Lemont Weekly Observer from Lemont, Illinois on March 23, 1894 · 5
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Lemont Weekly Observer from Lemont, Illinois · 5

Lemont, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, March 23, 1894
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LEMONT OBSERVER SOUVENIR EDITION. N. Pinter.' tF, five ye ago, our citizens could (J) have rolled back the veil that ob- scured the future of Lemont business men, and could have seen the position that the subject of thin brief sketch now occupies, it would have teen looked on with incredulity. The home of his nativity was Crown Point, Lake county, Ind, and though but thirty rears of aga is one of Le-mont's most popular merchants. lie came to Lemont eleven years ago, and shortly after entered the employ of Bies Sc. Co., for whom he worked six and one-half years.' Being of a progressive character, he soon launched out for himself, entering Into the dry goods and clothing business. He first opened up on the west side of Stephen lie emigrated to this country in 1854 and settled In Louisville, Kentucky, where he remained three yean, after which he mured to and remained a short while in Chicago. From Chicago he. went to Lock port where he assisted in the construction of Norton & Company's warehouse. In 1868 he moved to Joliet where he remained two years after which, in 18(59, he came to Lemont and has since remained here. Many of Lemont' principal buildings, among them the public high school, Tedens & Company's store and theDeuter building were constructed by Mr. Ilelbig. He was one year a. member of the board of village trustees. . Mr. Ilelbig reports an excellent promise of work for 1894 which is a still further indication of prospects for a more rapid city growth than ever be fore. x. PINTER- street but in a short time he was compelled to open another storeroom on the east side of the street. A large addition was built on the rear of the building, at which place he now has an enor-. mouB stock of goods. lie is assisted in the store by his estimable wife and they have a host of friends and admirers. Two clerks are also employed to assist them to handle the enormous trade which has come to them by judicious management and fair dealing. Mr, Pinter is a member of the Mutual Aid society and also belongs to the popular order of Catholic Knights of 111. His future prospects are fine, and his many friends are pleased with hisvj financial and social prosperity, -Frtedlrjr'a Hardware Store. ITU ATE D on Canal street and in i i...iHU. HI! I!BI1CIII UUIIIICB lUWIVU.I tilled with a complete and well assorted stock ana presided overoy a thoroughly competent business man. the hardware store of T. F. Friedley, is proxperous and well patronised. The store was opened in 1887 and wss a success from the start.. There is more of a knack in baying for a successful business than there i in the selling, for goods well bought are already more than half old. Mr. Friedley is a good buyer -careful, conservative and always with the best interests of his patrons at heart- He handles plows, harrows and other farming implements and mskes a specialty of metal roofing and. galvanised iron, sine and tin work of all kinds. Mr. Friedley is a thorough-going, solid liuniness msn whose capabilities Lemont Electric Light and Power Co. TT is now nearly four years since the (P first stent were taken toward the or- ganiiation of an institution that was to mark another degree of progress in the general improvement of Lemont since the first action was taken relative to the organization of the Lemont Electric Light and Power company. The prime spirits of the movement by which this organization was effected were U.S. Norton, T. J. Huston, II. Sauber, J. U. Bodenschatz and P. A. L. O. Valentien. NE of the neatest and prettiest barber shops in Lemont or, in fact, to be found anywhere, witn ail ap pointments first class and workmen the most expert, is that of L. O. Valentien,' located at the corner of Stephen and Canal streets. Mr. Valentien has been known to the people of Lemont since 1880. lie was born in Eilsum, Out. Frlesland, at that time in Holland but now a part of Germany, on July 7th 1844 and lived in Eilsum until sixteen years of age. On July Sd I860 he sailed with his brothers family from the port of Bake for Baltimore, Maryland. Landed in this country he came direct to Lemont where he spent one year at farming with his brother; He enlisted with the 13th Illinois Cavalry in 1881 and gave over three years service to the union army, after which he returned and, with his parents, who had in the meantime emigrated to this country, engaged in farming near Lemont, another year. His discharge from army service was received at Little Rock, Arkansas. After returning from the army and after farming one year he went to Chi cago and engaged in the barber business, which he had learned in Eilsum, for something over one year. On November 87th, 1866, he was mar-J ried in Chicago to Miss Sophia Bassen-harst, and, having previously sold his business in Chicago, on the same day RESIDENCE OF S. B. SPENCE. Nelson. Like many another progressive movement it was at first discouraged bv many on the ground that an electric gi plant would not pay here.'T'Milt ite all this the enterprising gentle-interested went ahead and put In a complete and expensive plant with the result that it is now regarded as one of the indispensable improvements and is paying handsomely on the money invested. The plant has a capacity , of seventy arc and seven hundred incandescent lights. It uses the Wood arc and Slattery in- returned to Lemont where he ha, since continuously resided, and gaged in the barber's business. In 1889 Tie. opened a BaTo Keldon building on Main since opened a boarding hi at the corner of Main, a streets, which he still cond: Mr. Valentien is a plea' man to meet, well Inform and affable. His barber shop is in State Bank building and place of resort for those who only the best of tonsorial art! SET WW 1M l- . 