Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on January 10, 1947 · Page 6
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 6

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Friday, January 10, 1947
Page 6
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K—-NAIKi.Vl'UCU NUWS (CONN.), I KIUAV, JAN. 10, 11U7 Every Day, Store Men Say . . It'* tho warehouse way lor me! ! of WATERBURY LOOK SMART! BE SMART! KiM'p looking yotir lioxt. in u latp-nicMlol 100% nil-wool .l!m Dtile wilt! Bi> smart to with iriiiiriintcnl 11-4MUIatici' of top quality, top Ktylr, top vnhir! Only $25^40 All Slwni — All Styles — All S CLOTHIS ton WIN WAREHOUSE SALESROOM 4*1 MIAPOW STRUT (\m lh( M«rtMn H«U Ch'yllx O*IN II A.M.-4 fm. OAHT <Nrnri>«l Jhll llul* U Siorr "ii Kunli 1 I. iir AKTKRING OUH STOICK Watt I) UM Orow! GOLDIE'S Camera Shop Enlarge™: Federal, Suiiray, Dejur, Kcyxer 17 Grand St., Wtby, Tel. Gj-1875 Purple Knights Vs; Features "Y" Sunday Slate Meri'den Team, Best Season GOING AWAY 1 .' G'ET YQUIt LUGERGE At FISHER'S III South Main St., Wuterhury ', ELECTRICAL NEEDS Electric Appliance Co. i; 1^14 Uuldwin St. Wilt. — T«l, 4-K'l2. JANUARY 15 TAX QUIZ B.v FBANII W. Collator of Internal R«vnnuo No, i{ of a, Scries CORNER CANTEEN ;i!>2 No, BIulii Street "l)oin" Trllerlco, Vrop. FBBIVS Ill-WAV Glill.KK 5(11 South M:tlii St. Ili-K'iiliir Daily Illniifr Me no A Lit Citrti' Mi'Iill S|>ui;lirtll To T»ki- Out B»ii(|in>t 111111:11. C'ockUiII Full J.lqiior I.if. YES! ! WE HAVE SCOTCHES J. K. STORES Ci;T UATK, UQt'OKS. WINKS. BKKRS Fr«-i! l»rllviTj- Anywhcro In Nn. Muiti St. Tel. <197(> STKKAMI.INKI) AUTOMATIC IRON LIGHT WEIGHT Pay 50c Week CCHNEER'C ^CBfOlT JEVVELERS^ FOR A CAB TEL. 5285 I>.AY or yiGllT Independent Cab Co. Jf)« South ftlnin St. If yon Wivnt to Buy or Sell REAL ESTATE See "Tony" Farrar Tel. 4233 RADIO EXPERTS , Since 1925 SWAN'S { 15 Church St. — Tel, 21574 ? GET A Y<mr WIM.VS-nVFKI.AXn Djnlrr LIBERTY MOTORS, Inc. •M Wiirrlx'iD Atrnttf Off -Rxcbuni:* Plin'i'. Wnlerbnir - Enjoying in Nine Years, Should Be Worthy Foe Of Knights MorlderOs senior'basketb.-il) champions, the Dcxtcra, have been honked as the next home opponent of, the. Naugatuck Purple Knights. This contest Is slated for the "Y" court Sunday at 3 p. m. In n top notch preliminary attraction the highly popular Blue Birds will seek to make It two straight over Central Avenue of the'local grammar loop at- 2 'p, m. Tito Dcxters. at present enjoying thiMr host season in nine years of hoop campaigning have another polished quintet that will undoubtedly provide an acid test for tlu; Knights who will be seeking: theii fourth consecutive win. The Silver City array and the purple and gold charges of Coach CHIT Swirski met but once in pre-war days with the Dextei-3 coming out on top following an overtime struggle that wia nip and tuck all the way. Manager Walt Ploskl meanwhile anonunced that many "Knight followers expressed dlsuppoihHment in the poor showing the New Milford Townle club displayed in its appearance against the Knights here Saturday, The Townles listed as u strong formidable foe showed at the "Y" coiU't with but six men including several "old-timers" who had evidently seen better playing days. Manager Jack Bray explained his roster was riddled because of a trafllc acidenr. that brought injury to his stellar players. Most cncou.:-aKing news to Knight followers