The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 23, 1955 · Page 44
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 44

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 23, 1955
Page 44
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4-At0«na (la.) Upptr Thursday, Jufi* 23, 1955 Tips On Low Cost Home Cooling The .crowth in popularity of air conditioning has helped 1o increase the use of fans as well. Even homes with room coolers •or other air conditioning equipment need fans for greater comfort and more efficient operation of their installations. Fans Tan be used along with air conditioners in a number of ways, as you can see by the diagrams. A small fan will assist distribution of chilled air by giving more rapid circulation. In some cases, fans help overcome poor air distribution caused by unfavorable location of the room cooler, by cirulating conditioned air into "dead spots". Thus a uni- f o r m temperature is maintained throughout the room. Fans provide live, circulating air in the conditioned space, causing the room to feel cooler. * * » EXTENDING THE RANGE . OF COOLING UNITS In moderate weather, a fan can be used to extend the utility of a room air conditioner so that its effect can be felt in more than one room, by circulating the air into a second room. Just open the door and direct the fan so that it blows the cooled air into the second room. • • • IN EXTRA HOT WEATHER Since the size of the room air conditioner purchased is usually determined by normal heal load conditions, there may be times when more circulation is required — such as when a large group of people is present, or during the hottest hours of the day. At such times, a fan or air circulator will provide additional Small fan can be used with room air conditioner to disttibule conditioned air into "dead" spots. Fan extends "reach" of room air conditioner by circulating already conditioned air into second room. See Us For A Complete Selection of Fans All Prices from 5.95 SWARTZ Your IRHA Dealer ALGONA HARDWARE relief. * * • TO REDUCE NIGHTTIME HEAT LOAD When the outside temperature drops at night, warm air from adjacent connected rooms ma5 f be' expelled by' fans—drawing in cool outside air. This will reduce the heat load and extern the benefits of air conditioning. • » * FANS AID IN ECONOMY OF OPERATION Fans may be used to create comfort during those hours of the day when neither air cooling nor dehumidification is necessary. The daily use of proper types of circulating and exhaust fans will shorten the operating time of the air conditioning unit, and reduce its operating cost. To Keep You Cool When It Sizzles For maximum summertime comfort, it is important to have one or more fans with sufficient cubic-feet-per-minute rating to completely circulate or exchange the air in the room or rooms to be cooled at least once every minute in extremely hot climates — and at least once every two k> thrcfj^minutes in -the some<Phat coWer northefri' areas. ' * The way to determine the fan capacity you'll need is simple. To select the proper size and number of fans, just find the number of cubic feet of air to be circulated per minute, and choose fans with the necessary cubic- feet-per-minute rating to do the job. To find the amount of air tc be moved in a room, multiply the length, by the width, by the height of the room. For example: A room 20x12x8 feet contains 1,920 cubic feet of air. Therefore, a fan or fans with a total rated capacity of 1.920 cubic feet per minute will circulate the air in this room once every minute. 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"Makers of Famous Sargent Feeds" 2 Families At LuVerne Hosts For Reunions LuVerne —The reunion of the Sanford families was held in the town park. Sunday. Out pf town guests included: Mr and Mrs Arthur Hof, Humboldt; Archie Sanford, Ames; Mr and Mrs Carl Wright and Diane, Des Moines; Mr and Mrs Willard Sanford, Larry and Ann, Algona; Mr and Mrs Bobby Caudle, Ellsworth; Mr and Mrs Francis Sanford, Mr and Mrs Norman Larson families, Badger, Mr and Mrs Irvin McGowan and family, Clear Lake. Frilzemeier Reunion The annual reunion of the FritzemeiiJr families was held in the LuVerne town park Sunday. A good attendance was reported. Dr. and Mrs Carl D. Lang and children were present from LeMars. Mrs Lang is the former Marie Fritzemeier, daughter of the late Mr and Mrs F. C. Fritzemeier." Swim Program Begins The summer swimming program for the youth of LuVerne and vicinity went into effect Wednesday, June 15. This is sponsored by the Community Planning Council with Supt. B. E. Martin recently elected as president. Mrs William Goetsch, vice president and Mrs Bertie C. Ramus, secretary-treasurer. The course, runnirtg