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Lemont Weekly Observer from Lemont, Illinois • 9

Lemont, Illinois
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LEMONT OBSERVER SOUVENIR EDITION. 1898, with which he continued until he graduated with honors in June 1808. Bodenschats himself. That success should follow the outfitting and maintaining of a store so complete and so competently presided over is only a natural sequence. Mr.

Welch was admitted to the supreme court to the bar in July 1898. He is Mr. Bodenschatz is a man naturally now located in the Building Loan and Homestead Association buildir-g, Lemont, and also has offices in suite 810-11 Kedzie building, Chicago. endowed with excellent business quali He was married December 85 1898, to Miss Marguerite Ott, of Goodings Grove, I1L pointed until the middle of February of this year. The volunteer Are department of Lemont is an organization of much importance that stands constantly as a protection to the city against the danger of destructive fires and that serves a purpose IndiBpensible to the property interests of six thousand people, yet it is an organization that makes very little demonstration outside its duties as they pertain to the municipal function it has undertaken to discharge.

Mr. Bodenschats is a member of the Lemont Volunteer Fire Department and is always ready with a quick response to the call of duty. Mr. Bodenschats is a member of Keepotaw Lodge, Knights of Pythlsc, and Deputy Grand Chancellor of the K. of P.

order for district 14. He is also a J. G. Bodenaoliats. I HE cut herewith presented repre- I sents the drug store of J.

G. Boden. jichatz which was established, away back in the "sixties" by 6. A. and J.

G. Bodenschatz, well known in Lemont for years as Bodenschatz Bros. These gentlemen were cousins of the present owner of the popular corner drug store, by whom, in the course of events which go to make up the history of Lemont, the store was purchased in 1879. Mr. j.

0. Bodenschatz was born in Bavaria, Germany, Anjii, 29, 1868. In 1873 he emigrated with his sister to America and in July of the aame year lie reached Chicago where he immediately set to work to learn the harness maker's trade. This he did under conditions that would utterly demoralize Wold Bros. They also make a specialty of supplying picnic parties and turn out a high quality of fountain syrups of all flavors.

Being neccessarily packers of ice they also make a business of handling it as a commercial commodity and also conduct a general teaming and transfer business. Bottles and bar glassware also form a conside table part of their business and their trade in this line has assumed almost the proportions of an independent business by itself. The business career of Edward Wold, together with' those with whom he has associated himself in a business way, has been particularly bright and success ful which induces the self-evident and only logical conclusion that behind this success there has neccessarily been a history of unexceptional fair dealing with all those whom he has met in the commercial arena and that, in this age, fications and with these are combined that degree of patience and toleration of the petty annoyances with which every business man has more or less to contend, that make him popular with the people of all classes. He has a rare capacity for enjoying the good things of life as they come in his way and he is Mr. Welch is one of the bright young attorneys of Cook county for whom we cannot predict other than a brilliant and successful career.

Stand by the wheel Frank, your ship is safely launched on the professional sea. philosopher enough to. know that the WOLD BROS. happiness of life consists not of things anticipated and hoped for but of things present and real This is the true philosophy of life and he who early grasps the true spirit and substance of Mineral Waters, Champaigns and Pop. its teachings puts himself in a fair way Scarcely an urchin in knee trousers, ruffled shirt and copper-tipped shoes to attain the maximum of life's best enjoyments and to better fulfill the true of fierce competition in all departments of the business world, the goods turned out under his direction must have been invariably of the highest quality of excellence.

mission of a successful career. that does not know something about "pop," a flavored tinted and area ted water that may be found, ready to "pop" fizz and effervesce at the slightest res- Mr. Bodenschatz is a man who would have been successful in any walk of life. Ilia ideas of economy and the proper Wold Brothers Edward, Anton and Martin are natives of Drammen, Sweden. Edward Wold was born Feb conservation of the capital and resources that might be developed in any uary 10th 1887.

Anton and Martin were line of business or in any walk or avo cation of life are such as would be con born June 1st 1870 and October 4th 1874 respectively. They came to America together and settled in Lemont in 18S8. In September 1898 Edward was joined sistent with the conditions of any position into which he might be thrown and his faculty for making use of the resources which are or might have been placed at his command would have made ANTON. in the holy bonds of matrimony to Miss Annie Anderson of this city. The ceremony was performed in Bethany Lutheran church by the Bev.

Dr. F. A. Linder. EDWARD.

MARTIN. WOLD BROS. him successful in any department of the merchantile world. ure of the little rubber-wire-cork by Anton and Martin still belong to the We do not wish that he shall be sub army of those whose happiness is found which it has been held in check, in every village and hamlet of this broad in lives orsingie blessedness. merged and overwhelmed by a cataclysm of success but we do hope that J.

