Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on August 14, 1896 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, August 14, 1896
Page 5
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Patent Adjustable Umbrella .Roofs Your Umbrella Hade as Good as New While You Wait. DEWENTER The HATTER And FURNISHER THOUSANDS -OF- PAIRS Is at Last Given Up on Its Failure to Walk on Pay Day. -OF- SHOES Are sold each season by us to Men Women and Children. There are good reasons for it, Stock Always Fresh, Quality High, Styles Right, Prices Low and your monej back if dissatisfied with your purchase. Stevenson 403 Broadway THE RRS1 nATIONAL BANK -OF- LOGANSPORT, . . INDIANA: CAPITAL $250,000. Murdock. Trtm. M'M fcj:irintto7 W. W. How. Aut. Cub. D1MCTOBB: W. H. Brtnghont. ; Dennli UUL- , F. M. Huwood, W. I. WUIon.. ,n Ml.'iw DunmtJienti promptly and ' Ri»erv. Fund Business Change. James Beaboor has pBrchaaed the Pelton meat market. He now occupies ibe ntw room Ji»t erected to the west of the old stand, and it brhla intention to run a flwt-ciasB stoop and handle a full line of fresh and salt meat*. DAILY JOURNAL Word wa» received litre lost uitS'nt by wltyplxono t;liat tlie Kokomo baiH team iad dlislxiuilod. Manager Murray's tons voice wa« fllletl with poi'gwut, loovly. suppressed sonwv as lie toid i-n Sim-fens fanes of the demise of the pet rpml/fitilon that Jiad been kept up too ooig%r the flnimclnl -henltJi of Ms- back- rs'.. Tlie f aitlui-e -of- tlie Ciiiciliiicwi.til team 0 appear for n pKHiiilsed exulbWoa yesterday forced liie last step in- the history of the toanu The men wei-e all paid cheir s-.ila.i-l.es. Tlite Jh tBie unique and Uitogetlier aflrewible portion of tlie fu- nenid services at ftit Kokomo iteaoi. The toys liiul to dig u.p, but Uiey did It witli 1 quiet conisclouisrooss of rJjpthit doing that was plunslng to the players. Tlie attoid- unce at the panics played at Kokomo ws of late becm- very slito. ZHie story .s told now, lioiwevci-, 'and tJie funs, tlwuph, tc\v, ar« d'lsoonsolaite, THE LEADERS TIED. The PemiflJit Sti-upsle Made Interesting Yestei-dny. . yesterday, 'by lier victor}- over Gliica- RO, a tie pa,me beioc play'etl off a.t .tie luittfi'r allty. Clndnnatl tietl with Baltimore for first ptice in ttoe pei' oeut. col . 6»i -acoonnt of plnyJing tills panic oft at Ohlengo tlie Reels .fadted to con nect witili .tliolr dates' for am exMbltlon pamc with the Kokomo team at tib.e latter tow a. Baltimore- 'broke even yes- iterdny to two games widn .Bi-ooklyn, nind Cleveland could noit ptay. Cleveland Jw lonesome today, -a long stretch taterrabiimg butweea fthe' SpLdew aiul their jiclffhbors- The foUowtog gaime.s were played yesterday: At Rraoklynr-Bnltiimoro 2, Biw»k- lyn 5; (second game) Bnlttmm-e 19 ; Brooklyn 3. At Chiitago— Cimiclmnati t, Chicaso 0, At Phllhdcjpliilfl— Washington 5, Ph-H- adelphla 7. At Boston— New .York 10, Boston 7. Raiim prevented . the game between njid Louisville and also the between St, Louis and PWtsburg STANDING OF THE CLUBS. Clubs ' Won, Lost Per Ct Baltimore ---- '. ---- FRIDAY, AUGUST 14, 1800- Subscribe for The Journal. rresliwhiI.teflsb.