4 I I BBtronice IMS. Attorney Herman Welk. MERMAN WELK Everybody in Lemont knows the genial attorney Welk bora at a time in the history of our country when the clouds began to lift and the light of hope and peace and union began to dawn once more upon a united union, when the shackles of serfdom had been rent asnnder, and our land for the first time in its history had taken its stsnd on the solid rock of freedom to all, regardless of rsce or color, when the slave,- heretofore bought and sold as sn ox and classed by the Supreme Court of the United States as a chattel, was, by the mere stroke of the pen, given the full rights of suffrage anil American citizenship.. When, through the smoke of battle, Victory began to crown our effort's and the stars and stripes floated oncp "more majestically over the strongholds of Vicksburg, Chsttsn-oojra and Gettysburg, when the stars and "bar bowed in submission to our stars and stripes and the South began to realize that a slate was not greater than the United States and that,, the State's Rights idea was a dogma of the past and order was restored out of chsK, it was then, sinidst those stirring times of our country's peril that Herman Welk, the subject o( our sketch wss born on March 4, 1864, st Springfield, Illinois, the cspital of his native state. .. When Herman Welk was about four years old - his parents removed to Aurora, 111., where he remained until abont eighteen years old. It was here lie received his early education in the public schools under Prof. Powell who is now . Superintendent of the public, schools in Washington, D. C. As a school boy Herman Welk made rapid progress in his studies, alwavs ranking among the first. Feeling the need of a higher course of study and knowing full well that one cannot be. too well educated to cope with the realities of the business world, Mr. Welk packed his trunk for Valparaiso, Ind., where he completed his cnllegeate course, graduating with high honors, snd receiving the degree of Bachelor of Science, and also the degree of Bachelor of Laws, so that now he ranks ss, Herman Welk B. 8., L. L. B. - He wss made president of the Star Literary Society and after graduating in sciences wss unanimously elected, president of the Alumni Association. Alter graduating in law lie was examined and granted license to practice in Illinois snd Indiana and in the United States courts. As a boy his ambition was always to be a lawyer as a man ma ambition is fully realized. In June 1888 with, the license in his pocket and two sheep-skins under his. arm, AttorniWMiwwiHiBV' health. Later the doctor entered upon and finished a two years course in the medical department of the University at Ann Arbor, Mich. From there he came to Chicago and continued the study of medicine at the Northwestern University, from which he graduated as stated, in 1882. Since coming to Lemont Dr. Pickeriil has been accorded a measure of recognition not usually enjoyed by young physicians. His thorough Qualifications for the profession of physician and surgeon have secured for him in addition to a large general practice the offices of Surgeon for the Western Stone Co, Surgeon for the McMyler Manufacturing . i ' : -. ' ., .'". . :- ' V.: '' ! J.ft: :.. ' v - v-; '' ( . -'.:'' DIl. J.. THOMAS PICKERILL. avsur T., F. FRIEDLEY 8 HARDWARE STOKE. have been proven by hi' success, is of a sociable disposition and is well liked in all circles of his acquaintance. Before his coming here to engage in business he wss a locomotive engineer on the Chicago, St. Paul Minneapolis and Northwestern railway, and previous to that was an export machinist at Baraboo, Wisconsin, for the same company. He is a member -i the Knights of Pythias and " vpendent Order Mutual Aid lodges. . Jacob Helbhr. pTACOB IIELBIG, one of the oldest, y I largest and best contractors of Le-J mont was born in Rhine Pfaltz, Germany September 16th 1834. Ev''c .-.'ir''.-' : HERMAN WELK. ATTORNEY AT LAW. candescent lights and is operated by an Armington & Simmons IS hone power high speed engine. The lights furnished by this plant are noticeable for their steadiness and brilliancy and are up to the highest standard oi excellence. The growing dt-mand for the commodity of the Lemont Electric Light and Power company will soon necessitate the addition of oce or two more dynamos the purchase of a larger en gine and removal to more commodi ous quarters, it is a success. The time consumed by Mr. Valentien's voyage to America was nine weeks and three days, during which he accom plished the remarkable feat of learning to understand and speak intelligibly the English language. His Enirli" is now ereellmt and. without awnsf D ITIm ! 1.