twelve vyeeks, started June 15. Instruction lessons each Wednesday at 10:30 a.m. The recreational period is Friday at 1:45 p.m. Buses will transport the young people to the Algona pool. Cost is nominal and age limit, seven years and older for lessons, and six years and older for Friday period. Attend Wedding Mr and Mrs Don Clark and family of Galbraith attended the wedding of her niece, Dona Heater and Jack Carlyle, 2 p.m. in the Methodist Church in Rippey Suncla, June 19. Marlene and Karen were bridesmaids and Ronald a candlelighter. Infant Baptized The infant son of Mr and Mrs John Pergande was baptized Ronald Douglas in the morning service in the Zion Evangelical Lutheran church Sunday by the Rev. Louis Wiltonburg. Sponsors were Mr and Mrs Milton Brown, Omaha, Neb., brother of Mrs Pergande. Also dinner guests were the paternal grandparents, Mr and Mrs Carl Pergande and Helen. Norman Wegner of Bismarck, N. D. came Friday to visit hi.s father and sister, Richard Wegner and Miss Irene. Sunday. Norman and Miss Irene drove to St. Louis Mo., where he will attend a Phy.sii.-al Therapy convention. Duane Studer of Rock Island came Friday, and is visiting his friend. Kenneth Stripling, in the Mrs Jessie Stripling home. Ruth Rosenquist of Agwuching, Minn, visited in the home of her niece, Mr and Mrs Herman Schul/. Sunday they went to Knieriem for a reunion. Mr and Mrs Earl Gnmbach and children alsu attended. The Rev. and Mrs Louis Wit- teiibur.n returned Saturday from Fort Campbell, Ky., where they visited their son-in-law and daughter, Sgt. and Mrs Ted Moura; and son Teddy. Sgt. Mouras and family now are assigned to three years service in Japan. They will leave in July. He is a paratrooper. Mr and Mrs Donald D. Marty have now returned from their honeymoon trip and are at home in their newly built home on the parental farm of Mr and Mrs E. C. Marty. Cecil Williams, his father, Dr. T. L. Williams and Dale Zontner lel't Friday for northern Minnesota to enjoy some fishing over Fathei's Day. Mr and Mrs Furguson McCall and children of Chicago came Saturday unrl w<-nt t'.< F"rt Dodge l'j vjjil ha lather, J. L. Lichty, medical patient in Mercy hospital there. Dorrance fhorrias, employed in St. Paul spent Mhe weekehd visiting his parents, Mr and Mrs Bert Thomas ahd Gary. Miss Esther Merkle and her sis* ter, Mrs Walter L. He'fti, of Britt went to the Twin Cities Monday to visit their sister, Mrs James Paulson ahd family in Minneapolis and brothers, Walter and Elmer Merkle families in St. Paul. Mr and Mrs Allen Wilson and daughter of Kansas City visited here the past weekend. They came to visit Mrs Wilson's mother, Mrs Eleanora Eustace, surgical patient in Lutheran hospital, Fort Dodge. Mrs Wilson was also a bridesmaid for the wedding of her close friend, Henrietta Koester. Mrs Gerald Weller and son of Dayton, Ohio arrived to visit in the home of her parents, Mr and Mrs C. O. McClellan and other relatives. Mr and Mrs Bryce A. Wickett and Johnny had as guests Sunday his aunt, Mrs Laura Luther, her sons, Harry Luther of Fort Dodge; Mr and Mrs Keith Luther and childrenjsf Omaha,'Neb Lenard Johns visited the'past week with his grandparents, Mr and Mrs Ben Johns in Britt. Mr and Mrs DeRay Lichty, children and her mother, Mrs Mae Pierce of Mason City visited over Father's Day in the parental home of Mr and Mrs Harry Lichty. Mrs Pierce went to visit her brother, Mr and Mrs Rae Feltis in Renwick. Mr • and Mrs Jaspar Vaughn, daughters, Sharon and Carol, ol Corwith, accompanied by her mother, Mrs Marie Stoddard enjoyed a picnic at the home ol their daughter and sister, Mr and Mrs Pete Wilson and family in Rutland Sunday. Mr and Mrs Earl Grimes and her mother, Mrs Llycd H. Collins drove to Sioux City Saturday, where Mrs Collins took a bus for her home in Newell, .S. D. Mr and Mrs George Goodn^i and son, Des Moines, visited Sunday in the home of her parents, Mr and Mrs Ralph Dimler. Mr and Mrs Donald Porter, her sister, Margaret Ellifritz, Fort Dodge came Sunday and took their parents, Mr and Mrs Bonnie Ellifritz, Gary and Danny to Clear Lake for a days outing. Dr. and Mrs Everett Shultz and Sally Jo. her mother, Mrs Chas. Fox of Pella spent the weekend visiting his -mother, Mrs Mary Shultz, on her- 84th birthday. Mr and Mrs Allen Darby and Jane spent Father's Day in De* Moines visiting his father, Charles Darby, and sister, Mrs Joe Metille. Miss Esther Merkle visited her sister, Mrs Walter L. Hcfti and family In Britt Saturday evening., Reform Church in Meservey Sun- Esther Merkle attended the day afternoon, June 19. Miss Jo- double wedding of the Misses Ann Pals was a teacher the past JoAnn and Marilyn Pals in the four years at LuVerne. Handy Hints On Getting The Best From Fans Electric