The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 23, 1955 · Page 39
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 39

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 23, 1955
Page 39
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LOCAL Mr and Mrs Jack Freking of Kcmscn were here to attend fun- oral services for Mrs Anna Mary Thilges. Word was received by Mr and Mrs Clarence Metzger. that their daughter Shirley, is hospitalized at St. Vincent's hospital in Portland, Oregon. Mrs Ediih Buchanan relumed last week from Norfolk, Neb.,, where she had visited her brother-in-law and sister, Mr and Mrs N. P. Hoover and family. Delores Mawdsley left lasi week for Cedar Falls where she will attend summer school. In the fall she will return to Newton where she teaches third grade. Mrs Ewald A. Koch and two children. Jimmy and Mary Lou, have arrived in France by plane after leaving Algona June 4th. Mrs Koch joined her husband who has been in France since last November. T/Sgl. Koch is in the air force and is stationed at a new air base at Toul Rosicre, France. Mrs Koch had been living with her sister, Mary Lylle, f«r the past six months. Mrs Carl Hansen has been dismissed from St. Ann hospital following the birth of a son born prematurely. The child is now at home having gained the required weight before dismissal. Mrs Emma Dehneri had as recent guests Mr and Mrs Walter Klamp, of Dakota City, and Mrs Clara Van Steenberg, of Burt. Other callers were Mr and Mrs Llyod Craig of Alden. Mr and Mrs Robert A. Carney of Algona and Mr and Mrs Clyde Miller of Eagle Grove left last week for a two week's trip to Oregon and Washington where both couples will visit relatives. Mrs Mary Buenger has returned from West Bend after a visit of several days with her sons and daughters and families, Mr and Mrs Leo Hanselman, Mr and Mrs Harvey Buenger and Mr and Mrs Roy Buenger. Mr and Mrs Bill Groetken and children, Eli/.abeth Ann and Billy, came to attend the wedding of Paul John Thilges and Donna Mary Schmit. Groetkens were again called by the death of Mrs Anna M. Thilges. PUBLIC SALE OF 120 ACRE and 160 Acre ADJOINING FARMS June 25,1955 The two improved farms formerly owned by the late William J. Frimml, located two (2) miles West and two (2) miles North of Wesley, Iowa, described as: The South Half of the Southwest Quarter and the Northeast Quarter of the Southwest Quarter (S" 2 of SW'/ 4 & NEU of SW'*) of Section Twenty-one (21), Township Ninety-six (96) North, Range Twenty-seven (27) West of the 5fh P.M., being in Wesley Township, Kossuth County, Iowa; And The Southeast Quarter (SE'4) of Section Twenty-one (21), Township Ninety-six (96) North, Range Twenty-seven (27} West of the 5th P.M. being in Wesley Township, Kossuth County, Iowa. will bo sold Jo the highest bidders al the' premises commencing at 1:30 o'clock P.M., Saturday, June 25, 1955. Both of these farms are good Webster soil. Each farm embraces an excellent set of improvements and all land is fenced with woven wire in good condition. Land is well tiled. These farms are really choice properties. These tracts will be sold as 120 acres and 160 acres respectively, and bids will be Jaken on a per acre basis, and the amounts bid times 120 acres and 160 acres respectively will determine the total bids, and neither farm will be subject to survey. Possession will be furnished March 1, 1956. TERMS OF SALE: 20% down on day of sale and balance on or about March 1. 