. Bl P. Shillaber ("Mrs. Parting-tonV) is living at Chelsea, a Boston suburb, "waiting for the better life," so he says, "with pen, paper,- pipe, and, pills." btill minding his p's, as it were. Mr. Shillaber is 74 years old and. crippled with rheumatism. Joseph I. C. Clarke's "Robert Emmet; a Tragedy of Irish History," has already gone to a second edition at G. P. Putnam's Sons. This is the best of evidence that, the reading public accept the opinion of the work already expressed by reviewers. . ! A 8 ad ay Sefceei Orchestra, The Sunday school of the. First Methodist Episcopal Church has organised the following orchestra k violins, Miss' Alice Johnson, Miss ThurraC. llcKeniie, and Ed F. Swenarton; cornet, J. A. Swenarton; xjlophoae, E. F. Swenarton . M is .- Henderson w tho pianist, and Vernoa EL Bennett is the chorister. - . DatoliLmllasy. Wynken, Blynken and Nod one night Sailed off in a wtxxieu anoe Sailed on a river of misty light -. ui into a sea oi aew, - v . "Where are you going and what do you WlSht"' - - ' - .-,.. ;- I. v. ft The old moon ssked the three. ' i' "We have come to Ash for the herring fish That live in this beaotlfnl sea; , Kesta ol silver and gold have we," paid wynaen, Blynken. and Nod. The old moon laughed and sang song As they rocked in toe wooden inoe. And the wind that sped them all night long Ruffled the waves of dew; The little stars were the herring fish That lived In the beautiful sea . "Now cast your nets wherever you wish, But never afeard are we" So cried the stars to the fishermen three, Wynken, Blynaeu, 1 And Nod. All night long their nets they threw For the fish In the twinkling foam- Then down from the sky came the wooden shoe, Bringing the fishermen home. 'Twas all so pretty a sail, it seemed ! As if it could not be; And some folk thought 'twas a dream they ' dreamed Of sailing that beautiful sea But I shall name you the fishermen three: Wynken, Blvnken, And Nod. Wynken and Blynken are two little eyes. And Nod is a little head. And the wooden shoe that sailed the skies Is a wee one's trundle bed; So shut your eyes while mother sings Of wouderful sights that be. And you shall see the beautiful things As you rock on the misty sea Where the old shoe rocked the fishermen three Wynken, i Blynken, And Nod. Eugene Field in Chicago Sewt. BY THE PEOPLE. Mr. Froude, the English historian and man of letters, is the latest convert to home rule in Ireland. John B. Fry. formerly private secretary to Henry Clay, is among the upplicants for consular appointments. A. J. Drexel, the Philadelphia millionaire, will give $1,500,000 toward founding an industrial college for women. Count Von Moltke, the great German Field Marshal, has been a soldier nearly seventy years, having enlisted in the Prussian army in 1822. Mrs. U. S. Grant has given 25 to the fund for the Confederate Soldiers' Home at Austin, Tex., because of "General Grant's kvidly feelings toward the Southern people, though they were once his enemies." ' Jo Cook is severely disgruntled by the treatment his Monday Caudle lectures receive from the Eastern papers, and has awarded to two of his critics the degree of "Wall Eyed Wizard" and "Airy Misinformed." William II. Lloyd of Wilmington, Del., is the possessor of a white thorn walking cane once owned by Gunning Bedford, signer of the Declaration of Independence. Mr. Lloyd received the cane from Bedford's daughter, Henrietta, who died a few years ago at the age of 85. Miss E. Southworth, who has been made assistant micologist at Washington, is said to be the first woman to receive an appointment to a scientific post at Washington. Her specialty is fungoid growths, and she may yet be turned loose among the more venerable of the chronic place hunters. Dr. King, the Bishopof Lincoln, who has been brought to trial for alleged violations of the ecclesiastical vr, is described by the Pall Mall Gazette as having one of those spiritual faces which one cannot look at without feeling the better for it, and which positively beam with benevolence. Charles E. Bonner of Montana was an office boy in New York twenty-three years ago. Not liking that business he borrowed money, went to Missouri, and finally to the great Northwest. I