Belvidere Daily Republican from Belvidere, Illinois on September 24, 1942 · Page 5
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Belvidere Daily Republican from Belvidere, Illinois · Page 5

Belvidere, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 24, 1942
Page 5
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THE DAILY REPUBLICAN, BELVIDERE. ILLINOIS THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 11, 10 12 CO. ,1 LEAPED lilTOliROlJE 24 YEARS AGO SATURDAY MAKKS ANNIVERSARY OF START OF BIG PUSH IN WHICH "BELVI-DERES OWN" PARTICIPAT-ED TO BRING VICTORY TO " ALLIES AND EXILE OF KAISER ERNEST BATES TELLS OF IT. ' . ' Saturday, September 26, marks the 24th anniversary of the date that. Company M, (Belvidere's own) of the 129th infantry and other U. S. troops surged into the big drive which routed the Germans in World War 1 and brought about the collapse of the kaiser's legions. . - A sustained drive of 56 days was terminated by signing of the armistice and the entrance of Wil-helm into exile at Doom. Ernest Bates, mail carrier, who was a member of the company, has prepared the following Interesting account of those closing days of the war in which the Belvidere company played so heroic a part It follows: "Company M left its position near Dead Man's hill eaily in the morning and pushed forward, all day, taking "up a defensive position at night in the rear of H.H 2S1 September 2S. relieving 319ih infantry. From September 29 to October 10, held position a.oi Meuse river in face of murderous artillery fire from front and right flank. Crossing the Meuse river at Consenvoye the next objective was a road running from Sivry to Villeneuve farm. Owing to the inability of the Twenty-ninth American division to advance our left flank was exposed for a distance of over a mile. ; This condition was remedied later and the gap closed by clearing out snipers and machine-gun nests. It was during this skirmish that Capt. Dafis of Sycamore was killed by a sniper's bullet. . "With all objectives gained, we were ordered to hold at all costs. Digging temporary trenches, this position was held until October 16. Relieved the next morning, M company took up a position in dose support, and October 20 was relieved by the Sixth French Colonial regiment During this offensive our company was engaged continuously from September 8 to October 20,, a period of 42 days. The only break in this tour of duty was September 26 and 27, when the entire -regiment was "held as divisional reserve. Of the 3,100 men and officers originally entering this offensive, only 1.200 re mained to walk out on their own power. "After beir.3 relieved we marched to Sommedie'u in the Troyon sector, arriving October 24, eventually billeting at Ran-ziers. The ensuing two weeks were spent in retaining replacements and cleaning equipment. Warning orders were received No vember 8, to the effect that the regiment would again go into the lines at an early date, and the necessary reconnaissance was made on that date. November 10 we marched to the relief of the 130th infantry, completing the relief early in the morning.- M company's position was opposite Marchevilhx In spite of all rumors and the virtually certain knowledge that the armistice had been signed, the entire regiment attacked at 7 o'clock in the morning. A stubborn resistance was met from well-organized positions at the very outset. The terrain was inundated by the enemy and was covered with a multitude of barbed wire entanglements. Men held up by the wire and unable to escape were shot down. Men only slightly wounded were drowned before the eyes of their comrades. ' "And then the news. An unidentified musician climbed upon a pile. of dirt caused by the. explosion of a shell and sounded "recall" The war was ovjfr its far as the boys from Belvidere was concerned. It was about 10 o'clock MONTGOMERY WARD No Slips, Rleaia I. : ' N '"XT - -si ici&: v Ami - .i .. .... VS 'ttXtnl'iSir,;' I i it Boy Scouta in Washington giv al lemons tratlon in the proper tech-Uque of lowering air raid victims, rora tall buildings. Here we se4 Vie of the women who volun-' jeered 'to be a Mvictim1,s eoinsr! lown the side trusting, perhaps,! pal me boya won t let an t4 the puueys slip. but the enemy continued to shell our lines until 11 when all firing ceased. A deathly silence ensued, a silence unknown for many weary days. :" tii:':. "Thus ended bur last engagement in the lines, our last engage ment with gas, high explosives, trench rats and dirt. We had to keep our cooties for the time being but vowed to part company at the earliest possible moment "Following the armistice we policed our area, moved back to suitable quarters at Rupt. December 8 we started our march to the Rhineland border in Luxen burg, arriving at Ettelbruck on the 20th. 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George VY Denny, Jr., Towr Meeting's founder and moderator will be in Birmingham to direct the broadcast. ... (i,';.--.- , .Kay Kyser, who, has covered services bases all over the country, will start a series of Tabor rallies. The. first will be at the Lockheed aviation plant in Bur-bank, Cal., tonight immediately ,J after, he does a broadcast, from there for "Spotlight Bands" on the Blue - network. In addition to eontinuing wKh'service-camp ap pearances, . plus his College of Musical Knowledge", airings, the labor '.rallies will also fit into his J schedule hereafter. This is part nf his work as representative of the office of war information. . , ,. ' j,. ; ' .r'Lyn Murray, music conductor on ".Radio Readers Digest," is due J to -get the arranging assignment for Cole Porter s forthcoming musical. " ' .. . After a nasty siege of the flu that kept her from doing her broadcast last week, Jane Froman, star of the "Summer Star- Theater" returned to the air on Sun-day night. 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