-F.. Nothing like W tWp hot weather- Foley's liee tea. " ', G««. HarrlaoD ban the flne«t line Of hammock* in tbe city. You need Hood's Sarsnparllla to enrich and purify your blood, create an appetite and give 'sweet,,-refreshing sleep. . •--•.., How arc your kidneys? If your klcl- , D «ys. are not 'weld, you'-aw lla'We- to contract Rhenianattem, is'curalgin, Gout Diabetes «ud other kldn*y tiwibles. Dr Hobta Spairagtts' KUdney PlUs. • make jMtaltihiy ktdneys and a vUgoroua body Eor.eale.Jn' Logn.iispoii by B»n"Fisher and JofonTV Coutonn dnigKtetB. ;. A city 'bnsc linll league wiil 'be fomaed nind at *ho bUtord pnirlor of Wiffl Prose) a meetliur of tli« etnptfllns oir manngers of -the teams -wlBlttoB >o entei-, wJil 'be •,-lMOd tonight. -..--. Kokomo Tribune: William WWte, a Winiamifl street. IB tho happyi father .of tliree McKItntoy voters, all <xf-whomi ar rtived art -lite liome w-ilthta'tweinty .mln, utea of .each other lite K^day. .after nooji. He'says'tejC(y.,;are' to be'mttnei WJUfcam McKtaley ', 'Gai'ratt Hobart and James. MouTit '.Mo;thier.'iai»d..cM5dran do- tag well;' "'•" '"''-<'"?• •''•'" ,^V V :.'•,-..; Cleveland fi8 Plttsburg .,.':.:....52 Boston BO Brooklyn 43 Philadelphia 42 New York .41 Washington .' 35 St. Louie .-20 LouJsviile 23 29 30 34 41 41 43 51 50 54 50 03 60 .088 .088 .030 .582 .55C .53" .45 .45 -.432 .88? .81 ELAINE'S SPEECH. Convei«e Journal: The LogaBspor Pharos ait this late date prints the garbled extract'from' a apeeeli: of "James'G Bliiine, which anpea>red-Ju a uianwr o .Domoornitite ipapens several weeks -afio Tlie frodulcnt choraciter of tine extrac was sliown .then. - Thei., enitilre speech •from. >vl«toh the garbled scratehces are .-.taken will be found in.Appieton's An nunl.Cyclopedia for 1878, -beglanntoR on .page —. The Pharos .dares not prin the en*e speech, for It wilfl tlieroby In •form to readers thnt .Blatae Avas op pa-sod to caiiuling'a silver dollar the-but lion, ia which was worth but 02 cents How much more then wou-M lie have opposed tine unrestricted coinage of ell. ver dollare contotolrag ' but 53 worth of silver? "There arc mnmy applicant* for the on. the police .force .mode va- by tlie resigmatiOin of Curt Sitritti, 'tlie might offtoer: The Police Board will bold a meetitog-for the eetoottaa of .Mr. Smith's successor'at the ea-rliflast possl-. ble dnyi 'he Solid Business Men are Organizing. •'•> •-.;' ALL OVER THE STATE Sound Money and National Honor Above Party. , i;,.! K.J .. "".-i •--.!:•••; -..-'• The free silver declaration-of the. Demopojps will not win thftttwudescfilK takot tlie support oif the- 0-ennan. citi- ,0ns of the co>unti-j, jieneral'y speaking, or the Germans mre nlmc*t wltlwnt es-, caption, for sound monoy-.w-The • Ger.- niflius of Indianapolis haw oWjriaated a •movement which will be'the BUc-lous of •vu- organization around which- the Ger- wud money vote of tht> State-will •ally. The following special,', dirted-' at gives tlie details'of the meetilmg of tion:. ' "In- response to sixty out, and upon short notice/ forty repre- sentattve Geiimaw, prominent'''in the buisiiness liifc of this city, met in Ma'en- nerelior Hall to orgnralKe'"The/German Sound' -Money Lenpue :;laf..Indiana," . co-operate with the: GormaJV- .„_ „ Sormd Mowey.T-Wuo'.o* New- York orgaailized sonic tilitnc."ago''b3'-W11 Umm Oswald OWendorf, and- otti«s. The ta.t.tci [•ejwwontcd at Wifi.-j MJiennerehor Hull uieetdavjr by Edwatd, Grosse, its seci«tanT. who expJntaed-'nit'iTi. l 'nigith the objects of t.h.!s movemou't for'-••honest money. • .'"