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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 2

Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 2

Oakland Tribunei
Oakland, California
Issue Date:

aX I OAKLAND DAILY EYKNTNO TEIBOSE, MONDAY. AtTOTJST 8, 1887. Gm4 fer Wlutt AOs Tern. Oatad Gitttots ribmt IN THE FIELD. Isw To-Day. JLxctaesrXtii REMARKABLE RESULTS island, where the anchor was dropped and lunch was spread. Hugo Fnegel was the chief steward, and was assisted bv William Matthews in making the Francis and Valentines. 8. Piwt on called balls Hardies, Fraacisand Valentines, 2. gtrpck oat By Olimnta, by DurkelL Left on bases Hardies, Francis and Valentines, Two base hits Foster, Garcia, C. Haines, imrkell. Double play the Chicago making nine errors. The Detroits were also beaten in Saturday's I The i Greenhood and Moran Club were practicing at the Oakland grounds Thursday. Phenomenal Hyde of Tribunes was invited to pitch against them while they practiced batting. He accepted the invitation and astonished the players by his deceptive curves. Manager" Robinson acted as umpire during the practice battijg. When a ball would sail over the nlate clam chowder, which was pronounced by all the best in the land. After luncheon the party engaged in fishing, and large strings of rock cod and pogies were the result. It was currently reported on board the vessel that Major Tompkins caught a shark. After a stay at the island the party proceeded across the straits in front of the AT HOME AND ABROAD "Our Corner." Hot lunch dally. The best stork in our buainesa. Brownell A Eddings, Fifteenth and San Pablo are. Notice ot the latest news. Dispatch trom Loa Angeles, that the expected has been shipped at r. n. to Miranda A Brumes'! Billiard Parlors, under Oalindo Hotel, Eighth street. Meals 15 cents and upward. slice Restaurant, (NA Broadway. The Pheenix, John Fennessy, proprietor, fine wines, liquors, and cigars, southwest cor. Seventh and atroadway. J. C. Phillip. 915 Seventh street. Market street station. Oakland, CaL Fine wines, liquors, and cigars. The Argonaut Saloon. 854 Broadway. PUBLISHED DAILY (Sundays excepted) 13, 415. AND ill EIGHTH STREET TRIBUNE "PUBLISHING CO. Wt. DABOIB. Manage. iBKUTKUO If CBRIJC j. AT FIFTEEX CENTS PER WEEK. Trans, at )iAtu roa nt daily: OSB TEA A. AS-SIX MOUTHS III WIIKLT IKIBUSE, rCSUSHKD KVXBT SATCBDAT. mm: SB SO-SIX 28 TOTOCRI3TS. Persons rlaltlng namer resorts who desire Tbs Daily or Tub Wkeklt TuiBras may kars papers ent promptly by aotifying this trice. Dailt, ty mall, 19 cents per week, or Ueenta per month; Weekly, 25 cents per asentb. Babaerfbera may havs the addressee their papers changed without extra charge. A3IT8ESCENTS THIS EVENING. OAkitvo Prof. MmAUUter. Biuwui-A Night OfT. T-nam Bauieaof Vieksbnrg. OsmiuM Hungarian Elecrto Orchestra, Alcasab Three Urtardsmen. Ti oili She. or The Fire of Life. 8. 1887 Tka Croltlea CUta Fair. We hope it is not too late to utter a word of protest against the proposed removal of the Golden Gate Fair to San Francisco. Five of the directors, Messrs. J. C. Smith, James Adams, Robert McKiTlican, J. E. McElrath, nd W. Camron, are residents of Oakland or its immediate vicinity. We believe! it was well understood when the recent vacancies in the hoard were rilled by Governor Bartlettthat his reason for appointing citizens of Oakland was that the fair should continue to be held in this county. The members resident in this county constitute a majority of the board -and on them will rest the responsibility bould we lose the fair. The idea or reason put forward in defense of the removal appears to be that the association does not make aa much money here as it might in San Fran isco. It is assumed that the jrar- pose of. the association is to make money, and it is complained that the people of Oakland do not patronize the fair as much as they might. And yet the directory for a guaranty of qual gate receipts offer, aa we are informed, to take the fair to Ban Francisco. This offer, if it was made, does! not look as if the patronage on this sid' the bay were deemed inadequate. The truth is that more money can be made by the sale of gambling and ether privileges on the other side of the bay, and this we take to be the real reason of the proposed removal. Now the association is a body receiv lag aid from the State and the direct ors have no right to use this money. to promote a gambling speculation. The agriculturists of the district have some rights in the matter. It in all wrong that the agricultural side of the Last Sporting Events of the of Summer. Activity in the Two Athletic Clubs of Oakland. I Baseball Games The CuAmpioa Tribune Vaaqnished-Tna Fits Wla-A Bailing Party. There were surprises all around, yes terday in baseball circles, the principal one -being the defeat of the Oakland Evening Tribune Nine by the CleyeJ lands. The Greenhood and Morans won.arictory from the Pioneers, contrary to all expectations. Van Haltren was put In the box against the Giants last Saturday, and somewhat redeemed himself, althoueh his team was de feated. A party of Oaklanders went on a fishing excursion on the bay yesterday, and an enjoyable time was had. Below will be found a report ol all recent sporting events. THEY MET THEIR MATCH. The Champion Tribune. Drop One to the Cleveland, i The Detroits, in their race for the pennant, have met with defeat time and again, and sometimes they have been beaten by the poorest club in the Na tional League. Every club has its day. and no team is invincible. This may truly said of a pitcher. No pitcher is invincible, and every twirler has his So it was with the champion Tribune Clab yesterday and phenomenal Hyde. The usual large audience was present "at the Center street grounds yesterday afternoon to witness the game between the Tribunes and the It was a remarkable game in one respect, and that was the manner in which phenominal Hyde was hammered. A total of thirty-six bases was secured off his delivery. Of this amount twenty were singles, two home runs, eight doable, and one triple. The Clevelands were sent to the bat in the first inninz and secured two runs. They followed this up in the second inning witn four runs and continued their run making until fourteen runs were placed to their credit. The champions were not allowed to score until the seventh inning, when Hyde rapped out the first hit He reached second and was sent home by a clean hit by BuahnelU These were the only two hits secured off Roberta's delivery. The Clevelands played like clock work, and their batting proclivities were remarkable. They took so kindly to Hyde's speedy curves that it astonished even the old timers. It was an off day for the Tribunes, and bo player seemed to be himself. After the second inning the champions completely lost heart, and played the game to a finish in a matter of fact way without rutting any enthusiasm or life into their playing. There were nine errors made by the Tribunes, which does not speak well for a team with such a record as this club has. One of the best plays made during the game was, the running catch of Spencer jjj leftj field. The only Kelley did not dis- tinguih himself "at shortstop, and Foutz in center field played a poor game. This makes the third game between thesetwo clubs, two of which have been won by the Tribunes. They therefore still hold the championship, and are open of the next game "between these two clubs. The official score is as follows: tribunes. i.b. 3 4 3 4 SAMES. Gemrnel, r. Sm alley, ad Kelley, s. Hyde, Bushnell, U. Stultz, 1st Snow, 2d Spencer, 1. Fontz, c. B.H. P.O. 0 1 3 3 8 2 23 1 CLEVELANDS. 