The Fresno Bee from Fresno, California on August 12, 1952 · 27
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The Fresno Bee from Fresno, California · 27

Fresno, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 12, 1952
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i FINANCIAL NEWS - Spot Quotations In Cotton Market Are Unchanged - Spot quotations on the Fresno Cotton Exchange remained unchanged today Exchange members reported the purchase yesterday ol 305 bales FBEBNG COTTON TUESDAY Spot Quotation TOB Compress All Char Paul Quotatlnai ara for mixed loti aqua! to ftfficisl standard uncompressed la publle mMheUH' 1 132 1 11S 1 332 gtrlrt middling 4020 4045 4070 Middling 3970 3995 4020 Strict tow middling 3770 3795 3820 Cotton Is Firm ' NEW YORK— AP— Cotton fu tures were firm today A scarcity ot offerings predominated trading throughout the session and aided the upturn Most of the buying was credited to textile mills Nearby contract led the advance reflecting the tight spot cotton supply position Crop and weather news were favorable but this was ignored Futures closed 60 cents to $1 a bale higher than the previous close NEW YORK COTTOX PRICES TUESDAY Clone 3834 ft 3 38IAV23 3S10i 12 3793ft 94 3730ft 32 3545 3302B Middling apot 4035 N 0(7 5 X— Nominal B-bid - — a- ' NEW ORfKAN COTTOX Tl KMIAT ' NEW ORLEANS— Cotton future rimed SS to 85 rent! a bale -higher October 835ft 3836 December 3819ft 3820 March 3810 May 3790 July 3728 bid Spot - cotton rimed unchanged Sale 130 Low middling 32no middling 8910 good middling 4010 Receipt! S 030 Bloc It 41202 Grape Market GRAPE REPORT NO 50 9 Pedrral-Stati Market New Service GRAPES Cartct ehipmenta of grapea lor datea ftated: California table: To Data August— - 8 9 10 1953 1951 C Calif Exp 30 34 8 S24 310 C Calif Prt 101 99 39 1423 2030 B Calif Exp 818 829 S Call Prt 468 112 Imp Vly Ex 124 127 Imp Vly PrL 101 20 Calif boat 7 - 10 Total Calif' 131 133 47 Total 1951 83 113 121 Other states: Total 1953 Total 1951 1 3385 3147 179 167 VS total 52 131 133 47 ITS total -51 8s 112 121 3314 California Interstate grape passings tor Sates listed: Tabls: To Data Final Aug S 10 1953 1951 1915 Cardinal 4 2 247 161 187 Malaga 1 215 R MaL 29 31 13 271 429 1149 Rlbltr 1 4 1 19 36 528 Tbmpsn 92 100 47 2749 2385 5608 Others 4 1 14011 Tot ’52 122 139 63 3290 Tot -51 S3 84 107 3034 21898 - Western six cities truck receipt— 25 asrlot equivalent SHIPPING POINT INFORMATION Friday Augnet S 1953 BAKERSFIELD (Krrn District) — Seventy to 102 degrees Pemsnd fair market slightly weaker Sales FOB shipping point and sales to local buyers 28 pound Thompson Satdleas and Red Malagae 8225 4 235 mostly 8235 ftw high as S3 BO Ribiere 8325 faw 93-00 occasional high as 8350 Boms shipments rolled ungold Monday’s Wholesale Terminal Markets PAX FRANCISCO— Fifty five to 60 degrees cloudy Market slightly weaker on Rlbler and Khandahira Market about steady for others San Joaquin Valley 28 pound lidded and unlldded lug Thompsons 81-75 ft 2 corns best shad pack S250 occasional higher Cardinals 8250 ft 3 mostly 8275 Red Malagas 825 Piblera 8350ft 4 mostly 1350ft 4 Truck received 3655 Oakland truck recalvsd 234-) Central California Car Flaeemrnta Crapes— Bakersfield - 98 frt 21 exp avail Fresno-Tular 10 frt MONDAY’S GRAPE AUCTIONS Thompsons Market— Fkgs Price-Range Aye )00 SZB0ft415 8338 Ktw York 20900 6280 ft 4 15 S3 Phils Exp Phils Pit Pittsburgh St Louis 7495 2774 2105 2S03 2 65 ft 3 85 265 ft 2 85 220ft 345 210 ft 340 173ft 430 313 269 293 271 309 359 346 Total 3701 0 Friday 22270 Yaar ago ranllHi Kew York New York 1 Philadelphia Total RA’V:: New York Phlla Exp Total Friday Tsar ago New York Phlla Prt Total tabla 78849 8328 Friday 2258 429 Tsar ago 9340 437 Total Sales Monday — All Varieties Pkga Avg Total abla 78549 6325 Friday 26695 3P5 Tsar an 51746 346 Total Sales To Date— All Varieties Total tabla 901770 461 Tsar ago 931237 388 Butter Eggs Cheese Saa Joaquin Valley paying piicea POP ranch Federal-Biato Market Ntwa Service Eggs LARGE — 57 ft 59r MEDIUM— 49 T 81s SMALL — 31 ft 35C Fresno Egg Paying Trices FOB Ranch LARGE— 67e MEDIUM— 490 SMALL — 31c Butter Prices To Retailers Grade AA and A (cartons) V pound prints 82c SAN FRANCISCO — The following quotations (effective until noon today) were J (implied by the Federal-State Market ews sendee: Butter Grade A— 7V Orada B— 71 Cheese Xwf— 47 0 490 Single daisies— 45 ft 4 Be Eggs Grade A larre— 62V ft 63 Grads A medium— 55 ft 85 Grade A small— 38 V 039 108 ANGELES — Fsdsral-SUts Market pews Service Butter Grads A— 75e Grade B— 7 2 Ve Grads A larn— S?r B6Ve Orada A small— 37c Thief Leaves Clues WISNTSR Neb — AP — A burf"" $£&£ m Retailer glar who visited the Hansen Cleaners here apparently left a pretty fair description of himself From the firm's stock of new clothing the thief took trousers size 30 and 31 shirts size 15 and caps size 7Vi Quiet Home-like ORR’S 1762 Vsn Nsn i V COLONIAL CHAPEL Ph 2-5174 Stocks Decline Under ‘ Tight Selling In East NEW YORK— AP— The stock market declined today under only light selling pressure The greatest losses were in the railroads and higher priced oils but the motors steels and other major divisiohs fell with the leaders of the decline The retreat ran from fractions to ’between one and three points with a few oils being hit harder DowOones Averages Tt'ESDAVS CLOSING PRICES Industrial 27814 off 215 Railroads 10327 off 113 L'tilltlaa 5077 off 20 TI' ESDAY'B CUWIMi PRICES Furnished bar IMa Witter Jc la Member of New York Stock Kxrnango nigh Allied Chemical 'ih Allis Cnalmera 5214 Amep Airlines 14 A me- Locomotive 21 I Amec Fow Si Light 28 Am Rad ti aid tan 15 a Amec bmtiiln 44 Hi Amer Uel ft ret 154 Anaconda Copper 464 Armour ft Co 914 Arm co 391 Atchison Top ti BP tOji Balt ft Ohio HR 23 Bathlahem Steel 51 H Boeing Aircraft 354 Briggs Mfg Co 361 ' Caterpillar Tractor 42V Cetanes Corp 42V Chrysler 82 V Col Gas ft Else 14V Commercial Sole 224 Conenl Aircraft 184 Continental Motors 81 Curtiss Wright com ' Ks Dougina Aircraft 84 Dresner Mfg 2344 Du Pont HD Ena Railroad 214 Eastman Kodak i 48 Vi General Elrctrio 63 Vk General Motor 61 v Goodyear Tire 44' Great Northern pfd 554 Greyhound 12 Internatl Harveittr 33 S Internatl Nickel 47 V Internal Paper 51V Internal 1 Tn ft Tel 18 Jones ft Laughlin 23 Kenner rut Copper 82 Lion Oil Co Loew'a Ina Montgomery Ward Mo-Kan-Tex pfd Nash Kelvlnator Natl Distiller New York Central 194 Nit Amer Aviation 17 North Amer Co Northern Faa RR Low 774 52 V 14 V 21 2 b V 15 45 4 154 V 48V 9V 39 ‘ 90 224 504 35 V 36 42 V 42 V 81V 144 224s 17 Vs 84 81 634 23 884 21 4i 63 60H 5j 114 33 V 47 V 501s 17 224 81 V 39 V 134 644 64 V 20 27 V 19V 164 211 74 ' 354 5 244 194 94 36 25 V 41 744 28 V SV 67 31 59 28 37 V 36V 851 66 V 59 V 79 V 37 1 56 V 214 264 18V 66 41 33 1 28V 51 254 40 12V 4H 40a 43 V elSV 76 Close 77V 52 V 14 V 21 26 15V 454 1541 48 V 9V 