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jffsmmm (LA Ijm THE LARGEST NEWSPAPER IN SAN JOAQUIN VALLEY THE WEATHER Centrally fair to-nirht and Thursday: warmer Thursday Forecast by United States Weather Bureau VOL 22 NO 3757 FRESNO CAL WEDNESDAY EVENING APRIL 26 TAGES (TWO SECTIONS) KntsrsS ae mmiMih nittn Oct 17th at Fmoa Caltl Prr Cat fta'ly tat Ihmdar leer IB CaiiMT Dtllvsrs ate Meathlrl Alexis? Her Laugh Denies Romancing LORD KITCHENER'S LOST SHIP YIELDS FORTUNEJ GOLD Strong Box Lifted From Bot- tom Of Ocean Contains 15000 Pounds State Get Solons Expect Higher HONES MOB TRIAL AS II OK OUT Judge Ward Irked By Clamor Outside Hall Of Justice Sets Case For May 22 MOUNTED POLICE ROUT CROWD OF SYMPATHIZERS Roosevelt May Seek Congress Action On War Debts Tariff (By he Associated Press) WASHINGTON April 2G A White House request for congressional action on war debts and tariffs may follow President Roosevelt's conferences with foreign statesmen on pressing questions of world economics It was learned late to-day that Roosevelt is considering recommendations for legislation on these subjects This disclosure followed by a few hours a statement in Paris that Premier Daladier of France would consent to payment of the defaulted French war debt instalment if America will approve postponement of the French payment due June 15th until after the world economic conference The president apparently is i To ing to ask congress for authority to take action on the June 15tl CROPS UP AGAIN Virginia Senator Breaks With Roosevelt Over Power To Revalue Dollar ROBINSON PATMAN IN FIGHT FOR VETERANS Senate Will Budget From Committee To-day To Get Recommendation For Expenditures Than Those Approved By Assembly Fight Due On University (By The Associated Press) 8ACRAMEXTO April 26 The senate finance report on the 1933-35 budget changing total submitted by Governor Rolph Jf and the assembly ways and means committee and with plenty of controversy" was prepared for submission to the senate to-day The department of finance worked far into the night to readjust totals to comply with the committee's eleventh-hour changes State Indicates No Evidence Will Be Offered Against Dynamiter (By Tks Associated Press) HALL OF JUSTICE SAN FRANCISCO April The trial nt Tom Mooney was continued to May 22nd to-day by Superior Judge Louis Ward on the grounds that demonstrations outside the courtroom such aa occurred today would prevent a fair trail on the old murder charge against him The ruling waa made while the shouts of Mooney sympathizer echoed In the courtroom Judge Ward who recently granted the trail at tha Instance of defense told attorneys Mooney's adherents' hid "practically shouted in my ear want Mooney" ae the jurist came to the hail of justice Several hundred Mooney sympathizers were dispersed by mounted police shortly after they had gathered In of the hall of justice Mounted police drove their horses over the low concrete walls separating the street from Portsmouth Square opposite the Hall of Justice to thread among tha gathering after a Mooney sympathizer started to speak Tha mounted officers scattered the crowd whirh moved to a narrow street on the square opposite the haiL Mooney banners brought by some of the sympathize- were taken down by officers No arrests were made Judge Ward proclaimed hia determination to have Mooney in court some time" to give him a hearing on the basis of farts In the ease and to permit him to tci-tify if desired but the court asserted it would not "be a party" to giving the defendant a "legal loophole" upon which to seek hie free- dom on constitutional or teehnjee! Samuel Bledsoe Mentioned As grounds aa a result of tha hearing Replace Lakehurst Base WASHINGTON April Admiral Pratt chief of naval operations has Informed New Jersey Interests of the navy's "Intention to decommission the naval air station Lakehurst in tha near future" Pratt wrote' to I Dickerson township solicitor of Lakewood upon receipt of a resolution passed by the township committee favoring continuation of tha Lakehurst station Pratt said that in view of the lose of the Akron the need for economy and the assignment of the new dirigible Macon to the Sunnyvale California base there would be no further necessity for the Lakehurst station SANTA FE POST Members of tho finance committee who hava argued for days over the ways and means version of what the budget should provide frankly admitted they were far from satisfied with many of the changes which are expected to boost the assembly total of 224(1-98961631 by more than 25300000 Executive Session All of the finance committee meetings were executive sessions by vote of the senators who declared they did not want to ba bothered by arguments of department