The Independent-Record from Helena, Montana on August 4, 1951 · Page 14
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The Independent-Record from Helena, Montana · Page 14

Helena, Montana
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 4, 1951
Page 14
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Page Tour The Independent Record, Helena, Mont Monday, Auguxt 6, 1951 The Independent Record Published Weekday Afternoons and Sunday Morning by The Montana Becord Publishing Company, Helena, Montana E. A. Dye, Editor Telephone 491 and 492 Subscribers will confer * favor by catling the office on the telephone if carriers fail to deliver pspers promptly Subscription Rates Daily and Sunday, by carrier, per week In Washington Daily and Sunday, by carrier. 3 months in advance ----__ Daily and Sunday, by carrier, 6 months in advance Daily and Sunday, by carrier. 1 year in advance Daily and Sunday, fay mail, out of Montana (in the CJniied States) --1 year ---Daily and Sunday, by man, in Montana--1 year Sis months ______ By Peter Edson Washington, Aug. 6.--(XEA)-On the same day that President Truman signed the new law authorizing recruitment of Mexican, labor on American farms, papers carried the story that U. S. immigration _ __ officials in the Xew York area hadj ./~!. : seized for deoortation 900 aliens' Something Is Going on Backstage 3.90 15.60' were illegally in this country, j The bill which President Truman i signed carried no penalties for hiring and no provision for search lOOQ. or Three months 2.75 j States. So. in effect, -while the i American government was eonduci- jlag a drive to round up aliens on · the east coast, it was officially clos- "ing its eyes to the hiring of other 'aliens illegally in the southwest, i Behind this glaring inconsistency iis an amariag story of slick legislative maneuvering in. congress. (The bill which the president sp!proved nms counter to all the "recommendations of the president's I t own commission on migratory la-| ibor in American agriculture. I Sen. Dennis M. Cha\ez of Xew j Mexico, who led a futile fight by ; s dozen liberal senators against the j conditions of the new" wetback law. ,, ,, , - , . - . . . . . .. , - . calls the measure passed a "Deon-j Gen. Carl Spaatz. zormer sir lorce ehiei or sian. nas just ££e Entered at the post office st Helena. Montana, for transmission through the mail as second-class matter Member of Tfce Associated Press. The Associated Press is exclusively entitled to the use for publicaaon of all news dispatches credited to it not otherwise credited in this paper and also the local news published therein. Nations! Reoresematives: Shannon Associates, Inc. New York--Chicago--Detroit--Kansas City--St. Louis- San Francisco--Los Angeles--Atlanta. Allied Power Grows Rapidly It is said to legalize s form of returned from Europe with the eneourasme conviction iha: , - - - , -- _ ,, ,, . - ,, .... ~ , · Worse Than Pre-Cm! War the U. S. could win asotner world war n it started tomorrow. Slavery And what is or equal importance, lie says the Russians know it. This does people. The of -war, which may eventuate if Bussia is able 10 integrate tain asount of paternalism. They al E-arorean indiistrv and fullv take over eastern Germany, looked after the welfare of their * " s " n^npr in ?pr mfvp in to set more General Spaatz has been visiting European nations at regu- \vork out of it. In the new "wet-; lar We The Women-* Two. Adopt an uncritical atti- ipan y and easier to get along wi tude toward your children. Yaca-lif you don't trv to do everythi tion time isn't the time to improve! yourself Want to really relax during that!a couple of weeks. It might even two-week vacation this summer do them good, and let your husband and children Three. JDon't make issues out get a real vacation, too? ! o f small things. Your vacation Then, in general, adopt these vvon -t be ruined if you don't get to rules: igo through a certain town and call One. Leave home worries a t ' U p an old friend--or whatever. So HOME. You may have to come'don't harp on minor matters, back to them--but you don't have] Four. Give everybody some re- to take them with you, Uponsibility. You'll be better com- with everything improve i y their manners, their