27 NAHBK. Parker, W. KuriU, 3db Roberts, Redmond, s. Stultz, 2d T.B. B. B.H P.O. 8 3, 6 1 1 1 6 1 0 E. Kelson, 1st W. Kpeneer, r. f. Keller, Totals 14 20 27 ltk 4 KCXS BY 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Tribnnes 00000010 01 Clevelands 2 4 0 0 0 3 1 2 214 Earned runs Olevtlands, 5. Home runs J. itultz and W. Spencer. Three base nit nelson, two base hits Nelson, Hi Stultz, W. Bpcucer, Parker, and Fiynn. Struck out By Hyde, by Roberts, 3. Passed balls Buehnell, Parker, 0. Double plays Roberts, (j. Stnltz, and Nelson. Umpire lie Witt Van Court. Official scorer-John Sinclair of the Tribunes. GAGl GAIOED. The Fets Take a Game From the Pioneers. Contrary to all expectation the Greenhood and Morans won a game fr6m the Pioneers yesterday at the Haight street grounds. The Pets have been playing in hard luck of late and yesterday they determined to win a game for a change. Young Knell was pitted against the old time batters and did himself credit. Gagus, who was once a pitcher, ap peared in the points for the Pioneers and the game might still be going on had aot the home nine become tired of slugging up in order to finish the contest. Farrell, an amateur, was tried for two innings by the Pioneers, but he proved a failure. The home nine won the game by a score of to 8 and the race for the target is still close and the light of the pennant once more looms up in the distance and the Pets are happy. The score is as follows: 6BBEKHO0D AKD MOBAKS. SiES. T.B. R. B.H. Long, c. 4 3 1 McDonald, 6 1 McCord, s. 4 2 0 Ryan, 1st 8 11 Blakiston.r. f.i...... 4 3 2 Shea, 2d i 5 3 4 Borchers, f. 4 2 1 Knell, 5 1 "2 GumeU3d 5 0 1 B.S. r.o. A. B. 10 0 1 13 5 0 0 0 2 0 0 7 0 0 0 2 0 1 2 4 0 1 1 0 0 0 3 16 0 0 111 8. a xmbitionshouldbeplacedaltogethne8h in whUe, just the background, as it necessarily break the monotonv. Watch the result OAKLANDTHEATER ohx yxm OITLYl Yotiaj iTtiirc Aifvt St U7. Crass! (IfllittMUsriifilir.L ProU. M. Macallistefs Grand Gift Jubilsa I ids nioiiT A13 rcrm 1:3 PEXsnrrrs SItbs Away Emsi Cwemlac. Viy rrtiMws as iimm A lsntnHt(towL1imsS(. PPT. mum, a uhwi ak test KTfi fc 1 1 s. tmfm a Irw, rioruri rort lab raacctu irlal aeasa, sts ssmtyw1 I JMW 4rsV 1 THE NEW ULnm Am ratal Battles of Vicksbtirg ST rAJfORAJCA BtTTXOIsTO. mr asMl Mmmm ax rAAjritsco. Oea anr scsark Is (hs ta COMll432TIOr Southern IMc Rcpay's KEW All KAIL UK, INAUGURAL CER EBONIES Santa Barbara Sitcrday, Angott 20, IS87. SFECIU EXCURSION TRJIL1- PULLUAX PALACE SLiEPEES DcniporVs 13inlng wtu, Lasvs taa raaatcisos at 4 r. bl. thi suit ay Arcitpr as 1 TKTt rrw row thi qiq CIO ttutan air. ClO INCLUDIN6 SLCCPINB CAR BERTH. Far Sale 6 1 STREET. 6 1 3 OZBOO J. SrTVBlS. T.H.OJ1IS4V, O. TraAr I'm. Tat Act. a. Towxr i tw. Oakland Mdi Park. TXACX XrTT It Mt. BS3KT IXilftTIOl -a all IttriM. MfwvtaJ anaucMMM wmsm tuna u4 Am 1'iwiia. aonaaa. aatVaa sue hornnm a4 uwar aatva. laalar Waaotaedwiik the a srltaaa. a. w. ukvi rtwiM FARM at a ataciix. 441 SZS awe star. r- larr mi us. 1 swiaTI hrm. aa Wh wM.a4r. slaaaalUi SM nvsmwrato, Uvlns aprlMr mmu. t6 Onra aat t.S ronit u.rn Ui Iaai rW. TaUM MM. IMl mtwm imJ. mil cu, tta. lOO ar-fva ImA tMlnal1 ta aw alf aailM frum aw SUian.ala.fWwiiaMr. tmitimwm aaT Neiauta mt mm JoMjnia iuuitumA. U4rtav 1 HuMWMMaM rm ane SX'SS. nofuaa iur all ta at craua, la, ttHi 1 r.KM-lwrl lla a avs twmA. aw wUl sake taasia T1 mr la sawt Ka aaaaa. WOODW11D A OAMBLK. steal Batate AgataSa. SMa HOUSE TO LET. Pr-lrs' la at aa 1 1 sulsislli sa Mulsnai Slissli rooaus; rrau iticitMtitis aawuar. WOODWAKD A OlslUt, CWanarasT HaailanB: all froirawaiai aa iwiiw ear lua a M-at Mt aaasa fraat rtaKiu: IS ivm I kau.r svvr satsta: laucw ml huaHa SalaliaS aaiarai aeus Price. tllrOOa WOODWAKD A CAMMLK. HANS ZCELLKERS DYE WORKS, And laundry. 470 Eiahtb Street, Calling Btfeaa Bruaatray aaat Wailittarlas mumC DYEIKC.CLEAKIKC&BEPAIEIK1 VAH SING CO. 957 WASHINGTON STREET. Dealers ia Fancy ArlHev I aTapateif and Clixest Gooia. Our asiortmcat is ecmpletA, aad aor teas tk beat imported. Please rirt a call aid txazixt our stock. Pkrticiaaa' Directory. a Ar nstt- lt)14 XrxmAmi ta It sHi.laMiaf JSr.a In ima oavn a. ornrirwurTR Sl4 HM4aft hoars II so in a. SuS St r. KwrOT 1 -lit Aitra aatva. VitAsia. j. a. orrictt. Twnrrsi auS lrMelar: Skhu-. 1ui.11 I Sr. a. ui w. st. ewe umf saSsaraa. S. tfc an.u. DAMa. r. i rnti, tw rrs aa. a.Miaar atiMtt 1. t. 1 1 a au. sssSr.a. nasu as Sv aiterth aa rwasa. I1HDM AS riaid.ltr. a. A I aw: tmr I la and SJ4I fAtS, TtiltS'l iaa fit. A first. tan a. (wntv 4 ate TvtvfTiai attwC. A m4 Btl hatira. 1 1 toll.s.illal as 7 r. aa. laaa X. wJt 11 to 17 a. tas mua TUB n.aTa iMrMns sa.i aeips w. 1.7. IKAI'W si, 1U iei4 aii.aaaaa a-ura saatiaa a. im a aa Lsftc ttrtalhM CAssMsasss ft tSssfJ lb (elltl VrV imjuAm i n't tut au4 ASJVwsfl trm fi dmmra Warren's patent Flour from the en tire wheat; Gold Durt meal frora Eastern yellow corn Pearl Grits from Eastern white corn; Coralline made from Eastern white corn a agar and simp from the Maple tree sap, and wtll be sold for 13 cents Mr pound; oar Oolong and span teas are fins; oar roast Java and Kdcas were never better: at J.Cushing bon. Ninth and Wash ington. The DaaJak cier Are making preparations to rive a grand Prix Biding Tournament at Badger's Taik Sunday, August 2ta. A grand time Is anticipated, and everything will be dooe to make the dar enjoyable by the society known as the uania." Oaklaasl nilllBcry ta Dree. aaaklag- EstablUhmenf, Fine display ladies hats and trtro ruing of the Litest stylet. low pi ice, nai pressed and cleaned. Fsthlonsble dressmaking, catting, and fitting a specialty. Hale's jniem of dressrutting taught. Mas. E. Uu-14 IB, IJUS Broad may. En. it and genuine whalebcr whip Palmer's Harness Emporium, 4J4 Eleventh street. Tbi finest stock of harnesses Palmer's. 434 Eleventh street. The Eetaallle Hssm, Fan Leandro, serve French dinners as specialty. Pinners at all boars the dsy and night, I. Uodchaux, pro pnetor. Vemeral Ovarian cketOMIee Best rate and accommodations br the "Short Konte." for all points East, Apply at Whitney's Express Agency, Broadway. Cheap steamer rates to and from trans-aUaaua ports. Tks latest Bhaate In all kinds ol sprays arranged to-tiil the tastes of the purchasers. Also just received a new line of ganxes of all shsdes, at the lowest prices. Broadway lower and earner ctorw. low. FraxOAas Exrage Omrr removed to southeast corner Eighth and Franklin. Brr. Fsxtcr eirnanre furniture st WEfT'8 FCRMTL'ILE HOLSE. 473 to 477 Twelfth street. Prat milk delivered twice dailr by Dillon. Tat cheapest place tn Oakland to bay Cowers and feathers is UW Broadway. Lab5 a assortment of flowers and feathers at Ilia Broadway. Tbe magnificent display of the latest design frames, of parlor pieces uphol stered in silk brocatelle. in Charles L. Taylor's show windows, 1015 Broadway. is quite an attraction. Go and see them. tireateat flare On tbe coaxt to see the largest stock of furniture, carpets, and ranges, 4fi eventh street. 11. SCHELLIiAAS 3. Call and see the Jerusalem All kinds of upholstering and repair ing at SWKNbON A MiKavELbON, Twel'th and Kmnklin. Sew To-dT. Absolutely Pure. Ttta powder larfr varl. A marrrl of par um and iwiluavnN. Mwl tlian tl ertuiiay a arxl can ro oa-aoM uioututiiuoniuiit)nmuliiiadeoriw teM.siiorl weUcht, alum awr llKafcl powjra. ix ita, Kv a Bisisa Powosa jw I rrei. i ora. W.M. T. t-OLEHAS A O. AgCSllS, Mass Iraaclaca. fi. A. J. Dais Son GROCERS. A Bargain Half Gallon Mason Jars, per Dozen $1 25 Quart Mason Jars, per Dozen $1 00 Only a few Dozen Left at That Figure. MISCELLANEOUS 601b. Backrionr 1 00 6 Hi. Fine Gras. 