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The Index-Journal from Greenwood, South Carolina • Page 5

The Index-Journal from Greenwood, South Carolina • Page 5

The Index-Journali
Greenwood, South Carolina
Issue Date:
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Th Index-Journal, Greenwood, Feb. Iff, 1982 5 Miircler susriect's release stuns Hill Street Blues TV log n-agen craves Magnum, tlfflO Naaa -x Know Landing 1 1 30 Sugar Ray IOjOO Nuraa CHANNEL BOO Nawa v. S30 Buddiaa: 7:00 Tic Tac MOB Millar 7:30 Magazma 030 Tam tn Cndtana Sloiy 10W 2020 CHANNEL 430 CMooKId u- 630 Maha Daal -i OO Iraida Track 7:00 EUan Harris 630 FhpfW BOO Naa Una 6O0 OuiarHarnai IOjOO Nawa jv; CHANNEL 17 aflSAOnlMn 735 Santord 0:35 Gomar Pyk) B05 Movie 7 CBumaa 10:15 Nawa ground and how it shaped his literary ambitions, and his fundamental beliefs about the art and craft of writing. 9-M (SCETV) Austin City Limits the Bellamy Brothers and John Anderson are the featured guests tonight. -lt (CBS) Knots Landing Jessica Walter guests as a famous designer who was Karen's college roommate.

She offers Karen a job in New York, and Karen ponders the effect such a move would have on her children. Laura leaves Richard, then finds she's pregnant. DuTrent Strokes Audrey Meadows guests as a tenement dweller who is evicted by Drummond to make room for condominiums. When she can't find a suitable home, she "sits-in" in the Drummond penth ouse, drawing newspaper and television coverage. (ABC) Barney Miller-Harris and Wojo arrest a man who chained himself to a Washington Square fence as a protest to world' conditions.

Dietrich suspects a long-time phychiatric patient is speaking a very obscure language. (ABC) Taxi After bumping into Alex and Tony with two beautiful twin models in a posh restaurant, Alex's wife, Phillis, drops by the garage the next day, meets Louie and he makes a date with her. You know Alex has to stop that. 10-11 (CBS) Nurse A power blackout hits Manhattan Island, and the off-duty staff returns to calm the patients and check the area's outpatients, one of whom is ready to give birth. Thursday, Feb.

18, 1S82 BEST BET; Hill Street Bines Capt. Furillo and Joyce Davenport are stunned when the probable killer of the young pub-. lie defender is freed on a tech-, nicality Sgt. Esterhaus finds he has a rival for Grace's affections; Renko is teamed with a partner he doesn't and LaRue falls off the wagon and endangers Washington's life during a drug bust. (NBC) lfr-11 S4 (CBS) Magnum, P.I.

Magnum is hired to protect a glamorous world-class card player during a poker game on a yacht. Eventually he and the woman are stranded on a small island waiting for TC and his helicopter. 8-t (NBC Fame Bruno and Mr. Shorofky argue over whether there should be rock or classical music for the school production of "Othello," and the students are frustrated when the teachers go out on strike. 8-8 (ABC) Mork works on Mearth's school science project, a computer, and he creates a monster.

The computer, called Milt, becomes complicated and tyrannical, and takes Mork, Mindy and Mearth hostage. (ABC) Bosom Buddies A foreign handyman falls hopelesslyin love with Henry's alter ego, Hildy. That's when Kip and Henry decide Hildy must go to her reward. (SCETV) Writer's Workshop John Gardner talks about his experience as a writer whom no one would publish for IS years, his personal back- ,5... CHANNELSS 630 Naluraaoana OOO Auaan Cay 7O0 MA.

Raooct ion) Lawmakara 730 Oick CavaB 1030 Camara 3 6:00 Snaak Pravua 111 Openlina 630 WraarWrkahop 1130 Nawa play unique instruments a musician By Abigail Van Buren ee i 'y- 1 1982 by Universal Pre Syndicate h. DEAR ABBY: I'm 18 years old and don't know where else to turn. For the last two years I've been stuffing myself with food and forcing myself to throw up every day sometimes several times a day: I Just can't stop. God knows I've tried. My parents are dis- gusted with me and wouldn't spend a dime to get me cured.

I really can't blame them since I got myself into this. I saw a doctor just once, and he said it was a matter of self-control. Abby if I could control myself I wouldn't be writing to you. I'm not fat, I'm normal, but I eat enormous amounts and keep eating and eating like there's no tomorrow. You wouldn't believe what I can down in IS minutes.

