The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 30, 1955 · Page 23
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 23

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 30, 1955
Page 23
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By Huss Waller 1* * :-i This column has been written from a few places oilier than tin- Upper Des Moines office in the past 22 years, but this is the first time it has originated from St. Ann hospital. » « Maybe il should be written by Frank Clark, editor of the Titonka Topic, who arrived for a rest last evening ... we sort of have newspaperman's row, up here on the third floor, with rooms next door to each other . . . and Mrs Ivy Hutton will be interested to know that the room she occupied while recuperating from a fractured hip suffered In a fall some weeks ago is the same mom j n which this is bemr written. • • • Eniering a hospital for the first time fur surgery is a new experience, known to many, but a thing of mystery in my case. 1'ilimdal cysts, it Veen.,-, an- orn- '•!•>• cutters thiil quite often yield only to the suigeon's knife - -you can't talk 'em away.-And - thv- preliminaries to .--uiLieYv c.ill !or a certain amount <>t reporting en the doctor'.-, p.n t ton. He fills in _;i lengthy document that tracks vou hat k !o childhood and even further, I guess, and then | hrings things right up to d.ite. Like for example: "stomach, 10- Uirxl. with a slight over 40 pouch." That sort of thing isn't exactly flattering, hut truth will cut. State Historical sooiety Iowa aity la* Circus Day Wednesday, Kids of All Ages Ready It'll be circus clay in Algona next Wednesday July 6, when the nation's second largest circus, Al G. Kelly & Miller Bros., appears at the Kossuth County fairgounds for an afternoon and evening performance. More than fiO perni-trailers will roll into town shortly after daybreak Wednesday and erection of a vast tent city will begin. For those who have never walcljed n circus set up, this part of the appearance of the Kelly & Miller show is a must. It is expected there'll be plenty of kids on hand to watch the animals being fed Irom 9 to 10:30 a.m. Fans will gel a thrill out of a recent circus innovation, the diesel-powered and time-saving "canvas spool". The huge big top canvas is unrolled from the spool in one piece, spread out and raised in a fraction of the time formerly consumed when it was necessary to lace together the various sections of the lent. Elephants Help The elephants, workhorses of the outfit, will assume their important role of raising the big top, and when the night show is over, will use their tremendous strength to pull up the deeply driven tent stakes One of the group of 21 elephants. "Margaret", is the second largest pachv- derm in the United States. The atternoon performance at 2 and the evening show at ci will feature many sensational new imported st;irs. Number one thriller is The Great Belmonte, who defies death in his daring slide for life. All children will <.;et n bis kick out of the clown ci ntmgonl and the Florenx. Trio will 'per- form (heir spine-tingling act on the tight wire. Spine Tinglers Maurice Marmolcjo is another wire man. but he does his net on the slack wire; Charles Sanders, iGerman stiltu alkei. performs his fantastic feats high in the air; Narfski's bears feature a very funny routine; Shirley I,in. derrnan executes seemingly im possible her] and lue catches r,n the high trape/e; Dory Miller's liberty horse display: Barbara Jane Mi'llei.-. eight year olc! star of the tiuht wire and Spanish web; and "Miss Oklahoma", th" only trained hippopotamus in the wold, arc other ails which feature lop flight 1al->nt. Capl. Fred Logan will put th" elephant herd thiough iis paces, ind at limes the pachyderms display astute intelligence. Aceotnpanying the circus is the world's largest traveling menn- gerie of rare and wild animals, which includes a giraffe, polar hear, black bear, tapir, herd of llamas, herd of camels, water buffalo, bison, sebu, kangaroo, baby kanagaroo, tropical birds, gnu, monkeys, xehra, rhinoceros and the second largest herd of elephants in America tipper Jlome* ESTABLISHED 1863 Entered as second class matter at (lie posioffire at Algona. Iowa. Nov. 1. 