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FAI RC HtLD. are Mas ONLY RELIABLE Fsaatala Praa aa the a lx. rrsn WARRATrr-rx 215, 217, 219 Bash St, AIW Spit LLIIW Clearance Sale HUE; MILL1HERY AT COST For 30 Days Only. MRS. LAYMAHCE, Palace of Fashion 1002 BROADWAY. In Alameda. HOIES, For Sale. NEW i "Modern Cottaeet Of 8 rooms and bath each, with emif modern mn venieoce large lots bouses extra well built, and tucely finished. PBICE ONLY $1000. in ra. merit; balance on tbe install meat i-lan, Hsve a borne of your own, and be frre from landlords. the money yon in rent is fo a bouse. are now paying These places are in a choice neigh hoe. hf-ni. convenient to mil local trains, rhtirches, and schools. The bouses cost about SVO each to build, and are as good as oew; now icutedatflspertuonth, I APrLV TO William J.Dingee 4 GO and 462 Eicbta Street. i AKLaiI. NEW Real Estate Office, J.S. G. Gordon Co. 424 NINTH STREET, E. Ceraer Fine line of residence. Business, and Conntj l'roin-rty for bale. Houses to Hent- Bents collected. Insurance. Loans negotiated, etc. Tarties having bouses tol rent and property for sale will bod it to their interest to give us a CalL LABORATOBY Montgomery Avcnuei ts I UAMIHO, CAL- 23 Is entn WosUoa of Fncpborns, Albussen, Itotoa'a, Liave, Soda sad boo, which act oa lite Hrala. Serve aa4 IT 1 sss'h. ls rrraaiag Lbs appcttiaa, aaalalbas; Ilc tloa, arias; Iyspesala. la every forss, llTsdarhe, Mearalgta, Isaasasls. aOsaa. rnl IsebUllr. XS ax.1 mt Tltallry, Kte aaa rraastraUaaa act Iaspartessea. Ia Hysteria and F.pUrs-sr lis crJerta are tnarli-aj. In CaaswasBsttlssi Its aatrttlve aaaalltles are heyaasatl cwsasMSrlaoai with ether resaratlaas. 1 ts acUna Is shows liy tl.o Inrreasiaf strentrth and stariKht of th ptUa-ct, sad tha laas af swash and algtit sweats. It Is a Vrala. ae-rve aatl llfrgrislnc toalc Fries, sU per bottler arFoa ar au. tsrctra. FOUNTAIN GOLD PEN. ECCKKEEFICS, BAKKERS, CUEKS, I AttraUasa I JOUMXJVt lot TAI rct, 1 1 Fit la arrtie whs er larvvwte. tallaHajJaeiaia. Alas (roaa'a rlrhrateel Feaatala Fansa. SEARS KROWEKs BOT RHSISSTIT, rVt. Fvaxh al ynanai xm.a. Taaklaaa. Oa1 DERMIS TATLOrS Shooting Gallery, AKO CltaAB BTOttE. 1056 BROADWAY. raa Taa It a Taattra r.t iijaACaagyac rt ITICT Co, a.XTH I717.IT. K) CSTABLKHrP less. mirta sx'tb, PATErrr sclicitoi Fssacm r. aafl. a. a. aaita a. a. (a aa i I -T' I aaava flru Ha I ii a I TZ S1 aw I From an Unseen Power (a Natural Gift). "Now there are diversities of gifts and there are diversities in operations, the same power worketh in all." some is given the gift of healing; blessed indeed is the man who possesses this rare gift. This Is an aga miracles, as diverse as the impulses which lead men to their performance. man who performs a miracle In healing the sick is little less than a and that he is sometimes almost regarded as such is but evidence of gratitude for release from disease and pain through his ministrations. The fol lowing, from a lady well know in this city, is a spontaeous and grateful tribute to two men who labor unceasingly to ameliorate the condition ot our race: Seemingly miraculous cures are performed daily by the Drs. Damn at their offices, 113 Stockton street. San Francisco. Go to them and be made whole. Das. Dakrin Dear Sir: I wish to add my name to the long list ot cures you have performed oa the thousands deaf people since your sojourn in tnisicity. prior to going under your treatment three months ago, I had become very deaf from the effects of dry catarrh and other causes. Now I can I bear a watch tick and any ordinary conversation, and most heartily recommend your Electro Magnetic treatment. I ran be referred to at 43 Market street, San Francisco, or West Berkeley. CaL Publish this. JAM Ed S. HIOG1NS. Silas Gates, 005 Pine street, 8. deafness two years cured in ten minutes. Mrs. J. P. Clement, 310 Jones street. b. 1 cancerous growth cured three years ago; no relapse. D. Cameron. 133 Third street. 8. rheumatism and neuralgia for many weeas; cureu in two weeas. Sj Regensburger's child, 219Ji Elm avenne, S. dropsy of the eyes: cured with four magnetic treatments. Offices, 113 Stockton street, San Francisco; hours, 9 to evenings, 7 to 8: Sundays; 10 to 13. Examination free. Parties desirine to consult the doctors will do well to go at once as their stay in San Francisco is limited. San rancisco Examiner. I THE rOKT COSTA STRIKE. It Collapa BoddealT. and All the I Htrikera Are Discharged. The strike of the switchmen at Port Cesta terminated as suddenly aa it began. Deputy Sheriff Hummers, the Central Pacific Rail road officer at the pier, went to Port Costa on Friday and immediately took steps to prevent any trouble. He was assisted by tncr-nerin 01 ontra costa. county and deputies. After three arrests bad been made the strikers tecan to oau down and on Saturday afternoon they accepted Mipennrenaeni iiiaern oner, njr which Uiey were passed down to Oakland, paid of), and dismissed. The men did consid erable damage before the arrival of the ottirsrs. In order to prevent the moving of the errs they threw about -t'm coupling pins and a number of links int the bay. They cut the air brake on the Sacramento freight on t-aturuay, delaying that train about an hour. The strike was inaugurated by what is known as the "tramp switchmen, or those who work a few mouths and then drink up I their earnings. There were twenty-three men engaged in the strike, and they ncpea to eniorce meir nemunns enp- tlitig the wheat shipments. The fompauy ad decided not to ar-cede to their unjn.t dcn.aiHlF, and. if iirr-kary, they wniild have sent an oihccr for ever striker at Port Osta. In order to seep the reaee. After the strikers had been paid off they began to get drunk and make a disturbance, which resulted in the arn st of J. W. Shipley on a charge of petty larceny, ne navuig triel to appropriate eVeral things belonging to the company. A lroe of new men has ben shipped to Port Costa, and there will be no more delay. the regular railroad men engiicfd in the strike. The men were reiivivirig the same pay aa the Oakland yard men. 170 a month for ordinary hauds. auii a monin iur loremen. STRUCK BY THE PILOT. Alio thi: Another Victim of the Habit of alk- lug on the Track. "wterdav forenoon about 0 o'clock down train from West Berkeley stiitck an old maa named Clement EclkU's while passing Shell Mound Park and injured him so that he died in a short time. As the train rounded the curve at that part of the road, Fireman McCloskev saw Ekles walking on the track some distance ahead. Just as he turned to notify Engineer Lew Kerr to blow tne alarm signal, fx kles stepped the track, and Mctloskev, siiiiikis- ing he was safe enough, turned his attention to something else. Suddenly tut pilot struck r.ckles anil threw nun his spine and crushing his skull. The train was stopped and F.ckles. still alive, taken toward the pier. He died on the wav down and hi bdv was turned over to Coroner Fronk it ho will hold an inquest at o'clock this evening. Etkles was a carpenter, 2 vears old. of sober and industrious lie leaves a wife and six children who re side in a neat little home at Klinknsr- ville. Ei kles was somewhat deaf and tO tins infirmity is due his death. THE NEW TIME TABLE. An Extra Tawserr Train for llay- stnlA os Sunday. Ccw time cards went into effect this morning on the Western Divialon of the Southern Pacific Railroad, the Northern Pacific and nn Pablo and Tulare railroal, the Truckee lilvition, the Salt Lake Di vision, the Stockton and Copperopolia Kail road, the Los Angeles and Yuma Pl- vjiMon, Yisalla, YoKcmite and Goshen Di vision. new card makes little change on any of the routes. On the West ern Divitlon a new Havward train has been added on