39 V 90 V 224 50 35 V 38 42V 42V 81V 144 234 18 V 84 8 V 834 234 68 4 21 46 634 61V 44 55 V 114 334 47 V 501 174 224 81 Vi 39 134 694 65 204 27 1 19 161 2m 75 35 5 241 194 94 - 364 254 41 V 76V 27 V 5V 674 31 49 V 28 V 37 36 V 85V 60 79 37 V 564 214 264s 154 6V 334 28V 5 V 25 401 12V 41V 40 4i 43 V 4SV 78 22 V 75 Pao Gas ft Gas 354a Packard Motors SV Paramount Plct 24 4s Pennsylvania XR 20 V Prpsl Cola 10 Phelps Dod 374 Rad Corp of Amar 26 Republic Steel 41V Shell Oil Co 76V St Louis ft BP 274 Rrxall Drug SV Richfield Oil 68 Safeway Stores 31V Sears Roehurk 594 Schenley Corp 28V Socony Vacuum 38 Sou Cal Edison 364 Southern Paelfio - SB Southern Railway 66 V Std OH of Calif 60 8td Oil of NJ 80 Studebakrr Corp 384 Texas Corp 57 Tidewater Aitoo Oil 21 Transatnerlca 27 V Twent Cent Fog 154a Un Carhi ft Carbon 68 S Union Oil of Calif 41s United Aircraft 34 United Atrlinea 25V United Carp 5 V LS Rubber 26 UR Steel 404 Warner Bros 13 Western Union 41 Westlnghnura Elea 41V VVnolworth ft Co 43 V Youngs Bh ft Tubs 46V Zenith Radio 76 Soybeans Higher CHICAGO-LAP— -Soybeans and feed grains were higher today at the board of trade but wheat failed to make much progress A lower tfean expected esti mate of soybean and oat production by -the government yesterday caused beans to jump as much as 6 cents at the opening and gave feed grains a firm to strong tone At the finish wheat was to cent higher than the previous close Corn was unchanged to higher Rye was to Hi higher September $210 Vi Soy beans were 3 Vi to 5 Cents higher and lard was unchanged to 8 cents 100 pounds higher Septenv ber J1130 I CASH PRICES TUESDAY CHICAGO— Bushel Prices— WHEAT— NO 1 rod 82 26V ft 227 No 2 6227 V : NO 3 8226V: No 1 hard 8233V: No 2 6233 No 1 mixed $22510232 i CORN— No 1 'yellow 8181: No 2 $1810182: No 3 8178V ft 1604 No 4 SI 64 ft 177 OATS— No 1 heavy white 87 V ft 88e: Nn 1 whits 67)4 BARLEY— Nominal: Malting 81350 181: feed gl10ftl29 SOYBEANS — Nona ' PRICE RANGE TUESDAY CHICAGO —AP— Bushel Prices — Open WHEAT— Sep 233 V Dee 2394 Mar 244V May 245V CORN— Sep 1794 Dee 175V Mar May OATI Sep Dee Mar May Poultry Market Ban Joaquin Valley paying prime FOB ranch Federal-State Markat Newt Service Lira No 1 quality: FRIERS — 29 032c HENS (light typat— 20 ft 22c HENS (heavy typa) — 220 24c TURKEYS— Friers 290 30c YOUNG LIVE HENS— 306 31 YOUNG LIVE TOMS — 27 0 28c SAN FRANCISCO— The following quotations (affective until noon today) ware compiled by the Fsdsral-Stata Marl News Barries Live TOB prims In wholesale and BROILERS— I td 2V4 lbs 32033ft FRIERS— 2 V to 3 lbs 32034c 3 to lbs 324S3SC ROASTERS— 414 ha and over 34 0 3!-e HENS— Light typo undar 4 lbs 230 24e HENS — Light typa 4 Iba and over HENS— Heavy typa all weight 260 27c OLD ROOSTERS— All weights 17019c DUCKS— All weights 44046c TURKEYS— Young tome aU weights ‘TURKEYS — Tour bans ill weights 43 ft 45c SQUABS— 12 lbs and ever per doxen S1OieSTIO RABBITS— Under Iba 62 0 83a LOB ANGELES — Th fotwwtng quotations wars compiled by the Federal-State BROILERS — lit to 21 lbs 27 030c TRIERS— 21 to 3 Iba 33035c 4 lbs 3 ft 36c ROASTERS — 4 lbs and over 33 0 37c FOWL— Leghorn hsns under Ik lbs 21Q22e: 3V lbs and over 22 0 23c Carloadings Are Up LOS ANGELES — Santa Fe Railway carloadings lor week ended August 9th were 22809 compared with 22397 lor the same week In 1951 Cars received from connections totaled 13007 compared with Hr 891 Yor same week in 1951 Total cars moved-wrere 33816 compared with 34288 lor same May'! w-eek in 1931 - Santa Fe handled a total ot 35-603 cars in preceding week of this year Citrus Market LOS ANGELES — AP— Bunkist Growers Inc reported Inday all auction markets California orange wars lower Representative price by sue: Bunkist first Rads — 12 8779 180s 8663: 176s 125 200 8582 220s 8832 252s 4 60: 288 84 38 344a $363 citric ascend crado— 150s 8578 176s 85 89 200s 84 96 220s 8449 252s 8363 i 268 8128 MARKETS State Bishop Oil Pacific West- em Oil ana DiGiorpio B were off K and PG&E and several others TUESDAY’S PRICES TO NOON High 1 Low Bishop Oil 12 V 12 V Blair Holdings 205 205 Calav Cement 124 124 Cone Chem 63 63 Cone Vulte 174 DlGIOrglo B 19 19 Eureka Corp IV IV Foster ft Klelser 94 (V4 Golden State 16' 16 V Golden State pfd 71 - 71 Hawaiian Iins 14V 14 'A Kaiser Frazer 4 1 4V Libby McNeill 71 ' 71s M J MAM Cons 115 115 Natomas Co 64 64 Niag Mohawk 27 27V Pabco Prod com 13 1 13V Pae Coast Agg SV 5V Pee Gas ft Flec 35s SDH Pao Tel ft Tel 1124s 1124s Pac West Oil 204 204 San Maurlelo 08 08 South Pacifte WI 43 43 Std Oil or C'atlf 60 - 60 Sunray Oil com 20V 20V4 ‘ rranaamsriea 27 27 Union Oil of Calif 41V 41V Wsatatea Fats pfd 44 44 Last 121 205 124 63 11 19 11 94 161 71 141 41 113 61 271 131 51 35S 112k 20 08 43 60 201 27 411 41 LA Stocks TUESDAY'S QUOTATIONS Role Chic Consolidated Eng Corporation Lincoln Petroleum Southern California Edison Livestock CHICAGO — AP — USD A — HOGS salable 10000 very slow and unevenly 50c to gl lower on butchers closed 75s to mostly 81 lower moat decline nn weights under 280 pound: sows 7 Bn to 6l lower: closed at full decline Indications poor clearance moat choice 190 to 230 pound butcher 822 ft 2273 few toads choirs lightweights early to '823: small lots 82325 most choice 240 to 260 pound 82175 0 2250: 280 to 310 pound $2 1 ft' 2175 most sows under 350 pound $1850 4X2050 few lots choice under 300 pound as high as $21 most 3500400 $1750 ft 1925: 400 to 500 pound $16500 1773 heavier weights as low as $15 with odd head big weights bclaw CATTLE — Malable 8500 salable calves 400 alaughter eteera and yearlings uneven choice and prims grades fairly active generally fully steady other eteera and yearlings slow steady to 25c lower with most decline on kinds selling 631 down heifers slow and unevenly steady to 25c lower: rows steady to strong ran-ners and cutlers 25c nr more higher for two days Mills and vealera fully steady: faw loads prime 1150 to 1200 pound steers 83475 ft 3525: bulk choice and prime ctesrc and yearlings 83150 ft 3450 mnat good to low choice 828 ft 31 choice helferr 131-500 34: soma held higher good to choice grades 828 ft 31 : utility and' commercial cows $1775 ft 2150 rannars and cutters $14 25ft 1750 utility and commercial bulls 8226 25 commercial to nrlme vealera $28 ft 33 SHEEP — Salable 1000: slaughter lambs 25e higher top native Spring lambs 13125 old crop lambs and yearlings $2525 cull and utility natives $14 ft 22 slaughter ewes steady at $750 0 950 - LOS ANGELES — AP— F8MN — CATTLE — Salable 900 Supply largely commercial and good steers ana cutters and utility rowe slow early sales about steady but bulk all elsesea unsold: bulls wtsk to lower: few feeders steady few good slaughter steers to around 1100 pounds $21: cholca larking commercial and low good fed heifers 829: utility cows 818504121 some held higher: cannere and cutters 813ft 18 light shelly ran-nera 814 and under