Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on January 11, 1947 · Page 1
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 1

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 11, 1947
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fBMPERATURE BEPOR1 28 £faruraim*fc x»^ THE WEATHBR Rhode Island— Considerable cloudi- neSK today. .Sunday .oartly cloudy. Moderating temperatures. "A Progressive Newspaper For a Progressive Community" Vol LXXI, Wo. ESTABLISHED 1885 SATURDAY, JANUARY 11, 1947 Leased Wire Service of the United Press Price Four Cents Tech Tigers Beat Naugatuck, 49-45 In Overtime Game ..LATE (Hy finlcd rri'ji.i) I:.M:K KI;TII r.\C'HAXGKi> Ni-w Yurk- -Dcictoi-H at French )ii,x|>li;il, wlirri! iialjo. Ruth is iiKl.ting '" recover from a aeri- i>u.< rii-t'i; upi'i-ittinti, iii'c <:Hiiti»LiN :, ih'-ir u'p'jrt cif Liu: former hnrii" inn I'.itig':' condition. At |,n-"i-i-it. they d.'Si-i ihe it MM "snt- i.ifiiirliiry and unchanged." Ruth mule! wt-nt an operation Monday. tint lias I'aili'd to rally as u;<- |ii-cti'il. Inirr,i;diatc,-]y after the op- i-iMini,. hiM doctors predicted llwl Ii" would b.,. able to sit up inn! jn-rhrt ps walk within a t'ew (.';iv:'. but he now sleeps or is .;*';ri! riin.-u-iuii?* rrios. ol the time H.T! li.'i.-s Hindi. 1 no effort to sit ii|i. oOo ---- JJO.MIJ VVAKMNG liniiic — ISi-'llsh K.M 1 ' lii'iiil(|iiur- tc;'s in Ihe Jli>lel >1)]illMt \vrre I'vnniaied at I'Jillit p. m. Koine linir (inlay when Italian (inlicc iTceUeil a lelejdmne warning tli:*t it Iiixiih had fieec phK'ed in tin 1 building, • •• ciOo ---- AI.C.'OIHlI. TANKS llartfunl The suite collected lii'il o lh;in S,'i,"7ii,00''i in taxes On nlei,|inl during the last six cinmhis :i( I'ji'i. The niim- 'Dix Oiinnnssidiier Walter W. \Valsh ti'imi-lK tepi'csents an Incre'cwe i,i .Ji;wi.i~jii uv«T -he s-.uniu period Mil.!, ION UOI.I.AU KAISK Hariri. I'll— Tin- Ilitrtford limu'd of ediieatimi is iisUing for u tn'tl- lin.'i ilolliir iiirn-.tHK ill It* liiiilh'rt hir I he i:evt I' year. This nnuld |>r»vidi- fyj- ji $i;i)l) n yelir HIMIITII! .sitlury i:icre:iMi< for (etn:li- rt" iii'd iidicr eiliif'iiti»iial ili-iiurt* niefil i-iniilnyei. ...Oo Tli. \I.\S \VKKOK Kit ll.'ingki.k. Siain The Viet i\am i.i'lin r-. ports ihnt two [-'i-fiich '-r"i,|, 1 1 -i ins luivi: IJI-DII blown up iii'twi'.'n s.-iignn and Mythu, in ('nrliii! Cfiina, the .soaiherr.tnc-st l-ri.v.i-ei- of o( > , ~'l KII.I.KO rmlllliu.v — Tweni .V-IMII- pel'MUls »'rre J,iJI,.,J ..,,,,1 ;>|,s injured in lti>iiiliiiy eeinniiiiial rioting iltir- 'Hi; Hie /.as) n.-eli. ,\t leas/ Ml) lt:iie IIIM-II nrre.steil, T»vn victims "•'•re stalilieil In ileal'i mid 17 Injlll-e:! .ves|,.|- ( |;iv. t>6(p I.VVMSTKIATIO.V ^isllillgldll. . The Civil Aeru- investlgnting Vin Healy, Outstanding Performer, Sends Game Into Overtime With "Frank Merriwell" Basket Ky TOM I'JGAN -Vaugatuck High school's basketball Greyhounds and the L,eaven- u-iirth Tf.'ch Tigers battled before !!TiO up»!Gtritors at the Wnterb.iry Slate armory last night with ail the ferocity to be expected from a fight bi!iwcon members of the' cat and dog families. They fought ' :<;r three minutes longer than regu- i •atjon time before the Tigers i emerged from the melee victorious | by a 49-IG score. ' Although Lcn.venworth was a j C nces pro.gamo favorite, actually, last t Dr.'Ames received her E. A, degree from the University of Maine in 1B30; her M. A. degree from Yule in 1936. She has been cm- ployed at the Clinic of Child Development since 1033 as research assistant to Dr. Gescll. At present Child Expert Plans Lecture Series Here Mi's. Gertrude Madigan An ; nounces Program By Dr. Louicc Bates Ames, Yale Dr. Louise Bates Ames of Yale University, Clinic of Child