Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on June 4, 1973 · Page 29
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 29

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, June 4, 1973
Page 29
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Used Car Mart Galgsburfl Regjiter-Mail, Galtiburfl, III. Mapday, June 4.1973 7.9. Buy With Confidence From One Of These Auto ,, 'il J ii t i Start Your Vacation With A Safe - Buy Used Car From Galesburg Lincoln-Mercury 73 4-Dr.-Dal1y nentnl- fgOfKn / W I Cyl„ Auto,, Power Steering, Air, 7,000 Miles. .. '•'pUuU 79 COMET 2-Pr,/ d «-Cyj„ Auto., Audio, Vinyl Interior, 79 MERCURY Marqul* 4-pr,-*/ ^ Power, Air, AM-FM Radio, Spd, Conk kqw Ml|i8 . $4595 71 %%!«vft«'W *», $ 2595 71 ^.SISE Pow .r «,„(., , - $ 2095 71 V^y^ut"3ower"steerlnK, Vinyl Roof $2195 nr\ BUICK LoSabre Custom 4-Dr.— $9 1 Q.S ID Power, Air, One Owner ZJXOU rjr\ PLYMOUTH Duster 2 -Dr,- $1 RQ^ /U Vr8| AutP., ?owpr (Steering, —, -- * UJJ 70 jffiffraWte $ 3995 7f| AMX Sport Coupe - SaOOO^ /U Auto., Power Steering, Low Miles ^ActOU CQ COUGAR 2-Dr. Kdlp. - $91X1 ^ Power Steer., Power Brakes, Air— ™c>\JO\J 70 ftV 1 ^. 8 .™?.™™ $ 4495 69 JTOJWWri'r. $1395 69 g»»w, $1595 OQ CHEVROLET Impala 4-Dr.— jUI CQC Oc/ Automatic, Power, Air. ^IvJCJJ CQ MERCURY Monterey 4-Dr,- $1 CQC DO Power, Air, Speed Control ^lOOO CQ CYCLONE 2-Dr. Faslback— «1 nOR DO Auto., P.S., Bucket Seats. ? LUOU 68 $1295 DO PONTIAC LcMans z-vr, Hdtp-- $lQCm DO Bucket Seats, Automatic, P,£, ... * LQOO CQ BUICK Electro 22,5 4-Dr. - $1 CQC DO Full Power, Air. * LUoQ CO PONTIAr C9t»!ln» 2-pr, Hdlp," jjtl 9QC DO power Steer., Power Brakes, Air... w L£jOd QH MERCURY Montclalr— £70 £ 01 Auto,, P. Steering, P. Brakes "VOJ C7 CHRYSLER New Yorker 4-Dr.— jfiCQC 0/ Power, Air Conditioning '"tJVU OR MKRCURY 2-Dr. Hdtp.~ <ftCQC DO Power Steering, Auto,, Air Cond. ...-'•'OOu CC CHEVROLET 4-Dr. — * AQC DD Auto,, Power Steering, w Ho J Wholesale Specials! 71 MARQUIS BROUGHAM 4-DR.— $OQ7n; / 1 P.S., P.B., Windows, Air. *£oi O 7f| OLDSMOBILE 08— (BIQQ^ /U Power Steering, Brakes, Air v L<pO<J on MERCURY MARQUIS— fllAQS Ua. Power Steering, Brakes, Air ItOQ 120 N. Broad St. SEE: Harold Thompson-Dick Welty-Jim Sherwood Jr ,-D{ck Morrjgpn-Ed Klapp-Frank Carter Ph. 342-4121 Start Your Own Gas War Datsun 1200 Here's Something Good for the Economy; your economy, the New Datsun 1200 Sedan! ft Our lowest priced Datsun ft About 30 miles per gaJJon ft Reclining front Buckets ft All Vinyl Upholstery in a New Choice of Colors ft Safety Front Disc Brakes ft 4-Speed Stick (optional Automatic) ft WWtewalls, Wheel Covers Much More — All Standard DRIVE A DATSUN,., THEN DECIDE! 1972 FEATURE CAR OF THE WEEK CHEV. MONTE CARLO — Full Power, Air Conditioned. Gpld W}tb Dark Gold Vinyl Top.