Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on June 4, 1973 · Page 23
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 23

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, June 4, 1973
Page 23
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"A Watch for Overloading II r r—'• -•"• -~ ---- — Electrical Knowledge Could Prevent Shocking Situation Mafidoy, June 4, 19X3; 23, By BAft&AM A, CURRY , The expefitg say "treat electricity with respect," or use grand terms like "harnessing energy to bring light into your life." Me, I verge: on being terrified, so respect comes easier than fancy phrases. Ik yott understand what electricity is about—haw home wiring works—lb helps to keep your terror within reason. Amazingly enough, the basic electrical system isn 't wdldily complicated. YOUR FRIENDLY utility company supplies the maiin current to your house or apart- inept Once the current gets there, it is split into smaller, workable electrical circuits by your fuse box or circuit breaker. A black wire carries the current to outlets and swiitchr es, and a white wire (sometimes red) takes it back to the source. The black wire is called the "hot" wire, the White the "ground." Electricity has to be a round trip or it won't work. It's always in the wires. Outlets and switches are simply convenient "interruptions" along the way that control your use of electricity. Big rule! When doing any electrical work in any household area, turn off its current supply at the fuse box or circuit breaker. For plu^-in gadgets — appliances, lamps, whatever — always unplug before starting to work. BUT FIRST! Where is your fuse box or circuit breaker? Do you know what they look like? To find one or the other, look on the walls for a small metal door that's usually either painted closed so it won't open, or open so it won't close. In an apartment it can be anywhere, Breaker Uses for Interior Doo*r\ MAKE A MISTAKE ABOUT A YEAR AGO? It'* not too late to get a MIRACLE WATER REFINER ... and... GET HAPPYI Leo Swliz.r The • Miracle Man "RENT or BUY Where.You Get Service" 451 N. HENDERSON ST| Phone 342-6188 usually inconvenient. In a house, it's almost always in the basement. • The purpose of both the fc fuse box and the circuit breaker is the same. They split up the main current, as I said before, and they protect the wining system from a dangerous overload of current which could overheat and cause a fire. WHEN OVERLOADING occurs (because of a short circuit in an appliance or more often too many things oper­ ating'on the same line which draws more current than the line should handle, the fuse "blows" or the circuit breaker flips its switch to stop the current from flowing into the overloaded area. Fuses screw into sockets much like plain old light bulbs. They have a little window, through which you can see a metal tab, When the circuit is overloaded, this tab "melts," breaking the round trip, or circuit, which then cuts off the electricity to that area. You can usually spot the burned out'.fuse;fairly easily, unless, Of course, it controls the lights-where the fuse box is. Naturally, this is almost always the case," so have a £tashlight handy. Always have extra fuses on hand. Ideally, 'although you probably jyon't, you should label what each fuse controls. BEFORE REMOVING the fuse,'pull the main switch if possible. If not, carefully unscrew, the fuse with the finger- Everywhere You Look There's A WHITE ROOF 342-0165 We sell and service Carrier Air Conditioning Equipment The finest air conditioning equipment can be Installed and maintained by our expert and experienced staff. Should a replacement part . be needed, it can be supplied from a Carrier regional spare parts depot, or from our stock. The finest equipment combined with prompt, efficient maintenance is the bedrock of our offer! Authorized! Carrier Deafer GALESBURG SHEET METAL WORKS PHONE 343-1136 277 E. TOMPKIN5 tips, touching only the outer edge. The circuit breaker is a new breed, a lot less trouble and a lot safer. You can't monkey with it even if you're tempted. When an overload occurs, the switch involved flips to the "off" position. Needless to say, it doesn't make sense to replace a fuse or flip back the switch before you find out what caused the problem. Since fuses are very stubborn about protecting you, theyll just blow again. M,ost likely, you've turned on one too many heating appliances at the same time. IF YOU Have one fuse that continually blows and some not-so-smart apple suggests putting a penny or a piece of foil behind the fuse so it won't blow — d d n't 'do It! Another snappy suggestion you may hear is to get a larger amp fuse . . . don't do that either! The fuse and circuit breaker stand between you and an electrical fire. These fires can be nasty ones because \jij cu !3* n they start in the wail, not necessarily out where you can see them. Better to be bored or mad at changing a fuse or flipping a switch than to burn up Valhalla. ' (Newspaper Enterprise Assn.) DECK BUFFET « Shelf of 2x10-inch western wood build under kitchen windows adds outdoor buffet for pass-through service of meals. The underside "of a starfish is marked with hundreds of tiny feet like suction cups. The cups anchoring a star-fish are strong enough to withstand a pull of more than 100 pounds for a short time. NEW YORK (UPI) - Want to shut the door on the rising costs of major home renovation? Then use doors to do it, substituting them for the much higher - cost installation of walls or partitions. That's the suggestion of Harry Muir, architectural consultant for Scovill's Caradco wood window and door division. Advises Muir: —YOU have ah L-shaped living-dining area, but would prefer to have a separate dining room. Simple: Put up a "wail" of interior doors where the dining