•''' "Tine -meeting was fin earnest arad i'.n- tlDuSliiisitiic.fl-iie and ,the, asteiidnnce.'was ^ ., in exc-ess of wlinf»id beesn ex- pCK-tcd, nstlietoeat wsis oppressive,, a'nd It reQulred vii^oiwis fawratofi- 'to" make tlie Wigh tcmpemhire at"alkbearnble..v •Amwi-g it'h-ose pi<esent were.Herman M-bert'Lleber, Louis HoUweg;.rFred.er- Fahrfcy, Andrew Krraner,-;-.;Pnul Krauss, Otito N. Fronssel, .Robert Licber, Pred P. Rush, August. Mv Knlm,; Leopold, Stirniuss, Chaiiles H'. -Krau«s, Al- bei-t' E. Metzger, George /Wolf, Otto Txjvlson, Phillip Rappajpoirt.. • Robert .p, Henry Wetzel. Thjjpdore. Stemp- fol. George A. Riclwi,Kl?, .T.qlroiOWeyer, \\1H31aim KOSB. Dr. Guido-Belh-Georg Naiimann, C. AMiip, Otto Licber; Otto L. Klj>p, H. P. Lleber.'Chnrles Koostei*. Bartcrma-nn, Goorse , .Font. .Toh-n La.ut,;SInx Leckner^Pretl-Fmocka FTred A. Mueller, Chn.rles .$&$, ..Henry Pifnflito, John- Itauch, Peter O'hleyer. .Tosepb Sclmub, Henry' ; HiH)cne>-, A. Hagen. Henicy Russe and Henry SchaiU, MR. LIBBER'S ADDRESS. ..' "The 1 meetilng was'called 'to order bj iToliu P. Frenzel. Heronnn Llc'ber was chosen clmii-nwn nad A.lbrecht Klpp seorehirj-. Upon tnkfiig'.tlve^chaJTj'Mr •Lleber.spoke as-foHowe:' ' "'''• '..',••• '"Tlie.re w-e .tliina«'.wlion.issues''arise which nre 6f such deop .Impprtaniee ' each and every one Is! willed upoin- to 'tiikV'a stand, whatlier he will or no Swell a quesotioin'ls to v-anrtier of tMs year. lias' happened. One of Our'great poMtt !cnl iwrticB .'has dectaml. fw.the free .and uuttmited cotaflge of'-WVer.. One .need not be a man of learning » fore sei- tlie dn'ngers and restil'ts W Plie'ndop •tion ot'stich a measure. Co-mimon'^ense '.nni/st teach .us that by 'sw:h '"mean'^'r double standard chnriot'be hiit.r«luce<t .In i that we shflH tra-n fi-om ^in ; ':^resen< .irold basis to a silver stnindiird' tit money I shall not tnke it wpon.-"mypeJf ; te- de Rc:rlbe the mSafortiiine -wh'lA'• worild' f:.-| low such nn pyerthTOw 4jiWr nioinetnrj R.vstoni, but.'I 'raii'to^iK'so'ine'-bT'-tJie con;-?e(]uences from tiie''d'ti'e-'Te*i'n|ts : \U,1ch have followed the i "Wi?«; i 'akltn'Mon of this questlxjn diirinjr'the;;fasft'."few yi>aTS- Our coimtry lB-'grSW ! , 1 "*frcin'B''hibi 'rich, but dt cannot ,-go umpuniehed fo riv miisuse of its poWeVi'"5t'chn'no"t'stiur.; 50'cents' n doJlnr witlii6iiif i; i'li l ro\vl-n{r'lts iioiior and credit Info-'tti repeat, .tlie milefortumesV-tfiiit'would fol low cannoit.'-be foretold/ft'vfoul'd stirik all of us, rich aud poor, farmer njid lab orer, merdioBt flii'd- 1 bunker find capitaltf5t:' : . : "lt'^'p'ur-duty,tf gua-ixl our country' 'a'ga'inst! s-ucli a •• cnl amiirty aind, therefare.'fi'd^ser.r.ion.fain b too gi-eat for any one ot'us;' We should therefore, form, ourselves toto am- organ :izntlion, wltliont regrtrd W;iiay. other o OUT. poilrtiwiil convitcWtnisrt&i-' the' pur pose of wcnkentrii-'-thift panty wWcl favors the free coinage - of 'silver:: In wliat roflnmier the 'purpose-eft;n best' b •aceomipilSlshed wliethier'to'tn'rdw tlie vot. for McKllnJes; or for rhe' : hoimlnee of tin Democratic sound • nitiney party, niust ' be left to -the Indoreement of. the imdi • vidwal : "'"I . .... whteb -tliireatened the'''welfare ";of. .'ou 5C. for McKinley Caps, sc for Bryan Caps. I must do more business, I