le has since paid back the loan and is now worth $4,000,000. Most of this was made in mines and mining stocks. Noah Brooks and William D. How-ells are among the few well kiown writers who have learned to manipulate the type writing machine. Mr. Brooks, who has been dictating his literary productions to a stenographer, now sits down to his type writer and plays on the keys as he composes. He finds that this process saves a great deal of time. Mr. Gladstone has written to the British Peace Society, relative to a letter in which he remarks: "It is certainly not from me, nor is it, I believe, from the leading men of the Liberal party, that you will have to apprehend any leaning to excess in connection with the military or even the naval establishments of the country." NOTES AND EXCERPTS. The Boston Journal reports that Samuel Cummings of that city, while leaning against a rail in his grain mill, "began sneezing and sneezed so hard that he dislocated his shoulder." About 3000 brakes have been invented and patented. One of the latest is described as beautifully simple in its working. Push a button and the brakes are set on the entire train. Magistrate (to elderly witness) Your age, madam? Witness Thirty. Magistrate Thirty what ? Witness Years. Magistrate Thanks ; I thought it might be months. Harper'' $ Bazar. It was Running Antelope, a Sioux chief, who said when he first heard of it he was surprised white men killed their Savior, but now that he knew them better he had changed his mind. Bxchange. Leslie Crotty, the great barytone of Carl Rosa's opera company, was formerly a clerk in the Bank of Ireland. He was also a famous amateur runner, holding the 100 yards championship of Ireland. When God's given man a wife with six or eight or ten children the Lord's done a big thing for him, but! when he gives a man a wife and a canary bird well, he just throws off on h m, that's all. Sam Jontt. Rev. S. F. Smith, now over .80 years old, has adopted the plan of writing autograph copies of his celebrated national hymn, "America," for the benefit of the Boston Children's Friend Society, in which he takes a special interest. . , i ; Mrs. Frank O'Grady, while ' inz in Eticiion in a theater at clesfield. Eng., as she waited in the wings stopped to let another ! actor pass upon the stage, and in : doing so ran into her chest a; knitting needle that she was 'holding in her hand. She died from the wound a few hours later.'.;, . - ;-.s -t , LITTLE POLITICS. Tb Sabjeet of Oewlp oa Park Street, . 'Alameda,' KlfhU- j t ; : ' . The evening is the time when the pel. iticiani of Alameda get together to lay their plans. Durina the day raoet of them are out of town attending to their business In Oakland or San Francisco. About 8 o'clock Park street Is lined with knots of men - discussing the all absorbing topic. The night of the non partisan convention will soon be at hand, and the politicians are busy arranging programmes. There wilTbe a strong effort made to lect Charles S. Neal one of the City Trustees. Mr. Heal is the private secretary of ex-Senator Fair, and the secretary of the Pacific Land Investment Company that has large land interests in Alatueda. It is said that the candidacy of Mr. Neal is urged by Senator Stetvart, Colonel Crocker, and Judge Fields, and a number of other prominent men, who have recently acquired property in this city. Personally Mr, Nea! is verv popular in Alameda, and the fact that he has a backing in the above named property owners increases his chances of election. The people of Alameda feel proud that such men as Fair, Cracker, Stewart, and Fields own property in their city, and they krew that these men have at heart the welfare of the place. Their property occupies the choicest locations, and they are not backward in its improvement, never refusing to sign a petition for the grading and macadamizing of the streets in front of their property. The petitions asking E. B. Mastick to be a candidate for re-election are still being signed, and as yet he has not given hi answer. Mr. Mastick has been a member of the Board of City Trustees for many years, and his record is an excellent one. He is regarded as the anchor of the present board of