Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on September 5, 1963 · Page 30
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 30

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 5, 1963
Page 30
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28 Gatesburg Register-Mail, Golesburg, Ijl, Thursday, Sept. 5, 1963 Market Reports Today New York Stock* NEW YORK (UPI) - Stock market midday prices: Admiral 23 Iowa P&L 5814 Aldens 23V4 Johns-Man 49 Allegh Lud 41^ Kennecott 74 Alld Chem 51% Kresge Alld Strs 52% Kroger 31 Allis Chal 1VA Lib McN 13% Alum Ltd 24Vi Lockhd 37% Alcoa 64% Mar Oil 56% Am Air 29% Maytag 37 ABC Pmt 32% Min Hnywl 1WA Am Can 47 Minn Min 62% Am Cyan 61 Monsanto 54 3 /4 Am M&F lWi Mont Ward 40'A Am Mtrs 19% Morrell 25% Am T&T 123% Nat Bis 56% Am Tob 28% Nat Can 17% Anaconda 50% Nat Dairy 65% Armour 43 Nat Gyps 46% Atchison 29% Nat Ld 76% Avco 27 NYC 23 Bendix 51% No Amn 54 Beth Stl 32 Nor Pac 48% Boeing 35*4 Nor St Pwr 36% Borden 64y* Olin Math 42% Borg War 47% Outbd M 11% Case 10% Pac Tel 33% Catplr 44% Penney 46% Celanese 53% Penn RR 21 Cent Soya 27% Pepsi Cola 57% C&NW 33% Phil Pet 54% Chi RI 26% Piper Air 29% Chrysler 72% Pure Oil 46 Cities Svc 67% Qua Oats 70Vi Cola Cola 102% RCA 74 Colura Gas 30 Rep Stl 41% Comm Ed 53% Revlon 45% Cons Ed 88% Rexall 39% Cont Can 46% Reyn Tob 41% Cont Oil 65% Safeway 63 Deere 67% Schenley 22% Diana 9% Sears 96% Douglas 23% Shell Oil 47% Dow Chem 60 Simmons 40% Du Pont 244 Sinclair 48 J / 4 Eastman 111% So Pac 35% El Auto Li 26% Sperry 16 Erie 3% Sq D 47% Firestone 35% Std Bds 73% Flintkt 23% SO Cal 67% Ford Mtrs 53V 8 SO Ind 65% Friden 43% SO NJ 71% Fruehauf 30% SO Ohio 66 Gen Dyna 26% Stude Pack 7% Gen El 81% Swift 40% Gen Fds 85% Texaco 73% Gen Mtrs 76% Texas Inst 92% Gen Tel 28% Un Carb 108% Goodrich 52% Un El 29% Goodyear 38% Un Pac WA Grant WT 26 Unt Air L 40% Gt Nor 53% Utd Corp 8% Greyhound 44% Utd Fruit 24% Gulf Oil 49% Utd Gas 39% Homestake 51% US Gyps 89% Hupp 8 US Play C 25% 111 Cent 53% US Rub 49% HI Pwr 40% US. Stl 53% Inland Stl 45% West Un 29% IBM 451 Wstghs Ab 29% Int Harv 57% Wstghs El 37 3 / 4 Int Nick 64% Woolworth 72% Int Paper 32% Yng S&T 118% Int T&T 53 Markets at a Glance By United Press International Stocks firm in moderately active trading. Bonds irregular. U.S. government bonds mixed in moderate trading. American stocks irregularly lower. Midwest stocks firm. Cotton futures steady. Grains in Chicago: Wheat, corn, oats, rye and soybeans higher. Hogs steady to 50 lower, top 17 .00; cattle steady, top 24.85; sheep steady, top 21.00; dressed beef steady to 50 higher, top 44.00; dressed pork 50 higher, top 50.00. Eggs and Poultry Red Rowe, Hatchery Knoxville Road, Galesburg Large clean Eggs 22c Under grade Eggs 16c Leghorn Hens 3c Heavy Hens 7c A crown roast of lamb deserves an elegant garnish. When you bring the roast to the table, place big pitted green olives (pimiento stuffing removed) over the rib ends. Use the tiny strips of pimiento you take out of the olives in a salad or as a garnish for some other dish. READ THE CLASSIFIEDS! Backyard Sale 793 E. MAIN FRIDAY/ Sept. 6 — 9 lo 2 Clothing and Misc. Items. Rain Pale Sat., Sept. 7 Oalesburg Hog Market Galesburg Order Buyers C. B. ft Q. Stockyards Market steady to 10 cents lower. Best eastern shipping hogs, $16-$16.25. Top, $16.50. Quotations: 200-240 $15.75-$16.50 240-260 $15.50-$16.40 260-300 $15.20-$16.00 Packing sows $12.00-$15.25 Bushnell Livestock Market is weak to lower. Early sales 200-260 pounds, $16-$16.25; sows 25 cents lower, bulking at $12.75-$15.25; cattle, weak; lambs, st-ady. Tomorrow's Estimates CHICAGO (AP) - (USDA) Official estimated livestock receipts for Friday are 5,000 cattle, 6,000 hogs and 300 sheep. Peoria Livestock PEORIA, III. (AP)-(USDA)Hogs 3,200; 1-2 195-235 lb butchers 16.50-16.75; mixed 1-3 190-270 lbs 16.00-16.50; 1-2 270-370 lb SOWS 14.75-15.75; 1-3 370-450 lbs 14.0014.75; 2-3 450-550 lbs 13.00-14.00. Cattle 80; choice 725-1,150 lb slaughter steers 24.00-24.25; mixed good and choice 900-1,200 lbs 23.5024.00; good 20.75-23.25; good and choice 800-1,050 lb slaughter heifers 23.00; good 20.75-21.75; calves 12; moderately active, vealers steady; choice 25.00-28.00; good 21.00-25.00. Sheep 100; choice 90-100 lb spring lambs 18.50-20.00; good 90125 lbs 18.00-18.50; cull and utility shorn slaughter ewes 2.00-4.50. Interior Hog Prices SPRINGFIELD, 111. (AP) (USDA) — Interior Illinois hog prices (State-Federal); Receipts 20,000; 1-3 200-250 lb butchers 15.25-16.00, mostly 15.50-16.00; 1-2 195-240 lbs 16.25-16.75; 1-3 250-280 lbs 14.75-15.50; 1-3 280-350 lb sows 14.50-15.25; 1-3 350-400 lbs 13.2514.50; 2-3 400-500 lbs 12.25-13.25; 23 500-600 lbs 11.25-12.25. Chicago Livestock CHICAGO (AP)-(USDA)-Hogs 6,500; butchers steady to 25 lower; mostly 1-2 200-230 lb butchers 16.75-17.00; mixed 1-3 200-240 lbs 16.50-16.75; 180-200 lbs 16.00-16.50; largely 2-3 230-270 lbs 16.25-16.50; mixed 1-3 330-400 lb sows 14.2515.00; 400-450 lbs 13.75-14.25; 2-3 450-575 lbs 13.00-13.75. Cattle 800; calves 25; not enough steers or" heifers for an adequate test of trends; few loads and lots choice 825-1,100 lb slaughter steers 24.00-24.85; few good 22.50-23.00; few choice 850-925 lb slaughter heifers 23.00-23.50; few good 22.00 22.50; utility and commercial cows 14.25-16.00; utility and com' mercial bulls 17.50-19.50; load good 700 lb feeding steers 23.75; load good 900 lbs 21.75. Sheep 700; spring slaughter lambs steady; few lots choice and prime 90-110 lb spring slaughter lambs 21.00; good and choice 80100 lbs 18.50-20.50; cull to good shorn slaughter ewes 4.00-6.00. Chicago Produce CHICAGO (UPD-Produce: Live poultry too few receipts to report prices. Cheese single daisies 41 - 44V>; longhorns 42-43; processed loaf 39-44; Swiss Grade A 50-55, B 4953. Butter steady; 93 score 57%; 92 score 57%; 90 score 56%; 89 score 55Vz. Eggs irregular; white large extras 39; mixed large extras 38; mediums 34; standards 33. Backyard Sale 1026 BEECHER FRIDAY & SATURDAY Sept, S It 7 Clothing, dishes, baby Items, miscellaneous. TERMITES I FHA Time Payment t Free Inspection HANSEN LUMBER CO. 342-5185 FURNITURE AUCTION - 1317 N. Henderson St. SATURDAY, SEPT. 7 - 1:30 P.M. RAIN or SHINE As we are moving to Florida, we will sell the following merchandise, Admiral refrigerator with deep freeze across the top, 5- pc- chrome drop-leaf dinette set, Whirlpool automatic washer, Eazy- spiii dry washer, 21" console RCA Victor TV set, walnut gateleg table, 6-ft. folding table, 3 tier Va round display table, counters, step- up counters, metal desk, swivel office chair, typewriter table, wrapping paper rollers, metal shelving, small file cases, power mower, band mower, edger, 100 ft. garden hose, step-ladder, garden and yard tools. Cosco table, book shelf, Hoover sweeper, aluminum yard chair, rollaway