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Lemont, Illinois
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I I. LEMONT OBSERVER SOUVENIR EDITION. Geo. A. Weimer, posits of from 60 cents per month up, loans money at a fixed premium, pays after his return from Europe he devoted his time to the teaching of languages and science.

This was a favorite work TOFULAB, well liked and able in book value- on withdrawals of stock over 6 years old and on withdrawals of business affairs, Mr. George A. -1 Weimer is one of the brightest of young public men. He was "The uncertainties of human life and health, and the effects of these on the well-being of those who are dependent for their subsistence on human labor, are too manifest not to nave arrested the attention of men in all ages, and to have taxed their ingenuity to guard and he gave it his most earnest and devoted attention until he was induced to take up the study of medicine with Dr. stock less than 6 years old, pays a certain fixed premium, besides an annual 6 per cent interest for the average time.

born in Lemont, una 5, 1882. In 1865 his parents moved to New Buffalo, of building and loan transactions in England: "Two societies, (associations) in Bradford, Yorkshire, alone receive 900,000 per annum, and have 20,000 contributing members. Other large towns in the provinces are not far behind, and in London the societies are numerous and in the main prosperous. The Boyal commissioners in 1878 assumed that building societies had a subscribed capital of over 9,000,000, a loan or deposit capital of over 8,000,000, over It has built over S00 houses and is in Michigan, where in due time he beoamej against them. It is probable, therefore, Horace Wardner, then superintendent of the Southern Illinois Hospital for the Insane at Anna, 111.

After remaining at Anna for some time he continued the study of medicine at Bush Medical Col excellent shape flnencially. The names of its officers are a full warrant of its reliability aud worthiness of full public confidence. an: T.J. Huston, lege, Chicago, from which he graduated as a full fledged M. D.

in 1884 Secy; J. G. Bodenscbatz, Pres; H- Norton, Treas. 17,00000 total assets, over 16,000,000 After practicing medicine for some advanced on mortgages and an income of overfillKXVXO." time in a southern Illinois town he purchased the drug store corner Cottage Henry W. Martin.

When we remember that these insti B. HENRY W. MARTIN, for tutions have been steadily growing for Grove avenue and Forty-third street, Chicago, now owned by M. T. Moss Co.

He sold the drug store in June years of the firm of H. Martin Son, founded by his -father, II 1898 and begun the practice of medicine Martin, a quarter of a century ago was born in DuPage county on a farm not over 80 years since the above statement was made, we get some conception of the enormous building and loan transactions of England, and in America the business has assumed proportions equally as great. again in Tama county Iowa, where he remained until Deo. 1893 when he re many miles from Lemont Mr. Martin has been known, in a busi turned to Chicago and located an office at 4806 Halsted street It was by request of Mrs.

Dr. Roberts that the ness way to the people of Lemont since the beginning of his father's business in It is more than probable that there was a time when our pre-historic an doctor was induced to open an office in which he was not at first interested as a cestors knew nooning of unity in action Lemont which he did last December. Dr. Wardner was married in June 1887 to Miss Eva G. daughter of Mr.

and Mrs. John A. Anderson, and one of the brightest and best known of the society young ladies of Lemont There further than of the individual, but as the light of advancing ages broke over them, and by a slow and measured series of evolutions the necessity of harmonious and united action on the part of the many, became apparent, families were formed and patriarchial governments were instituted, out of which grew, as time rolled on, the tribal nave oeen oorn to ur. ana Airs, waraner two children, a boy now aged two, and a gin ageaiour years, orignt nttie folks that are a blessing; and a continual OE. A.