Dovel opmcnt, will conduct a series of five lectures, giving some of thi- bnsic concepts of the development and raising of the child, starting Tuesday, January 28 at S p. m, in the High School auditorium. These lectures are part of the adult education program. Tho weekly lectures will include: The Development Point of View I with movies); Personality (with n-.ovics); "Discipline" in the first ten years; "Morals' 1 , or Thn Child's Ethical Sense, and "The Intellectual Life of the Child", touching upon individual differ- Violinist night, the teams measured up as evonly-ns n pair of yardsticks, as tho '\2-\'2 score the of regu- kilinn playing tinn; would indicate. Many or thfi spectators sensed' that In fi game between teams so evenly matched, breaks would be the deciding factor, Actually, that's j s , hc what happened. The break came who" Bob Wtau'Yer. Natigatuck forward, went out of the game on person.'! 1* in the ovn-time period, with Naugatuck ahead hy two iioiiUs. When .S'.nuffoi 1 went off thi- fl'.'Or, Nauj.r.-i tuck's chances wont wi!h hirt!. Leaven worth scored six points in tho one min- is research assistant in child development and curator of Yale films o'f child development. Dr. Ames is co-author of "The First Five Years of Life" and has collaborated in' the two recent Yale publications "Infant and Child in the Culture of Today'' and "The Child from Five to Ten". She has published numerous technical Contractors Karaban To Press Claim For AsfodToBid Additional Pay; Says Board Set $500 Salary For Coach HAVID W. BKOVV'N Presenting: an informal violin recital tomorrow afternoon in St. Miclin.rl's Episcopal nhiireh parish house at 3:.'f() o'clock will be David W. Brown, son of, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Brown of Church street. A student :it the Yule university School of Music, lie will appear in compositions of Brahms, IJecchovcii and DitFalla. Harry Taxman, pianist, will be tlic nc:<:oni[ Another Doctor, Two Dentists Approved By VA ute and 'in seconds of play remain- : articles and films find has lectured ing, an accomplishment in time ; throughout. New England, ot which they had not been capable j A fee of $1.50 will be charged forj -u any uthcr period in ihc con- i the series of five lectures which t(vit j fire scheduled for Tuesdays, Jar.-1 Another local physician and two dentists have been added to thr, list of doctors approved arid au thnri.rod b;,- tho Veterans Adminis- U'Ptinn t.o treat lnn>n.l veterans. Dr. Fred VV. Weilc. physician, i ._. _ . .find Dr. Everett T. Rogers and Dr. Tho contest marked the sixth vie-i unry 23, February •!, 11. '.IS and 25. ' Edward M. Lcrman, dentists, arc lory in as many games for Leaven-; ^- ,s p. j-.i. in the High'TX'iool audi- j now amcir.g ! ho doctor's approved worth ar.d the second loss in nine , torium. °}' Lhc v - A - Tl "'- ;1 r;t group was eonlesics for the Garnet. ; Registrations may be made by l-vsinU Mcnl-.vHI ; contacting Mrs. Gertrude; M. Madi- Mr Vmccnt Hr ;1 |y is probably | Adult Education Center, • he flr.-it eiilzon nf tho borough this ' S ,. boo morning bocjiUM; of his work at ! '.niHrd. The orstv.-hile f'lr-.vurd moved i into-the back court, to provide ,'ong • range .scoring punch, did just that'. ; Me caged .several shots from \, fc-jl ' or better, in'jludin-.; on.