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The Evening Index from Greenwood, South Carolina • Page 2

The Evening Indexi
Greenwood, South Carolina
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nro TBI GREENWOOD CTDEX. GBEE5WOOD, 8. 81TUED1T MORNING, OCTOBER IS, 1117 NOTED BEAUTY HELPS lWMftfllffrlMflffl'fl'ffr1ffffpfffflfff fWfftfjHfft iliiMirtairttyMillMlMaMtirtt.iiiWiMiiliii aMoataJaataMitakaaiaftiAoftslowAa1l LCtMl Millinery Bigjf est and best shipment of up-to-the-minute Millinery shown yet. Prices, most reasonable. Millinery Visit our store every day and see the many new creations in this department Always glad to show you.

To The Fair Wednesday, Thursday and Friday MAKE OUR STORE YOUR HEADQUARTERS Visit Us Every Dag and Note The Wonderful Bargains Offered 1 i 1 Fern Waists Just opened up ready for your selection the most beautiful models ever sent us and we know you will agree with us when you see them. 1 always 1 New Silk Waists A line of pretty new Waists in Jap Silks, Crepe de Chine, Georgette Crepes, best colors and models. Price $2.50 And up. LatMt photograph of tho beautiful; Mr, Avt Willing Aator, nret wiro or th late John Jaoob Aator, who haa living In London for aovoral MANY NEW COATS AND COAT SUITS JUST ARRIVED And will go on Sale Monday and while they last will go at very special prices. All we ask is that you pay us a visit and we will convince you we have the best garments for the money.

Royal Worcester Corsets In these goods we are showing the best values ever. No raise in prices. No cut in quality. A model for every figure, prices $1.00, $1.50 $2.00, $2.50 Bon Ton Corsets Here you'll find a most complete line of the best fitting corsets to be had and remember the price has not been raised $3.00 And year tho la now Novating har Ufa to war rallaf work, tha la ana af tha moot Industrious workers among tha society woman and nobllty In London, tho aooma to ba Indefatigable, far overy momont af har Uma la apont advantage ualy. Mra.

Aator haa won a plaoe high In Landon'a aoelal sphere, and la much ought by nobility. Hor daughter, Muriel, alda In tha rallaf work. It la raportod that Mra. Vlnoant Aa-tor paid har mother-in-law visit whlla an a ahart atay In London, Mra. Vlnoant Aator la now In Franco aiding.

In tha arganliatlon af a hospital bahlnd tha llnoa. Ivary now and thon a aount braaka Into tha nawa with Information that ha la trying to win tha hand af tha charm-; Ing Mra. Aator. Many mom bora of, nobility hava boon dlaappolntad aultora. Premiums CHILDREN'S SHOES "At Old Prices." 1 NO STORE WILL GIVE SUCH VALUES IN CHILDREN'S SHOES AS WE HAVE TO OFFER.


They will be taken in exchange for beautiful Aluminum Ware. Aak to See The Line. ALLIGATOR FOUND IN SEWER Employaa af Pittsburgh Bureau of High way a and tawara, Pulla Out S-Foot Saurian. Pittsburgh. The North alda haa been famed for many things.

Now It la tha habitat of the alligator. If yon don't believe It, auk George jlloul, a perfectly reliable employee of Boreaa of Highways and Sewera. 'Ha baa tha proof on exhibition at hla jhome In Lockbart street. Ha got it 'yesterday when ha was sent to fix aewer la Royal street Ha had lifted tha manhole and waa proddlnf to remove tha obstruction, when a atrange face, with rather erll-. looking eyes, bobbed In his range of Ale The New Rubbers GOOD STOCK NEW OVER SHOES FOR LADIES AND CHILDREN ARE HERE New Rain Coats A SPLENDID STOCK OF NEW RAIN COATS FOR LADIES AND CHILDREN.

Phone 189 "Ladies Store" Phone 189 1 i I El vision. After the first shock Moul grabbed tha head and drew forth a 8-foot alll-ntnr. Ro mot a rone and led It to hla I Jl'BY LIST DRAWN. COTTON GINNING. I.

ln Annm nnf lim'l'UT iTIt SYNOPSIS OF jthe Florida native got this far North.1 -THE LITTLE AMERICAN." Vanity cases for nurses at CAST. Angela Moore Mary Plckford. Figures For This County Way Behind Last Year's Mr. Wells A. Riley, Government crop reporter for this county, has received "the official figures for the cotton ginned in Greenwood county In Septemter.

