The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 30, 1955 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 30, 1955
Page 2
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Vpp* &« Malms Thursday, JOT* 30, 1*55 ...,i,-', .„,,. ,, . ... * LOCALS .. Mr and Mrs Robert .., Jainw Isee.. csi Atlanta. Ga.' j Tb« Messrs. Le* are ETnpiayefi Jte. and M« D. JL SStztl, Mar- j w ' ilh Eastern Air Uaes. ion. spe&t the -weekend with Mr j Mr and Mrs Wayne SefaichS •and Mr* J. F. Milder- j ram* irons FBytttf Sunday to Hr aafl Mrs Say Laaenflorf? ' £f :1 ^ former's mother." Mr? hare as guests Mr and Mrs X H.' v 01 " 131 '* Srhicht} ana ntbfr reJa- l-a»BS of MimneaaaEs, Minn i.t n>!?5 - Tbi ?" '"fi 8 " "^ the Ofcobr-jis JfB Walter *1»ar Jensen has j Monday to visit Mr and MTF Ras- retsrsefl Jroro a -risil st Cedar jseBp'ok. 3tapifls -srjth Mr end Mrs H. S. Scrtrggs. Jat»K ADea aafl Mis J5*s}t i spent Sssorsey at Tbnmpswn I Mr and Mr? Emory Lillibn. Sun- •owa spent 3asS m**, ff- T lbe ?" d r OTe "^ Ss^'t^'d Falls. r. si Maacm City with :' J*" 3 ^-. aac -nsma Mr and Mrs iriends. " " ' ' ~ " " " ~ Mar aaaS Ma James Xelse ^r.. til I Earl Ptf-a-eH and Mr and Mrs 1*- ]roy Poiireai. Tbty 3ie3d a pidfic Jin the park. Bereriy, L&is ana Mary Kain, I csuphTtT? rf the KST. and Mrs ulf'hT) K.6i». vacatjaofd si Ites ;.Mi;jT(£-5 urirh the .mal-ernaJ grKnd- j par-ems, Mr and Mrr A. A. Jcmes. i This wttik ihey are with ttrc ; paU j rria] {rrandparfiJitR. Mr and j Jfe c t-misrt JCa^n el PrasrJf City, j Mrs Key jDimscm and her psr- |t:r.t*,. MT aad Mr* CharJ«» Hani Feamaa f/f LisTa-ns hsve retam- | *a frrim £ five dar TISJ! at Peoria. |Ci- w:ih Mr jiad Mrr. i Co.'ik aad at Gssjpsen. Mr sr>a Mrs Getircc F~arstenaa Mrs Cook and ' Mrs Ftasfesawt X* airf Mr* W. C. li^att in^ as guests -Aeir 4aagn1», Mrs Robert Miflffieloa ana daaj of Bjrerside. CaM. Mr | ton is in the Ma-west „„ vuaa - iaess wnija) ihas ccrvtred a couple oi ratmths in ran cms locstaans. Al the «*ndiisic3!j of tsis m-ork fie will join his iaanfly here for flje return trip bonic, >b and MM Ed Goeck* 'anxsir drofe to Sudd, and -ware met lisere by Jtr ) Mrs James Rainbows of T" iior a picnic dianer. Mrs Gostafce ) and Mrs Rainbwws are sisters.-'lie Goedbe's Marf'aret, daughters and hetne far a iwsii *I a Art iatter's aioawr, Mrs spea! th* weeieria Si» Moines -sriih Mr 'and Mrs Inland Thavis msaS: L^n3s. Mrs Hansen remained Jar « few ^tspatfcs visit -with her daagnler. Otner •weekend guests -srare Mrs Mary Tfaaves and soa Taj^or, oJ Mason Cj*r. The Titatnrs also spent same time -with Mr "SP 1 Mr and Mrs Uoyfl IF HTS NEWS WE WA5HT JT Frimml Farms Sold $3704336 A. A public sate on June 25th <•>' two impiwtfl lanns of the late f. FrimtnJ sold todirfd- far SSftt per acre and £836 acre, it -was learned today IrirrD JI. M. Cn3"wen and 1«. E. trbo spcre the auctioneers. The Srgt farm of 1320 acres was said. Jar $870 per acre to Mite J. PfeHer. The second farm of IfiO acres -aras bought liy Mike's son, Francis .Pfeffer, for SS36 per acre. Both farms are located an 'WesSey township, i>. A* Winket was attorney for the transactions. At Funeral Of iarl Robinson Mr and Mrs Russell Cook, Mrs Esther Helberg and Mrs Henry Johaansen attended funeral services last Wednesday for Earl Eobinson, 79, a brother of Mr* Cook. Mr Robinson is a former resident of here, but had rnade his borne at Minneapolis, Minn., a number of years. He had suffered several strokes and had; been in poor health the past few' years. Burial vat made In DCS Moines wh£re the family