G. Bodenschatz may continue to prosper country from coast to coast and from the gulf to the great inland, fresh-water seas of the north. Fop is a commercial Wagner Bros. and grow rich for many years yet to HEBE are certain distinctive come. qualifications which go to make up the elements of success in every Frank W.

Welch. line of business and even after the art product of considerable importance, and its manufacture, together with the many delicious effervescent beverages that are usually manufactured in connection with it, is an industry of considerable magnitude throughout the coun of thoroughly pleasing and satisfying ItRAXKW. WELCH was born on a farm near Hinsdale, DuPage county, 11L, Jan. 10, 1888. In early the customer is learned it is only half the secret of success.

The livery business youth he left the parental! roof and struck out alone to battle with the diffi try. Xot a small concern devoted, to like every other, has peculiarities of it's the manufacture of pop, champagne, own. jsua store or J. a. bodenschatz.

culties of the wide, wide world-- Dur-ino- Hie Hummer seasons for two or apple, orange and pear cider, ginger and The success of Wagner Bros, in the juniper ale, spruce beer and all the livery, feed and sales stable business three years, he worked at whatever member of the Independent Order of fancy and delightful drinks' usually came to his hand to do whatever fully exemplifies, tlie presumption that to the deserving cbmes success. From Mutual Aid and an. Odd Fellow, having manufactured in a first-class factory of would Kive him a fair return tor his the ambition of and discourage the average modern boy beyond the hope of ever reaching a station in life superior to that of a salaried employee but with Mr. Bodenschatz it was different and he this kind, is owned by Wold Bros, of always been, in his lodge connections, a progressive member, a worker and a labor, the winter months being, spent this city. 1888 until 1801 Wagner Bros, were interested in the liverlmsiuess as partners in the firm of BranSU Wagner.

with the family of Alfred Paytie, in brother in the best sense The traits of The factory of Wold Bros is an old established concern having been first which he worked for his board with the realized that constant application to character that make him a good lodge In 1891 Brandts entire inriVst-vaH rrnr nrivileire of attending the Iliisdale her are exercised in his every day earnest work, if continued, would bear' nnamtnl lr 1 -L- mmIumiIi Mn 1jiu1i laiullj slli'lC mdia.iilufciiiiil'aiid the fruit of a rich reward. The salary Boltons death years ago. After Mr. laritable attitude toward all mankind attached to his apprenticeship to the liar nine or ten years ago the business was liich he recognizes as the greater ness maker was 30 per year not quite continued in Mrs. Bolton's name but and holier brotherhood bound and held enough to keep the average young man, under the active, management and per whose moderation will permit him ttfuse sonal supervision of Mr.

Edward Wold together by the great love and the universal and infinite fatherhood of God. but one package daily, in cigarettes lie is also president of the Lemont Building, Loan and Homestead Associ ation and is an earnest advocate of the Under whose guidance it was made to flourish and assume more and more the proportions of a large and'growing business concern. After four years of management for Mrr. Bolton Mr. Wold formed a co-partnership with Klein Bros, and the factory was purchased en but Mr.

Bodenschatz worked on and dispensed with the petty luxuries and vices so a ear to the hearts of so many young men and regarded by them as necces-aities, worked on for fourteen months, established a record for strict attention building and loan work which- has of Brandt Wagner was conducted in the old stable on Lemont street as was the business of Wagner Bros, until a magnificent new barn was erected by them and completed early this year. The business has grown by fair and satisfactory dealing and good business luanagement until one barn is not sufficient!) large to accommodate the increased stock of horses and vehicles which it became necessary for them to own, hence the new barn on Main St. opposite the A. depot. jTheir equipment of hones and vehicles is by far the largest in Lemont, and their facilities are such that they are.

always able to furnish first-class outfits suitable to the various needs of their large number of. customers on short notice. proven such a vast benefit to the multitude of people in both America and to business, promptness, economy and Eorope who have employed its advan tire in the firm name of Klein AWold. thrift, which counted in his favoi In a tages to effect the saving of money or the acquirement of homes. The detail This firm continued two years when new occupation and a new trust that was soon to be the beginning of a reward that bids fair to continue through the of building and loan is something rath er difficult to the average man and Mr.

Mr. Wold bought the interest of Henry Klein. The business was still continued in the name of Klein Bros. Wold un years of an active and exemplary busi ness life. Bodenschatz proves his interest in the good that may be accomplished through til 1891 when Mr.

Wold purchased the it by his thorough understanding of the interest of Peter Klein and became sole In September 1873 Mr. Bodenschatz was invited to take a position in the system. store of Bodenschatz Bros, whereupon lie is president of the Lemont State Bank and a director of the Lemont he gave up the trade of a harness maker and became employed in the store of Electric Light and Power company. The corner drug store of J. G.