1956, after Abstracts showing merchantable title are furnished and Deeds ready* for delivery. Purchasers will be asked to enter into formal contracts, containing usual covenants, on dale of sale. C. F. FRIMML, CAROLINE A. RYAN, MINNIE FRIMML, NELLE FRIMML and LUCY BRABEC L. A. WINKEL. their Attorney - Clerk L. E. COLWELL & H. M. COLWELL — Auctioneers J-* (23-24-2.V, NOW-IN OUR SHOWROOM See The Latest In Gas Built-in Kitchens r^-c-' separate... s v,5 ? rv ; ultra-convenient... s colorful... Mt and Mrs Roscoe Mawdsley spent two days at Cedar Falls where they attended the wedding of Fred Rekers Jr. to Juanita Hughes of Cedar Falls. Mr Rekers is a brother of Everett Rekers, brother-in-law of Mrs Mawdsley. Mf and Mrs M. J. Kern have been visited by their son, Staff Sgt. Dale Kern, of Victorville, Calif. He left Thursday for DCS Moines where he took a plane to St. Louis, Mo., to join others of his company also returning to California. • Mr and Mrs Oliver Bakken and Mr and Mrs Harry Spongberg drove to Bode to visit T. O. Bakken, father of Oliver. The wife has been in California with a brother who recently died of leu- kemja. She is expected home very soon. Mr and Mrs Jess Riddle with their daughter and family, Mr and Mrs Robert Chambers, left for Pomona, Calif., where the Riddles are returning home and the Chambers are visiting. The; Riddles had been visiting here for the past few months. Mr and Mrs William Weiner were visited recently by the latter s nephew and his wife, Miami Mrs Kenneth Durkee. of Madison, Wis., who were married June 4 at Beloit, Wis., home of the bride. They were emotile to San Diego. Calif., where Mr Durkee IK in the navy. Mr and Mrs Clarence Metzger and daughter Connie, were dinner guests at the Cletus Muller home in Whitternore. The Merger's were sponsors in the baptism of Joseph Cletus, tit St. Michael's Catholic church in Whit- ternore, Sunday morning. Little Linda Muller. spent the week at the Metzger home. Mrs. August Harig and Mrs Douglas \Vildin drove to Fort Dodge to bring Mr Harig home from Mercy hospital. He had been hospitalized at St. Ann two weeks, and was in Mercy hospital nearly lour weeks following surgery. He is recovering nicely. Calleis Sunday were Mr and Mrs Douglas Wildin. Mr and Mrs Raymond Hang, Merle Ann, Juhiu- and Mary ol St. Benedict. Mr and Mis Huciy Hang and Randy, ol Livermoie. Mrs Virgil Jennings, Mrs Floyd Erickxon. Mi and Mrs Robert Leismtr, Mrs Amelia Kahn. Sharon Wildin, of Inciian- ola and Mrs John Hartl, of Eagle Gi uvt.'. is a sports announcer on an Amarillo T.V. station. Irvin Wortinan and son, John, left June 15 for the East Coast. They went to the Don Wortman home in Virginia and then John exrv-ctod to leave ' from New York for a Sherwood Eddy Tour, which he has been managing for the past three years. He will then teach, the coming year, in Germany. UDM Classifieds Pay Dividends Council Minutes Seneca 4-H In Project Tour Seneca—The .Seneca Progres- rive Farmer.-. 4-H Club held their annual club tour. Monday, June 13. The Kr»up ax-embU-d at the Sriicca store Their I"::':-' stop at 'he home of David Lou!! where the inspected his garden ^plat; they then drove to the home of Donald ;ind Roger Nielsen were they exhibited their baby beeves. Tho next sVp was at the Henry H'.vuk f;irm. where Ak'n- <>ra -hov.Vti hi-;- dairy iu-ifei' and Arihiir liis market litter. The ^rf.up then ci.'ove '•" the Kau!!- inan iunat: when- they saw Gdil's ruling horse: then on to the Lawn-nci- Hantehnan h-ime w!',< w C)virle> exhibited a Yorkhshire m-.iiket litter. The next stop was at Lym;.n Hurlburts home where Lyman's Holstom dairy heifer was seen and next Dunne Johannc.