The Fresno Bee from Fresno, California on September 23, 1937 · 9
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The Fresno Bee from Fresno, California · 9

Fresno, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 23, 1937
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THE FRESNO BEE THURSDAT SEPTEMBER 3 1837 Hotels And Resorts Where To Go In San Francitco IS A Nj F R’A N C I S C O S Fin?l"Modefately Priced Hirelj OXFORD Visit Of Moraga Is Recalled LEADER IN 4-H VURI RM A RIOWt 22J 2JBi3 4 COOfflUi leUMM AlONRS MABMllsSh FRESNO OFFICE PHONE 4-1415 Los Angeles Peter Block Jr Captures Top Honors In Swine Entry Competition Peter Block Jr of Easton representing the American Colony 4-H Club wu the outstanding exhibitor in the 4-H liveitock division which waa Judged today at the Freano Dlatrlct Fair C Elmer Wurth waa director of the exhibits Block waa awarded flrat place ribbon a for boara both under and over eighteen montha and for hla Duroe Jeraey entry Sidney Pemp of Clovis repreaent-Ing the Jefferaon 4-H Club won flrat prixe for aow and her Utter all breeds and flrat in the Poland China claaa waa awarded to Cheater Martin of Reedley a member of the Great Weatern Club Kemp alao took a aecond prize for hla boar under eighteen montha In the dairy cattle divialon flrat lace ribbona were won bv Floyd uglian of the Malaga Club for hla Guermey entrlca both under ana over ona year Priaea in the 4-H poultry divialon were awarded to exhibitors aa follow: White Leghorns pulleta: Firat Sidney Kovacevlch of Navel-encla aecond Melvin NUmeler of DeWolf White Leghorn hena: Firat Alvin Quist of the Madiaon Club aecond Glen Koller of Madiaon Rhode laland pulleta: Firat Edward Krikorian of DeWolf Other breeda hen: Firat Delate Scheldt DeWolf Other breeda pulleta: Firat Haig Harikian DeWolf Turkey hen: Firat and aecond Vartkiaa Harikian DeWolf LAST RITES CONDUCTED Laat ritea were conducted yeater-day in St Alphonaua Church for Lupe Vanarata the infant daughter of Mr and Mra Jeaua Vanarata of Lone Star The child died Tuee-day at a local hoapital Interment waa in the Mountain View Cemetery under the direction of the Beat Haven Mortuary GEARHART CASE I 9 — 'A diet for Gearhart or Mra Florence Natta two of the four paaeengexa Superior Judge Arthur Coata of Tuba City late laat night die-charged the Jury which tried damage auita totaling 1114000 against Congressman B W Gearhart The lurv had deliberated eight houra without reaching an agreement The Jury stood aeven to five when discharged but there waa no indication whether they favored a ver- protests of Kelly widow of the late WiU Kelly former county auditor Kelly received fatal injuries in the accident c-i which the auita are bated Roee Kelly Lund and Mra Francea Milea alao are plaintiffs The Jurors aaked the court If It would be poaalble for them to bring in a judgment fevoring the plain tlffa without finding Gearhart guilty of wilful misconduct aa charged in the complaints They returned for Inetructione twice each time aeeking further information relative to wilful misconduct The plaintiffa contended Gearhart speeded up hie automobile while proceeding to a meeting at Mendota August 22 1934 over the Kelly and Earl Van with the congressman Gearhart testified be wee not driving nt aa excessive rate el speed a wssbsr paom VALUE'!" J IS Im OM tvset gssr Taw se KRAMER'S Frans AseHaase sura TaUra-Vas Haas FWSo t-Ciel i ' " Members of the Fresno County Historical Society yesterday paid tribute to the aeh tree after which Fresno City and county waa named in a Freano Fiesta of Fortune ceremony at the Courthouse Park marking the unveiling of a plaque at the base of an ash tree planted in the park last " Captain Gabriel Moraga an early Spanish explorer named the Fresno River for the aah tree and the county assumed the name of the tree Historians my Fresno