eutter and’ utility bulls $19 ft 24 1 two load! good around 900-950 pound feeder eteera S29 common and medlnm feeders $20 ft 25 CALVES— Salable 300 Slow odd commercial calves 828 but bulk unsold with soma bids lower few common stock calves 825 T HOGS— Salable 750 Pew early sale steady but market not established on bulk of offerings fsw choice No 1 end 2 195-220 pounds 2450 0 25: odd 240 pound 82373: choirs sows 819 ft 20 SHEE— Salable none Pew head unsold early STOCKTON — CATTLE — Salable 400 Liberal supply of common and medium stork cattle from Monday still on sale Mattered shipment! of most classes included In fresh supply No early sales on alaughter steer and helfera moderately aetlve and steady on cows bulls around 81 lower etocker feeder slow with few sales at weaker prices Most utility and commercial" cows 81750ft2023-canntr and eutter cows S14ft 1675 shelly eenners down to 812 Utility and commercial bulls 823025 cutter and light weight utility bulls 180 22 Few Vom-mon and medium etocker steers 820 0 2450 CALVES— 8s lable 200 Rather alow trade on moderate supply of common and medium stock ririves at steady to weaker prieea Good and choice grades fsiry active and fully steady Good and ehnlre laughter calves 82730ft 29 Good and choice 350-SOQ pound slorker and feeder selves 82750029- Common snd medium 82002650 Inferier down to 816 HOG8— Salable ISO Fairly antlva and generally steady: Choice No 1 and 2 180-240 pound ' butcher 82550 Few chole 350-500 pound sows 8174)18 Good and cholca 60-100 pound feeder pigs S27ft 28 fsw lighter weights up to $2630 SHEEP — Salable 500 No early salsa on alaughter lambs and ewe Feeder lambs opening steady to weak st 822ft 23 for odd lots mostly good Spring feeder lamb Good and choir Spring alaughter lambs mostly $26 on Monday odd lots to 62850 Good slaughter ewes $76 750 cull awes 35 MADERA— Cattle 1 marketings st th Madera Farm Bureau Auction yesterday totaled 342 head Including 180 head of salvea compared with 404 head of one week earlier Trading proved moderately aetlva on ralves but rather alow on moat other classes Cows sold at around 50c lower prices than on week earlier and a sprinkling ot othr classes of ealtl at weak prices Steady to strong prices ruled on ralves and vealera Steers and heifers suitable for slaughter wrre scarce but uUlity cows ware quit plentiful at S1SG 1870 odd eommtrcial rowa going up to $1820 and most canners and eut-ten sold at 81501770 with ahelly can-nars down to 813 Utility bulls sold at 83290 ft 82510 a few cuttac bulls at 81720Q 822 Odd sales on common and medium stock stsars were made at $1750 ft 24 odd Good reaching $2590 Odd common to medium heifers sold at 6158002050 Good vralera also were quit plentiful at $28 0 2950 odd choir going np to S3450 and good and choirs slaughter calves sold at 827 ft 3275 Utility and commercial vealera and ealvea sold at mostly 82002475 culls down to 813 Medium snd good stock calves scored 82250ft 2850 odd choice to 83275 find choir around 150 pound averages to 83480 Inferior to common stock calves moved to $150 2175 Hay And Grain LOS ANGELES— Th following quotation wars compiled by the Fsdsral-Btstc Market News Service: ' ALFALFA— Wholes delivered No 1 390 41 No 2 leafy $3850037 No 3 green $35 0 38 No 2 833034 GRAIN— (Ten day shipment i— No 2 white wheat $3800 3 90 Jin 2 Western barley 48 pounds 83521 0357 U No 2 whits oats 38 pounds 83750 385: No 2 yellow corn 8403 0406 No 2 mllo 838210 3871 BAN FRANCISCO— Th following quotations (sf fee live until noon today) were compiled by the Federal-State Markat News Service GRAIN— Cartel or trueklet sale bulk Tr 100 unless otherwise specified' delivered San Francisco No 2 bright Western barley texting 44 pound 8355ft 3571 No t bright Western whits barlsjr testing 46 pounds 8360 Good maltlnt types $3600365 No 1 soft whir wheal 3850 387 No 2 yellow corn $4 029 404 No 2 yellow mllo 13871 Oats California red 8355 0365 Standard mllirun bagged par ton In carlot $7207350 Cottonseed Oil Futures NEW YORK — AP— Bleaehable eottea- 15 46B Wool Market NEW YORK — AP — Wool top and wool future1 were firm today Wool fu- turns rlorsd 1-3 to 22 rent higher Oe - lobar 1435: December 1372-1374: May - ' - 135 0 bid October 1315 bid December 1302 bid Certificated woe I spot 1460 nominal Wool lop future cloeed 10 to 22 rent higher October 1957 bid: December 186 5 bid March 1825 bid May 1790 bid -July 178 0 bid October 176B bid December 1745 bid Certificated spot wool top 1990 nominal Land Reform In Middle East Is Political Focus By Associated Press Land reform took the center of the Midle East stage today In Egypt the new army backed government studied a plan for redistribution of land among the landless peasants which probably will limit ownership by any individual to 200 acres In Iran the shah handed ownership deeds to 11 formerly royal owned villages to a delegation of Iieasants as part of his personal and reform program Land reform is one of the most important developments in modern Middle Eastern politics a means of raising living standards of the poorest class og peasants who are easy targets of Communism Land redistribution is at the top of Communist promises to - the peasants of these countries and the move by non-Communist leaders robs the Red program of much of its steam Most of the arable land in Iran Is owned by a small group of wealthy landlords and the same is true of about a third of the arable land of Egypt Both are desert countries and tillable soil is at a premium The Iranian shah mindful of the Communist campaign to cn- 361 courage squatters on unsettled lands told the peasants in distributing his privately owned land he wanted to raise their standard of living In September the peasants will get another lift when the shah’s reconstrurtion bank will begin helping them to buy more land and equipment Packard Elects Pair To Management Posts DETROIT— AP —Election of two more vice presidents to head newly grouped management? functions was announced by Packard Motor Car Company today Albert H Behnke of Chirago associated with General Electric's Hotpoint division for more than 20 years and C Wayne Brownell of Detroit were named to the new posts Behnke will head Packard's long range materials planning program Brownell - who has been manager of the company's industrial relations department will continue in that work with top management status Soybean Oil Futures iLio 1110 NEW YORK — Contract W prlres: Eld September 1 120 October 1 100 December 1096 March i 1099 May 1095 Closing Aeksd Trading 110b 1100 LA Produce APPLES — Gravenstsins fancy loote 6ft 65c lb GRAPES— Lugs San Joaquin Vallty Thompson seedless large 82 ft 225: Cardinal 8275: Rlbiers 8323 0 350: rod malagas $2 ft 225 Khandahar 6350 0 4 Bismarck 8225 PEARn — Bart let ts Sacramento Valley 63ft 7e lb FEACHK8— Ban Joaquin Valley cupl packed Klbertas 48 75e lb: Babcocks