The figures this year are 3,702 bales as against 6,807 for last year or Justrabout half the number. fled Croat Utaalea Qolna to France May Beautify Themeelvea to I Hearfa Content Karl Von Austrelm Jack Holt. Fatal Boiler Explosion Florence, Oct. 11. Silas Eaddy, a negro, was instantly killed and Bridges Cook and John Taylor, white men.

were badly injured when the steam boiler at the saw mill plant of Wiley S. Gardner blew up yesterday near Evergreen, this county. Fred Gardner, a son of Mr. Gardner, and Henry Singletary, a colored laborer, each received Injuries. The explosion took place while the mill was in operation and Is a wonder that any of them came out alive.

The boiler and the plant was completely wrecked. The boiler had seen long service and Just the Immediate cause Is not known. New YorkvKea urosa nursee four rco France to do their bit, aa arduous aa the soldier In the trenches, are not being forgotten In the distribution of To Purify Water. Water may be purified by stirring Into It powdered alum, a teaspoonful to three or four gallons. Court of General Session Convenes Here en Oct 32nd.

Jurors for the one-week term of General Sessions Court which convenes on the 22nd were drawn Thursday. Deputy Clerk Bowles states that the following old cases are still on the calendar: House breaking and larceny, violation of the prohibition law, 30; disposing of property under lien, assault and battery with intent to kill, appeal from mayor's court, murder, labor agent, arson, lj burglary and larceny, 1 malicious mischief, 1. New cases on the docket are as follows: Criminal assault, murder, 2, and about 25 other cases of leaser importance. The Jury list follows: E. L.

Dean, J. C. Nlckles, J. V. Scott, W.

J. Parkman; W. V. Young, R. G.

Mc Cants. Johnson Ward, W. Bolton, W. P. Connelly, W.

M. Rodgers, J. S. Aiken, J. W.

Blake, W. Wren, J. T. Malone, M. W.

Dlckert, R. E. Henderson, J. F. Witt G.

H. Long, C. H. Camp John 'Henderson, W. Corley, J.

J. Teddards, H. L. Booker, A. Jackson, O.

H. Cobb, W. A. Hltt, S. P.

Wright, E. O. Scruggs, J. T. Mabry, H.

G. Sheridan, J. W. Duckett, J. Ether idge, J.

P. Holland, F. P. Rush, E. P.

Pratt, P. R. Busby. German Colonel Hobart Bosworth. Senator John Moore James Nell.

Frederick Von Austreim Guy Oliver. His American Wife Edythe Chapman. Angela's Great Aunt Lillian Leigh-ton. -Bobby Moore Ben Alexander English Barrister Dewltt Jennings. German Captain Walter Long.

Count Jules De Destln Raymond Hatton. SYNOPSIS. The birthday of Angela Moore is the same as that of her country the four th day of July. She Is a typical American girl living In Washington. She is courted by Count Jules deDes-tln of the French embassy, but her affections are centered in Karl Von Aus possible to help them as he Is necessarily but a cog In the great Prussian machine.

Angela sees some of her servants killed, revolts against the Prussians and telephones the range of the German batteries to the French gunners. The German Colonel orders the house searched and Karl catches Angela in the act of telephoning. Escape Is impossible and to save him Angela cleverly makes the Colonel think Karl has captured her. She is brought before the court martial and sentecned to death. It Is then that Karl realizes he is in the grip of a relentless horde throws down his sword, renounces his allegiances to the Prussian army and the two are about to be shot.

Jules hears Angela's screams over the telephone and realizing something must be done, orders the French to concentrate their guns on the chateau. The rifles of the firing-squad are about to send the lovers Into eternity when the deluge of shells wreck the building and the two manage to crawl across the "No Man's Land" between the warring armies, dodging the blinding light of the star shells until they find themselves In a chapel. The chapel Is blown away and the tide of the battle sweeps over the ruins. The next morning Jules finds Angela and Karl at the foot of the crucifix which is all, that has been left standing. Angela Is turned over to friends and Karl Is sent to a concentration army.