(A whole frosted cchocolate cake, big enough to serve 16, plus six apple turnovers and a dozen glazed doughnuts. Then I put my finger down my throat and get rid of it all. I am so disgusted with myself I want to die! I feel fine physically, but mentally I'm a wreck; I feel guilty all the time. I'm a friendly, well-adjusted person, go to church every week and have many friends. Why am I doing this to myself? Thank God I have you, Abby: Just writing this has taken a load off my infix.

Please help me." DESPERATE IN INDIANA DEAR DESPERATE: Ym kave a disorder kaowa as "hiH- I raarexla" or aa Macontrollable eompulsioa to cm- same eaoraMos amoonts of food and get rid of it fcy taking lax a- tives or by self-Induced vamiting. There Is a wonderful organisation that will scad yea iaformatioa (free) about this condition and direct yew to toe treatment center nearest yoa. Write io: AN AD, Box 271. Highland Park, III. C0S3S.

Pleas eacloae a loag, sUaped, self-addressed envelope, as this is a aoa-proflt organisation, DEAR ABBY: What do you think of someone who would give a -V" Vlr- 't 7' W- -sstg fJ-aaa- Plays brandy snifters good friend, admitting that she had worn it once herself At ft east she was honest, but she couldn't very well have denied it wcause her fragrance was still on it. ir Of course, I said it was lovely, and even tried to reassure her by laying it meant even more to me because she had chosen it first for i lerself. Now I am having second thoughts and I feel hurt. I think she gave --t to me because after wearing it, she decided she didn't like it very nuch, so instead of buying me a new gift, she gave me a castoff Something bought especially for mo, regardless of the cost, vould have left me with a better feeling. Or am I nitpicking? HURT DEAR HURT: Yes.

It's not the gift but the spirit of giving that -mints. DEAR ABBY: I think women who complain about their hus7 ands' excessive sexual demands are pulling a "reverse brag." How else can a dignified lady tell the world how "Irresistible" I jf. AL IN FERGUS FALLS' DEAR AL: A dignified lady doesn't discuss ber sex life with the world." 1 4 Jim Prichard Turner is a rarity among musicians. He doesn't play the violin or the piano, the French horn or the flute. He plays brandy snifters, (NEA photo) lar in Benjamin Franklin's day.

So popular were musical glasses in the 18th century that a novelist of the time, Oliver Goldsmith, wrote that English ladies "would talk of nothing but high life, high-Hved company. and musical glasses." Franklin himself was inspired by -the glasses to invent the armonica, for which he became as famous in his time as he was for flying his kite in storm. Today, musical glasses are such a rarity that Turner is one of only four, perhaps fewer, virtuoso glass players in the world. Using as many as six fingers at one time, he can play everything from organ fugues and flute sonatas to jazz and folk music. It has taken Turner four years, three cities and seven glass manufacturers to reach his goal of creating an instrument on which he is able to play Mozart's Adagio.

It is no small irony, then, that Mozart wrote the Adagio for Franklin's armonica. Yet, the armonica, as a playable instrument is extinct. The demise of the armonica is -YKS." 3 EE T2 sy-puss 2ja-onit tl.W'V HOLM Jack Nicholson THE BORDER i.vtj SWAMP THING Adrian rt Barbeau pq on Hanry Fonda In "ON GOLDEN POND" 1-3-5-7-9 REDS Warren Beatty PQ Ronriy CoxTn me Beast Uflthln' 9Ze00 aveavaMY Look whats sawdust and wrote, "Enclosed are some very fine pieces from my last performance." Willing to spring upon an im-; pulaa, he has eocplaraal thooutee. limits of music by playing saw to entertain killer whales and dolphins, to accompany a howling wind and to harmonize IHUflSOAV. FEBRUARY IS CHANNELS -oo NM 1O00 Nun i Magnum, I.

1130 UM Moid -CHANNEL Nxn 104W HO St BUM UAM NM Fama Tonight DM. StrakOT i- 1230 LatoMght Gimma a 8ral( channels' Nawa B-00 MMar 730 BOO BOO S30 60 7D0 D0 S30 30 Taal io ao.20 11:00 Nawa MonVMIndy 830 70 730 OO S100 Ocua Nawa Truth KjdauTte Waaona .11:30 12:00 I rCHANNEL IS ar 730 Fam, Faud By CHRIS W. BIDDLE PHILADELPHIA (NEA) On days when the sun is shining 'warmly on the sidewalks of Philadelphia, the glass harpist is likely to set down his table for a concert. vt He is lanky and lean at feet. He has an angular face rather like Abraham Lincoln's and the rugged looks of an outdoorsman.