Sunday. The train connects with the boat that leaves San Francisco at tske the Seventh ptreet local at at o'clock and Wave Kns. Oakland at o'clock, arriving at llaywardsat the train Ksvei Hay-wards at o'clock, arriving at ast Oak land at lOo'clock, in time to eounec. with the Seveuth street local and ferry boat arriving nt San Kraneiwo at HI o'clock. Ncveral additional freight trains have beeu put on iu order to accommodate the In creased amount of freight business the mad is handling. Kome minor chaiiL'es have been made in the tunuing time of the neeulartrains in order to accommodate the new tiams. FIGARO. The Fostnlatrd Barber of Irvington Indrr fjuawsntine. Suj ervisor Uutterherry said this morn- lag that Prank Antone, the drunken liuie fortuguete barber, who showed his fool hardy bravery In tbe presence of the noon day pestilence and contracted smallpox thereby is progressing, sreording to tbe doctor's report, as finely as could be ex pected. He is in a house with a-vea oth ers, none of shorn have yet shown any signs ol toe uiM.sse. a corui.n is stretcnea about the house and two watchmen guard the premises, in twelve hour shifts, teliev- tng one anoiner at miamgnt sua noon. They have orders to club any one who attempts to enter or leave the infected house. I The state Board of Health has forwarded Orders for the disinfection of the places In Which the disease has existed and has sent circular of directions for the work. Mr. liustcrl.erry. In doubt as fo ttie powers vested In him, consulted District Attorney H. K. Hall for advice to govern him both in the preservation of the quarantine and the enforcement of th" measures of disinfec tion. 1 he Health officer of this city will bj asktdto send down a man ta uim.ieti properly tse two nouses. THE EAGLE TLA.MXG MILLS. I'raapert of Telr Itetnotal From Fourteenth Street. Mefsrs. Brosdwell A Towle, proprietors jof the Eagle Planing Mill, contemplate removir.g from the present site on Kour- Iteecih street, near Webster.) The Increase Iof business, Mr. Towle says, has cramped the mills for room, and it fs the desire to find some other location. The members of Ithe firm have been looking at the vacant lot on the corner of Fourteenth and Franklin streeu as a possible site. It is 100x100 feet 'In size, and they expect, if they should jtake the place, to erect a two bnllding 60x100. The engine and boilers, however, they would place Id an Iron shed twenty-five feet from any other building. They stale they would this precaution as a measure of economy In Insurance to themselves. The lease on the present site does not expire until the end of tbe year, and no definite determination has yet been made. There has been considerable complaint by ad joining residents of the mills on account of the danger from fire, and their consider ation ol removal to Franklin and Fourth streeu has already been anticipated bv foreruoiiing complaint from T. vana filed witn me Board of Supervisors. AMCSEMEXTS. Macalllster will appear to-night at the ta nana Theater and during the week. The programme Includes his tricks in legerdemain and some musical numbers. In this regard Mrs. Annie Ainsworth Cavasso states that the nse of her came ta connection with the show ts unwarranted, and that she win tot sing beeaaae her salary la In arrears for her trip throngs the soot hern country With MstaWjlvr Hii twos in at vtr. nuu i rassea oaus uwens, Cnllen, Goggm, S. Wild pitches By Oiimpia, by Durkell, 1. Flies caught Handles, 6: Francis and Valentines. 5. rouig cangnt uaraies, Francis and Val- eutines, l. felmier. Umpire, Webber. Scorar, Tof- Other Games, At Sacramento1 yesterday was the good fortune of the Haverlys to defeat" the Altas by a score of 5 to 2, I The Salingers, after a close game, won victory over the Journals of Hay-wards yesterday: at the Center street grounds by a score of 6 to 6. It was a very interesting game. I STRAY Notes From the Field and Flashes i From the Blaiuond. J. Kenney wants to be and is a manager. I What has become of the gentlemen players 1 i McCord was himself again in the short field. The error column of the Pioneers is larger than usual. Farrell was a picnic for the Pets and tiagus a carDecue. The picture taken of the Tribunes was tne jonan yesterday. Elakiston took an error the only chance he had. in the field, Jack Dow has eone to Salinas to ioin bis catcher, Jim Noble. Danny Long had one chance yesterday, but failed to accept it. Shea is playing great ball. Four hits and three runs are not bad. The Reliance Baseball Club does not to be doing any playing. Lorrieah is not a striking success as a shortstop, but he is a good pitcher. Jerry Hurley is a splendid player and is doing good work for the Pioneers, Chesnut Charley Horse terrier did not play with the Pioneer yesterday. D. Van Court umpired the game between the Clevelands and the Tribunes. The Hay wards were defeated by the Niantics yesterday by a score of 11 to 3. Billy Towne by considerable practice may make his mark as an amateur pitcher.i Gurnett got in his usual error. He played third base with- one assist and one Manager Pratt is always lookine for players. This is the only way to make a successful club. I Tom who plavea in Alameda last winter, has been offered his release from Pittsburg for $300. The game yesterday the Jonahs and the McG. C's was won by the former by 11 to 10. The batsman feels that he's contributing to classical literature every time he makes a Homer. Xonkera Gazette. Great is baseball, and may she endure forever! But Will, oh New York ever get that flag New York The GreenhOod and Morans aud tn Pioneers are tie we race tor the tar-) get. The Haverlys are in the lead, with tne Anas a good second. Dennv finds it hard work tof compel recognition of authority as Indian-apohii's captain. The lads will talk back to their ex-boon companion Jerry Next Suridav. at Center street, the pajneswi'l be, 9:30 4. M.j Columbias vsi Unions; 11:30 A. Bav Citvs vsl Wells; Fargos; 2 r. stj, Hardies vs, Tribunes: I I 1 The Oakland Evening Tribune Chi had their pictures taken during the past weea in ironti os 1HE thubcke omcef The picture shows the young players off in fine shape. Manager Tom Robinson is looking for new material for the Greenhood and Morons. He does not know where he will make any changes lust yet, but he uoes want some patters. Umpire Doescher, (Van Haltren'? "Jontoh," has presented! his resignation to President! Young of the National League. The friends of the Oaklaidl boy are in hopes that it will be Ex-League. Umpire Wilson says that nobody but I Daly, the lightning all-Tound Catcher of Chicago, could hold Van Halt-en's delivery, as it is the mcst deceptive of any pitcher in America. I I Poor Purceil, the boy piteher.whom so much u.s was made about a short time" ago, and whom New York wanted to sign, has retired to the seclusion of the amateur ranks. The Pets have no morje ttse for him, I The game between the Hardies anil the Tribunes will take place ion the Center strait ground nett Sunday afternoon. It will be one of the most interesting games of the season, and the grounds iwill be crowded. Morris sajs that if the directors the Pittsburg Club will pay him back the money he extended in the treatment of his ami, and lor which he has physicians' receipts, he will feel satisfied about the fines imposed on him. Roberts has the making of a fine pitcher. He never allows himself to get rattled, i A briKht future is predicted for the rising all around ana tne iieveiana management snoma treat him well and not allow him to be stolen. i I I Jack Haves, whj once claimed a residence in this city, is having hard luck in getting a position in any of the baseball clubs. The Altas are now tired pf him. i Hayes formerly played second base for "the Pets and did excellent wOrki He can play good ball. Poor phenomenal Hyde What a slugging he did receive. "The fact is he was exploded, but he is still a phenomenal. 