WITHER. source of joy in the home. that traces of some sort of institution corresponding more or less closely to the friendly societies of modern Europe, government whose powers were vested in a chief and so on, each stride in the advancement of civilization being marked by a corresponding develop wnen we say mat in. waraner is a deep student it is doubtful whether we will convey Just the idea that will express his deep attachment for and devotion to the studies in which he has become interested. There is an old saving ment of the idea of co-operation.

might be found whenever mankind have not depended for their means of living on the spontaneous products of the soil At all events they had their to the effect that still water runs deep. Thus the conditions which make pos Dr. Wardner's disposition is quiet and unobtrusive but underlying all this calm sible the modern Building and Loan RESIDENCE OF B. W. MARTIN.

a pupil in the public school and began to acquire his primary education. In 1877 his parents returned to Lemont where Mr. Weimer has been a resident ever since. His schooling was continued for some time in Lemont after which he secured a position as cash boy and soon became a department clerk for Canon Pirie Scott of Chicago. After a little while he accepted the position of cashier for Stettaur Bros, which he retained until the firm's failure.

He then returned to Lemont and entered the em-dIot of Bodenschatt Bros, by whom he partner but in which he bought an in exterior is a wonderful, scientific and historio knowledge which makes his conversation brilliant, instructive and terest and became an active partner at the time the business became that of a firm. delightfully entertaining. Since turning his attention to the subject of medicine he has not only made it a profound study in the past but, believing in constant growth and Mr. Martin is practically a retired merchant and resides in an elegant resi was engaged as drug clerk and assistant Development, is xoiiowing various lines of investigation which enable him to dence on Illinois street, the business of H. Martin Son having been sold last in the Dostofflee.

spring to P. A. Nelson. He is, and has Mr. Weimer continued in the drug constantly Keep apace witn tne new medical truths that are every now and then coming to light This is the sort been for years, a pillar of the Methodist church of this city.

business in the employ of J. O. Boden-schatz, Warner Peiffer and P. Peiffer until Mar. 1893.

In 1886 he ran for the oi stuay ana application tnat maxes excellence and the highest proficiency in professional life and is the sort omce of town clerk. He was elected and Dr. M. 8. Wardner.

oi oevotion tnat can be inspirea only try remained in that office continuously un WAY back in the forties and soon til 1889. In 1880 he was appointed to tne nignest oraer oi proiessionai pnae and true loya'Jgto the cause by which alone the for the duties of a rl8" "ftn be attained. after the ports of China were first nueeed J. Anderson, deceased, as vil opened to the commerce of the nim-k. and was elected to succeed Dr.

Wardjgan was follcfemont at rh world a missionary movement was set, jmmm k- l- wMiwmin. uwuetw wmsie himself as clerk in 1891-98. In the' "fc I he also mates his office Iroin six o'clock nrina- of 1893 he was elected to (his country looking toward the con in the eveiinar. to twelve (o'clock noon event fim of eountv supervisor which he now version of benighted Oriental millions, town linlifa. and among the very first of the mission On October 22.

1884 he was wedded to aries to take up the work in the Chinese Miss L. V. Hettinger. Four children Empire were the Rev. Dr.

Nathan, and Olive Wardner the parents' of Dr. M. wm mm turn turn born to Mr. and Mrs. Weimer of the next day.

From twelve o'clock to six every afternoon his time is taken up with professional work in Chicago so that between the two offices the doctor is constantly engaged with a large and growing practice. John Woods. rjT MERCANTILE business of Zf4- considerable importance, which must be neither overlooked nor all of whom are dead. Three ofhe liM Wardner of this city. Dr.

M. S. Wardner was bom at Shang- tie ones were taken within thrM days by that dread disease, diphtheria. Mr. Weimer has represented Lemont as a committeeman of the Democratic Central Committee for three years and forgotten in this edition is that of John Woods, located at the corner of Stephen hi, China, on January 14th, I860, and lived in China until he reached the age of six years when, with himself and a younger brother, his mother on account of ill health, returned to her home in Western New York.

Her health did not improve and her husband returned the following year. After receiving a good primary education, M. S. Wardner began an aca- was re-elected last fall to serve another term of two years. He also holds a lucrative position under Mr.