clip packed 60 15ft 16c Its J H Hales cup packed 30-3 6s 8c lb Csndoka 46s-60s 6e lb PLUMb— fan- Joaquin Valley late Santa Rosa loose extra large 23c lh Elephant Heart cup packed extra large 30c lb Kelsey cup packed 64 and larger 25 ft 27c lb President loose extra large 17 ft 16c lb: Standard loose large 13ft 14c lb French prune loose small 7 ft Sc lb Yucaipa latt Pants Rots loots larga to axtra large 20 6 25c lb BLACKBERRIES— Santa Clara County 82230 2 50 BEANS— Kentucky local 12013c lb San Diego County 12013e lb CARROTS — Crates Salinas Iced six do 84 0430 CUCUMBERS — Lugs local San Diego County 61 EGGPLANT — Lugs 18-24s San Joaquin Valley fl50 ONIONP — Pi rest salt 50 lb sacks yellows Ptockton Fresno 2 loch snd larger 8275 23 lb sacks Fresno Gilroy 82ft 225 PEA 6 — San Joaquin Valley lift 12c lh POTATOES — Street sales 100 lh sacks Ion whiles Hesperia US I A $6 SQUASH — Lug local Italian $2 ft 223 - TOMATOES — Local Pan Diego tiro layer flat 5xs and larger 82300 3 RANK CLEARINGS SATURDAY Fresno debits S 3103483 Pan Francisco 139300000 Oakland 8662312 Berkeley debits - 2753204 Los Angsics debits 218069672 Fresno Produce Furniahed by Produce and Growers Market nf Central California FRUITS APPLES— California loose box Bella-fleur $290: Graveneleln $275 AVOCADOS — Calxvo 8475: Bueno 8450 STRAWBERRIES — 12 baiket crates local 8225 coast 8275 BANANAS — Pound IV CITRUB— Packed oranges Snnkist Valencias fancy grads larga 68 small 450 cholca 8350 0 7' lemons Bunkist fancy grade $1050011 grapefruit fancy grade $5 ft 6 GRAPES — Lug Thompeon ' 8225 MELONS — Crate cantaloups 8325 jumbo 27s 8325 45s 83 watermelon pound 3ie PEACHES — Lug Elberta 8225: Hale 8250 NECTARINES— Lug Stanwyek $250 03 PEARS--Box $460 PLUMB— Lug Santa Boas $5 VEGETABLES ARTICHOKES — Box Gaitrovill and Santa Crux 24s S3 25: flat $250 REAN6 — Pound Kentucky 111 012c lima 12 014c BUNCHED VEGETABLES — Dozen carrots 65e: beets 80c green nninn 60c turnips 70r mustard greens 70c carrots crate 8375 BPJ)CCOLI — Pound IV CABBAGE — Crate coast 275 south $250 - CELERY — Crate Pdacal $32$ celery hearts dozen '$250 CAULIFLOWER — Doxen $225 coast $225 CUCUMBERS— Lug 82 CORN— 5 dozen erst 8250 EGGPLANT— Luc local 3 ' LETTUCE— Crate 3 dozen $3 4 dozen 84 ONIONS — Dry 50 pound sack red 8250 yellow 275 lug local reds 8175 PEPPERS — Pound California Wonder 10c POTATOES — 100 pound sack JCM No 1 -while 86 SPINACH— Crate 83 6QUA6H — Lug Italian local 8175 coast 8250: south 8225 TOMATOES— Lug local 3 tiers 4x5 5x6 30 325 2 tier 4x5 5x8 225 Earnings Reported NEW YORK — Th International Nickel Company of Canada and subsidiaries reported ael Income of S33S3S227 or 8223 a share for tjis first six months this year This compared with 'S2938504S or 8194 for the first half last year Th company world's largest producer of nickel eaul Its net aelee amounted to 8157715804 for the latcet period against 131567537 for ths year ago half Its net cqmlngs for tho three month ended June 30th were TI 8115 a share compared with $14853656 share for ths Ilk period or 97 cents a — — — — -— - - last year Th income figure are after 'Provision for depletion of metal mines J C Penney Company reported a rise In aa'e during the first half nf 1952 but a decline in profit compared with th same period laat year Bale totaled 44444 143 - w iS4386387 in the f:rai six montin of 11951 an increase of 132 per cent Earn - lings amounted to 81545743 h?'1' '8188 common share aralnst 317S2R- 22 or 8217 a ahro in tha first half of 1951 Btokety-Van Camp Inc for flaeal year eadsd May 31st: 1952 1951 Net income 8 2378783 8 4761409 A share 8167 6379 8115421833 5114914724 Blind Writer Runs Out Of Ink But Will Is Legible LOS ANGELES— UP— A partly “invisible” will has been filed for probate In the superior court here The will was written by a blind woman Mrs Beth A Baer about four months before her death last November 3rd The 53 year old woman used a pen but unknowingly ran out of ink before the will was completed Although the last 45 words of the will do not appear in ink handwriting expert Clark Sellers said he could make nut the text from Indentations left on the paper Mrs Baer left the hulk of her estate to her daughter Mrs Mar-earite Klambach of Ventura and $1 to her husband Arthur Engle Poulson Assail Chapman WASHINGTON — UP — Two California congressmen Representatives Clair Engle a Democrat and Norris Poulson a Republican joined - today in denouncing Secretary ol Interior Oscar L Chapman in a Caiifor nia-Arizona dispute over Colo rado River water rights - Engle and Poulson said Chapman’s grant of a right of wray to Arizona for a 240 mile aqueduct Iron the Colorado River to the Phoenix area was a “Trojan horse” In the long controversy In a joint statement issued through their offices here the Congressmen both now in Europe declared Chapman’s move in the squabble over the proposed $2000000000 Central Arizona Project “prejudiced California's property rights in the waters of the Colorado River” and also "presupposes Arizona’s title to those waters” Engle and Poulson -said they will wish Arizona “godspeed and good luck” only when the state establishes her title to the water necessary for the project and “assumes legally and unequivocally all the uneconomic fantastic financial burdens of the project's construction and repayment” Farm Equipment Shortage Is Due WASHINGTON — AP — A National Production Authority official John Ransom forecasts a “serious” shortage of new farm machinery to plant and harvest next year's crops Inability of farm equipment companies to obtain steel may cost them 30 per cent of next year’s machinery production it was estimated Ransom the director of NPA’s agricultural 'machinery division said machinery output will be greatly reduced for some months ahead Envoy Resigns OTTAWA— AP— Czech sources here said Jiri Mares Czechoslo yak consul general in Montreal lias resigned after declining to return to his Communist dominated homeland ' BANK C LEA BINGS MON DAT Fresno debit S 6760583 Pan Francisco SS 200000 Oakland 87 3 1419 Berkeley debits 4945304 Loa Angeles debits 188416458 The Weather United Stale Department Of Camiwrre Weather Bureau Fresno Calif Tuesday Angnt 12 1952 7:39 AM Foreeaat Freano and vlrlnlty — Mostly clear Lillie change In temperature today and tonight slightly warmer tomorrow Highest temperature today 90 to 95 degrees Freano 93 Loweat tonight 57 to 63 degree Freano 60 hut up to 75 In Mariposa area Grntla northwesterly wind afternoon and evening Ban Joaquin and Sacramento Valiev — Fair today tonight and Wednesday Temperature continuing below and humidity above normal High both days 85 to 93 degrees except 75 to 83 In delta area Low tonight 54 to 64 degrees gan Francisco Bay region — Overrast today and Wednesday with occasional drfs-zl but partially clearing in artemoona except near coast IIttle change In temperature Westerly