area meets the living room. —Your street door opens directly into the living room, but you don't care for this arrangement. One solution: Create a foyer effect using a pair of interior doors and sidelights. —SPACE, or lack of it, is an annoying and frustrating problem in your kitchen, especially for the storage of little items such as herbs and spices. What to do? Cut an opening in the wall between the studs. Install stud-width shelves and cover the opening with a trim paneled interior door. —You enjoy sewing. You do a lot of it, but each time you •have to drag everything out into the living room. It would be ideal to set up the sewing machine and other equipment in the bedroom without making it too obvious. A solution: Make a closet with bi-folding interior doors. —A window in your living room has an unsightly view. But you don't want to seal it off permanently, bea&us.o there are times when you,heed light. One solution; Usgi f pair of interior doors as "fine furniture" window covers".,,!., , -A HINGED do of. ( that„ swings causes a crampe# ( ,cori-' dition in a bathroom-dressing,,' room. »' : ,„'i lllih > .1 Nothing Looks lis Fresh lis New Paint NOTICE TO GALESBURG RESIDENTS! " ij<j i t I am silll engaged In the painting and <Ueor- allng buslneis — For tsliablMy, neain^ and good workman»hlp, call ui loday, 342-6550 343-6562SS& — on — *"*•""> 22S Rill V PAINTING &|| DILLT rViVJE DECORATING 1273 E. FREMONT — Galesburg, VS& Most people are paying too much for new homes. (and they'll pay more tomorrow). think you should 1. 2. 3. 4. Housing costs are going up. Because of our large operation, Wausau Homes can buffer the home-buyer from rising costs. We can assure you of the price that appears on your contract. And, where other manufacturers have jumped prices considerably, our increases have been extremely modest — so that some builders even say we're under- priced. Unexpected added costs often take the buyer by surprise. The so called easy finishing of some housing packages often leads to added expense, plus you have the inconvenience of sawdust living. At Wausau Homes we put it all together ... plumbing, heating, electrical work, paneled walls, decorator designed bathrooms, cathedral beamed ceilings, plus much more. So look at the product and the total finished costs. Most builders are forced to react to month by month inflationary trends; We don't have to be at the mercy of monthly inflation* ary price hikes. At Wausau Homes, we give you a set price based on volume buying with long term purchase contracts with our material sources. Delaying your decision can be costly. Wausau Homes costs will continue to be lower than comparable competitive housing, but it still pays to sign your home contract today. Not only is the basic savings yours, but as other prices rise and yours stays stable you can realistically call the difference in dollars - "savings." And you can buy now and have your home erected later . . . when you're ready. Wausau Homes are worth waiting for. Maintenance is low, appreciation grows steadily. And you're building valuable equity, at a per month payment that could well be lower than what you're paying now. All great pluses compared to older homes or cramped mobile home living with built-in depreciation and high heating bills, 5. 6. Manufactured housing is now proven to be equal or of better quality than conventional housing. At Wausau Homes we use a controlled construction process. We build our homes in the factory, out of the weather, so we can control all areas of materials and construction. And we continually test and research new materials. If we find a better way to construct your home - we're going to do it. Take the Titan JUL™ , our stressed-skin floor panel. It's structurally three times stronger than need be— and it allows us to build homes that are more reasonably priced. Thousands of installations prove its merits. The need for better housing at fair prices may not be the long range goal of many builders. It has always been our corporate goal to. provide qual- 1 ity, in attractive permanent housing to anyone who wants it. We now offer over 75 designs in 2, 3,4, and 5 bedroom homes, priced from $12,000 to $45,000. We pioneered concepts like our H.E.P. CORE™ — a mechanical system which incorporates heating, electrical and plumbing work into a single unit. The cost savings over hiring a plumber, electrician and heating expert are evident. And this type of innovative thinking carries through our entire process. People fail to understand the advantages of manufacturing cycles. At Wausau Homes, our peak selling time is summer. So when summer is over, instead of facing our people with layoffs, we offer a premium with some of our homes, Take our appliance offer for example. When the home-buyer accepts delivery the first three months of the year he gets a free Whirlpool refrigerator, oven, exhaust hood, dishwasher and range top. So we keep our factories rolling during the winter and the home owner is the winner. Compare. And see why Wausau Homes is the best value for your investment dollar, 7« I I WAUSAU HOMES, INC, Ottumwa Airport, Ottumwa, IA 52501 Key:. I'm interested in making the wisest home-bgying decision. p Please send your catalog. • Please send the name of your nearest dealer too. NAME ' ADDRESS I i CITY STATE ZIP COUNTY PHONE OMMUL TM Dealerships available In soma areas. • I am Interested in being a dealer "A Good Neighbor Anywhere" Do something special for you and your family. Take a few brief moments and send for our full color catalog. It's free. And it could well save you thousands of dollars in housing costs. Copyright 1973, Wausau Homes, Inc. WWW MM vmm .iv.ia #l iXStfifi -».'^.i| ***•• *»' ' ma**- ..'.'iSiife

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