1932, under Act ol Congress of March 3. 1879. ALGONA, IOWA, THURSDAY; JUNE 30, 1955 3 SECTIONS-22 PAGES VOL. 92 - NO. 26 A/rporf Booming As Flying Days Improve There are two present St. Ann ('innected with Hospital rut! bv ' members of the staff who were lie old Kossuth . . . Irs Ni!;< I.-a.icson Hoswe!!. and then for a short •-ime by the medical -iifiety be!ore St Ann was constricted. They an- Meta Gade Dumphy. piesen', surgical nui -•-' f * '- trude Oetken. R. N. (loot for o.'ie shitt. they rt-ir.emher that old hospit..,! when we there «m- Time after e, and Ge'r- of the third • 1 wonder if j time at the i sailed down | news about| \. p. a of Stu Albright, manager of the Algona Munici pal Airport, is shown in the above photo, contem- move during a day full of crowd ?d activities. The local airport i:- experiencing one and at times, when the weather is right, the sky m this area i.- lull of light some mishap in other and te- quested un behalf of the "distnct attorney" sucii inturmution as was available? When they fount! nut this reportonal joke the fur really flew. .. the nurses st-em to mostly be. what you nii^'ht call "local folks." There are nurses "I- nuise<' aide.- from Hurt, Ti- t'.inka. Algona ami Fen'.on and pi'ob.'ibly more that we haven't ' un ;,c:os> . . all fi irndly, ef- ticie.'jl. ;.n-i j.-kini; o; .-eri-ms a!he situ.itii'n in. iy -.ieir,,m:l. Ami , must -f them either .ire -ubscn- { ber> i-r i o!iie Irom home- that| ait' sub.-i n'oers to thi- L'.D M. anil I bee.ui.-e I'm not out • •{ liere yet, i 1 wouldn't da:c say an unkind j word even H 1 had one which 1 don't -hone-tl ting his nex Us biggest ye lies that i oral hangais at night. 'Upner Des Moines Xewsfotoi Big Business As 28 Students Take Lessons ay, Well, after the medical merchants have got you all diagrammed and charted they tuin you over to the transportation corps. in tins case Meta and an anaes- thetist whose name in the activities of the moment escaped me ...having trundled the carcass into the operating room one of them asked if we were ready, and being told we were about as i early as we'd ever be, bad us roll into the position for bat- tie ... there is a new deal (new to u.s, anyway) called sodium pentathol . . . the operating room sister asked if we could count and suggested that we do so, and we got to about 10 before the curtain came down, and stayed down until we began st.-.ggering out of it back in our own little hospital room . . . this coming out of it is a dangerous moment for the patient- lie might and sometimes diies say just about anything that happens to cross the mind. including .sometimes a few words you don't pick tip in church. « » * A hospital is a good place to rest, but Duncan Hines doesn't hang out any signs in front ot them, chiefly because patient: don't need much to eat — or shouldn't. For three days tlv> diet was "liquid-clear" which means just what it says. I can think of no better way to get rid of that description -- "stomach rotund" — than this diet. But they have a heart, and "diet: .soft" brings happier mealtimes And there's nothing wrong witr. a little fasting, now and then. * * * One can wonder how the nurses determine some of the duties, such as giving enemas—do they draw straws? And while some patients may sort of feel that 3 hospital is a first cousin to a motel or hotel, it isn't quite the same. You never have a clerk give you a bath in a hotel, or maybe coax you to eat this, or try lying a different way to ease discomfort, and emptying your ash trays. As a matter of fact there is some question as to whether I will need another bath the rest of the summer. Then the cards begin to arrive, and I'll sav this for Ed and Pat Cullen, their card came as