wind 10 to 20 miles an hour afternoon High today Ban Frnn-clreo 59 degrees Oakland S3 Low tonight 53 to 57 degree Northern California — Generally fair today tonight and Wednesday but overcast with occasional drizzle on coast Temperatures continuing below normal Sierra Nevada — Generally fair today tonight -and Wednesday Littla change in temperature Monterey Ray area — Overcast today and Wednesday but partially clearing In afternoon Little change In temperature Westerly wind 8 to 15 miles an hour afternoons High both days 62 tn 70 degrees Low tonight 52 tn 56 degrees Southern Callfomin— Night and morning low clouds coastal area otherwise generally clear today and Wednesday' Little change in temperature Precipitation and -temperalnro data for 24 hour period ending I 4 :3n AM jroday Bakersfield Coaling FRESNO Loa Angelea Merced Red Bluff Sacramento San Dlegn Ban Francisco Btnrkfon Boston Chicago Denver Des Moines Dftralt Kansas City New York' Phoenix Pittsburgh Portland Balt Lake City Ban Antonio Benttls Bt Louis Washington Fresno Data Normal maximum and minimum — 99 and 61 decree Maximum and minimum this data last year— 99 and 56 degree Tim nf sunrise— 6:14 o'clock Time of sunset — 7:54 o'clock Inches T 001 00!) Braeonal precipitation Norm I precipitation Precipitation tn this date laat yei Relative humidity at 4:30 PM yesterday —33 per cent Bea level pressure at 4:30 PM yearerday — 2974 inches at 4:30 AM today 2964 inches River Reports Kings River — Pledra i7 AMt stags 440 feet discharge 1690 second feet 8an Joaquin River — Kerekhoff Power House (average for 24 hours to last midnight 2170 second feet Millerton Lake storage 378483 aere feet Friant Dam river discharge 1698 second feet Friant-Kem Canal flow 2303 second feet Madera Canal flow 894 second feet All Friant reports-ara average i -1- i- for 24 hours to last midnight Vital Statistics ('EASED TO WLD CABPENTFR-illGGINA-fn Reno August - pth Pita E Carpenter 23 Visalia and j Aivrrna B Riggins " — wsrkfe1 A''A -- la v 18 Tracy Hanford August llth Fdward V Parrax 20 and Tula Luna 19 both of Corcoran WALDBIP-FACHEB6— In Visalia August 5th Abb J Waldrip 18 and Blllis Lee Eachera 16 both of Tular ALL-WALTON — In Visalia August 8th Harry W Ball 51 and Psarl Thalma Walton 39 boh of Easier TERBt-DAUGHKBTY — la Visalia August Vital Statistics UfBXSEB TO WED 6th William B Trrry Jr 19 and Donna Collcsn Daughcrtr $8 both sf Ptnuha TRITCH-DOFPFL — In Vlssllx August 6th Ralph R Trttrh 25 and Irena L Ttorptl 19 both of Terra Bella TIIAKI’-KIKK — In Vlealia August 6th Herbert W Tharp 20 and Barbara Joan Kirk 16 both of Pnrtervllle ROHKIITK-FRICK -— In Visalia August 7th Alva R Roberts' 16 and Sue Mavis Print 16 both of Visalia IMtKKKY-BOIII K - In Visalia August 7th Gerald Dorsey 21 of Btralhmnre and lola R Borlnck 17 of Porterville CIA1 -W‘IVJIAM-4 — In Visalia August 7lh Jrssa J lav 20 of Hanford and Bhirlay Ann Williams 17 nr Visalia riKTKOPOKTE-POKTER— to Visalia August 7th Alfred Pletmfnrle 26 and Barbara Lea Porter 21 both of Visalia IFNMNG-4KNRIN6— In Visalia August 7th Herbert F Lennlng 26 of Orange rove and Anita Joyce Jenklna 19 of Woodlake OW’FNN-MHOOKK— lit Vlslla August 7th Toby D Owens 17 and Betty Jo Brooks 16 both of Porterville FKTTY-IIMH4KY — In Visalia August 7th Leroy Petty 21 and Alma Melvins llndeey 20 both of Visalia BRGWN-W IIRKFAtH —In Visalia Angus! 8th Sanford Lee Brown 22 of Plxley and Dovta Genella Gilbreath IS of Karllmart PBFWKK-KSTFP— In Visalia August 8lh Richard D Prewer -18 of Visalia and Rhlrlev M Estep 16 of Exeter RI TH-M-OKKK— In Visalia August 7th Thomas P Ruth 19 and Kvangelin Vlnres 26 both of Woodlake WHITE-BURGER— In Fresno August 9th Jerrell etiinnden While 21 and Corinne May Burger 19 bnlh of Fresno YATKS-IIK KIN'UKOTTOM — In Fresno August 11th A J Yates 16 and Joyce Hickingboltom 16 both of Kerman KOKIA-BANTHEZ — In Fresno August 11th Roberto Roiia 22 MadrrA and i Ernxa Sanchez 20 Fresno HKKMAN-Mrt'OKMK K — In Fresno August 11th Leopold Herman 68 Clovis and Blta Lsnora McCormick 49 Farms Grove MOKIEwAKArnX— In Fresno August 1 lh Fciliiertn Morales 20 and Socorro Aragon 17 both of Selma PETTY-'I ATTIIEWW— Tn Freano August lllh Earnest jaVall Petty 18 and I Jot lie Virginia Matthews 17 both of Kreno WIilTK-HEXGEL — In Fresno August lltli Dewey 11 While 20 and Betty Ivdia Reneel 20 both of Fresno J l)Y-KINSKATIIEK--In Fresno August llth l-ans T Judy 23 and Louise Kinsfather 18 both of Freano DlVOStl'E ACTIONS’ Mrtll INTON — In Visalia July 30th Oscar P MrQuIatlon against Gladys I Re Quinton suit filed husband asks custody of ona minor child subject to reasonable visitation by tlw mother and equitnbla division of property charge extreme cruelty couple married February 1 193(1 separated July 17 1U52 ‘ In Visalia July 3utli Walter C BALI Ball against Marie Bail suit filed husband asks for custody of two minor citiiir— ent nndiru-i mo r Nevada ehtklren and modification of Nevada dtvorre Judgment cuuple married November 1939 husband states wife rued fur divorce in 1946 that ht was outside nf tn country in military servlrs from 1947 to J94H and when ha returned he learned slia had remarried but that his own divorco from her In California had nnt been secured BKI NNKK — In Visalia July 311 Leroy R Brunner against Hhlrley E Brunner suit filed: husband asks property and -custody of two minor rhildren: -charge extreme rruelty: husband mate wife is unfit m have custody nf ths children RFIFIWKR — In Visalia July Slat Katherine Bel flower against Gordon II Belfkiwer suit filed wife state she was so intoxicated at times of marriax memory she was at that time mentally Incompetent to contract a marriage couple married June 15 1952 aepa-rated June 18 1952 no community property ALLISON— In Viaalla July Slat Elizabeth Allison against Raymond Allison suit filed wife asks euatndy and reasonable support for three of minor children charge wife atatrs husband was convicted of a felony July 13 1950 couple married August 7 1944 separated March 25 1952: no community prop-rty DOPAKY — In VlaaUa August 1st Elsie I Poeaey acnlnat Eugene V Doasey suit filed wife aska custody of one minor child and approval of properly settlement ss well s 875 monthly support for child couple married August 12 ’ 1911 separated June 1 1952 BRENFM4N — In Viaalla August 1st EV verna P Breneman against Edward de W Breneman suit filed: charge extrema cruelty: couple married February 9 1950 separated November 11 1951 no minor children or community prop- a GADDY — In Visalia July 22nd Ethel L Gaddy against Jams H Gaddy autt filed: charge extreme cruelty: couple married November 13 1941 aeparated November 22 1950 eourlc havs three minor children SMITH— In Visalia July 22nd Julia TV Bmlth against Royce L Bmlth: suit filed: ai't ack custody of two minor children and reaaonabla support: charge wife at tea husband wax convicted of