1 There is a riiying that everv dog has his day. This" may be equally as well applied to Van Haltren has had hi3 day and so has Hyde. Billy Owens has; sighed with the Hir-dies of San Leandro, and will be change catcher with Oakcs. The way ha stopped Olimpia's speedy delivery iat San Leandro yesterday was wonderful. The score shows butj two passed ba'ls, and a drop ft one ball on a third Strike. The Chicago team and the St. Lotkis Browns are talking of corning to this coast during the wintlcr. Arrancemetits for the trig have been partiallv completed. Mike Charley Horse Ke'llv has been engaged to play with the Chica-gos out here. There is also talk iof other clubs coming, Nearly every sportins ionrnal fives a different version as to how the term charley hore originated in baseball circles. Eugene Van Court's storvj of the charlejt horse, aj- published in The TiuBtjNEj, the most reasonable theory of any The popular umjiire knows Whereof he speaks. i The Lcs lAngeles Club will soon pay a visit to this city, and will probably plav the champion Tribunes. They will make a tour of the State. The plavers area Hapeman, pitcher and fielder; Monroe, catcher; George, first base; second base; Young, third base; Coacher, shortstop; Turner and Lohrnan, fielders; iSniith, field and pitcher; Whitney, substitute. I The verv able iarkass who fiiliri thp baseball for the Detroit Free Vcjj publishes the following paragraph "Umpire Valentine does not use a mask, and the result is a foul tip broke his left arm in a game at Washington." How a mask over his snout would have protected his left arm any more -than 1 his left leg is a problem we will have to ask our Detroit genius to. solve. Sporting Aitirs. I .1 Little Fred Langei, who was formerly third baseman for the Greenhood and Morans, but who is now playing third base for Lincoln, is playing great bull in the Western Leaeue. He Tsi the I. twenty-eighth batsman out of 103 in the league witn ins times at bat. and tsje v-enlty-three bits, being a percentage! of .388. His fielding record is fair. lOut of ten third basemen he is the sixth with six4y-three put outs, eighty-five assists, thirty-two errors, and a percentage of 1 3oh Barrett of this citv received a letter from Burke of thd Detroits. He says that the champions are weH satisfied with him and that they are keeping him for the end of the season, ile also states that his arrh is in good condition and that he has been, reducing himself in weight since he left Oakland. He had reauced himself i from 227 to 203 pounds. He concludes his letter? by saying that he will fool them all before the season Is over. A new; deal has taken place in the Stockton! baseball It will hereafter be managed by a corporation and will be known as the Stockton Baseball and Athletic Club. Nine hundred and seventy-five shares are subscribed for the capital stock of 1000 shares, assess-' able at 50 cents per month per share The stockholders have elected seven directors, and the latter elected J. W. Moore temporary manager, Gus Gum-: pertz having resigned. The trouble with this club has always been poor management. An enthusiast on baseball has 'dedicated the following lines to VauHal- treH 1 want to be a batter And with the batters stand. My foot npon the home plate I And a spring bat la my hand. Van Haltren was put in the) box against tee new lorks last Saturday and pitched a fine game. Only eleven hits were secured oS his delivery, and his team was beaten by one run. 1 The Oakland boy redeemed himself and did av ts wk, but he iifcciyed poor sajport, last the he ball was see this and hit, it is would call out "ball, and hen a would go a foot from the plate he would call "strike." The plavers would protest against this kind of "umpiring when the wilv manager would remark: "Well, if Umpire Sheridan here he would call it a strike. You I am getting you used to his umpiring." Van Haltren, Chicago's latest acquisition, comes very close to being a scientific batsman, and baseball treasures of kind are very rare. Following Hamlet's instruction to the actors, he does not saw the air with his arms and thus distract his mind by having it on more than one thing at a time. His entire attention is riveted on the ball, as a short, quick hitter, with a motion from the wrist only, he has more time in which to gauge the approaching sphere, and his hits therefore are usually safe. Lip Pike, the famous old second baseman, also used the cricket for cricket hit it is and nothing else, and he had it down as fine as a cambric needle. Lipman also added to another which was, simultaneously with his hit, to be mak ing a start lor nrst Dase. ana tne second gamed in this way landed him there when hundreds of" others went out. Chicago Tribune. I.OCAL ATHLETES. Note. From tne Acme and the Reliance Clobs. The new clnbrooms of the Acme Athletic Club at Fourteenth and Harrison streets will compare favorably with any clnbrooms in the State, not excepting the Olympic Club. They are complete in every respect. The club is now located in the new quarters, but they will not be ready for practice for more than a week. The new building contains three floors. The ground floor is occupied by E. Hook, and the two upper floors are occupied by the club. On entering the building at the ground floor there are two flights of stairs, one en either side, which lead into a large hall on the second floor. There are five rooms on this floor. In the front of the building the ladies' dressing room, to be used on ladies' night. The floor is carpeted, and all the modern conveniences -abound. Directly behindihis room are the large double parlors, handsomely furnished. Two large mirrors are in each room over the mantels, and a piano is in the back parlor. The back parlor contains tables and files of all the popular papers, which are kept for the benefit of the members who do not desire to exercise. The looi ul both parlors are carpeted with new material. On the opposite side of the hall is the dressing room in which are placed 100 lockers. This room is also appropriately furnished for the convenience of the members who desire to exercise. Directly in front of the dressing room are the washrooms with two shower baths. There are stairs at either end of the second floor leading to the gymnasium on the third floor. The gymnasium occupies the ent're floor, and contains all the apparatus to be found in a well conducted athletic clubroom. Some of the important apparatus is a vaulting horse, better known as the "charlev and a rowing machine in which one may sit and row a few miles without moving from one place. The gymnasium is large and spacious, and is capable of allowing 100 persons to exercise at one time with comfort. No one is allowed to ue the appjjratin except a member of the club. In every detail the clubrcoms are finished, and hey are, without exception, as fine as any in the State. The members of the Acme Club may well be proud of their new quarters. i The members of the Acme Clnh are preparing to give a "Ladies' Nicht," which will take place in about three weeks. The Reliance Athletic Club has at last secured Masonic Hall for a clubroom. The club will move into the new quarters about Septemler 1st. This hall will make one of the finest clubrooms in Oakland. The Inieinbers are now taking an active interest in the affairs of the club and propose to make it one of the leading