heads and others interested in seeing the figures In creased The assembly reduced tns budget 21768534718 which the senators were told threatened to practically wrack many functions of tho atato government Aa- proof that tho finance committee members are not In accord on many of the latest changes made Senator Ingels of Ukfah said to-day he would submit a minority report Senator McKinley of Los Angeles another member of the committee characterised the latest revised budget as one "to open the biggest free-for-all fight the senate haa ever Members of tho senate committee intimated they struck discord at the final meeting when drives were started to favor projects including teachers colleges and district agricultural fairs which were undent od to have been boosted approximately $500000 and $120000 respectively University Budget When the senate is through with' tho budget it will havo to go back to tho assembly for concurrence in tho many amendments Non-concurrence has been freely predicted This would throw the budget bill into "free conference" of assemblymen and senators who will attempt to arrive at an amicable understanding Much of tho argument was um deratood to have centered on tho University of California budget Item Governor Rolph's budget allowed tha Institution 2 12394 232 IP and the assembly ways and means committee trimmed it $112053501' The senate committee is understood to have boosted this figure Gas Rebate Bill Assemblymen Ray Robinson and 8 Meeker said they would cull up their bill which would direct the railroad commission to order a 20 per cent rebate on bill for gas electricity and telephone service for a one-year period The rate cuts would operate only If returns of corporation did not fall below 3V per cent on investments Payment Of More Than Two Billion To Ex-Service Men Proposed (By The United Press) WASHINGTON April The senate abruptly voted permissive free coinage of silver into the administrative inflation bill The vote cam after sharp dispute over limitation of debate In which veterans' bonus advocates blocked agreement The silver amendment waa offered by Senators Wheeler Demq erst Montana and King Democrat Utah Tha ratio of coinage would be fixed by President Roosevelt It Is generally understood however that he does not intenj to make use of the authority proposed (By The Associated Press) WASHINGTON April Senator Glass Democrat Virginia staunch exponent of "sound money" broke with the administration to-day on its currency inflation proposal while an attempt to inject the bonus issue and protracted debate postponed a vote until to-morrow The Virginian a former secretary of the treasury end an author of the federal reserve law waa particularly opposed to the provision in the pending legislation which would empower the president to reduce the content of the dollar This clause aroused a vigorous attack from Republican ranks led by Vandenberg of Michigan The bonus issue waa raised by Robinson Republican Indiana who roused that the veterans certificates paid off with the new currency which the measure would authorize the president to have issued thl Prince Alexis Is a descendant of raw" At time the cort was nobility and the brother -tlmsted at 22400000000 Abo Opposes Farm BUI Glass told reporters too he would (rote- against the Roosevelt farm relief bill to which the inflation proposal has been attached as a rider Senator Connanjr Democrat of Texas a pro-inflationist waa the first-speaker to-day frequently interrupted by Senator Reed Republican of Pennsylvania and other anti-expansion senators WIU Force Caucus -Representative Patman Democrat of Texas told newspapermen to-day he had obtained "more than signatures on petition to force a caucus of house Democrat Monday on cash payment of the bonus number of petition have been he said "end we have many more than the twenty-five names required by the rules of the Democratic caucus "It is not our desire to do anything that would embarrass the administration's program but we feel that in these daye of talk about currency expansion we should consider the best way of distributing the money la our contention that it ran beat he distributed through the Patman said that should the caucus petition be presented end the Democrats summoned into special meeting to "vote the bonus either up or down it will be voted A two-thirds majority for the bonne in a -Democratic caucus would have the effect of binding that party huge majority in the house to support the Senator Connelly conceded the clausa authorizing the president to BARBARA HUTTON SINGAPORE (Straits Settlement) April 28 Barbara Hutton granddaughter of the late Woolworth chain store founder arrived here to-day from Indochina and laughingly denied she wee married