posture, or to 3 " Five. Don't k e e p comparing work at the job of breaking them'everv place you go with the eom- of any other bad habits. It won't'forts of home. If all you want is hurt them to just be themselves for' comfort, it's better to stay home. j Six. Don't keep bringing up the ' cost of everything. Money matters should be a taboo topic during a vacation. If the man of the house wants to splurge a little, let him splurge -- and without comment from you. For instance, if he takes you- to a nice place for dinner don't be These Days By George E. Sokolsky Senator Lester C. Huni has writ-' nose - v about lhe checks or remind ten an article against congressional him lhat tlie sam e roeal at home immunity which sums itself up into' wou!d on!v cosi so much. A woman an objectior 10 what he calls ""trial can De to ° practical when she goes by oress,'' and which can only be on a vacation with a man. for most translated into the right of the'peo- men on vacation like to make an pie to form their own judgments on ' occasional extravagant gesture. data to which they have access! ^ a - v »e you're thinking that va- through newspapers and the radio, cation time should be one time The senator makes the point: j when you don't have to think about ". . . Under the aegis of the im-^" 105 - But tnese ar e all easy-- and munity privilege, unscrupulous con-s following them will give your gressmen can impute unworthy or wfaole family a break. unpatriotic motives to any department of government or any member of an administration, by in-' nuendo or as an outright accusa-" tion. without offering any evidence in support of such charges. . In Hollywood The two worst offenders of this 5 nature in recent times were the' Xye and La Follelte committees. ; both of which were manned in! will be kept free, lie is convinced, and if war comes Bussia They may be kepi is rural slums.' iviI1 be defeated. Hiring "wetbacks'' or Mexicans , . . . . iesallv broushr into me countrv as' Chinese Communists may nave a similar opinion concerning contract labor also cuts out of "em-j the world siraation. Skepticism may be srowins in Peiping ployment a million potential farms as 10 whether Bussa is all-powerful. Otherwise ~it is hardlr Corkers among the three and a By the fiaskin Service e . . . . " n a l i jmmoa Saanisn-Americans likely the Chinese would nave enterea armistice negotiations. v -h o " The Haskin Information Bureau i months and when the monsoon 1 A. One of the smallest seems to, General Spaatz 5 observations are encouraging. It is to be hoped he will be proved right by future evenis. live in th like to have ^ out several jneed of work. postage. A « Ik* U A ,, A I The 100 - Cl0 ° or more employing'" On ine MOYe \ fanners and ranchers of the south- Q- Is there s. simple way * Iwest deny all such charges. Thev carry ice so that picnic food can People today more from coast to coast as unconcernedly as are principally the sugsr~and fruit °s kepi cold? G. J. thev ^orme^v moved from one block to another. And more are'fsrmers of Louisiana, the cotton. A, Government authorities sug- " farmers of gest a large kettle or other cook- on the move than ever before -more than during the World "eS.'SoS? war U peak, when more Americans than at any former period California, moved from town to town or from one state to another, frequent- 1- hundreds or thousands of miles distant. j Eye St_ A_ Expenditure for the legisla- of the sun. Please ^ ve establishment in fiscal 1950! Q- When did Uijinsky return.was S5S.OOO.OOO. which was equiva- dance in New York? V. X. lent to almost SI53.424 a dav' For! *A. On the afternoon of April t the fiscal year 1951 the expendi- 12. 1916( he appeared in '~Le Spec-^ lure is higher, namely S61.000,000. tre de la Hose" and ''Petrouchka." j Q. Was a coat of arms ever ac- On this occasion his ballet slipper- tualiy a coat? V. McM. slit up the side with one of his A. A coat of arms, originally,, first leaps. 'bottom thicklv with crushed ice. ?