felony charge: couple msrried January ‘ 12 194 aeparated March 12 1950 no enmminltv property HARPER— In Viaalla July 2lh Eraeal L Harper agalpat Pauline Maa Harper: suit filed: cherge extrema cruelty: couple married Jure 3 1949 separated December 15 1950: no minor children or eommunliy properly BARKER — In Visalia July 26th Mary Barker a minor hy Cltalumui Berkrit against Charles M Barker: suit filed: wlf asks eustody of on mtnnr child and 835 monthly support charge extreme crucify couple married November 23 1948 separated June 9 1951 BIMMDNR— In Visalia July 2th Mary Juanita Blmmons against Charlie Simmons suit filed wife asks custody nf one ftnlnor rhlld: charge desertion: ' munle married February 4 1946 separated February IS 1948 -HI'LAE — In Visalia July 2Rth Ardya Huts against Lloyd Hulae suit filrd: wlf asks custody of four minor children and 84375 weekly aupporl: charge extreme cruelly: eoupl married May in 1933 aeparated May 4 1952 property settlement made CRAWFORD — In Viaalla July 2th Bee Crawford against Gila J Crawford suit filrd cross complaint hy Olla J Crawford charges grievous mental suffering caused hy wife ask division of eommunliy property couple married April 18 1048 separated December 22 1951 COSTA— In Visalia July 30th Cecelia M Coata gainst Manuel H Costa suit aska custody of one unborn and two minor children and 8150 monthly gup-port and vert a in property charge extreme cruelty oouple married November 4 1945 aeparated Julv 29 1952 BOLAND — In Viaalla July 29th Raymond Luther Roland against Bhlrley K Roland: anil ft’ed husband aska divorce or aimulmrnt: charge extreme extreme cruelty counls married July 29 1949 spearated May 5 1950 no children or community property FIijxon— In Visalia July 24th Dorothy Filsnn against Jack T Filaon suit filed: wife aska custody of two minor rhildren and Sinn monthly support and division of property: charge extreme rruelty: rouple married Frbruary 1 1942 separated November 17 1951 DAKBY — In Visalia July 25th Varia M Darby acalnat Yarn H Darby suit filed: wife asks custody of two minor children nnd reaaonabla support: chars extreme cruelty rouple married March 24 1944 separated July 11 1952 community property settlement made ERKRHAKT— In Visalia July 25th Dee O Eberhart against William O Eber-hart suit filed wife azka Inlerlocu tory division of eommunliy property: charge extreme cruelty couple married June 30 1947 aeparated January 22 195? WHIB'AXT— In Viaalla Julv 2 Ruby F Whlanantagainat John F Whlanant Jr: ault filed: rhsrre wife elate at time of marrieae husband had another wife living end raid marriage la still In effect: couple married November 11 19M: no community property TAYLOR — In Viaalla August 1st Jean Taylnr a minor hy her guardian Allie Mae Bhepard against Fraddl Joe Taylor suit filed wife aka restoration - of her maiden name Jean Bhepard charge extreme cruelty couple married March 17 1952 separated May 17 1952: no community property A WHIN — In Viaalla Auguat 5th Dorothv Hawkins asainat John Hawkins suit filed: wlf asks support of $21 a week: charge extrema cruelty property settlement made couple married December 3 1947 separated All-mat 2 1952: no rhildren Ml RRAT— In Viaalla Auguat 5th Harsh Elixahetli Murray aga'nat Lawrrnc T Murray suit filed wife aska custody of one minor child: charge wife Hate hr husband at tha time of their marrieae was already married but that she' did rot know ef this fact: couple married Mv 2 1950 separated Jan-uarv 2 1951: no community prope-dv BT LAUWENV — In Viaalla Auauat 6lh Helen Bt Laurent aramat Fugei-e B Bt Leurant: suit filed wife asks cu todr of two adopted minor ehlldran and 875 monthly support per child fro party settlement made charge ex-reme rruelty emmle married July 24 1943 separated February 1 1952 TABR — In VlaiHa August 6th Dorothy Tarr ault filed: wife ask custody of two minor children and $80 monthly support for them and reaionable dtvl-stm of community property: rharg extreme cruelty: couple married April 1 ' 1945 separated July 27 1952 GORDON — In Viaalla August 1st lfmnle Evelyn Gordon sgnlnrt Frank D Gordon suit fi'ed: wife k custody of one minor child end 850 mnnihly support: charge extreme cruelty : roupe married December 22 1947 aeparated Julv 2 952: no community property ROOKE — In Visalia August 1st Constance F Rnnke against Calvin B Rnoke suit filed wife asks custody of one minor child and reasonable support: couple married January 16 1949 separated July 8 1852 no community NFAI— In' Visalia August Sib Ola Mss Neal again at John Henry Neal: suit filed: wife take eustody f four minor child rea and 850 monthly support: chsrgs estrsme cruelty couple married May 4 1928 separated August 18 1949 m community property THE FRESNO BEE Fresno Vital Statistics niVOIllEACTIOVft THOMPSON— la Visalia August 6lh Herbert O Thompson against Anita lee Thompson suit filed: charge extreme cruelly couple married July 18 1948 separated February 10 1951 DIVORCES JilASTKD if 4KHEI j — In Hanford Alixust lllh Marjorie A from Claude M Harrell Interlocutory decree granted cruelty YODKK — In Hanford August llth Norma Jean from Rirhard K Yoder Interlocutory decree granted eruelly HI II NN— In Hanford August llth Bleb-ard I- from Margaret Bristol Burns In'erlorulory decree granted cruelty PDTVEK — In Hanford August llth Bonnie from Robert Edward Potter: lnter-lorulorv decree granted: rruelty ME ANON' — In Vlealia July 29th Dorothy U Men son from Fred J Masson: Interlocutory decree granted charge extreme eruelly cniipla married June 29 1930 separated July 1 1932 r no children property settlement made rRICR-ln Visalia July 29th Franees E Tries front Aubrey W Price: Interlnru-tory decree granted: wife gets custody of re minor child charge extreme cruelty couple married January 8 1949 separated May 20 1952 no community property TAllJtK — In Visalia July 29th Jarque-line M Taylor from liana 11 Taylor Interlocutory decree granted wife get custody nf one minor child and $108 monthly support for child and community properly: charge extrema cruelty LEA 1 ELL — In Visalia August 4th Iron ard Irving Leavell from Edna Lillian Javcll interlocutory decree granted rharpe extreme cruelty BONK— in Visalia August 4th Freda Marie Bone from Karl Bone Interlocutory decree granted charge grievous - mental eullenng couple married February 18 1947 separated March 21 1952 no children or community property wife asks restoration ol her name Freda Marls Hoskins McDonald — In Visalia August llth Rubia J AleDonsld from Georgs H McDonald Interlocutory derres granted wifo to receive from husband $75 monthly support of tins minor child and custody of tbs child chsrgs cruelty DMtirr— in Vlaulia July 9th Polly He Wilt from ielasil IieWItl husband to pay 1 30 ninthly supiairt for two minor children who will ! in th custody of the mulher charge extreme cruelty cuuple married January 17 1937 