tub. several small clocks, electric broiler, several gift items from the gift shop, and many many more items too numerous to mention including a set of Bavarian dishes. MB. and MRS- FRITZ CARLSON—Owners COBBIN'8 AUCTION SERVICE KENT #»d COOK. Auctioneers — Phone 343-9033 FREDERICK ERICKSON-Clerk pEJfffiCf EB THIS 8AX.S TO BE HELD RAIN OR 8HINEI Ctaletburg Grain Market Consumer* Grain ft Supply Co. lliSS A. M. Corn (old) $1.21 Corn (new) $1.02 Oats 61c Soybeans (old) $2.49 Soybeans (new) $2.36 DeForest Feed A Seed Co. Wheat $1.71 Corn $1.21 Oats 62c Soybeans $2.49 1.82% 1.81% 1.88V4 1.87% 1.91 1.90% 1.87% 1.86% 1.59 1.58 a /s 1.61 1.60% 1.60% 1.60% Chicago Grain CHICAGO (AP)High Low Wheat Sep Dec Mar May Jul 1964 Sep Corn Sep Dec Mar May Jul Oats Sep Dec Mar May Rye Sep Dec Mar May Jul Range Prev. Close close 1.82% 1.81% 1.88% 1.87% 1.91 1.90% 1.87% 1.86% 1.58% 1.58% 1.27% 1.25% 1.13% 1.13 1,16% 1.15% 1.18% 1.17% 1.20% 1.19% .66% .68% .70% .70% .65% .68% .70% .70% Soybeans 1.30% 1.29% 1.36% 1.34% 1.38% 1.36% 1.37% 1.35% 1.32% 1.31% Sep Nov Jan Mar May Jul Aug. 2.56% 2.55% 2.54 2.52% 2.57% 2.56% 2.60% 2.59% 2.63 2.62 2.64% 2.63% 2.62% 2.61% 1.25% 1.27% 1.13% 1.13% 1.15% 1.16% 1.17% 1.18% 1.19% 1.20% .65% .65% .68% .68% .70% .70% .70% .70% 1.29% 1.30% 1.34% 1.36% 1.36% 1.38% 1.36% 1.37% 1.31% 1.32% 2.55% 2.56% 2.52% 2.54% 2.56% 2.57% 2.593/4 2.61 2.62% 2.63% 2.63% 2.64 2.62 2.62% READ THE CLASSIFIEDS! FOR SALE SMALL HOUSE IN RIO immediate possession. $3,000 Phone Rio 872-2466 BACKYARD PATIO SALE FRIDAY & SATURDAY Sept. 6-7 — 9 to 6 P.M. Rain or Shine 201 W. Main - Knoxville Clothing & Miscellaneous Items. Groin Futures CHICAGO (AP) Soybean futures weakened slightly after scatered selling pressure today in early transactions on the Board of Trade but the grains were little changed. Setbacks ran to about a cent in soybeans on offerings which dealers said appeared to be liquidation in advance of a private monthly crop report which some speculators expected to be bearish. Wheat posted small gains but demand was considerably below the past two days when it closed with advances of about two cents a bushel on old crop months. Brokers said some of the selling probably was profit cashing. Near the end of the first hour wheat was % to % cent a bushel higher, September $1.82; corn % lower to % higher, September $1.26%; oats % higher to % lower, September 65% cents; rye % to 1% lower, September $1.29%; soybeans % to 1% lower, September $2.56%. Final Grain Review CHICAGO (AP)—Grain futures prices ranged from stronon wheat to weak on soybeans and rye today in fairly active trading. Wheat posted gains of about a BLACK DIRT And FILL DIRT Hauling soonl DEWAYNE JOHNSON 342-081S MIXED HAY WANTED Call or see—Bill Bowen, ear* Werihelmer Cattle Co„ Inc.— CB&O STOCKYARDS Galesburg. 111.—Tel. 343-5812 Excellent Opportunity for Head Salesman in Livestock Feed Manufacturing business. High school education. References required. Write Box 756, c-o Register-Mail. NATIONAL SALE QUALITY AT DISTRICT SALE PRICES WEST CENTRAL ILLINOIS SHORTHORN ASS'N SHOW and SALE BUREAU COUNTY FAIRGROUNDS Princeton, Illinois THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 12 114 LOTS—16 bulls, 47 females. 