-.. H.J f. birth of eleven children, eight of are living. ( tranger among strangers, and flung ma sumgieto the breeze, with the inscription, "Herman Welk, Attorney at Law," like the man, plain and simuie. soon aiterwsrds us roox nn- r-to himself a life partuer and married Miss Harriet Hefti, also a 'graduate, who is to him an ideal companion and helpmate, Like Agnes in David Coppcrfleld, sue is ever pointing up ward. Shortly after Attorney Wclk's ar rival in Lemont, Gov N. J, Brown recognized in him the right kind of a man to look after his immense business interests at Lemont, and im mediately put him in entire charge of the same, where he has ever since remained in successful management People of many nationalities nock to hi in for advice and help. ' The secret of this is soon apparent to one acquainted with the gentleman. He is kind, courteous, just snd honest to all, and these qualities, added to his thorough knowledge of law, and his excellent business quslities make of him a power soon recognized. At torney Welk . believes thst a lawyer should be a good general uracti tioner before branching out into any special line, so be bss thus tar done a general legal business. As a justice, Judge Welk ever bad before him his fuTorite motto, "Let justice be done though the Heavens fall." As a lawer, Mr. welk is a bard fighter, and already ranks - high among the profession. He nas been unusually successful. He is humane and sympsMietic and his In-art is filled with the milk of human kindness. Dr. J. Thomas Plckerlll. N elegantly fitted office apartments over PeiiTer's drag store may be found the office of Dr. J. Thomas Pickeriil, a gentleman of the medical profession whose merits as a physician have, within the comparatively brief time .of two years, placed him in the foremost nrofessional ranks of Lemont. After graduating with high honors from the medical department of the Northwestern University of Chicago in the spring of 1892 Dr. Pickeriil came dir ect to Lemont, and as subsequent events have proved, successfully established himself as a practicioner in this city, He was born on a farm, nearCazenovia, Woodford county, 111., where the first twelve years of his life were spent in just the kind of atmosphere that has , in their boyhood days, developed the sinews and built the tissues of great men At the age of twelve years he moved to Eureka, 111., where be took the high school studies And afterward entered upon the regular course of studies at Eureka College which however he was not able to pursue on account of 111 Co;, and local Surgeon for the Chicago & Alton R. K. Co. His book cases are replete with volumes of the latest works of the best medical authorities. ' The doctor is a courteous and affable gentleman and possesses in addition to hi exceptional professional qualifications an overflowing measure of brilliant social characteristics. St. Patrick Church. T. PATRICK'S ROMAN CATH OLIC CHURCH was established as an out mission church from T JUtVrmrr an1 nra A-rat nitaairlorl avop ti uvwpviv iva nana ui ati fa 04iA-i.--iya utw Father Dorney, now of Chicago, then of the Lockport pastorate. The first resident paHor was Father Hogan, now pastor at IlVvard, 111. Father Hugan was follrtWedjn the or- no w of E vanston ; Rev. J . ( 1 0illan, now pastor of All Saint's church, Chicago, where he succeeded the Right Rev. Bishop Dunn, and, three months ago by the Rev. Father M. -O'Brien, whose place, on account of sickness, Is being filled by the Rev. J. J. Morrissey, of Joliet St Patrick's parish boasts one of the best parochial schools in the state. It is located on Illinois street, is pre sided over by the Dominican sisters and has a pupilage of about one hundred and fifty. The church has in the neighborhood of five hudred communnicants. Ijemont Continued. THE city hall is an improvement the acquisition of which gave to the people of Lemont one of the most substantial and valuable improvements that have been made since the building of the high school in 1869 an improve ment that will stand perhaps for cen turies as a monument to enterprise, intelligence and progressive spirit of the people of the present Lemont Among other: notable and valuable improvements is that of the Lemont Electric Light and Power company by which is used the Wood arc andSlattery incandescent lights and by which the service rendered the. citizens of this city are up to the highest standard. WATER The water supply of Lemont Is of the purest and best It is drawn from deep artesian wells and pumped from the central station on Stephen street through water mains to almost every residence and place of business in the city. For fire, water is supplied from a large emergency reservoir from which it can be sent, if necessary, under high pres- BU1T B11U 111 UlUUlllimi 4IUillUlilCB UJ three powerful steam pumps to the firemen in any part of the city. Apropos of this it is in order to say that Ijemont has a most thoroughly equipped volunteer fire drpartment divided into three companies and commanded by Joseph Gerharz, a competent and experienced chief, at one time member of the fire department of Chicago. Good streets prevail throughout the city, the foundation for which is solid rack. There are many beautiful residences in various parts of the city. Taken all in all Lemont is a city of great and varied resources and many advantages a city which, as decade after decade rolls off the brink of time into the fathomless abyss of eternity is bound to grow and improve and develop along the lines that make for beauty and commercial and industrial importance

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