1 It is not surprising to find that, as a youngster, he hiked among the snow-peaked mountains of Montana. Jim Prichard Turner is a rar-. ity among musicians. He doesn't play the violin or the piano, the French horn or the flute. He plays brandy snifters.

His glass harp, at first sight looks less a musical instrument than the dirty and jumbled aftermath of a dinner party. The harp is made of 43 fragile glasses of all sizes, fastened to the top of a table and filled with varying levels of water. Out of these seemingly ordinary glasses comes an extraordinary high-pitched and haunting. As Turner sweens the tins of his fingers around the rims, a harmony like a signing wind fills In keeping with his bent for the unusual, Turner also plays the musical saw. an instrument that, has taken him before nearly every orchestra in the Rocky Mountain states.

And his harp of industrial wrenches inspired by a mechanic in a Colorado mining town was recently exhibited at the Smithsonian. Institution's Renwick Gallery. The 41-year-old Philadelphia resident supports himself, his wife and his daughter chiefly through his music. Turner attaches to his work a sense of humor that runs most often to a play on words. For instance, he won an appearance on Johnny Carson's "Tonight Show" show by writing a letter offering to play "Norwegian Wood" by the Beatles on a saw.

He filled the envelope with in your social activities. CANCER (June 21-July 22) Airing any disagreements between you and your spouse in public could spoil what should be a -pleasant day for you. Keep private matters private. LEO (July 23-Ang. 22) You'll perform well today, provided you have adequate, time to do what needs doing.

However, things you leave to the last minute might be mismanaged. VIRGO (Aug. za-Sept. 22) If you" pal around with persons today who are not as equally generous, the greater burden of expense is likely to fall on you. LIBRA (Sept.

23-Oct. 23) Persons who like you are apt to go out of their way to be helpful to -you today. Uncharacteristical SALAD BAR Pliiladelplii Hopscotch record set That's; entertainment The following place will haot hue entertainment thh week. Unlet noted. iiere will be no cover charge, With screeching alley cats.

His ambition Is to encourage creativity in others. "So many people," he says, 4'eapeclaUy in our culture, think of themselves as ordinary ordinary, average, normal, We don't realize we have this incredible uniqueness with The two took turns on brightly colored hopscotch boards. They napped in turns on cots in the hallway, and they were fortified by sandwiches and cakes brought by well-wishers. They called it quits at 3 p.m. Wednesday.

"We wanted to get so far ahead of 72 hours that nobody could touch us," said the elder Bavaresco. Bavaresco, who suffered a heart attack about two years Pirate's Cove presents "Kin Folk," Thursday, Friday and Satur-lay. Cover. y- 4 f'-- Anyone who tpontor live entertainment and whhet to include an item In Us column hoM tend a postcard or letter to That's Entertainment, The tdex-Joumal, P.O. Box C.

29648, or bring the written em to the newspaper office. We cannot accept Hem by telephone. The eadline is 4 p.m. Wednesday prior to the rtiease dale. This column appear leeHy free of charge for ettabSshment in Greenwood, Abbeville, McCor-htk and Saluda counba and the Lake Greenwood area of Lauren County.

WS WJf i in waiting to blossom, waiting to surge forth like a volcano." His glass harp Is an example of creative forces at work. The harp which Turner created by ear, adding one glass at a time over four years is similar to the musical glasses popu ago, said he started playing hopscotch in 1980 after actor Walter Matthau appeared on his television show to promote the movie "Hopscotch. Soon after, Baravesco hopped for 72 hours in a benefit for cerebral palsy. But that feat didn't make it into the record book because it requires that hopscotch be played by one or more pairs. The old record was held by five couples who participated in a hopscotch marathon in New South Wales, Australia in 1981.

inn A a strange tale. Music historians say it fell from use, and in some parts of Europe was outlawed, when its players suffered se-rious nervous disorders. The armonica differs from Turner's harp and traditional musical glasses in that it can be played like a keyboard. It consists of crystal bowls set end to end on a spindle rotated by foot pedals. It is played by touching the rotating surfaces of -the bowls.

Some historians believe the high-pitched vibrations elicited from the crystal deranged the nerves of the players. Turner has a different theory. The bowls of the armonica were frequently colored with lead paint to distinguish one key from another. He believes the lead may have leached through the moistened fingertips of the players and thus poisoned them. Whatever the cause, Turner is not worried.