institutions of Oakland. They now claim a membership of more than 100, with applications still coming in. In conjunction with the clubrooms there will be a billiard room, and reading room, so that those who do not desire to exercise may spend a pleasant evening otherwise. Frank Samm, Hugo Fuegel. T. P. Howartb, and Thomas Bennett have proposed their names for membership in the Acme Club. Charley Kitchen of the Tribune Club has joined the Acmes. Harry Gordon, A. C. Donnelli T. C. Coogan, E. Hook, and Ed II. realizing the advantages to be gained by exercise, and. being desirous of becoming developed physically as well as morally, have joined the Acme Athletic Club, ami will in the future, when time affords, take a turn at the "charley horse" and other apparatus used in the gymnasium and made and pibvided for the physical development of those who are riot too lazy to stir themseU'es. Manager T. P. Robinson of the Greenhood and Morans has joined the Acmes. A good move to make. George E. Booker, formerly secretary of the Olympic Club, and "Charles E. Bert have alse joined the same club during the past week. Dr. T. J. Saxe and 11. N. Risdon have joined the Acme. Thev are both look-iBg for physical development, a thing worth looking for. Marston Campbell; the promising young boxer of the Acme Club, desires to know why he is termed an eighty-one toner. The term eighty-one toner originated with Jack Kniiton many years ago. He was the champion of England hen the first eighty-one ton gun was turned out, which was the largest gun in the world, and he was named after it "the eighty-one toner." THE HAKRIKRS. A Snrreaafnl Meetljig In Oakland Saturday. The Pacific Coast Harriers held their first outdoor meeting at the Center street grounds last Saturday afternoon; It was a success in every respfct. The one mile handicap run was won by young Cocley of the Acaie Aihietic Club. He takes the gold, medal. The events were as follows Two hundred and twenty yards handicap run, first heat was won by V. E. Schiflerstein, with twelve" yards start: Robert Gibson, with eight yards, second. Time, 23 25s. i Half mile walk. Won by Horace Coffin, scratch; C. M. Yates, forty-five yards, second. Time, 3m. The other starters were W. Zchfuss, thirty-five yards; C. T. Sandman, sixty yards. Two hundred and twenty var'd "handicap, second Won" bv S. C. Hunter, with eleven yards J. J. O'Kane second, with six yards. Time, One mile handicap run brought out four starters, R. McArthur scratch, E. C. Hill twentyfive yards, F. L. Cooley twenty-five yards jand H. W. Thompson fortv yardsv 'Jehe race was won by Cooley, with" MJjtrthur a close second. Time, 4m. 55 l-5s. McArthur made a grand effort to overhaul the leading man in the last lap, but was defeated in a grand struggle by two yards. Two hundred and twenty yards run, final heat. Won by Schitferstein, with Gibson second, by five Time 23 3-5s, Schiflerstein made" a grand race and won easily, finishing verv strong. The final event of the day was a three mile walk exhibition bv P. N. Gaffney. Gaffhey was the recipient of cheers from ladies in the grand stand as he rolled off his laps in excellent style, finally breaking the coast record. The standing record was 27m. which Gaffhey broke, completing the distance in 25m His first two miles were made in lGm. 57 3-5s. The officers who officiated were Referee R. P. Doolan; Judges J. J. Theobald, Horace H. Briggs; Timers John A. Hammersmith, Walter A. Scott, G. W. Jordan; Starter George F. Davidson; Judge of Walking, Charles B. Hill Officers of the club Walter A. Scott, President; Horace Coffin, Secretary John W. Flynn, Treasurer; Executive Committee, William McConnell, McArthur, Charles B. Hill. ON THE BRINY DEEP. A Finning Excursion to Angel Island on the Aggie. The beautiful schooner yacht Aggie, Captain Harry White commanding, was chartered yesterday by a number of Oaklanders for a trip around the bay. The excursion was a select affair, and was invitational. The party left the Alameda long wharf at 8 a. and with a good breeze before tbem sailed past Hunter's point, thence to Hospital cove, near Saucelito. There was no particular necessity of stopping at this rove, ss none of the excursionist in Tie yiij tLeii pnMdd to Angel A on were and and C. for and the is at is beads, and landed in this city at 8 p. m. very enjoyable day was had by all board. Among the excursionists Major 3. W. Tosnpkins, Captain J. C. Wilson and sons, Frank George McWUliams, Ion Frank Smith, G. Quiun. A. Robinson, Phil McGovern, Hugo Fuegel, H. B. Mehrman.Will Matthews, George Carlton, Ed Vinrent, Will Durant, ur. J. M. Dunn, James P. Dunn, and Henry Evers. The music the occasion was furnished bv Matthews and his mandolin and Durant his guitar. A Race Off. The single scull race, three miles with a turn, between Howard A.Shinn (Shiner) and Athan Folgerof theColum-bia Rowing Club, which was set tor September 10th, and which has beea topic of conversation among frequenters of the estuary for some weeks, off. Arenio Sport. L. E. Meyers, the great sprinter, is expected to arrive on the next steamer from Australia. Young Jack Dempsey and Billy Mee-han will fight at Johnny Maher's place Berkeley next Sunday, between the hours of 1 and 5 p. u. A great fight expected, providing always that the Sheriff does not interfere. Burke and Ryan are training hard for their coming boxing contest. A Bloody Fight. A bloody cockfight took place at the stockyards yesterday afternoon be-teen a blue Jap from acioss the bay and a black Jap from this city. The fight was the ficerest even seen in this vicinity and lasted ten minutes. The bird from this city was the hero of three battles, being the victor in each cae. The Oakland bird had the best of the battle until near the end, when the metropolitan bird got in a chance blow and stabbed him in the neck. The blue Jap- lay on his back with his neck broken, while the black Jap picked the life out of him. It was pronounced to be the best chicken fight seen for manv days. COUNTY RULERS. A Brief Meeting of the Board of Supervisors. Belief to an Aged and Infirm Wtmaa Three Bonds Piled-Board of Equalization. The Board of Supervisors met this morning, Chairman Hanifin, Messrs. Martin, Pelonze, and Dusterberry The minutes of the meeting of August 1st were read and approved. Bonds were presented as follows: The bond of C. Crisman in the sum of $1000, with C. G. Holmes and R. Taylor as sureties, was accepted for the due fulf ilment of his contract to construct the Receiving Hospital within ninety days for $3(178. The bond of Fisher and Tavlor, with Charles A. Sessions and H. J. McAvoy as sureties, in the sum of $1000, was accepted for the due fulfillment of the contract for supplying fuel to the County Infirmary. "The terms of the contract call for Scotch coal at $11 iti per ton. Wellington $11 West Hartley $12. Seattle $10 4.1, Coos Bav 4.1. anthracite $-1 03, pine wood $10 e3, oak wood $11 73. The bond of Fisher Taylor, with Charles A. Sessions and H.J." McAvoy as sureties, tne sum ot fin si, was accepted for the due fulfillment of their contract to supply fuel to the Courthouse, Jail, ami ilaM of Records. The terms of the contract call for Scotch coal $11 Wellington $11 73, West Hartley $12, Seattle 03, Coos Bay $7 anthracite $21 OS, pine wood, per cord, $10 Ki, oak wood $11 25. An application for relief was received from Mrs. Ann Bolton, 73 years old, living on Twenty-secmid street, between Chestnut and Linden. She has two grandchildren, who are now sick and unable to contribute to her sup. port. Referred to Supervisor pelouze. The report of hanes F. Dougherty, overseer of the Rosedale Iloud