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Fresno, California
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THE FR Secretly Married Brain Twlzzlers To one man loved by many won by? The newer li found In Trailer Girl The Bee'e new serial by Vera Brown Through its chapters you will get a vivid picture of an artist's model who fights her way to the top It Is real fun figurine the answers It these puzzles It keeps the mind alert Try it on the Brain Twlzzlers appearing daily on the comie page THE REPUBLICAN jVOL 31 FPESXO CAL THURSDAY EVENING NOVEMBER 25 1937 Lives Wreck Victims 'Give Thanks Fresno Legislator Seeks Assembly SpeakerVPost Hugh Burns Announces Candidacy For Lower House Chairmanship Death Summons Fifth Victim Of TrainWreck Theory Overloading Of Car Caused Accident Studied By Coroner Nation Urged To Keep Heritage Built By Fathers Rev Lyons Speaker At Union Service Calls Freedom Priceless Fresnans Share Holiday Fare With Homeless Proof that the generosity of Fresnans on Thanksgiving extends beyond the confines of his own platter was attested by hundreds today whose Thanksgiving dinners were provided by the city's charitable organizations and civic institutions More than 200 homeless men at the Fresno mission of the Volunteers of America were served a New England boiled dinner with a variety of fruit included on the menu A dinner complete with cranberries pumpkins fruits nuts and ice cream was served free at the Penny A Dish Cats on Mariposa Street At the Nutritional Home the catering staff of the Hotel Fresno repeated their gift of complete turkey dinner The practice originated thirteen sears ago and has been continued every year since Sixty children and members of the home staff were the guests 1 Pri oner in the county jail sat down to a menu that began with roast leg of young pig and sage dressing and ended with a choice of pies And at the Fresno County Gen-j eral Hospital and the Old Peoples Home the qooks prepared a special1 holiday meal for the diners Campaign Opens For Purchase Of New Iron Lung Group Will Seek Funds To Buy Res-piiator For Hospital Hugh Burns Fresno City district member of the assembly today announced he will seek the speakership of that body at the next session of the leg-islature The new legislative session will open in Jan-" umry 1939 "Almost since the close of the last session" Mid Burns "members with whom I served in the lower house have urged me to become candidate for the speaker-ship So strong have the offers of support become that finally have decided to campaign for the office" William Moseley Jones of Los Angeles County speaker at the last session will not be candidate for reelection to the assembly he has told friends thus leaving the field open Already Henry Meehan of Oakland speaker pro tem during the 1937 session has announced his candidacy while Earl Desmond of Sacramento who la completing hia second term in the assembly also is rumored as a candidate "I am certain the 1939 session will find an assembly even more overwhelmingly Democratic than was that just closed" Mid Burns who is a Democrat "That will mean a Democrat will be named speaker "Offer of support have come from throughout the state leading me to believe will have an excellent chance to win The San Joaquin Valley delegation is large and it is very important part of the legislature We in this area should have some recognition and a far as I have been able to learn no valley man ever hu attained the speakership" Serve First Term Burns is now completing his first term as a member of the assembly having been elected by an overwhelming majority in the general election last year He was the author of the Burns Venereal Control Act measure directed at eradication of social dieases and obtained Jack Marshall 19 of Los Angeles who suffered scalp lacerations and acid bums in Tuesday flight's freight train wreck near Kerman gave thanks today that his life was spared but mourned the loss of his best friend and trawling mate Joe Conver 16 also of Los Angeles He had to die such a horrible Jack lamented John Willig 28 of Middletown Conn a registered nurse recently unemployed was burned on the face and legs in the tragedy that took five lives His companion Earl Johnson of Denver was crushed to death "The cries of the dying are stiU ringing in my ears Willig said "To be alive and have hope is reason enough for Thanksgiving Thanksgiving for "a priceless heritage of freedom of conscience and freedom of worship" was urged today by Rev Lyons at union Thanksgiving services at the First Baptist Church conducted under the sponsorship of the Fresno MIn Isterial Union and the Fresno Council of Churrhes A capacity crowd filled the church auditorium Rev Galen Lee Rose directed the tehees which Included an invocation by Rev Dahlin reading of the president's Thanksgiving Day Proclamation by Rev Schmalle a Scriptural reading by Rev Forest Kisenbise a prayer by Rev Phllleo and benediction by Rev Eddy Music was presented by the First Baptist Church Choir Rev Lyons speaking on A Priceless Heritage said in part: rilirrim Re poire "Perhaps the most interesting as well as the most authentic story of the first Thanksgiving is found in Gregg's Founding Of A Nation After a year of sickness hunger