Through the efforts of Jules, and in return for Angela's assistance in repulsing the Germans, Karl is granted his freedom and returns to his bandlea of comfort" The army nary Held comfort committee la planning J0.000 special "vanity" cases for tho nurses who will serve with the American troops. The articles which will be contained In the cases are: i One bottle toilet water. One cake toilet soap. One box talcum powder. One tube dental paste.

One tube toilet cream. One Tanlty box, with mirror, etc. I Though the retail value of the cases i would almost doable the amount the 'nurses' boxes are packed at a cost of one dollar. mnTioNRL enftrooy stftQicc corporation. EDITOR HEARD ARRESTED trelm, a young German-American, who although he lives In Washington, has been educated in Germany.

Karl has propsed to Angela and has Just been accepted when he Is secretly called to Join his reserve In Germany and vanishes from sight before war is declared. Jule goes to Join his French regiment. Angela receives no word from Karl, and when her aunt, living In a French chateau, requests that she join her, Angela gladly accents and writes Karl that she is sail FnrnNlies $1,000 Ball Pending Appear. anceJn Court Abbevlle, S. Oct.

11. W. P. Beard, editor of The Scimitar, a weekly newspaper publahed here, which was denied the use of the mails some weeks ago, was arrested here today ilfwofiT ees -x JPy III JCAN VOO IMAGlNtUHeO SLl I LILLY IIS AMOOeqNlOF OTCfJ Ct Hi vaATHi Ho-suit jgr'frrr-j i ing Karl receives this note and at German Coal Shortage. Amsterdam.

The coal famine Is in-creaslng from week to week Although a large numi Iber fc miners have been brought back from the front and thousands of war prisoners are employed In the pits, even the ammunition factories cannot get sufficient fuel. The use of electric power and gas has been reduced 20 per cent everywhere, but this measure falls to bring relief. Many cities have been compelled to prohibit cooking and heating with gas, npd large numbers of towns had to shut down their lighting plants. The manufacturers of war materials have warned the government that they will not be able to 'fill their contracts If the present conditions continue. by a deputy United States "marshal the same time news than the Verjtanla has been torpedoed.

Believing 4 his sweetheart drowned his whole nature (Lanees. Angela manages to reach thn chateau which Is In the path of Beard was Indicted on October 2, by a federal grand Jury sitting at Greenville, charged with making false statements with the Intent to interfere with the operation and success of the United States against its enemies. C. Wil liamson, United States commissioner grainted ball in the sum of $1,00 for tho appearance of Beard at the November term of the United States Court at Greenwood. Bail was furnished.

the German attack. There she encounters Jules who has lost an arm In the sorvice for his country and he asks that she permit a spy to act aa her butler and communicate with hla 'ENGLAND RESCINDS ORDER. British Mortgage Companies May Ke-new Loans. Washington, Ovt. 11.

Great Britain will recind Instructions issued last January to British mortgage companies In this country not to renew mortgages on American farms, but to place the money at the disposal of British authorities for war purposes. Approximately $100,000,000 In British capital has been invested in farm mortgages in the South and Middle West and had the companies called the loans, it lsTewed many farmers would have been financially hatterv hv means of a hidden tele phone. 1 HAS FOUR SONS IN ARMY The Germans fire on the chateaa, killing the spy. Karl and some of the younger officers break Into the wine cellar, and then rush through the cha See, Honesty Does Pay. Parkerabnrg, W.

Va. -Theodore Van-klrk found a package containing $5,000 In the street near his home. On In-Testlgatlon he learned that the package had dropped from an express wagon and. belonged to a man In Baltimore. When he took the money bundle to the express office he was rewarded with 25 cents for his esty.

teau hunting for tne women. Kan sees a girl disappear into a dark room end starts after her, seeking kiss. He grabs the person in the dark.but his arm strikes against the electric l'ght button and he discovers his betrothed in his arms. Angela appeals to him for protection for her women Postmaster at St Matthews Makes Noble Contribution St. Matthews, Oct.

11. Postmaster S. E. Owens, certainly has a real Inter est in this war. Four out of his boys are already in uniform and a fifth is champing at the bit and fretting about his under age.

The sixth la married an(l has a dependent family. Great Expectations. "Great things are expected from him." "Yes. Any number of men expect that some day he will pay back the money he has borrowed-" servants, but he shows that It la lm- I-.

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