fans are an easy economical way to provide vacation comfort in the bedroom or anv other room. To cool a room or several rooms quickly, there must be an inlet for cool air and an outlet for warm air. Best results are obtained when the area of the inlet is two or three times that of the outlet. The outlet should be about one and one-half times the diameter of the fan blades. SINGLE ROOM WITH TWO WINDOWS To cool a single room with two windows, the room door should be closed, and both windows opened. Then a fan placed in one window, facing outward, will exhaust the warm air through one window and draw in cool air through the other window. If a portable desk fan is used, it should be placed directly in front of the outlet, squarely facing the opening, moving fan back a foot to a foot and one-half from the opening. * * * SINGLE ROOM WITH ONE WINDOW If a single room has only one window, this window must serve as both an outlet and inlet. By opening the window from both top arid bottom, the top becomes the inlet, and the fan is placed in front of the opening at the bottom, at a distance equal to the diameter of the fan blades, to force air out of the window. * * • TYPES OF FANS * Portable desk, pedestal or window fans all do an excellent job of "exhaust" cooling if they are of proper size and correctly positioned for effective air delivery. There are a number of types of window fans which are especially designed so that they may be clipped or hung directly in the window. Some are adapted so that the direction of. air flow may be reversed either to exhaust air from the inside or to draw in outside air. Portable desk or pedestal fans have the advantage of flexibility. They may be used throughout the home as an aid to housekeeping as well as for summei- time comfort. .,_ AUTHORIZED DEALER FOR Frigidaire & York AIR CONDITIONERS Window & Store Models ALGONA REFRIGERATION 718 South Phillips St. Phone 306 Westinghouse Fans For Your Coolest Summer! 3 Fans For The Price of 1 3 Fans For The Price of 1 THE "RIVIERA" Window Fan - Table Fan Hassock Fan ALL IN ONE PACKAGE ! Keep Cool! Be Cool! And Be Smart BUY THE WESTINGHOUSE RIVIERA! For Other Models $ee Our Display DOZENS TO CHOPS! FROM Beecher Lane Appl lances Phone 778 ."Wildest Trader In Town" LEGAL NOTICE Notice is hereby given that the ity of Algona, Iowa has received from J. 1. Merryman and Tom Merryman, Algona, Iowa, a proposal to buy from the City the follciwing described real estate, to-wit: A tract of land heretofore vacated as a portion of an alley described as follows: Beginning at a point 6.83 feet West of the Southwest corner of Block 2, Stacy's -Addition, Algona, Kossuth County, Iowa, thence North parallel with the West line of said Block 2, 88 feet, thence West 6 feet, thence South 88 feet, thence East 6 feet to point of beginning, all m Algona, Kossuth County, Io\^n, for the'sum of One Dollar ($1.00) and all costs of proceedings in connection with the vacation and sale of the above—described real estate including publications costs and attorneys fees and certain other considerations, and you are notified that said proposal will be acted upon by the City Coun cil' at the Council meeting to be held at 7:30 P.M. July 14, 1955 in the Council Chambers of the City Hall, Algona, Iowa. Dated this 16th day of June, A.D., 1955. CITY OF ALGONA, IOWA BY:'Linda B. Clapsaddle Mayor (Published June 23 and June 30, 1955 in The Algona (Iowa) Upper DCS Moines) $200 Damage To Vehicles, Sunday Sheriff Ralph Lindhorst in- ""SS'/fffSSfS'SSsmffS//w/rs///r/ss/rs///^^ vostigated a minor accident, five miles south of Algona on highway 169 Sunday night at 11 p.m. which involved autos driven by Melvin E. Pratt, L'uvefne, and Marvin E, Bellinger, Fenton. The Pratt vehicle was headed south, the Bellinger vehicle north at the time of the crash. Damage to both vehicles was to the left front portion, and was estimated at $75 on the Pratt car and'$125 on Bellinger's. No injuries Were reported. NOW ONLY S99.95 Regular $133.75 International Harvester DEHUMIDIFIER NEW INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER AIR CONDITIONERS IMMEDIATE INSTALLATION CALL 52 Giant glass fiber filler removes dust and pollen. You needn't sneeze again aH year! Wrings more moisture from air, too. Wonderful for asthma and sinus. 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CAU OR COMC IN FOR A CO/VWA/C/NQ DSMQNSTRAriQW 0 1 h TWIN INJECTOR CQNf$ cause air to circulott oil over a room in a senile, swirling action PIEP'PITCHfD PROPEUOR moves more qir, moves it farther and moves it fatter than conventional* lypt propeller* "QVfR $',000,POO SAHSHEP U $ !; R $ » Kohlhaas Hardware Ed and Pat Cullen

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