don't care for profit, I WANT BUSINESS, 50c for choice of any Straw Hat in the store worth up to $2, I-wiU guarantee every dollar (cash dollar) to possess the purchasing power of two, ";„',:.',-.'" ; ; A Glance at; the Merchandise Displayed in Front of Store and Show Windows with prices will convince you that we are in earnest. A Cpmbinatipn Towell Rack and Comb Case with Mirror, FREE with every $6 purchase. n OTTOKRAU5 country. It was dtirtog'tfe 1 ' sixties. H was not wMiout' good' results' that tbe aiJl wont torth from. _tlie; nijtlom to tire German- Amertoan, efeiifcnitv; whltcH. did te full duty toward^^miessiiiff TJ» re- IxsUtan, the ailxdlitioii'dif flaytery and the a.vta'g, of. .the Uuiiooi-. " 'No one can knoiw_wMt'wMl be me result of our present "cftrnpafgn, but I know '-this,. tliht Ifftbaj 'hlrstory will tell Hint the GeiTnan-Amertean '.citizen In tills Issue a<gaii-n was to' • ne ^ round upon t!ie side of right, honor-. -Mid common .,.., ,. P. Frenzel puitlnied a plan oC orgnntatiou. This w:iiHV organize the State by appointing a centwif committee of ftroyl twenty-six mein'bere to be chosen; from tMs niwl two from each. erf tlie oitliei- tavelve disteicfi 1 _ Those 'districts ineinibeis ore to organize' branch leagues in every city and county to the Shate; Che executive wort'oif Hne central league to be can-Jed cm by a •committee of fifteen diosen from the niem>be.r9)jfp'.' 'The conitiml 'coni-mittee Js to'-'-oTgaBize.by. the election 'of a chairman, two vice ctta\- men, a secretary and a. treasurer. "Messrs.' Henmanr ..Lietoer,' Albreebt Kipp and John P. F.i*nael/were cliosen a couinuittee to suggest .members of the central league, .andraife'.jmfeertnjr adjourned to meet Wednesday at 8 p. m. at Maonnerchor Hall. An address to Hie Germsm-Ajirieiioan. cMinens of Indiana V.IU be. submitted #t.-thte meeting." NOT TO BE TURNED. ] Pharos. Weeps and Warns Sound - Money Men. The Pharos' Is .on the- run. In a"'half column wlitae'. yesterday . tJne railroad meny,among w^ixan i ..wejie, thirty inde- iMlpnt Democrats, who slpned the call for the meeting Monday nigtot/wlicji aii wgflailza.tion.for die advajicemeuit of the on uscfcof:.'sound money,- .will' be made, were 1 nesured:tlm*''l*>t'he5iivobe for Mc- Ktoleythiey wffll gl've t»:resrcft it.. The Pharos 'assures them-'thait'-tjicy are taking an wrrwlse caui-se^im thus following UK* honest and uino.voJdaiile convictions' on, .the subject that JS'bc*ng4»tud- ted out on the.ni«tit:'side'by alV'renson- tag'votere. -tfn.-the'iarticle- tae. .Pbniros asserts- that ,'the< rflillrond man wiio now draws $100.-a monirti in golil will have to be ••content wtoh «n<ly. : !?50. Tl* is 'the .very Issue -oov wlitoni-tlie- raUroafleins organize. TMe,-,l9,'1foe> possibility that faces them in'the chance o€ tlie election of the stiver enndiUIa'W..:i,Tliiese honest, wi Jury eanwnB,-. «in* tlie, inen. who receive from Hi«m.:p!i.y-ra€n.t8 far goods bought in.' tlie srtorei-i-»f-*he-«lt¥r-»H l e deeply in-. feresrted Jin, thg j&tSto^jjSf.^f tilie »om* ard^of the monejiTdlicuJafea.,- . ;, .TUe Pliaroa-'.aissuimipfel'to' siiy that the ,wages of tlie w0rWlWOT«n>\vUl be cut jn 1 two in the event of tilie eleoHo-n of Jlclfluley, liirt .thJSi.ltoeqit .only htated at by a notoriously, dlshopiest Domo- ornisic-oa-gan, Is uot.