Boden which he is now sole owner and proprie FRANK W. WELC1L tor. He was an apt scholar in the school of business and soon got on schatz, as has been stated, occupies the most prominent business location in the city. It is a frame structure and has been built a' good many years. It does familiar terms with acids, salts, brom ides and the thousand and one other things necessary to a thorough initiation fined and educated people from whom Mr.

Welch received much assistance and encouragement. At the age of 17 years he came to Lemont, where he was engaged two years as teamster for the Bodenschatz Earnshaw stone after which he returned to Hinsdale, and, after a short stay with Mr. Payne, into the deep and subtle mysteries of pliarmaceutical learning. He was soon a prescription clerk and in about the not from its exterior appearance suggest a full idea of the complete modern store that it contains, in the stock of which is contained not only one of the finest lines of drugs and chemicals to be found in any first class drug store anywhere, but a complete line of druggists' year 1876, when his cousins and employ started for western Texas in the fall of ers became operators of two large stone lurries, the entire business Interests of the store were entrusted to his manage confections, toilet articles, per ment. Finally, when the quarry busi ness of Bodenschatz Bros, had grown to such proportions that it demanded their entire time and attention, J.

Bodenschatz bought the drug store and WAGKKR BROS'. LIVERY STABLE. thus became owner of the best stock of drugs and druggists sundries in Lemont Its location is at the corner of Lawrence and Stephen streets, which is, in point of location, the most prominent of any Special attention is paid to commer Shortly after this Anton place of business in the city. and Martin Wold, brothers of Edward 1884. Arrived in Texas, he became a cowboy and for two years, principally in the employ of the Jumbo cattle he roved the plains of Texas and Xew Mexico as free as the air and as light-hearted as a school-girl, notwitstanding the dangers, hardships and privations attendant upon such an existence.

He was also employed a short time in the state of Chihuahua, Old Mexico. After being called home on account of his mothers illness in December 18HR, he again entered the employment of the Bodenschatz St Earnshaw Stone Co, where he remained but a short time until lie was tendered the position of li-braian of the Union Library, which he accepted, and in which he was enabled to attend school part of each day, and to take private evening instructions from Prof. Bobbins. Here he made such excellent use of his time and opportunities, that in 1888 he began teaching at the Hastings school, where he remained as teacher three years. During all this time he kept up a course of study and took private Saturday lessons at the Chicago Athieneum.

In 1891 he began a law course at the Northwestern cial trade, and every effort is made to take good care of this class of customers. The local patron is equally well accommodated and can always rely on first-class service. Thii feature of absolute reliability is one of the main Mr. Bodenschatz is a staunch republican, his political affiliations always having been with the party that advocates protection to American industries and strives to advance the interests of Wold were taken as partners and the style of the firm became Wold Bros. Mr.

Edward Wold is still active business manager and all departments of manufacture are- under, his personal fumes, complexion powders, cosmetics, trusses, medical appliances and surgical instruments, school books, writing tablets, stationery, pencils, pens, ink, paints, oil, brushes, tube and water colors, artists' brushes and material, drawing paper, glass, putty, and glaziers' tools, cigars, pipes and tobacco. The stock contains a full line of wall paper and includes a complete jewelry store in which are kept watches, clocks, chains, charms, rings and jewelry of every description. This department is presided over by Charles Steller, an expert watchmaker aud jeweler, and particular attention is paid to repairing of al! kinds. The prescription department is presided over by an expert pharmacist, graduate, of a well known school of pliarmacy, by whom the most careful attention is given to the compounding of physicians' prescriptions and family recipes. An important department of this store is that of proprietary, usually called patent medicines in which are represented all the leading and staple articles of proprietary goods including two or three excellent preparations compounded from the best known recipes, by Mr.

suervision. the toiling millions that constitute the American dinner pail brigade. He believes that every man ought to have an interest in the political affairs of the nation and, as the result of deep and conscientious convictions, his political expressions are plain spoken and fear Ever since he became actively con-, nected with the business it has grown steadily, the variety of product has been increased and the quality of goods has been improved upon until now the output of Wold Bros, factory is regarded as the ne plus ultra of perfection in this line. Besides almost wholly supplying the market of Lemont in which the con foundation stones of the marked success of this solid and growing firm. TjS Hont.

THE township of Lemont wan christened La being translated, means small mountain. Tlio name was suggested, among many others, by Mr. Lemuel Brown, at the meeting held for the purpose of organising and naming the township, and was adopted. According to Mr. Brown, this ha never been changed except by popular usage.

less. Four years ago he was appointed post master under President Harrison's ad- University Law College, where lie ministration and he had so well administered the affairs of the office that his successor appointed under president Cleveland's administration was not ap- sumer is reached through nearly five score retail dealers, many neighboring towns are supplied from the factory of mained until the Kent Law Sclul of 'Chicago was organized in Sept'Siilier.

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