or engaged or contemplating either It was understood that both Mias Hutton and Prince Alexis Mdlvanl will sail Friday on the liner Chitral for Marseilles enroute to the United States of the Princes David and Serge Mdlvanl The latter la the former husband of Pole Negri Miss Hutton's fortune represents a third of the Woolworth estate which would have gone to her mother had she lived The estate waa estimated at 858000000 when the founder died WASHINGTON April President Roosevelt to-day nominated Nellie Taylce Ross former governor of Wyoming to be director of the mint The president also sent to the senate the nomination of Laurence A Steinhardt of New York to be minister to Sweden He named Charles Wyzanskl Jr of Massachusetts to be solicitor of the labor department -It also developed to-day that Charles Addams of Arizona who has been slated for president of the civil service commission probably will be shifted to some other poet In the administration payments He expects a special committee to be named by congress to consult with him on the debt program Early selection of this committee or the appointment of regular standing committees to confer with him ia in ml id He win submit also a roposal extending to him power to revise the tariff rates in keeping with any International agreement that might ha worked out Neither proposition haa framed yet by the president and probably will not ha until the conclusion of the immediate foreign conversations Discussed With MacDonald He haa not taken up the subject of debts yet with Edouard Herriot the French emissary although he did talk things over last night with Prim Minister MacDonald of Groat Britain The Americans French and British are in apparent accord on disarmament and appear to be acting in unity at the Geneva conference President Roosevelt spent the afternoon in conference on this problem with Harriot It wa said at tha White House that tha two era well satisfied with their conversations Tha White House alto appeared very much aware of the moves made to-day at Geneva by Norman Davis who brought up tha subject of a consultative pact It was made clear that the French the British and the United States have been in very close touch with Geneva during tha last twenty-four hour Seven-Point Program The United States end Great Britain lined up to-day for a seven-point world economic recovery program embracing tariff reductions and higher silver price President Roosevelt and Prime Minister MacDonald ended their conversations with a 'declaration of understanding on agreements to be sought at the June world economic conference Ae they said good-bye tha American end French economic exnerts attacked the problems Roosevelt end MacDonald declared for the following in a statement distributed the White House: An Increase In the general lave! of commodity prices Re-orientation of commercial pot idea Redaction or tariffs quotas and exchange restriction World expansion of credit Capital expenditure by governments to stimulate business Re-establishment of an international monetary standard Improvement of the status of liver -Their conversations "showed that our two governments were lodking with a like purpose and a close similarity of method" at thee objectives MacDonald Pleased Granting that "between the cup and the lin are many MacDonald told newspapermen as he left the While House for London that his conversations had been "fruitful In a way I hardly believed possible when 1 came" The tame enthusiasm over the results of the Anglo-American negotiations was expressed by those cloee to President Roosevelt War Debts Left To Future War debts relief tot Great Britain which was taken up last night by the president and prime minister was not mentioned in their final statement It remains for future settlement together with the economic program outlined by the two statesmen The debt payment become due June 15th almost simultaneously with the meeting of the London world economic conference hi which Roosevelt pins hia hope for accomplishment of steps outlined to-day MacDonald emphasised upon leaving that he and Roosevelt were lust as free now as before they entered their conversations "There are no alliences or entanglements" he said "Tou are not in the maelstrom of Europe But can yon imagine what would happen If America and Great Britain can't march side by aide? am not only convinced of a hope to come to an agreement I am Irolng away with the determination we have got to coma to an agreement because it is our moral Relations between Canada- and the United States were gone over (Continued On Page 2-A Col 6) Peace Looms In ManchuriaChina To Give Up Jehol FIGHT TO CLEAR KIN BRINGS WEALTH UnknownBritisher Successful In Long Search To Erase Blot Of Spy (By The Associated Press) NEW YORK April Recovery of fortune' In gold from Hampshire the British warship which carried Earl Kitchener to his death In the North Sea during the world war waa disclosed to-day The salvaged treasure amounted to fl5000 the first of the yellow metal to be taken from the Hampshire's strong hoses Ita recovery brought to the world the first authentic information that Kitchener carried a large treasure on hia ill-fated mission to Russia to help holster tha Russian armies in the cause of the allies Discovery of the gold wa-' disclosed in authoritative advices from Europe a laconic message that might have been taken from ship's log The only other detail it carried was that there wee rejoicing among the crew of the selva re ship But behind the message lies a story tha like a chapter of one of the aea tales of Joseph Conrad for the renort ia that tne search resulted not from the lure of sunken treasure but from the determination of a man to clear tha name of a relative he said was accused of having given information to the Germane and thus aided in sendinr Kitchener to hia death Romantic Story The names of the participants in that effort at vindication have not been 'disclosed Aa the story goes it began four years ago when tbla man determined to try to locate the Hampshire to settle for himself the question in i own mind of how the Hampshire was sunk He proceeded even though the records showed that tha warship struck a mine Beginning methodically he first sought every sailor connected with min layers in the district off the West Orkney' Islands during the war After long and fruitless effort he waa about to give up when finally he located a man who had worked on a mine layer that had operated in the district The sailor had kept scrapbook record of gverv mine his ship had taM ahd fcfter 1 A search til old scraDbook was located in the attic of the sailor's home in Germany Locates Sunken Ship Armed with this information the relative interested a fishing captain in hia auest and soundings were taken It wee a ion- arduous process but finally ha located what he believed was the wrack of- the Hampshire Going down In a diving suit he recovered piece of a corroded smokestack hlch convinced him his find was genuine Then came the effort to Interest some one with capital in the venture but it waa only after the relative learned the Hampshire carried gold that he received any hacking Salvaging operations sines have been going on at a feverish rate hut the depth of the sea the shifting of the ocean's bottom end the heavy armor of tha ship have hampered progress Details of the salvage operations were lacking Little publicity bad been given here to any recent at-tempt to raise the strongboxes It waa recalled however that Charles Courtney known as the "wizard locksmith" sailed from New York for Europe April 8th on a mysterious minion in connection with a treasure hunt Courtney who haa been called on before to aid in opening safes from sunken ships refused to disclose the object of his journey hut one report said that he would take part in an expedition to obtain the Hampshire's gold It was almost seventeen yean June 5th 1916 that the Allies were stunned by the loss of Kitchener who went down with the cruiser Hampshire a few minutes after the vessel hit a German mine off the Orkneys a group of Islands north of Scotland Kitchener famous statesman and field marshal who had won acclaim as one of England's great soldiers by his exploits in Egypt Indin and South Africa was then serving as British secretary for war Ha waa on a secret mission to Russia when Abe disaster occurred A- sailor said afterward that the earl wee last seen standing on tha quarter deck talking calmly to hia staff and watching unsuccessful attempts of the crew to launch boats in the rough 4 No 5-Cent Beer Tax On Brewers May Be Boosted SACRAMENTO April MV-Clare Woolwine Los Angelas assemblyman submitted an amendment to a beer tax hiU he intro dured some time ago providing for a state tax of 21 a barrel to supersede the present excise of 63 cents He declared the brewers had foiled to fulfill their promisee of 5-cent beer and said If retail prices continued at present levels the state might as well profit by exacting a greater tax' The amended Mil went to the revenue and taxation committee Highway Patrol Teacher To Aid Wyoming Unit fta CRA M8INT0 Anril William White head of the California Highway Patrol Training School left for Cheyenne Wyo' where he will assist the Rocky Mountain tte In the organization of a state highway petrol svstem The California State Highway Patrol was requested by Wyoming's department of highways to furnish a competent man for this purpose- Frank Walsh chief attorney for Mooney