separated June 15 1950 no community protierty lit NAllAl — In Visalia July 10th Quentin Dunaway from Tlielma Jean Dunaway husband awarded custody of two minor rhildren subject to reasonable visitation by tlis mother charge cruelty couple married January 15 1949 seiwrated June 26 3931 HAWN — In Visalia July 14th ' Alva Haws from James Hobart llaws wife seta custody of two minor children and 830 monthly support community property agreement made charge cruelty coup) married January 15 3941 separated Julv 19 3950 GALLAGHER — ’ In viaalla July 34th William J- Gallagher from Ramona J Gallagher charge extreme cruelly cuuple married May 1 1948 separated June 30 1956 no children or community property EAMEY— in Vlealia July I4th Frank M Easley from J£tta France Easley charge extreme cruelty couple married May 5 1939 separated October 4 1949 no children or community prniierly FKTEIIK— In Visalia July 2 1st Fannie Lola Peters fr on Arthur N Peters wife gels custody nf taro minor children and $57 monthly aupporl ftharge extreme eruelly: rouple married August 15 1935 separated October IT 1949 BOOTS— In Vjaalla July 21 at Dixie Bool a from Harry It Boris couple married May 2N 1946 aeparated July 22 1948 no children or community properly WILLIAMS — Tn Viaalla July 2It Bonnie Wiiusnie from Roy V William: charge extreme cruelly couple married July 7 1945 aeparated June 13 1951 no hlldren or community property DOI D— In Viaalla July 21t W F Dnud from Emma Vera Dnud charge derer-tlon couple married April 4 1926 separated August 31 1943 no community property MAKTINEX — In Freano August lllh Auguat lllh Inea Lopes from Carmen R- Martinet Interlocutory decree cruelty ERMOYAN — In Freano August llth "Armens from Charlea Ermnyan final decree: cruelly CONSTANT — In $-reano Auguat llh Christine from Walton Constant Interlocutory decree: cruelty ATKINS — In Fresno August llth Xath lean from Verlln Atkins Interlocutory decree: cruelty GRAHAM — In Fresno Auguat llth Floyd from Dorrihy Graham interlocutory decree: cruelty TROl'F — In Freano August llth Albert G from Clara Troup final decree crgelty GABAIDON — In Freano Auguat llth David G from Dorothy Mae Gabeldon final derres cruelty BCANTIIN — In Freano August llth Floyd C from Edna Mae Bcantlln final decree cruelty TI'EY — In Vlsnlla July 9th Bertha G Tuey from 'Theodore Tuey Interlocutory decree wire get custody of three mtnnr children subject tn their visitation hy the husband and set $25 monthly support per child charge extreme cruelty and physical threats hy husband eoupl married November 24 1945 separated June 11 1952: no community property MILNER — In Viaalla July 9th Georgia Marie Milner from Walter R Milner interlocutory decree wife gets eustody of and $56 monthly eupport for minor child charge extreme rruelty couple married May 1946 separated June 13 1952 cojtimunity property awarded tn wife NOTICE OF AWARD Pursuant to statute and tn resolution of the Commission nf the Cl tv of Fresno directing this notice notice is hereby given that said Commission of the City of Freano In open session on the 31st day nf July 3952 publicly opened exnmined and declared 11 xralrd proposal or bids for doing the work and making the Improvement particularly referred to and described In Renolutlnn nf Intention No 299-D nf the Commission nf the City of Freeno duly and regularly adopted by said Commission on the 39th day of June 1952 and In which said Resolution nf Intention Nn 299-D reference I hereby mnde for further and full particular and for full and particular description of anld work and Improvement and of the aaxeesment district proposed In he assessed to pay the mats and expense thereof Notice is further given that aftr publicly opening examining and declaring snld proposal or bids ns aforesaid and It appearing to aald Commission and aald Commission having found that the lowet regular responsible bidder for doing said work was HIM — In VisllrJuly 31t Vra Erai Ji' “if1 A"d Hill against Willi jneeph Hill enit there i ler nd on ine 71 in da: y of filed wife ask annulment charge (August 1952 by resolution duly and wife states she never consented to mar-i regularly adopted awarded the enn-ry defendant: couple married June 15 tract for said work and improvement 1952: no community property to the loweat regular responsible MI'KIIAV— In Vieslla August 8th Ba rah bidder to-wll K "Joe” Fish at th Elisabeth Murray inst Lawrence I prices named for said work In hit Thomaa Murray suit Mad wife aaksi nroDOsal -or bid on file as follows ruatndy nf ona minor child and aaka ‘ m on UNIT EXTEN- S K PA II vr KJI A IjVT KM K DF MEM3) — In Visalia July 22nd Alice De Melln against John Da Melio suit filed separate maintenance rertatn property and 8156 mnnihly mipport asked by wife charge extreme rruelty rouple married June 27 1937 separated Mav 23 1952 WIKKE— In Viaalla July ITth Dorothy Wiese from Paul W Wiese decree for separata matntenanr granted s wife gets custody nf one minor child and support nf 836 per month rnmmunftv property to wife rharg extreme cruelty: couple married September 29 1945 separated June 4 1952 minor child and asks for annulment: chares wife elates husband was already married at time nf marriage: rouple married May 2 1950 separated January 2 1951 DEATHS BA HR— In Freano August 9 1952 Frits Bahr a nativa nf Illinois aged 55 years Beloved husband nf Mrs Ethel Rahr of Freano Father of James F Rahr nf Fraano and Mr Lorraine Rnnahan nf Chowchllla Brother of Karl Rahr Ham Bihr and Mrs Mnna Grant all nf Ml-not Funeral services at Llil Funeral Home I and Calaveras Btreeta nn Wednesday morning Auguat 13th at 10 o'clock Military graveside eervlrea will be field at Liberty Cemetery Rosary will be eaid In the chapel of the Lisle Funeral Home on Tuesday evening at 8:3l o'clock FRKCfinr — la Fresno Auguat 9 1952 Mrs Eulalia Frechnii a nntlvs of 8 pain AseJ 67 yean Beloved mother of Mike Fre-thou:' Fraano: loving etiter ot MraVlh Fresno County Board of S B Espinal Ban Franclacc and Mrs Fer-jVlson will receive bid for the mina Jcarsa Up In: devnted grandmoth-inlshlng and Installation nf One (1) er ef Farm In and Peter Frachou Freano ! Photo-Roentgen X-ray I nit for the and Mra Florence Harrison Izw An-1 Fresno County Health Center all in geles Bhe Is also survived by two great strlrt arrotdanre with the speelflra-grapdrhtiriran Friends ara Invited tojtiona therefor on file In the Offleq attend the funeral fro— uiii - ' - - — - A Blair Van Ness Btrerta Wednesday August 13 1952 attend th funeral from Bulllvan Burn Joaquin at 9:30 AM thenre In at John's Cathedral where a solemn requiem miss will be celebrated for the repos of her soul commencing st 10 o'clock Interment Calvary Cemetery Recitation of the rosary Tuesday evening Auguat 12th t 6 PM in the chapel VITAI — In Freano Auauat t 1952 Manuel flllva Vital u native nf the A sores Isle aged 64 year Loving