and Intense anxiety the Pilgrims were rejoicing that they were to reap an abundant harvest No one was sick they were at pear with the Indians God was In Uis Heaven and ail was well with the world 'These Pilgrim fathers considered their relatively prosperous conditions as a token of Divine approval The theme song of this firs! Thanksgiving was the twenty fourth Tsalm The earth is the and the fullness thereof the world and they that dwell therein' Was Key To Heritage "As we look hack to the first Thanksgiving we find in it the key to our rich heritage We often boast of the marvelous natural resources of the United Slates No oilier land perhaps haa such varied sources of wealth Our scientific progress Is the marvel of the world and the average American citizen lives in comfort and even luxury hut our true inheritance is not found in the gold In the hank vault for our most priceless heritage Is spiritual "Devotion to God and personal purity which characterized these Pilgrim fathers were built Info the very fiber of our national life to make us a great nation In their loyalty to principle In the price they paid for freedom of conscience we find the genesis to our democracy It is no small mailer in this day of dictatorships in this day of the totalitarian state lo he able to go to the ballot box and vole as we choose and worship God as we see fit- Build For Tomorrow "If we are truly thankful for this priceless heritage we will not be content until we build a heller tomorrow With Intelligent zeal and Christian fortitude we will pay the price for social and economic Justice and da our part in serving this day and generation as they did in Purchase of another artificial respirator to supplement Fresno's only iron lung now in use at the Fresno County General Hospital and at limn occupied and unavailable in emergencies Is sought in a campaign inaugurated today by a committee composed of members of the Womens Relief Corps an auxiliary to the Grand Army of the Republic Mrs Cox of 3861 Balch Av nue is directing the drive for 81500 a sum which Dr Ginsburg director of the hospital said would be sufficient to purchase a respire lor The corps will seek to enlist the aid of other fraternal organizations with the finance committee to he made up of Fresno physicians There is undoubtedly a need for another respirator at the hospital' Dr Ginsburg Mid "for we can never predict when an emergency will arise Three rases of Infantile paralysis in 1932 1936 and 1937 ail of them requiring the use of the respirator have arisen when the respirator was already occupied" One Cane Fatal Only one of the three cases was fataL That occurred on July 26 1937 when Richard Johnson 7 of Orange Cove was stricken with paralysis while the Fresno respirator was in use He died the follow ing day after a futile airplane trip the unoccupied iron lung at the theirs ever mindful that rightous- Kern County General Hospital in ness exhalteih a nation and sin Is Bakersfield Dr Ginsburg Mid Board Postpones Action On Game MedicajAide Education Group Will Study Proposal For Physician Attendance Injuries suffered in the Southern Pacific freight train wreck Tuesday night near Kerman today proved fatal to John Mulrhead 25 of 2951 Sixth Street Los Angeles and An drew Brown 24 of Joplin Mo at the Fresno County General Hospital bringing the death toll to five persons Other transients killed in the ac-ctdent are Joseph Nelson Conver 17 of 3221x Humboldt Street Los Angeles Earl Johnson 36 Kansas City and an unidentified man Coroner Lisle today an nounced he is Investigating the possible theory the wreck might have been caused by the overloading of an add sludge tank car causing the arch bar to buckle and throw the train off the tracks An In quest has tentatively been set for tomorrow at 4 Hospital attendants reported five other men under treatment for in juries suf-ed In the derailment are slightly improved They are: Samuel Jenkins 54 Mount Alba Texas burns over body and eyes William Green 49 Los Banos burns and lacerations Jack Marshall 19 Los Angeles scalp lacerations and John Willig 28 Middleton Conn fractured ribs and burns Railroad officials said the re moval of wreckage has been com pleted to a point where there ia no chance of any other bodies be ing concealed An investigation is bring conducted by Superintendent Gaylord of Oakland who is in charge of the western division comprising the Kerman district Eight Cara Derailed Eight cars were derailed one mile east of the Kerman railroad Elation when according to Investlga tors the arch bar under the leading oil tanker broke and buckled under the car lifting it off the rails Oil and acid sludge poured from the overturned cars and drenched the transients some of whom were trapped in the twisted mass of steel Willig and Marshall who suffered less serious injuries than the others are expected to be able to attend the inquest and give their version of the wreck Both men Mid their first impression was that a brake had locked on one of the tankers sending sparks and smoke up Into the air followed by a terrific crash the cars overturned Aid In Rescue These two men although suffer ing from lacerations and burns sided In rescuing other transients trapped beneath the pile of wreck age Coroner Lisle