is the successful return to action of veteran Henry Loman. Returning to the-court after four years of absence, due to service in the armed forces, Henry has displayed a keen .shooting eye in the past three winning performances of the Purplemen and will undoubtedly aid the locals case no end in future games. Lomnn in his Initial showing netted 12 points against New MilforC. played brilliantly against Ansonia Norwoods oven though playing R short time had [hem all but sewed up in Tuesday's contest kgalnst Scovill with two late minute hoops. Y Swim Team » .iv. i» np. -. In Prelim To «.,'.•, c" .'• ;'•'*", , ''•'"•'.' ' Yale-Peiin Meet Tho local Y Mermen will swim in ; the preliminary match to tho Y»le-Penn ' contest tomorrow at thr Yale pool, Y Coach Alex Sul- llvnn' -has announced. The main event Rets underway at Z o'clock. Conch Sullivan will take with him, Chin-leu White, Euffene and William Scrnnton, Al Bilelo, Howie Nixon, John Brady, .Tames McNamee, Al Paiva, Bruce Miller, Ar.t Carlson Richard Shanah;an, Daniel Shnnahan, William Garfteld, Jpck McCarthy, and Kevin Nixon. They will meet ut the YMCA a'-t 1:15-tomorrow afternoon. . The YMCA Girl's swimming team will journey to the Norwclk YMCA on Jan 25th to swim the Girl's of that town. IRISH ;GFiEAT By Jack Sordt Maxwell Stars In Seniors' Win J, Maxwell with 10 points was ithe spark pluK in the Seniors' victory over the Sophomores in the Girls' basketball league session at the I-Iich' school yesterday afternoon. The Seniors won 12-C. A. -De- Inncv sunk six bnskets to '.cad the Juniors to a 19-1G win over the Freshmen. The po.oi-es: Seniors b f p TT, Hnokett, 1C . A. Zubansh. rf T, Maxwell, c A. Del Pivo .T. Bavcnscroft, J. SchmitK, rfi- F. Simmons Totals Sophonioro/i M. T'orrls. If MESJ'S anil WOMEN'S SHOE SKATES (Including W!iit<- Shoe Skatrs for Women) Boys' Hockey Skates ECONOMY AUTO SUPPLY STORE 30 SOUTH MAIN ST. TEL. 6162 . Nnugatuck, Conn. io«»K Main St. — CHAPEL ELECTRIC COMPANY IX ,NKW (>i;,\It'JKliS AT 28 CHURCH STREET Tol. 3319 — KADI OS — — 1'IIO.VOGHAI'IIS — Hmlio - I'liuno Cointilnnlion.s K.\1>IO ItKI'AIIl SKUV1CK Henry Disston & Sons, Inc. Chain Saws Delivery from Stock Just Uecolved A. Shipment Of Modern Radiators Enough for 10 Seven Room Houses Firse Come - First Served Tl\o Waterbury Heating Co. Landers In Home Heating 84-HO Spring St. I'honc 4-6-178 Wiitorliury FiirimccN Cieiinc'd nn<l Repaired . . . Chlmnc.v.s Cleaned Zephyrs Lose To Wallingford Vets The Naugatuck Zephyrs dropped •>. 08-135 decision t.o the Wallingford Vets last night at Wallingford. Jimmy Crlsafi of the Vets established a new etnte league scoring record when ho ran up a total of 32 points in .'i singly state league game. Ryan with IG points, McDormoU with 10 and Cr.uplicki wRh 10 were high scorers for the Zephyrs. The J. MnonV:fl Pat Hackett, rf O, Fnvtkwich T. Sulkosky T,. X Elder, rg L:. Enrlow . . 6 0 12 b f p 1 o ? . n o o ?. 0 4 .. o n n . o n r\ .000 .. f). n o .. o o n , n 0 . o •. n ,1 n . n on .0 n" ri ..000 .Totals 3 0- G Sforo ,it half timer Sophomore.-, 4, Seniors 2. Referee: Elhnl Mno Kenny. Crirafi, If 15 'Norton, If 1 Riccitol'i, rf 4 Kubo/., rf 0 Yaskot.c 3 Wolcheski, c 0 2 Somemko, Ig 3 1 Lund, rg 2 0 f P 2 32 0 2 3 11 0 0 4 10 11 SAVINGS *T KI.KCTKIC FUKI. 1'UMPS for IvITCllKN KANGKS FLOOa I'OUSIIEB ror. F.E?;T GALLAGHER'S HARDWARE 178 M.M'LE STREET (Across from City Bakery) Free Ilollviiry Telephone 5M4 CITY PACKAGE STORE LIQUOR SPECIALS ROCK'N RYE ^1-99 j PAUL JONfiS WHISKEY .83.39 P. M. WHISKEY $3.45 SHERBROOK STRAIGHT RYE WHISKEY Years Old $4.30 GALLAGHER, & BURTON (Black label) WHISKEY S3.48 SWEET WINES—Port, Sherry, Muscatel 75c CARSTAIRS WHITE SEAL WHISKEY . .. .