district, was read and referred. An application that Joseph Habering be appointed Road Overseer of Eden Yale district, was presented. The Clerk was instructed to advertise for bids for the construction of a vault, for the County Treasurer. A communication from Taliesin Evans, President of the Sixth Ward Property Owners' Improvement Association, was read and referred to the Committee on County Buildings. The communication took7. the shape of a protest against the removal of the planing mill now located on Thirteenth and rourteent streets, between rrink-lin and Webster streets, to the lot on the northeast corner of Franklin and Fourth streets. The protest was based on the ground that the of a steam boiler on the premises wi'1 endanger the county buildings, and instanced the case of the Hebrew Synagogue, destroyed by lire, is believed to be due to sparks emitted by the smoke- stacK 01 tins same planing mill. The board then adjourned to August 20th. The Board of Supervisors met as a Board of Equalization, and as no busi ness was presented, adjourned without date. I SEEKING JUDICIAL ADVICE. A I.ady With a Bank Book Who Can't et the Money. When Margaret Armstrong was dying at her heme in Watts tract a few weeks ago-he was attended by her sister, Julia Clark. A phort time before Sirs. Armstrong died she took from beneath her pillow a bank book in which she had au account with the Ilibernia Payings Bank with Vm to her credit, and -parsing it to her sister, Julia Clark, said; "Slater, I give this to you," and then died. The sister has got the book yet, but she cannot get the money. Mrs. Armstrong also left a will, in which her husband was named as executor, and $1000 Was bequcatcd to him and t0 to her sister. The will was admitted to probate this morning, and letters were issued to the husband, la the petition for testers nothing was siid about the MX) in the The petition simply stated that the property was valued at IIOCO and consisted of a house and lot. After the will was admitted Mrs. Clark walked np to his Honor, Judge Hamilton, on tbe bench and gave him tne bank book, ana asked his advice about the matter. She as greatlv excited, and refused to let any one save his Honor touch the book, ehe became so excited that his Honor was compelled to invite her to vacate her position at his side, and she left the courtroom mote excited and bewildered than ever. he cannot collect the money until the hank book is over to the executor, and the mooev is inciud-d in the inventory of the estate of the deceased. OUTroiXGySAX FRANCISCO. Oakland Planing Mills Filling Contracts in the Metropolis. The various planing miPs of this city report a most unwonted activity at present. A strange feature of the Increase is the fact that a laree proportion of orders is received from San rancisco. Tne various Oakland mills find that then snecassfnlly ete with metropolitan planing mills even on the latters' own ground. One firm states that nine tenths of all the work done them at present is for Han Francisco. It is tated that one mill could probably fill the demands of the local trade, and all are now running at full blast. An Fnnsnal Case. Walter 8. aged 3 months, died this morning at 7:30 o'clock, at the residence of his parents, 1678 Eighth street, of inflammatory rheumatism. That such a young child shonld have so severe an attack of the disease is almost unheard of among the medical profession. It Is even extremely rare for a yonng child to have the disease in a mild form. Little Walter was attended by several doctors who say that they never heard of such a case bo-fore. Ladles Tell our Mother i To borrow money on her sealskin, piano, furniture, and oil paintings from Uncle Harris's Collateral Bank. 15 Da- pont street. IPrivate entrance on O'Farrell street, San Francisco. Result of Raffle. The raffle of the fine black walnut parlor set for the benefit of Mrs. Mary M. Santos took place yesterdav. The prize was won by number 277. Welch. The Welch Dental Company of" Philadelphia make dental supplies and machinery of every kind. They freely tay that Zosweiks is a finer dentrifice shan any they have been able to make themselves, i but To and of The god, of Harry Inwall, proprietor. The best ot everything shall be kept in stock. The Acme licmcra excel ererrthlne their line, at 459 Seventh street. Tehaney A O'Gara, proprietors. Cut flowers, funeral nieces of latest designs, wedding and party decorations, Hutchison's Seed and Floral Depot, corner of Fourteenth and Washington streets, near rostomce. Fine Old Stonewall WhI.k-v and Rot uincDosuT at 1 he Office. v5 xvicnta 1, unk a z. xianson. proprietor. Who is T. P. Sullivan Why. the proprietor of the Cosmopolitan Ex change. Temescal, the largest saloon jo Aiameua county. Echlitz' celebrated Milwaukee Beer rm draught at 4tt Twelfth street. C. H. Aucks and Hugo Fuegel, Proprietors. The Tim Card Saloon, corner Seventh and Webster streets, ha just changed hands, and been restocked with the best wines, liqnors and cigars. H. Leff- man. proprietor. Gentlemanly Bartenders. The hnt ot goods at the Opera Saloon, corner of wen in ana Webster streets, fieaerdt itickman, proprietors. SraAWBcaaiE and Cbcam 10 cents, at 1'aiace CTS Broadway. 8. P. C. R. K. Exchange. 8G7 Thir teenth street. Choice wines, liqa and cigars. W. Ironmonger, pro prietor. 11. Dcneunaas, os tuerentn street. Carpets almost new at bchelihaaa. Citizens. Attention! The place to ret pest drinks, ts at the Union Saloon, ttis caghth C. Wenuner, proprietor, car. dots. GeoreeNi Exchange Is the P'ace 10 get good drinks. 477 xwgath street. For Bumrardner Rve of 1SS1. ro to cignm street. OVERLAND EXCURSION'S. The Atlantic and Pacific Railroad will have one of their fine excursion cars leave Oakland August 10th for the fcast, A few snore places left. In quire at 12th and Broadway. GEO. It. bSAktAS, Agu rot heavy hauhnr. safes, groceries. Standard Express Eighth and raiixun. C. W. K.1KHT will buv or sell von out torcasn. 1114 and 1111 tsroaawav. I.ari.f't ot Tvtiii.sin town. at BEEBV'b lOooBiwiAay. raaatll The place to get splendid cabinet i.ns, uniy 11 i per dozen. lMn tons cenu per dozen at corner of Tenth and Clay streets. Oakland. Sell rour furniture to Bankhead Eliot, till, 913. and M5 Washington st. Go to lieebv'g. 1068 Broadway, for wtiips. lap robes, and Uaukeu. A large stock at low pneew. Get vonr shoes made at 8weeney's, i24 Tenth street. (ioinll'ofan Pablo avenue for bar- gains in groceries. I. O. O. r. HaHdlng, Kle.rnth Street, Mores are where you will find our enterprising furniture dcaicr, II. bCIIELLHAAS. Tne Merrluian Mfg. Co's Extracts are the best, Tlio why Acker's Blood iieaouu Klixir is warranted. because it is the best Preparation Known. It wul positively cure ail mood lhscares, purities the whole sys tem, and thoroughly builds up theeon-Mittitum. Remember, we guarantee it. A Trowbridge, druggist, cor- ieiiln and l.roa.iwav. Dkisk St. LouU Cider. 1300 Webiter A rLFASANT drive is not nnless vou stop at the Fruit ale Villa for refreshments. It is different now; cvcrj-Uiuig is hrst cla nail. Alios; I F'or rent by the day, a newlsi fitted yacht For particulars inquire of n. r. tins ouice. rR5rrrRi. Carpet, at pri vate sale at C. W. KINSKY3 AUCTION ROOMS. 1114 and 1118 Broadway. Fnrnitare and exchanged by 40 Eleventh streeu Bought, Sold, 1L SCHELLAAS Swrrr pure cream, 13B7 Broadway. Farm raonrrg taken in en han ge for gTOceries st ll'o San Pabl avenue. Carriage Axle washers at BEEBY'S. lUOo Broadway. Hokestt and fait' dealing alwsy out ahead in the end. M. M. Bridges, coal dealer, corner bixtb and Washing ton, has never lost a goou customer and retains all the old ones tha were rood, and they have stayed right by him ever since he first commenced business, over three years ae-i. and new customers coming in every day. Tnr. mot complete tock iu Oaklan-I, and the most reasonable in price, iu ail kinds of furniture, carpet. shades, and paper iiangint' an lc at thewarcrooms ol I. L. Taylor, 1015 Broadway. 