-fiHglwifiil.tp <lie wage ieaitner, who. hears -.the Mlvsi^te glibb' ipiypose to Eive-' tlWi;'peoi)le . cheaper :'money, and higher prtees, wWlle at the ''same time lie. does. ?iot f.umteh assur- 'ain^e woKhy of a hea;r ; iflS5*hait the wages 'bf .tlie.worker wUl.l*!;,nils«].to eon-es- IJynsis'H. K,iii3iiey..ai) ( dy\uiainda John- 'stou ware j;est»rdjiy. '%%s^d. to mwry. ; H. L. Yufg'er, spoke.'iastralghit at'the •JEniftKish Liitlieran ;1 .cliiiirch..ou Cliwrcli :.Exterii«lloin. work:.^IWis' JJut|ei«*ln'g -talk (was heard liy a good andlience. The om- ,'.l.nent (Hvtiue is tlie ; ^•ast'pru, Sobretary 'of/ Uip work,. and wife.^Ms' ftref visit tfo ;; tMs sectJqii..;..H.e .wiil^, vtei*. the '•chiTiviies of"North^o.^ltid'Ian«-' oin the ftrtp.',... " ""' ' " ' THE MASTODON ONCE MORE. While otw papow hove been maldng note of ' Hoods, cyclones, free silver, souaid m«meiy, no^v a»d then, a little tariff, 1 soMtery • and persoml mottejs, tlipy ; kivc ssild not a. word as to what tas' hapiiened -to Hie mftffhtiy .mastodon. He. lias recently lx«ai down from hJs Inrpe platform (tlioupjli he fc suiUSanely diuidiiffci-en.t.to pl:itt'o™i6.iiia peaieral aud lins bowl seiwnntod tato 119 pieoce more or less and scaittered about over, the imisetim floor. . Thiree weeks affo Profs. Moore and Grave liejni'n rlue woi'k of tnking down the slce,le,tou. Ycstardny they completed itilile work of reconstruction. Tlie btiild- ejis'woi'e dis«itai«l with some of its ]>rojpor,tikiiii? anxl feaitUJ-es as ,«xmi as li.' was up near a, yoair ago. Prof. Moore has haul opporituiiility since to study and de.teinnitae Just wbflit altea«Wom« shoxild lie mtide. The originnl boiie polv:is hits beau ivstx>tie<l to iform fromi i«s fwg- nuauts ajid «t to place of Hie great plaster chunk foralillair.to all wlio hhve obseii-v'Od <t, the sng hns been taken out nnil in toe lumbnii' regrton, the ribs have beou set -fuirtlier out amid the toigs set more true to life. The n;iane oif the monster fossil is MfiRtodon Aiuieriicain.ais. Its lidkoric Maine Is the RaudoJiph Mnfil'oOon, since die larger part of tlie bones are f«xm the counft' 'nortli of us. Its pet name i's Tecnairas^h to canfieqwemee of the great chief of Hint raiime having ireirclied to amd fro over tlfe grounds an<I one hfe- torion says raised a com crop In the country.- • - . f.'- Is Is esttmditwTby ttose m chnrgfi of the Earlhnim ni'uSeoni tlint it is visited by a.bout flye thousand people per year Course SPECIAL EXCURSION -TO- NIAGARA FALLS VIA WABASH August 18, 1896. Special Train Will L- ave LOGANSPOHT at 5 p, m. Ausrust 18, arriving Niagara Falls at 6:35 nm morning. ONLY $10. For the Roaod Trip from Logansport. Tickets good on special train only. . lt : mny' safely be iwt down as one of ifhe cliltef nititKiciions of RJcilimond.. THE YIELD OF .WHEAT. S4ate StottaHciaa Thompson last week feswd a. bufflefbta of fhe wWeat crop. It. was oamptled from tlie reports of 1,010 nsset*ors. If says: "The avcrace yield of wheat for the several counltto .is made from; -reports received ifrom r>74 thrashers, represent- SiTg eveiiT. county to tlie Srtte, gJtvtog tJie bumibor of bushels .thrafdied from, 144,048 acwB. The acix»«e for 1896 Is 2,- 8C2,Z3G an increase oveir last year of 144,048 acres. The tatmT bushels Is 24,574.853 betog an average per, acres of 8.5 -Ixushlete. ThdB