$3.45 SUNNYBROOK WHISKEY $3.65 CITY PACKAGE STORE k BRIDGE ST. (Tel. 4892) UNION CITY FUKK, 1'KOMI'T DELIVERY ANYWHERE IN TOWN Totals .................. 2S 12 68 b f p Oil 000 4 2 10 204 6 3 15 306 T 2 16 113 Pistcrelli, rg Neary, rg Czaplickl, Ig . Swirski, Ig McDcrmott, c Ruccio, c ......... . Ryan, rf Yackoweki, l f Totals 23 9 5E,' Sco.-e at half time: Naugatuck 33, 31. Referee: P.ich- ards-Cisterni. PARALYTICS »LAY BALL Van Nuy, Gal.—(UP)—A wheelchair basketball squad has bcei: gar.ixed by paraplegics, paralyzed from the waist down, at the ISirmingham Veterans Administration hospital. The veterans also have learned to play volleyball and to engage In 'bowling and archery from their v/hoclchairs. Juniors A, Pclaney M. J.nkitcs *•>. Zrhndpr, rf .... T. H.-iokrtt, c *T. Ricliy. itr M. Ferguson, rg . .. h f r> . .. 2 0 4 .. . fi 019. .. . 0 0 'i . . . 1 0 2 .. . 0 ' i i . .. 0 0 0 . , . 0 0 0 . . . .0 0 0 Totals. Freshmen Charles White Named To Captain Naugy Mermen .Churies White was elected captain of the Naugatuck Rich school swimming team at a practice Wednesday night at the YMCA. The team will open its season against Crosby at \Vatorbury Jan. 22. Alex Sullivan is coach, and Bud DiMaria, manager. The following are members of the squad: John Brady, Jack McCarthy, Al Silclo, John Hancock, Steve Owens, Bert Sunbury, Jack Smith. Scott Conover. Howard Nixon, Bernard Avcollie, Jim Hennessey, Don Fowler, Tony Farrar, Carl M'Ugntison, Bill Scranton; Gur.e Seranton, Ray Juiv.ynsky, Bernic Randall. H. Sifntli, If B, O'Donncll . J. Tuthill L. Smcy, rf .. Rathbucn B. McKee D. Mitchell, c R. Sullivan ... C. Zwolinsky . A. Kopp, Ig . M, Deogan ,. . Zucurilla B, Barlow, rjj M. Brown Hanks 9 1 10 b f p 0001 408 o o o! 000! 204 102 K 1 0 2 000 000 '0 0 ' 0 000 000 000 000 000 Sn'Mnps banks were developed first by German' churches, and the first iucli institution on record was es- tabliBhcd in Brunswick, Germany, in 176G. Totals .8 0 13 Score at ha'lf time: Juniors 11, Freshmen 10. Referee: Ethel Mae Kenny. HOOM FOB FATHER- Cheyonno, Wyo. (Up)—Cheyenne's (ultrn-'inodcr:-., mHlHonidMlai 1 -' DP.- Paul Hospital will boast one feature that will appeal strongly -to the • long-suffering prospective, father, A large section of the nm- tcrnity floor will be devoted-to '.'Father's Room,", with plenty nf pacing space ELECTRIC IRONS $2.95 WEISS' Ben Franklin Store 152 CHURCH STREET CRANFORD CAR SEAT COVERS NAUGATUCK SPORT & AUTO SUPPLY "BUSS" WEAVING, Prop. Wlnftlow Court Tel. SS34 TODAY-SAT SUN Fish Made To 'Swim' From Boat To Can Portland, Me. (U P)—A \v«y to make fish "swim" rlirecily from the fishiiiff boats almost into the can is being -fjicd out here. Through the uso of a special rubber hose designed by B. F. Goodrich engineers, a canning company transports the -fish from the hold of a ship into the cannery, The fish move in-water during the entire •trip through the six-inch diameter hose. Unloading' operations which formerly required six 'hours now are completed in less than an hour. A GE-ton cargo recently was transferred from boat to storage