close as a card could to the general situa- (Continued on Page 2) With at least 2« students taking flvmg k-sson.s, Algun.i's Mur.icip- .il Airpoit and Manager Stu Albiight have been veiy busy thi< year, despite lots of poor flying weather during the ijiny season. A quick look at the statistics shows that 15 private planes- make their home at the local field, including one, a Howard Trainer, that is owned by 20 men. Many of the others are cwned by partnerships uf various numbers, and at least four belong directly or mdnectly to local businesses. Father And Son Included in the large group of students is a father and son combination, Rudolph and Don Tiet/ of Lone Rock. Both are taking lessons regularly, and their plane, an Aeronca, is owned jointly with Dr. Rahnson of Hurt. The doctor is also a student. Other students are Dick Koh!- haas. Livermore; Dick Chipman Bancroft: O. T. Cherland. Bernard Pet tit and Dick Gross, Lone Rock: Dick Shellmeyer, Whittemore: Roy Carwell, Emmctsburg: Bob Fairbanks, Burt: Burdette Thomas and Bob Reibsamen, Corwith. Algonans are Ervin Gerber, John Dunn, Dr. R. R. Hurton. Durwood Bowman, Art Schweppe, R. F. Kain, Johnny Elberts. Don Schaap. Jerry Donovan. Bud Morck, Verle Elmore, Don McGuire, Herb Hensley. Lurry Stroebel and Slim Youngwirth. Men who have gotten licenses following instruction by Albright are Dale Heeren, Bob and Dick Kain, John Buscher, Leo Sabin. Earl Miller, Ronnie Gerber, Dick Post and Dick Burt, all of Algona: James Anderson, Des Moines: Eugene Leachman. Fort Dodge: Don McCarthy, St. Benedict; Vince McCarthy, Bancroft; Pepper Fairbanks, Burt; and Alvm Kingsbury, Corwith. Breakfast Aug. 7 Dick Post of Algona is the president of the Kossuth Flying Club of 78 members which holds regular meetings at the airport. The club also has occasional social functions, and will juin with the Albright Aero Service in sponsorship of the annual Fligh' Breakfast, August 7. Breakfast will be served that Sunday morning from 7 to 10 a.m. to anyone interested in attending. A spectator area will be provided for visitors, and there will be entertainment and prizes, donated by Kossuth merchants, wiJl be given away by drawing. Wayne Nyman, Bancroft, is vice president of the flying club, Vince Mc- Cui'thy of Bancroft is secretary- treasurer. Owners who now have planes at the airport, and make of tho planes. ;<re: Dale Heeren. Johnny | Elber'<. Leighton Misbach an-.i i Do n Asa---Tayloivralt; Dx-k Burt, I Ji :.n Dunn. Art Schweppe on.! i I!e:b Henslev — Tay ,,,i c>';,f!: i Ci.,:g S.-r.ith —- Tri-Pucci. Me- ; Cullmigh's Air Ambulance — Ces : -na 170: Earl MilU-T— Ci s-r.a 170 | I Re x Taylor —Aircoupe: B--b. Dick j i ;.m! Bob Kain, Sr.—Taylorc: aft. ' ; Ain.e Ru-klefs and Dun Me- | i Guile—Aeronca. C.eiber & Buscher-—Luscombe: Alvin Kingsbury and Burdette Thomas--Aen.nca; Dick Pt;st and Dick Shellmeyer—Super Cruiser: TayU.r Implement — Cessna 170. Vince McCarthy—Cub. Albright's History Albright is well-trained for his position as local manager. Stu was born at Burt. and lived as a youngster in Algona. later moving to Des Moines with his parents, who still reside then-. H.- started flying in 1933, then worked for Stearman Aircraft at Wichita. Kansas, for two years. Following that, he attended Iowa State until he entered the U. S Army Air Corps. Got his private licen.-e in 19-41 and in November of the same year was an instructor for the army at Austin. Tex. Was back at Des Moines as an instructor following the war Was back on active duty with the Air National Guard for a year, and in 1949 attended A & E school in Des Moines. In 1951 went to Denver, where he was in air route traffic with the CAA, and transferred in 195U to thc- control tower at Madison, Wis. Stu found out Algona wanted a manager, applied, and got the job in April 1953. He is married and has a daughter, Kuthy, 8, and a son, Lindy Hoyt, 1, who is named after one of the greatest fliers of all-time—Charles E. Lind bergh. Driver Wins Tussle With