assured tha court the trial would not ba made a basis for a legal loophole or subterfuge" Slate Offers Evidence OThe court's ruling came after William Murphy assistant district attorney had stated in reply to a question by the jurist that the state would produce no evidence against Mooney "Any evidence we would present" said Murphy "would have to be ruled out" Walsh veteran New Tork labor attorney who has been connected with the defense fight for almost fifteen years then renewed a motion to bring Mooney from Ban Quentin Prison in the court "No trial" said Judge Ward "eould he had on its merits un- der the circumstances The acts of the friends of Mooney preclude i giving him justice under these conditions The yells and cries of Mooney'e adherents cams into this court even with the window closed will not bring Mooney into thl court as long as these demonstration continue" 'Contempt Of Court Walsh referred to the shouting of the crowd outside as a form (Continued On Pag 2-A CoL 2) 'Marco A Ram King Freed Faces New Charge SAN FRANCISCO April Albori alias Alber Marco reputed Los Angeles underworld leader was to be transferred from Jtan Quentin Prison to the county hero to await federal court action on an old bootlegging sentence The state supreme court upheld hie long legal battle for a parole late yesterday but federal officers were prepared to hold him pending decision on a petition for a writ of habeaa corpus by which ha seeks to avoid a liquor sentence in Los Sunnyvale New President For Western Railroad KANSAS CITT April 28 Reports published to-d-y said 8torcy president of the Atchison Topeka and Seats Fe Railroad would resign and that Samuel Bledsoe would succeed him Bledsoe is chairmen of the road's executive committee The Kaneas City Star says 1 formation from New York Chicago and Topeka home of the general offices of the system is that at a meetip' of the board of directors in New Tork May 2nd Storey has ronsidered retirement from active direction of Santa Fe affairs for several years because of his age Born in San Francisco November 17th 1837 he began hie railroad career at the age of 24 as an assistant engineer for the Southern Pacific In ISM he was made chief engineer of the San Francisco and San Joauln Railroad now a Dart of the Santa Fe svstein Following his appointment as chief engineer of the 8anta Fe five years later he was vice president In charge of one rations federal manager during the world war and elected president January 1st 1820 Bledsoe a native of Kentucky entered the field of railroad law in 7895 as looal counsel for the Gulf Colorado and Santa Fe at Ardmore Okie He became counsel for the Santa Fe in Oklahoma and in 1912 waa named assistant general counsel for the lines at Chicago He waa made general counael of the road I 1918 and was elevated to his present position in 1930 Sheriffs Racket Charged By State Medical Leader DEL MONTE April Chargee that sheriffs throughout the state were operating a to Increase their income by collecting extra fees for transporting inline persona to hospitals were hurled to-day by Dr Joseph King president of the California Medical Association The physician assailed what he termed "medieval method" employed by officers in treating and often abusing insane persons as common criminals "The practice I particularly outstanding In San Francisco and San Diego counties" he said -Sheriffs and deputies of many counties he claimed received extra fees of $4 to for taking insane persons to state hospitals More than 2150000 waa collected in that manner last year he charged Prussian Law May Sterilize Children BERLIN April The Prussian Board of Health haa drafted a eugenie sterilisation law to serve aa a model for the entire raich it was announced semi-of-ficially to-dav The details were not made public Soma sections of Chancellor Nazi Party have been advocates of sterilization of the physically and mentally unfit for manv years Dr Martin Staemmler director of the pathologiral institute at Chemnitz recommends sterilization of children born dumb and blind and of defectives in order that the nation might build a physically healthy "Nordic" race DAVIS ELECTRIFIES GENEVA WITH PLAN FOR WORLD PACT Roosevelt Spokesman Enunciates New Policy Of Peace Activity The Associated Press) GENEVA (Bwltserland) April The first official echo of the Washington conversations was heard in Europe to-day when Norman Davis enunciated before the disarmament conference the Roosevelt policy- that the United States is ready to do big things to maintain peace once Europe shows ha really wants to reduce arms The first exposition of the Roosevelt policy before the conference wee presented in speech made on Instructions' from the president- -Delegates' to tha