takes no aocouirtj of rhe aibainidoned or uncut aawage for this y«a,r, wiiiSeh. lust year was eatlitnnited a.t 8 par cent, and te'doubtless full as large thte.yjear. .The reports from tlwwshiers gh<W 'tot mucli of the wheat is of an infertor. quioUty, ynelglitog nfty-flve to tt'fllT-eJgl* pounds. Haa tilie abandoned acreia'ge been taken it worulxl doubtlew have reduced the 1 amoumt 2,000,000 bushels." ' .' .' • '• •' " • -• ,•»»•'• ' HE USES SULPHUR. An old fairmer snys:/'Every ycnr I hear of -oaite-rplMers destroying, whole dueta-ds, flind itbei-e te notWru!; tliat. can lie dJsixaeed of/more eii^ily. I bore .1 lioie itoi tlw 'tii-ee doep enough to neacJi the isflp,' ftU tliftt with-sulphur anwl then .plus it. Tfhe result IB magical.. Sap -mtoes t,be sulphur '(» every bnfmcli amd •twJs, aiuid tlve coterpUlers at once die. I ffattor the iiusecte up by Hie ptat Hinder rhe trees tihait iiave been iu!fcs*ed with fhem betaxi I fix lit, and destroy then), I hare'never knoTVii; a tirec' to be^ iai- •Jur«Tl>y it,' and -bn,ve..._pursued lliis course, for years." GRAND FBI E Reproduction of Famous War Scene* Thrilling Naval Engagement Fireworks at St Joseph Snniay Aigost-16 FARE $2.00 Train leaves Vandalia Station at 7 a. in. ReturniriK train dueto leare St. Joseph at 7 p. in. will be,held three hours so that excursionist! may enjoy .be'entire entertainment The Logansport Humane Society 1 (INCORPORATED.) For the Prevention of Cruelty to Women Children and Animals E. S. Bice—Pre». ; ' Gto. W. Walt*™- Sec. J. J. Hlldebr»iult-Tir»mi W. M, Bliihop—Hnmw»e Ofl)««r. -• t. 3, Blw. J. C. Hauler. ". C. COOlDoufh Fwk»d JusUor, ' Ira«to A<tolBl. Mr*. W. D.- Pratt Mr* J. N M«ff. Telephone No,, 3D. ' Bejort cai*B ot erueltr 10 8«c.'.et»r7. . , , ADDlTlONATj LOCAL. • MaximkMCkee perch at F. G. Kdenley's. t • Subscribe for The Journal, 40 centa ». month. ; ., . • ".'.'' Eoncy targe nwnpoes, . r > cente doe«n aitJToley's. . - : ^Hammockg at your own price At Q«0., Harrison's. Born to Mr'.'find Mr*. Ne^-port, a; Boiley was airrested yesterday placed <& jail. It Is alleged! 'broke tato-tJie" WesiWdfi' school We<lnesdivy evenilns-and slept 'there over mteh.t. He objects to livlna: at tlie poor-farm. G. L. Michaels is working at McOaf- frey'e Sixth street store. Atooiey M. Maiioineo' Is still unable to attend 1» bwsSnws on., awoimt of , • . '.. liiu. Raucb amd Hany Troutman are: preparing to make a. mop -of tine town ; of Roynl Center. Lew WandreL pav»> a dance ' fl-t tb« [*n-k Inpt evening. Fomoff** oncbestra naidenMl tJie musJilic.. .-'.[• What you. want when, you are ailing l» a medicine that will cure you. .Try Hood's Sarsaparilln and be convinced; OoaMliirtor HiiiiiiSi »rf . tlie Wabash, ;. who wns' siiot ;it Andrews by Pries, .tbe : hrnfcemaD, te siild to l>e mnch better, and a'npidly 1*100 vertnp. , •-." : of Its merit. • •; ciniude Wesstej-niaa took a header' , ' Wedfliepdny..; niplrt .wMfc? .nulinff his • wheel . toto'^towa .froan tjie .park oa^tlie . tiinck; He wsi^not eerknisly His Farewell No High -supported'by''an Al> Star, 'oDy &ni Tlraceyv Tom White Biiy' ttttt'phy, J[oe Bertrans^^ig Tom Chandler, Big ^B;ob A*mstroin^ ; 'a ; hd : others und'erd'ireetioii 6fr'^arson^,Davie : ^-f : ;^;" "" ;•• BROAD^ ;W One Night Only Friday $& >/?

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