originally was spelled “Fresno” derived from the Spanish word meaning aah Pictured at tha ceremony are left to right L A Winchell Mrs Dale Rose of Millerton who furnished the tree George W Groves Superior Judge Ernest Klette J H Ferguson Dale Rose Mix E B Saunders Lynn W Austin and Cyrus Corey— Staff Photo I&f- IfXLPYOUi RUSCHHAUPT’S Store Ne 1 VAN XFSS AND FRESNO Phone 9-7014 Store No t WILSON THEATER CORNER Phone S-7UI FRESNO BEE CLASSIFIED ADS BRING RESULTS 7TTR LIVESTOCK EVENT Myron Dutra Is Winner Of Showmanship Contest In Fair Judging Myron Dutra a Future Farmer from the Henford High School won the livestock showmanship contest at tha Fresno District Fair aealnst a large field of competitors among the Future Farmers exhibiting at tha fair The contest was staged at the dose of yesterday judging of stock entered by the high school agricultural students Dutra was awarded the silver trophy awarded by the Safeway Stores and which was won last year by Bruca Ponton of Bakersfield The trophy becomes the permanent pos- session of Dutra aa it la being made !an annual event The cup waa presented by Assemblyman James E Thorp head of the Mossdale Farm at Lockeford and an exhibitor of Duroe swine at the Freano fair for many years Thorp was one of the jjudgea in the showmanship contest yesterday He was assisted by J J Thompson of tha stats department of agriculture This is the aecond year in which tha showmanship contest originally sponsored by Thorp has been held at the Freano fair In tha contest young exhibitors era given fifty points for tha appearance of their stock and fifty points on their ability to properly show their animals Madera Youth la Winner In the showmanship contest for beef cattle Louis Behan of Madera first Georgs Barnett of Madera aecond and Robert Speck of Hanford third In showing dairy cattle Myron Dutra of Hanford waa firat Lewis LJndley of Hanford second and Glen Dooley of La ton third In swine Andrew Dos-tinich of Caruthers waa flrat Frank Lowe of Porterville second and Floyd Fike of Caruthers third In Folks that get around a lot say Our Family’s Whiskey is in the grandest homes! Doc Knox covert a lot of ground up around here He'a got patients ' along the Center Valley road dear to Kelly Station Doc aays he can’t help taking note of how often you'll find The Wilken Family Whiskey being used by even tha richest people It used to be that folks with a lot of money would steer dear of trying anything but real high priced whiskies for fear they mightn't like them But it seems Our Family’s Whiskey has changed their minds Well after an it isn’t what a customer puts into it so much as what the distiller puts into it And our Family has put50odd years of experience into this Family’s Redpe of our a! MB mil t1 Capyr0it 117 liw WMw taalK Inwvwwe AMOOIo Foquavtmiila hmHw rihM Stew VMS CM Tha WNbaa hair BUMMB wmsasV— M proof- lha abatahl ahlahlw to iMa amaat an N awatha ar am aU aa “ whlahlaai am" aaaWW aahMa ass MrotsM Mha aa aiaaWa oM awM ahlahaa 4 raara oM beep Robert Sherwood of Sanger was firat Troy Carter of Dos Palo second and Harry Dooley of Han- Plaque Unveiling Honors Ash Tree County 9s History ford third B R Denbigh of Fresno regional supervisor of agricultural education state department of agriculture announced the following winners in the judging of swine and beef cattle among Future Farmer exhibitors at the fair: Duroe Jersey trine — Boar Junior pie first Ernest Blackvrll Rnrerdale: second Elmer Tarlton Caruthers Sow junior rear or older flm Morris Oendron Modern second Ernest Blackwell Riverdaie: thud Harry Larsen Banter Bow senior pie first Merlin Ouaielaon Easton second Lawrence Johnson Tranquillity Sow tutor pis first sad sec and Elmer Torl-lon Caruthers: third Melvin Tula Roosevelt: fourth Robert Sherwood Banter: fourth Frank Brrtoo Tranquillity Burrows first and