—Lpc^l Trade pn 240 g, "THE GREATS 70 SKYLARK 2-Dr. H.T. 71 FORD F100 Pickup 71 PLYMOUTH 2-Dr. H.T. 50 DATSUN 2000 Roadster 70 MPRC, Mont. Wagon 71 COMET GT., 6,Oyl„ A4 1 . 69 SKYLARK Wgn., Air. 72 N0VA 2-Dr., Blue B7 CHEVELLE 2-Dr. H.T. 71 BUICK Electra 69 VW Fastback B9 CHEVY Impala "THE NOT sp QREATP" e 51. PLYMOUTH $ 85 3(i PLYMOUTH $1S5 58 PONTIAC .-..$335 62 OLDS $151) 70 SIMCA $850 '65 CHEV. Wag., 6, stick $295 "These brief descriptions really don't do justice to the really great cars listed above. Drive out and see for yourself. Our selection is terrific!" Galesburg Datsun 1621N. Henderson ~ Ph, 343 ^5131 Open MQfl- - Wed, - Fri> Eves, Need a New or Used Truck? We Got 'Em % Tons, V-i Tons, 1 Tons, 2 Tons Buy this Demo Priced right 1973 SPWNT r- Vinyl roof, 454 engine, auto, trans., Air cond., bucket seats, power steering. Need a Car? 1069 PLYMOUTH Road Runner, V-8, Auto., 2-Dr. Hardtop. Severn! Hem I Tractors RANDELL \m Monmouth Blvd. V\um* 3«.8lQM38leuburg, Ml. The CLASSIFIED Number. ,. 343-7181 2 71 70 70 68 68 67 67 67 66 SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE CHEVROLET KINGSWOOD WAGON — Full Power and Air Conditioning. Luggage rack, Electric rpar window and a Tail Gate that drops out ffiOflQCN Of sight. Dark Grey in color. ...... ^OU^vJ CADILLAC COUPE DEVILLE — Full Power. B IK ( Ail' Conditioned. Hps AM & FM Badio, Power Seat , , . riper Lppks . . , Windows- Silver in color with Blank Vinyl Top and fled Jpterjpi', A Clean and ffiQQQk usrpd Xor One Owner. w da&<J MAVERICK — Six-Cyl., 3-Speed Transmission. Radio. Good Solid Economy Transportation. $1695 Gil AND PRIX PONTIAC — Full Power and Air Conditioning and ail tho Luxury Features you would cx- peut to find in a Grand Prix. <U 1 CQC Turn.. & White with Turn;. Interior. 1 IOc?J CAPRICE — Top of i|)o Line Chevy. tJmall V-B. HUlo« ipat|f, Full Power. flPd Exterior, niack ;U1 1 QC Vinyl T«»|» fl»«l Interior. "'1 Irfu PLYMOUTH FUHV III Small B-f!yl., Alitoirialic, Power StfcrinH and Hiakes, Uron/e with Hlack Vinyl Top. Jllack fii White Interior. A nice looking and Nice Running 2-Door Hardtop. MEBCUHV COUGAR • Power Brakes. V-8, ^S|jppd. Bucket Seats, Haiseri Letteiecl Tires. FORD VAinUAW -• Small V-8, AutomatiP, frllnov Hardtop. CHEW PAFfliPE -- Full Power and Air $ QQE, Conditioning, Yellow Exterior, Black Interior " OOU * 695 *1095 •15 695 Bodymon's — 1967 — Special! PONTIAC Bonneville , -$395 Cieup interior, very little rust, a coupla at dents. Salesmen: Tom SmIUi — Jerry Liggett - Dick Olson — Dan Sullivan Jim Bevard OPEN MONDAY - WEDNESDAY - FRIDAY EVES TILL, a P.M. GALESBURG ^ Volkswagen, Inc. W 2181 Grand Ave., Quleiburg - Phon« 343-5191 $ $ VOLKSWAGEN $ $ JUST ARRIVED Large Selection of New Chrysler Newport's and New Yorker Broughams PQRD GALAXIE 600 2 -DR. HDTP.