Beer Kegs P. O., Stores Closed Fourth The Algona Post Office will be closed all day, Monday, July 4. The lobby will be open from 't a in. to 7:30 p.m.. but there will be no windows open and no mail deliveries of any kind. All incoming and outgoing mail will be worked as usual. Other stores, businesses and state and county offices will also observe the Fourth of July bv closing for the day. Editor Mending R. B. Waller, editor of the Algona Upper Des Moines, is in St. Ann hospital, Algona, after having undergone surgery last Saturday morning. He is recuperating nicely, and is expected to leave the hospital within a few days. Ray S. Miller, 32, of Titonka, considers himself very lucky, indeed, following a freak accident near Winthrop, Minn. Monday night. A semi - trailer load of empty beer barrels somersaulted on to the top of the tractor when the big rig hit a bridge abutment, and crushed the cab to a height of only four feet. Ray walked away from the pile-up' with only a minor head bump. No Change In Condition Of Two Patients Condition of two Algonans. Dr. C. D. Schaap and Mrs Valli Tr;bon, both stricken last weekend. was reported as unchanged yesterday. Dr. Schaap was taken t^ Veterans' Hospital in Des Moine- following two heart attacks, or.. Saturday and the other Sunday He was accompanied by his wife in the ambulance to Des Moines Sunday. Mrs Tribon entered St. Am. hospital Tuesday and is in serious condition. She suffered a kidney infection last week, but was or. the road to recovery when she had a stroke Sundav evening. Fair Plans Announced By Secy. Nifchals Initial Kos-uUi Countv fair plans, for the yearly event to be staged AuiMist IT-20 were announced Mon-l:iv bv i.,,u >j;t. ehals. see;-. » ; ,ry ' *-f Ihe Kos<u<h A;': ii ultural A • --i ir-intji .n This yar 1 - f'-ur-hiv cele- '-'i.ition w: 1 : a<:;.-:n J'-V.ure plenty '•' : -le • i ! ;.C" ' l -' :i I-: f .[• CVen'OPi' 1 Orv; dav of hi;: car dirt track lacing event< i- '.n t'" ; e ••la'o. a^ wi-;: ....- two af'--i n . .:-,< of stock car races, wh:c'. -.vii! feature mar;v of the top .iyive;-.-- on th" trfe: i: t' iday. Mer; :am's MHwav Shows, a long-time lfc-,1 favorite, and one of 'he best in the business, wi! 1 iiga.r. be located the midw.'.v anc Mario Sivw Pi eduction's, owr.'-rj by liar'..Id Carlson of Wesley. -.viil aeain be featured for a of nights. A-. ither big feature that re- ceivd a fine response last year "'!*!••• Tournament of Thrills" f"a!ur:n» daring fetes in stock 'car-. v.-:I! be presented again. P:izes will again be awarded t" "wner.s of livestock, poultry. h< •:•-••- and colts which aie picked top- in their class by the judge--, and exhibit- of sewing. clubs a net organi/anon- will also be iudsjed It is prohao'e the sale of prize livf-tofk will be held the morn- ina .;•:" Saturday. Aim. 20. Premium Ivoks will be available .-'ion. according to Nitchals Four Truckers Pay Fines In Justice Court | Most of the action in Justice . C. H. Ostwmkle'- court centered iiri .mcl trucks this week, with four truckers fined lor \\,: :-'Us violations. W. A. Schumacher, Xew .n. paid $25 and costs for overload, and William A. Price, Spencer, paid S35 and costs on the same count. Harlan H. Ne\v. comb, Spencer, was assessed S10 ; and costs for improper truck registration, and Bradley Bros., Algona, paid S5 and costs for over- width equipment. __Robert W. Mayer. Algona. paid S5 and costs for fining through a stop --inn, and Frank Dogotch, Whittemore, paid $10 and costs for speeding. Paternity, Divorce Suits Filed In Court E. G. Anderegq Rites Friday A! West Bend West Bend — Funeral >''rvic"s for E'T,f-t Geo'-a,. Ander-'Ht;. C~. retired West Bend cai pi-ntf r. will !>..- held Fridav at 1 .-IMi'p.m. at tlv Boyaard funeral hoir,- h,> : v and at 2 p.m. in the Presbvte-ian ehiirch. The Rev. Caleb Pan.-oast will officiate. Mr Anrierfgg died about 1 n m \Vedne-day at his home after a long illness. He had been a liie- lona West Bend resident. ; | S.'.rvivinu ;,;,- his v.