in 00 minutes. The fish arc aided in their "swim" through the hose by a 3030 horsepower pump creating 1 12 pounds of pressure. Y Badminton, Volleyball Teams In Action The NauKaluck YMCA Eadmin- •ton team will meet the Davenports of Bristol, tonight at 7 o'clock at the local Y, .Some of last year's will be seen in notion, such as Harry Anderson and Ed-ward Dinb, Henry Cieslcwski ami Zig- mLind Jurzynski. The pubHc is jn- vited. The Now Britain YMCA and the Nuugtuuck YMCA State teams will meot in a 3 put of 5.match tomorrow nfternoon at the local Y. starting :it 2:00. SPORTS RESULTS COLKEfiE BASKETBALL Arnold' OH, P.. I. Coll. ot Ed. 4^. Britain Teachers 100, Fitcbburg Teachers 53.- NYU G4, Duke 61. UCONNS 51, Minn. 38. West Vj.. 72, St. iM-ancis 42. COLLEGE HOCKEY Dartmouth 10. Boston Olympics -1. Boston Collcsc •!. Ft. Devens 1. BAA BASKETBAJ.L Baltimore 79, Troy 58. St. Louis 8-1, Chicap-o 81. Philadelphia 74, Toronto" HS. Providence. 91, Cleveland OS. NATIONAL BASKETBALL 3h*boyj?a!i 04; O.=hkosh S2. Moline 57, Detroit. 4 1 .'. Syracuse 71. Anderson G-l. NEW ENGLAND PRO LEAGUE Worcester S7. FHehburaf 71. NATIONAL HOCKEY LEAGUE Cliicng-o C. Detroit 4. AMKBICAN HOCKEY LEAGUE St. Louis -10, Indianapolis -I (Tie) New Haven 4, Springflcld 3. FINISH HUNT IN TOWN Mt. Carmcl,. I))., (UP)—Two sportsmen went 'hunting hero in the downtown, business district. Returning from n. clay in the fleltis, they stopped in town when a quail, which they thought dead, got out of one of the hunter's pocket. They co.-nercd the bird, A'.nd this time made sure it' was dead. ' : ' NEW PETRIFIED FOREST Hanna, Wyo. <UP)—Traces of a poiritiod forest have been Uncov- orod in strip cool mining operations near here. Sections Of big trees, possibly thousands af years old. were unearthed by bulldozers and di'uprlincB. • S A L EM THIEVES GET HEAVY SUGAR Indianapolis— (UP)— There'll be burglars at least '3s long ns sugar rationing is in effect. The manager of a Standard grocery storu here VCptirts thieves broke in and got 760 pounds of supar. SKATING Baummer's Field St. 'Rink. . Telephone 3501 FOK RANGE OR FUEL OIL TEL. 5618 Bill's Fuel Oil Service CD Woodland Street '•Bill" Marlnolll, Prop, R & P METAL WORKS DO SO, MAIN STREET (Rear) Expert Welding .ot All Types Porting, Sheet Metal and. Ornamental Steel Work Sheet and Bur. Metal for Sale Telephone 6377 MEN!! It'i* Now Time to Order Your Customea Tailored EASTER SUIT Selection, of Materials - EMBRUSKi TRY MEWS WANT ADS ~ PAINT HARDWARE HOUSEHOLD SUPPLIES ETC, Free Delivery Today - Saturday "Boston Blackie and The Law" , plus "Heading West" ALCAZAR Today - Saturday FROM BLONDES TO BOXING A .Knockour Punch 4v«ry- limc Wh*n Thoi* !•»» fltd*r» Torn Loot* On the Gambling R*ck*r Maple Street Tel. 3507 ''•'. PA1RICU MORISON New York University basketball team beat Duke 64-C1 at Madison Square Git-den Jitst night. The game, went two overtime periods. West Virginia had.a.n easy time with SL'Francis of Brooklyn, win- ting by a 72-42 score, in the c.-or game played. • : The IvttchnelO, Conn., ,«ki tow will open tomorrow for.; the first time. Several inches ot ' enow are, reported on the Litehfleld hl.'Is. The New i-iuven Ramblers hockey team had to come from behind in this last period to beat Springfield, 4-3 at the New Haver, arena last night. Ecbby Ruffln, Astoria, N. Y., lightweight, stopped Vic Pignataro of New York last night in the first round of a scheduled eight round bout at the forum arena. Buster Bcaupre got the no'-v over Ralph Walton, New York, in ii 10 round go at the Memorial stadium, Berlir.gton, Vt. Both weighed in at 141, Aht McGinley, sports editor of the Hartford TU.