— .t07QC: V -8, P.S., P.B., Air ^Z/aO $2295 $3295 1971 1971 1970 1970 1970 1970 1970 1970 1969 1969. 1968 CHEV. NOVA 2 -DR. — 350 V-8, Auto., Bucket Seats. CHRYSLER 300 4-DR. H.T.— Vlpyl Roof, Fact. Air, P,§-. P-B. JAVELIN SST—Fact, Air, Auta„_P. t §. u V> $2^95 FORD TORINO 2 -DR.— Auto., P.S., P.B PLYMOUTH SPORT FURY 2 -DR. H.T.— £1 QQC. Air. F.S-, Auto RAMBLER WAGON—3 Seats. V-8, Pow. Str. . Ifoof, Bucket Seats, Console, small V -8'. .....$1995 FORD FALCON— q-pylinder, AutP- RAMBLER 4-DR.— V-8, Auto., P.S., P.B., Fact, Air, IMPERIAL 4-DR- HRTp-^-Loaded with $0/0 K all the'Extras. Local one owner rr ^'X>-'y $1995 .$1495 $1995 $1995 PONTIAC FIREBIRD 2 -DR. — 350 V-8, Auto., P.S., P.B., Air, Bucket Seats PLYMOUTH FURY WAR°N—8-Pass. $] CQC At, P.S., P.B., 318 V-8, New Tires v l<Jc3g RV TOW WAGON 1971 INTERNATIONAL TRAVELALL with 302 V-B, At., Fact, Air. P.S., P.B., New $QQQC: Rubber. Deluxe interior package. .. OUUvJ See: Jim Lee^er, Djck GQttenborg, Norm Hill, Jay White GOTTENBORG-HILL, INC. Chrysler-Plymouth 1611 Grand Ave.—342-0141 $ $ VOLKSWAGEN ' $ $ ^ < O r- > o m Z w Stierwalt Buick OFFICE 34^-9101 MAIN & WEST t 'AK LOT "Blossom Out Time You'll Alwayt Be A Winn.r If You "BLOSSOM OUT" In An A-l Used Cor 1Q79 FORD (JALAXIB 2-DR. H.T.-Med. Brown with UJQlQt; Vol£i ainger Vinyl Interior, Air, V-8, P.S., P.B., Vinyl Roof ip OloO 1Q71 BUICK SKYLARK 2-DR. H.T.-Rfid in color with Whltd Buekat 8«»t« ffiOnQtl Vol 1 and Console, Air Cond,, P.S., V-8, P.B„ Vinyl Roof ^oUoO -IQ71 OLDS 88 4 -DR .—Brown with Matching interior. »89QQGi Lot 1 Full power — this car in mint condition. -- v CiOO\j 1Q7fl PLYMOUTH ROADRUNNER — Yellow in color, BUck Vinyl S*a«, Auto. AlOQC iolU Tran*., 383 engine, P.8., mag wheels, be a sport in this on* tot only *10OO 1 07fl PONTIAC WAGON — White with matching interior, Air, $07^0 ia /U p,s„ P.B., V-B, nice Family Car. -—- — - H 7 //uU 1 Q7H TORINO G .T. — spts. Roof, Blue In color, la«er ulrip, Bucket S*aU, !B1Q7^ LolU 4-speed Trans., 351 Engine, mag wheels, Low Mllei, 1 owner ^iXJ/O 1QAQ CHEVY IMPALA 2 -DR. H.T.-V-8, P.S., P.B., H &'llQK lC)Do Air, Vjnyl Poof, only 44,000 mil ""l/OO 1 QCQ OLDS 8« CONVERTIBLE — Blue in color with [CI QQC LoOo Matching Blue Interior, Air, Full Power, 1 QRQ PORD OALAXIE 500 4-DR.— $1 f\QC lOUO 30,000 miles, Air Cond., 302 V-8 - - •"lUOU 1 QQQ PONTIAC CATALINA 2 -DH. H.T. — Blue In color, with matching *1 QQC LoOO Interior, Air Cond., Auto,, P.S., P.B., a real steal at - *LOou 1 QRQ PORD WAGON — Yellow in color, Vinyl Seats, <U1 OQC lOUO Air, P.B., P.B.. V-8, only - - w X4»oQ 1966 I°Srv D 8 R 'p.l nvcr - a - r - ay : - - $ ;495 IOC/1 FORD XL 2-DR.