*** Pta f ^ ^ ^ ^ oags or glass jars, m me vessel Thar's the word from the annual convention of the ilovers essentially that they have the work and pack .with more crushed ice. i «^^n^ Q r,«-, ,-v? iTna^r.0 »·=· r"r,;»^^^ 'T,-=r : =- -n-To^- ^i, n." ~h.i r, -n-i, ^ai^ · to ce done ss.d mere is no ade- WraD thick lavers of tiaaer or', sic , r - , - . ., ... ,, was a light garment worn bv! Q- Accounts of the speed rec-j 50 ?; " Mexico and ing vessel with a lid. as an enec- j^g^ over their armo ^ On - t or d recently made by the navy's! He ,tive picnic vice chest.' Cover the , vere pictured armorial bearings or Research plane, the Douglas Sky-] it was After usually in a bee colony? G. K. \ m S its flight, how does it land?'. A. The colonv consists of a E- S. A. Conference of America at Chicago. That's what the big wheels'J' °| TM°* TM_,^ * ^fJ^ 13 ? ^^ , la j ers7 * P a P er or 'aueen. from a few to 60.000 work-' in the moving business call their organization. ,qi~te_i«Dor supply a^ole o,ner towei s around tne kettle to act as,-_ ,,,^,^, ,_,,_ ,,,,,, ,-,,. They n vans in ing A~y peat was 817-000.000 in 1947. AH other large companies the field report similar, or larger, gains. iy Erskine Johnson Hollywood -- (XEA) -- Wanda their investigative and legal staffs Hendrix will get her first whack by men. many of whom have now;at a shady lady role in summer been proved to have been Commu-' stock at Xewport, R. I. She'll be nisis. 'Robert Clarke's co-star in '"Bad On the other hand, the Dies com-! Man." a new play. . . . Vanessa mittee, opposed by the administra- Brown, playing a night club scene tion. unsupported by the party o fj w i l i l Marshall Thompson in '"The which Dies is a member, grubbing .Basketball Fix." broke up in the lat pieces of evidence v.hich it was ; middle of tfa e scene. The last item menu handed to her ying a waiter read: er Minks." i I Fox is after Eddie O'Brien for y miiiiration. .'the Capt. Flag* role in its musical Senator Hunt aims his articie. 01 version of "What Price Glory-" Dan Daiiey is set to portray Sgt. Quirk. . . . Eddie hopes the deal gh. He told me: '"I'm a singer at heart." Rita Hayv/orth's refusal to par- bration at Reno because ''I've ,never worked in a western"' a Senator Hunt had in mind a Hollywood eye-opener. Rita's on L state department oifi- TV now as "Tex Ritter's leading experts, Dr. Philip Jes-, lady in several westerns, billed ua- ', Ov.en Lattimore, John S. Sen.-- der her original name of Rita Can- When the Brooellants are ex-\ ice ?? d _ ot ll crs who ~ e r t me ^ Sena-'sino - - -- * ' - -'tor McCartny gave tr the Tyaings s There s talk of teaming Yvonne States .oe _ S i -* a to ithan Mexican contract labor. Span- an insulator."for "the sake of ^*%££*£^ %£££ ^iSS'Sd SsTeTdSck $ uSn!--^"^- Senator Hunt should de Carlo and bullfighter poet Mario .,:^!; several tnousand drones ^ deserfc lake bed Thet:e tests !have waited until alter the McCar-.Cabre in "Matthew the Matador." made at Muroc Drv Lake i r a n committee had completed its Xo relation to MGM's "Montes and " j investigations, which are going to the Matador."'... Peter Lawford is :ars as small | Yf^f-f For the Home The Doctor Says -· - · » · a * i , are poverty-stricken in meir own f o ~ aer : e -.? -p Tr So why nor hhre them? ~ "f "."" TM.~" , ^ . T . , , , , , i CTore. since American labor .-*· -^cording to secret service Listed below are several or our j v-^ u e needed for the de r e-=e e' n S ures - Bosses for fiscal 1950, nooklets useful m the home, ineyi. TThat's behind all this? "War work, presumably. Movers say' ?ort _ ?t Decom ~ ec gjj ^, e moi-e^eces a 130111116 ' 5 to 52.065,225.97. For the are helpful for the information; thev are moving people to areas where large new plants are'sarv Vo hire Mexicans ro 'increase first n months of fiscal 1951 e * er gh l! on J ? 1any ^ d p?? Ilt;1 ? ub -; B y Edwin P- Jordan, M. D. ~ - ' ...._.-__._-._. _ , , _ _-___*. !fnn «TM*, m - m ~ amount was 52.437^33.10. .jecis. ^ou wiU nnd this little' Wriffpn fnrVT:A c PT ^; rP being eonstraeted. There is a great migration to the southwest.' 