Samuel and Illinois streets. Mr. Woods conducts a general store but like every good mannas a hobby which, in his case, takes form as a specialty in coffees, teas Chase in the Cook county recorder'! and spices. Connoisseurs in matters pertaining to tea and coffee as beverages are usuauy partial to aeaiers wno maxe RESIDENCE OF KAYOR IfuCARTHY. office.

Mr. Weimer is one of Lemont's most popular young men whose success has gone from one achievement to another until now his future seems one of bright assurance. He is the youngest man ever elected to the office of supervisor in this township, but has managed the affairs of the office so admirably and so successfully that there is hardly a question about his re-election. prototypes in the cases, boxes and chests, or kistaas they were called in Association with its perfected system of rapidly compounding interest, its perfect equity between borrower and investor and all its many incidental advantages to individuals and to communities, have been developing for centuries and its manifold advantages are accessible to the masses and-Jo all classes. Scotland and Germany of the guilds and corporations of mediaeval Europe, which were funds not only for maintaining the dignity and ministering to the oonvivality of the members, but for providing for the aged and sick.

Mr. Turner finds them in anglo-saxon An Interesting Column on Building and THE LEMONT ASSOCIATION. Vr-TIIE Lemont Building, Loan and Homestead Association is one of A fhA anl'd financial concerns of Le DR. X. S.

WABDNER. demical course at Alfred Academy and Ami Oil of these goods a specialty on account of the quality and freshness of goods generally handled by such dealers. University, which was followed by the beginning of a collegiate course at the same school Mr. Wardner then entered mont so well known that it ould seem, at first blush, almost unnecessary to devote much time or space to setting forth its many merits or to advertising its benefits, but, while hundreds of people have availed themselves of the opportunities it offer, and the association has handled over one hundred and eight thousand dollars of its members' money, there are many who, through the offers of this institution, ought either to be effecting a monthly saving of money in regular stated sums or taking steps for the sure acquirement of a home. Building and loan associations have proven in the past and no doubt will prove to) a thousand fold greater extent in the future, the beneficence of their practical and methodical co-operation in the handling of funds contributed by their members.

Co-operative societies, organized for the benefit of their members, have existed in some form, under various names, for centuries, there being traces of their existence back to the time of the Hun dynasty, in the Chinese Empire, two hundred years before the birth of Christ In a description of Friendly societies (Building and Loan), Chambers' Encyclopedia says: Williams college one of the best known of Eastern colleges and widely known throughout the country as the place where Jas. A. Garfield, William Cullen Bryant, Senator Ingalls. Cyrus W. Field and many other of the countries most prominent men were educated dUILDINO AND LOAN ASSOCIATION BUILDING.

Mr. Woods understands the buying of coffee and tea and his customers have come to rely on always getting the finest grades of goods from his store. Spices, of known purity and of the finest procurable quality are also a specialty with Mr. Woods. These specialties do not, however, in any way interfere with the high gride of his general stock of which all departments are well supplied with first quality goods.

Mr. Woods was born in Ballamena, County Antrim, Ireland, forty-eight years ago. He came to this country and to Chicago just previous to the great Chicago fire which lie saw from beginning to end. Fifteen years ago he opened his present business in Lemont which he has since conducted with growing success. where he took the full four years course and graduated in 1878.

After graduating The Lemont Building, Loan and Homestead Association was organized in 1886. Its receipts and disbu at Williams College he took a three years Post Graduate course at Alfred University which was followed by one years travel in Europe which time was England, and like the other institutions connected with municipal life, they probably formed part of the legacy of the Romans to the Teutonic conquerors of Europe The same authority says, with refer for the quarter ending Dec. 31 were $11,161.07. Its loans to the ent time have been 9WUJ7B.03 an spent in scientific research and the study of laLgnitfes. For about four years ence to the magnitude and importanct'l resources are 1108,710.96.

It 1 'ij i J..

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