He continues his search for a well-tuned armonica and he insists his nerves are fine. CUtO THEATRE DOUBLE FEATURE TONITE 8:50 SKFIL BUaW YOU AWrtYl cookinat you for coming to Shoney'sr By Pass 72 Greenwood, S.C. iMSHiaiao DOUBLE FEATURE TONITE 8:50 tfflETl ELpll. YOU kYim aWaaBa" wmftlk TA TONITE 7:15 $1199 II aBB( i itiN NEW YORK (AP) A pinnacle of playground performance was achieved by a San Francis- co father son who hopped their way into the record books with an 87-hour hopscotch spree. Joey Bavaresco, a 46-year-old radio and television personality, and his 15-year-old son, Shawn, started their assault on the old record of 72 hours on Valentine's Day in a hallway near the Guinness Book of World Records' museum in the Empire State ly, you could be so concerned with your own needs that you fail to see things.

SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nav. 22) You're very pleasant to be. around today, provided all are in accord with your way of doing things. When opposition arises, your mood could change.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23-Dec. 21) You have the ability today to add to your material resources, but you could be careless in the way you handle your acquisition and possibly nullify your gains. CAPRICORN (Dee. 22-Jan.

it) Friends will be supportive today, unless they feel you are using them for a selfish purpose. In' that case, they might try to ham-per your progress. DIG CIX1CEC FRIED CHICKEN 2 pes. CHICKENFRIES $-g 25 M3-OS3T 1032 S. Main Greenwood PISCES (Feb.

zC-March 2) Situations you conduct in accordance with your highest standards and ideals should turn out exremely lucky for you to-day, Deviations from these norms will not fare so well. ARIES (March zl-Aprll It) In joint ventures today your ac- tions could offend an associates if you're not tactful, even though you'll do that which is for the collective good. J' TAURUS (April M-May M) A coworker is likely to support you verballytoday, but when things get down to the nitty-gritty be or she may side with the opposition. Be on guard. GEMINI (May 21-Jnne Z) This should be a productive day work- or career-wise, but things may not run equally as smoothly.

www ra Friday, Feb. 19, ltn his coming year you're likely i establish a valuable rela-Doship with someone who lives a considerable distance. Any int involvements you develop ill turn out to be fortunate for Ml. (. QUARTOS (Jan.

Zt-Feb. It) If imething important you're in-rived In is presently running noothly let events follow their itural course. Making changes change's sake could prove irmful. Find out more of what ahead for you in each of the lasons following your birthday i sending for your copy of rtro-Graph. Mad $1 for each to stro-Graph, Box 489, Radio ty Station, N.

Y. 10019. Be sure specify birth date. SKI WEEKEND FRI. thru SUN.

only 39 per person For Party of Four (4) Free Ski Equipment and i Continental Breakfast SCOTTISH INN MAGGIC VALLEY, NiX 2851 1 Box 144 TOLL FREE t-aUO-ai-196? aaaaasaasaalaaaaaaaaaaraaraaaaaaaaaaaar The Greenhouse Restaurant I 01 4W I Friday Night Seafood- EVERYDAY LUNCH SPECIAL New Light nGisp Shrimp Dinner h's our al-rktrw recnpe.We use bag rinrp, prepared with a light, crispy layer of sprciafiy selected aTigrecberiU right in the Shoney's kitchen near you, and served with Shoney's own cocktail sauce, french fries (or baked potato after 5PM), warm toasted grecian and all the hot iwxnemade soup and garden fresh salad you can eat Try it now, at this tpecial introductory price. 20 JR. SIZZLIN 299 Buffet Supper P.M. 7.95 Saturday Night-Steak Shrimp Buffet P.M. All you can eat 7.95 POTATO It's a new way we My, Thank $3.99 Sunday Buffet Serving Fried Chicken, Roast Beef, Roast Pork, with all the trimmings P.M.

FRIDAY LUNCH ISUNDAY ALL DAY SMALL RIBEYE ROAST BEEF Reg. 5.39 Reg. 2.69 Citizens Discount on All Buffets ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT 5 SOUP SALAD BAR I 60,000 SAH GREEN STAMPS TO BE GIVEN AWAY FRU MARCH 5th 3 P.M. NoObrigabon naulslaw Daily 1 CZLL FULLCH STEAK KSUSE 1608 South Main 229-1052 The vovc aj Something lighl and delicious, perfect for lunch. Over rwo dozen garden-fresh 5 salad Items, and rwo hot homemade mhids to choose from.

A ere at value! 223-4231 Greenwood, C. US 25 72 By Pass 72 By Pass Greenwood 223-2707 Monday through Friday' II KM laanj'aT.

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