conference were electrified by the address of the American ambassador-at-large They Interpreted his remarks as meaning that America was disposed to strengthen the Briand-Kellogg Pact by an agreement to participate in a consultation pact of the powers Davie hearers also tinderstaad from what ha said that tha United States might agree at least to refrain from extending any commercial or financial help to an aggressor state once an agressor nation had been determined Peace Through Consultation Immense Interest waa manifest when Davis announced that it la both the policy and practice of the United States to confer with other nations when questions affecting peace are concerned The American Government Davis said appreciates the Importance of harmonizing tbo particular situation of the United States with constructive efforts for adequate organisation of machinery for preserving peace France May Pay Defaulted Debt In Deal With US PARIS April If President Roosevelt offers a war debt moratorium for tho duration of the world economic conference Premier Daladier will ha willing to ask parliament to approve payment of the 219000000 war debt interest due the United States iait December 15th it was disclosed to-day A member of tha premier's Immediate entourage was the authority for tbo statement It wee said Daladier considers the viewpoint of Franco end America to be Closer a result of tha conversations in Washington between Roosevelt and former Premier Edouard Herriot Daladier wa pleased at reports from Washington that the president was willing to associate hie government with International efforts to check nations embarked on aggression Tho French argue the stability of peace la Impossible without the active eld of the United States Collaboration In any way- or any atyetem cannot but bo well received here" a government spokesman said Actors Wife Sues Fay Vallee For $100000 Balm NEW YORK April Mrs Fay Webb Vallee pstranged wife of Rudy Vallee waa named defendant in a 2100000 alienation of affections suit filed In supreme court to-day by Mrs Kathleen Leon wife of Garfield Leon an actor Mrs Leon charged that last January Mrs Vallee offered Leon sums of money to go with hher to Santa Monica and in other ways tried to Induce him to leave his wife The complaint alleged that some time during the present months Mrs Vallee Induced Leon to leave his wife TO LAST DITCH SANTA MONICA April 26 -m Pay Webb Vallee will fight Kathleen alienation of affections suit the last she said to-day at the home of her father Charles Webb Santa Monica Police chief Her charges are untrue and we win prove them said the former film actress This waa made known with the explanation that Lewis Douglas of Arizona already had been made director of the budget and some other state waa entitled to the civil service Job Addams is a former Democratic chairman in Arizona It was not Indicated who now is in line for the civil service position nor what poet Addams was likely to get i Grant Resigns Mrs Rosa long has been active in slate and national Democratic politics having served ae vice chairman for the national committee prior to and through the Roosevelt campaign last year Grant director of the mint since 1923 has resigned effective at once to become advisor for the Chinese National Government central mint at ShanghaL Another important administration post wss assigned to a woman when Ruth Bryan Owen was named minister to Denmark Mrs Ross was first rumored to be slated for the treasurer of the United States appointment Administration sources indicated that McDowell Montana Democratic state committee chairman probably would be named minister to the Irish Free State between 1000 and 14000000 eyelet a second In the air none of thee vibration carry far enough to be dangerous and most of them are too rapid to be heard by the human ear In liquids the supersounds have spectacular effects In other laboratories smaller frequencies than the Cincinnati maximum have burned corks under water caused a glass filled with plain water to fixs like soda and Mattered glassware They have sprayed oil and mercury Into mists Superheated Uquids have been made to boil violently Sensitive chemicals have exnloded under the vibrations An inkling of the chemical possibilities is suggested in the industrial bulletin of Arthur Little of Boston which states that there fa evidence that some unstable molecules may be literally shaken to pieces (Continued On Page 2-A Col 4) San Diegan Who Med Son Loses Appeal Fight LOS ANGELES April Following a decision by the district court of appeal John Roberta 72 San Digo business man to-day faced life Imprisonment for the murder of hia son Earle In upholding the trail court sentence the court set forth its decision