51 club steers. SHOW: 9:00 a.m. C.D.T.. SALE: 12:00 Noon. Club steers sell at 3:00 p.m. Lunch available on the grounds. Thirty-two top Shorthorn breeders from Illinois and Wisconsin offering their best. Shorthorns in the feedlot mean money in the bank. CATALOGS AVAILABLE AT THE SALE OR WRITE DON LONGLEY, Sale Mgr., 16 So. Locust St., Aurora, III. PUBLIC SALE OF REAL ESTATE The undersigned Executor of the Estate of Emma C. Schumaker, deceased will sell at public auction on Tuesday, September 10, 1963 At 10 o'clock A.M., on the premises, the following described real estate: The West one-half (W'/a) of the Southeast Quarter (SE>/«) and the East one-haJf (E',i) of the Southwest Quarter (SW',4) of Section Twenty-six (26), Township Fifteen (15) North, Range Three (3), East of the Fourth Principal Meridian, Henry County, Illinois.. The above-described real estate consists of one hundred and sixty (160) acres of improved farm land, level to slightly rolling, with a modern residence and a full set of farm improvements. LOCATION OF FARM: Approximately six and one-half (6'i) miles Southeast of Cambridge; three and one-half (V/a) miles North of Bishop Hill; and nine (9) miles West of Kewanee. TERMS OF SALE: Fifteen (15%) per cent down on day of sale; balance on or before March 1, 1964. Abstract of Title to be furnished successful bidder. JAMES B. YOUNG, Galva, Illinois. Executor of the Estate of Emma C. Schumaker, Deceased. LAWRENCE VAN HYFTE, Annawan, Illinois Auctioneer Additional information can be secured from Lawrence Van Hyfte, Annawan, Illinois; or Office of Attorney James B. Young, Galva, 111. FORAGE HARVESTER DEMONSTRATION SEE - the NEW FARMALL 806 and the IH. No. 50 CHOPPER with 2 Row Corn Head, (and other competitive machines) WHERE - HAROLD GARDNER FARM, Highway 34 West of Galesburg at Coldbrook corners. WHEN - THURSDAY, SEPT. 12th (Rain date, Friday, Sept. 13) COME - SEE LOOK - DRIVE WESTBAY EQUIPMENT CO. IHC Knoxville Road Galesburg cent a bushel in spots most of the time despite some profit cashing from three previous advances. Soybeans backed down on selling which traders said was related to a private crop report which estimated 1963 yield at a record 740 million bushels. Talk of reduced exports imparted weakness to rye. Carlot receipts today were estimated at: wheat 2 cars, corn 102, oats 4, rye none, barley 11, soybeans 1. Wheat closed Vs-l cent a bushel higher, September $l.82-82 1 /4; corn 3 /2-l% lower, September $1.25%%; oats Vi higher to V* lower, September 65% cents; rye VA-V/t lower, September $1.29%; soybeans lower, September $2.55%-%. Chicago Cash Grains CHICAGO (AP) - No wheat or soybean sales. Corn No 1 yellow 1.36; No 2 yellow 1.36. Oats No 1 extra heavy white 71; No 2 extra heavy white 71. Soybean oil 8n. Dow Jones Averages NEW YORK (UPI)-Dow Jones 1 p.m. CDT stock averages: 30 indus 734.55 up 1.63 20 rails 174.70 off 0.77 15 utils 143.91 up 0.21 65 stocks 262.85 up 0.14 ROOM ADDITIONS REMODELING WAYNE WEBSTER Contractor PHONE 343-1720 FOR SALE REGISTERED POLAND CHINA BOARS and GILTS Won 27 Ribbons at 7 Shows FARMER PRICES 1 mile North and 1 mile East of Alexis PHONE 482-3478 DAVID NOTTINGHAM Wall Street NEW YORK (AP)-Steels and motors were gainers as the stock market nudged ahead on balance in another attack on the all-time high in the Dow Jones industrial average. Trading was heavy late this afternoon. Volume for the day was estimated at 5 .2 million shares compared with 6.06 million Wednesday. Gains of key stocks were mainly fractional, some going to a point or so. Losers, however, were liberally scattered through the list. The Dow Jones industrial average at 2 p.m. was up 1.63 at 734.55 — close to its historic 1961 closing high of 734.91. Steels were slightly higher. A glowing sales report by Chrysler started that stock upward again and proved the pivot for the general list to move higher after an irregular start. Ford and General Motors gained fractions. Chrysler eased an early GARAGE SALE Friday — 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. 