second Elmer Tan-ton Caruthers: third and fourth Roy Robb Tranquillity: fifth Frank Bertoe Tranquillity Champion aow Elmar Ton-ion Caruthers Hampshire awm— Boar senior pie first Frank Lowe Porterville: srrond and third Williom Lancaster Chowchllla Boor Junior pis first and third Andrew Dost I nick Caruthers: aecond Jaarph Batters! ram Kins (burs: founh and fifth William La neuter Chowchllla Sow junior year or older first and second William Lancaster Chowchllla third and fourth Andrew Dnstinlrh Caruthers: fifth Frank Lowe Porterville Sow senior ms first Prank Lowe PortervUle: second William Hansen Kaaiao: third and founh WYUtam Lancaster Chowchllla: fifth Fred McPherson Roosevelt Sow Junior M first Frank Lowe Porterville sec sad and fifth Andrew Desua-ich Caruthers: third Joseph Batter- atrom Klnssbutn fourth William Lancaster ChowchilU Barrow first and fifth Andrew Dottinleh Caruthers : second Frank Lone Porterville third and fourth Yoshio Yokorama Central Champion boor Andrew Dostlnkh Caruthers Champion sow Prank Lowe Porterville Roland China iwine — Boar Junior pis first and second Floyd Pike Cornthero: third Wsyne Smith Boston Sow Junior year or older first and second Plord Pike Caruthers: third Robert Shattuck Kerman: fourth Charles Crow Banker: fifth Georse Arkslian Centra I Sow senior pit flrrt and second Floyd Pike Caruthers: third Robert CardwcU Kerman fourth Ansels RMfritl Caruthers: fifth Arnold Lores rern Sonprr Sow Junior pit first and third Floyd Pike Coruthers: second Leslie Orsr Caruih-era: fourth Willis Nnrrn Central: fifth Anselo RhltrttL Caruthers Barrow first and third Fiord Fike Carulhert second and fifth WUUs Horen Central: fourth Wapno Smith Easton Champions boar and sew Floyd Fike Caruthers Chester White swine— Sow junior year r older— Martin Oustafson Eaiieo Grade barrows any brred — First and second Martin Oustafson Easton third Billy Oreene Dtnuta Champion barrow — First Floyd Pike Caruthers resorts Andrew Dettinich Caruthers Fen of three barrows— First Floyd Pike Carulhert: second Yoshio Yefcorama Central third Elmer Turlies Caruthers: fourth Andrew Dosllnleh Caruthers: fifth Billy Greens Dtnuba Beef cattle steers ut pounds or aver —First Robert Speck Ranford: second Malden Faulkoer Rivordale: third William fltathem Rltcrdnlo Steers under M pounds first Oeorcs Barnett Madera: second Louis Behan Madera third YUcene Foust Madera Hetfera Inst William Siathem Rivordale second Warren Baldrufae Dm Palos third William Siathra River title Pheeo Awsris Winners among the Futsrs Farmers in the sheep Judging contest fallow: Hampshire ram 1 year or over— First W'ayno Thomas Dos Falat: second Harry Dooley Hanford Ram lamb— First Robert Sherwood Sonser: second Troy Carter Doo Palos: third Dooley: fourth Carter Ewe 1 year or older— First Sherwood econd Pooler: third and fourth Thomas wo lamb— First and second Sherwood: third Carter: fourth Thomas: fifth Dooley Wsyne Thomas wan the prtre for ho champion ram and the sward for lha rhamoion rwo went to Sherwood Rembouillel ram lamb— First Alfred Alfred Freitas Htnford Dr t year or aver— First Curtis Mott Dos Folos: see ond Frsitas In lamb— First and second Mott Fat Ismbs — First Carter: second Warren Raldrldse Dos Falos third Freitas fourth Carter FVn of three fat lambs— First Carter College Activity Is Displayed In Initial Exhibit The Fresno State College is represented at the Fresno District Fsir this veer with sn exhibit for the first time in the history of the rountjr wide exposition Decorated in cardinal end blue the colleen colors the display contains more than s score of photographs of the activities of the college' A huge map of the United States shows students from twenty three states and ell sections of California attend Fresno State FooitVl is the theme of tho exhibit John Voenes chairman of he student public relations