had lived prcvwutfy, Mr Robinson is survived tw his wife, thp former Anna Dalley, sister of Walt DaJley, and a daughter. Neat Pet* Mrs E. L. IHckineyer from Portland Township has a pair of pet crows. They Were tiny when she adopted them five wee'ks ago and the care she has given them has made the two feel right at home. She reports they bathe several times a day in a pan cf water, then hofl up on their root to dry. » for e j S£. Mr ana )&s Orwfl - - , are at the ^jKreat- i of ders jft CkiffieBfi Jasi attending lire Mxs Csra Mai£m ~was vis&fio ; Sunday irr foss- SOB and Siiadv •* 3sr~in-~lex-, Mr and Mrs U0va i Martin ol Wetetsr -City. " j Mr and Mrs Vernan JJcuseu al- 1 tcndsd ti>£ ^^'fintT-i^th Wfifidini; azoirt'srsarr raJebrstioE .for Mi ana Mrs L, iE. Mtfetire at Ana- strnng Tnssday OTaainc. M?£ ^«=>^ Jm tVnft. .ajzd ^er b.-0iher Sen TJrch. of "vCesJ Ccm- rcirii Minn, have ~been nerc Tisitinc Mr snS Mrs. Irrinf T5rri aad ntfasr r^iatrffis. X K JEiaer «nfl J. D. abbsris? veek in Minneapalaj ati, Belles nif^liii^ r^T 3i£iT>Jd f>caf Dfijciais. Mis 3fls Fmias has - M _^,^ to Lus A;ngdl» l iaI3£nK-ing a sis "K'fiEt Tisii wjfti his- .snzi-aa-lirw ana daughter. Mr and Mrs J. T. M3der- Mr and Mis 3izu f^sudxtual Tfr- fentrr iamE irnm Sna&gate, Cal_ and CTeut a couple of -weete -vrith ths rfisg«ctJT« "parsnts. Mr aria MTJ James Penieersi zaid Mr and Mrs Seeiher I^ane. Mr and Mrs Harry Irelaad plan lo spend the Jaly 4tfa -weekfins at MOw-aiifcee -with Mr; Irejand's brDther-in-lBir anfl sisier. Mr ana Mrs Harwy Sfiner and hi? arD- tner and jaster-in-3a-w, 3& ana Mrs George "Ireland. MlS Soy 3&£tBT£ '^Tfflted 5jBT snn-in-laTt- and dauciter, Mr and Mrs Soland Gadd si MinaefipDlis. Mmn.^last -spetk. She -WTU .ininea there oy ier SOB Clayton Sarenson, -«-aD hroaght bef horns Mi and Mrs Henry Seeker had as gaesas their niece and huj And Ends lion, an3 the roses of Mr -ana MTF Bry Bjnstronj are stffl srroiing p3easant3y on the .siarfanard bsaao. . .* ..»_.. * .^ If yuaVe Id a" lot of pi-™ T*ad3ng go br, • a hospita] is the i j place to «catcb up,- and if you're I rusty on just v-faat is going" or. i : I radio darinj; the nsytinie, ins ' St. Ann 1- a'-u-fcii rua. cffjcieri: ^KiKp^ti.;. "^*e tnOW fmg- JiJZlir-.'. in £ noEpilal. yoc cor T/{- -:•: tht r:urno:-:iui LTUJ- tc: <-an.;):. •RTI- wa ? piiyir.c c:£i ;-•: Cet: L^tt- v.-jty, r'.ij "ihr** you ctrt K. ii now: ALUMINUM RANGE SET 39c Hert's, giin you ctr.': tiiore is palithtc fc i i. a s t L ic yot'ii u« fcverj civ. Yci gej £ i&rgt gretst »'iit trrt-rifc: lrp.nt» ccver j^ui sue pepp^i t.r. -* tf. PAINT BiS *»*T» /»* I4f -*r . ^*? R' //' // PLYMOUTH MAID NOH vxtve seen ev&n ^£3?^ fOeCBBW TORdULY lst+2*d WE RESERVE THE RJCHT TO LIMIT QUANTITIES! GRANULATED BEET ^tfMk. IIMM taMt — ^^^ «/•/// OT£ |<3^0rRfi45E PEPFEST WCKLFJ QOfitFT 'DILLS <>*• PIHT SWEETS ^ .*_ DOG ON A S*»B" PLUMP, T94DER Franks WOLFF'S 79c TENDER CHICKENS - ICE PACKED |>DOI FLAY-R-PAC FRYERS !L—. —•— PUHE Ground Beef ••••• FRESH FROZEN FR&^tt ^ rr»^-—- LEMONADE __««» < ««p«i CANS SWIFT'S sutt s&um . SWIFT'S El SUMMER SAUSAGE SWIFT'S TOUR {LfM/r / BAG PLEASE) X SANDWICH H A i «1ES £S 29^ CIIJCUS (W-HALLOW) A A Z u PEANUTS^ 2 29* » e WK-NIK SHOESTRING POTATOES SS famify Drink 7+mu ULY 9th BKAVH»V* <•*•»* WATERMELONS SUGAR SWEH |C each _.« P«RK&BBMIS2I Coffee ISUI 69C CRISP CUCUMBER* " - •- aS^agSagSag CAJtROTS. GREEN qNi'ei«>» ^mg^^i^. /^^^^^^^^••i F WIUONS |A CHoweo fl oeer ^B - A-A • Salad Bowl POTATOES ' - SHAFTCB * *

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