-' that causfti mild pandemonium for several minutes. Thru wis the shot which tied up schot , : . !)hn , lc 0418. Large Group S Taken On Tour C lL i* III i. Synthetic Plant authorized ahjut tho last of October of lost year. Veterans desiring medical treatment or dent'il svork must first apply t 0 the Veterans Administration., 2nd following authorisation c>f '.heir olfiim no longer need to have '..he trcatmert in Hartford or by the one doctor in each area. They may now; choose the doctor to v.'hom they ivysh to. bo assJS'Qpd.. On Town Hall Beacon Falls Committee To Open Bids On $60,000 Structure January 22 Several contractors have been invited to bid on the construction of a new town hall for Beacon Falls, it was announced today by Wilfred A. Swan, chairman of the town hall building committee. Bids must be submitted on or before Jan. 22 at which time they will be opened and read. Residents of the town last year voted , construction of the new town hall, with the cost not to ex- cued $60,000. The town hall became a controversial matter when plans for the new state highway through Beacon Falls were revealccl. Because of the route of the highway the present town hall would of necessity have to be razed or moved to the rear of its present site. Following lengthy discussions on the i-ssue, a committee named to study the matter, disclosed cost of moving- the building would be extensive, and recommended a new edifice be erected. Some question remains whether tho desired building can be erected for 560,000. BEACON FALLS Mrs. Sabia, Mrs. Ferguson Named By Beacon Falls PTA Football Mentor As: serts Demand May | Be Made For Expenses Incurred For paid teachers throughout the tion. Carl N. Bair Notes Inadequate Salaries Paid Teachers In Nation Mrj. Jlocco Sabia, president of the Parent-Teachers association for the forthcoming year and Mrs. John Ferguson, vice-.president, were olTiciiilly presented to the group by Mrs. Leon Campbell, of tho aggregation are: Larry Ma-| nil ' cd 33 head football coach at "I feel I have 5200 coming," Bill Karaban, football coach at the high school uuring the past season told THIS NEWS ycsM.-r- Qiiintet Formed i *£• '•furring to a story in THE The formation of a basketball ? sL ^ S lo lhc effccl t;ial Ul ° s£h ' ;o1 tram to represent St. Michael's; board " 1 ' nu ' oa f°"' cd h ? *'"* »?: church, is now in progress, with | » olnled , h ' Kh ™£°° ] Joouwll coaon ten in mombcrs of the new squad | al :i salar -V ol -WO"practicing several nights a week in | Kara ban said ho, opplied for tho the church hall. Several members: J° b verbally and understood he was a gone. Ray Wisniewslii; Tom Wis- Wisniewsiti, Dan Mrs. Myra Nix Dies Suddenly In Middlebury ! Jl'fsldi 1 . Vinnk' toik t-v; toss in. i The Men's Club n'r the Mil! Plain • turned, and s.n himself, or. a spat, Union Church visited the Syntlict- ; nc.-ir chu north sidelines at least 2fi ' ic ruibhor Plant operated by the U. i iV.H frnm the hoop. Cool ,-i.< >, pun- : S. Tlubhor Company Wadnnsd.-iy- ; gui:i with chilblains, he -.neasured • Seventy-seven members of the i ili;- distant".', then let fly. Tho horn •' elui) arrived at the plant at 7 p- m. ; iilrw while tlio l.-.ili WES" in tho ;jir ; and woic served a dinner in -the : Them w;is novor ;'.ny question about! I ll!inl cafeteria. Following tho din- the shot, riuwevr-r. The twill cm the ; curds without ?o much as touching : the riin, bringing the entire Crowd iii it.- t'cr-t. Spectators ru.-i'tiucl oti thv 1', and it was so-rnc m:l '- Ulc ' r;Ulb momber.s held a Oni-t. h "^ n ^.s meeting and were then ccndu(:tc °" " tOU! °' 10 " ""'" i lowing local plant, personnel: mo ' ; Frnr.k Sabla. Vorno Fnulkenau. . . . sui-tacu: Clarence Nelson. Warren Moccham, - iiionts before ch>.' pki could (,(.. cleared. ' | n ., |( , j. lc[iKnri . Francis Moses, Sam H.-ilys play war; ciutstrtnd-1 H rr-.klcr. Fred Martorano, Arnold :"',• lor "it.irr loam, but Korbusic-' n n ddc. P.obert- Foils, .•ski. Li;:ivi-nw(i!-th gLiyrd, and r-'in-i ]•;, jr. Scou'J.'in. who \vns in •i-.ll. Ti.-f}:; I'lfwju-d were probfibly,' r-liMi-g" til' th" iirrangemetils, an- Ilie LWI, nest host men in tlic garni j rangomonls announced th;il. thr I'til- "i lh:ii ordi-r. | iiiwin 1 ; prrsomi wore giiOHls dm- i.v l'l;t.