505 E. North - Knoxville Men's and women'* clothing. Books, dishes, radio and record player, antique cheit and Miic. Frontyard Sale SOS E. MAIN — KNOXVILLE FRIDAY, SEPT. 6 - 9 to 7 Furniture, clothes, booli and miscellaneous items. BACKYARD SALE 882 N. KELLOGG FRI., SEPT. 6 - 8 to ? Misc. items, clothing, useful household items, RCA stereo record player, will not be shown, but can obtain information. FOR SALE Registered Polled Hereford Bull. 5 Yrs., gentle, outstanding individual. R. L. ANDERSON Tel. Trojan 6-2446 GUson FURNITURE AUCTION Having sold my home I will sell the following furniture at Public Auction at 604 North Monroe St., Abingdon, 111. on Sat. Morning, Sept. 7, 1963 AT 10 O'CLOCK SHARP Frigldalre 8' refrigerator, oak breakfast set, coffee table, dining room table, 2 end tables, 2—antique stands, 4 lamps, walnut chest of drawers, 2—dressers, walnut bed with new coil springs and innerspring mattress, elec. sandwich toaster, elec. iron, elec. waffle iron, 2—canners, several Antique dishes, library table, 150 gal. oil barrel, single metal bed with innerspring mattress, 4 drawer dressing table, buffet, baby tetter-tot, garden tools and items too numerous to mention. "This is all good clean lurniture" TERMS—CASH MRS. FLOYD ROBERTS, Owner LEWIS G. MARKS and MICHAEL E. MARKS—Auctioneers CARROLL MARKS—Cleric PUBLIC SALE Haying sold my home I will sell the following at Public Auction at residence located at 902 East South St.. Knoxville, 111. on Saturday, Sept. 7, 1963 AT I O'CLOCK 10 — ANGUS CATTLE— 10 6—Angus cows 3 to 5 yrs. old. 5 Angus calves 4 mo. old. FURNITURE Amana 12' deep freeze; Frigidaire 9' refrigerator; 5-pc. bedroom suite with box springs and foam rubber mattress; double dresser, this suite is like new; living room suite; lounge chair; 2 straight chairs; 10x14 rug and pad; 9x12 rug and pad; RCA—21" TV console model; picnic table; dinette set; 2 couches; stand tables; 1—26" riding power mower; 1—22" hand mower; cement mixer; 1—double phase Va H.P. elec. motor, like new; 10" hand mower; Hoof weed mower; pawer garden spader; garden and lawn tools; new jig saw; new sabre saw; Va" elec. drill and lots of miscellaneous hand tools; Red Jacket pump jack, and many items too numerous to mention. "DON'T MISS THIS SALE IF IN NEED OF GOOD FURNITURE" TERMS—CASH Not Responsible for Accidents Horry E. Hoynes, Owner LEWIS G. MARKS and MICHAEL E. MARKS—Auctioneers S. B. DAVIS—Clerk Outstanding Complete HOUSEHOLD AUCTION Saturday, Sept. 7 11 A.M. (D.S.T.) 247 West Fremont Street As I have sold my home I will offer my complete home furnishings at Public Auction as follows: 13' coppertone G.E. refrigerator with large freeze:- comp.; Whirlpool matching washer & dryer set in good condt; 6-pc. solid maple dinette set, including lovely hutch; fine collection of misc. copper articles; also large collection of very fine brass ware; brass fireplace setting; 2—living room suites (like new); set of captain's chairs; blond book case; maple tea cart; maple