-cn showed her pioject to the sroup, winch was a Here- lord bnt>v beef. Ronnie Jortanneseii exi'.ibited his Farmer's Hybrid market litter at his home and at the next stop Lairy Johannesen showed the group it Hereford baby beef whicti was his project. The next project seen was that of Bruce Hai i.-.horn and was sheep. The Meyer buys exhibited several baby beef calves (Hcretords) and the Geilenfeld brothers, Jsm and Jerry al.-.o exhibited baby beeves. The group traveled du\vn the road to the Lyle England iarn. where Jerry showed a Herctord baby beef and Mary a Hereford beet heii'er. Jerry and Raymond Wllberg shouru their projects which we re Hereford baby beet calves, and the last stop was at the Earl Croucn home v\c:e Hubert showed his, riding rhorse. The group remained here for dinner. COUNCIL MINUTES The City Council met in adjourned session. June 2. 1055. at 7:30 P. M. with the Mayor and nil Councilmen present. Dr. C. C. Shier!: and E. G. Roepkc on behalf of the Ground Observer Corps asked for nece.ssary funds for the material for construction of a lower. A Resolution was adopted making available S1300.00 for said tower to be built on real estate under control of the Board ol Trustees. A Resolution was adopted requesting approval ol the transfer ot" SI 300.00 from the Emergency fund to the General fund for said project. The salary for Albert Boekelman in charge of rat control program was in- crensed to $50.01 r»-r month A cigarette permit was granted to Mrs Olea Adams. The Engineer v. as requested to present an estimate of the additional cost of constiuction of the conciete basr for the blacktop project. Meeting adjourned to June '.'. K'55 at ":iii P.M. Linda B. Clapsaddlc. Mayor Attest: Ivy D. Seuffharn. City CIcik. The C'itv Council met in adjourned session. June !). 1!'55 at 7.30 P.M. with the Mayor and all Councilmen present except Parsons. A group of citizens presented a petition requesting that South Moore Street be 32 feel wide instead of 25 feet. A Resolution was adopted pro- vlding lor S. Moore Street to be 32 ft. wide from Kennedy Street to the south lire of Block 22. Oak Park Ad- Jil ion. Builder's permits were granted to Kar.ney Leek. Fred H.'igen. Paul James. Mrs Anna Smith. Myrtle St. John. J. F .Milder. Kathenne Kain. Timothy OBiien. F. A. Woodcock. D. C. Hutchison and Orville Wicks. Salaries for the Playground and Swimming Pool employees were ap. proved. Resolutions were adopted denying object:'"!-.?, for me construction ol bi- tuminjs surfacing, providing ?or concrete base. proviu:r.R for payment of said base, amending Resolution of Necessity ,i!',<i .iclop'.mg Resolution of Necessity ,,s Amended A Resolution was adopted accepting a Quit Claim Deed from G \V. and Elizalieth Stillman and Harold and Vivian Cowan for a pa't o! Lot 1. Block 2 of Ridgowood Addition. Resolutions accepting the offer of Grace and Campbell Humphrey and approving tile Quit Claim Deed for a three foot strip of land joining the r.i.-t side oi their property were adopted The following claims were allowed. General Government Fund Nancy Sands. s.,!ary 50110 !, K Ferguson, eng .... . If) 77 Iowa State Bank, tax ... ...-. 30.&U <'".;n!\ Hrcoider. ieei- . - 6.50 Ht \nolds M ri *.aK^ C.'o . incise . . 1151*.r-0 Ad\,intc Publ Co. legal.; li.S3 Upper DCS Mom.-r. Pub! Co. Irpals 30.15 Rismp's Elcv.ilor. turn ... 8.75 Street Fund Jess Lashbiv-'uk. salary ...... IIP 75 j FircJ Gionbach, salary ... ... !l!.;7 Albert Peigandc. salary !08 i'-7 \ «)>mn Burtls. salary ..107.L.7 ! Richard salary . . .. fC 20 : H..vmor,d Mef/en. Jr.. salary 87.29 , Jack M.-ais. sal;,ry f'2.2:/ I Donald Pi >••.•.