\- ling Ihe evening and participy.tofl startod (Vist with ' i'i 'h« tcinr, being presented with 1 The g'. iiv; .started IVist il'Jisr-Io:- of T/.ph drawing Jirat ; Miiod with ,-i huoj). Hou-ever a foul : shot by UsciikiewJM. three basket* i by Vin Mi-aly, two foul shots by li.-nl iv.. ; ,(|,,.|. | : ,n,|ii',g pi-ciccdui-cs ! Si""''for ,-ind a hcop by Jones put nt nil .'iii-piii-ts. Thr Invi-stigatiuii I ^•''•'"n'atiick aht-ad .12-9 at the end ji.ini-d hy tin. nirhniM l:i Vn-ing ; ^ j| ' f" r Period. Two Coulu by Kor- ii'inl" wi»i ,-i view to tij.-htnr re- i : 'u.-inski, on by DosltUcr and two ! h.-i-ikats hy Shei-will nr.oounted for i><>i, ' Ihc othc-r r.ftHvunworth poir.ts during the ij'.fiod, • '•:iSK.M10\VKK I.KAVKS MfAMI -Miami, Ma — C.-ncnil Dtvlghl Kl-i'iihi.wi-r will Iciivi- .Mliimi for M'asliinj;!,,,, (,,,| !lv . •;.(„, lvr ,ny ''lili'f i.r shifr spi'tit ,i i, ninth lit I 'fill I «:i-(irr:il lin-.pilal. ri'ttttng "ml iiiulrru-iilng tn-ntmrnl for a -limiM.-r oOn i.O',v-ruici.; I-OKDS ,,. c:, im[ , !in y ,i. p.. MMiinr'i'd hlK com,-,„ 1,.,-KK.rship in I'ii-ld. Davis ;:)iy:i is I'Vinl will erwt and suitable souvenirs at the conclusion: Warren Tice, .P. R. Bcrgstrom, Frederick A. Green, E. Warren J Cos. Daniel Meek. Ralph H. Rob- j ; eris, Lorn A. Dickinson, L. T. Row- ! • ley. ,Joe Holmes, L. S. Harvey, Ar- ; | thur L. Hoaton. A. R. Moorr, John ; i Reymond, William .7. Carow, Wfi.r-! I rcn L. Flodgc-'S, Albert R. Coe, i i Henry S. Anderson, M. H. Baxar- In tho soi.-ond period, two foul i irin - John E. Doegkus, William' i shots and a h.-.skc-t by SuuiVori i ^'""-'W, Jr., Hal-old D. Austin; Jo; Iwo fiiLtl.s hy Vin ;ic'.il\-, and one '• -•"'!>» Bormolini. Chester L. Clark, i ''.MI' shot ivic-h by" Joe J-lValy and J i E - H - Christol'fcrson. Gordon Hodg- iChirlr-s Ar/iiavia tool; care of iVau-1 <lon - D - H - Thompson, Byron Flc- !g.'i:iii:k scoring. For l.eavetiwoi'th I minofi Jolin Oarrigus, Robert H. ;.-:,-icrwj|| go; a foul. Korbua-ieski,! Rccd - H - J - R >' cll>1 '- willlam F ' Dc " two liaskct-j and'a roul, and p'ier-l C''' oot " Nicholas .'I. Hapenny, W. S. Tops Schools In Yule Seal Sales Contributions of .school pupnn jr the 19M C b r i ;• t m n .s Seal sulo totiiilod .^.uir'.OC. nccoi'ding to a rc- ;>crt hy Superintendent of SchcoLi Marold 12. Ch.ittendcn. Tho schools and amounts of donations in each arc as follows: Central avenue, S1CM.23; Salem, .?!)•".72: Prof-punt street. $76.31; St. Francis 1 , SfiO; I Inn Erco!<, 557.03: Ruiibcr .'ivenue. .^ri-l..l.',1: O:i.k street. -•p.-l.'IO: l-!i;;-!i schonl. $33.11; St. Twu tiro drills uvre held during Dccf'.i!!".'.'- in all locnl public schuni.i, thc report nf th.-.. supcrin tendcnl revealed. War Book Remains Four Weeks At Service For Vets Mrs. Myra (Cheney) Nix, 8.1. widow of J. Allan Nix, died suddenly last evening at her home on Oxford road, Middlebury. Born Feb. 2-1, 18G2 in Prospect, Me., she was the daughter of the ate Cyrus and. Susan (Bigelow) jhcnoy. She had been a resident of Middlebury for six yours, mov- ng there from Stafford Spring's, where she hat! lived for 50 years. ./V mcrtbpr of Grace Episcopal chvlrch, Stafford Springs, where he\was <i vostrywoman, she also yad^. affiliated J with, _t|).