trustees, and this is the reason why so many taxpayers are anxious lor bis re-election. He is a laiee property owner and is desirous of seeing the place advance. He seems to be the first choice for trustee, aud after him comes Mr. Neal. Both would undoubtedly be elected were it not for the fact that they live in the same section of the city. A new name has been mentioned in connection with citv trustee. It is that of Charles L. Metzger, a well-known painter. It is said that he will be the dark horse of the convention next Friday evening in case Mr. Brower fails to receive the nomination. Mr. Brower's tight i9 being made principally by J. B. Lanktiee. E. K. Taylor aud John Jaaaieson. The contest for City Clerk lias been narrowed down to Jcruea Millington and R. B. Tappan. The names of both gentlemen will be presented to the convention next Friday evening, and the one who fails to receive '.he nomination will undoubtedly run independent. This is true about the aspirants for other offices. City Attorney Taylor last evening informed the board that the amendments to the election law do not go into eflect until sixtv days alter their passage. The trustees, therefore, will have no jurisdiction over the ballot", and cannot compel the words, "For saloon license'' and "Against saloon license" to be placed on the ballots. They may, however, request that they be placed on. in order ihat the sense of the voters may be learned. The question of hav-ing'tbese words or similar ones, placed on the ballots will probably be discussed at the Non partisan Convention. THE CO LOB LINkT Voters Inlst That It Shall Sot Be l)nwn In Polltici. The colored voters of Oakland believe that tbeir voles are as good as anybody's, and they think that tbey should have some of the financial and political profits that arise from having cast these votes with the winning side, and that was why the ' Colored Alliance" was formed in this city last evening. J.B.Wilson called the meeting to order, and a permanent organization wai formed by the election ot the following officers: President, J. A. Wilds; Vice Presidents, F. F. White. J. B. Handy; Secretary, W. F. Deiainey ; Assistant Secretary, W. Prentiss; Treasurer, K, W. Morris; Seigeiint at Arms, W. W. Owens. The following, representing the respective wards, were appointed an Executive Comnittee: First ward, E. Cowin; Second, J. A. Harrod ; Ihird. A. F. Holland; Fourth, W. J. Edmonds; Fifth, H. Homager; Sixth, James Washington; Seventh. J. V. Anderson; At large, J. B. Wilson. J. A. Wilds, F. W. Mooie, and W. F. Deiainey. A regular club roll was opened for signatures. The following resolutions were adopted : Rexotred, That we declare these our declarations and bentiments: First We ask for a fair distribution ol the public patronage, county aod munici- f al, according to our numerical strength n the city of Oakland, when we recommend men that are competent to fill said positions. Second We deprecate the idea of the colored men who, on the eve of every election, go amongst the several candidates and ask them for mouey for their votes, receiving (4 or (5 and considering themselves well paid for their services, and claiming to represent the colored voterB of this city aud county. Third -This organization is intended for the best interests of the colored citizenB of this city and county, and that we will recommend only competent men for office. Short speeches were made during the evening by J. B. Wilson, F. F. White, W. J. Edmunds, W. F. Deiainey and others. The meeting adjourned to meet at the call ot the chairman. A LEAP INTO THE WATER. Two Horaea and a Loaded Wagon Take a Plunge Into the Bay. The Haywards Express Company, owned by Van Dyke & Itammage, purchased a new wagon and a team of horses recently and began a general trucking business between Haywards and Oakland and San Francisco. Yesterday tbe wagon went to San Fran cisco, and with a load of furniture was driven upon a ferry boat of the narrow gauge route to return to tbe eastern side of the bay. As tbe boat pulled out of the slip on the San Francisco side the horses became frightened and plunged overboard from tbe forward end of the boat, carrying the wagon and load with them. The