in twenty-page document listing many of the pltibl aspects of the case Roberta wee convicted of killing his son tha morning of July 26th 1932 Defense attorneys informed the appeals court that the trail court had erred In refusing to admit testimony of asserted animosity between the eon and father Dr Felix Adler Noted Educator Dies In East NEW TORK Anril Felix Adler 82 Jewish educator and founder of the Ethical Culture society died her yesterday ASSEMBLY DEBATES TAX PLAN SACRAMENTO April WV-The eighth amended version of Controller Ray tax plan waa being debated by the assembly to-day with Indications it would be acted upon unfavorably It was defeated last week but reconsidered Before going Into tho merits of tho plan there was considerable argument over motion by Lawrence Cobb of Lot Angeles to postpone it until Monday pending work of a joint legislative committee on other tax proposals Cobb withdrew hia motion after members got into a general discussion of the plan and it became evident they were willing to put it to a vote Meanwhile the senate voted to accept the assembly's suggestion for the legislature to recess May 12th instead of May 5th reconvening July 17th A sper 1 election on taxation repeal of the eighteenth amendment unemployment nnd other matters the legislature ia expected to pass before May I2th is to be held during the rag cess- Two proposed amendments were rejected during the assembly discussion One by Assemblyman (Continued On Page 2-A CoL 1) Optical Surgery Takes Out Eye Of Vasco Girl NEW YORK April -Helen Vasco 2-year-oid girl whose eye trouble has become the concern at half tha nation was reported In a condition to-day after an operation that removed her left eye Only time will tell however' whether the operation which had been opposed bitterly by the mother was performed In time to save the child from death The eye and a malignant tumor behind it were removed in fifteen minutes late yesterday by Dr John Dunnington assistant to Dr John Wheeler who in 1931 re- -moved a cataract from the eyo of tho king of Siam More Operations Seen After the operation which had been- ordered by two courts over the mother's objection officials at Presbyterian Hospital said her condition was "entirely satisfactory" although expressing the opinion tho surgery should havo been pci formed sooner John Vasco immigrant laborar and father of Helen came from hie Hasting-o n-Hudson homo with Mrs Vasco to be with Helen before the operation If all goes well Helen will he out of the hospital in a week or ao and after the eyo socket heals will he fitted with a giasa ays- Science Perfects Deadly Type Of Sound Waves Roosevelt No AmateurPoker Player-Rogers BEVERLY HILLS April Editor The Bee and Sir: Every paper just keeps saying how Roosevelt and MacDonald are accord" and how Herriot and Roosevelt ate accord" Now that all sounds mighty chummy and docile But knowing Europe like we ought to know there ia just a little too mnch There ia one awful good time to watch those babies from over there and that ia when they are accord" But I imagine we ean trust Roosevelt While this is hia first poker game with Europe be haa played with Tammany so he ia not exactly what you would call an amateur He haa seen guya ptill out of their sleeve before But he haa got to watch that accord" stuff Yours WILL ROGERS a By HOWARD LAKES LEE (Associated Prase Science Editor) CINCINNATI April Supersound waves as rapid aa 14000000 vibrations a second far exceeding any "rate ordinarily produced are Included in the range of a nnr device announced to-day at tha University of Cincinnati Much slower supersounds have been used to kill frogs small fish and bacteria and to sterilize milk But the Cincinnati apparatus product of the basic science research laboratory ia designed for exploring a new field the possibility of' applying tha vibrations to the reactions of chemistry The device is a supersonic spectrometer designed by Professor Goode It is a set of quartz crystals each having a different sound vibration frequency Oecil-laling produce notes at any range LONDON April 1 The undeclared war between Japan end China is about to end ana pea terms will be announced shortly the Daily Express will erv to-mor- The Express understands the terms Include recognition of Manchukuo by North China and creation of the great wall ae the boundary between Manchukuo end China which would thus lose Jehol A demilitarized sons would be established on both sides of the great well about 120 miles deep The paper will say that large Japanese reinforcements recently -r rived in Manchukuo are advancing to the Russian border where there has been a railway dispute between Russian and Manchukuo.

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