<j. ..Women';* .uxJiaVy" and Parish 'Aid of that nu/'ch. A past matron of Baker chnjiter, Order of Eastern Star, Stafford Springs, she also was a member of the D. A. R. chapter in Rookville, Conn. Surviving is a daughter, Mrs. Walter Peaso of Middlobiiryr two sisters, Miss Susan Cheney of New Haven, and Mrs. Josephine Todd of Hartford; two grandchildren, Mrs. Byron Janes of Gainsviilo, Fla., and Jerry A. Hollistcr of Oakvillo, Calif. Funeral services will bo held Monday morning at 11 o'clock at St. Michael's Episcopal church, with the Rev. George B. Wilcox, rector of Grace 'j^jiscop.'i! church, officiating. He will be assisted by the Rev. Winfrcd B. Langhorsl, rector of St. Michael's, iind the Rev. .Jrtrvis of Woodbury. Interment will he in Center cemetery, Norf h Haven, Friends may call at the Alderson Funeral Home. -01 Meadow street, Sunday af-tcrnoon from 3 to a o'clock. chairman of tho • nominating committee, at the association's regular, niewski, Dick meeting held Thursday. Mrs. An- i pjsani. Charley thony /33Chinsl<y, treasurer, and Miss Elaine Hilton, secretary, will remain in their offices for the forthcoming year. Mrs. William Brennan, retiring vice-president, pro-sided at the meeting, Carl N. Bair, Jr., superintendent of Schools, was the guest speaker of the evening and discussed the great need of cooperation of P«r-| lowing the high school season. ent.s with the school authorities, .cs-i --- pccially with some of the cutstand-i Local. Fans Divided ing problems, including bettor I Locii basketball fans will no di- methods of reporting children's work and more mem and supplies seasonal salary of SiXin or $50 a week. The only i«e:Tihor of i.h<; Mj'tuszewski, Ed j school board he talked to was Dr. Ed Zukowski. Thc! Edwin R - C«u-ran, Karaban said, but he assumed that since the Doctor was a regular jnenjbci- o( the board, he was authorized to act for the board as .1 wholo. Karaban said that he w,-js loid al the st.irt of lhe season ne WAS to be head coach. Later on in the Patton and learn expects added strength at the end of the current high school season when Chet Usakiewicz , able center for Naugatuck -High School .-•trong Greyhound five may join their fold. Plans are being mad-c to enter tho annual Naugatuck Y. education of the children. He also noted the increased costs M. C. A. taurney which is held fol- >l vided tonight in their supj>ort of adequate .equip-1 the Naugatuck-Seymour basketball i to further the game at the Naugatuck Y. M. C. A. Tt seems that recent graduates of Center school arc divided in their season, reported. was told of education as compared to other choice of alma maters with a por- •and far grpater increases in spcna- 1 tion of them choosing to attend the ing and costs throughout the country and stressed the inadequate salaries that are currently being high school in Naiigaluck and the remainder attending the institution of our neighbors to the ssuth. Talbot Refuses Fee For Aiding Police In Six-Day Week Campaign The "[n Memori-im" book, ;L record of loo-'il men who died in service will be on view at. the Service! bury have been notified by union Union Official Says NLRB Ruling Favors Risdon Strikers Strikers of the Risdon Manufacturing Compa.ny plant in Wator- A comi'-iraiive study and' survey on a six-day work week :n police departments is being made by At- -.orney Joseph E. Talbot for tho local police department. The farmer Congressman is ni-jk- ing a study of the issue for tnc ; interested o.Ticers and patrolmen without receiving remuneration. One meeting of the department las been hold en the matter. At that time it was believed a petition requesting the working days be cut from seven to six would be presented the January meeting of the bo.ird of warden a.nd burgesses. Action on such an isciiie is the responsibility of the borough board. At t.hc last, session of thn General Assemb.'y ;t.T effort was made to sot up a s::itcw:de progiam containing the six-day provision. Another mutter, which police ,iro discussing, is the rule governing the purchase of uniforms. Under the present rule policemen must provide their own uniforms. Duo to the extensive delay ir. the borough board to m.ike ap- paint.T.enis to the police department several patrolmen !);!ve accumulated a number of "days off" and some h;tve not had their 19-Jfi vacation. 