— Bucket Seats, Console, Auto,, $ 100% V-8, F.S„ cleanest *84 in town - - only *±53J 1 QCQ FORD 4 -DR. — V-8, Auto., $ OCf\ IcJDo Good Body and Engine. — - - Z J UU 1 nCfl FORD V* TON PICKUP—Blue in color, Camper Special $9flQ^ loOy ago V-8, 4-Speod, low miles, good tires. — Only ^4»UJ3U 1 QOn ELGIN H' RUNABOUT BOAT— $ QQC lyOU 40 Horse motor with Trailer * O^vJ See One Of the Following Salesmen Jack Ball. Gene Stull, Duane Watters, Harry Hopping Jr., Gepe Horn, Bob Parker, Bill Rosenberg, Ray White, Jim Stevenson, Mike Addis, Gary Sage, Louis Lakls LAKIS1 FORD « ,._ G/ YOUR VOLUME DEALER V j— ^U SBU^ KELLOGG & TOMPKINS — 342-0177 VHfsB^ Gerry PONT.*CAPILLAC, Inc. Make Galesburg Beautiful - BUY A PONTIAC 1 Q7 1 VEGA HA.TCHPACK— 10/ I On)y 8,7P9 gctuat miles on this cute 1-owner, finished in bright yellow with hlack bucket seats, 4-speed, radio, heater, plus all standard equipment. JUST LIKE NEW " 1 071 PONTIAC BONNE- iO/ I VJLLE HDTP. SEDAN —finished in Rich Sienna Brown With Bpige Vinyl Top and Beige clpth Interior, Factory Air Conditioning; P.S., P.B., locally owned and in choice condition —LOW MILEAGE & 12,000 mile Warranty. 1 071 CADILLAC SEDAN 1 01 1 DEVlLLE — Sold & serviced by only us, has very good history, Full Ppwer, Automatic Climate CqntrpJ, Air Conditioning, brand New WSW tires —has padded Dark Blue Vinyl Top with Light Nordic Blue finish. Talk to the former owner for his endorsement — LUXURY & PRESTIGE. 1 Q7D TOYOTA COROLLA l&IU X2P0 WAGON — Has" only 18,000 miles and brand new Tires, 4 speed shift, plus all the normal accessories, ecpnomy, room, and plenty of performance— This is a hard to find model and definitely a gas sav- 1 Q7H LeMANS SPT. COUPE lO/U — Here is that real hard to find model, especially sippp It's had. on)y 1 careful owner; has factory air condir tipning, vjnyl top, P.S., P.B., hydramatic. finished in light jade green with" dark green vinyl interior and gleaming white vinyl top. A TOP INTERMEDIATE. 1 QCQ CHEVROLET KINGS- lOUO WOOD WAGON — in very nice condition, Factory Air Cppditlpnfng, P,S„ Luggage Rack, plus much more, fully Re- conclhlPnefJ and THned, nice Palimino Golq, Saddle Vinyl Seats—NICE CAR FOR AGE. UNDER NEW OWNERSHIP SEE: Bob Blevins — Dave Swanson Harold Inman — Gerry Fesler 172 S, Prairifl-342-1188 ppen Mon M Wed., Fri, eve. tin p We're Loaded with Late Models CHEVY II NOVA SEDAN — Just traded-ln on a Cutlass', and we might add that this Economy Model is Brand New Condition; has 6 Cylinder Engine, Automatic, P.S., Radio, WSW Tires. Tutone Paint, Plus — in very short supply — CHEVY'S FINEST MODEL. PLYMOUTH BUSTER 340 — Has an actual 8,8QQ m»es Black Interior — VERY SPORTY With- 1972 1971 1971 1970 1970 FORD GALAXIE 500 2-DR. H.T. — Another 1-owner In A BUNDLE $$$ me VE OLDS DELTA 88 COUPE — Loaded with AM-FM Stereo... Vinvl Top, P.S., P.B., 350 V-8 regular gas engine, Radial Tires; Monarch Blue with matching interior and Black Vinyl Top — STYLISH. CQUGAR 2-DR. H.T.