-ife. Y.-vr,: i thiee daughters and one son. Mrs '• Knna Becke of Plover: Mrs Rob'. (-' ' .lone.- oi' Reseda. Calif.: Ha/el Ar.d>rtgg ol We-t Bend: and Or ; Vi'le Andi-regy ot Bane! oft. Theie :;;;e 10 »: jncVhiloh en and one ; .meat grandchild. ' Oth.e; s'.;rv;vors are four sister? 'and two in other.-: Mrs Joseph j Mikes of Fahfax, Minn.: Mr- A. | L. Banwar of Monti ose. Park, 111.; ' Mrs Matilda Harrison of St. Paul, j Minn.: Mr- Elmer Turner of How- i ell. Mich.: William and Nick Ar.dei ..•yg o; G i.t tenberg. Mor-Gro Firm Purchases Bldg. i Authoi ities of Mor-Gio. Inc., i Alm-na. annuunced purchase of | the lnii|rl;n.u which now serves as j o!!'ices for that company and Western Buyer- on Diagonal stieet \Vednesday afternoon. Confirmation of the sale will come at a boaid of diit/ctors meeting of the Algor.a Ice Cream Jt Candy Fact'.'iy. owni i - of the building, today iThuiS'-!ay). Ti;e building. which faces the .-treet. and the former :ce house, now used as a garage, were in the purchase. The office building was the first fire-resistant erected in Algona. The puichase was announced by Barney Frank! of the Mor-Gro firm. Humidity Makes Heat Terrific ; It warmed up considerably during the past seven days, according to figures from Weatherman Stu Albright at the airport. Temperatures for the week were all in the eighties, with the exception of one day, but the sun didn't show up as often as in the past. Humidity has been hi"h Date "Hi ' L June 2'2 TT 59 June 23 82 49 June 24 80 50 June 25 KG 52 June 2o 80 51 June 2T 1;3 59 June 28 81 62 Palo Alto Has "Golden Girl" Representatives of the dairy industry m Iowa Wednesday night cho.-e De-lore.- Chapman of jRuthven as their "Golden Girl" i in a .-tate-wide contest held at Waverly. Delores is the daughter of Mr and Mrs Ronald Chapman and is a sophomore ; ,t Drake U.. Des Moines. At this writing she had n -t decided which award she ( would chose — a $500 college scholarship or a week's trip to Hollywood. She represented Palo Alto county Kossuth's entrv. Judy Spangler of Corwith, was among the 21 contestants. She and the others received beau'v Close Shave Willis Struecker of Whittemore had a narrow escape when a can off a pressure spray exploded last week. Willis wa> repairing the can when the top blew off. causing a wound over his eye that re c)u:recl several stitches to close. Country Club Picnic Members of the Algona Country Chib and their friends will enjoy :. b;g Fourth of July picnic start:iii: at -i p.m. Monday. The en- t;ie family will be welcome and e..( h is to bring a covered dish. committ"e announced there :-,! be no £nlf after 4 p.m. :• - will ento> tain the children i ii as li:eunrk.s in the even- Algona Horse Wins H'j 1 Anderson. Algona horse- ^u.::. placed oth at the Iowa AllA: ai :.:.-: Horse Show at Des M-'.ne.- last Sunday, when his :.a::'-A: ,.:.nan I'e^istered mare won ::. ':.. "Western Pleasure" class. H -:-•- .'ariciers from 7 states '. ; . •.: • !• presented at the event, '.'- : ..'". .- an all registered show. Mayor's Court Four persons appeared in Mayor Linda Ckipsaddle's court dui- ing ti;e week. Leonard. Leclair. Luri:n^to!i. Mu-h.. paid ST.aO and I ci'.-ts 0:1 an overweight trucji ic!\Liige. F. F. Young. Garner, j paid >-i and costs lor speedir.-. [ and R,-n.i!d Tnckel. Algona. pjiu S7 co.-!.- and tile check was collected !',ir drawing and uttering a lal.-e ch.eck. Jack Gai'rett. Ft. Dodge, wjs picked up for gross overweight, but his case was continued until Fridav. Marriage Licenses Mairiage licenses issued in 'I'-; 1 .-: Alma Pear.-oii's office dur- i:.; !ne past week went to -even •ap.-.-- They were: June 22 — Edward J. Leavitt, ':.'-e:i:\. An/., an.i ;••: .•>•::;.,, I.;,k->ta. June 23 — Donald D. Zsviefel, l-.i:!. and Carol F. Shiplei, Burl. June 24 — John A. Klaus. Cov:..-.. ''a!., and Phyllis Ka:n. Al: ':.*: Joseph L. Rahm. Algmia, ;.'. i Soiuira Elbert. Algona; and I • e:t Hamilton, Ledyaid, and . 'iaitie Lentscli. Ledyard. June 25 — Darrold Mohr. Ayr:•.