ship's wheel mirror; 3-pc. set of maple end tables and coffee table; lots of mantle clocks; maple sofa bed can't be told from new; wrought iron book case; old time telephone; radio; blond Singer sewing machine; 4 maple straight "shairs; 4-pc. blond end table set; brass table lamps, indirect lighting floor lamps; table radio's; beige platform rocker; club chair and matching ottoman, original cost $180; Philco 21" table model TV: 17" blond TV; 6-pc. blond mahogany bedroom suite, consisting of 2 separate Mr. and Mrs. dressers; 2 twin beds complete, also nite stand and chest of drawers; vanity lamps; 4-pc. fruit wood bed set with box spring and foam mattress, chest and nite stand. LAWN FURNITURE Large 5-pc. umbrella lawn set; 2 picnic tables; lots of good lawn chairs: very nice outdoor cement barbecue grill; Homko 21" rotary mower; garden and yard tools; also pots, pans, dishes and articles too numerous to mention. C C. COFFEY, Owner DALE F. COFFEY, Auctioneer BUD ALLEN. Clerk Auct. Comment: This is one of the finest household Auctions to be held in Galesburg. In case of rain Sale will be held following Saturday, Sept. 14, 11 A.M. loss and showed a net gain Hearing a point. Most leading chemicals advanced, Air Reduction and Eastman Kodak adding more than a point. Du Pont and Allied Chemical were fractional gainers. Union Carbide was down slightly. Sperry Rand looked like the most active stock again but was off fractionally on profit taking. Rails were mostly lower. Polaroid and U.S. Smelting gained about 5, Control Data and Xerox 4, Texas Instruments 3, IBM 2. Prices on the American Stock Exchange moved irregularly higher. Corporate bond prices declined FOR SALE JOHN DEERE 227 MOUNTED CORN PICKER Has picked 600 acres. CLARK BRANTING Telephone 342-9150 FOR SALE 250 BOARD FEET DRY CHERRY LUMBER l-lnch thick; 6-6 and 10 Inches wide, • feet long. Excellent grade. Price $75.00. Phone 343-7362 COLDBROOK Chuck Wagon Sponsored by Coldbrook Church at the Monmouth Prime Beef Festival. SEPTEMBER 4, 5, 6, 7 Short Orders, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner Homemade Pies — Specialities CHUCK WAGON and FRIED CHICKEN DINNER S1.25 Serving Starts 5 P.M. irregularly. Most U.S. government bonds were sharply lower. Orange and onion salad is great with roast chicken, turkey or duck. Serve the fruit and veg« etable combination (sliced thin) on mixed greens and top with ripe olives, pimiento or capers. At the table mix the salad with French dressing, salt (if needed) and freshly-ground pepper. COMPLETE TREE REMOVAL Fully Insured — Free Estimates POWER STUMP REMOVAL OLSON'S TREE SERVICE Call Collect — Trojan 1-1103 GUson. III. . Galesburg, 111. — 342-6234 Burlington Veteran's Auxiliary BACKYARD SALE FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 6th 725 DAY ST. Opens 9:00 A.M.—No earlier 1 Dining Room Set. Improved SOW HERDS Lowest Cost SOW LEASE PROGRAM. Write Protein Blenders, Inc., Box 631, Iowa City, Iowa in this area sea ' ONEIDA FARMERS COOP, ONEIDA, ILL. or ACRES FERTILIZER, AVON, ILL. ORDER Your fall Rye and Wheat seed now, after you have harvested your silage corn or harvested your soybean crop this fall. Improve the fertility of your soil by plowing down a crop of rye next spring. OR May be used as a late pasture this fall and also an early pasture next spring. FALL WHEAT Yes, we also have a certain amount of fall wheat seed for those who want to have