—The newest thing in town; only 17,000 actual miles, brand new WSW Tires, Vinyl Top,. P.S., P.B., 351 V-8 Crulseomatic, Bucget Seats, Console*-' Bright Metallic Blue finish with White Vinyl Interior-^ CHOICE, ....... CHRYSLER ROYAL SEDAN — Finish in Steel Blue With Fancy Medium Blue Bpocadp Interior, Has Factory AJr Conditioning, Automatic, P.S., P.B., Phis, inspecj; this one throughly from bumper to bumper, Full Warrantled for 12,000 miles or 12 months -r CLEAN THROUGHPUT! PONTIAC BONNEVILLE COUPE—This 1-owner {s Jn very good condition thruout. has been fully tuned & serviced; Factory Air Conditioning, P,S„ p.B., Hydramatic, Tutone: finish — VERY CLASSY. 1 Q7f) PLYMOUTH FURY III 4-DR. H.T, — Forest Qreen finish lO/U with Dark Green Vinyl Roof and cqmplimehtjnB Qreeh Vinyl Interior, 383 V-8 Engine, Automatic, P.S„ P.B?, .Air Conditioning, decent throughput — WE WILL DEAL QN • THIS or ^E. 1 070 VW 1300 TUDOR - This little Bug run? like new, ha.» a}l ±U/U Factory Equipment plus AM/EM Stereo tske^qyt Radjp; good Tires, Solid & Clean. 1 Q7n CAMARO RALLY SPORT - Shiny sienna Prqwn finish lO/U with Beige Vinyl Bucket Seats, Brown Vinyl Top, new" BSW Tires, Rally Wheiels^P^P.B., HydramaMP, V-8 engine, cpnsqje — REAL SEE; Bill Richardson — Earl Shay — Jim Fineran — Bill Petltt — Gerry Fesler — Mike Fesler Fesler Olds Inc. 120 N. Chambers St. —342-4148 •mommm JEEPS NEW— USED & SERVICE 72 VOLKSWAGEN Super Beetle 72 MATADOR 4-Dr„ Air, P.S., V. Roof 72 JEEP Commando Wagon, Auto. Trans, 71 AMBASSADOR SST Wagon, Air, P.S, 70 noiiGK Poiars 2-Rr, H ,T„ Loaded 70 AMBASSADOR SST 4-Dr. Sedan, Air tl!) OLDS Delta 88 4-Dr., Air, V, Roof HO MEMCUHV Maruder 2-Dr. H.T., Air, P.S. B8 It AMBLER American 2-Dr., G- Cyl., »tjpk (i8 FOHQ LTD 2^Dr. H.T., V. Hoof 88 AMBASSADOR SST 4-Dr., Air, P.S. 68 CHEVROLET Caprice 4-Dr. H.T. jg CHEVROLET Impala 4-Dr. Sedan (17 OLDS Cutlass Wagon, V-8, Au|o, Trans. 37 CHEVROLET Impala Convert., Auto. Trans, S»f. ED STEVENS CHRIS BURGIN '3UCKETT/ J- American and Jeep Look lor the "WHITE HAT ] SPECIALS" on the Windshields. Prices for | One Week Onlyl We have Marked These Cars Down to v : "Bargain Basement" Prices, i All "Whit© Hatf" ore locally owned cars, checked over ond ready for your driving <. pleasure, NO BETTER CARS FOR THE MONEY ANYWHERE! FREE—WHITE HAT With Each "White Hat Special" FREE; THIS GOOD GUYS HAVK THE BEST VALUES See: HEN GOAD --• PAT WILDER — BILL FOSTER LERSCH DODGE 674 E. MAIN - 343-2153

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