-.os, will be toastmaster at the 6th annual Gold Key dinner o!' the Co:;n. Sports Writers' Alliance at the Ritz Ballroom in Bridge-port, Jan. 27. Chemical Team Of Dusty League Wants Other Games The Nauuatuck Chemical basketball team of the local Dusty league is anxious to arrange^ for game* with local teams not members of the league. The Chemioa! is available Tor games any time but Wednesday nights. If interested contact Manafjer John J. Long by telephoning 5241. The Chemical team ia particularly anxious to arrange for games with cither the St. Francis 1 Katnsj or the Mary Morticians. Y Swimmers Meet Waterbury Team This Afternoon The NE.uKiituck',Y iwimming tetoi will meet : lhe-Watorbury Y twin, mcro at the local Y pool thii ti. tornoon in what will be the rirtt of two meet* on cormncutlve d»yi for the local*. They will nwlm the preliminary to the Vale-Pern meet tomorrow. The Brass City squad will show such capable performers as: ftlt Kennedy, johnny Carrol), Frank Monamakcr, Roland Vailancourt. Tommy Costcllo, Bill Eou George Fritibic, Boh Kraft, cis Dunn and Ray Friable. ma j»trt CONIKO wnrr- r«« TUINSMAN Ml «• Fannick Post Meets Capitol Maccabeans The David L. Fannick -Post 91, J. W. V. basketball learn will meet the Hartford Maccabeans this Sunday evening at the Wilby gym in Waterbury- T! 'e Hartford team is rated highly, showing such stars as Harry Smith, former all-state Weaver Hiprh center: Flank Grecnbaum; Ben Homar; Harold Windgard and Don Rudnick. A preliminary game will get underway at C:30 o'clock. Dancing; will follow the main game. . TOLSTOI MUSCCM OPEVED Moscow (UP)—A new Tolstoi Museum has been opened in' the former staiionmaster's house in th'o iitlla town 112 miles southeast of Moscow where the famous author spent his last days and died Ihor spent his last days and died. The bed- in which Tolstoi died and all the furnishings of the house as thpy were in 1910 hove beo:i preserved intact. PUBLIC BINGO Tonight and Every Fri. Night at 8 O'Clock Columbus Hall St. Francis School Bldg. CARS WrSTERIZED CHAPPIE'S AMOCO GASOLINE SERVICE STATION 248 BRIDGE ST. TEL. 48M Mc-MlI.I.AN MOTOR 'lit* I PLAY POOL and Bowl at the R & M ALLEYS 195 MAPLE 8TKEET Greatest length cf Lake Superior oast .to west is 412 miles, and its greatest width is 167 miles. FOR YOUR FAMILY NEEDS!! NAT'S 410 North Main St Colon City TEL. 61M Darryl F. Zanuck presents JOHN FORD'S My Darling Clementine Henry FONDA • Linda DARNELL Victor MATURE with WALTER BRENNAN — TIM HOLT CATHY DOWNS Directed by ' Produced by ,IOHN FORD SAMUEL G. ENGEL -2nd Hit- Thrilling Drama of the Underworld CRIMINAL COURT Tom Conway — Martha Driscoll Kit _ vv • i c M B u K Y __ _ _ flHHMIVWV I •'ill Laeujs POLIBS2 II ALSO' I-ATEST NEWS HIMQNO ostiw laiu 1947 Marks Our 104th Year of Successful Rubber Footwear Manufacturing With This Record- of Achievement Behind Us We Look Forward to Future Security and Prosperity For Our Company, Our Employees and the Community UNITED STATES RUBBER CO. "Serving Through Science!' Naugatuck Footwear Plant Naugatuck >- Conn.,

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