10 ^? Eeaching peaks in boom periods, and secondary peaks in' periods of depression, the moving business thrives on economic ] abnormalev. In addition to the war boom and resnltant de arguments prevailed m 1 Q- What secretary of war re- s. Princinal backers of the fu sed to resign when requested to just p'assed to meet the do so bj the president? A. G. H. A. lidwin Stanton, a holdover Lincoln's cabinet, refused to collection can be the start of a ~ of facts in booklet form \vill ahvays be useful and in- Order one or all of the heart of the matter. Its counsel seeing Mrs. Gary Cooper again-has no ambitions of pleasing those but with Jeanne MacDonald along in authority and has done a job of zs a third party to squelch ro- research magnificently. Only after mance talk, this evidence has been completely aired is it possible to say whether! On the record: Jayne Meadows, on the subject of her marriage to a film writer: "'I could never stand being married to an actor. During the first 24 hours on a picture. I get a terrible --. i-. .._ o_ ,-- i . . crush on mv leading man. Then I can and sometimes does! Senator HunL wants the activities see hiin f ighting for closeups." Senator McCarthy was a wild man, 1 hurling charges about indiscriminately, o- whether he is a careful exposer of obscure and hidden j strike those in their mature years. j° f . congressional committees cur- · But parents have a special respon- tailed because, he says: Maureen O'Hara. on choosing tralization of industry, a main reason for the migration of f am-' Louisiana and.Rep. W. R. Poage of' "eslgn when Andrew Johnson re- Use This Coupon jsibility to watch their youngsters "- - - Not onj y 1S tns ordinary Him stories: "When I reac ilies is an easins of the hottsinsr situation, accordins to leaders Texas._It is significant that, Presi- quested him to do so. He claimed The Helena independent Record for"any sign of illness which might' citizen usually denied the right to script, it's not how many pages «, *T,* ^,r.~^ ^~^ nn^r ^ ^ ^ Q ,=-;^ *,,,, TM^ ,,, -P;^ dent 'J-ruman having signed the protection under the tenure of Tnfnrmatinn P , Iirf : a! , oossifalv be nolio since earlv dias-! d efend himself against his more O'Hara. but is this going to b in the moving business. That is. it is easier for people to ^^.laV^Sena'i houses into which to move. signed _ _ . :or EUender has gone to office act. i Mexico as state deDarnnent reore-, Q- ^nat is the insect that al- i--*_^-- x_ ,. _, conc ] u a e " ar , -.vays walks backward? M. R. Information Bureau, 1200 Eye SL. X. W. .exican go\~- Washmgton 5, D. C. _. . ,, . . i enclose in com (carefully A. Tne aooalenug, the larva of WTa?ped m pap er) read a for oossiblv be nolio since earlv diag- l c e e n d himself against his more O'Hara. but is this going to be a nosis and treatment may mean a ! privileged accuser, but he is in fact big boxoffice picture or not?'' good deal for the outcome. j placed in double jeopardy. He is- Joseph Gotten, on the unhappy if there are several cases of po-l tried in committee and sub-commit-; ending in "The Third Man." Every- the ant lion, for some unexplained Canning and Preserving And modem furniture is more compact and more easy to haul' Under the terms of the bill as reason has the ability to walk back- Fireplaces and Chimneys than the traditional period stuff, according to leaders n moving business, t e passed, department of labor, in co- "- V2 rd only. operation with the Mexican government. will recruit and hire the are labor. The U. S. government will Slip Covers L How many men and women Xeedlework in the armed forces? H. A. L. House Plants A. The total number of persons xew Words and Phrases _ ____________ pay all expenses, including trans- *° the armed forces as of June 30, 'prophecies portation. These costs mav run UD 5.951 was 3.345.162. Uncle Sam' to S 200 a ^°^^- U. S. emDlover Q- ^^ are crop failures so fre- Name i com icareiuuy! it tnere are several cases ot DO-'-- ..w^......*,*. ."~ ^u^^.^,^^^- i: --~--^-- --·--- » for a copy of 'lio in the community it is wise"to' tee ' " the newspapers and over the nody chough, u was wonderful that serving 20c be oarticularlv cautious. The first : radl °- Then ' if an iota of evidence \TM 2" d I d dn L get together. ; lac 1 signs of ^ disease mav be similar! against him is found, he is again fcverybodr exceoc Sir Charles lOc'to those of any other infection: I med m a court of law: A manifest -y^ nai - 20c'Low fever, headache, dizziness, ir-i violati o n of the due-process clause l t s lOcjritafoility and similar vague symt- lof our constitution." This process was exemplified in shcrt Takcs: Sam