driver jumped, and the load was lost and the horses were drowned, the disaster involving a loss of many handreds of dolla's. P11 are among the most painful and annoying, of disorders. The disease is of common occurrence, and to effect a core shonld be promptly treated by proper remedies. There is nothing more suitable by its wonderful curative octton than Pond's Extract Ointment, is which the medical virtues of Pond's Extract, which are very valuable in the above complaint, are in a state of great concentration. It is advisable in every instance, however, to ue both tbe Extract and Ointment. Ask for and be u re ton qtt the right article. 470 The Winning Knsaber. W. B. Mathes, house painting and s aper hanging; a specialty of interior ecorating witn nne papers or fresco national wood finish and polls hing designs and estimates furnished on application: 470 Thirteenth stree t near Washington. Startle. Ths undersigned haying purchased the Henry House at 462 Ninth street wf shet to notify ths public that he has thorougly renovated and refurmahed the house and is prepared to receive those who wish first class accomodation. : C.E. Eliot. Proprietor. f- f - Oaklaad'a Katerprla. ' fTrussea, - abdominal supporters. Elastic stockinn fitted scientUicaJij by a physicians at Osgood Bros., . Beyenth and Breed way, Oakland, Cat, Tew To-day. JUST OPENED. Palace Drug Store! San Pablo Are. and Twentieth st. DEALER IN : I Fregili Drugs ; AND CHOICE FEB FUMES, Fa cv Goods, etc. PRESCRIPTIONS A SPECIALTY. O. A. HEKZEB, Proprietor. We are direct Importers of Choice 11? lESSi. And make a specialty of Fresh Coffees Spices, Baking Powders, Flavoring Extract, etc. Keantlfal Presea GUea to Part-baser 1 Empire Tea Company, 1258 SAN PABLO AVENUE. F- J- BOUGHTON - Proprietor TOFDonakL .CASMijr. .IS Established 18 B3j Oldest Chartered Bank oafhePadfkCgast iimilal Stock. $ 1,000000.00. Av.RSOUbces $ 4,500,000.00. fftnrnfnv thnnkm fnr nflt far U'f rpKTK'ftflll! V am if n fnnttr)nnncp r1 t V 4. gome and solicit accounts of Individuals, FirniM and Corporations. R. II. MeIOXAL,D, Fres't. San Francisco, CaL, Jan. 1, 1889. FtKfl SIXTH FINANCIAL STATEXEXY OF THE California Insurance Co., SAM FRANCIS CO, CAL.. On tbe first day of Jannary, 1889. Cash Capital; fully paid up In gold $600,000 00 Reserve for reinsurance 3H0.28O vs Reserve for outsHindlrK lofses 94,570 02 Reserve for all otber claims against the Companv 17.086 34 Net Surplus over ail Llablli- tiea 821,349 OS Assetaat marktt vlue $1,313,286 04 T. J. FISH, LOCAL AGENT. 171 Ninth Street, - - Oakland. GRAND AUCTION SALE OF Ninety Head FIRST-CLASS Shorthorn Cattle AGRICULTURAL PARK, 8ACRAMENTO, Tuesday, April 4 1889 By direction of M R. JOS COM PS, of Combs A Wilkersen. Bankers. Linneus. Missouri. e wlllolTer. on tbe above date, ninety bead nf PURk-BRED DURHAM CATTLE, consist li'K ' f furtv head of Bt'LLS and hfty bead o COWn and HElFKhH of tbe best ki own families. These cattle have been ored and selected by Mr. Combs, and for quality and individual merit have do superior. They were carefully selec'pd from the very best herds In Kentucky and Missouri. M'. Combs will be prepared to Kive full guarantee as to soundness and nonexistence ot disease in section or country from which tbese cattle ar brought, and certified pedigrees will be furnUued with each aulmal, showing Its breeding. Catalogue will be ready shortly. Terms at sale. KILXIP CO., Auctioneers, 28 Montgomery St.. S. F. ilectrical Power. THE OAKLAND Electric Light and Motor cojMiiPJsrY Is now prepared to furnish electric motors from one quarter horse power np to twelve horse power, to any locality within the central business portion of the city of Oakland This power is arailaole tor printing presse?, operating: pumps, manufactories, for elevators, ice cream freezers, meat choppers, and, in fact, fox any purpose for which power may be used. No firemen or engineer needed. Absolute immunity from coal dust, boiler explosion, fire risk, and other nuisances of steam plant. No noise or bad smell as with gas engines. Occupies small space. No investment to user, as the Company furnishes motor and attendance. Parties contracting with this Com paoy can rely upon regular service, as it has any amount of horse power that is used only at night, and Is therefore a reserve for day service. Particulars at the office o The Oaklani Electric Light and , ; DoterCoEpaii), I. T. Cor. Second ud f tbster Streets. 