raid he expects to visit the scene of the accident again today and to question the Injured men Railroad officials said their pre liiminary investigation revealed nearly twenty five transients were on the train With the exception of those under treatment at the hos pitsL most of the men continued on their way after aiding In the rescue of the injured 3000 Attend Annual Police Benefit Ball Nearly 3 000 persons attended the twenty seventh annual Fresno policemen's ball ctaged last night in the Fresno Memorial Auditorium Proceeds from the dance will go to the Police Relief Association The grand march was led by Pub lie Works Commissioner and Mrs Jean X- Vincenz Music was fur nished by Wayne McClung and his swing band snd Hazel Arnold and her orchestra Committees in charges of ths affair Included: Reception Police Chief Frank Truax Captain Murphy McNickle Danlet Lung and Ellis floor Gash Wise Moran Kosmosky Os ten berg refreshments McCoy Roll Bear finance A Meek Baylis and Koch Bay Area Men To Aid Lodge Forming Here District officers of the Sons of Norway Lodge from the Bay Area will preside at a meeting at 8 Saturday evening in the Hall when a local lodge of the order will formally organize and elect officers District President Peter Stroms helm District Secretary George An sok District Organizer Eriing Smedvig and I Hatlen president of the Sen Francisco Lodge snd Torbjorn Gronning president of the Oakland Lodge head the dels gation of visiting officers Kindly Stranger Makes Holiday Real For Fresnan Thanksgiving was a Joyous affair for Klsling of 72S Street and his family despits the recent theft of two durks they had fattened for their holiday feast All that was left of the ducks after the raider had left was a handful of feathers strewn around the pen Pay day was a long way off snd Kisling with a heavy heart prepared to supply his family with a poor substitute for the touch of the holiday spirit As he pondered last night there was a knock at his door A stranger stood at the threshold and as Kisling opened the door handed him a huge turkey The stranger left without a word "Gee but that's exclaimed Kisling don't know what 1 would have done" Walking hack into the house he was surrounded by his children whose fares beamed in anticipation of drum sticks and all ths fixins of a turkey diaasfc Train Tragedy Survivors Look Hopefully To Future "It is a funny old world but no matter how hard a fellow gets hit there is always plenty to be thankful for" A little sermon in these words came today from the hospital bed of John Willig 28 a graduate nurse from Middletown Conn who escaped death in Tuesday night's train wreck near Kerman' and Is being treated for injuries at the Fresno County General Hospital The to be thankful for" seems to be life itself for Willig has no job almost no money and only the dreary prospect of hunting employment ever hunting and hunting for a job Having life Willig also hu hope as the Hying goes "As soon as I am able to get out of the hospital" he Mid "I hope I can find employment as nurse in some Institution I am a graduate of the Nurses Training School In Philadelphia For the last few months though have been doing all sorts of jobs I have worked the last three weeks scalding turkeys In a Fresno poultry plant" With three companions two of them were killed in the wreck Willig was riding In box car of the Southern Pacific freight The young men were going north to San Francisco where they had hopes of employment As the train buckled and eight of the cars piled up Willig and one of his buddies Jack Marshall 19 of Los Angeles were thrown clear but suffered burns and severe cuts Joseph Conver 16 Los Angeles and Earl Johnson 29 a registered nurse from Denver Colo were killed In the nau of splintered wood and twisted steel "A fellow never knows how swell this funny old world is and how good it la to be alive until something like this happens" Willig said I can't imagine how Marshall and escaped death Fate certainly dealt a stroke of lurk for us Escapee Being Blinded "If it had not been for the fact was wearing heavy close fitting glasses I would have been blinded e-hen I was thrown into pool of oil and acid that had poured out of the tank cars And that is something else to be thankful for" Marshall likewise thanked hit lucky stars for his escape "Thanksgiving Day never meant so much to me he Mid certainly miss Joe Conver He was a good little fellow and the best pal ever had He never had a chance to Hve himself la the wreck I thought- my time had come too but I suppose it not meant for me to die that And What A Feast! Marshall and Willig joined with many other patients of the hospital in a Thanksgiving dinner mother would be proud of There soup Waldorf Mlad turkey and walnut dressing cranberry sauce giblet gravy candied aweet potatoes string beans celery pumpkin pie and coffee Willig and Marshall probably will be released from the hospital tomorrow They wilt be outfitted with clothing from the hospital since their own clothes were eaten away in places by the acid sludge spilled in the wreck Pasadena Public Power System Earns 5306457 Profits of the city owned Mnnl-cipal Light and Power Department of PaMdena totaled 830645770 for the fiscal year 1936-37 The annual report of