1 .;. A question has arisen as to whether or not these men would lose their vacation time nr.d day-off .-it the close of the fiscal year if, the time hnd not been granted it that date. In similar situations in past years, ii. has been learned' the m <lid nol. lose the time. Woodmen install nr* flip i Winfield Parrel As Commander WinJleld Fan-el iBli I. ..KM r.<l,.ls. |-i,, lii' gir;it,.Ht ni'l..: A. -.On s i:f'OM) VOI.J-ANO '»''di;ili,;,— c'hangu since the i .«'!.' » b-isk-.-t to mam thn count ; -f)-lT at the end of the half in fa- . •••"!' "C t.-ie Groyhounds. PieivsTll's ; hit lei':., was his total , •»:(>.'i.".i," ('I't'ort I'-;,- the first half. In tin- third period Pin-sail got i -.hrc" baskets. Do.stiilcr one and ; Koibusirskj , L ,- ou! t(1 mn j to thc jTi-ch tol.iI L'K, For N;iugatuek. Vin I Mealy gnt two baskets and two I-'onIs. find StJuil'r'cr got one bfiskct to make the Grey- NIH-.V '•• i"'i;iin tn fi-n[il. Tin. new vol- :"" I- .s|i>shiilil|ii ,,n i-Mldciils uf vllln.iri- an- ull.hinufh t.hc 1 .ii'und score ,";() i Jn the Inst period SlauiTi'i- got | two baskets, Uscakicwicn, one, and I Vin Healy tu-u Cnuls and two b ;l s| kel.t to jvivo i\;uigy -la points. Pieri -iJill gut one basket and ;.wo fouls. Dostuk-r got two baskets, Korbu- ;'.-ii«.ki KOL tv.-o b.-iskcta, Damt.-lio j got one and Messup got one to give ,' I'tt-h nn urinal total, ' ' Overtime N;iiigHtiirl; s.'aitod the overtime : period strong, with Uac'aktewicz |-'nkitic.- (i rreo tiirow and « hoop , to give Naugatuck a three point I lend. Statiffcr then committed his 'mill pcrsotiiil with one minute and ; -10 seconds remaining-, ; who was fouled, made good hia I frro throv; 1 A basket by Moss tip, another by ; KorhiiBicski and one more by Mes, sup pave the Tigers .19 points and ; tho ball game, -Viessup's two bas- j ket.s in :ho last one minute and '10 fsecond.s were twice as many as V-.-.:;«-n-imlf bil- ' he made during the entire rcgula- l.ndtrct pftthnntp "the i tior. playing time. (Continued on Page 6)" 1 "iiniiU Isliitul. 11111 I" uny (lut)gi-r. IW'H Illrhcs ,,f u ,|,. --oOo ^ START 11KAKINGS '''"pri'itinn.t commlttrir will start "''.'ii'imrs Jnniini'y 20th on Pros- W<TH Trumnn's budget i-.itlnuite. •hi. rh.-iirmj,i; of tho group-- Re- I'liolioan John Tabor nf Now .''•' "'i.vs reductions are C(>r- '" '» hi> made. -oOo '''•X'l U.AVACANT HUOCiKT >'•»' Vnrk—Th,. prrsldrnt of "'•> Niitlnnai AsMirlutinii nf MHH- ^'iii'tiin.r.H—Karl UiintliiK—wills "on rtnlhir '» 0t <( cxtpn in Kvuns, Pierce W. Cnrew. Frederick A. Grump. Alfj-ed Zibcll, Robert Botts. C. F. McHugh, Fred A. Lawton. E. H. Caley. C. W. Jones, A. \V. Tracy, i^ce Gn.-nlgis George C. Hiihbard, ISarl Case. Carlton C. Chapiii, John Holmes. J. Donald Walker, Evcret Reymond, S. F. . Cook, M. E. Rogers, Stanley - For- j t-itt. H. W. Leavenwant, M. C. Gor-: man, Charles Cnsc. Raymond H. : Miller, Pierce Carew. E. E. Coley, '. John A. Ogrrn. ISi-iifiat C. Loren-| sen., D. W. Mantinelli. S'. I. Spend-j cr, K. B. Byam, Fred Bari'H.U, Ar- ' ui- Polersfin. Chfirles Floming.- John -I. Garrigus, Orvillc A. Roberts, Richard Dro/iscl, Jerry Cepe- Ink, John M. Reed. R. E. Booth, Emile Lnrose, E. J. Sullivan, Peter Rowak, Ellsworth Smith, G. L. Kingston. for Veterans oflice for the next four weeks after which' it will be turned over to the Howard Whitte- mrirp Mnrnori.