1 w II sxr ii i St r M fl I a Few To Black Dress Goods RELIABLE MAKES! LOW PRICES! We are nuking a conspicuous feature of onr BUck Goods Department, and intend offering daring the coming week many lines very much below regular prices, to whict we invite the attention of anticipating purchasers. NOTE TBI FOLLOWING LINES: At 40 Centg-40 Inch Black Iroi Alpaca, worth SO Cents-at 40 Cents At 50 Cents 40 Iach Black Iron Alpaca, worth 75 rests at 50 Cents At SO Cents 54 Inch Black Sicilian Lnstre, worth $1. 00 at 50 Cents At 50 Cents 40 Inch Black French Cashmere, werth 75 Cts at 50 Cents At 75 Cents 48 Inch French Cashmere, worth $1 OO at 75 Cents At $1 0046 Inch Black Henrietta Clotb, worth $1 25-at 00 We Carry Complete Lines of the lolloping Makes in tbe Different Grades Black Sebastopol Black Sicilian Bltck Lustre Alpaca Black Satin D'Echino Black Serge Black Foule Cloth Striped Black Goods Black Nuns' Veiling Black Cashmere Coupe Blac k Camels' Hair Black Chevron Cloth Black Satin Soleil Blaok Silk Henrietta Black Iron Alpaca Figured Black Goods Black Crape Cloth Mourning Supplies a Specialty ! Kennedy Dry Goods. 457 459 and 461 Thirteenth St. First Store west of Broadway Samples forwarded upon application. Country orders attended lo promptly and goodj forwarder C. O. D. Glascock BIRGIHS ' BJRGlttS ! BARGAINS I .IN Town Lots, Blocks and Acres FRUIT VALE, BERKELEY, ALAMEDA. For the pnrposs of paying bequests and effecting an early settlement of the Estate of the late JudgeGlascock a limited portion f the lands of the Estate will be sold below market rates; ALSO FIK VOOD CAKK1AGES FOR ALE CI1KAP. For particulars apply Le W. W. BLOW, 454 Ninth St. mm Look after your boys and see if their wardrobe does not need replenishing in some particular. If so. now is most emphatically the time to do it, for we have an immense stock of Boys' and Youths' Clothing at prices lower than ever before. Our "Knockabout" and "Hardwear" school snits are handsome in appearance and almost as indestructible as boiler-iron. We have a large assortment of odd garments in this department that we have marked way down. We also have a large stock of Bojs' Collars, Shirts, Stockings, etc., and are headquarters for Boy3' Clothing. Afi3 EPOCH IN oiliiiig A new era in the history of the reaiy-made clothing business in this city commenced with our Spring" Opening now iu progress. In fine goods nothin? ever before began to approach the elegant line of SPRING OVERCOATS We have just introduced for our best trade. These Overcoats were made to our special order, which called for hand work throughout. They are fullyTup tq.the best tailor-made garments in style, material, fit and finish. We guarantee this every time. Among them is a line of the finest English Kerseys, with double stitched seams, and satin and silk serge linings, that you could not duplicate at a fashionable tailor's for less than $50. Call in and see them and be surprised at the immense saving we can make for you on a really fine Overcoat. I A COMMON ERROR Gentlemen Cling To! We are prepared to explode the idea that a perfect fitting hand made Suit or Overcoat canoot be bought ready made. We are introducing a line of (roods that s a positive revelation of advanced ideas in tbe clothing business; a line that we defy tbe most fashionable tailors to surpass for superiority in style, fit or finish. These goods were all made to our special order, and are jest opened and placed on our counters. Call in and see them, for nothing equal to them has ever been shown in this city before. CI Market Street, . : ... ; :' ... V LAECEST HANDLERS OF CENT PACIFICCOAST. c J. Mm A II S2i to 928 - day. Black Ottoman Cloth Black Albatros Black Drtp D'Alma Black Broad Cloth Black Ladies' Cloth Black iron Lustre -Black Surah Coun land's KuglUh Crapes Estate. OAKLAND THE. Business 5 San Francisco : - v ...,,. .; - . . . .. LEU EN'S FINE CIOTBWS 0 TEE . . lumlan lblMliM

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