-. s.,l,i:> 101.5ft L K Ferguson. ei:g 132.30 ; H.i.-ry Ward, labor -i:' 1J luv.a Stati- Bank, tax .">S .ly.) • Stui.'ey Wood, signs ... 3C 00 : P.,tr:/ Testing Labs, tests 15 00 ! Mil... p.i;tci,sii:s, labor ... . Ifi !"0 I Altoiin tlectnc. repairs 2 25 i AM.old Motor SuppH . supplies . •• 14 i Bf.\ ;:i..n r.inidcr-, sidcwalK 2'i B8 ! Robert Deal. c.r. tro.s ..... ;;>." .")0 Donovan Cabinet Shop. tnds*. ..129.00 Jnmes H. Merryman. load trucks 133.00 Pratt Electric, repairs 82663 Swart* Hdwe., supplies _ 4.29 Advance Publ. Co.. legais . . Tfi.t-i Upper DCS Moinrs Publ. f'o l"fials . . 21.10 Michael Tndd & Co., mdse. . 51.40 Ciihbs-Cook Kqulp. Co.. repair'; 2H0.43 Hcnke Mf«. Corp.. mdsc. . . 1)8.2U Alfiona Impl. Co.. repairs . ...... 12.70 II. J. Cowan, repairs . 10.50 Funk & Dc'im, repairs ....... 3.-12 Greenberg Auto Supply, supplies 1.00 Hilton's Service, supplies ... . 17.25 Jack's OK Tire Service, tires .. 60.00 Kent Motor Co.. repairs . ... ... HUI6 Heady-Mix. supplies . 5B.SO Russ & Ky's Service, supplies . .. 17.4S Public Safety Fund A. f.'. Weisbaar. salary . . .M.'l.'i') Albert BoeJielman. salary . .1 .152.78 Raymond Krcbs, salary'. 135.73 Rii'hnrd Groen. salary ......... .140.72 I-eo C'ounley. salary . . . _..l3fl.i;t lo\\u State Bank, inx .... 42.20 F. W. Mod hurst, tests . ... 4.00 Jink's OK Tire Service, repairs.. 1.00 Knit Motor Co.. repairs . ... fio.03 IIM Knbl, salary 20.00 Sanitation Fund Harry War'!, labor Messenger Printing Co.. supplies Central Motors, repairs ...... Hilton's Service, gas End Foundry. Inc.. mdse Miil'-r I.umbrr Co suppHr-s EKli. salary Kn-d Gronbnch I- 1',;,< Sta!< Bank, lax .. . Bu'-li & \Vi'itf. rng. . . .Ainold Motor Suppiv. supplies funk & IJcim. repairs ' H;:!l-.S:ia!iorn Hdwr-.. sujiplies S".ait/ Hdv.e.. supplies ' V,'f.',tcin Aut "r RR o.50 3.25 7.8H 82.75 !' G5 \lf in Ii7. 70 17.60 il.'i.2i) '.', ill a. 12 22.-I5 j Associate, supplies 13.,'il i Recreation Fund I K.'iv Coibcrg. painting _ ...... . 1!!.70 I O.ivis Pain! Co.. supplies ...... . 5.55 I li.ill-Sti ar.orn Hdwe. supplies... 10.55 P H. Iron^. reriairs . ..... _ . 5.7fi liuss & Ky's Service, repairs .. . :s.70 AlKona Muiiieipal Band, taxes I,178.!K) Airport Fund Langan Paper Co.. supplies . . , 3.0G IVU-r Kenne. signs ......... 7.25 Ciesco-l.'nion Electric, elcc. ... 20.97 Jack's OK Tire Service, repairs y.OO Kucker Rooiing Co.. repairs 45. GO Swart?. Hrlwe.. supplies .. . ... 17 !I8 Parking Meter Fund F.rne^ Hulchison. salary . _______ 157.70 Debt. Service Fund lo'.vri Stdte li.'uik. interest __ 737.50 Meeting adjovirned !o June 13. lf'55 at 7 30 P.M. Linda B. Clapsaddlc. Mayor Attest: Ivy D. ScuJiham. City Clerk NOTICE OF SCHOOL ELECTIOM I'URLIC NOTICE is hereby given in the qualified voters of thn" Scntral Community School District, in the Counties of Kossuth and Palo Alto, State of Iowa, that a special election lias been called and ordered to be held in and for said School District on the Ifith day of July, 1!I55, whereat, there will be submitted to the voters of said Sr ntral Community School District, to be by them voted upon, the follov.