-'! library, it was. said yesterday liy Mrs. Forri Wulfeck, >i.dministrnt.or. The book wns rom- liilrd hy Miss Helen Mnroncy. An "open hon?r" w«a declared Cor the olHce yastordiy. Mrs. Wulfeck snid it was the busiest clay for the oflic.n since its opening twu years agn. otllcinls to attend a meeting Monday morning a.t strike headqunrt- oi"i on South Main street. V/illiam MorLa.rity, international representative, CTO, Mine. Mill a.nd Smelters Union said the union attorney it) Boston h'.id informed him that, the National Labor Relations Board would issue a decision against Risdon ic connection with unfair labor practice charges filed hy the union. was installed council commander of Naugatuck Camp, No. Si, Woodmen of the World, at exercises held this week in Odd Fellows hall. John L. Loyer was installing oflicer. Other officers installed were: George Rusnak. advisor lieutenant; Ingward Nis^en. banker: William Kaiser, escort; George Errico, watchman; Glenn. Jensen, sentry; Mr. Loyer, secretary; John ROSG, chairrran, Fr.-.nk Mariano, two years, Edward Thomas, three j years, auditors; Dr. William E. Hill, Dr, c 'l Two School Budget Items Reported Over-Expended Tu'o appropriations in the school department budget have been over- expended and thi-ce are clr>so to (hi? borderline", according lo a financial report submitted at tho recent board of education meeting by Superintendent of Schools Harold E. Chiltenden. Thc Insuranco appropriation has hcon exceeded by $157.84, and th cafeteria salaries and expense by $r>-12.20. On the borderline is I'.iel with remaining jn thc $10,300 np- replacement he was assistant, coach to Charlie Kennoy. Kwrabrxn said he handed in bis resignation twice during the season, and reconsidered each lim<; because he was so urged, lie snya he doesn't see how he can bo held responsible for the poor showing of the team. Karaban did not deny tha.t In: might take legal ixctio;i in the event he did not receive what he felt wns coming to him. In his conversation with .THE NEWS, Kara ban indicated that other expenses incurred in taking injured players lo the hospital, etc., might also bo recoverable at law. Mr. K.".iaban .said for the salary schedules had been maric-ai a vcioscd" meeting of Uic board. "Dr. Curran told mo that the agreement was to pay me $000. I intend lo take steps to get wh.-i.'u !.o. .;,:.£• io me, not because of the money involved, but because of e." be said. Scoutien Guest Speaker Tuesday At Y's Men's Meeting Dr. E. F. Scoutien, supervisor of incJu.-'triH! relations at Xaugaiuck Chemical, will be the speaker at the regular ir.eclhig of the Y's Mon's club on Tuesday evening ;at 0:30 p. m. Dr. SeouHtvi will ,s;>tvi.!< on tlni subject "How Your J'rain Really Works". Tlic mooting ;.s l/j priation, S2.-17 the Edwin P.. Curran, physi- 1 of equipment, and $880.35 for the transportation of pupils. The school department budget of Sued By Union, Firm May Close The MatMtuck Manufacturing Company in Walerbury will close down Monday. Vice-president Stuart E. Judd informed employes, unless the S210.000 attachment of the company's bank account by the union yesterday is lifted. The attachment is the, result of a portal-to-portal pay suit against the company. Fails In Effort To Build Skating Rink At Hop Brook School Ground With borrowed equipment, and hard labor, and with no physical aid from anyone else, a community minded citizen attempted to build a skating- rink for free side of the plavground to form a , mission for Ihc use of the Hop wall. Then Mr. Sierakowski wetted Brook playground; and some old down the snow wall so it would freeze solid- After that he poured water over the ground. Friday morn- hose was borrowed from the Nau- gotuok Fire Department. Planning to have the rink ready ing- Mr. Sierkowski found that the for community skating Sunday, Mr. 52P.1.SOO for 1.9-J6-)7 is the largest i the history of the borough. Of the nmoum. ?S3.