huahand of Mary Vital of Freano beloved father of Manuel Vital Jr and Mra Violet Bousa of Fresno loving brother of Tony and Rom Vital nf Tulare Friends er Invited to attend the funeral from the Fresno Ftinersl Chapel J136 A Street on Wednesday August I3'h at 9:30 AM thenre to Our Lady nf Mount Carmel Church where requiem mass will he celebrated for the repore of hie soul commencing at 16 AM Recitation nf th rosary this evening In th chapel at B o’clock Interment Holy Cross Cemetery (Art Pina directing) HAN'AFN— In Freano August llth Mr Laurx Josephine Hansen loving aunt of Mrs Helen Vcdantl nf Fresno Mrs Agnes Haberstaff of Laton Adrienne and Eleanor Hutton of Hanford Calif A member nf Ralaina Chapter No 9 Order of Th Eastern Star Brrvire Wednesday at 16 AM In Orris Colonial ' in in urr lniiniii Chapel with th officers ef Rslslna Chapter No B9 Order ef Eastern Bter officiating Interment in Mountain View Dale Ora in charge WORK — In Alameda Calif August 9th Welter J Work father of Lloyd Work of Mnrrc Bay end Vernon of Beattie Wash Brother of lister Work of Mou-ebclio and Mr Aaoea Drone of Frerre Four grandchildren also survive Ag- 57 native of Dlnuba Calif Ben-lee Wedns-day at 1 :36 PM in Orris Colonial Chapel with Kev Paul Kauffman officiating Interment Frimcm Dal Ora tn charge H4I'KNFV---In Fresno August 11 152 E-iyth M Hackney a nativa nf Missouri 57 year Br'nved wife nf Porter L Hacknev of Fresno sister nf Mr Thome G Hall of gen Frsnrisro and Mrs Leis Orhaugh nf Cleveland G Bervlce at Dei Funeral Ham L and Calaveras B-rr! on We4nsday All-suit 13th- st 11:30 a'clerk Rev Emery W Snyder officiating Interment Balmont Memorial Fork Au 12 1952 — jg Vital Statistics CARD OF THANKS d nur heartfelt thanks to all who aa kindly assisted and for the wonts of sympathy and beautiful floral offerings extended at th death of our loving daughter snd sister Also thanks to th friends who contributed to the Cancer Fund In her memory FAMILY OFMPJLEVELTN F HUEBERT WE WISH to express our sincere appreciation to all those who befriended ua la the rorent loss of a wonderful dad and husband NORM A AND DOROTHY ANN MINOR FLORISTS Family Casket Sprays Sio Up PILLOW 8750 up OTHER 8250 up Flowers telegraphed or Air Expressed CONDITS FLOWER SHOP ' Fh 4-4707 Eves Bun 7-2889 2036 Mariposa Eat 1920 JUST PHONE 3-2211 AND BAT "CHARGE IT" ROSSI FLORAL CO 1147 Fulton Pb $-2211 Evas $-348$ TOO I ATE TO CLASSIFY Advertlsaments that arrlvs ton late for publication under proper claselfiratifln are placed under ttue heading for ona Insertion The following day they will appear under proper elaeilfleatlon If ordered for more than on a ay WANT AD INFORMATION Copy Deadline (Transient) Copy areepted mriH 5 PM Bay before publication excepting fit-day neon for hatarday (trtday 5 I’M foe Mtnday) IMPORTANT — After an ad la ' ordered It rannot he canceled nr changed before publication Mini itimn charge an any one advertisement: 3 times (approx 1$ words) 1 time 90e Cancellations — Corrections The Ben reserve the right In ret lea nr rejert any advertisement Inenrceet ads mas be corrected immediately ae The Bea arrrpte responsibility far only no incorrect liMrrtloa ( enerllatlMM accepted ontll 8:30 AM for him day publication rxreptlng until Friday naan far haturdayi batarday Bean fax hunriay TITC — Tea late Ta Classify accepted until 9:30 AM for same day's publirattoa rxeeptloa: 6 I’M Friday far batarday $ PM batarday far Kundajr ' Office Hours B AM ta S PM Monday Through batarday Adjustments Claims far adjustment refunds maetbo made wit hi a 30 days Carge 2bcrm7" house wujrjT? aca for garden and pasture Bern and chicken coop family orchard North elna tn Adult nr email -family preferred Ph 2-655 tVAFHING ANi) TroniVG done' rta-ronahle within 24 hr Free pick up end delivery Ph 7-3652 for A ASOximL Rniril daiuxe tires Never used Bargalm price Fh 4-420 ’SSTheV 2 dr fully reconditioned all extras Must sell Ph 4-4901 after 5:36 2 BDRM HOUSE NE Vnfurn Ph 7-0478 16 AC 4020 DAKOTA Owner Cut home NE Refrtg love blind drape 7750 Terms Ph 7-6785 FDRJflBHED 3 room ami EltF cooler utilities paid Adulte 4953 Ventura SINGLE APARTMENT Walking dls- tance Very reasonable 1625 P 61 Lost — Roy's model airplane yellow Fra Flight 34 inch wing epan McCoy 649 engine Loot in vtc of Fruit end McKintev Pleat call Roger Collins 4-2346 JroUBKKEEPER Will "enieUir coupla or woman with on child (Jail after 5 PM 5-0763 Washing MACHINE Kenmoro with pump brand new gAO off retail price r also Airway vacuum cleaner all attachments excell eond 40 Ph 6-6372 PPRIGHT PIANO Excellent condition 813TB6 242 Hays Ph 5-3136 aft 5 PM 46 ClfEV OUB CPE STYLE MAS-TEft JcORdH mith xtrn Jnchidfnjr nw wW tirt Perf conrt -321lT I Fli I A OTirF TRICE SION sq ft of concrete sidewalk In place I 32 f $9512 663 lin ft of concrete curb In place 110 72930 762 lln ft of concrete cutter In place 87 66294 966 aq ft of driveway approach In placa 52 61272 TOTAL OF EXTENSIONS-$2 790 08 Dated August 7 1952 (SEAL) D E ROL'GHTOV City Clerk and Clerk of the ' Commission of the City of Fresno California By EMELAINE J SARGENT Deputy (Aug 12 13 1952) NOTICE TO HinitFRR NOTICE IS HKREUY GIVEN that fu peris lur- f the Board of Supervisor located jn Room 205 Courthouae Freano Call- lornla Bid shall bo Riibmittrd on form which may he obtained from the Clerk ol the Board of Supervisor! nnd will consist of three alternate bldi and each bidder may bid aa to any or all alternates Said' bids when filed must ho accompanied by bldder'a bond or certified check for an amount not less than ten per cent 11(W) of the total amount of bid and made payable to tha County nf Fresno Sala bond or rherk shall be given aa a guarantee that bidder will entrr Into a contract fon the furnlRhlng and installation of said equipment upon notice of award and shall he forfeited should bidder fall to do ao Bids shall he sealed tn nn envelope marked "Bids — Photo— Roentgen X-Ray Unit for Fresno County Health Center Fresno California” and placed In possession of ld I Clerk not Liter than U:00 o’clock AM California Daylight Saving Time Tuesday Auguat 19 1952 All blda ao reertved shall he opened by ald Board of Supervisor at It offftw at or about 11:00 o'clock AM California Daylight cul Tim- TllHfifV August 19 I 1952' inv nr all rvM the right to rejert any or ail bids so recaTvad Bno unless otherwise required by law no bidder ihall withdraw hla bid f6r a period of thirty (30) days after ald opening Th successful bidder shall be required to furnish a bond guaranteeing faithful performance or contract In n amount of one hundred per rent mUlCO-t) of the contract price Issued tv a surety company satisfactory to the County of Fresno OM: Lt Vu-BROW County Clerk and ex-offtrlo Clerk of tha Board ef Su- By PGEarM FURNEAV Deputy Clerk-(Aug 7 8 9 10 1L 12 13 14 15 U 2952) $

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