-ing proposition, to-wit: "Shall the Board of Directors of the Sentral Community School District in the Counties of Kossuth and Palo Alto. State of Iowa, issue bonds in nn amount, not to exceed $450.000.00 for the purpose of carrying out a hjgh school building program consisting of erecting a new high school building, procuring a site therefor in (lie Southeast Corner of the Southeast Quarter (SE'il of Section Sixteen (16>. Township Ninety-seven ifl"i North. Range Thirty (30.1. West of tile 5th P.M.. Kossuth Counly. Iowa, and piocuring and improving adjoining land as a site (or an athletic fi"l'l in and for said School District?" T!;o polls for said election will be r p"ii from twelve o'clock noon until seven o'clock P.M. of said day and for said ekc-tior, the whole of said Community School Distiict has been con-oliriated m'o and will constitute one voim£ precinct and ttie polling place therefor will be at the vacant :"'.:>idr'ncc on the farm owned by Carl W. Priebe and tenanted by I^loyd Berklnr.d located in the Southeast Quarter of the Southeast Quarter (SE '., SE l/4i of Section Nine i9l. Township Ninely-seven i!»7l North. Range Thirty (3oi. West of the 5th P.M.. Fcnton Township, Kossuth County. Iowa, at winch time and place all of the qualified voters of said School District are hereby notified to appear. This notice is Riven by order of the Board of Directors of the Sentral Community School District pursuant to the provisions of Chapter 206. Code of Iowa, li'54. and to a sufficient petition with the requisite signatures in ac- cord,mce therewith and as ordered by a resolution adopted by the Board of Directors on the 2nd day of June. 1955. Dated at Ftnton. Iowa, tins 2nd day ol June. 1!*55. Thursday, June 23, 1955 Algdtia (la.) Upper DM Molflii-7 /s/ Paul W. Eigler Secretary. Board of Directors (Published June !), 16, 23 and 30th in The Algona flowa) Upper DCS Moines) NOTICE OF SHERIFF'S SALE STATE OF IOWA ss. KOSSUTH COUNTY Notice is hereby given that by virtue of a Execution directed to me from the Clerk of the District Court of Kossuth County, town, on a judge- ment rendered iti said Court on the 21st daV of May. 1955. in favor of Farmers Trust & Savings Bank. Buffalo Center. Iowa as plaintiff, and against Everett Amberger and Pearl Amberger, IN REM as defendants, for the sum of $942.95 Dollars and costs, taxed at $10-1.11 Dollars and accruing costs. I have levied upon the following described real property as the property of the said Everett Amberger and Pearl Amberger. IN REM to satisfy said execution, to-wlt: Lot Sixteen (16) in Block Nine I!)] Original Town of Lakota (formerly Germania) Kossuth County, Iowa. and I will proceed to sell said property, or so much thereof as may be necessary to satisfy said execution with costs and accruing costs at public auction, to the highest bidder, for cash. In hand, on the 1st day of July 1955, at the cast door of the Court House in Algona. in Kossuth County, Iowa, at the hour of 10:00 o'clock A.M.. of said day. when and where due attendance will be given by the undersigned. Dated this 23rd day of. May 1955. Ralph W. Lindhorst Sheriff of Kossuth County, Iowa By Donald M. Wood, Deputy J. D. Lowe, Algona, Iowa Plaintiff's Attorney (Published June 16 and June 23, 1355, In The Algona (Iowa) Upper DCS Moinesi. 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Miss Nadine Troje ..if Floyd was a visitor with Mrs Alma Heetland Monday. Miss Troje then \\vnt to Crystal Lake and from there was accompanied by Joar» Jensen to Colorado Springs, Colo, where they will attend Summer school. Botii girls taught here lust year. Darlene Casson, who taught in the high school a year ago, also visited Mrs lleetiand for several days. Mr and Mrs A. E. Anderson, and Sherry Lou spent Sunday with Mrs Anderson's mother Mrs H. E. Ballard in West Union. Sheryl Rae had been with her grandmother for the past week. Mr and Mrs John Heelland ar- riv-L-d Sunday from Amarillo, Tex., to visit the former's mother, Mrs Alma lleetiand and brother Eldon, and family in Wmnebago, Minn. 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