-i2S.2.'5 remains for current expenses during the next thrpp months. Salaries of touchers take $162,020 from t.he estimated expense of the yta\; leaving only $130,?SO for all other expenses. To datp tho depart- mcnt has received J3S.502.35 in credits. S17.213.09 for salaries and J16.fi7J,13 for the the largest. cafeteria being public use- ?.t the playground of the ! water had formed a field of ice pn Sicrakowski returned to the field Hop Brook school. Union City. But, the grounds 20 by 70 feet in size "-'- =-- "- •- '- "---' — • —.A ic'i'if! tlijiic to ilo u-lfh .roiir Xmim inoili'v—fJct ii nnlr of FIICKS quotlty Mtioi'H und rrnifmbrr your Klver nil ypnr round. Dick*, IK Uack at.. Wtb)'.—Adr. today those hopes pere shattered j and about six inches in depth by events beyond his -control. i Mr. Sierkowski spent Friday at Creslow Sicrakowski, S Crown j his place of employment, but after Direct, Union City, has had the: lie was through for the day there, idea of a community rink Cor sev- j he returned to the Hop Brook play- eral years but as happened to so | ground to work, alone, on the rink, many other things, i't was unfilled I The main job was to pour water because of-the war until this week's try. On Nev.' Year's Day Mr. Sierakowski made his first attempt to flood the playground but sleet, and too much drainage at the field defeated the attempt. Thursday Mr. Sicrakowski secured the services of the borough snow plow to push the snow to one over the field to. form a still larger flooded area to be frozen. Aid Given Borough.officials ha.d helped him in securing equipment for the job. William Moody, superintendent of the Naugatuck Water Company. gave permission to use the hydrants for water; Harold Chittenden, school superintendent, granted per- this morning. He began to flood water onto the playground. But today things went wrong 1 . The water rofuscd to remain on thc earth's surface. Drainage sucked it away, No matter how ho tried it would not rcrca'n. Tomorrow there will be no flash- Ing blades «t the Hop Brook playground. Mr. Sierakowski's single handed toil for a community project had not worked out. Yet tho labor was not in vain, For such unselfish deeds of labor for the good of all do not fro unnoticed. The example Mr. Sierakowski set is, itself, a project to be applauded. Welfare Board Meets Monday A meeting of the Public Wclfar* board is scheduled for Monday evening at 8 o'clock in Dip tow>i iia!i. Leo Scullv. Providing a quorum is in attendance, the board will transact .routine business. No important matters arc pending. —All Nnnrniitek 194T SlndrbKhrr. ritr lo In field. In tnlkluc nbotit the Hit mmt beautiful Sr* It at N»ug«lu'' I)K. K. r. SCOUTTEX be a "guest night" at which members are privileged to bring their friends. Guests at the last moctinjf when Dr. Harold E. Davids spoke on tho "Soring Eye, >° were Donal Brucbal^er. John Ronouf, Bruce Fischer. Phillip Arras, John Mont and Dr. Edward E. Lcrman. The Y. M. C. A. Industrial Council will meet Tuesday noon with President Otto .Tcnscn presiding. Reports will he made on registration for the pool tournament, and the basketball league now under way. Registration for ihc pool tournament are now coniing in x.r.<l the council urges nil men in industry who wish lo get into thn tournament to register wilh their repre.sont.'itive or Icnvc ihc-ir name at the Y, M. C. A. desk. PTA Executive Board Meeting: The executive board of the Community Parent-Teacher association will meet Monday evening- o'clock in the high school. at S —For uiinlKr l.lauor*. Wlnr». BMT«. (Mr.. SHOP TIKST Ht tlir Clt.v I'ark- HRT .Store. fMt HrMcr Kir-rrt. Promiit rlr- llvi-ry, nn>\vhrn la (own. Ttl. IgBZ,

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