Goldwyn's "I . Sir , Ch aries He complained .o me, to impose such a shock an old romanucsst . f i » A * » u « i MO!! HO Olir UOlu in the OC63n to S 200 a ^°^^- U. S. emDlovers, Q- ^^ are crop failures so fre- Name 3 " v,ill repay the government S15 a quent in India? G. T. T. Having revived manv o- ' decade, some people on tie we taking the gold out 01 the ocean to the tune or S83 ; 000.000 for veto the Ellender-Poage bill with has to depend on the monsoon i each cubic mile of sea water. Even some of the better scientists aU *ese_ loopholes, but didn't do r ? ins i or "^ter. Y/ith few excep- ! state think taere is that much gold in a c that is a lot of water, several time: Sam's Almanac __ 15c _ 25c are common. Many youngsters who develop ^ Alger Hiss case. Hiss rose to W ar.t You ......... ich, ouif-k ^eh^ni^ m tfep Ia=rt' v -° r3i:er - So in a sense, this is ai A - Failures of crops are more Street or Rural Route est coast now ~are~ listing on [ ^^^ "S£ ^ ^hSS *^?l\a* --------------- the country receives its an- ! in three summer' (Mail to Washington, D. C.) larger dams. Bunnin? it through a filter would be too expensive r eason given for this action \vas exceOT for our larffer bvT***s~ ' ^ ae . President did not wish to n xor our larger bureaus. · ,, ,, . . _ - - _ « . , · ~ _ antagonize congress mrther. It was A German scientist spent four years on the raiser's old yacht ^ e ^ this might ruin chances to get trying to estrae: gold from the Atlantic. He gave it up dae to ?..? e !J e f ? rice and . "" a S e control T~ -- . . , - , _ , , : , , OJU- But the strengtnening amend-he nigfi cost lor each ounce ne recovered. Jle Lad intended menis to the "wetback'' faw have to pay the German war debt with his sea dust. iittle chance of passage. Perhaps we could start with the premise that the gold in the ».^ mmmmmm ^ oceans serves just as good purpose as that buried in the ground at Fort Knox. Let us then propose that the federal treasury t claim all the gold in as many oceans as possible. Then a set'" "~ of books could be opened, filled with estimates of the gold tnus! It's (job managing buxom actress stored. Filing of those books at Fort Knos would form just as! Denise Darcel) full of headaches. f - -, ,, _, , i For examDle. I have to watch ae^ firm a base lor our paper money as tne gold now stored there, i figure constantly.--Marcel Ven- That would ease the micas of the poor congressmen who want' a balanced budget. Side Glances--By Gaibraifh So They Say Xo doubt there would be a rush of tourists to the sea shores to bathe in liquid assets. "With the dog days coming up. a few screwball thoughts may le in order. So. let us get the gold in those waves. With Other Editors Hitler and Bolshevism At a time when West Germany is being given more and more independence and freedom of action former victims of Nazi tyranny may be understandably anxious to know whether the Germans have learned their lessons from the past. Much has been written in Germany to show why Hitler failed; not so much to show why he deserved to fail. Today, in fact, one hears all too often the old claim (dear to the hearts of prewar appeasers and apologists in Britain and America) that Hitler was the great "bulwark" against Communism in Europe.--Christian Science Monitor, turo. Does a lion tamer take a book 1 of instructions along when he goes] into the lions' cage?--Dmitri Mitro- poulos, of X. Y. Philharmonic, on ·why he uses no score when he conducts. God doesn't act in your way or mine but in His way, and it is up to us to recognize His way and to accept it.--Rev. Dr. Albert J. Penner, of Broadway Tabercnacle Congregational church, N. Y. I am closing the door entirely on baseball. I might be back. I had the backing of most of the players, the fans and the umpires.