part of their small grain planted this fall. May be planted on silage or soybean ground. Yields are reported up to 60 bu. per acre, as a normal yield depending on the condition of your soil. If you plant some of your acres this fall, you will be that much ahead at planting time next spring. Place your order now, for your highest quality seed. BERGSTROM SEED & FEED CO. WOODHULL, ILLINOIS Dealer of Funks "G" Hybrids — Farm Seed CLOSING OUT AUCTION SALE Friday & Saturday, Sept. 6-7 Selling Friday all day .starting at 10:00 A.M. and continuing through the day and evening. Also Saturday night starting at 7:30 P ' JIFFY LINE DIVISION of Viola Sales & Engineering Corporation SALE HELD AT THE KENNEY FORD SALES BUILDING BOX 377 — ROUTE 67 and 17 — PHONE 91 VIOLA, ILLINOIS This Is all name brand, new quality merchandise, FARMERS, DEALERS, and OPERATORS, take notice. Savings here will be tremendous, as everything listed goes, right to the bare walls. ALL NAME BRAND ITEMS Flags; Hog-Pans; Post Drivers; Hog Catchers; Bike Tenders; Fence Splicers;. Umbrellas; Umbrella Brackets; Hack Saw Blades; Broader Thermometers; Thermometers; Weathervanes; Key or Pin Stock; Screw Drivers; Snaps; Pulleys; Line Tites; Hook & Eyes; Grease Guns; Pioneer Hose Couplers; Pioneer Tips; Belt Grip; Canvas Cement; Loos-N-It; Truck Ladders; Exhaust Shields; Chain Detach­ ers; Oil Cans; Red Snap'r Insulators; Hitch Pins; Wheel Sliding Tools; Aqua-Flaters; Tire Pumps; Hub City Adapters; Hub Ciy Sleeves; Hub City Over-Hunning Coupler. This is all name brand, new quality merchandise- Two Van Trucks— 1962 GMC step-van, 1957 Ford van. These trucks are in tip top condition. TERMS—CASH Viola Sales & Engineering Corp. VERN NELSON, President Auctioneers—Pete Boultinghouse, Aledo, 111., and Dwight Swanson, Geneseo, 111. Clerk—Art Vanstrom Not Responsible in Case of Accidents FURNITURE AUCTION As I have purchased a mobile home I will sell my furniture at Public Auction at 1265 West North St., Galesburg, 111. FRIDAY, SEPT. 6, 1963 AT 1 O'CLOCK SHARP Hotpoint elec. refrigerator, Kenmore automatic washer, one yr. old, and like new; G.E. elec. dryer, good condition, 5-pc. bedroom suite w/coil springs and innerspring mattress, 3-pc. bedroom suite w/coil springs and innerspring mattress, Hollywood twin beds w/box springs and innerspring mattress, 2 davenports and 2 chairs, 2-bed davenports, chrome breakfast set w/5 chairs, 2 pole lamps, table lamps, sewing end table, dropleaf utility table, desk, 6 pc. maple set including two pc. sectional, corner table, platform rocker, round stand table and coffee table, baby bed, good work bench, 4-TV stands w/trays, small book shelf, chrome, breakfast set w/4 chairs, 9x12 rug, sectional bookcase, old elec. trains, M&W elec. ironer, Admiral 2 ton air conditioner, perfect condition, dress form, good one, some cooking utensils, hand tools, some glassware, and many other items too numerous to mention. Knipco space heater, 7500 BTU, like new, folding table. Walnut Martha Washington sewing cabinet, antique cherry bed w/springs, antique walnut clock shelf over 100 yrs. old, walnut end table, antique walnut stand table w/drawer. 15—5x5 sheets of Birch plywood. This is all good clean furniture, sale will be held rain or shine. TERMS — CASH Walter Reisenbigler, owner Auctioneers — Lewis G. Marks and Michael E. Marks Clerk — Pale May

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