0.tatA5D TnArtn Co. fo Ethaud Franklin, under li.ilir.-lo Hulii. Lapiks please call uid see our ticts at 11 ii) Broadway. Track harnesses Irom 100 at Palmer's Harness EmlKiri-jm Eleventh street. 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It ta A aWarf laacWiran etw-t seoa for ATyaprpaaaa. Kjchmomo. Va. JL G. CEtxSKi ST. Do Yon Suffer from Constipation Teaaitnotrv of Hnuis Wiisrt. Chief-Itntic of Ca I have mcd Sunanoaa Liver Regulator fo Cunuipauun if mv BaraM, cauacd by a acmporsry 1 tcrangcaacait of the Liver, iur the last tarva or Asr years, and always sriCA e4aic sarU. Have Yon Malaria 1 tare leuf rrpertrree rttk Simmtwu Liver trim. aa for star ItinS, md report! Ilti (Ae o-etai aMatarsaae or rae rtaaara yer araaaaaai SMPaa fitsr se mnlmrimi r'Siaws. So pood sarrta cza acwrve auaxsvraoa nrmmmaalin. kbv. jr. a. luiroi Cer. Sac't ScaXiirs batitt lAeulvsiral iemJmrf. Safer and Better Uian Calomel I I have beea stiVeA in ae-veve spdh of Coasvaalua of tha Liver, sad have beea ta in baba of taktac from to so grain of cakaaei. which reneralrr bud SB up for throe or lour days. Lately I have beea taawe Tnmiaoaa uver cava kef. aoMAoeaS 4alrrriAMias to Ur AllDDLaroaT, Ohio. J. HUtrU. Zelin Phu'acfeMa, Pa. at a will should the lair be held in Francisco. There are no farmers here; there are no stock raisers, and the county is not central for the district. It wCT bo a race meeting pure and simple, and will be largely' for gambling purposes, with its agricultural features practically ignored. The display of stock at the Oakland Trotting Park has been for years a very interesting and instrnct- Ve part of the annual exhibition. It has enabled the raisers of thoroughbred stock of Alameda and the adjoining counties to show what they are doing in the most effective way to other farmers. It has encouraged a spirit ot useful emulation in this direction, and the result is that the display has increased from year to year in the nuni- -iber of.stock exhibited and in fineness cf quality. Tier All Fought Nobly. 'In. Paris the Opera -Comiqu is closed. Sara Bernhardt and her cat are in London, and there has been no interesting murder or scandal for a month. But the people must have their fun, and there is nothing left i)ut the grotesque fight between Bou-langer and Jules Ferry, chiefly cpn-tlacted by word of mouth. M. Ferry began it by calling Boulanger traitor, which was not so lad, but. he added that the traitor is "also a buffoon, which Is People have- got so, ac customed to being called traitors Iky 9ioee who differ from them in opinion that they have come to regard it as a sort of campaign lie, which mean very much after all. But be gazetted a buffoon1 calls for blood. Boulanger has been calling for blood very lustily, and he don't want any long shots either, or to wasto any time poking at the statesman's carcass Vith a fool sword. Naturally the present phase of the conflict is very entertaining, and the Parisian papers have printed 1015 columns about it in the past week. How delightful Now there is Cas-Bagnac, a fire eater and blood letter of renown, who has been pinked many a time and has himself pinked the other man -still oftener. He is accomplished in the surgery which heals the hurt that: honor feels by making a hofe somewhere else, and he is fighting on the statesman's lie exclaims contemptuously, "is the he weapon of civilians and people in a hurry. The trigger is pulled and bang all is over." A mere civilian the wretched man in a hurry are sure to spoil a nice and gentlemanly light by their vulgar taste for speedy bloodshed, but Cassagnac is more economical of his pleasures A pistol fight, he thinks, might be allowed if Feny had slapped Boulangcr'B face, but for a mere matter of talk cold and steel is good enough, much more respectable. On the whole we think it is time to declare the Jight a draw. They all fought nobly with their mouths, and in future it will nt be necessary to resort even to the arbitrament of bared steel, because for duelling purposes the pen is mightier than the sword. Tuebe appears to be a very close alliance between the Examiner pe4- pie and the Democratic members Pacific Coast Railway Commis4 eion. "We have heard it intimated! that the offensive questions which have been put and will be put to the officers of the Central Pacific by the Democratic side of the commission intended to coerce Senator Stan-lord into voting for the whitewashing of the proprietor of that paper when the question comes before the United States Be aa teas to whether the latter was elected to a seat in that body by the tapping of his barrel, or by the free will of the members of the California Legislature, whose votes wer recorded in. his favor. We beg to commend to these Democratic roetn-. bers of this language of the President, from whom they received their appointment, "Public A iTicc is a public truft." 7 27 24 -j 4 B.S. P.O. 0 3 0 2 1 0 6 2 0 2 3 1 0 10 0 0 0 2 0 0 2 0 0 0 10 3 1 0 0 3 2 0 7 10 4 24 16 8 Tottls ...43 P10NEEB8. T.B. B. B. NAMES. Moore, c. 3 2 Gairus, p. and 2d 5 0 1 0 1 2 1 1 0 Smith, 3d 3 5 3 2 4 4 3 Smith, 1st Taylor, I. f. Hurley, 2d r. Farrell, r. Lorrisran, s. Carroll, Totals 32 8 5 RCNS BV INNINGS. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 ,9 G. A 8 1 4 1 5 2 0 0 16 1 0 1 5 0 0 1 Earned runs Greenhood and Morans 4 Three hp hit 1 l-; 1 hits aatrus, Gurnett, bhea. First base on rrrure ureenoooa and Morans 7, Pioneers Left on buses Greenhood and Morans 9, Pionetjrs 3. Base on called balls Greenhood land Morans 6, Pioneers 7. Struck out By Knell 13 Farrell 2. Gagus 3. Passed balls McDouald4, Carroll 3. Wild pitch Kneil Farrell 4, Gagus 2. Umpire Time of game 2h. 25m. Ball at Saa Leandro. The Hardies and the Francis and Valentines of Sah Francisco played on the tan Leanuro grounds yesterday afternoon. The game was quite interesting and some splendid plays were made, one being the running one hand catch of Mullen of the Francis and Valen tines, oiimpia was put into the box for the first time, and struck out nine men. Owens supported him in great shape. The score is as follows: HARDIES. NAMES, i Foster, s. s. Oaken, r. L. Owens, raff, c. Oiimpia, A. E. 2 1 3 4 1 4 Cardoza, 1. Garcia, 1st J. Haines. 2d C. Haines, 3d ...63 26 18 23 27 24 PBASC1S AND VALENTINES. Names. Kelley, 2d b. Mullen, c. Cnllen, Durkell, Burke, 1st 8cot6v.3d b. AB. 6 B- B.H. BSjPO, A. 3 ,2 3 1 11 2 2 2 0 Donahue, 1. f. Goggln, g. Daggett, 1. 1... ..39 7 5 5 26 14 Laraoza not on Doing Mt by batted ball. BUNS BY INNINGS 1 3 8 4 5 6 7 8 9 Hardies 7 0 8 I 8-0 8 6 2ft F. A Va, 0 1 0 0 0 4 0 1 1-7 Time of game, 2 hs. 40 m. Earned runs firjjj pa eoMs-tlftxaieg, IS jJSnlr. a. imman ill wk as. Vy SVe I ua tttvjaOuay. (war eg a etravt, awstra, 1 to Jt a. ansfMrus 7 r. aaS Arbaarwa At sai. til I ICR. or new Sexaarvrar r4KM IfS a a1 IMwa Illk best t4.auv4 7 atat a. 7. PivgrsTO. t. I wet. raa aC 1 airaaaa i aw SMtars IS a I r. aa. 1Ara. hp at a eteaaat, lots SaruaSaar, atw la I a.a.1 aasaaa i i a r. as. CotiHun. w. tisa I) ia ra. alrt Haata, iaalUa.1 aaSr. as. Sitaaaa. I A a r. al TMa. at or nc tt A aa.aarar I lairs. liiol.w.i. KKASAthrw i avars lwUaa.lIat lain kan. lair a. ZaOniSTille ASB Ol IT1S rALtPR, lllluaaclsat, ri T- tai a i lt (l a a rH -t wtt vli in SAJ rAAJTCtBC.TA,

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