the department was received here today and shows Income from the sale of electrical energy aggregating $1-56474806 from which operating expenses of $106914522 Interest and miscellaneous revenues of S5584427 and general reserve of $22458941 were deducted Assets of the department are listed at $8890838 Lands and buildings and equipment are valued at $959394384 from which $4100-42913 in depreciation reserve is deducted The department has advanced $600000 to the city and has investments and guarantee funds Itsregat'ng $1354 56977 The net surplus over thirty years of operation is 5665810778 Mrs Jessie Savala 37 Of San Joaquin Dies Mrs Jessie Savala 37 the wife of Jenaro Savala of San Joaquin died yesterday in a Fresno hospital She was a native of Arizona and had resided in Fresno County five years Mrs Savala also Is survived by three sons Arthur Gilbert and Frank Verdugo all of San Joaquin Graveside services will he conducted at 9 o'clock tomorrow morning in Mountain View Cemetery The Lisle Funeral Home is In charge of arrangements low and the elderly men who sell their wares to passersby One spokesman for the newsies told their host "We thought we could take it if you would dish it out But two and three helpin'! Bov!" District Attorney Dan Conway Chief of Police Frank Truax and City Legislative Commissioner George Sharp were special guests at the dinner program after which the newsies were matinee performance guests of Sharp at the Fox Wilson Theater Chamber Heads Deny Traction Inference Peckinpah Lohse Assert Civic Body Moved Only To Benefit City David Peckinpah chairman of the Fresno County Chamber of Commerce roads and resorts committee and Lohse executive secretary of the chamber today denied the Fresno Traction Company induced the chamber to Inaugurate the proposal that motorized buses be substituted for the present street car system in Fresno Their statements were Issued In reply to Iener Nielsen Democratic Party leader who In a talk to members of the Democratic Table Tuesday Mid the traction firm had the bus line proposal fostered by the chamber "as though coming demand from the people" "Nielsen is mistaken In his statement that the traction company got the chamber of commerce to present the proposal to the city commission simply for their own benefit" Mid Peckinpah The chamber through the roads and resorts committee worked on the traction company for almost a year before the matter was ever Introduced publicly The traction company at first evidenced no interest and finally did consent to sit across the table and discuss the proposal Withdrew From Hcture The chamber of commerce did ask the city commission to consider the bus proposal and then withdrew from the picture so far negotiations between the commission and the traction company were concerned We had no axes to grind and were perfectly content to let the city and traction company go ahead and work out the details" Nielsen Mid he Intended no Inference the chamber of commerce officials were la any way a tool of the traction company hut he meant to Infer the traction company worked through the chamber of commerce in having the plan brought out Lohse said: The chamber of commerce rather than bring a front for the traction company in fact worked for almost a year to Interest the company In the proposed change We are still vitally interested in the project We are interested in cleaning up the city and believe no better step could be taken in the way of civic betterment than the substitution of buses for street cars and the elimination of street car rails and poles Ha! Forrest a reproach to any people' Special Thanksgiving services were conducted at other Fresno churches among them the Trinity Emmanuel St Paul's and Bethel Lutheran Churches and the First Church of Christ Scientist The Weather larat OffW fatted Slab Weather Parras S19-K21 Rrw Km'dire TeVphnne Krrann Calif November 39 1177 Fiwrra-O TIN rrMay FOK KHKSNn AND VICINITY Fall tmi'icM amt Friday probably with fng Friday mornuic: slightly molar tonight light variable tnd FOR NORTKKRN CALIFORNIA Fair tartrht end Friday: molar la the In tenor tonight fimnal Oadtttaa A further line in barometric pivmuiv haa neiurml In Ihe iwt slatee since vee-lerday avmtlnc and more art ilrd weather prevails in California where II fair rv-crpt arnne rloudinree In Ihe extreme north and loral Ion in this valley Raid ran turned In Ihe Panin- anhwral Sarnie loral rama fell on die mat gulf coast hut A Prophecy! The hoard of education last night sssr? for the purchase by the state of Fresno State College properties which formerly were in private ownership He also was author of the measure granting additional funds for operation of the state colleges He was a member of the important ways and means committee of the assembly Although Burns has made no formal declaration of his candidacy for reelection his statement that he will seek the speakership Is tantamount to such an announcement since he must stand for reelection next year Abel Loescher Will Meet Raisin Group X-oeacher of Fresno member of the California Agricultural Prorate Commission and Ed son Abel of Sacramento the commission secretary will meet with members of Ihe raisin prorate zone grower nominee group Monday night at the Commercial