••-•, and .K>yce Geilenft-fdt, June 26 — Warren Whitman, "...:m.ont. and Bernice Ottnian, '.:::..-trong. Doctor From Whittemore Is Divorcing Wife A paternity suit involving n 1T- year old girl, a divorce action and an account case were filed during the last two clays with Countv Clerk Alma Pearson. All will come .up for hearing at the next session of district court. Hugh S. Geiger, Jr., Whittemore doctor, filed suit for divorce against his wife, Theresa L. Geiger. He claims cruel and inhuman treatment, and asks for the custody of a son, now three years old. who was born when the; couple was married previously. They remarried April 21 this year in Algona. Dr. Geiger, in the petition, claims his life was endangered and that the defendant, during past weeks of their marriage, has cursed and sworn at him, threatened to kill him. and sought to ruin his medical practice by embarrassing him before his patients and friends in his office. On numerous occasions, the petition states, according, to the doctor, the defendant has struck him and has thrown dishes and various; other items at him with intent to injure. During the interim between the Geigers' first and second marriage, the son lived with the father and he wants custody again. Paternity Suit Filed ^ The paternity suit, filed by Verne Scobba of Algona, claims Russell Parsons of Burl is the father of a child born June 4, 1955 to Scobba's Lin-wed 17-year old daughter. Scobba also filed a writ of attachment for $1500, and asks that proper proceedings be had as by statute provided to establish the paternity of said child. The Seig-Fort Dodge Co. is suinfc Leander Studer, operator of a service station, for $108.29, plus interest and costs of action for settlement of an account. The Seig Co. claims it sold merchandise in the amount of $108.29 to Studer between Sept. 14, 1954 and Jan. 21, 1955, and has not been paid. One case, the State of Iowa vs. William E. Hot', was dismissed, due to lack of evidence. Two judgements were handed out by Judge Stillman in account cases. It was decided Barrel Zenor, Algona, should pay $187.04 to the Algona Co-Op Creamery to settle a past due account, and that Ray Worden, Armstrong must pay the Armstrong Farmer's Cooperative Elevator $3,644.10, due for the purchase of seed, tertih/.er and feed. Airman Dies As Lu 99 a ge Arrives Former Kossuth residents re- . ceived shocking news of the death of their son shortly after • arrival of Jus luggage which )>•..ceded his return to atte: lrt : months in service. Word wa> :e- . ceived here by relatives that and Mrs Harry Dailey of l. Angeles, Calif., had been inform- j ed of their son, Capt. Maynari : Dailey's death in an airplane accident shortly after his luggage i arrived at their home. tapt. Dailey was to be dischariJ from the air force on his return from Japan. He is a nephew of Tom Dailey of Algona. Eat 100 Pounds Of Cheese Saturday At Burt mtmrntmuiim n m •• . .... ... . ^ Spud Size Baseball a rare occasion in It's been cent years to have 'full grown potatoes before the Fourth ot , July, but Hugh Col well has proot of his potato crop right in his pocket. Hugh is proudly showing a potato the size of a baseball grown right in his own garden trus spring. "Cheese 'n Cracker Days" Saturday ai Buit was well received by the community as evidenced by the fact that over 100 pounds of cheese and more than 10 giant boxes of crackers were served free during the day end evening at the Peterson Cafe and the Shipler Cafe. Cheese was donated by the Elm Grove Cheese Factory at Burt as a part of June Dairy Month recognition. In the picture above «ze shown some of the "cheese eaters:" left to right. Pick Tellier. Frank Tellier. George Manus, Billie Nelson, hi* gr*ndf«ther Emil Person. Carroll Fraser, Mrs Willis Vog«l. Mrf Will Ring*- dorf. Betty Peterson and Carl HoernJke. owner of the Elm Grove Cheese Factory. (Upper Des Moines Polaroid News- foto)

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