con mittee is supervising the booth Virginia Hodman Lillian Baldwin rnd Bobbe Ann Easton are the coeds in attendance The ' ash tree historically significant locally because it is the source of the names of Fresno City and Fresno County yesterday was honored by members of the Fresno County Historical 8ociety and residents of the Millerton district when a plaque marking an ash tree planted in the Courthouse Park April 3rd waa unveiled as feature of the Fresno Fiesta of Fortune L A Winchell an authority on Fresno County history unveiled the pleaque on behalf of tha Miller-ton School District Superior Judge Ernest Klette in speaking of the history of the city and county said tha abundance of ash trees growing on the benches of the Sierra foothills led Captain Gabriel Moraga an early Spanish explorer to name the Fresno River for the ash tree Later the county assumed the name of the tree ana when the city of Fresno wss established it took its name from the county George W Graves of the Fresno State College spoke of the botanical history of the ash tree The dedicated tree was furnished by Mrs Dale Rose of Millerton Ben R Walker president of the historical society presided Eleven Motorists Guilty Of Traffic Offenses Fined Eleven motorists pleaded guilty In tha police court to charges of careless driving and wen assessed fines Citations were issued by the police to six other drivers Stanley Gourguet 536 Bond Street was found not guilty of careless driving offense He had pleaded not guilty H G Peterian Oakland and Tony Gonzales Route 4 Box 488 each paid 310 fines Fines of S3 each were assessed against Virginia Higgins Oakland: Thomas Gocgooian Route 3 Box 442 Mrs Marie Ewing 2943 Thomas Avenue Axel Samuelson Santa Crus Areta Porterfield Oakhurat Bert Duke 24 North First Street: Allan Hoak 332 Rowell Building Xita Clauenit-ser 1460 Englewood Avenue and Alexander Revels 130 Van Ness Avenue Citations were Issued to James Csmillon 2039 Mariposa Street S A Keaseyan Selma: Frank Mas-irantuno 1362 D Street Edgar Hunting Los Angeles Harley Freeman i486 Del Mar Avenue and Herbert Cooper 1913 South Van Ness Avenus THE STRANGEST WEDDING PRESENT Em SENT WHAT vou say IT SOAKS DIRT OUT OF CLOTHES IN IS MINUTES WITHOUT dlT SAftASCAH SCRUSBlNS OR g gg FOR COLORS and hands come ABSCUnsyODMl SAVES All THAT WASHBOARD DRUDGCRF-ANDYEr a area - rum mAumtmr 'ITS AMAZING' N see-eVenn' ONLY a tMtnmt gouuM in carpet SUDS AND TNESC CLOTHES WASHED Mwrr as seen THOSE GRIMY SPOTS COM4 WHITE WITH A QUICK RUB STILL ITS SAFE! NONSENSE WASHING NO TRICK AT ALL WITH NOSCKUB'aXYPCL ( weIl save the money FOR A NEW CAR INSTEAD THOUSANDS TELL HOW OXYDOL SAVES TIME AND DRUDGERY Soaks out tho dirt in record time gets whits clothes 4 to S shades whiter yet eae as cm Be for colors hands! Letters from thankful women all over “no-eemh no-boil" laundry soap is poiitntly tfi ft eoisrs end kail Developed by the makers of gentle Ivory soap OxYtxx doa thew 4 amazing tilings you never dreamed a laundry soap could do: (1 Soaks out the dirt in 15 minutes without hard scrubbing or boiling Even the extra dirty spots come dean and white with a tew quick ruba (2) Gets white clothes 4 to 5 shades whiter proved by ecientiiic Tintometer tests (3) Cuts washing time 25 to 40 in tub or machine (4) Yet so mi that every washable color comes out sparkling brilliant fresh! Even sheer cotton prints washed 100 consecutive times in Oxydol suds showed no perceptible sign of fading Women can scarcely believe these mazing things until they try Oxydol and tee for themiclvee Switch to Oxydol today! And note bow economical it is Tests show that one package will often go one-third to one-naif again as far sa even tbs latest snap chips on the market Procter it Gamble rata Mimra it im Ut NCW ‘oo-scaua-oe to Of uumtMvsoAP y

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