Club to discuss tentative plans for a 1938 industry stabilization program The meeting scheduled for 8 o'clock was announced today by A Schroepfer of ViMlia secretary of the group selected recently by growers in elections conducted throughout Ihe eight county zones At recent meeting the committee headed by Britton of Del Rey chairman asked the state commission to assign representatives to clarify various phases of the control plan Joseph Gordon West Fresnan Is Sentenced To County 'Jail Term Joseph Gordon 52 of West Fresno late yesterday was sentenced to serve a year in the Fresno County Jail by Police Judge Gibbs who found him guilty of a charge of Indecent exposure Deputy District Attorney George DeWolf Mid Gordon has a long criminal record and la wanted in Oakland for escaping from jaiL The prosecutor sail1 Gordon served year In Georgia chain gang In 1934 for public indecency and was sentenced to San Quentin Penitentiary In 1924 on a statutory offense Gordon was arrested November 3rd attendance of physician at high school football games after Informally discussing the death last week of Manfred Enos Fresno High School player Further consideration was deferred until the board has additional time In which to discuss the problem A coroner's Jury Tuesday recommended the attendance of a doctor at future football games The board decided decisions must be made on the following questions: Is the Mme type of accident probable during practice and should a requirement be made to have a doctor In attendance during practice sessions as well as regular games? In sending teams to other cities should the Fresno team take its own physician or depend upon the home team to protide a physician? Who is to be held responsible for the failure to have a doctor in attendance? Board Rule Aynesworth president of the board Mid there la no board of education ruling requiring the presence of doctors and expressed the opinion that a physician Is as necesMry for basketball as football games Dr Walter Wiese strongly advocated the attendance of a physician at football games and suggested the younger group of doctors of the city or Internes st the Fresno County General Hospital might be interested in the proposal He agreed to present the subject for Turkey Dinner Newsies To If the usual volume of newspaper vendors' voices seems somewhat changed this afternoon blame too much turkey soup relish pastry etc etc etc About forty of the newsies who daily sell editions of The Fresno Bee virtually stuffed themselves at a noonday feast served them by-George Mardikian proprietor of Omar Khayyam's Restaurant 927 Van Ness Avenue The result is a rather whispered paper mister?" as contrasted with ihe familiar shout of the little fel- ooy'a so serious that a respirator at Fresno probably would not have helped him The Iron lung at the local hospital regulated to expand and contract the chest of 16 year old Robert Allen of Tulare has so improved his condition ainre July that he Is now able to spend thirteen hours of each day in alternate forty five minute periods out of the machine He sleeps at times free of Ihe device a contrast to the days In July when he was unable to remain outside for more than two or three minutes Sunrise Service Is Held By Endeavors Tailspin Tommy Reduces More than 10(1 young men and women of the Fresno district gath- wh oxwoikw gmrrl-flr wealhcrifJ0 haa prevailed beyond ih Korkin ii nm-l Bridge for the annual aunt-nun unanoixiaMy mid in muidi Allan-rise Thanksgiving service sponsored tic mast attr but a i modcraiimi bijby the Fresno-Madera Counties tomprrturr hav occur mi in other norttnnn WndunV Fog for a while Friday mnnimg pro- v-nrtnan Endeavor union Rev Galen Lee Rose Ihe speaker Mid in part: "Some of the great days on our calendar renter around single dominant Idea Christmas brings us Ihe message of a newborn Christ Easter the message of a risen Lord But Thanksgiving Day i dedicated to the recognition of the thoiuand and one things of every day the things we look upon as commonplaces but without which life would be an impoverished affair If there can be brought to us such a sense of the value of the material social and spiritual blessings of the modern American as to make us genutnely ppreciative of the peculiar blessings that are ours the day will not be observed in vain" Special music was presented by Isabel Johnson and Agnes Babolan Hot coffee was served DIrkman Utters (Orchard TMnprralwval Max Mm Wralher Rain Stneklon St 47 Merced SI 4S Frrano 65 43 llndxav 65 37 Porterville MS 43 Bakersfield SI 43 River Keparia Klnss Pled ra 7' A M) discharger SM aramri fret San Joaquin River KervVhoff Power Houne (average for 34 hours to laat midnight) 1136 frtiwd feet Loral liatn PM 8 A Noon Ra remeter 3014 3033 3X24 Temperature dry Temperalure wet Humidity per rent Seasonal minfall to dnte Normal ralnrall to dale 1M tnrhre Laat year rainfall to thia Hale 3M inrhea Normal dally maximum temperature for November fifi Normal dally minimum temperature for hnvtmhtr 43 Highest J-citcntay loweat thta date 64 and 44 Orrhard maximum yesterday minimum thla dale S3 and 43 High end low this dele last year 7 end 41 Time of aunrtae today 6:48 of enaeet 4:44 o'clock 4.

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