-A. B. "Happy" Chandler, deposed commissioner of organized baseball. When I came to Washington I was certain about everything, but now I want to make reservations. --Anna M. Rosenberg, assistant defense secretary. COPR. 1451 BY NEA SERVICE, INC. T. M REG U. S, PAT. Off. common in polio but parents Communist auihations. I am not independent, for his own company, should not make an imaginative only referring to the conversations w ill be a western, "Shadow Riders child too conscious of the i m p o r - j i n v o l v i n g Whittaker Chambers, O f the Yellowstone."' - - . The sup- tance of a stiff neck. j Isaac Don Levine and Adolf A pe r club dancing hit, Marge Cham- In other words, it is the doctor's Eerie, Jr., but rather to the investi- pion. it's just been revealed, is responsibility, n o t t h e parents', t o " - - - - . . . make a diagnosis and all that the parents should do is to get medical help if thing serious Actually a definite diagnosis may be difficult or impossible during the first few days- Signs of muscle weakness in polio or other sure evidences of the disease usually do not show up for several days after the first symptoms. It may jbe impossible to tell until that | time. However, the rest in bed and gations of Dr. J. B. Matthews of the the kid sister of Lina Basquette, Dies committee into the Harold one-time star. Ware Communist cell. Yet, after Lana Turner is reading a Civil they even suspect any- 1939, Alger Hiss rose to the second war script. "When We Live Again."' ious might be wrong. level of state department authority. ·. . . 'Tom Sawyer" is due for a was President Roosevelt's adviser. re-issue this sum'mer The Fred at Yalta, was in charge of the San Astaircs celebrate their 13th wcd- Erancisco conference to write the'ding anniversary July 12. charter of the United Nations and' Xo-.v even Oscar is making per- was elected president of the Car- sonal appearances to drum up negie endowment. movie business. The Oscar Jose Were it not for Senator Richard Ferrer v.on for ''Cyrano" will be Xixon's persistence as a member'exhibited in Boston, then nation- then of the house committee on un-'ally to plug both the Academy and j general care which can be given i American activities, Alger Hiss the movie? "So she's finally become interested in boys--just as food prices reach a_new_hJ2h!" early, and the isolation from other youngsters which should be enforced, are all to the good. There is a form of the disease known as bulbar poliomyelitis in which difficulty in breathing is the most important symptom " and which often appears early. This is the kind in which the so-called iron lung is used. This instrument is designed to make breathing possible during the time when nature is unable to accomplish it. Although newspaper readers are all familiar with stories of people who have lived for years in a respirator or iron lung, in most cases the need does not last very long. Many of those with this form of polio are really lucky because the paralysis clears up entirely and they frequently have no other effects. The treatment of early polio has already improved enormously with the use of hot-wet packs and other measures. It is continuing to improve. With early diagnosis and prompt number treatment of those an enormous stricken with polio are recovering completely or so nearly so that they have little or no trouble leading normal lives in later years. would today be in a high position, able to influence American policy on behalf of Soviet Russia. Too many men of Hiss's calibre and' breeding in the United States and' other countries have been involved. in these intrigues, for the pattern! to be longer ignored. ! If there is no other justification for the methods of the congres-l sional committees, the Hiss case is, sufficient j As for the press, the mistakes of i public officials are the business of the people. Private mistakes rarely, matter in the sum of history. Public mistakes can ruin a country and j cost millions of human lives. Thej errors of our aministration in China have cost perhaps 15,000 American lives and nearly 80,000 casualties in Korea already. No American life is lightly expendable. Therefore, it is the proper and most important function of the press to call attention to official errors, great and small; to errors of judgment which have historic consequences and to seek out motivation. When a man chooses a public career, he must expect such a constant scrutiny by a free press. S o n n y s a y i n g s Registered IT. S. Patent Office "Nippy's as brave as a linon-- and speakin' of linons, how docs I know there ain't on« down there in th« (UrkT" JEWS PA PER I IFWSPA.PFJ

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